Law & Order (1990) s13e23 Episode Script


NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
ANDY: Carmine says Tuesday.
JERRY: Can't make that.
Wednesday's out for Gail.
So, I won't go.
You've got to go.
How's the leg? It's like new.
Yeah? How about another mile? It's kind of late.
And five miles is as much as you old guys can handle.
Bring it on, Kip Keino.
(GROANS) You okay? Lts a cramp.
You go on.
There's a water fountain.
If you just I said go.
(PANTING) (GROANS) Name's Andy Corvo.
This poor slob decided to tack an extra mile onto his morning run.
That's the thing I never understood about this whole running thing.
Why run if you can walk to it? Well, it gets your heart started.
Or in the case of this guy, brings it to a stop.
Hold on, Schmidt.
You ruined breakfast for a heart attack? You know Nelson? Who doesn't.
Well, he's the first officer on the scene, right? Turns out he drinks a whole thermos of coffee waiting for EMS to show.
When they finally get there, he's uncomfortable, if you catch my drift.
What are we, in the third grade? So, he comes over to these bushes to take care of business.
Imagine his surprise when he looks down.
Whoa, whoa, Ed.
Did he see the body before or after he "did his business"? He never got his zipper down.
Why? Looks like a single shot to the head.
NELSON: Very observant.
If I had to guess, a.
You ain't had enough coffee today? Hey, don't knock it, Ed.
If it wasn't for Nelson's bladder, she could have been here till Arbor Day.
Very funny.
Anyway, the M.
Says she's newly deceased, ten to 12 hours.
Her name's Anna Briseno.
Lives up in Washington Heights.
Well, the way she's dressed, I doubt she was out here for a run.
If she was, she didn't run fast enough.
Anna always made sure we had flowers.
ED: We're sorry for your loss, Mr.
She said the smell reminded her of when she was little and lived in a better place.
Where was that? It reminded her of her Mom's house in San Juan.
Sometimes she wanted to move back there.
But I always said no.
When's the last time you saw your wife? Yesterday, in the morning, when she left for work around 7:00, like always.
She's a kick-press operator at Geyer.
What's that? A jewelry factory.
She makes findings.
I work security at the warehouse out in Long Island City.
I was drinking coffee, watching the news.
She kissed me goodbye.
Did she say she was going out after work? Where would she go? You weren't concerned when she didn't come home? I work nights.
A lot of the times I leave before she gets home or she leaves before I get home.
She used to say that she helped the big shots make money during the day and I kept an eye on it at night.
Only neither of us got a piece of the action.
ELLEN: That was her station.
I'm sorry.
This is so hard.
It sounds like you two were pretty close.
Eight hours a day, five days a week for the last six years.
You could go to Anna with a problem.
What about when she had a problem? Did she tell those to anybody? Nothing beyond the usual gripes.
You know, more money in her paycheck, a better place to live, trying to put away enough to go on a nice vacation.
You were here when she left last night? We both did a little overtime.
I left at She mention any plans she had? She did put on some rouge and lip gloss before she left.
Oh, you're not suggesting No.
We're just covering all the bases.
Because she would never cheat on Rafael, if that's what you're thinking.
I just assumed she was meeting a friend for dinner.
Tox screen shows she had one drink, tops.
No signs of sex.
Sounds like my last date.
Any signs of struggle? Nah.
None that I could find.
No scrapings under her nails, no scratches, no extraneous bruising or marking.
ED: Except for the hole in her head.
Which, from the powder burns and bone beveling, I'd say was made from very close range.
Her ID and cash were still there, so this ain't your garden variety mugging.
Just your garden variety psycho.
Who took her to dinner first.
The murdered woman ate a hearty meal.
Barbecue pork and waffle potatoes.
And her appetizer was? Sweet potato fries.
Call me crazy, but I don't know too many women who order two types of potatoes.
She was hardly working from the heart-healthy end of the menu.
Or the midtown section of Zagat's.
That's uptown cooking right there.
Maybe we ought to look into the restaurants closest to where we found the body.
