Law & Order (1990) s10e15 Episode Script

Fools For Love

NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
I'm not sure how much of this molding I can save.
Well, my clients aren't going to pay for fake molding.
This stretch over here looks good.
Just do the best you can.
Miss Floyd! Sixteen, seventeen years old.
She got punched a few times.
In more ways than one? I haven't gotten that far.
Is she missin' some eyelashes? Yeah.
You see this? It's adhesive residue.
It's probably from duct tape.
Ripped the tape off, some eyelashes came out with it.
If it helps, she wasn't killed here.
Designer and her workman, scrounging for architectural remnants.
He went to move the plastic sheet, and here we are.
She own the building? Slated for demolition.
They're here with the real estate company's permission, so they say.
Uh, the M.
Says the body was dumped? Yeah.
I got drag marks in the dust.
Two sets.
Two? We got another body.
Same age.
Same ligatures.
Same psycho.
RODGERS: Mid to late teens.
Both took GHB.
Designer drug.
Causes loss of consciousness.
Same ligature marks.
Wrists, ankles, necks.
Tape adhesive around this girl's mouth and eyes.
Anything to help with identification? Heavier girl's probably foreign.
Got cavities filled with a silver amalgam that's not used here anymore.
What about this girl? No fillings, no opinion.
What'd they die of? This girl choked on her own vomit.
Other one was strangled.
Two to three weeks ago.
Within a few days of each other.
ED: Which one died first? The one who choked.
I guess there's no point in asking Indication of brutal sexual penetration both vaginally and anally.
Bad news, no semen.
Condom? Douche.
I didn't say that.
This girl fought back.
Got his flesh under her fingernails.
I sent it for DNA typing.
So he douched them but he forgot to clean under their nails? He didn't forget.
He just didn't get it all.
ED: Missing Persons found three possibles.
All the parents looked at the bodies.
No match.
BRISCOE: We talked to 15 people in the neighborhood.
Nobody saw anything suspicious.
Who had access to the building? The back door was kicked in.
Recently? Yeah.
No one heard that? Nobody we found.
Lab found a couple of things that might help.
Green ceramic dust on their clothes.
From? Pottery, before it's painted and fired.
Lab says that the dust on both their clothes matched.
So they were together.
The way we figure, this wacko had 'em tied up someplace.
Feedin' them drugs, doin' whatever he wants with them.
One of 'em dies accidentally, so he kills the other one, too.
After holding her a few more days.
What it looks like.
Lab also says that one of the girls was wearing a new shirt with a label from Morris Brothers on the Upper West Side.
How can they tell it was new? Formaldehyde.
Manufacturer puts it in to keep the fabric fresh.
Washes out.
All right, SVU's checking rape and murder MOs.
You guys ID the girls.
O'KEEFE: What size? ED: Small.
Well, this particular shirt, we sold out of the smalls about two weeks ago.
Can you check and make sure? I know my merchandise.
Bought by a blonde girl, around 17.
May have been in with a friend.
That describes a hefty chunk of our clientele.
Oh, man, they're dead.
Look again.
Could you check your receipts? Well, that shirt in small, I've got 14 credit card purchases.
We don't take checks, and if she paid cash, I can't help you.
Well, could you print out the credit card purchases? Anyplace around here make pottery? I'm sorry, I'd like to help, but I don't recognize them.
Of course, people don't always look the same when Yeah.
What makes you think they came here? We know they were in this neighborhood, and there was ceramic dust on their clothes.
What happens after something gets painted? It gets glazed? Yes.
We coat them with a glaze, and then we fire them.
You pick 'em up later.
How long does that take? Depends on our workload.
Usually three to four days.
You got anything that should have been picked up but wasn't? Always.
You mind if we look? Help yourselves.
You ever decide to give me a gift, buy it in a store.
Some of this stuff is pretty good.
Yeah, for a six-year-old.
Lincoln Center.
They look like tourists, don't they? Look too young to be by themselves.
Jane Kendrick, Anneke Ullman.
