Law & Order (1990) s18e07 Episode Script

Quit Claim

NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
GIRL: Have you ever seen so many different kinds of candy? MAN: We have candy stores in Des Moines too, sweetheart.
But not with these prices.
I love this neighborhood! It's so cool! It's dirty.
And I'd sleep better knowing you were living in a dorm.
A dorm? Mom, will you talk to Dad, please? Honey, we're going this way.
I'll catch up.
Whoa! Check out that sunburst.
Yeah, it's nice.
(VEHICLE REVVING) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) (WOMAN SCREAMING) (CAR ALARM BLARING) LENNOX: Melanie and Donna Huelsman, mother and daughter from Iowa.
Vehicle ran the light.
LUPO: Anybody get plate numbers? No.
Car's described as a silver sedan, four door, American make.
Driver and a passenger, no description.
This came off a Dodge, '06 model.
A Dodge.
Can you get that out over the air? I don't see skid marks.
There aren't any.
All indications, he kept accelerating.
Detectives, they think they found the car, up near 14th Street.
DETECTIVE: We ran the VIN.
Car was reported stolen two weeks ago from a livery service.
All right.
Can you start a canvas, two blocks either way, all the way out to the First and Third Avenue subway stations? Check it out.
Must be at least My guess, they didn't win it at a church bingo.
Stolen money, stolen car.
Hit-and-run's only the tip of this iceberg I bet.
ED: There were no prints on the car.
It was wiped clean.
The witness saw two people running away from the car, maybe male, maybe white or Hispanic.
Talk to me about the money.
Ten thousand in new bills, all sequential.
The band around the brick is from a Hudson mutual bank.
You checked robbery reports? None reported, banks or otherwise.
Well, trace the bills back to the branch they came from and find out who made the withdrawal.
We needed cash to buy some furniture.
$50,000, for furniture? That's what the bank told us you took out, Mr.
Conroy, most of your savings.
Well, we needed furniture.
We just bought a house.
You mind telling us where you were yesterday, around 2:00? I was at work in Midtown, at an insurance company.
Margaret and I both work there.
That's how we met.
Why do you ask? Look, $10,000 of your money turned up in a stolen car yesterday.
Stolen car? We don't know anything about that.
So why don't you give us the name of the furniture place? Tell them, Jerry.
We didn't do anything wrong.
It could void our contract.
Contract for what? MARGARET: The new house.
You paid cash for a house? Just part of it.
The seller said if we paid $50,000 in cash, they'd knock that much off the price that gets filed with the county.
Right, and you save on taxes.
Give us the name of the seller.
It's a company, they sell houses in foreclosure.
We got a great deal.
When did you give them the money? The closing was yesterday morning.
Dennis Langdon, Home Relief Corporation.
Langdon prepaid two months at the beginning of the lease, now he's three months behind.
I keep calling the number he gave me but I get a recording.
It's empty- To Dennis Langdon, from the County Recorder's Office.
Looks like a receipt for a deed transfer filing.
County Recorder's office, County Recorder's office, County Recorder's.
These are the deed transfers for the houses Home Relief Corporation bought and sold in September.
August and July are on the way.
All right.
Thank you.
Home Relief's a DBA for Dennis Langdon.
Been in business four months, only address is the office he never uses.
This guy gets sketchier and sketchier.
All these houses he bought and sold? He got titled to them by Quitclaim Deeds, including the house the Conroys bought.
Well, they said the place was in foreclosure.
Previous owners probably got jammed up and walked away from the house.
Well, if they signed it over to Langdon, maybe they know how to find him.
He said he would stop the foreclosure notices and get the payments back down.
How exactly was he going to do that? Mr.
Langdon had me sign some papers and now every/thing's okay.
Is this what Langdon had you sign, a Quitclaim Deed? He explained, I have to turn over the title in order for him to fix my credit.
You know you signed over your home, right? It's just temporary, until my credit's fixed.
Miss Simonian, I I hate to tell you this, but Mr.
Langdon sold your home.
What? Yeah.
When? Three days ago.
Have you heard from him since you signed? No.
All of the houses that Langdon flipped, same story.
He would con people who were in trouble with their sub-prime mortgages into signing a Quitclaim Deed, and then a week later he'd be selling the houses at bargain prices.
