Law & Order (1990) s17e02 Episode Script


NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
But it's not even a school night.
Which is why I didn't bring you up here an hour ago.
Wash your face.
Glen time for bed.
GLEN: In a minute! Mommy, I can't find Albie.
Fifteen more minutes? Please? I already said no.
Yo! Toothbrush.
Now! You better not be on the computer in there.
No Internet with the door closed.
Albie! Bella gets to stay up till 11:00 on Saturdays.
You're not in bed in five minutes, bedtime moves up to 6:00 p.
Come on.
So help me, Glen, if you are looking at porn again, I What the hell was that? Oh, my God.
It's not mine.
This guy just posted it.
The blogger who posted the photo's got a handle.
Calls himself "REwind99.
" No real name listed.
And ID pic doesn't show a face just a scar.
I put in a call to the company that runs the site.
They're looking up his info.
And that's B-Frendz.
My niece has a page on that thing.
The tech said parents all over the country are calling it in.
Hey, man, you got an ID? Not unless she's sitting on it.
Outfits like that don't generally have pockets.
Any shot at cause of death? This much peri-mortem trauma could be anything.
Larynx is shattered.
My money would be on asphyxia.
But don't quote me till after the autopsy.
What kind of weapon? Something blunt, a pipe maybe.
Spatter on the walls and ceiling.
She hasn't been moved.
And there's stocking and glove lividity.
Around when? Between 3:00 and Prime time for a prostitute.
You sure that's what she is? How many streetwalkers wear heels that don't fit? Those shoes are at least two sizes too small.
They'd hurt like hell.
Manicured nails, no track marks.
If she ain't a hooker, then what is she? I don't know, but she's an Internet celebrity now.
The images were taken down as soon as we found out.
Any idea who posted them? I designed B-Frendz as a safe haven for teens online.
So we're fully committed to working with law enforcement.
Look, a woman was murdered and photos of her corpse were posted on your site.
Do you know the dude's name or not? So far we've been unable to ascertain the user's real information.
That's college for "No.
" The name and address REwind99 listed are bogus.
But the e-mail address is real.
Can it be traced? It's a free account.
You can sign up online with pretty much any name you want.
Barney Crotchmaggot.
The anonymity encourages kids to share honestly with each other.
To help each other.
With basically no oversight or security whatsoever.
Our service agreement specifically prohibits the posting of false information.
We're not responsible for users who violate policy.
Okay, we'll just leave it at "you're not responsible.
" What about his Internet address? LP's different every time.
Servers in Finland, China, Guam.
He's probably using an anonymizer and proxy servers to hide his location.
Look, if he logs in again, give me a call.
Our people can trace it.
I need contact info for every name on that friend list.
Real names.
CASSADY: All right, okay, thanks.
Our DOA hooker is Caroline Ann Preston, housewife from Murray Hill.
We were in Hartford at, uh, Molly's gymnastics meet.
And one of her friends had a cell phone with the Internet on it.
She showed us the (SOBBING) Oh, God! Caroline! Do you have any idea who would have done this to her? No.
And dressing her up? Why would anyone do that? Did your wife ever go on B-Frendz.
com? Not that I know of.
Mom), do you have a B-F rend"; page'? Yeah.
CASSADY: Any odd postings recently? Just my friends.
We're still going to need to examine all the computers in the house.
With Caroline's car still here and no sign of a break-in, it's possible that she had previous contact with whoever did this to her.
Molly, if you don't mind, we need to speak to your father alone for a minute.
I'll be in my room.
What? CASSADY: Can anyone else verify that you were in Hartford when your wife was attacked? I didn't kill my wife.
Sir, we need to rule you out as a suspect.
And we can't ignore what she was wearing when we found her.
We aren't like that.
Those aren't her clothes.
Is it possible she was seeing someone else? Yeah.
She had been unfaithful in the past.
When? Five years ago.
And then again last year.
But that was over.
She was recommitting to me.
To us.
All the same, we're going to need to speak to these men.
Happen to hear their names? The first one moved to Seattle.
Uh, Don, maybe.
And the one last year? Bill Walker.
She met him online.
I had nothing to do with this.
Where were you yesterday between Asleep with my wife.
Look, if we could do this without you guys talking to her.
He doesn't have a scar.
Just means he didn't post the photos.
Still could've done the murder.
I haven't seen Caroline in months.