Bonne Nuit Hostel, Amsterdam Avenue.
Most of these addresses are Philadelphia.
I'm not finding anybody who lives here.
They knew somebody here, they wouldn't be stayin' in this dump.
They, uh, checked in six weeks ago.
Paid two months in advance.
ED: You got home addresses? Sure.
They have any visitors? Not that I know of.
They weren't around too much.
You know, first time in the Big Apple, lot of excitement, you know.
They get any mail? Make any phone calls? No phones in the rooms.
Uh, one of their parents left a few messages with the desk.
Mail? I don't think so.
Did you go out with the girls? Not me.
I don't fraternize with the guests, you know.
Anyways, they were too young.
ED: These are all their things.
We didn't find anything that helps.
You called the parents? We're having Philadelphia PD make the notification to Jane Kendrick's parents.
The other girls was Swedish.
We faxed the Stockholm police.
No Polaroid camera? No.
Who took the picture? The girls probably waylaid some Japanese tourist.
Japanese tourist with a Polaroid? You caught your guy yet? Not so you'd notice.
You find anything? Well, the closest thing we came up with is in Nassau County.
String of five unsolved rapes, starting last year, stopped three months ago.
What makes it our guy? Well, he, uh, held his victims for days.
He drugged them, he raped them, then he cleaned 'em up before he let 'em go.
He didn't kill them? No.
But look at what you've got.
Your first girl choked to death, most likely by accident.
Bad break for the guy.
He kills the other one to keep it quiet.
Worse break for the girls.
Nassau County's narrowed it down to two suspects.
Carl Henderson and Peter Williams.
Why'd they zero in on these two? STABLER: Three of the five incidents witnesses reported seeing a blue Honda parked nearby shortly before the abductions.
A brown-haired man was sitting in the driver's seat.
Fits both suspects.
Five victims.
Couldn't any of them identify the attacker? Well, he always grabbed them from behind.
He put tape over their eyes.
Any forensics? STABLER: Yeah, lab report, "One strand of human hair, "dark in color, consistent with that of the Caucasian race.
" So, one pubic hair.
They try to match it to their suspects? Suspects wouldn't cooperate.
All right, you talk to Henderson.
You guys take Williams.
ED: Peter Williams? Yes.
What can I do for you? You mind if we come in for a talk? Yeah, no problem.
Lf, uh, you got a search warrant.
The name Jane Kendrick mean anything to you? No.
Should it? What about Anneke Ullman? You want to tell me why you're asking? You want to answer the question? (CLEARING THROAT) No, I have never heard of her either.
Maybe you could come down and identify them.
I don't know them, all right? I have been through this with the cops in Nassau County.
It's getting a little old.
You here, uh, two, three weeks ago? Yes.
But, uh, I wasn't killing anybody.
Particularly not two girls I don't even know.
Is that all? Yeah.
Thanks for your time.
ED: Peter Williams is in training at a wholesale office supply house.
We checked there.
Nobody knows anything bad about him.
His neighbors don't know him, except to talk to.
And nobody's heard any weird sounds coming from his apartment.
They're waiting for you.
Must be the parents.
I'm Douglas Kendrick.
This is my wife.
Are you Lieutenant Van Buren? Yes.
Please, have a seat.
A seat? We get home from a weekend in Baltimore, and there's a policeman's card in our door, and we call and we can't find out anything from anyone.
KENDRICK: Except that, um, Jane has been in an accident, and we should get in touch with you.
I'm sorry for the mix-up.
Uh, we have, uh I'm sorry, there's no good way to do this.
We have two girls who are dead.
We've tentatively identified them as Jane Kendrick and Anneke Ullman.
Oh, no, please.
Sit down.
(CRYING) Oh, God.
Where's Laura? Laura? It's our other daughter, our other daughter.
Jane's older sister.
They were all traveling together.
Is Anneke Ullman a relative? No, she's an exchange student.
She was livin' with us.
KENDRICK: When did this happen? VAN BUREN: Two or three weeks ago.
Weeks MR.