Yeah, she was here.
Came in about an hour late.
But then, what woman you know comes in on time? Last time I was here, you didn't take reservations.
Still don't.
So how you know she was late? 'Cause some poor sap was waiting for her.
Pacing back and forth, kept checking his watch every few minutes.
I offered him a free beer at the bar, but he turned me down.
So what time did she show? Maybe 9:30.
He let her have it? Nah.
He calmed down pretty quick.
She gave him a big hug.
No kiss? You married? Yeah.
I've toyed with the notion.
Well, let me tell you, guys married more than a year aren't big on public displays.
Wait a minute.
You're saying that this girl had dinner with her husband? A single guy would have bolted, half hour tops.
Yeah, that'll hold up in court.
He also kept asking if his wife called for him.
Excuse me.
Now how do you suppose Rafael put in his eight hours at the office and had dinner with the missus at the same time? If I knew, maybe I could have held on to wife number two.
Punched in at 8:00, out at 6:00.
Rafael do something? Not if he really was here all night.
I just told you.
Hey, he wouldn't be the first guy to have a pal punch out for him.
Our people don't do that sort of thing.
ED: And you're sure because Because they know what I'd do to them if I ever found out.
Well, that convinces me.
I hire good people.
Rafael Briseno is one of the best.
Always on time, always ready to fill in when needed.
Were you here all night? No.
But Maybe we could talk to somebody who was? Mary's working a double shift.
She was on last night.
You private dicks are nothing at all like in those books I read.
Those dudes solve cases.
In real life, you just annoy people.
Hey, even I dress better than a P.
Now, what made you think we were for hire? Raf's wife.
Talk about paranoid.
She had a couple of guys snooping around after him.
(SCOFFS) She always thought he was catting around.
Was he? If he did, he hid it right.
I didn't hear word one about it.
ED: He was here last night? We did our shift together.
He walked the halls and I clocked the computers.
Quiet night all around.
What about lunch break? He go anywhere for that? Not many places you wanna go at 4:00 in the morning.
At least for food.
We ordered a pizza and had it delivered and ate it in the back room.
Box is still in the fridge with the leftovers.
You thinking Raf did something wrong? ED: Should we? I'd hate to think so.
Comes off as a decent guy.
Big baseball fan.
Loves the Mets, always listening to their games on the radio in the summer.
Married and a Mets fan.
He's a glutton for punishment.
Go Yankees.
She's the one cheating, and she hires a P.
To tail him.
That makes sense.
We don't know if she was cheating.
Hey, if you're meeting a friend for dinner, do you tell a perfect stranger that she's your wife? Maybe if he was a former husband.
From personal experience, I can tell you, former husbands refer to former wives as their ex, at least in mixed company.
Unless the former husband wants to get back in the picture.
CLERK: Here she is.
Anna Briseno.
Maiden name Carranza.
Married once.
ED: That's it? In this state.
Eight years ago.
Take a run at her Social Security number.
Here's one you don't see every day.
ED: Share it.
The SS number is issued to a woman named Marcela Celaya So she changed her name? who died ten years ago.
There's a switch.
She dies, and then she gets married.
Rule of thumb, if somebody is using somebody else's Social Security number, she's doing something she ain't supposed to be doing.
I wonder if Rafael knows the woman he married isn't the woman he married.
WOMAN: Help me! Somebody stop him! Hey! (TIRES SCREECHING) Help! Help me! Looks like we're missing something.
Help! Stop! Help me! Stop him! (CONTINUES SCREAMING) (SIREN WAILING) Somebody help him! Help him! Stop it! No! No! Get away! Get away from the car.
Don't move another inch.
(HONKING HORN) Out of my way.
Police, lady.
Don't make me shoot you.
Now get out.
Get out of the car.
Now! Put your hands where I can see them.
Above your head.
(SIRENS WAILING IN THE DISTANCE) Are you out of your skull? Not anymore.
Dominick? I've known him since the sixth grade.
He sat behind me.
God he was gorgeous.
And an athlete.
The captain of everything.