How does he make his money? He got every buyer to slip him $50,000 in cash under the table.
So, he's flipped almost Yup.
Nice work if you can get it.
And we think he's the guy that was driving the hit-and-run car? If not him, then somebody he knew.
His money was in the car.
Is Langdon in our system? He's not in anybody's system.
It's probably an alias.
We're having the homeowners, past and present, look at mug shots.
What about accomplices? I mean, it's hard to imagine he'd pull off a scam this big by himself.
Well, one name keeps popping up.
A bunch of these closings were handled by the same person from the title company.
Kim Brody.
I've done 14 closings with Mr.
All the papers were in order.
Well, it didn't bother you that all the properties Langdon sold he got by Quitclaim Deeds? We've been seeing a lot of that in this market.
And homeowners who never should have qualified for a mortgage in the first place.
Except in this case, these homeowners thought Langdon was helping them keep their homes.
What are you saying? He conned them into signing Quitclaim Deeds.
I had no idea.
He seems so decent.
That's why they call them con-men.
Look, we need to find him.
His business address is a bust.
But you have his name.
Well, we don't think Langdon's his real name.
Listen, you check IDs during a closing? Of course, it's customary.
But I go the extra mile.
I make photocopies of driver's licenses.
Would you like to see Mr.
Langdon's? Yeah.
LUPO: The driver's license was bogus, but we ran Langdon's photo through Facial Recognition.
We got a winner, Phil Newsom, a.
a Dennis Langdon.
VAN BUREN: Possession of stolen goods, forgery, larceny, defrauding homeowners is right in his comfort zone.
He's a known associate of the Fatone crew.
Well, it figures the Mob would have their fingers in the sub-prime pie.
It gets better.
Nicky Fatone runs a cigar club on Grand.
That's five blocks from the hit-and-run.
Talk to a judge about a search warrant.
Everybody stays seated.
Nicky Fatone.
We're looking for your buddy Phil Newsom.
Yeah? Keep looking.
How'd you get that bruise? I must've hit my head shaving.
That's funny.
Stay in here.
Oh, what happened here? Termites.
Bullet hole in the door frame.
Looks new.
There's another one in the wall over there.
And look at this.
It was forced open.
Cleaned out.
Somebody shot up the place up and robbed Fatone.
Maybe these hit-and-run guys were coming from here.
Fatone had the money from the Quitclaim scam, they stole it.
Ripping off the Mob.
No wonder they were in a hurry.
CONNIE: And the people that robbed Fatone we think are the same people in the hit-and-run? The way it looks, he was in on the Quitclaim scam with Phil Newsom, a.
Dennis Langdon.
Fatone was holding the money when he got robbed.
Odds are it's an inside job, somebody who knows when the Quitclaim money's coming in.
But if Fatone has an idea who that is, he's not telling.
We need to convince him to cooperate with us.
Well, if we had evidence against him in the Quitclaim scam, we could leverage his cooperation.
So we're all on the same page.
We are? We want to do a sting on Fatone and Langdon.
Don't you have to find Langdon first? We think we've got somebody that can find him for us.
But we might need a little prosecutorial pressure.
That's my specialty.
All I have is his voice-mail.
And if Mr.
Langdon needs me for a closing, he calls me.
Call him, leave him a message.
Tell him you have a very motivated homeowner who needs to straighten out his credit.
I don't know.
I don't really want to get involved.
You are involved.
Your name is on But I didn't know.
Really? Once we catch Langdon, and we will, with or without your help, you sure he's gonna back up your story? You know? Maybe Maybe I should've suspected something.
Why do you say that? Well, it's customary to tip the title person after the closing.
Langdon tipped me $3,000 every time.
I thought it was too generous, but We will overlook it, if you help us.
(DIALING) I don't know how much Miss Brody told you, but once Home Relief Corporation steps in, the calls from the mortgage company, the creditors, they stop.
We'll negotiate on your behalf and we'll get you a payment schedule you can afford.
So they won't take away our house? Absolutely not.
That's our mission.
We make sure that decent folks like you don't lose their homes.
We We've really tried to make those payments every month, Mr.
Well, since Since I got laid off, it's been a struggle.
You got no more worries now.