KENDRICK: I'm sorry.
We talked to Laura since then.
Where is she? Sir, please, sit here.
Please I'll be right back.
Oh, my God.
Honey, honey.
(SOBBING) Are we all thinking the same thing? This lowlife hangs onto his victims for days.
Pull in every detective on the squad.
Everyone works on this until we find the third girl.
If we're not too late.
All right, listen up.
Taylor, Cardenas, take as many uniforms as you need.
Distribute Laura Kendrick's picture to hospitals and watch commanders.
Benson, Stabler, put Peter Williams on around-the-clock surveillance.
Cragen's pulling in extra manpower.
Briscoe, Green, pick up Laura Kendrick's trail, starting at the hostel.
LaMotte'll follow up on the traveler's checks.
Hey, if you get anything that points to the whereabouts of Laura Kendrick, get a search warrant fast.
Abbie Carmichael's standing by.
Her pager number's on your handouts.
All right? Her, definitely.
What's her name? Laura Kendrick.
Now, was she visiting the two girls in 4-A? Same last name.
What's your guess? What about this guy, Peter Williams? Drivers license photos suck, huh? Yeah, yeah.
I saw him hanging around a couple of times, like he was waitin' for somebody.
When? Sometime in the last few weeks.
Could you be more specific? No.
(PHONE RINGING) Like maybe he was waitin' for her? ED: Green.
I have no idea.
Peter Williams is missing in action.
Not at his apartment, didn't show up for work.
Maybe he was with the missing girl who was maybe with the two dead girls? I can't take that to a judge.
We can make it sound more definite.
You have to make it be more definite, Ed.
Don't you have anything more? A missing girl who might still be alive.
If she is, then she's runnin' out of time.
Then get me somethin', please.
You got a quarter? Use my cell.
No, not for this call.
Uh, we saw your trucks.
Somethin' goin' on? Got a phone report of a gas leak.
Yeah? You need any help? Not registering anything on the meter.
About to check the basement.
Uh, you want us to nose around upstairs? Can't hurt.
Whoa! Smell that? I don't smell anything.
What, you got a cold? Come on, how about opening it? All right, it's your building.
You want it to blow up, fine.
Uh, now you want to tell the Con Ed guys I think we got somethin' here.
BRISCOE: No toothbrush, no shaving kit.
No suitcases, no body.
"Sex Killings in Victorian England.
" There's one on Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, the Boston Strangler.
Look what we have here.
No sign any of the girls had been there? ED: Nothing obvious.
We could hardly have CSU go over it, given our means of entry.
We'll save that discussion.
Apartment look like he was comin' back or he clear out completely? Like he's comin' back.
We posted a uniform.
We've been checking where Williams could have gone.
He didn't seem to have any friends in Manhattan he might have run to.
He did have a house in Nassau County.
He sold that a few months back.
Here's an incident report from the 105.
A young woman, clean-cut young man, dark blue Honda.
Called in as a possible kidnapping.
When? Six days ago.
So Laura Kendrick's dead and he's replaced her with a new toy.
Keep digging.
And see what Missing Persons has.
And if you find any possible matches, show the pictures to the woman who called in the kidnapping.
And leave Con Ed and the Fire Department out of it this time.
This one.
It's her.
Melanie Daniels.
Can you tell us what you saw? The young man was leaning against a blue car.
Uh, she walked by and he took her arm and talked to her.
She tried to keep going, but he held onto her.
Did he force her into the car? He opened the, uh, driver's door and he maneuvered her in.
Was she struggling? It was hard to tell, but I thought I should phone it in.
I felt like something was wrong.
Now, do you see the young man here? (POLICE RADIO SQUAWKS) Him.
Peter Williams.
Thank you very much for your help, Mrs.
We really appreciate it.
I hope everything's okay.
Yes, ma'am.
BRISCOE: Thanks.
Mercy General E.
They've got our missing girl.
Did she say she was raped? No.
We're doing a rape kit anyway.
The paramedics found her half hysterical on the street.
