Law & Order (1990) s17e07 Episode Script

In Vino Veritas

NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Ten bucks says he's drunk.
Yeah? Twenty bucks says he's a rich guy who drives like a douche bag.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER ON POLICE RADIO) License and registration.
Yeah, I sort of jumped that red light back there.
No harm.
Sir, have you been drinking tonight? No.
I had a glass of wine a few hours ago.
I'm fine.
Turn off the ignition and step out of the car, sir.
Look, you probably don't recognize me.
I'm Mitch Carroll.
You know who I am.
Out of the vehicle, sir.
I spilled a whole carafe of wine at dinner.
That don't look like wine to me.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the car.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
That's not What are you doing? Come on! Are you carrying any drugs? Weapons? Shove it! OFFICER SIMONE: Central, 39-Adam.
We got one under for DWI at Greenwich and Murray.
Requesting a supervisor on scene.
Carroll, I'm Detective Cassady.
Why don't you take a seat? Look.
Take the cuffs off.
And let me out of this godforsaken rat's nest, damn it.
You don't have the warrants to hold me.
You blew a .
You've been placed under arrest for DWI.
Screw you, sugar tits! I have powerful friends who will crucify you and your people for even putting your hands on me.
Can you hear that behind the mirror? Look, you don't have a scratch on you, so that's someone else's blood you're wearing.
Now, if that person is hurt and needs medical attention, we need to know now.
If there has been an accident Are you a Jew? You're a Jew, right? I should have known they'd stick me in a room with a Jew cop.
I'm not talking to a Jew! I know the law as good as any Does he know he has the right to remain silent? I Mirandized him myself.
I am gonna personally destroy you.
Your sad little world's turning into shambles.
Because I'm gonna have you fired.
Fired and tossed out on your ass.
Jew cop! Make sure you write down everything he says.
The amount of blood he was wearing, Inspector.
There's no doubt in my mind we're looking at foul play here.
Well, how do the anti-Semitic remarks fit in? They were unprovoked.
I mean, the dude was pretty intoxicated.
So, it might have been the booze talking.
I think maybe the booze was speaking from the heart.
Inflammatory stuff, especially in this town.
Well, it's a little early to worry about how this is gonna play in the papers.
I mean, Carroll hasn't even been booked yet.
DCPI has already gotten calls about the arrest.
Look, I don't want this investigation derailed because of undue public scrutiny.
Sir, we're moving as fast as we can on this.
We've already dumped his phone.
His car and his clothes are being examined as we speak.
In the meantime, I want you to write another report.
This time, without the incendiary comments or mention of the bloody clothes.
Uh, with all due respect, Inspector, I don't feel comfortable with that.
The official report containing the redacted comments will be locked in my safe.
Let the sanitized DD-5 leak.
I want the official one included in the case file when it goes to the grand jury.
Of course.
If it goes.
Now, find the crime, Detective, and do it fast.
Copies of both reports go in my files, too.
You locked me in this room for an hour like an animal! You work for leeches, Detective.
They suck the money out of this town, they send it to Israel so they can make bombs and matzo! Mr.
Carroll, you'd better calm down.
We have a court order to collect a blood sample from you.
I already peed in a cup, pal.
Sit down.
You sit down or I'll sit you down.
I've done nothing wrong, and they'll arrest anybody they want.
The Jews are always playing the victim.
But all this time, I'm the one who's been victimized.
Would you tell him to shut up? Mr.
Carroll, shut up.
I want to call my son.
No, no.
John's only 14 years old, he's home alone.
I gotta tell him where I am.
After Nurse Esposito takes the blood sample, then we'll check in on your son.
Oh, God.
(SOBBING) Oh, God.
Tell my son I'm screwed.
JOHN: Did my dad do something wrong? Well, that's what we're trying to figure out.
John, maybe you can help your dad by answering some of our questions.
Yeah, sure.
Did your dad come home last night? I don't know.
I was asleep.
We checked his phone.
He called here.
Oh, yeah.
He did.
A couple of times.
He woke me up.
ED: What did he say? Just that he'd be back a little later than he planned.