Well, how does this work? First, you transfer the debt over to Home Relief by assigning us the title to the home.
You're saying we have to give you our house? Honey That's all right.
It's a common question.
You assign us the title temporarily.
You'll still be living here.
We just need to show the mortgage company that you're serious about fixing your credit.
So I just sign this? I'll need both of your signatures.
I feel like a weight has been lifted already.
Perhaps we can get a good night's sleep.
I feel kind of bad for these people.
One person's misfortune is another's fortune, right? Like you saw this morning, the house is a real gem.
Well, any place my ex-wife ain't is a real gem.
(LAUGHS) KIM: Everything's in order.
I'll file these with the county and you should be set.
Then I guess we're done here, unless your lawyer has any other questions.
I I went over everything.
You're good.
There you go.
We're good.
Thatjust leaves the other matter we talked about on the phone.
There you go.
It's $50,000.
It's all there.
Well, Mr.
Sanders, congratulations.
You've just closed on a beautiful new home.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Hold on, Kim.
I'll go down with you.
ED: How was it for you? Audio was perfect.
Here comes our title company lady.
ED: Where's Langdon? They were supposed to be coming down together.
Lupo, you see Langdon? LUPO: Negative.
LUPO: Hey! What happened to Langdon? I don't know.
He took a different elevator.
What did he tell you? He said to meet him at Johnny Roman's Grill in Brooklyn in half an hour.
He'd pay me then.
I think he suspects something.
Why do you think that? I overheard him on the phone, and someone named Nicky is going to be there too.
I'm scared.
I just want to go home and forget everything.
ED: This place is empty, man! Nothing but rats back there.
I don't get why Langdon told her to meet him here.
We didn't actually hear Langdon tell her anything, did we? (CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah, Lupo.
We're on our way.
Shots fired at Fatone's cigar club! SERGEANT: Sector car responded to a radio run of shots fired.
Five victims here, all DOA.
I got Fatone here.
ED: Langdon here.
His leather pouch with the 50K is gone.
Nine millimeter, our friends came back.
And they left no witnesses this time.
S ERG EANT: Detectives? There's another victim behind the building.
Here, bag this.
LUPO: Looks like one half of our robbery team.
The other half took the money.
Somebody got greedy.
Check this out.
What you got? On his face here.
It's not blood, it's lipstick.
She kissed him.
His partner.
It's her.
Man! Police! Open up! What's Against the wall.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Up! What's going on? Tell We found lipstick on your boyfriend's face.
Is it customary to shoot your partner or does that fall under going the extra mile? OFFICER: Clear! Clear! Against the wall.
Are you arresting me? What did I do? First of all, those $3,000 tips, we call those bribes.
But Miss Rubirosa said That was before you sent us on that wild goose chase to Brooklyn.
I did no such thing.
Come on, Kim, the inside man, it's you.
That's crazy.
That hurts! Let me ask you a question.
When you saw that woman and her daughter crossing the street, did you think for a second to take your foot off the gas? Why are you doing this to me? After all I did for you, I don't deserve this.
Come on.
It's so unfair.
Case 11107, People v.
Fourteen counts of Obstructing Governmental Administration in the First Degree.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
Your Honor, I I don't know why I'm here, and I can't afford a lawyer.
That's why Mr.
Berbatov's been appointed to represent you at no cost.
CONNIE: Your Honor, People request remand.
Miss Brody is a suspect in eight homicides, including two hit-and-run victims.
Yet she's only been charged with a few e-felonies.
She has no ties to the community.
Her work history traces back just six months, not to mention she obtained a social security number just last year.
My client's pedigree was good enough when they asked her to be a cooperating witness in a sting operation.
Miss Rubirosa, your case is a motion away from misdemeanor status.
I see no reason to deny this defendant reasonable bail.
Your Honor, the defendant is privy to the workings of a massive real estate scam.
The People request a material witness warrant.
That's just back-door remand.
Didn't you just tell me she was a cooperating witness, Mr.
Berbatov? Warrant to issue in the name of Kim Brody.
(WHISPERING) Your Honor, since the real estate scam involves organized crime, we request protective custody in a secure location.
A mutually-agreeable secure location.