Clothes torn, and there's some genital bruising.
What street? West 49th.
Did you get a name? Laura Kendrick.
Well, that's one for two.
I've sedated her.
She's woozy.
Laura, hi.
I'm Detective Green.
This is Detective Briscoe.
Who did this to you? Peter.
He beat me.
What's Peter's last name? Williams.
Where was he holding you? Do you know? At a little, um, apartment.
ED: On West 49th Street? Yes.
Now we have a search warrant.
ED: You mind if we look around? Not at all.
Hey! Oh, yeah, I forgot.
We also have an arrest warrant.
BRISCOE: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you do say can and will be used against you in a court You're not listening.
Laura is my girlfriend.
ED: Mmm-hmm.
So it's okay for you to slap her around? I didn't do that.
She says you beat her.
The hospital thinks she was raped.
We had sex.
DEFENSE LAWYER: She identified him by name, you said.
You think he kidnapped and raped a girl, and then told her his name? Where'd you meet Laura Kendrick? A coffee house on Eighth Avenue six weeks ago.
We connected.
She moved in with me.
If Laura Kendrick was with this guy voluntarily We haven't got all of her story yet.
BRISCOE: How about this? Do you recognize these girls now? Laura's sister and her friend.
And when's the last time you saw them? I don't recall.
BRISCOE: And how about this girl? Why are you asking? ED: She's missing.
Last seen in the company of your client.
What are you charging him with? For now, assault.
He answered your questions about the so-called assault.
And now we're questioning him about two so-called murders.
You searched his apartment, his car, his parents' place.
You've got nothing that connects him to a crime.
Why did you move to your parents' place after we talked to you? They're in Florida.
They're thinking about subletting.
They needed me to clean the place up.
Discussion's over.
I assume my client is free to go.
If he makes bail.
We've got DNA from how many of the crimes? Nassau County has a pubic hair from the earlier rapes.
We've got fingernail scrapings from one of the dead girls, plus semen from the hospital rape kit on Laura Kendrick.
That should be enough to tie up Williams.
Let me know when you get the DNA results.
All right.
Hospital released Laura Kendrick.
She's with her parents at the Carlton.
I don't know what happened to Jane and Anneke.
Why don't you? You said you were going to be with them every minute.
That's why I agreed to this trip.
I'm so sorry, Dad.
Did Peter Williams meet them? I don't understand why you guys think Peter had anything to do with this.
Look in the mirror.
(CRYING) He didn't mean to hurt me.
We had a little argument.
You know, a lover's quarrel.
I sort of walked into his fist.
BRISCOE: He says you fell.
ED: He also says you like rough sex.
Do you have to say things like that in front of my parents? We need to know if he raped you or not.
We had a little argument.
There was no rape.
Then why were your clothes torn? I tore my skirt as I was running out the door.
When's the last time you saw Jane and Anneke? They came to dinner on the sixth.
It was Peter's birthday.
And they left around eleven.
You talk to them after that? No.
You told us a week and a half ago they were fine.
And now you tell us you didn't even talk to them for almost a month? (CRYING) I thought they were out having fun.
I didn't know anything was wrong.
You should've! You should've, damn it.
LAURA: I said I was sorry.
I said I was sorry.
Jane Kendrick didn't scratch Peter Williams.
Lab says the flesh found under her fingernails was from a woman.
Are they sure? Yes.
The hospital said Laura Kendrick had scratches on her inner thigh, so deep they were still visible two to three weeks later.
And her blood type matches the fingernail scrapings, O-negative.
A lot of people are O-negative.
Does the DNA match? The results aren't in.
But who else could it be? Cops talk to her? They think she knows more than she's telling.
I'm having a hard time imagining that she was actively involved in the rape of her sister.
Well, given the evidence, it's hard to imagine she wasn't at least in the room.
(EXHALING) First things first.
Let's start by tying Peter Williams to the murders.
Without the DNA Great.
Don't we have to arraign him by tomorrow? Mmm-hmm.
How about an assault charge? Laura won't file a complaint.