Well, that's a good reason to get married.
He was like a god.
Even back then.
He was Zeus and I was Leda.
God help me, I actually believed it.
I ain't no mythology buff, Mrs.
Zeus disguised himself as a swan, and then raped the mortal Leda.
You saying he raped you? You know, I looked up swans in the Britannica.
Do you know they're among the most vicious birds in the world? All he wanted was her love.
He tried so hard.
Gave so much and got back so little.
He did everything she asked.
I think she might disagree.
Yeah, well, she's crazy.
You saw what she did to him.
You know, he bought her anything she wanted.
Jewels, expensive vacations, one house bigger than the next.
I didn't realize editors made that kind of money.
His dad wrote songs.
Sinatra recorded two of them.
You know, he just leased that Cadillac for her about a month ago.
Turns out a Volkswagen might have been a safer bet.
This isn't a joke, Detective.
Dom loved me.
I loved him.
It wasn't some kind of sordid fling.
We're supposed to be civilized.
We're supposed to be sophisticates.
Liebestod, Detective.
" They're one.
They're inseparable.
Together they free the will.
Together they bring redemption.
It's Schopenhauer.
How could you possibly understand? You know what I understand? I understand that you rode over your husband with 5,000 pounds of metal.
He's dead, and you did it.
Don't say anything.
And you are? Gwen Berman.
Porazzo's attorney.
And as of now, I'm advising her to keep her mouth shut.
Do you mind? Can I assume those speakers will be kept off? Now what fun would that be? Whoo, that woman is crazy! At least she can't deny it.
But she's using some German philosopher that nobody ever heard of to justify it.
This I gotta see.
And my mama's asking me why I'm not married.
Eddie, there's a Rafael Briseno here.
You can use my office.
I don't know no one named Marcela Celaya.
Your wife.
Was Anna Carranza.
I knew her family.
No Celaya.
No Marcela.
She married me and became Briseno.
She could have been married before she met you, Mr.
Why would she lie to me? She was hiding something.
From me? How can you do this? On the day my wife is killed? It could have something to do with her getting killed.
You people.
You think everything is a big conspiracy.
I read the papers.
People are getting killed every day of the week.
Please, let me just bury my wife.
So you don't care if we catch who killed her? I want him dead.
I want to kill him myself.
But Anna was mugged.
You're not going to find the guy.
Can I go? Sure.
I still can't believe my Anna's gone.
And took Marcela with her.
Did you get anything usable? He says he's all shook up.
In shock.
That made you suspicious? Oh, no, he's all shook up all right, but I think it's because he's scared.
You know what? Let's see if we can find out what it is he's so scared of.
I love when I get a hit.
I'm glad we could make your day.
Seven-point match.
You made my week.
Looks like your boy has a temper.
He was arrested for assault 12 years ago.
Oh, domestic violence, actually.
He bopped his live-in girlfriend.
Let me guess.
Her name was Anna or Marcela.
Uh, sorry.
Rita Moralez.
Let's see, Celaya spent six months up at Rikers.
Celaya? Yeah.
That's your guy's name.
Rafael Celaya.
Somebody's been lying to us.
Look, I just didn't want to jam the guy up.
I had no idea this was about a murder.
So he wasn't really here all night? He was here, but left early.
He asked me to punch him out, and I did.
He say why he left? He didn't need to.
Do you know how dull it gets sitting here all night? He went for a drink.
I didn't ask where.
It's around the block.
Yeah, he's in here enough to be called a regular.
You talk to him much? As much as I can stand.
He's always pissing and moaning about his life and his job.
And his wife? Ah, her especially.
Those people, what can I tell you? Excuse me? What, you're gonna tell me the Latins aren't excitable? One day Raf comes in here and tells me his wife is the hottest thing since chili peppers.
The next, she's the devil in a blue dress.
Was he in here last night? Yeah, but not for long.
He had a couple shots and he was out the door.
Said he had someplace to go.
BRISCOE: To meet his wife? I don't know.
He wasn't here very long.
Real serious like.
Something was definitely on his mind though.