KIM: So, this is what I get for helping you? Accusations of murder and robbery? Why did you send the police to Brooklyn? Because that's where Mr.
Langdon told me he was going to be.
It's my bad luck he can't tell you himself.
His bad luck you and your boyfriend killed him.
I don't even have a boyfriend.
(SIGHS) I'm a single girl all alone here.
BERBATOV: As long as I'm here, you can't bully her.
We'll discuss a plea on the bribery charges.
Anything else, we're not interested.
Bobby Sinclair, escaped from Broward Countyjail in '04 while awaiting trial, convictions for assault and armed robbery.
You don't know him.
That's your story? That's right.
He had your lipstick on his face.
Same make, same color as the one in your purse.
And in thousands of other purses in the metropolitan area.
Don't kid yourself.
We will connect you to Mr.
Sinclair and then your clock will run out, Miss Brody or whatever your real name is.
It is Kim Brody.
With a year-old social security number? I don't think so.
I never needed one until now.
I worked in my uncle's liquor store in Greenville until he died and it went out of business.
Inever had a straight job, until I came here.
I thought finally circumstances would turn in my favor.
But some things, they just never change.
First things first.
This material witness warrant, you'll have my motion to dismiss by tomorrow morning.
CONNIE: If the warrant gets dismissed, she'll make bail and disappear with the money she stole from Fatone and Langdon.
Well, don't look at me for good news.
The search of her apartment turned up nothing.
Far as her pedigree, we found one Kim Brody living in a Virginia orphanage 12 years ago.
Emancipated at 16, nothing since.
No photo, no social.
An orphanage.
I almost feel sorry for her.
Loops, put up your laptop.
Florida's sending us something on Sinclair.
He had help breaking out of prison four years ago.
From a paralegal named Claire Tomalin.
She smuggled in a gun to him.
Claire Tomalin, Kim Brody? Here it is.
What do you think? Kim Brody, the green eye shadow years? She's an inch shorter than Brody, 15 pounds heavier.
Same color eyes.
No fingerprints on file.
We can run it through Facial Recognition, might take a couple days.
Well, the motion hearing's this afternoon.
Print it out.
Maybe if I poke the judge in the eye.
JUDGE BARCLAY: lfl understand the People's case correctly, Mr.
Cutter, Miss Brody is being held as a material witness against five dead men? We don't know how far the real estate scam extends, Your Honor.
Miss Brody's testimony may be invaluable in uncovering other suspects.
May be invaluable? What is this? Preventive custody for witnesses? I'm already there, Mr.
Cutter, seems to me your warrant's nothing more than de facto remand.
I'm dismissing the warrant and setting reasonable bail on the bribery charge.
YourHonon we believe Miss Brody is using an assumed name and is, in fact, Claire Tomalin, the known accomplice of Robert Sinclair, the deceased murder and robbery suspect.
Miss Tomalin is wanted in Florida for aiding an escape, and once we establish that she and Miss Brody are one in the same person, we will be charging her here with murder.
I see a slight resemblance.
May I see that photo, Your Honor? Your Honor, it's inconceivable that anyone as attractive as my client could ever have looked like this person.
YourHonon I have another photo for your examination.
That doesn't even remotely resemble my client.
Who is this? Me, as a sophomore.
I grew two inches my senior year and then everything, sort of fell into place.
You made your point, Miss Rubirosa.
Miss Tomalin's photo is being analyzed with facial recognition software.
We will have the results in 48 hours.
We ask that you sustain the warrant until then.
All right, back to your seats.
I I need a few minutes to consider.
I might have stood a chance with you backthen.
What? Brody's lawyer is wearing a man's sock on his left foot and a woman's sock on his right.
JUDGE BARCLAY: All right, here's my decision.
The material witness warrant is sustained for 48 hours.
If by then, the People cannot prove to my satisfaction that Miss Brody and Miss Tomalin are one in the same person, the warrant will be dismissed.
(GAVEL POUNDS) The officers said Berbatov spent two hours consulting with his client behind closed doors in the hotel bedroom before coming here.
And he ends up with mismatched socks.
We need to search that bedroom.
Yeah, I told the officers to take their time returning Brody to the hotel.
Detective Lupo, please.
(WHISPERS) Sock Hey, man, are you a Like a socks-on guy or a socks-off? You know Yeah, yeah.