Did you call Nassau County? Maybe they can make a rape charge stick.
Their DNA sample was improperly stored.
The lab can't match it to ours.
Nassau County can't even charge him.
We're gonna lose him unless we can get Laura Kendrick to tell us what happened.
If she knows.
She's in Bellevue? You didn't tell me that when I called.
STUBLESKl: It was being discussed.
No decision had been reached at that time.
Why does Laura need a lawyer? You have no idea what Laura has been through with this man.
She's on the verge of a breakdown, and now you people are hounding her.
We do have an idea what your daughter's been through.
I don't want to add to your troubles but we need to talk to her.
My client feels she's in danger of being railroaded.
I can't let you talk to her without a deal on the table.
If she didn't do anything, why does she need a deal? Your attitude.
Let's not paint each other into a corner, Mr.
We're looking for more evidence against Peter Williams.
She's in the best position to provide it.
Laura Kendrick was traumatized by a man she loved and trusted.
Now, I'm not going to subject her to a grilling unless you give her immunity.
I don't understand what you're worried about.
You say you know what she's been through, but you don't, or you wouldn't be doing this.
I'm willing to talk deal, but not until I hear what Laura can tell us.
And I'm not letting you talk to her without a deal.
How about a compromise? You let our psychiatrist talk to her.
But anything she tells him is off the record until the deal is struck.
I loved him.
Whatever he wanted, I couldn't say no.
What did he want? More girls.
Preferably virgins.
Was your sister a virgin? Yes.
(SOBBING) I'm so ashamed I didn't stop him.
What did he do to your sister? Please.
Please, I can't talk about what Peter did.
It's What's going to happen to me? I can't answer that.
What do you think should happen? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
He forced me to help him.
How did he force you, Laura? I loved him so much.
He was so wonderful in the beginning.
He'd listen to me when I talked, and he bought me things.
But then he changed, and he would hit me and he would tell me that I was nothing without him.
And you thought that was love? It was all mixed up in my head and I didn't want to lose him.
I didn't want him to stop loving me.
(EXHALING) What's wrong with me? Classic case.
Predator zeroes in on a vulnerable woman, twists her around till she doesn't know which end is up.
She knew him for six weeks.
How vulnerable was she? Nothin' to do with that.
Given the right combination of his skill and her self-esteem problems, he could do it in six days.
Did she explain the scratches on her thigh? Every time I asked her about details, she got too emotional to answer.
So we don't know any more than we did.
Whatever her level of involvement, she was abused and manipulated into participating.
She didn't try to stop him.
She was afraid.
CARMICHAEL: She didn't run.
She didn't call the police.
She couldn't.
Psychologically, she was in thrall to him and suspended her judgment.
Abused or not, she was there.
It's her own sister, for God sakes.
We can't let her off the hook.
Like Abbie says, her own sister.
She'd have to be a monster.
I saw no sign of it.
Want me to talk to her again after she calms down? Peter Williams is back on the street in twelve hours.
Sounds to me like you have no choice.
Maybe we can get what we need without giving anything away.
I realize she was traumatized, but Dr.
Skoda says she clearly participated in the crimes.
To a limited extent, and with a gun to her head.
So there's no problem.
You'll give her immunity.
You can't think we'd give her immunity without knowing what her involvement was.
STUBLESKl: Then I don't see what we have to talk about.
Miss Kendrick, in the extreme, I could charge you as an accomplice.
Murder two.
If you think you can convince a jury that you were an innocent bystander while your sister and her friend were raped and killed in front of you, then clearly we don't have much to talk about.
Well, what do you want from me? Your testimony against Peter Williams.
You cooperate fully with the police.
You tell them everything you know.
STUBLESKl: What are you offering? Man two, 6-to-12.
You've gotta be kidding.
Without her you can't move on Williams.
I can and I will.
Up to her if she wants to take the ride with him.
I don't understand why you just can't see it wasn't my fault.
CARMICHAEL: That only goes so far, Miss Kendrick.
The most we'll agree to is three-to-six.