Do you know where your dad went last night? I don't know.
He just said he was going out.
It's no big deal.
I'm usually asleep by the time he comes home anyway.
Where's your mother? They're divorced.
She lives in Brooklyn.
John, does your dad have a girlfriend? No.
Anyone he dates now and then? I don't think so.
It was Beck.
CSU's done with the car.
Sol lifted a bunch of prints from the vehicle, but Right.
That could be any parking attendant in Midtown.
Be specific, Beck.
Keep your pants on.
Now, I Luminoled the entire car, inside and out, and I found this.
Trace blood in the trunk here.
Now, the stain pattern suggests indirect contact, like seepage through a sheet, maybe? So, he wrapped the victim up first? Yeah, which would explain why we couldn't find any hairs or fibers.
Oh, and I found one other piece of evidence.
" It's a new hot-spot in Soho.
Carroll had his car cleaned on a regular basis, so he could have hit that spot recently.
Well done.
Mitch was here from You seem pretty sure of those times.
My shift ended at one.
I was hoping he'd stick around.
You talked to him? Yeah.
What a sweetheart.
And so funny and genuine.
You know, he doesn't even like being famous.
ED: Was he by himself? Yeah.
I thought he could use some company.
He seemed a little down.
Did he hook up? Leave with somebody? No.
There were a couple girls making moves, but he didn't seem interested.
Any reason he left when he did? Yeah.
He said his son was home alone.
And Mitch wanted to check on him.
It's sweet.
Whatever happened last night went down after you left the bar.
And I told you, I don't remember.
You called home three times which hit three cell towers around the city.
Which means you drove around Manhattan for an hour and a half before the police stopped you.
Now, you must have been doing something.
What is this? I mean, why don't you people believe me? I told you, I don't remember a thing about last night, damn it.
Are you just saying that because you don't want to talk to a Jew cop? What? "Detective Sugar Tits"? "Jews control the world"? Any of that ring a bell? I never said those things.
She's Irish, by the way.
In case you want to get something else off your chest.
(sums) Well, alcohol, you know.
(STUTTERING) I get insomnia from alcohol.
Maybe I took a A sleeping pill on the way home.
I left the bar.
I woke up in jail.
Now, he slept through the whole thing.
I do not remember a thing about last night.
I swear.
Now, I think it's time that I spoke with my attorney.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Lieutenant says somebody called in a body.
The DOA is a female, white.
Single gunshot wound to the neck, through and through.
No round, no shells.
Look like a dump job? Good guess.
How'd you know? Our suspect's phone hit a cell tower about four blocks from here.
Who called it in? A couple of sanitation workers.
ED: Well, that's not a whole lot of blood on the ground.
She was definitely dumped.
No ID, no purse.
Her clothing's intact.
They tried to make it look like it was a robbery.
You find a bloody sheet around here? Like something she was wrapped in? Egyptian cotton, high thread count.
It was stuffed beneath the sofa.
I already vouchered it.
Found this in the dumpster over there.
Cash, credit cards still here.
Danielle Hertzberg.
She's Jewish.
The victim's lock was intact.
So Carroll got let in, he pulls his gun.
Maybe Danielle goes for the phone.
Makes sense, because he dropped her right here.
The wound was through and through.
I dug this out of the cabinet.
Nine millimeter.
It's in good shape, too.
Now all you gotta do is find the gun.
(CHUCKLES) Neighbor upstairs was at his girlfriend's last night.
Downstairs is a photographer.
Super says she's been in L.
the last six weeks.
So nobody heard anything.
Or saw anything.
Ground floor has an exit to an alley.
Well, that would make it easy to get the body out.
Here's her Blackberry, Detective.
Thank you.
Any appointments? She was to have dinner last night with a Don Hamilton.
"In the Soup Entertainment.
" We're developing a pilot together.
My God, I can't believe this.
Was Mitch up for a role? I thought he'd be great to play Frank, the burned-out thoracic surgeon.
Danielle didn't want to work with him again.
Did Carroll know that? Oh, God.
Do you really think that was it? Could he've been that desperate? DON: (SIGHS) I talked to his agent last week.