About what time did he leave? 9:00, 9:30.
Something like that.
That's enough time to get uptown for some barbecue pork, sweet potato fries.
Briseno, police.
(RAFAEL SPEAKING SPANISH) (SHOUTING IN SPANISH) (RAFAEL RESPONDING IN SPANISH) I don't know what he said, but it didn't sound good.
(RAFAEL GROANING) Bring back memories? I can't remember.
Did you find Anna? We'll help you find her.
She's pretty.
I think you had enough of this, pal.
Is she wearing a blue dress? We'll let you see for yourself.
Rafael Briseno, aka Celaya, you're under arrest for the murder of your wife.
She's dead.
Anna's dead.
You have the right to remain silent.
Fat chance.
(RAFAEL GROANING) Anna! What am I gonna do? From what I've been told, at least I was a happy drunk.
From what I've been told, I wouldn't go that far.
But at least you never killed nobody.
RAFAEL: We can go to San Juan.
We can grow flowers.
Pretty, pretty flowers.
Roses and gardenias and tulips.
No sunflowers? I love sunflowers.
Stop the car! You gotta stop the car! Now! Give me one good reason.
I'm going to throw up.
Good reason.
Hey, if you haven't noticed, our friend here bats for the other team.
Men's room's busted.
All right.
What did he do? I think you've got a customer.
(RAPHAEL VOMITING) Still no memories? It does sound familiar.
(TOILET FLUSHING) Damn it, Rafael.
Don't you look? All right.
Hey, it would have been nice if she left her name and phone number.
Maybe she did.
Hannah Mayer.
Web site consultant.
(GROANING) This could be some clown's idea of a joke.
Let's hope.
What did the attendant say? He cleaned the bathroom first thing this morning, which means it was probably written today.
You believe him? An Eminem CD is about as close to trouble as this kid wants to get.
He said the only person who asked for the bathroom key all day was a woman in a blue Chevy.
DMV's checking for plates with AXD2.
Three deaths and a kidnapping, I'm only on my second cup of coffee.
Speaking of which, how are we doing on death number two? Mr.
Briseno is talking his head off, only it's nothing we want to hear.
I figure a couple of hours to sleep it off.
Hannah Mayer didn't make it to work today.
Good for her.
Who? That's the name on the business card we found in the ladies room at the gas station.
I managed to find a home address.
Would it be too much to ask for her to just be home in bed with the flu? Man, the way this day is going, it would be a miracle.
She's probably out shopping.
Between you and me, I don't' think she'll sleep unless our daughter is the best dressed kid in the building.
Where is your daughter? In the womb.
Hannah's eight months pregnant.
Does your wife take off from work like this very often? Sure.
There's always the doctor's appointment or some fancy-schmancy baby store she's gotta get to.
You want to hear about rackets? Don't get me started.
ED: She didn't mention anything this morning? I've been on my boat the past two days.
Does she usually go to the doctor alone? I go when I can.
What about shopping? I don't know.
You guys are serious? Like I said, this is probably a big mistake, but we found your wife's business card in a restroom at a gas station.
Well, she gives them out to her clients.
ED: There was a weird message on the mirror.
What kind of message? Whoever wrote it claimed that they were being kidnapped.
Oh, you're kidding.
BRISCOE: You haven't received any calls, huh? Would I be standing here talking to you if I did? Yeah.
No "X," like in "x-ray.
" Yeah.
You do that.
So, did he confess yet? Only that he went to the high school prom with some girl named Lorraine, and she ditched him afterwards.
She had the prettiest eyes.
Blue like the ocean.
VAN BUREN: Lennie.
Detectives Briscoe, David Carlson, Hannah Mayer's father.
Her husband, Simon, told him what happened.
What was he doing sailing when she's pregnant like that? We're not sure anything happened.
Oh, he killed her.
VAN BUREN: How can you be so sure? Because he's a jerk.
Always was and always will be.
Believe it or not, Mr.
Carlson, that's not against the law.
He cheated on Hannah.
One time maybe you can forgive.