We broke it off.
Why? Her husband walked in on us.
Did he take a swing at you? Make any threats? No, hejust asked me to leave.
She said later all he wanted to talk about was couples counseling.
What about the outfit? Caroline into bondage? Role-play? She didn't like anything too kinky, at least not with me.
But maybe, uh Bill? Ma'am, could you tell us where your husband was yesterday morning? Here with me.
Thank you.
I don't know about kinky, but she definitely wasn't conscious.
Cause of death is an acute overdose of Depaquel, an antipsychotic used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.
Her husband didn't mention any mental health issues.
Because these weren't her pills.
Depaquel takes weeks to build up a blood level.
There was no long-term use.
Meaning she got one big dose right before she died.
Sublingual fraenulum is torn.
The tongue was pushed way back into her throat.
Like he shoved something down there to force-feed her the pills.
Jaw was broken in five places, she didn't even struggle.
He had to break most of her toes to make the shoes fit.
And her bra was on inside out, too.
Any DNA from the attacker? Fingernails were clean.
No semen or saliva anywhere on the clothing or skin.
Rape kit was negative.
Oh, what is up with this dude? If it wasn't for sex, Why'd he dress her up? I recognize the logo on this bra.
Frisky Kitty, lingerie shop off Times Square.
Really? Iwent there for my sister-in-law's bachelorette gift.
But thanks for assuming I have crappy taste in lingerie.
Sorry we don't get a lot of soccer moms in here.
What about this stuff? That's our signature bra.
We're not exactly La Perla, but we try.
And the rest? Yeah.
You know what? I sold this exact outfit like, I don't know, three days ago.
To who? Total freak.
We get all kinds of weird in here but this guy was off the map.
Couldn't stop talking to himself.
Was he black, white, old, young, what? White.
My age.
Did he use a credit card? We only take cash.
But he was short, he had to pay twice.
He left to go use an ATM.
Between the first purchase and the second, how long was he gone? Twenty minutes? Bank of Lower Manhattan, That's every ATM within a ten minute walk of the lingerie shop.
And CITU finished with the family's computers.
No off-key websites on the mother's laptop.
And all of her latest e-mails are bland.
So, no new boyfriend.
Or she learnt how to cover her tracks.
Never e-mail when you're screwing around with somebody that's married.
I'm speaking from experience.
What about the husband's alibi? Checked out.
And the daughter's computer, her B-Frendz page? She has 61 friends listed.
All in high school none with a record.
She has an IM account, too.
Instant messages aren't stored in memory, but there was no one of interest on her buddy list.
Any of these buddies in the city? Well, maybe you should have a sit down with them.
I kind of thought we ruled them out electronically.
Well, computers aren't fool proof.
We'll do it old school.
Old school? You mean, like doing it right.
That's exactly what I meant.
Got him.
Look at this.
Fat white guy in his 20s.
Look at the profile.
Same scar.
REwind99 is Richard Elam.
Richard Elam? Open up.
We have a search warrant.
It's Depaquel.
Richard Elam, police! These are the pictures from Molly's B-Frendz page.
He was after her.
ED: I'm going to have the units meet us at her house.
She's gone? Door was wide open when we got here.
Did the father show up? Neighbor says he's on his way from the funeral parlor.
All right.
(SIGHING) Looks like she put up a fight.
She ain't going to be able to fight forever.
Need to get started on an Amber Alert I'm going to get her photo and description to all precincts.
VAN BUREN: All precincts have been notified of the abduction.
We put out a tri-state Amber alert.
We have a witness who saw a man matching Elam's description parking out front in a tan SUV and got a partial plate.
How could this happen? How could you let this happen? I would never have left Molly alone.
Sir, there was no indication that Molly was a factor in your wife's murder.
Now, we need to know, do you know of any connection between your wife and Richard Elam? I've never heard his name before.
I've never seen him before.
He's a stranger.
Did Molly ever mention a Richard, a Rick, or a Richie? Her friends are in high school.
This is a grown man.
Well, did she ever talk about getting together with people that she met online? (SCOFFS) I don't know.
I don't know who he is.
I don't know why any of this is happening.
ED: Hey, Loo.
Again, no forced entry.
Anything from Elam's apartment? We got guys sitting on it in case he comes back.
We're monitoring the wireless networks if he uses his cell.
What about the shrink that prescribed the Depaquel? Wouldn't discuss the case because of privilege.
