Law & Order (1990) s10e18 Episode Script


NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
MAN: Okay, you're clear.
You're good to go, Frank.
POLLACK: Nice take-off, Frankie.
You keep this up, you could land on a dime, make change.
That was a joke, Frank.
FRANK: Okay.
I'm sorry.
Five, plus pilot on board, Robby.
Frank, you got a four minute ETA to JFK Radar.
Wind's south-southeast at 12.
Visibility, five miles.
(STATIC) I didn't read you, Frank.
Oh, God! Lewin Heli Flight 6947, this is control.
Do you wish to declare an emergency? (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Lewin Heli Flight 6947, Frank? (EXPLODING) Robby, call 911! LEWIN: I've seen them go down before, not like this.
Fell like a rock.
Six on board, including the pilot.
We're gonna need names, addresses, next of kin.
I'll get on it now.
The bureau wants the names withheld, pending investigation.
ED: What about the pilot? Frank Naransky.
Decorated chopper pilot from Vietnam.
Two tours.
Shot down twice.
Third time's the charm.
When was the last maintenance on the helicopter? Last week.
Frank already made two runs to JFK this morning.
No problems.
We'll need the service records.
What's it look like? Chopper's structurally intact.
We got three more bodies to pull out.
Bomb damage? Nothing that punctured the envelope.
But the luggage compartment looks bad.
So it was a bomb? We got debris, burn marks.
Could be a bomb.
Could be mechanical failure.
Whatever it was, it's gonna give us nightmares.
STARK: Luggage compartment, back of the chopper.
From the scarring on the metal, slight tinting rather than major shearing, seems it was a low order of explosive.
Not high tech.
Probably dynamite.
Where was it? In a piece of luggage? That's the million dollar question.
There's a lot of damage to the luggage, but mostly from the crash itself, not the explosion.
The initial explosion wasn't that powerful.
It did the trick.
We're not talking Osama bin Laden here.
Bomb wasn't sophisticated.
If it had been, I wouldn't have luggage to look at.
We talking a timer or an altimeter? I haven't found pieces from either.
No telling when the bomb was set to detonate.
It might've detonated prematurely? Strong possibility.
These people were all bound for JFK flights.
The bomb could've been meant for a jet.
We'll cover that end.
When can we get a definitive answer on the luggage? I'm not sure.
We're working as fast as we can.
All right.
Check out passengers, pilots, anyone who might've come in contact with this chopper before it took off.
LEWIN: I thought it was a maintenance problem, now it's a bomb? I'm sure your lawyers will be relieved.
Not my point, of course.
Of course.
Can I see your flight manifest? Mr.
Lewin, who loaded the bags? Our people, all long-term employees.
ED: Any grudges you know about? I pay my guys well.
They got good bennies.
Union says I gotta do this or that.
I go four steps better.
Just a generous guy, huh? Just good business sense.
Turnover costs can kill you.
Anyone else have access to the luggage? Just my guys.
Passenger hands one of them the bags, he puts it on board.
So where were you when the flight was loading? My helicopters.
I'm always here.
I check with the pilot.
ED: Naransky? Yeah.
Just before he took off, I gave him a thumbs up and I headed back in.
Passengers Elliot and Janelle Patchett, and their daughter, Ally.
Kid looked to be about five.
Joseph A.
Talk to any of these people? No.
Saw them board, is all.
Tony Rollins.
Changed his reservation five times.
It happens, if they can't get the flight they want out of JFK.
Rollins was bound for DC.
Um, a lot of people go to DC.
Lobbyists, politicians, government officials.
If someone's looking to make a statement Gibney Telecom, Rollins' employer in Albany, says Rollins comes to New York three or four times a month.
Six trips to Montana in the last four months and a couple to Wyoming.
Guy's got permits for four guns.
Oh, audited by the IRS two times in the last eight years.
A disgruntled taxpayer on his way to DC? Hey, he's the only passenger that doesn't look like he's been dipped in Pine-Sol.
Well, I guess we're going to Albany.
I wanted to go to New York.
To claim my husband's body.
The FBI told me they weren't releasing any of them yet.
I have children to care for.
I don't understand.
How do I know it's him? Tony wasn't supposed to be in New York.