I thought some gentle prodding in Danielle's direction might melt some ice.
Were you aware that he'd been calling her recently? Oh, yeah.
She gave me an earful about going on behind her back.
Last night, we agreed he was out of contention.
What time did she leave dinner? EaHy.
I met some friends for drinks afterwards.
God, I should have taken Danielle home.
Any idea what her issues were with him? She never gave me a straight answer.
All I know is something happened on the show.
Whatever it was, it must have been ugly.
Carroll hasn't had serious work in two years.
Every other actor from 25 to Life moved on to bigger and better things.
Think any of them might know what happened? Bobby Gold.
Golden boy was Danielle's favorite.
Of course I know what happened.
Me and that no-talent hack threw down over it.
It was the final wrap party for the show.
Carroll was drunk, blaming everyone for why we got axed.
Danielle pulled him aside, told him to chill.
He said the reason the show was cancelled was because no one wanted to watch a rat Jew bastard like me.
I went for blood, I'm telling you.
Well, that's understandable.
No, it was the culmination of six years of knocks.
Of bad Jewish jokes.
Greeting me with shalom every time I saw him.
You know, like white guys who use the "n" word, you know? Now, did word get around that this was happening? What do you think? Who do you think runs the studios, networks, all of it? Well, we don't know that kind of stuff.
So, tell us.
Look, it's true.
I got off 25 to Life and jumped to movies.
And it wasn't because of some dumb sitcom.
Danielle opened doors for one of her own.
And closed them on Carroll.
I know she called every producer and network executive she knew and told them what Carroll said.
My client drank alcohol and took Zoldifen, a powerful sleeping pill.
I'm confident the analysis of his blood will confirm it.
I find it hard to believe that he killed someone in his sleep.
He had nothing to do with the death of that woman.
Tell them what you told me.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Danielle and I talked a few times this past week.
I wanted a part in her new pilot.
We had a long and fruitful discussion about how I'd hurt her feelings.
And I made amends.
You're lying, Mr.
(slsl-ls) All right.
Look, I'm broke.
I needed the work.
I begged her like a dog till she agreed to let me read for the part.
She said she had to go out and that I should come back later to pick up the sides.
What time did you go there? I went back somewhere around, like, 1:00, I think.
And the door was open.
Iwalked in and Danielle was lying on the kitchen floor.
And there was, you know, blood everywhere.
So, you wrapped her in a sheet, mopped up a pool of blood and snuck her out to your car? Look, I get paranoid when I drink.
Everybody knows what I said to her, and they're all gonna think I did it.
That's all.
Drop the felony DWI, he pleads to Improper Disposal of a Body.
Danielle Hertzberg told her producing partner that Mr.
Carroll was out of contention for the role.
I'm telling you people what happened here.
I don't know who killed Danielle.
I didn't.
I don't know.
I swear.
(DOOR BUZZING OPEN) Bachelor pad of the rich and famous.
He's gonna love our redecorating.
Hey, the warrant is for his computer, too.
Oh, yeah.
Anine millimeter.
It's been fired recently, too.
Voucher this.
Get it to Ballistics.
Tell them to match it to the bullet we pulled from the victim's apartment.
Okay? Priority.
Hey, Ed? Have you heard of this? I saw them on CNN.
They're pop stars of the Aryan Nation.
Oh, wow.
So hate runs in the family.
I just found a gun.
That kid could have easily had access to it.
He's staying with his mother.
Let's go.
ED: We found Danielle Hertzberg's blood on your sneakers, John.
(GASPS) You can't be serious.
It was a solid match, Mrs.
You weren't home that night when you said you were.
Were you, John? Answer the question.
Was your father involved in this? I want you to tell the truth now, John.
Shut up, Mom! No, you don't! You've never wanted to know the truth! What does that mean? That the Jews run everything.
They control all the money, all the jobs.
Think they own this city.
That's why Dad hasn't worked.
They hate him 'cause he's not one of them.
Did you kill her, John? Damn right.
CARROLL: Oh, my God.
CASSADY: What happened? I took his gun, waited for her on the stairs in her building, when she came home, I followed her inside.