But did give us the contact info for Elam's mother.
All right, I'll handle Mr.
You got talk to the mother.
Richard's a sweet boy.
He wouldn't do something like this.
Ma'am, we need to know where he is.
I haven't seen him since Tuesday.
I've been trying to give him more privacy.
He was doing so much better on the Depaquel.
Now, what were they prescribed for? Richard was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
And when he's not taking his meds, does he get violent? He just imagines things that aren't there.
He's never hurt anyone else.
CASSADY: But has he hurt himself? The scar on his neck? (SOBBING) He tried to cut his throat.
I am so sorry for that woman and her daughter.
Ma'am, we need to find your son.
He's not answering his cell.
Can you think of any friends he might have gone to for help? Richard's not social.
Almost all his friends are on the computer.
This list is from his website.
Can you tell me if any of these names are people he knows in the real world? That one.
Death Ferret? They're a music group.
He said he knew their singer.
Richard was going to see them perform Thursday night.
Yeah, Elam.
ED: Where is he? How the hell should I know? Isn't he one of your friends? No.
I just use B-Frendz to promote the band.
I never even met the dude until he came to the show last week and started a fight.
And screaming about being the Messiah or something.
You seen or talked to him since? I don't know him, all right? But because my name's "Rich" and my band has "Death" in its name, I'm getting hassled by you and flamed by like a million people who think I'm the killer.
Get your ass back here! And a 16 year-old girl got kidnapped by a psychotic.
Who do you think is having a worse day? Come here.
You've got about 10 seconds to give me the name of somebody who does know him.
Otherwise you can forget about your little concert here tonight.
Vic Vodka.
He in a band, too? He's just a club kid.
But on B-Frendz he's like some kind of god.
He sends me names to put on the comp list for our shows.
Normallyjust chicks that he wants to bone.
But he's the one who told me to put Elam on the list.
And he took Elam out of here after the fight.
Look, I'd love to help you.
But now isn't exactly a good time for Vic.
You feel me? ED: Feel this.
I said we're looking for Richard Elam.
I hardly know the guy.
I got him on the list for some bands when he gave me some free mp3s, that's it.
Send him a message.
Tell him you want to meet.
He won't answer.
He e-mailed from a new account.
Said he's going off the grid and moving to Canada, like a sign-off.
When was this? Like half an hour ago.
I'll call CITU.
Right, give me that new e-mail address.
And you two, go home to your parents.
Now! Elam logged on from a coffee shop outside of New Paltz.
Owner of the place said he was online for about 10 minutes then hit the road.
The owner see anyone with him? There was someone in Elam's backseat, but he didn't see a face.
But she was still alive? He said there was movement.
And when he thought about it, it was restricted movement.
Like she was tied up or something.
Well, if Elam is in New Paltz, that means he's on the throughway.
He could be headed to the Catskills.
VAN BUREN: Could be anywhere.
And with all of those pictures of Molly, he's obviously obsessed.
And her father knew nothing about it.
Well, he didn't seem hip enough to control a teenage girl's online activity.
Yeah, well, I might not be either.
Hey, listen.
We got a hit off the Amber Alert.
Elam's SUV was seen getting off the throughway near Coxsackie.
Go I'll get the local PD up to speed.
There were no plates, but it matches the description of your vehicle.
And the clerk says the guy who checked in last night matches your perp.
Room's empty.
He must be on foot.
Clerk say if a girl was with him? Didn't see one.
But your guy could have got her in and out without anybody knowing.
Detectives? Just got a report of a carjacking, two miles from here.
Man and a teenage girl both matching your descriptions.
Blue sedan, heading north on Highway 9.
All right, we're following you! (MOLLY SCREAMS) (SOBBING) (ELAM SCREAMING) She needs me! She needs me! Get him out of here.
Molly! Tell her we're friends, tell her we're friends! CASSADY: Get out of here! Molly! Come on.
Molly! Molly! I'm the savior.
I'm the savior! I'm the savior! We're friends! We're friends! Are you all right? Did he hurt you? Molly.
Did he touch you? ELAM: (SCREAMING) Molly! Molly! I'm the savior, we're friends! It's okay.
Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly! CLERK: "Docket number 51284, People v.
Robert Elam, "on the charges of murder in the first degree," "kidnapping in the first degree, rape in the first degree, "computer trespass, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.