What? He told me he was going to DC on Thursday.
He couldn't have been on that helicopter the next day.
Rollins, is this your husband? (GASPING) Oh, my God! I'm sorry.
Rollins, did your husband have a problem with the government? A grudge against the IRS? No.
Why would you ask that? He had two audits.
His accountant handled it.
Rollins, these people are with our Crime Scene Unit, we need them to take a look around.
Why? You think he did this? We have to check on everybody.
Can we get your permission? Uh, do you know who he saw in Montana? No.
It was work.
ED: How about Wyoming? It was for his work.
Well, who did he know in New York? He just went in for business when he had to.
He hated New York.
Did you talk to him on Thursday? He never called.
Instead, I get a call from the police.
He's never coming home.
Nothing suspicious about his travels.
Montana and Wyoming are hot territories for us.
And the tax audits? Was he upset about them? Wouldn't you be? But he handled it.
Tony took everything in stride.
Where was he on Thursday? Supposed to be in Washington.
Said he was talking to some lobbyist.
That's what his wife thought, too.
He have a habit of disappearing? Tony did his job well.
I figured he was where he told me when he told me.
Did you handle his travel arrangements, Miss lppolito? Most of the time, yes.
Did you, uh, did you book these tickets to Washington on Friday? Cheryl, if you know something He said he had to stay in New York.
He tell you why? Personal matter.
I didn't ask.
ED: When was the last time you talked to him? Friday morning.
He was in a rush.
He asked me to call the hotel, arrange to have his luggage waiting him at the JFK Heliport.
Here it is.
Two pieces.
Tote bag, standard suitcase.
Anthony Rollins, Albany, New York.
Shaving kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, aftershave, box of condoms, half used.
Victoria's Secret receipt, dated Thursday.
Bra and panty set, size two.
Wife was at least a six.
That explains the condoms.
You're gonna blow up a plane, you spend your last night with some bimbo? You'd think he'd spend it with his kids.
You notice anybody waiting for the chopper to get here? Couple of business people.
BRISCOE: Nothing suspicious? No.
So nothing unusual that morning? Just a little late getting off the last trip back to Manhattan.
Why late? The pilot, Frank Naransky.
He was on the phone.
He usually hold things up? No.
Frank was by the book.
Except this time.
Even when we called the return flight to Manhattan, he stayed on the phone, made a few more calls.
You talk to him about it? He told me to back off.
He was into his conversation.
Seemed angry.
Didn't know if it was with me or the person he was talking to.
Who was he talking to? No idea.
But every time he hung up, he put in more coins, dialed again.
Flight left 10 minutes late.
You can insist on talking to my sister all you want, but I'm telling you, she is too upset.
Your brother-in-law called home three times from JFK.
We need to know what he told his wife.
I don't care whether he called her every 30 seconds.
Maybe he wanted to tell her he loved her.
Cusack Look, that's it, you know? She'll call you when she's ready, okay? Goodbye.
Give her a couple of hours, take another run at it.
The next phone number on the list is Schirloff and Company.
You're sure about the calls? Two of them.
From JFK to your extension.
Frank Naransky.
Oh, yeah.
Bad news.
He died along with five other people.
I didn't mean that.
His wife, Patricia, she has lupus.
Naransky was on the warpath.
Wanted the company to pay for a kidney transplant to get her off dialysis.
Is that so unusual? Patty Naransky was sick, dialysis once a week.
One doctor pushing for the operation.
But our doctors say she's getting better, the treatment's working.
Which doesn't qualify her for a transplant? Which makes it elective surgery.
She doesn't need a transplant.
And Naransky didn't get this? He didn't want her to suffer any more dialysis, more hospital stays.
Big battle.
Naransky wrote letters, called two times a day in the last couple of weeks.
How much money are we talking about? unnecessary procedure.
So did you talk to him that Friday? No.
We knew what he wanted and we didn't want to hear it anymore.
Our hands were tied.
I bet.
BRISCOE: His bank says he tried to get a loan.
But who's gonna put up the HMO hasn't green lighted? What are his finances like? Second on the house.
Took his oldest son out of college, sent him to a JC to save money.
A man in a deep hole.