Only needed one shot to put her down.
Did your father tell you to do this? No.
How did he know about it, then? I told him when he came home.
And what did he do? He freaked out.
Then he said it was gonna be okay, and if anyone asked I was home all night.
Then he left.
Why did you do this, John? I stood up for my father! For my race! Oh, my God.
I can't believe this is happening.
What are you crying about? She was just some Jew bitch.
CARROLL SOBBING) We're gonna need a lawyer.
You just be quiet, now.
Please be quiet now.
"Docket number 37906.
”People against Mitch Carroll.
"Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree.
"Tampering with Physical Evidence.
" Mr.
You're here from Los Angeles? Anything for a good friend and client.
Carroll pleads not guilty.
The defendant tried to cover up a hate murder in which he may be implicated.
That's a lie.
Not only is that patently false.
It's appalling, Your Honor.
Miss Rubirosa has just single-handedly prejudiced my client before the court of public opinion.
How is Mitch Carroll going to get a fair trial after that grandstanding? Save the fireworks for ajury, Mr.
Bail is set at $100,000.
"Docket number 38006, "People v.
John Carroll, Murder in the Second Degree.
" We enter a not guilty plea.
The People will be seeking a hate crime enhancement on this.
We ask remand.
You must be kidding.
He is a 14-year-old boy whose family lives in the City.
He's hardly a flight risk.
He confessed to breaking into Danielle Hertzberg's apartment, and I quote, "Killing the Jew bitch.
" He is a danger to the community, Judge.
Your Honor I said remand, Miss Bailey.
Something about that you don't understand? (ALL CLAMORING) No comment.
Please excuse us.
Thank you.
You did a nice job chumming the waters.
What? We're supposed to pull our punches because Carroll's a celebrity? Can I have a word with you? It's a little early for plea negotiations.
You're going to try this kid as an adult? He's barely hit puberty.
He wasn't caught vandalizing the JCC, Justine.
He didn't become an anti-Semite watching Sesame Street and playing Little League.
He is a victim of his father's hate, just like Danielle Hertzberg.
This poison is passed down through generations.
Unfortunately, we can't turn back the clock.
John can still be saved.
Take him out of his father's custody, long-term psychiatric care, Family Court supervision.
Just don't lock him up for the rest of his life.
I'd like to hear what he has to say about his father's role in the murder.
I've tried.
He won't talk about it.
Then there's nothing to discuss.
Well, then, you'll be getting my motion to remove this to Family Court.
Where you know it belongs.
Why should it matter that John picked up his hatred of Jews from his father? We are prosecuting him on his actions, not his words.
Not if we're seeking an enhancement.
How can Bailey think she's gonna turn the tables on a hate crime scenario? We have the kid's confession.
The way I read it, she'll try to position the father's hate as some kind of child abuse.
Come on.
You can't lay everything on your parent's doorstep.
My father was an Irish cop.
He'd come home from work and rant about the blacks, Italians, Ukrainians.
When he found out I was dating Sheila Kowalski, I got the back of his hand.
And, even still, you decided the right thing to believe.
Despite his bigotry.
Only because I didn't like him that much.
If I'd respected him more, I might have listened.
So, maybe this kid, John, was under the control of his father.
Even so, I don't buy it as abuse.
Aiury might.
See if there's anything to it.
While we were still married, it wasn't that bad.
He would point out that someone was Jewish, you know.
And then his sitcom got cancelled, and it changed.
He said Danielle Hertzberg had black-listed him, that the Jews in Hollywood wouldn't hire him anymore.
He just became so vitriolic.
Did you notice your son picking up on the comments Mitch made? There was an incident last year.
John was on the tennis team at school.
He got into a fight with the boy that beat him out for first singles.
And the boy was Jewish? John said that his Dad told him to provoke a confrontation.
That he couldn't let a Jew beat him.
So, John just walked over to the boy and he punched him in the face.
They had to wire his jaw.
But that's not the worst part.
Afterwards, Mitch took John out and bought him $400 tennis racquet.
A reward? Did your ex-husband ever say anything directly to John about Danielle Hertzberg? He said plenty of awful things about her.