I know.
Well, I got cold feet, so To be considerate, I wear socks, you know.
I get it, man.
I just can't believe you're telling me that.
Hey! Found it, man's argyle.
Berbatov lost his sock, so he borrowed one of hers.
There's only one way it ended up buried in the sheets.
Miss Brody found a friendly way to compensate her court-appointed lawyer.
This is a woman who shot her previous boyfriend while kissing him.
She has plans for Berbatov.
I want him under surveillance.
Loops, you've been on the same page for the last half hour.
You want to get through law school, you're going to have to pick up the pace a little bit.
Shut up, man.
This stuff is deep.
It's complicated.
Heads up.
ED: Hey! Step away from the car.
Oh, God.
ED: Put the bag down! This bag is subject to attorney-client privilege! You have no right to search it! I have no idea what's in there.
I swear.
I can't talk about this.
It's attorney-client pflvflege.
Which client? The one who lent you her stocking to wear in court? We found it in her bed.
What was she doing, giving you a pedicure? It's attorney-client privilege.
Berbatov, you're not the first lawyer to get in bed with his client, and Miss Brody is a very attractive woman.
She's come a long way from the mousy little paralegal who was seduced by Robert Sinclair and helped him escape four years ago.
In fact you could say the student has surpassed her teacher.
She got rid of him with ruthless efficiency.
The same way she'll get rid of you when you outlive your usefulness.
What What can I do to help myself? We'll let you plead to a misdemeanor.
In return, you tell us everything you know about Kim Brody.
But the attorney-client privilege That privilege evaporated when you went to recover this money.
You became part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.
What about my license to practice? That's between you and the Bar Association.
Deal, Mr.
Berbatov? BERBATOV: Yes, room 235, please.
(PHONE RINGING) OFFICER: Hello, room 235.
This is Peter Berbatov.
Can I speak to my client? Hold on.
KIM: Let me close the door.
(KIM CLOSING DOOR) Where've you been? I was worried.
I had to take my mother to the doctor.
You're a very thoughtful man, Peter.
Did you find the car all right? Yes.
I got the bag.
Now, rent a car, and put the bag in the trunk and park the car in the lot across from the hotel.
And don't forget the parking claim check.
Are you okay? You sound upset.
Oh, I'm No, I'm just worried about my mom.
KIM: You're a sweetie.
Once you get the car, call me on the other phone.
KIM: Bye.
Re-arrest Miss Brody.
The charge is murder.
Who are you? Special Agent Hasker, FBI.
You? NYPD.
Richard Cassidy, U.
Attorney's office.
That's That's our prisoner.
Not anymore.
The US government is asserting jurisdiction over her.
Like hell! We're arresting her on eight murders.
It'll have to wait.
Miss Brody is a material witness in a Patriot Act anti-terror investigation.
What investigation? I can't discuss that.
That's my sweater.
Hold Hold on! She's conning you.
Could you step aside, please? Miss Brody initiated contact with the U.
Attorney's office four days ago.
She indicated she had information on a money-laundering scheme run by Arab nationals.
Assuming this allegation isn't the fabrication of a psychopathic mind, how does money-laundering trump eight homicides? The government believes we've discovered a previously unknown terror cell.
It's all detailed in our brief.
Which, by the way, we haven't seen.
Under 18 U.
2003, the government can only provide that information to a federal magistrate.
Your Honor, Miss Brody is a closer for a title company.
How could she possibly have knowledge of terror cells? Miss Brody? These men These Arab men, were buying and selling houses, a lot of them.
And all the money was being wired to Kuwait and Dubai.
I I got concerned.
Has she provided any evidence to back this up? Again, under 18 U.
2003, the government can only That's not an answer.
Your Honor, Miss Brody is using the U.
Attorney to evade prosecution for murder.
Cutter, I don't see how a pause, however long, in your proceedings against Miss Brody will adversely affect your case in the long term.
I'm remanding Miss Brody to the custody of the U.
Marshal for the duration of the government's requirements.
Thank you, Your Honor.
The Feds must've been her back-up all along, in case her escape plan didn't work.
She probably felt Berbatov was shaky on the phone, so she pulled the trigger on the U.
I called Cassidy's boss.