Okay, it's all set up.
Listen close.
The first voice we're gonna hear is the controller at the heliport.
POLLACK: Frank, you got a four minute ETA to JFK Radar.
POLLACK: Winds south-southeast at 12.
Visibility, five miles.
(STATIC) Didn't read you, Frank.
Say again? (PEOPLE SCREAMING) FRANK: Oh, my God! Well, that clears things up.
PAYDEN: It will if we reduce the static, pull up the voice print and slam out interference.
BRISCOE: If it's Michael Bolton, I'm out of here.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, here we go.
Visibility five miles.
FRANK: I'm sorry.
Didn't read you, Frank.
Say again? I'm sorry Just tell them I'm sorry.
Lewin Heli Flight 6947 this is control.
Do you wish to Frank had his flight bag.
What was in it? Aftershave, clean socks, personal stuff.
Did Naransky carry-on anything besides the bag? Just his bag.
You and Naransky, what'd you talk about? Nothing really.
You known him long? Twenty years.
My best pilot.
So, if he had a problem, you'd cover for him? Much as I like someone, I'm not gonna cover for someone who turns five people into pancake batter.
But if you didn't suspect Mr.
Lewin It's not what Frank said.
Attitude? Yeah.
I thought it was more of the usual, you know? Patty's so sick.
Enough stress for him to lose it? Guy flew 168 missions in Nam, scooping grunts out of rice paddies.
He was gonna lose it, he'd have done it then.
But he said or did something that day to concern you? He was tired, all right? He told me he wasn't sure he could take it anymore.
Meaning what, the job? Meaning he needed a vacation.
But maybe Frank was tired or upset, but this guy, he was a religious man.
Risky business, piloting a chopper.
He carried big-time insurance.
Union insurance.
Insurance through us.
Most of them carry private insurance, too.
Might add up to 200 grand.
I know my husband.
It wasn't suicide.
We know you had a pretty big financial burden.
Frank was under the gun.
My brother was helping.
Gonna raise money for the transplant costs.
ED: Two hundred K? I'm trying to mortgage my condo.
That's gonna bring in What? Not enough, okay.
I got about 50,000 in equity.
Naransky, we know your husband had insurance.
Over a million by our reckoning.
And you know what? They determine he committed suicide, they don't pay.
Think a man desperate to save his wife is gonna leave her with no way to save herself? The bomb was in a small cardboard box, probably inside a paper bag, in the luggage compartment.
Maybe a gift box.
Hell of a surprise.
Any chance of getting prints off the box? Not with our equipment.
I've sent it over to the Feds.
See that dark loop on the top of that one protruding piece? ED: Looks like letters, T and a Y.
I was hoping it was a watermark, but there's nothing in the American register.
We're trying European and Asian markings now.
Hey, it looks like it was red.
Can't be sure.
Color can change from exposure, a fading element.
Yeah, but Red box.
Koty and Sons? The gift shop on Madison Avenue? Yeah.
You picturing Naransky doing his Christmas shopping there? It's a start.
It's a hunch.
I don't see a purchase by a Naransky.
Maybe something shipped to a Naransky? This high-grade cardboard, we only use it in the smaller size gift boxes, it's about nine by five.
BRISCOE: Could you check for us? Maybe a humidor, very popular items.
They'd fit the dimensions of the box.
No purchase by a Naransky.
No shipping to a Naransky.
Would you have a record if he paid cash? Our patrons rarely pay cash.
How about anything in that size in the week before the ninth? A clock, sent out of state.
A man's accessory box.
ED: Who bought it? The name's Callister.
BRISCOE: Joseph Callister? No.
An M.
Close enough.
Callister, the passenger bound for Indianapolis.
Next of kin, Maggie Callister.
I haven't seen Mrs.
Callister in at least three weeks.
Before her husband died? Yeah.
Did you see Mr.
Callister the morning he died? Yeah.
I got him a cab.
He was going out to JFK.
I told him I heard on the radio that the tunnel was blocked.
So he decided to go to the heliport instead.
She lives next door to the Callisters.
These detectives are looking for Mrs.
Well, I haven't seen her.
Any idea where she is? I would've said divorce court, but I guess that's moot now.
