Law & Order (1990) s18e12 Episode Script


NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Are you still getting the signal? Yes.
(DEVICE BEEPING) From there.
That house? (DEVICE BEEPING FASTER) (nos BARKING) You hear that? Oh, my God.
Officer! Police! Our dog's in there! Your dog.
Yeah, he disappeared.
He has a GPS collar.
Look at the signal.
He's right in there! Do you hear that? If have a missing dog, I can give you the number for Animal Control.
Hey, Frank! (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Police.
Jav- What in the hell are you doing in my house? Nobody move! You're all under arrest.
All right, someone control those dogs or I'm going to shoot them right now! Right now! Twenty-seven Frank requesting a 10-85 at 825 East 76 Street, regarding multiple arrests.
Notify Animal Welfare.
Now, this one didn't survive the fight, um, multiple lacerations, punctured lung What about that one? He doesn't look quite as tough.
Yeah, that's a kidnapped pet, used as a bait dog for the fighting dogs to tear apart as warm-up.
(SIGHS) Nice.
That's awful, Doc, but Why'd you call us? We don't do dog homicides.
I know.
I'm doing a full necropsy on this one, and so I cut him open to see if he'd been eating.
Sometimes the kennel owners, they starve the dogs Doc.
Well, I thought you might want to see what I found inside him.
What is that? A human finger.
Or what's left of it.
That would be your department, wouldn't it? (CROWD CLAMORING) Well, dog lovers are out in force today as the Bow-Wow Eight exit after their arraignments.
(PEOPLE MAKING BARKING SOUNDS) You remember that arraignment a month ago, where the guy killed the mother and the daughter? No crowds for that one.
But you mess with a dog You know, I'm thinking about getting one.
That's exactly what you need.
What's that supposed to mean? LUPO: You guys got a minute? Not here.
Not now.
We just want to see your fingers.
What? It's easy, like this.
Go ahead.
Dawn Talley, Channel 8 News.
Why did you ask to see their fingers? Uh, I'm learning to count to 10.
There it is.
It was in the dog's large intestine, but not long enough for the digestive juices to completely dissolve the nail polish.
It was awoman's finger? Or one of you metrosexual guys.
A trace of polish on the nail, there.
Red? Actually, somewhere between fuchsia and pink, appropriate for the age of the victim, who was early 30s or younger.
Good nutrition.
No sign of anemia.
You got a name and address? I don't think she's still walking around.
This woman was recently dead.
Killed and tossed to the dogs.
Yeah, we're running the DNA and an analysis of some stuff in the skin, looks like a chemical burn.
So, to get to the large intestine, how long is the finger in the dog? At least four hours.
No more than 18.
By then you'd be scraping it off the bottom of your shoe.
FIELD: Yeah, uh, we're in conference here, and we have nothing to say to the police.
This isn't about the dog fight.
Then what? You want to see our toes now? (MEN SNICKERING) A human finger was found inside the dog that was killed in your house.
VANCE: A finger? Mr.
Carlin doesn't own those dogs.
He didn't feed those dogs.
If anybody saw anything in the house Like what? This is crazy.
All right.
It's all right, Marty.
They were my guests.
I take full responsibility, but obviously not for this.
How long were the dogs there before the police arrived? You mean before the police illegally entered the premises? Look, I don't know if you're going to beat this dog-fighting rap.
I don't know and I don't care.
But right now, we're searching your house for other body parts.
Next thing we do is tear down the walls.
Is that what you want? CARLIN: The dogs were there for two hours.
As far as I know, they ate before they left home.
Where is that? Home? A kennel, in Ulster County.
Justin Cabrera, Ulster County Sheriff's detective.
Is this Mr.
Mackey? Yeah.
He volunteered to show us where he lives.
He's trying to convince us that his dogs didn't eat anybody.
Yeah, I think I would've noticed.
Yeah, you probably fed them somebody yourself.
I understand he put on a dog fight for some rich guy in the city? Yeah.
The rich guy thought his friends would get a kick out of it.
Oh, yeah? Endless fun? This is where Mr.
Mackey kept his dogs.
They're all at the county shelter now.
Hey, my partner wants a dog.
Any up for adoption? If he wants to get eaten, sure.
We have our cadets straining through their droppings.
They've come up with a nice little pile of bones.
Cat bones.
I'm telling you, you think somebody got killed here, you're crazy.
That fingerjust fell out of the sky? No! It's Somebody must've gotten in back here, right? Tossed it over the fence.
I mean, that gate's got a lock, but it's not Fort Knox.
Cat bones? I thought you raised dogs.
Sometimes I give them a cat to play with.
Like when that guy from the city, Carlin, came out with his buddy to pick out dogs for his fight.
He wanted to see what they could do.
CABRERA: I don't know what you've got this guy for, but he's looking at a dozen counts of aggravated cruelty up here.
He kept these dogs in chains, living in their own crap, half of them half-dead.
He's looking at 10 years, easy.
You think I ran an operation this size on my own? That guy Carlin has plenty of money.
You saying Carlin's in the dog-fighting business with you? I'm saying make me an offer.