Minimum security facility.
And when it turns out the facts are as we laid them out, we expect the charges to be dismissed.
You can't be serious.
Don't you have an arraignment coming up? All right.
But if it turns out she's lying, the deal's off.
I can't undo what happened, Mr.
All I can do is tell the truth.
It was Peter's idea to invite Janey and Anneke over.
He wanted Janey because she was a virgin.
CARMICHAEL: That was okay with you? Well, he said if I loved him, that I would do this for him.
He never said he was going to hurt anybody.
ED: Who gave them the GHB? Peter had it.
He made me put it in their drinks.
He said it would make them feel good.
BRISCOE: And the girls passed out? Right there.
It took longer with Anneke.
Then what happened? And then he undressed Janey, and he had sex with her.
And what were you doing? He made me watch.
Peter made me watch.
BRISCOE: Where were you? Right there.
I couldn't stop him.
Did you try? And then Janey started gagging.
Peter got disgusted, so I turned her over so she could puke, but then she died.
And then what? And then Peter went out and bought plastic sheeting, and we wrapped Janey up and we put her in the trunk of his car and we took her to the abandoned building.
When, during all this, did Janey scratch you? When I was turning her over.
She was jerking around.
She grabbed my leg.
CARMICHAEL: Why was your leg bare? Because I had a skirt on.
What happened with Melanie Daniels and Anneke Ullman? (SIGHING) I don't know any Melanie Daniels.
Were you guys here when the police searched this place? Yeah.
Why? Peter gave me this really pretty pair of garnet earrings.
They matched this bracelet.
I think I left them here.
Did you guys find them? I'd really like to get those back.
(SIGHS) Were you guys here when the police searched this place? ED: Yeah.
Why? Peter gave me this really pretty pair of garnet earrings.
They matched this bracelet.
Did you guys find them? I'd like to get those back.
It's disturbing, all right.
CARMICHAEL: Disturbing? Our prime witness against Williams might be as big a sociopath as he is.
For now, she's what we needed to keep Williams behind bars.
We come up with other evidence against him, we can tear up our deal with her.
I've been looking for evidence against both of them.
I got the traveler's check she cashed in.
This one here.
Payable to the Harold Gaines Company.
Harold Gaines owns a PR firm.
He lives in the same building as Williams' parents.
Why'd Laura Kendrick write him a check? I'm gonna find out.
Let me know as soon as you get anything.
CARMICHAEL: You can see what an unwilling participant Laura Kendrick was.
Posing next to her naked, drugged-out sister, smiling at the camera, putting her hand where it doesn't belong smiling at the camera, smiling, smiling, smiling.
I don't see a gun to her head.
Harold Gaines? Williams just rented a storage cage from him.
He had no idea what was in there.
Any other pictures? VAN BUREN: No.
These don't prove anything against Williams.
Look at these girls.
Their eyes are shut, their mouths hanging open.
We know they were drugged.
Defense can argue they were in the throes of passion.
Nothing here to contradict that.
Who are these other girls? We're checking on these two.
The good news is, this other one Melanie Daniels.
Laura Kendrick said she didn't know Melanie Daniels I wasn't missing, I was just stuck in Atlantic City.
Because you couldn't make bail.
Well, that was a misunderstanding.
I thought that Peter and Laura paid for the hotel room.
Peter and Laura? The people I was with.
You were with them voluntarily? Well, yeah.
It was funny.
Peter just stopped me on the street and asked me if I wanted to have a threesome.
What happened after you got to Atlantic City? Well, Peter liked to pretend that he was raping a virgin, so I had to make believe that I was a virgin, which I'm not.
What was Laura doing while you and Peter were pretending? She was offering ideas about what he should do to me.
You know, like, um, if he should hurt me and I should scream.
In a hotel room? Yeah.
Yeah, she was kind of crazy.
Did he hurt you? Nothing I couldn't handle.
Did Peter Williams need coaxing? No.
He was totally into it.
Just not as adventurous as she was.