Yeah, I guess.
Callisters didn't get along, huh? Voices raised in anger, doors slamming.
You know what they were arguing about? Just screaming.
I wasn't eavesdropping, Officer.
BRISCOE: Do you have any idea where she might've gone? I think she had family in Indiana.
Besides that, I don't know.
Thank you.
If Mrs.
Callister shows up, give us a call.
Knock-down, drag-out.
I wonder if she even bothered to claim the body? What can we do for you, Detectives? BRISCOE: Just come from the coroner's office.
They gave us this address for Maggie Callister.
Maggie's been staying with us, which explains why she gave this address when she claimed Joe's body.
She's not here now, though.
She's returned to work.
How long has she been staying here? ELIAS: On and off, for a couple of weeks.
Since before her husband's death? Joe stayed here a few nights as well.
BRISCOE: Nice bed and breakfast.
They're having their apartment painted.
Putting it on the market.
We heard they were having marital problems.
If so, we never heard.
Neighbor said they were really going at it.
They have strong personalities.
So do we.
Nothing unhealthy about that.
(CHUCKLING) Doesn't it feel great when you say what you feel? I tried that with my first wife.
How long have you known the Callisters? Uh, we met at a rare books auction last year.
We were bidding on the same first edition of Sanders' Geografica.
If you'll excuse me for saying so, uh, you and the Callisters hardly seem to be in the same league.
It's just appearances, Detective.
If you have more questions, you should ask Maggie.
Excuse us.
I had something to do with Joe's life, Detectives, not his death.
I'm sorry.
We have to ask these questions to To cover your bases.
Well You're off base.
Callister, uh, did you purchase a man's accessory box at Koty and Sons? I shop there often, I can't remember every purchase.
This you'd remember.
A few days before your husband's death.
Uh, I I'm sorry.
Uh, your neighbor, Mrs.
LaSasso, says she heard you two arguing.
Ellen LaSasso is a very nice old woman.
But my husband and I were still very much in love.
Pretty early to be back to work.
If I sit in one place too long and dwell on Joe's death, I will fall apart.
Were they selling to buy a bigger place or to buy two places? Can't find anything but the primary real estate listing for sale.
There's no bids on prospective property, nothing in escrow.
Their bank accounts have minimum balances.
Joint account had just enough to cover their nut.
Well, how much were these people making? She's a partner in an ad firm.
He owns a dot-com book company that just went public last year.
Mid six figures a month, we can't find any of it.
When someone's thinking divorce, they hide assets.
Maybe that's what Maggie Callister was afraid of.
But if the husband dies, she inherits all the hidden assets.
Did she strike you as the happy bomb maker? Bomb lab says it was a simple device.
Something even the dumbest hired gun could cook up.
All right.
All right.
We'll follow it down.
The Feds found a print on the gift box.
It's a match to Maggie Callister.
(KNOCKING) Maggie.
Trust me.
Do what they say.
Hold up your head up.
You can handle this.
BRISCOE: Margaret Callister, you're under arrest for the murder of your husband, Joseph, and five other people.
I didn't do it.
You left your prints on the bomb.
You will be fine.
ED: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can Six counts murder one.
My client's an ad exec, McCoy, not the Unabomber.
She wouldn't know a stick of dynamite from a set of spark plugs.
I'm sure she found someone who did.
I'll only accept a plea for the entire indictment.
What's my client's impetus? A second bowl of Jell-O at Bedford? This goes to trial, no jury gives her less than a death penalty.
Based on what? A box she may have bought that may have contained a bomb? We have her fingerprints on that box.
A, one partial print.
And B, touching a box isn't yet a crime in New York State.
Motion to dismiss.
One SOB to another, it's going to be a pleasure.
"Evidence insufficient, flawed indictment.
" It goes on and on.
It's moot if we conclusively connect her to the bomb, find her bomb maker.
Check out who she knows, where she's been spending her money.
IRA, money market account, CDs.
Money in, money out.
I'm only interested in the out.
Any canceled checks, wire transfers, large cash withdrawals? She's liquidated a number of assets over the past few months.
Closed a brokerage account, several cash accounts.
And where'd the money go? She took the money in the form of several cashier's checks.