If Mr.
Carlin was involved in the business, we'd love to make an example.
What do you know about him? Oh, he's a wine consultant.
You have too much money and you want to drop $100,000 on wine, he'll sell it to you.
Nothing like watching a couple of dogs tear each other to pieces while sipping a nice Chardonnay.
Why haven't you guys gone to see him again? To see him about the dog fighting or our possible homicide here? We don't have a body.
What's this about? Is this about public opinion? I mean, we saw the whole dog-lover circus on the courthouse steps.
Mmm, what this is about is appalling cruelty to animals, rich jerks who think they can do whatever they want for their own amusement.
Just pay a fine and walk away laughing.
Works for me.
VAN BUREN: All right, go talk to Mr.
Carlin about the dogs, and if anyone mentions a body, take notes.
It's you versus Mackey, and he's willing to testify.
That I was his partner? That's right.
That's ridiculous.
Look, if I did anything And he's not saying he did.
Those dogs in here were a mirage.
Hypothetically, he might have heard about Mackey from a friend and hired him, a one-shot deal, to set up an exhibition.
Yeah, you don't beHevethaL ask Marty Vance.
He was up there with me when I met Mackey.
He means hypothetically, right? He's your buddy.
He'll back you up.
Then ask his wife.
She heard Marty and I talking when we got back to the townhouse.
She's still living there while they're getting the divorce.
She's not gonna tell any lies for Marty or for me.
VANCE: That fight was stupid, but it was a one-time thing.
Jay didn't even know that guy before.
All right, great.
You guys got your stories straight.
Uh, we'd like to ask your wife, too.
My Wife? Yeah, you know, neutral party.
Is she here? She's visiting her sister in Miami.
Do you have the number? Do you really have to talk to her? We're kind of in an awkward situation right now.
We do.
What's the number? I actually don't think she's in Miami.
I don't know where she is.
Your friend Carlin said that she still lived here while you guys got a divorce.
I came home one night last week, she was out.
I haven't seen her since.
Figured she went off with a friend, boyfriend.
It's really not my business anymore.
Uh, which bathroom does she use? Bathroom? Yeah, you know, hair, makeup.
I assume you guys use separate bathrooms? Upstairs.
Mind if we take a look? No.
Is that hertoothbrush? I guess.
Looks like she forgot to take her stuff.
So this is her nail polish? What do you think? Red? Actually, somewhere between fuchsia and pink.
LUPO: He's filing out the missing persons report now.
After his wife's been gone a week? Worried sick about her, huh? Well, he looks a little worried now.
And you have no idea where she is? I told you.
We weren't talking much.
Why were you both still living together? The townhouse is community property.
My lawyer told me not to abandon it, and hers told her the same thing.
So you were fighting about the property? No.
We were just Nothing.
Look, you really think that finger is Lauren's? What do you think? I don't believe it.
I mean, I'm sure she's just Just what? We ran the DNA from the missing woman's toothbrush against the DNA of the finger.
Problem was we only got six loci.
So the results are consistent, but don't individualize.
So the finger could belong to Lauren Vance? Or 10,000 other people in the tri-state area.
What about the nail polish? Definitely matches the polish in Mrs.
Vance's bathroom.
All right.
So it's looking good.
Or bad.
The lab also identified the substance on the skin.
(PHONE RINGING) It's chlorine, which you usually don't find inside a dog.
Okay, we'll be right there.
Vance's sister just flew in from Miami.
I hadn't talked to Lauren in a couple of weeks, but that happens.
I get busy.
I came as soon as I heard.
That son of a bitch.
You'd be referring to Mr.
Vance there? Lauren wouldn't go away without telling anybody.
Have you talked to her friends? I know some names.
Great, can you give us a list? We talked to everybody we could find.
And the last time you talked to your sister, did she mention any new friends? Uh, boyfriends? Travel plans? No, uh, she said it was raining in New York.
I told her about some shoes I bought for $300.
Something's happened to her.
I know it.
What can I do? If anyone has seen her or has any information, please call, please help.
In case your sister is watching this, Ellen, do you have a message for her? Yes.
Lauren, please, call me.
Come home.
Hove you.
That was Ellen Chase, whose sister has been missing for nearly two weeks from the townhouse she shared with her estranged husband, Marty Vance.
Vance talked to me today about what is on everyone's mind.
We were getting a divorce, but we were still friendly.
Maybe she just needed to be alone for a while.
just wish I knew.
A few hours ago, Mr.
Vance offered a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the return of his wife.
But the police, they' re still treating him like a suspect, as evidenced this afternoon by the search of the townhouse he now occupies alone.
You look good on TV, Lupes.
$100,000 reward.
Maybe the husband will turn himself in, make the accounting easy.
You didn't find any blood in his townhouse, right? So he strangled her or he drowned her, or he killed her somewhere else.
Then he dumped the body, but first he stopped in Ulster County to throw her hands to a couple of dogs he saw chew up a cat.
Why? To delay identification if the body was found? This isn't 1952.
I mean, he's heard of DNA, he must have.
You know, maybe he didn't do it.