And she wasn't a basket case? She wasn't afraid of him? Well, no.
No, in fact, after a couple of days, she asked if I had any friends that might be interested.
You told us you didn't know anything about Melanie Daniels.
LAURA: I don't.
Her? I never even knew her name.
You spent the weekend with her, but you didn't know her name? Peter was feeding me drugs.
I don't remember a lot of it.
Peter made me do that.
This is wearing thin, Miss Kendrick.
Clearly, you knew Melanie Daniels.
What else haven't you told us yet? She's doing the best she can, Mr.
She was terrorized by a maniac.
Are you trying to back out of the deal? The deal was she tells the truth.
LAURA: I did.
I did.
Who are these two girls? (SIGHING) I don't know.
Peter brought them home.
JACK: Are they alive or dead? They were alive when I saw them last.
Did Peter Williams kill them? He told me he let them go.
You made a deal with the girl.
Melanie Daniels turned everything upside down.
She told us Laura Kendrick was an enthusiastic participant in the boyfriend's games.
That make her worse than him? He's a rapist.
But nobody ever died until after he hooked up with her.
Correlation? He might have escalated to murder on his own.
Might have? Who cares? Has the girl lied to you? Not to prove.
She forgot this, didn't remember that.
You can't prove she's lying, you have no basis to rescind her deal.
If we don't find a basis, in three years she'll be out on the street looking for another soul mate.
She's a monster.
Not necessarily.
Could've been a one shot thing.
You ever give a straight answer? Might as well consult a phrenologist.
Bottom line it.
Bottom line it, hell.
Our backs are to the wall.
Help us find a way out.
Another county heard from.
We can't convict him without her.
Then stick to the deal, no matter how much it turns your stomach.
And mine.
LAURA: Anneke was on the bed, on her back, and Peter put a strap around her throat and he choked her.
She struggled some at first, but then she stopped making such a fuss.
What were you doing? I was begging him not to do it.
Was this the first time you saw him kill somebody? It was the only time.
I mean, Janey was an accident.
Were there other incidents with other girls? There were other rapes.
How many did you witness in the six weeks you were living with the defendant? Two.
And the three girls who were just into sex games.
Three willing participants? Yes.
What happened to the two girls he raped? He took them away when he was finished with them.
They were alive when they left.
I don't know what he did with them.
Thank you.
Isn't it true that you're the one that enticed your sister and her friend to the apartment? Yes, but You're the one that put them at ease, reassured them? It wasn't like that.
The one that drugged them and then offered them to Mr.
Williams as gifts? As tokens of your love and devotion? I didn't have a choice.
Why? Because he would break up with you if you didn't? Because he would beat me.
Kill me.
Defense's Eighteen.
This is a picture of you and Anneke Ullman.
You're kissing her on the lips.
You're enjoying it, aren't you? He made me.
By beating you? Yes.
Then why is there not one photo of you in this entire stack of some 60 pictures with a single bruise on your body? I don't know.
I think you do.
I don't.
He did beat me.
You're lying.
The drugs, the rapes, the killings They were all your idea.
If it weren't for you, your sister and her friend would still be alive.
That's not true.
And it was only when the police were closing in that you decided to run for help, which you could have done at any time.
Then why did you chose that moment to break free? I don't know.
I just did.
Thank you.
It was Laura's idea to invite Jane and Anneke back to the apartment to have sex with them.
She told me they wanted to.
JUDGE: Sustained.
Did Miss Kendrick say anything that made you believe her sister or her friend wanted to have sex with you? Yes.
I mean, she made it seem like that's what they wanted.
To your knowledge had these girls taken any drugs prior to your encounter? Yes.
Laura said it would heighten their pleasure.
What happened after Jane Kendrick died of an overdose? Uh, Laura told me that we had to keep Anneke from telling anyone.
I mean, I wanted to call the police, but Laura was freaking out.
I came home from work the next day, and Anneke was dead.
Laura said she did it because Anneke was trying to get away.
And the other girls in the photos? Laura kept bringing them home.