But when it's a steady diet, that's a hard pill for a father to take every day.
Let alone a wife.
How do you know? Hannah told me.
I told her to leave him.
I begged her.
But she thought a baby would cure everything.
A lot of guys cheat, Mr.
But what you're implying is a big step from a pit stop at a Motel 6.
What Detective Briscoe means is that we don't even have a body.
Last week, she finally confronted him about his affairs.
It led to a big fight.
VAN BUREN: Did he hurt her? No.
But he did say divorce was out of the question.
He said he worked too hard to toss half his money down the toilet.
What kind of husband I'm sorry.
We'll get to the bottom of this, sir.
If your son-in-law has something to hide, we'll find it.
My daughter's dead.
I know she is.
And I also know that Simon had something to do with it.
Well, why don't you just go home now.
And I'll keep you up-to-date.
I promise.
You talked to this Simon guy? He was cool, until he heard about the kidnap note.
Then he turned on the concern.
Right on cue.
Talk to people who know him.
Simon is great to work for.
He makes you feel like you're part of the team, not just somebody taking messages and getting coffee.
I'm lucky if my accountant remembers to file my return.
I'm not the only one.
Everyone here feels the same way.
Ask them.
We will.
Simon ever talk about his wife? Sure.
He couldn't wait for the baby.
Most women around here would give their firstborn for a husband like Simon.
You know, he called me.
He told me what's going on.
If you could hear the panic in his voice.
ED: Let me ask you something, Helen.
Do you log Mr.
Mayer's outgoing and incoming phone calls? Of course.
This is from last week.
He sends Hannah flowers on the 5th of every month.
They were married on December 5th.
Another thing I should have thought of.
There's a dozen or so phone calls to or from a Sandra Chapple.
Is she in some kind of tax trouble? She's not one of our clients.
BRISCOE: So that makes her, what? A friend.
You mind printing this out for us? I met Simon at a Democratic fundraiser.
He was generous with his support and we became friends.
Just how far did his generous support extend? Is that supposed to be cute? We were phone buddies, you know, an occasional drink sometimes.
Sometimes he'd give me names of potential donors.
Not everything is sordid.
My partner's mind is generally flowing through the sewer.
Forgive him.
Well, I guess that's a good thing for a cop.
Especially when a citizen goes missing.
Simon? His wife.
And her father is convinced she's been murdered.
And guess who he thinks did it? That stupid bastard.
I warned him.
Oh, is that what friends do, they warn you not to kill your wife? Listen, I started seeing him three months ago.
A couple of times a week.
There's this suite that his firm keeps at a midtown hotel.
Accountants? Who knew? ED: Was it serious? Not to me.
I don't need serious.
He was just something to do for now.
To tell you the truth, I got tired of the studs in the weight room.
Simon ever talk about his wife? Just to say how wonderful his life would be once he got out of the marriage.
Doesn't sound like he was too thrilled about the baby arriving.
Well, he didn't want to have a baby.
He told me it was a mistake.
That was the real reason that he wanted out of the marriage.
My wife's name is Hannah Mayer.
She's 31 years old and she's eight months pregnant.
Again, I'm offering $100,000 to anyone with information that leads the police to her.
He's good.
I'll give him that.
If I didn't know different, I'd think the son of a bitch actually gave a damn.
I'll grant you he's not a Boy Scout, but the girlfriends of married men aren't the most truthful people in the world.
You think she was lying? Okay.
And married men aren't that truthful with their girlfriends.
Spoken like a man who's been on both sides.
I'll take the Fifth.
Well, guilty or no, we've got nothing to arrest him on.
It's okay.
I swear.
I didn't kill Anna.
It was him.
He wants you to think it was me.
Who are we talking about? My brother, Renaldo.
He just got out ofjail.
They paroled him, and he killed Anna.
He wants you to think it was me, and he's coming to kill me.
All right.
All right.
It's okay.
I can't say I blame his brother.
I've known Rafael less than a day, and I'm ready to kill him.
Well, if his brother just got out ofjail, someone knows where he is.