He didn't hold back on John's account.
Obviously, John got the message.
John Carroll's been in three private schools since the sixth grade.
There have been other incidents.
They were all Jewish students? Every time.
With his father cheering him on from the sidelines and rewarding him when he did act.
And Carroll's credit card records show that they spent several afternoons at a gun range in New Jersey.
So, it's no accident that John knew his way around a semi-automatic.
Almost like he was being trained for the murder.
Maybe it does pass for child abuse.
It looks like Carroll manipulated an impressionable kid to kill this woman.
Any proof the father was directly involved? I find it hard to believe that John did the murder without his father's help.
Carroll had the main motive.
He blamed the victim for his failing career.
He even went out to a bar to establish an alibi while his son did the crime.
Well, you're still not gonna be able to prove much without flipping the kid.
And that's no small feat if he has any loyalty.
All the more reason to use as much leverage as possible.
And what if he still doesn't turn on his father? He has no incentive to flip if the case winds up in Family Court.
We're gonna threaten this kid with a bazooka and he still might not flinch.
We try him as an adult, he does adult time.
But dear old dad is soot-free? We'll take that risk.
Do what you gotta do.
BAILEY: Did your father ever convey his attitudes about Jewish people to you, John? Kind of.
It was like, if we ever met somebody, then he would tell me later, "Watch out.
That guy's a Jew.
" Or if we had some work done in our apartment and the bill was too high, my dad would say he got "Jew-ed.
" But he sent you to a private school with nearly half the students being Jewish.
Dad said this was New York City.
There would always be a lot of Jews in the Especially in the good schools.
Because most of them are super smart.
Like, it was good to hire them to be your lawyer or your accountant.
Nothing further.
You can cross, Mr.
McCoy, but I'll limit you to the scope of the statutory criteria.
Your Honor, I'm not going to attempt to disprove the defendant's anti-Semitism.
It only supports our contention that this is a hate crime that deserves to be aired before ajury in Criminal Term.
My client was under the control of his father's all pervasive anti-Semitism, YourHonoL We've submitted expert opinions to support our claim of abuse.
There is circumstances here to warrant this be put into Family Court.
The defendant's now 14? Old enough to know not to put a bullet in a woman's neck because she happens to be Jewish.
JUDGE DRAKE: I have to agree, Miss Bailey.
The hate crime aspect is especially disturbing.
This case will go to Part 57, where the defendant will be tried as an adult.
I'd like to think you pushed this to gain some leverage.
Not that you're just completely callous.
Let's say I'm open to discussion.
If you can convince your client to serve up his father.
Like I have a choice? You said I wouldn't go to prison.
I said it was a possibility, John.
We lost that fight.
You confessed to the crime.
The blood on your shoes ties you to the murder.
You're looking at 15 years.
The hate crime enhancement bumps it up to 20, minimum.
Or it could be the rest of your life.
It's not fair.
I don't believe you decided to kill Danielle Hertzberg by yourself.
You shouldn't have to carry the burden of guilt here alone.
You want me to betray my Dad? Hasn't he already betrayed you? How many times has he even come to see you in here, John? We checked the visitor's log.
Not once.
JACK: You're sitting in ajail forjuvenile offenders.
He's sleeping in his own bed tonight safe in the knowledge that you're protecting him.
What's not fair is you've been abandoned by a wretched father.
John, you need to do what's right for yourself.
He needs to answer for this, too.
Dad said she was the reason he was being shut out.
He said he'd like to see her dead.
That's why I decided to kill her.
Did your father know what you were planning to do? Not exactly.
I told him she deserved to die.
He said it would never hurt to get rid of another Jew.
What else? That was it.
MITCH: I'd like to apologize again if the statements I made hurt any members of the Jewish faith.
These remarks do not represent my true feelings.
I think you know that, Barry.
They were made under the influence of alcohol and sleep medication.
Which you admit you abuse.
Which I'm getting help for.
And I I Well, I'd like to ask for all of your forgiveness.
I'm gonna be doing a lot of soul searching.
I'm going to be reaching out to my friends and colleagues who are Jewish.