I mean, I told her I didn't want to play her games, but she threatened to call the cops on me.
Blame me for Jane and Anneke if I didn't go along.
What happened to those other girls? I have no idea.
Did you ask her what happened to them? Yes.
She just smiled.
Thank you.
It was all Laura's idea? Yes.
You were in court for Melanie Daniels' testimony, Mr.
You heard her say under oath you approached her.
You invited her into a threesome.
You had her pretend that she was a virgin you were raping.
I was doing that to please Laura.
Because you were afraid she'd turn you in to the police? No.
Because I loved her.
You loved her? Yes.
This degradation was an expression of your love? I don't expect anyone to understand.
You were just a willing slave of Miss Kendrick? Hey, what that woman wants that woman gets.
She got a deal out of you, didn't she? And all this This was just for her enjoyment.
JACK: You seemed to be having the time of your life.
That was a show for Laura.
Brutal rapes, sodomy.
You're some actor, Mr.
I'm just telling you what the pictures mean.
These pictures speak for themselves.
Has the jury reached a verdict? FOREMAN: We have, Your Honor.
JUDGE: And as to the charges of murder in the first degree, how do you find? Guilty, Your Honor.
As to the charges of rape in the first degree, how do you find? Guilty.
Court is now adjourned.
(BANGS GAVEL) One down, one to go.
That ship sailed, Jack.
She testified.
Much as I hate it, we have to hold up our end.
Of course.
Which judge did we pull for Laura's allocution? Uh, Jensen.
(GRUNTS) LAURA: And that's everything that happened.
I am sorry.
And if I could have changed anything, I would have.
Especially about Janey.
I am very sorry.
McCoy, do the People wish to inquire? Thank you, Your Honor.
Miss Kendrick, did you love your sister? Your Honor, this goes beyond the scope.
JUDGE: I'll allow the question.
Yes, of course I loved Janey.
JACK: You were six years older than her.
You helped your mother raise her, didn't you? LAURA: Yes.
Changed her diapers, bathed her, that sort of thing? Yes.
You babysat for her? Yes.
So your parents trusted you to take care of her during this trip, didn't they? Yes.
And then you met Peter Williams, and he told you that he wanted to have sex with your little sister because she was a virgin.
Isn't that what you testified to? Yes.
And you agreed to help him because you were in love with him.
I was afraid.
You mean you were afraid he'd leave you.
Laura, let me remind you, you have to tell the truth as a condition of your plea.
If you lie, the deal's off.
I didn't want to lose him.
JACK: So you lured your little sister to his apartment, you drugged her, you helped Mr.
Williams undress her I had to.
And you had sex with her while she was unconscious while Mr.
Williams took pictures.
How did you feel when you did that? I wanted to make Peter happy.
That made Peter happy.
How did it make you feel? Excited? Yes.
So what? And when you watched Mr.
Williams brutally rape and brutally sodomize your little sister did you feel excited? Yes.
And were you excited when you helped him dispose of Janey's body and Miss Ullman, and you both raped the other girls? He said he would marry me, he would buy me a two-karat ring from Tiffany's, and he would love me and take care of me for the rest of my life.
That's it.
Counsel, step up.
McCoy, what the hell kind of deal did you make with this woman? Three years for this Your Honor, he baited you.
Well, it worked.
Step back.
It is the opinion of this court that the plea negotiated by the People is grossly inadequate.
I'm rejecting the plea and remanding the defendant for trial.
We had a deal.
You'll have my appeal in 48 hours.
And when you lose and she goes to trial, I'll be calling Mr.
I'm sure he'll be happy to testify against her in return for taking the death penalty off the table.
Twenty-five-to-life and she tells us who the other rape victims were and what happened to them.
Send us the paperwork.
Police found the other two girls.
Killed the same way as Anneke Ullman.
Know who they were? Two runaways from Indiana.
We'll use it at Peter Williams' sentencing.
What about Laura Kendrick? Parole Board will hear about it 25 years from now.
How do you wash it off, Jack? I wish I knew.