ED: It's okay.
Renaldo Celaya? Yeah, sure, he's one of my parolees.
Been out, what, maybe five, six days.
After ten long years.
That's not bad for murder.
Ah, manslaughter.
He whacked his wife, only they never found the body.
Dead wife, missing body.
Where have I heard this before? Man, it's been a rough day.
Tell me about it.
Anyway, all he ever talks about is Marcela, Marcela, Marcela.
His wife's name was Marcela? Why would I lie? Anna's using her sister-in-law's name.
Where can we find Renaldo? Hey, bro.
Is there a Renaldo working here? Renaldo Celaya? Oh, damn! What the hell are you doing? Does this say "wash and wear"? You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say "Docket number 534687, People v.
Renaldo Celaya.
"Murder in the First Degree.
" And the plea? Not guilty, Your Honor.
There's a first.
Southerlyn? The defendant shot and killed his brother's wife within days of being released from prison.
Bail shouldn't even be a consideration.
I don't suppose you agree with that? CLEMENS: Bail, shmail.
What's a couple of days in Rikers after ten years in Attica? I'm not going to waste your time, Your Honor.
You know what, Counselor? This is a first.
(BROTHERS SCREAMING IN SPANISH) Not if I kill you first! (SCREAMING IN SPANISH) She's my wife, cabrĂ³n! She's my wife! (CONTINUES SCREAMING) Calm down.
(EXCLAIMS) Nothing like a little excitement to get the heart pumping.
What's next on the menu? "Docket number 5635781, People v.
Clara Porazzo.
"Charge is Murder in the Second Degree.
" Surprise me, Mrs.
CLARA: I don't know what you mean.
I need a plea.
Did you do it? Yes.
I don't think my client understands, Your Honor.
I understand perfectly.
I killed the S.
She's obviously mentally disturbed.
The defendant killed her husband, Your Honor.
She ran him over four times with her car.
I admire her restraint.
I object.
Cool your jets, Counselor.
Shall we take this from the top? No need to, Your Honor.
Dom is dead, and I did it.
I knew exactly what I was doing.
I'm not supposed to express personal opinions in the courtroom, but I've got to tell you, Mrs.
Porazzo, you make me proud to be an American.
CLARA: Thank you.
Cheating on you, was he? Yeah.
But I could live with that.
I could live with his perversions.
But I won't go under the knife for anyone.
These were good enough for him when we got married.
JACK: Let me get this straight, Mr.
You admit you killed Anna Briseno? That's right.
Only her real name is Marcela.
But you still claim you're not guilty? That's right.
That's what philosophers call a conundrum.
It's what lawyers call a screwball defense.
CLEMENS: Not when you hear all the facts, it's not.
The facts are, he killed his brother's wife.
She was not his wife.
She was my wife.
Your brother married your wife? That's right.
She must have divorced you while you were in prison.
She couldn't divorce me.
Dead people can't file papers.
Your wife was dead? That's right.
And I should know.
I killed her.
Who's on first? Only I killed her now.
Not ten years ago.
Maybe I should explain.
Renaldo was charged and convicted ten years ago of killing his wife.
The problem was, she wasn't dead.
She just ran off.
RENALDO: And now you can't do nothing to me.
What's it called? Double jeopardy.
That's when you can't be charged for killing the same wife twice.
You gotta love the Constitution.
That isn't what the Constitution had in mind.
Okay, then.
Stick me in a courtroom again.
If it's not the Double J thing, then that means I didn't kill my wife back when you said I did.
That means I did time for no crime.
Leaves me free to sue you, your boss, the Governor, and anybody else I can think of for false imprisonment.
My client spent a lot of time reading at state expense.
I'll give you both some time to think it over.
See how you want to handle it.
That's right.
We the ones giving out the time now.
It's a law school exam, is what it is.
And to tell you the truth, I don't know the answer.
Same crime, same victim.
They can't be the same crime if they occurred ten years apart.
So you're saying if someone was acquitted for robbing a bank on Tuesday, but then we found out it actually happened on Thursday, you'd say that double jeopardy doesn't apply? I'll argue statutory intent.