" Quite a laundry list.
How does the defendant plead? I had to save her.
I had to save Molly.
Gaines? Not guilty, Your Honor.
JUDGE: People on bail? The defendant is violent and may target more victims if he gains access to a computer.
Remand seems appropriate.
GAINES: No argument.
We just ask that Mr.
Elam be given a 730 exam to determine his competence to stand trial.
remand to Bellevue.
You don't understand.
Get off me! No! You don't understand, you don't understand! Get off me! (SCREAMING) Cards on the table, you've got a mountain of evidence and four felonies for the jury to choose from.
That sounds right.
And I have a mental patient who has been manipulated into committing murder.
Before this goes any further, there's something you need to hear.
Molly asked me to do it.
I had to do it.
You're saying she asked you to murder her mother? When? (CLEARS THROAT) On her website.
She wrote about these These horrible beatings.
Molly Preston maintained a webpage on B-Frendz that outlined a number of abuses her mother committed against her.
Horrible, horrible beatings.
We've seen Molly's B-Frendz page.
There was no mention of abuse anywhere.
She sanitized it.
She was a whore.
You're talking about Molly? No, her mother.
Molly said, "She's a whore.
" Richard, if you were trying to save Molly, why did you rape her? It's not rape if it's payment for services rendered.
Are you saying Molly Preston offered your client sex to kill her mother? The whore has to die.
GAINES: He responded to herwebpage.
They spoke over instant message.
They discussed details of the crime.
Including how to get into the house and what he should do to the mother.
Molly also met with him, face to face.
JACK: Where? GAINES: Richard you said you went to lunch with Molly.
Where was that? We met and she kissed me.
We kissed.
Your client has an obsession.
All this sounds like a fantasy.
But for meeting Molly Preston online, Richard Elam never would have committed these crimes.
Add his illness to herwebpage, there's no way a jury's going to find him responsible for his actions.
Man one, 10 years, psychiatric treatment.
We won't discuss a plea until we've proved his allegations.
Or will we prove that you're trying to get your client out from under 25 to life? I'm her savior.
CONNIE: B-Frendz sent me a link to Molly's old webpage.
Two days before Caroline Preston's death, the page was changed.
Listen to this, "She's a whore.
"She nearly broke my arm today.
"What do I have to do to get rid of her? "Someone please help.
The whore has to die.
" Elam wasn't hallucinating.
"If someone were to end my pain and make that whore go away forever, "I'd give anything, even my body.
" She offered sex.
Just like Elam said.
Do you want to say it or should I? Solicitation.
Sounds like the rantings of a teenage girl in her diary.
A diary is locked with a key and hidden under your pillow.
This was online where anyone could see it.
You know, Molly didn't post her last name.
Any good defense lawyer is going to argue that there's a perceived expectation of privacy.
On the World Wide Web? For better or worse, B-Frendz is the new town square.
People go there to be seen.
But do we really think she intended for someone to see this and take action? Pretty 16-year-olds are just as capable of mens rea as anybody else.
Five minutes ago, she was the victim in this case.
Do we even know if they had any contact before the kidnapping? There's no evidence of any emails or instant messaging on any computer in her house.
But on this version of her web page, REwind99 is listed as a friend.
It's proof of contact.
See, Elam couldn't be listed unless Molly received a message from him and made the decision to friend him.
She offers sex for murder, Arthur.
In a forum where the rule of law has only atenuous foothold.
All right, sit down with Molly.
But if it looks like you're barking up the wrong tree, back off of it.
Because pointing the finger at a 16-year-old rape victim is the last thing this case or this office needs.
My mom and I fought but it was no big deal.
Why did you change yourwebpage? The fight blew over.
Come on, you never fought with your mom and said things you didn't mean? Richard Elam says you asked him to do this.
He says you told him where you lived, and how to get into your house.
That's crazy.
He also said you met him in person.
I never met him until he kidnapped and raped me.
I was venting.
B-Frendz is like a place where I can talk to people and no one judges, you know? I just needed someone to open up to.
You didn't try talking to your dad? He'd take her side.
I was just looking for someone to talk to.
I can't help if some lunatic took what I said seriously.
Are you going to answer that? What? Your cell phone.
It's a "Bumblebee" ring tone ultra high frequency, right? Adults aren't supposed to be able to hear that.
CONNIE: It's he said, she said.
But our "he" is a schizophrenic prone to hallucinations.