Such as yourself, Barry.
For your help and your guidance.
Well, I appreciate the courage it took to be here tonight, Mitch.
Thank you.
Thank you.
When we return, a tribute to Croc Hunter Steve Irwin.
Stay with us.
(BELL RINGING) MAN: And we're clear! That was terrific.
Just terrific.
(GRUNTING) MANAGER: What's going on here? What is this? Mitch Carroll, you're under arrest for the murder of Danielle Hertzberg.
What? I didn't kill anybody.
You have the right to remain silent.
And you might want to try that this time.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be provided.
You've indicted a man for accomplice murder because he's a bigot.
Which I am not.
For the sake of argument.
Last I checked, our Constitution afforded him the right to hate anybody he wants.
I won't argue with that.
Your client took it a step too far.
No, his son did that.
His son did exactly what Mr.
Carroll here, wanted him to do.
So you're gonna try to throw some metaphor at us? It's not about who fired the gun, it's who loaded the bullet? That tired rap doesn't play anymore, Jack.
You solicited a 14-year-old boy to use violence against Jews.
And then you pointed him directly toward Danielle Hertzberg, the person you blamed for ruining your career.
John's a good boy.
But not the brightest.
He confused some of the things I had said about Danielle.
You gave your son training and easy access to a handgun.
Oh, come on.
CONNIE: The math here is pretty simple.
So, he'll cop to First Degree Bad Parenting.
You're bending over backwards to say he importuned a murder.
My motion to suppress the anti-Semitic statements Mr.
Carroll made to the police.
Contrary to popular belief, drunks make lousy confessors.
McCoy, I do not hate Jews.
Some of my best friends are Jews.
The police knew my client was under the influence, YourHonoL And the law is clear on the matter.
Intoxication doesn't render a statement made to the police involuntary.
ROSENTHAL: People v.
Intoxication to a degree of mania is clear grounds for suppression.
My client was under the influence of the sleep drug Zoldifen.
He acted normal enough at his arrest.
Excuse me.
What's normal about ranting uncontrollably about a vast Jewish conspiracy within the NYPD? And this was because of a sleeping drug? Numerous studies have documented bizarre behaviors under the influence of Zoldifen, including binge-eating, sleep-driving, and sleepwalking.
And in those studies, behavior was consistently disorganized and aimless.
Carroll, on the other hand, disposed of a body and had the presence of mind to try to make it look like a robbery.
He was caught, I might add.
His competence is not the issue.
Enough, Counselors.
Mister Rosenthal, I've studied the expert opinions.
L, myself, take Zoldifen on occasion.
I'm confident that your client was perfectly conscious when he dumped the body.
The statements are not unduly prejudicial.
Then I request that you recuse yourself, YourHonoL Excuse me? My client's statements come in, his anti-Semitism becomes central to the People's case.
You're married to a Jew, the former Carol Levine.
You can't possibly maintain objectivity.
Motion denied.
Then we request a change of venue.
This I gotta hear.
It'll be impossible for my client to get a fair trial here.
New York is home to almost two million Jews.
That's like trying a gay-basher in Provincetown.
As Hank Greenberg used to say, Counselor, "Three strikes and you're out.
" Motion denied.
We're done.
Nice yarmulke.
You're pulling out all the stops.
Damn straight.
You're acting like a putz.
We executed a search warrant on Mr.
Carroll's home.
And under his bed, in a case, we found a 9 mm handgun, Glock, along with ammunition.
Is this the gun, Detective? Yes.
Ballistics from this gun matched the bullet that killed Miss Hertzberg.
Please describe the condition and access of the gun as you found it.
The gun itself had no trigger-locks or safety features.
And in an open case under a bed, it was easily accessible to anyone.
You claim Mir.
Carroll made anti-Semitic remarks while he was intoxicated.
And you noted these in your DD-5 report, marked People's 14.
Is that right? That's correct.
Request this be introduced into evidence as Defense Exhibit 4.
Now, I'm confused by this completely.
There's not a single mention of any anti-Semitic statements made by my client in this other DD-5.
Because that's not the real one.