How many and how big? Endorsed over to the KVG Corporation.
What is that? She said she and her partner were starting up a new business.
GARRET: I've never heard of the KVG Corporation.
And I would've remembered $200,000.
Could she have been pursuing something on her own? I wouldn't know.
You're partners, aren't you? Used to be friends, too.
I knew Joe's brother, Pat, at Stanford.
That's how I met Maggie.
But six months ago, no more weekends at the beach house, no more dinners.
Haven't had so much as a latte with Maggie or Joe in months.
Like I fell off their radar.
Did you ask why? Couldn't pin her down long enough to put the question to her.
And I wasn't the only one.
Pat called here last week looking for his brother.
For God sakes, I had to be the one to tell him about Joe.
If I hadn't called Maggie's partner, I would've missed Joe's funeral.
I can't believe Maggie.
You didn't know they were having problems? No.
But I hadn't heard from Joe in months.
And I called, I left messages, but never heard back.
It's like he cut himself off from everybody.
I went to the funeral and there was hardly anybody there I recognized.
Who was there? Uh, this couple, the Graces, Elias and the wife, Valerie.
They seemed to be running the show.
And there were all these other people there.
There was no one there you knew? Yeah.
Just one of Joe's buddies from Wharton, Al Goren.
I asked him who all these people were and he told me that they were some friends that Joe and Maggie had met at some seminars that the Graces had given.
What kind of seminars? It sounded like a business seminar.
Empowering success, envisioning, whatever.
I tuned out.
Do you have Mr.
Goren's number? Yeah.
Bid 42,000 Texas Sweet at 20.
Overcome their inertia with your vigor, they'll play at 20.
Goren, you mind? My apologies.
Joe Callister.
A terrible loss.
Joe was a fine man.
Apparently his wife didn't agree.
That's absurd.
Joe and Maggie were way past petty jealousies.
We had much more important work to do.
What kind of work? Running the world.
You're joking.
Aim high.
Why settle for less? And you got this from what, the Graces' seminar? With the right guidance, you can get anything.
Meaning what, money? Um, that's just the outward trappings.
Success, beyond any measure.
That's what it's about, really.
And power, real power.
And what's the right guidance? Elias and Valerie Grace? The guy's magnetic.
And he's right.
That's why he's on the speed dial of a dozen CEOs of the Fortune 500.
You know this for a fact? You listen to him, you're a top performer.
I'm here.
Give me a call if you're interested.
What is this, some kind of crazy cult? More like a self-actualization group.
Self what? Self delusion, more like.
"Running the world.
" I can't get a handle on it, but Elias Grace hardly seems like a role model.
Six years ago, he was convicted of assault and battery in Pennsylvania.
Some guy refused to embrace success? No.
Someone refused to get out of the car, his wife.
He beat his wife? Charming.
What does this have to do with the Callisters? Maybe a lot.
The Callisters, separately and jointly, liquidated assets worth over one million dollars in the past six months.
That's one-fifth of their net worth.
Where's the money? It went to the KVG Corporation.
According to state records, it's a non-profit operated by Elias and Valerie Grace, who seem to be living high off a whole herd of hogs.
Well, a million dollar's worth killing over.
Ask the Graces if they agree.
I tried.
Five calls.
No returns.
Then embrace them with a subpoena.
The subpoena was entirely unnecessary.
We knocked, nobody answered.
Ever lose anyone close to you? Mr.
Grace Hard, right? Please.
We went to our Rockland County retreat.
Turned off the phones, tried to understand how bad things happen to great people.
Looks like things started to go bad for the Callisters long before this.
Their lifestyles changed For the better.
They were rudderless before.
JACK: Before they met you? Before they were in touch with themselves.
Thanks to you? I helped them understand that nobody could take away the success they were entitled to.
Success comes from in here.
So, maybe you can explain how a million dollars of the Callisters' money found its way into the KVG Corporation.
(SIGHS) People only value the things they pay for.
Our friends value learning to feel good about themselves.
Learning that is worth a million dollars? We make it stick.
You know the old story about giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish? We teach our friends to fish.
Last year, three of our friends had IPO's in the hundred million range.
It works, Miss Carmichael.