Every response from him consisted of a verb, a subject and 9/11.
The arrogance If we don't do something quick, Kim Brody will disappear down some federal rabbit hole.
Well, until they figure out her terrorist cell story is bogus.
That won't stop them.
They've been known to invent cases where none exist.
And Kim Brody will parlay it into witness protection and a new identity.
You have the names of the FBI agents who took Miss Brody into custody? Yeah.
Hasker and Cordell.
What are you doing? Taking prisoners.
Arthur Cordell, Leo Hasker? Well, if it isn't Batman and Robin.
Yeah, look what we've got here.
A couple of warrants for your arrest.
What? This is a joke, right? No.
CORMACK: All right.
Let's go, girls.
Move along now.
This is outrageous.
This kind of petty internecine bullying while our country is under attack.
Due process is what's under attack.
Miss Brody was legally in our custody when she was hijacked by the U.
Your Honor ruled that our action was legal.
An after-the-fact rubber stamp.
I hope you're not implying that I made My scorn is not directed at you, YourHonon but at an Assistant U.
Attorney who is so blinded by zealotry that he doesn't see he's being played for a fool by a psychopathic killer.
YourHonon they keep referring to her as a killer.
Where are the murder charges? Where's the evidence? If we'd been able to arraign and charge her, then She's too valuable awitness.
Your Honor, I ask you to order the release of agents Hasker and Cordell.
They are essential to our investigation.
McCoy, this stalemate can't last.
I agree.
I propose a prisoner exchange.
Our murder suspect for his agents.
Your Honor, it's extortion.
And you overplayed your hand, Mr.
Custody of Miss Brody will pass to the District Attorney who will proceed to indictment forthwith.
In turn the District Attorney agrees to dismiss without prejudice all charges against agents Hasker and Cordell.
Right, Mr.
McCoy? Soon as Miss Brody is in our custody.
People v.
Murder in the Second Degree.
Eight counts.
How do you Not guilty.
Oh, you again.
YourHonon if the People may be heard on bail No need, Miss Rubirosa.
Defendant is remanded pending indictment.
(WHISPERING) Defendant requests that the defendant's 18080 release time be calculated from the date of her first arrest four days ago.
Your Honor, the statutory time limit to indict the defendant begins today, on the murder arrest.
No, no, Miss Rubirosa.
Lorimer's right.
The original arrest starts the clock ticking.
YourHonon that gives the People less than 48 hours to get an indictment before Miss Brody gets released.
JUDGE HARPER: Your math is flawless, Counselor.
Indict Miss Brody by noon Friday or she's a free woman.
(GAVEL POUNDS) I'll file an emergency appeal with the Appellate Division.
Forget it.
Focus on this.
What's your case so far? We have the stolen money and the conversation with Berbatov.
Neither of which gets you a murder indictment.
She made no admission to Berbatov? No.
We'd have a better chance of convincing the Grand Jury she was Bobby Sinclair's active accomplice if we could prove she busted him out of jail four years ago.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Facial Recognition was no help.
But Claire Tomalin used to work for Orlando Legal Aid.
So, I called them to see if they'd send over some of her old paperwork.
It came in this morning.
Latent lifted a partial fingerprint.
It's a four-point match to Brody.
Hardly qualifies as a match, let alone evidence.
I don't know, Jack.
A four-point match is a match as far as I'm concerned.
Is that what you're going to tell the Grand Jury? At trial, she can have her own experts refute the evidence.
You're splitting ethical hairs.
So are you! We know Tomalin and Brody are one in the same.
She's laughing at us, Jack.
Let her.
This is as far as I go.
You're telling me not to do it? You're a grown-up.
You're on your own.
I'm getting off the train.
How about you? All aboard.
A partial print found on a file belonging to Claire Tomalin was matched by the police to Kim Brody.
When you say a partial print, how conclusive a match is it? Conclusive enough to convince me that we're talking about the same person.
And to convince me that the woman who smuggled a gun into Robert Sinclair and helped him break out of jail in Florida was a full and willing accomplice in his robbery and murder spree four years later.
Let's break for lunch.
Thank you.
I think we're almost home free for an indictment.
Maybe not.
Brody's lawyer just filed notice.
She wants to testify before the Grand Jury.