You're saying there are two official police reports of my client's arrest? That's not your signature at the bottom, Detective? The sanitized report was made at the request of the Detective Borrough Investigator.
So, he was in on it, too? There was no conspiracy to frame your client, if that's what you're meaning.
How do we know this isn't the real one? How do we know you didn't insert anti-Semitic invective into the other report to make the case against my client? The sanitized report was created to protect the integrity of the investigation given Mr.
Carroll's celebrity.
We have multiple conflicting accounts of what happened.
He may have said this or not.
Or some of it or none of it.
How are we supposed to know? Objection.
Save it for summation, Mr.
Detective Cassady, isn't it true that Mr.
Carroll denied making anti-Semitic statements when you interviewed him the next day? Yeah.
He sobered up and he said he didn't remember.
He'd been so intoxicated, you believe he blacked out? No.
If he hadn't blacked out, then he would have remembered, correct? Or he was lying.
Or you're lying, Detective.
Nothing more.
My Dad always told me to stand up for myself.
I thought that was a good thing.
Did he tell you to punch a Jewish boy who had beaten you at tennis? Yes.
And I broke his jaw.
And what did your father say to that? He said he was proud that I stood up to a Yid.
Did your father ever mention his Jewish colleagues on his television show? He said the Jews ran the business.
So he had to get along with them.
And after his TV show was cancelled? I don't know.
Did he make remarks about Danielle Hertzberg? No.
Not really.
You testified under oath before the Grand Jury, and I quote, "He blamed his Jew producer for shutting him out of work.
"He said he wished she was dead.
" Isn't that right? JUDGE MURPHY: The witness will answer the question.
I was lying then.
I need a moment with my witness.
Your Honor, enough of Mr.
McCoy's coaching.
We're going to adjourn for the day.
McCoy, get it together by tomorrow.
(GAVEL POUNDS) We had a deal, John.
You tell the truth and we reduce your sentence.
If you don't play ball then the deal goes away.
You understand that, right? We talked about this earlier today.
He knows what's going on.
CONNIE: So, you're willing to go to prison? My father had nothing to do with the murder.
I pulled the trigger.
Stop protecting him.
I'm not gonna rat him out.
My own blood.
I know who you answer to.
Your father is selling you down the river, and you're clueless.
I killed her.
Not him.
We're done here.
Kid's trying hard to get his father to notice.
Now what? Set up a meeting with Rosenthal.
So, he'll plead to Tampering with Physical Evidence, nothing more.
You'll drop the murder charge first thing in the morning.
John perjured himself in violation of his plea agreement.
He's looking at 20 years, minimum.
In case you were interested.
That's too bad.
Do you love your son, Mr.
Carroll? Of course, I do.
What kind of a question is that? ROSENTHAL: I don't know where you're going with this, Jack.
Either we make a deal now or we walk.
We're more than happy to finish the trial.
My one-time-only offer.
You and John both plead Guilty.
For every year you agree to do, I knock that time off your son's sentence.
You're crazy.
JACK: You hate Jews.
You love your son.
I'm curious.
Which is more important? (slsl-ls) Look Look.
John has issues.
He always has.
I know, as a father, I'm supposed to be accountable for all that, but We have never really had a relationship.
He was living with you, wasn't he? Despite the time we spent together, I don't think I really ever knew him.
Obviously not, given what he's done.
You or your son, Mr.
Carroll? (HESITANTLY) I can't go to jail.
I'm too old.
Tell him I'm I'm so sorry.
Tell him yourself.
John, I Wait! John! Wait.
You wanted me to do it.
You know you did! You wanted me to kill her! No.
John, I didn't.
You're such a liar! I just wanted you to be proud of me.
But you hate me, too, don't you? I don't hate you.
I assume he'll be testifying again? You can count on it.
JUDGE MURPHY: Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
On the count of Murder in the Second Degree, how do you find? We find the defendant, Mitch Carroll, guilty.
(PEOPLE MURMURING) Sometimes you blame the apple, sometimes you blame the tree.
Your father raised you well, Jack.
Anybody up for a drink? I'm buying.
Then I'm in.
So long as nobodyjudges what I say after my second bourbon.