Molly says her abuse was just typical mother-daughter stuff.
Who did you go to when you fought with your parents? My brother.
Molly doesn't have any siblings, but she's a 16-year-old girl.
She must have a best friend.
Have Cassady and Green canvass her school.
and Mrs.
Preston had, like, marital issues.
So the only time Molly wasn't ignored was when her mom unloaded on her which happened a lot.
Don't all mothers and daughters fight? Yeah, but Mrs.
Preston just wouldn't quit.
Always putting Molly down, her hair, make-up, the way she walked.
What did the father say about that? He's kind ofajellyfish.
And her mom was hot, so he kept his mouth shut.
Why do you need to know all this? Just tying up some loose ends.
ED: Did Molly have a boyfriend? We heard she was seeing somebody online.
Think you heard wrong.
She never mentioned contacting a guy she met over the Internet? If she'd been cyber- flirting with somebody, I'd know.
Okay, for arguments sake, this one time, Molly keeps something to herself.
Where does she go to meet the guy? Flanigan's Cafe.
We hang there sometimes but I'm telling you, there's no guy.
Never seen him.
All right, how about this girl, Molly? Her I know.
One half of the giggle sisters.
They're in two, three times a week.
Cute girls, who are obviously under age.
She ever use any of these terminals? Uh, let me check the log.
What? Digging into a teenage rape victim? Due diligence.
Old school.
Tuesday's and Thursday's.
Number three.
My fastest box.
All right.
Our computer techs going to need to take that terminal.
Look, man, I'll get in a lot of trouble if you leave with that computer.
Trust me.
Your boss won't mind.
I'll put it in the subpoena.
These poor cyber-cafe computers.
It's like those old horses in a community stable.
After enough people ride them, they just go lame.
You saying you didn't find anything? No, I did not say that, Detective.
Now, IM exchanges are not stored in memory, but they're not necessarily deleted either.
So I scanned through all the fragmentary data that wasn't allocated to any files and found, uh Excuse me I found this.
Two pieces of lMs that trace back to Molly's URL.
It's teen lingo.
So, enjoy.
"French homework? S-hall.
" Study Hall.
"ESPN Zone" "WMIRL?" Let me see.
"W-M-I-R-L?" "Wanna meet in real life?" TEACHER: Can I help you? Excuse me a minute.
Molly, you need to go with these detectives.
I want to talk to my Dad.
He's going to meet you down at the station.
We can do this here in front of all your friends, or we can step outside and do it in private.
I know my rights.
I want my lawyer.
You know that right? Here's the whole civics lesson.
Molly Preston you're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent.
Wait I didn't do anything wrong.
You can't do this.
can be used against you in a court of law.
A circumstantial case and your key witness is a schizophrenic killer.
He's not perfect but his story is supported by facts.
Well, his delusions hands the defense reasonable doubt and it all falls apart if you can't prove Molly's intent.
We have numerous witnesses to fights between Molly and her mother.
And you've seen her website.
You think she didn't mean what she wrote? I think we don't convict people for their thoughts.
Thoughts are private.
Posting them online is more public than putting them on a billboard in Times Square.
But is it a billboard, Jack? Or is it a private diary or a newspaper or a shopping mall? Because it's being legislated as all those things right now.
B-Frendz has more than a hundred million subscribers.
It's a friend site, a sharing site.
You can't yell fire in a crowded chat room.
(sums) I recommend discussing a deal.
This girl should do time.
Then see what they'll take.
Misdemeanor obstruction with a year's probation.
Murder two, 15 years.
The charges against your client are very serious.
You'd have better luck charging a kid who stepped on a crack with attempted assault.
You have no case.
Her webpage alone gives us ample proof of act, animus, and intent.
She's practically written my closing arguments for me.
B-Frendz is full of kids who write bad things about their parents.
Their web pages don't solicit murder.
Yours says, "Please kill my mother.
" Any reasonable person can tell she wasn't being serious.
PRESTON: This isn't Molly's fault.
That website should have safeguards to prevent someone like Elam from looking at a 16-year-old's page.
They do.
Your daughter chose not to use them.
And you can't blame B-Frendz for your daughter kissing Elam.
On the cheek.
He had a big crush on me.
I was just trying to let him down easy.
He didn't say anything about hurting my mother.
But you did.
It's all over your webpage.
Until you changed it two days before your mother's death.