You expect a jury to buy that? It's a question for the judge.
You expect a judge to buy that? He killed someone, Arthur.
And he already did the time for it.
I'm not just going to put my tail between my legs.
I'm not asking you to.
I'm just thinking if we can keep this disaster out of a courtroom, we might all be better off.
Now if you can't charge straight on, attack the flanks.
This false imprisonment charge is his leverage.
You get rid of it, he's more likely to sit at a table with us.
False imprisonment requires malicious intent and l or extreme negligence.
Find some proof that there wasn't any of either.
Ten years.
That's a long time.
That's like 400 murders ago.
So, you don't remember it at all? They say you never forget the ones you win.
That's a crock.
They're gone as soon as the next slime-bucket walks in your office.
Oh, here we go.
Renaldo Celaya.
Man one.
That's right.
We tried it without a body.
No offense, but how did you know there was a body at all? Marcela had a sister, Leticia, lived in San Juan.
She reported her missing, and that kick-started the investigation.
And Renaldo was the only suspect? One and only.
Leticia told us Marcela told her she was having an affair.
With whom? That we never found out.
Anyway, we figured Renaldo got wind of the affair and snapped.
That doesn't sound like much of a case.
Neighbors testified that Renaldo and Marcela's marriage on a good day was volatile, and I use that word generously.
He was a puncher.
What was his defense? That she was his wife.
He had a witness, too.
Here it is, Patricia Botten.
And she said he was an angel? Well, she might have, if she showed up.
Sure, I know Patricia.
Who wouldn't? I mean, that babe's got a butt to kill for.
Nice choice of words.
You know where she works at? Uh-uh.
What about what time she gets home? Do you really want to talk to her, huh? Yeah.
It looks like it.
Then talk.
Hey, yo! Patricia! Patricia Botten.
Oh! Damn, woman! Hey, hey, hey! What I do? (SIGHS) Nothing.
Until you hit a police officer.
I thought he was a mugger.
Why don't you chase down the real hoods instead of sneaking up on tax-paying citizens? You got a hell of a punch.
I box at the Y.
Patricia, we need to ask you some questions about Renaldo Celaya.
Who? The boyfriend you were supposed to back up at his murder trial.
I don't know what you mean.
Hey, you want me to forget about the punch? I wanted to go to court.
My husband told me not to.
BRISCOE: Why's that? Men and their stupid macho thing.
He didn't want people to know I was seeing Renaldo.
You were cheating on your husband with Renaldo, and Marcela was cheating on Renaldo with somebody else.
Am I getting this right? Happens all the time.
At least around here.
And all this time I've been living in the wrong housing complex.
Renaldo would never kill Marcela over me, if that's where you're going.
He knew up front I would never leave Paco, and he could care less if she was getting some outside the house.
ED: How do you know? He told me, that's how.
We okay on the punch? Uh-huh.
Now if he didn't want to kill her ten years ago, why would he kill her now? Oh, it could have something to do with the ten years he spent in the can because she didn't come forward.
I wonder if Renaldo likes barbecued pork.
This must be one hell of a broad, all this attention.
Oh, yeah.
The deader they are, the more we care.
This the guy that was pacing around here last night? Close, but no.
The guy was a little younger, long hair, thin like a wire.
High-strung, quick to snap, nervous type? Yeah.
That's right.
He had a boxer's body, but shaky hands, like he drank a lot.
That sounds like Rafael to me.
You gotta love those Celaya boys.
Thank you, Papi.
Why do you guys keep coming after me? You got the man that killed my Anna.
What more do you want? Was it Cain who slept with Abel's wife, or the other way around? I forget.
Renaldo was in jail.
Yeah, and Anna, or should I say Marcela, was already dead.
He never treated her good.
She loved me.
ED: So why'd you kill her? You're crazy.
Renaldo already said he did it.
Yeah, but you're the one who lied about being at work and you had barbecue with your wife just before she died, so that makes us think that you're the one who popped her.