I have lived in absolute terror ever since the day four years ago when Bobby Sinclair kidnapped me at gunpoint.
I had been working on his case for a few months, he smiled at me a lot, and I thought he might be a decent person after all.
I wasn't very wise in the ways of evil men.
I don't know how he got a gun.
But he said he'd shoot me if I didn't help him.
Once we drove out of Florida, I begged him to let me go, but he wouldn't.
I became his prisoner.
I washed his clothes, I cooked his meals and he used me sexually.
I was scared all the time.
He would show me newspaper articles where I was accused of helping in the escape.
He said that if I tried to run away, the police would shoot me on sight.
When I started working at the title company, I told Bobby about Mr.
Langdon and the cash transactions.
I was I was concerned it was illegal.
Then one day Bobby said we were going to leave New York, that he had a car with a bag of money in the trunk.
He got real angry when I asked him where he got it from.
Then I was told Bobby was shot in a robbery and I was arrested and accused of horrible crimes that I did not commit.
It's just It's like I can't wake up from this nightmare that started four years ago.
CUTTER: A nightmare.
Does that include your seducing your first lawyer Mr.
Berbatov, whose conversation with you the Grand Jury heard? I did not seduce him.
He extorted me.
He said he was getting paid peanuts to defend me and if I wanted him to do a good job, that I would have to do something extra.
I was fighting for my life.
But on the tape, you called the shots, you planned your escape No, that's not true.
I told Mr.
Berbatov about the money.
I wanted to turn it in to the police.
But he said no, that they'd use it against me.
He said we should use the money to run away.
He kept pushing me to tell him where the cash was.
That's not what Mr.
Berbatov told the Grand Jury.
He's a man and a lawyer, he'd say anything.
(CUTTER SCOFFS) And you wouldn't? Mr.
Cutter, when the police asked me about the Quitclaim fraud, I helped them find Mr.
Langdon, didn't I? You did help them find Mr.
Langdon, I'll grant you that.
And at great risk to myself, didn't I also help you do a sting on Mr.
Langdon and a member of organized crime? That's not in dispute.
I became a paralegal because I wanted to help people, and even after all that's been done to me, I've never stopped being an honest person.
Miss Tomalin I didn't rob or cheat, I didn't drive a getaway car, I didn't kill any person, and I didn't kill Bobby.
I cared for him, even after all he did to me.
No bill.
They fell for it.
I I I heard about what happened in the Grand Jury.
So it goes.
That's That's Kim.
You know? She can be pretty disarming.
But we can help each other.
Careful what you say.
The Bar Association's about to strip me of my livelihood because of her.
There's nothing I can do about that.
What if I testify that she told me she shot Sinclair? That she drove the car and ran over those people? It's new evidence, and it will get you back into a Grand Jury.
Did she tell you she did those things? We both know that's what happened.
There's knowing and there's proving.
I'm the proof.
Put me on the stand.
My misdemeanor charge goes away and I get to keep my license.
Think about it.
CONNIE: We'd be suborning perjury.
It's not perjury if it's true.
It's too late, Connie.
I've already applied to re-present to the Grand Jury.
Mike, she's not worth it.
You saw her today! It was one lie after another.
So now you're going to play by her rules? I'm sorry, Mike.
This is where I get off the train.
JUDGE BARCLAY: I have two motions here.
People seek leave to re-present to the Grand Jury, Defense moves for the immediate release of Miss Brody.
Your Honor Hold on, Counselor.
Cutter, what's the nature of your new evidence? Your Honor, the People The People JUDGE: Mr.
Cutter? At this time, YourHonon the People withdraw their application to re-present the matter to the Grand Jury.
All right.
Given the People's position, charges against Miss Brody are hereby dismissed.
Pursuant to a federal order, Miss Brody is remanded to the custody of the U.
(GAVEL POUNDS) (INAUDIBLE) (SIGHS) This just came in from Florida.
They think they found Claire Tomalin.
They matched the partial print from the file to a Jane Doe they've had in the morgue for the last year.
It's a 15-point match.
As for Kim Brody, the orphan, Virginia State Police located her.
She's a housewife, mother of three living in Emporia.
It's anybody's guess who she is.
Well, one thing she isn't anymore, our problem.