Because I didn't mean it.
We'd been arguing, but we made up.
So I deleted what I wrote.
And why didn't you tell us all this right after your mother was murdered? Because I was afraid this would happen.
That people would blame me for what he did.
Please! I feel so terrible about the things I wrote.
I wish I could take it back and just see my mom again.
But I never meant for her to get hurt.
I was a girl like her once.
My friends and I started a rumor that nearly got our vice-principal fired.
When they traced it back to us, we cried, we said we didn't mean it, and we got off with a slap on the wrist.
So you do have a checkered past.
We knew exactly what we were doing.
You may have no sympathy for her, but ajury may.
Jack, Molly Preston knew exactly what she was doing.
Get Clarissa Barnes ready to testify.
When I saw her B-Frendz I asked Molly if she was worried somebody might do something, come after her mom.
JACK: And how did she respond? She said, "I hope that they do.
"Then the bitch will finally get what she deserves.
" (CLEARS THROAT) You're also mentioned on Molly's B-Frendz, isn't that right, Clarissa? Of course.
We were friends.
According to herwebpage, you two had a falling out over a boy you both liked? Yeah.
But we got past it.
After you used your B-Frendz to start a rumor, totally untrue, that Molly was having sex with a teacher? Only because she posted on her website that I was bulimic, also untrue.
So why should anybody believe anything written on a B-Frendz page? It sounds like nothing but a bunch of lies? Excuse me.
Fifteen years? That's the best you can do? Offer's off the table.
She didn't kill anyone.
Richard Elam ls serving fifteen years to pay for his crime.
Your daughter has to pay for hers.
She wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for that website.
You can't put all the blame on her.
I don't.
Then go after B-Frendz.
Molly could make a deal to testify.
I wasn't talking about the website, Mr.
(SCOFFS) There was nothing I could have done.
Paid a little more attention to your daughter.
Kept a closer eye on what she was doing online.
Seems like there are a lot of things you could have done to prevent this situation.
RUNDBERG: According to our records, this webpage was created from an IP address assigned to Molly Preston's residence.
And since then, she logged in to update the page on 814 occasions.
Do your records show if Richard Elam ever used your site to send the defendant instant messages? Since November of last year Richard Elam sent Molly Preston 278 lMs.
And did Miss Preston ever respond? Yes, 216 times.
Okay, I'm a bit technologically challenged.
Could you explain to me exactly what B-Frendz is? B-Frendz.
com is a social networking website.
It's a, uh, virtual meeting place where people can post information about their lives, keep in touch with old friends, or make new ones.
A meeting place? So, like an online nightclub? Without the loud music and alcohol.
And without any bouncers.
As the owner of this virtual nightclub, isn't it your responsibility to check IDs make sure no one dangerous gets in? Our service agreement prohibits fraud as well as any offensive or illegal activities.
Your agreement has yet to be tested in court.
If it's your website, and Molly Preston was merely a guest, aren't you responsible for her safety? For making sure that psychotics like Richard Elam don't get access to her page? Objection.
We had no indication that Elam was a threat or that Molly was being harassed.
But your company received several e-mails warning that dangerous material was posted on Molly's page, correct? I'd have to check with our Security Division.
Don't bother.
Defense 54 through 56, previously entered, three e-mails complaining about the content on Molly's site.
Rundberg, would you please read the highlighted portions from these three e-mails? "She's asking people to kill her mom.
Isn't that illegal?" "This girl is nuts.
You need to delete her site.
" "Please take this down before something bad happens.
" You knew that Molly was at risk, and you did nothing to protect her.
This is not her fault, it's yours.
CONNIE: That could have gone better.
We knew she'd try to put B-Frendz on trial.
I just didn't know she'd be so good at it.
Who would the jury rather blame a sweet little girl or greedy dotcom? Honestly, I kind of enjoyed watching her stick it to Rundberg.
Besides, Stewart's cross may help us.
Do you have Molly's account overview surrendered by B-Frendz? Yeah.
They list four e-mails complaining about Molly's site.
But Stewart only entered three into evidence.
The forth was a, um, Gregg Robinson.
We've seen it.
It was completely generic.
Why didn't they use it? Track down Mr.
Robinson and ask him.
I barely remember sending that e-mail.
Is this what you wrote? Yeah, I guess.
The header information says there was 12K of data.
There's like three lines here.