That's a great plan.
You kill your wife, only big brother takes the fall.
Except he's untouchable, so the two of you walk off hand-in-hand into the sunset, but double jeopardy sure as hell doesn't apply to you.
She was an evil woman, you know.
She was married to Renaldo and she was cheating on him.
With you! She cheated on him, she'd cheat on me soon enough.
You guys are weird, Rafael, but it's hard to believe you're that weird.
When Renaldo got out, we took a drive out to Newark where we grew up, and I thought he was gonna kill me.
I told him to.
I was so guilty.
But blood is blood, he said, and Marcela, she'll never be blood.
I had to do it.
For Renaldo.
You got a lawyer you want us to call, man? All those years when Renaldo was away, I looked out my window, out at Newark, and I wished we never left Jersey.
It's this city that makes you go bad.
I say something wrong? AXD2.
You're an angel.
You got an address? Thank you.
Don't get too comfortable.
That gas station where Hannah Mayer left the message is near the West Side Highway, which leads to the Holland Tunnel, which takes you across the river.
New Jersey DMV had a read on the plates.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) New York City Police.
Hurry! Please, God, hurry! She's upstairs.
(WOMAN SCREAMING) OFFICER: I need a bus at 984 Meade.
Repeat, 984 Meade.
You ever do this before? Hey, man, you're the one with kids.
All right.
Bring me some clean towels and boil some water.
Doctors really do that? George Clooney does.
That's good enough for me.
(SCREAMING) So, was this about money? I don't need money.
Why would you say that? Well, because that's what most kidnappers are after.
A little girl.
It was a miracle.
You're a hero.
Believe it or not, she could have done it on her own.
It's natural.
For everyone but me.
You know, she could have died.
I wasn't going to hurt her.
Hannah has no idea how blessed she is.
You and Hannah are friends? We met at Dr.
Furman's office.
This morning.
He was the sixth doctor I'd been to.
So, you can't have children? It's all I ever wanted.
Babies are God's gift.
I'll bet you Hannah thinks the same thing.
She could have others! It's not fair.
She couldn't have one of her own, so she figured she'd take someone else's? It worked for Tony B.
ED: Who's that? He took my bike when I was 12.
From Hannah Mayer's husband.
(EXCLAIMS) I was looking forward to arresting him.
Good night.
Man, three murders and a baby.
If you drank, I'd buy you a beer.
Hey, I drink seltzer, and I'm buying.
(PHONE RINGING) No law says you have to answer that.
All right.
All right.
We'll be there.
What? Make that four murders.
Remember Andy the jogger? The heart attack? Man, life should be so easy.
When last we saw him, it was a faulty ticker.
(SIGHS) He's got a runner's heart.
Even dead, I'd bet it's in better shape than most.
So why are we here? Nicotine.
The guy smoked and ran? No.
His lungs were as pink as a baby's.
The nicotine was ingested.
Pure nicotine kills.
And, guess what, it looks just like a heart attack.
He was only 42 years old.
We swore we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together.
I never thought It was a heart attack, wasn't it? Yeah, probably.
So why are you guys It's just part of the drill.
How long did you guys live together? (CRYING) I'm sorry.
That son-of-a-bitch! That bastard! ED: It wasn't his fault.
I know that.
I'm gay, I'm not stupid.
I know why you're here.
So, you poisoned him? (EXCLAIMS) Like you don't know I work at Langden Chemical.
Uh, I gotta tell you, Jerry, that was one hell of an act.
Those tears had me going.
Oh, those tears are real all right.
After everything I went through to get rid of him, now Andy's lawyer tells me that the State of New York won't recognize our marriage.
Why couldn't I have killed him in Hawaii? I'm out the insurance.
I lose the lease on this loft because it's in Andy's name.
Everything is in Andy's name.
You have the right to remain silent.
Love, a devastating disease instantly cured by marriage.
My grandparents have been together for 50 years.
(PAGER BEEPING) (SCOFFS) Wait! Yeah? Oh, no.
Where? All right.
We got a jumper.
What? I may join him.