And does this happen with all the members of your group? ELIAS: Group? JACK: You do have a group, don't you? A wide circle of friends.
If a friend sees a movie on your recommendation, is he a follower or just interested in your opinion? And how is your opinion delivered? We have meetings, retreats, seminars.
We're people.
We share our ideas with friends.
And in return, they make you rich.
Our friends are grateful, yes, but we aren't a business.
Check our records.
We intend to.
I could contest any subpoena.
But why would we? Maybe you'd like to see a pamphlet on our courses? An ambitious guy like you might want to consider looking at things a new way.
First look, it seems totally innocent.
People taking courses, attending seminars, making contributions.
All of them paying for the privilege.
Another fine example of free enterprise.
The Grace records show 20 people who consistently show up at retreats and seminars, and give money.
There are others, less consistent.
Maybe not true believers yet.
Maggie Callister gave the Graces 20% of her monthly income.
Same as all the others, including the IPO millionaires.
Adds up.
What'd Joe Callister pay for his self-actualization? In dollar figures, a little more than his widow.
But he was earning over four times as much as she was.
Was he holding out on the Graces? (EXHALES) Got a Harley Ellison, guy from Scranton.
He's getting 20,000 a month from the Graces.
I consult for the Graces.
You write their pamphlets? No.
You already have two convictions for check-kiting.
From eight years ago.
One more strike and you're out.
I met Elias doing a summer job at a quarry.
His name was Karl Gratz.
We were college students.
And the 20,000 a month, that's for old times' sake? It's a royalty.
We didn't plan on spending the rest of our lives here.
We had active imaginations.
One night, Elias, Valerie and I got together and played at creating our own religion.
And how did the game end? By dawn we'd come up with eight rules.
I came up with the first rule, "Love yourself.
" I lose touch with Elias.
Five years ago, I see him on the cover of a magazine, an article about him and "Mastery For Success," he called it.
All the rules we'd dreamed up.
So you put a call on Elias to see if there's something in it for you.
He's raking it in, hand over fist.
With "love yourself"? Know your audience.
The people who go to his seminars, dot-com millionaires who 10 years ago, they didn't have a dime.
Now they have millions and they feel guilty.
They're filled with self-loathing and insecurity.
So, yeah, "love yourself" goes a long way.
But giving away one-fifth of their total net worth? Rule number four, "Only the chosen can join.
" Elias made it an exclusive club.
If you didn't have seven figures in your bank account, keep walking.
And what do the Graces get for their pay-off to you? Your silence? And my absence.
I didn't like the place anyway.
Guns make me nervous.
Guns? At the Rockland County place.
That's it for guns? Two $15,000 Parkers? They shoot skeet.
What do you keep in the shed? Tools.
Show us.
(DOOR CREAKS) What's the dynamite for? We got beaver dams.
Pretty big beavers.
Eight half-sticks.
You got enough to take you into the next decade.
Eight? Ought to be 10.
I bought a dozen half-sticks, used two.
Anybody else have a key to this shed? Just Mr.
"Docket 34305, People v.
Elias and Valerie Grace.
"Murder in the first degree, six counts each.
" How do the defendants plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
With my husband, not guilty.
Domestic accord, how touching.
People on bail? Remand, Your Honor.
The Graces killed six people in collusion with Margaret Callister in an effort to keep one of them from leaving their cult.
Cult? There is no cult, Your Honor, and no evidence linking my clients to the bomb.
Our lab made a chemical match of the bomb with the explosives seized at the defendants' estate.
Any one of a number of people had access to that dynamite.
Elias Grace worked with explosives at a quarry and has a history of threatening and violent behavior.
A domestic incident six years ago? Judge Mannheim, that hardly merits consideration.
I think my wife would disagree.
And as to motive, Your Honor, the notion that my clients would harm Callister over a relatively insignificant sum Approximately one million dollars at last count, Your Honor.
My clients have access to over 50 million dollars.
Then 10 million each shouldn't be a problem.
CLERK: "Docket number CARMICHAEL: Your husband was withholding money from the group.
He was planning to leave.
Did they tell you that's why they wanted him dead? If you want to save your life, Mrs.
Callister, you'll cooperate.