What did the rest of it say? No idea.
It must not have been that important.
That's why you're running away from me.
I've got a big game this weekend.
If I'm not ready, I get benched.
There's a reason they didn't read your e-mail at the trial.
What was your relationship to Molly Preston? Never met her.
There was something you saw on her webpage that scared you.
Or why write "Please take down this web page?" I don't remember, okay? I can get a warrant to search your computer.
Good luck.
It's in a landfill somewhere.
I just got a new laptop.
This is a murder case.
Not my problem.
We want the original e-mail from Gregg Robinson, Mr.
The version we were given has been edited.
I think you're mistaken.
I mean, I'd show you the original file if I had it, but we didn't retain a copy.
You retain copies of gum wrappers.
We can subpoena your backup servers.
You won't find anything.
Because you've deleted the original? The original is in your hand.
We gave you everything that we had.
Everyone seems to know something here including the defense.
Fill us in or we'll charge you with obstructing our investigation.
And I've got 20 very expensive lawyers who'll take you to the mat protecting our users' privacy.
You may need them for something else.
Due to graphic pictures posted by various users on B-Frendz web pages, we're charging your company with 66 counts of Disseminating Indecent Material to Minors.
And that's just from looking at You'll destroy my business.
Your business takes advantage of children and gives them no protection.
At least we try.
The porn sites are just as accessible, way more dangerous.
All they have to do to keep the kids off the site is create a new domain suffix .
But are you going after them? No.
'Cause they're a 2.
5 billion a year business.
If they break the law, we'll prosecute them, too.
But today, we're talking about you.
Now, we can fight over this, exposing you in the press as an opportunist and a panderer.
Or we can work out an agreement on these charges including that e-mail.
This place have Wi-Fi? I didn't come forward before because I didn't want to get in trouble.
I'm 21.
Molly's 16.
JACK: And what were you concerned about? GREGG: I had sex with her.
And you've been granted immunity for the statutory rape charge? GREGG: That's right.
How did you and the defendant meet? Online.
I saw her B-Frendz page, the stuff about having sex with any guy who'd kill her mom.
I lM'd her and said I'd do it.
JACK: You'd murder her mother for sex? I thought I was just going along with the game.
I didn't think she meant it.
I just figured she was You know, a freak.
JACK: Where and when did the sex take place? About three months before her mom was killed.
She came to my dorm room.
At that time, did she repeat her request that you murder Caroline Preston? Yeah.
And that's when I realized she was serious.
I told her I wouldn't do it, and she flipped out.
She started throwing stuff.
She started swearing at me.
JACK: Did she threaten you? GREGG: She said she'd go to the police and accuse me of rape.
JACK: And what did you say? I said that if she did that, that I'd tell them she was trying to kill her mother.
As soon as she left, I sent a long e-mail to B-Frendz, telling them exactly what she said and that they should take down her site.
We're offering man one, What's going on? We're discussing a deal.
That guy was lying.
I wouldn't sleep with him, and now he's doing this to get back at me.
Gregg's roommate walked in on you.
He saw you two having sex.
At this point, ten years is a gift.
But I didn't mean any of it.
I loved my mother.
Dad, would you tell them? She wouldn't have done any this if it wasn't for that website.
Can't Molly testify against B-Frendz for a better deal? We understand there were contributing factors but if that computer was a gun, Molly pulled the trigger.
No, I can't go to jail.
Offer's good for 24 hours.
She'll take it.
No, I won't.
You're going to listen to me for once in your life.
So you can bury me in jail? They are going to find you guilty.
You'll get 25 years.
How could you do this to me? Because I'm your father and I know this is what's best for you! The best thing for me would've been to have had a father with some balls! Molly, be quiet! She wouldn't have screwed around and I wouldn't have had to do something about it! She's going to take the deal, it's decided.
I'm being tried as an adult.
You can't tell me what to do.
Just like you couldn't tell Mom to stop screwing around with those losers who were ruining our lives! Maybe Mom was a whore, but you drove her to it.
I think we're through here.
Damn right we are.
I'm not taking any deal and that's final! In the matter of People v.
Molly Preston, on the count of murder in the second degree, how do you find? We find the defendant, Molly Preston, guilty.
Molly's father's suing B-Frendz for wrongful death.
He'll be lucky if he ever gets a dime.
Well, that's one way to take responsibility for your child.
It's always Do you know where your children are?