RICKS: She didn't do it.
CARMICHAEL: They gave you the bomb to give to your husband, didn't they? I won't turn against them.
Elias and Valerie They're multiple murderers.
You don't know what you're talking about.
They're con artists, Mrs.
They used you and your husband to get your money! No, that is not what they did! They taught me how to maximize my success.
They taught me how to negotiate for power.
We're giving you a chance, Mrs.
If you don't take it, you'll be destroyed along with the Graces.
Elias and Valerie are the greatest people on earth.
You're Neanderthals compared to them.
How does an intelligent woman like Maggie Callister, get drawn in by these megalomaniacs? Are we sure the Graces are behind it? They had the means, the motive, and Elias had the wherewithal to make a bomb.
You have to put that bomb in the Graces' hands.
JACK: Somebody in that group must know something.
Yeah, but if they're anything like Maggie Callister At the arraignment, the Graces' attorney said anyone could've had access to the dynamite.
Well, the groundskeeper said he and Elias were the only ones with the key to the shed.
He could be wrong.
Let's take them at their word.
Impute the motive to the group as a whole.
Arrest them all? Jack For conspiracy to commit murder.
And Abbie, this time, get remand.
Conspiracy? No way you prove an overt act, McCoy.
My client had nothing to do with it.
If he didn't, he knows who did.
You people are so off base about Elias and Valerie.
You're scared of them.
That's why you're hounding them.
We're hounding them because they killed six people, including a five-year-old child.
Am I an idiot? Do you think that I would associate myself with anybody who'd do that? All that I have achieved, I owe to Elias and Valerie.
I hope you are prepared to give them your all, Mr.
You'll be here a long time.
(GATE OPENING) I don't know anything.
My husband brought me to the Graces.
I thought it was an investment group at first.
And then? Alice, don't trust these people.
Help yourself and your husband.
If the Graces didn't do anything wrong, they don't have anything to hide.
My husband said if we signed over they'd be returned a hundred times over.
Were they? My husband made a lot of money under Elias' guidance, but it felt like I was losing him.
And Elias never said anything about Joe Callister? Was Elias angry at Joe about the missing money? It's nothing like that.
I heard Joe was having an affair.
With whom? I don't know.
Maggie told me he was on his way to see his mistress when he was killed.
We're back to a crime of passion? Takes the Graces off the hook.
It's just a rumor.
Have the police chase it down.
Joe Callister was booked on a flight to Indianapolis.
No sign of any affair in New York.
If Callister was cheating on his wife, he was a real pro.
If you took a page from this guy's book, Lennie, you'd still be married.
Bite your tongue.
He's been to Indianapolis once in two years.
So, he wasn't getting it at that end, either.
Guy was booked on United's 10:00 a.
To Indianapolis.
Hmm, it's a business trip, so? American's got a Joseph A.
Callister booked on their 5:00 p.
To Indianapolis.
Same guy, same day.
A seven-hour layover, figuratively speaking, of course.
Check the airport hotels, see if Joseph A.
Callister had a reservation that day.
Callister, Mr.
Joseph A.
Room reserved the day before, never checked in.
BRISCOE: Did he call to cancel? Records only have him as a no-show.
We held the room until 4:00 p.
, then voided the transaction.
Did anybody show up looking for him? BRISCOE: Maybe a woman? Oh, yeah.
She came to the desk.
She said if he came in, to tell him she was waiting for him in the restaurant.
ED: Describe her.
Brown hair.
You wouldn't still have the tape from the security camera, would you? We don't.
But the FBI does.
Bureau scooped security tapes from airport hotels from before and after the chopper went down as part of their investigation.
Score one for the good guys.
JACK: Valerie Grace.
Joe Callister and mother superior, one big happy.
She was Callister's lover? Gives Elias Grace motive in spades.
Yeah, but that still doesn't put the bomb in his mitts.
Talk to his wife.
She might like to nail the man who killed her lover.
Well, so far, she's standing by that man.
They're into self-realization, let's see how they self-realize this tape.
Call their lawyer.
Please, sit down.
We'll take your apologies standing up.
(SIGHS) We know about your affair with Joe Callister.
What are you talking about? This was taken by a security camera at a hotel near the airport the day Joe Callister was killed.
That's you, Mrs.
Grace, there to meet Joe Callister, who had reserved a room.
Only, thanks to your husband, Joe never showed up.
I don't know what that tape purports to show, but my wife was not having an affair.
We're willing to consider a deal, Mrs.
Elias knew about Joe.
Valerie, I strongly urge you to keep your mouth shut.
(SCOFFS) This is absurd.
It was a week before Joe died.
Elias came in the room, I was knitting, I I do that when I'm bored.
Valerie, focus.
Think what you're doing.
He said he knew about Joe and me, heard me on the phone with Joe.
All right, now I'm telling you, be quiet! I just kept knitting, and then he said he forgave me.
He said I was only human, people make mistakes.
And I believed him, and he believed me.
(SIGHS) I'd like a word with my wife.
Her turn now, Mr.
If I could just speak to her You've spoken quite enough.
My attorney, then Time to listen! Please continue, Mrs.
I kept knitting.
And I lied to him and I told him Joe and I were finished.
I lied even when he forgave me.
I lied, and I never dropped a stitch.
You knew your husband killed him? No.
Not until Mr.
Heckstrom told me the dynamite came from the shed.
CARMICHAEL: Why didn't you come forward then? I know what he's capable of.
I was terrified.
Who are you? I made you what you are! And then you lied! You couldn't stand that I strayed.
And look what you did.
McCoy, take the death penalty off the table, we'll work something out.
There are six dead people who can't work something out, Mr.
You gain nothing by executing Elias Grace.
Please don't kill my husband.
Grace, you just admitted you knew your husband's a murderer.
Just let him live.
If it weren't for me, for my weakness.
I found out she was having an affair when I was on a business trip to Seattle.
I called Valerie at home.
It was late.
No answer.
Nobody knew where she was.
(SIGHS) A week later, I overheard her talking on the phone to someone named Joe.
Her voice was different.
I confronted her.
At first she denied it.
Then she told me the truth, she was with Joe Callister.
She asked me to forgive her.
A week later, I found a hotel card key in her purse.
She'd lied to me.
She was still seeing him.
I discovered Joe was withholding money, they were planning something.
I told Maggie Callister.
She was very angry.
I gave her the box to give to Joe You know the rest.
People wish to inquire? No, Your Honor.
Then, Mr.
Grace, in accord with your agreement with the district attorney, you are hereby sentenced to six consecutive terms of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, to be served in a facility to be determined by the Department of Correction.
(GAVEL STRIKES) Maggie Callister pleaded out, six life sentences.
Lost her money, lost her husband, lost herself.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) We have a problem.
What now? In his plea allocution, Elias Grace said he called his wife from Seattle, she wasn't home.
She was with Callister.
She admitted it to him.
Valerie Grace never left the city, and Joe Callister was snowed in in Buffalo that night.
You know this how? Hotel charges on Callister's credit card.
I even checked with the hotel and the airlines.
It never happened, did it, you and Joe? You gaslighted your husband.
What did you do? Convince Callister to withhold funds to make your husband even crazier? Don't you think we can dig deep within ourselves and achieve the success for which we're destined by staying strong, being patient? You were destined to lie? I was destined for this.
The townhouse, the money, the power.
Well, there's that, but that's not the point, is it? I don't know what the point is, lady, but you're making my skin crawl.
You wanted the power.
Why? (EXHALES DEEPLY) Years ago when Elias hit me, he did it to let me know I did not have any power.
You could've walked away from him at any time.
And walked away from this? I was determined never to be hurt again.
By anyone.
Six people died because of your determination.
(SIGHS) My husband is a passionate man.
His passions expressed themselves in many ways, not all of the nice.
He had endless needs.
What did he need? (SCOFFS) Everything.
There was never enough, enough power, money, attention, women, enough control.
Why did you speak up in his defense and let him live? So he would have to sit very quietly for a very, very long time, and know that now I had it all.
I wanted him to know that, for him, there wasn't going to be any more.
There has got to be something we can do.
We can't prove she meant for anyone to die.
We can't touch her.
Elias Grace conned millions of dollars out of these people and he turned out to be the biggest sucker of them all.