He said the divorce was friendly.
Well, go talk to her lawyer.
Twenty-two hundred divorces.
I'm still waiting for that friendly one.
And how does this one rate? The husband liked to watch dogs kill each other.
What does that tell you? And the rough stuff was still to come.
What rough stuff? My client thought herhusband was hiding assets.
He was in some real estate deals that fell through, supposedly.
Ayear ago, there was plenty of money.
Then all of a sudden, there wasn't so much.
So she was snooping around his finances? Did her husband know she was snooping around? I'm not sure.
One of his investments was in the wine business with his friend, Jay Carlin, the guy who had the dog fight party.
Lauren told me she was going to talk to him.
This is what Vance invested in? CARLIN: Some of those old Bordeaux are worth $30,000 a bottle.
Right, and you had dogs fighting in the next room? Weren't you worried about their guts flying up and smudging the labels? You said you weren't here about that.
Do I need to call my lawyer? No, I'm just trying to figure out what a guy like you was thinking.
Never occurred to you to take your friends to a Knicks game? Did you show Mrs.
Vance your old Bordeaux? Okay, this whole thing is ridiculous.
Lauren is probably sitting on a mountaintop with a guru in Tibet.
Could be, but what did she say when she came to see you? She said she wanted advice about a wine-tasting class.
But it was obvious what she was up to.
She wanted to know about my wine business and about Marty's investment.
And what did you say? I said that business is good.
LUPO: And what did you tell her husband? That she was sniffing around his money? Yeah.
Marty's a friend of mine.
There's your motive.
She wanted every nickel and he knew it.
No physical evidence, no witnesses, no confession.
How's Ulster County doing looking for the body? Well, Mackey's kennel is over the hill from a forest preserve, And they said if we're in a hurry, we're welcome to come up and bring our own shovel.
Hey,Lupo, your favorite story's back on the news.
It's very difficult.
The police have been talking to my friends, investigating me.
I only wish they would try that hard to find Lauren.
Even if they did, it might be a futile effort.
Channel 8 News has learned exclusively that Lauren Vance was being treated by a psychiatrist for severe depression and suicidal tendencies.
You got that? No one told us anything about her seeing a shrink.
Maybe we should hire her.
Her sister didn't know anything about her seeing a psychiatrist.
So if you have any information Look, you saw my report.
You got your information.
We know what you said, not where it came from.
I don't reveal a source.
This ain't a national security case.
No, it's a news story, my news story, and it's privileged.
Have you ever heard about the New York State Press Shield Law? Look, I'm on my way to follow another lead.
You want to hear about it, I'm on again at 11:00.
I don't want to wait until 11:00.
Let's go.
Ajax Properties.
LUPO: Nice big windows.
We should be able to get a view from over there.
Are we Peeping Toms now? Hey, you're the one who wanted to follow her.
It's Vance.
His records don't show him owning a loft in Soho.
They don't show that, either.
Maybe he's Ajax Properties.
His wife said he had hidden assets.
(DIALING NUMBER ON PHONE) Hi, it's Detective Lupo.
I need another search warrant on Vance.
We're just Talk about hidden assets.
LUPO: Yeah.
We have probable cause.
LUPO: Open up! Police! Now what? We have a warrant to search these premises.
Well, what are you looking for? Hey.
How's your story going? This is not what you think.
Yeah, I can't wait to hear about it.
Hey, Ed.
GREEN: The chemical burn.
Everybody step out.
This could be a crime scene.
Did you call the other news stations? It's a news story.
I think this is yours.
I don't know anything about chlorine.
I don't live here.
So what are you doing here besides giving an in-depth interview? RUBIROSA: We'll do the research, Mr.
If you own the company that owns this place, it'll turn up.
Is that what your wife did? No.
She found out you own this place? And you forgot to put it on your list of marital assets? Did she follow you here? Catch you in that hot tub? I work in real estate.
I'm on the Committee to Beautify New York.
I do not kill my wife over a divorce! What's going on here? GREEN: Just asking your client a couple of questions.
He has nothing else to say.
Is he under arrest? No.
Vance does own that loft, and he was hiding it from his wife.
Did the police find anything there, besides the chlorine? No blood.
No tissue.
This guy lied to the police, he lied to his wife, he had motive, he knew where to find those dogs, his wife went for a walk two weeks ago, never came back and he never thought to mention it to anybody? What about the report that she was suicidal? There's no evidence of suicide attempts or even seeing a shrink.
Her sister says it's a lie.
It came from the reporter who was consoling our suspect without her top on.
She put that story out to make people think her new boyfriend was innocent.
Why bother? All she had to do was nothing.
The cops weren't laying a hand on him.
Maybe she was worried because she knew he was guilty.
I mean, she knew something.
Of course, she's not talking to us.
Convene a grand jury.
Make her.
And what was the source for your story about Mrs.
Vance's supposed psychiatric problems? My sources are confidential.
I don't have to reveal them.
Well, ajudge says that you do, and this is not the place to reraise that issue.
CUTTER: It's all right.
It might be useful for the grand jury to understand the context of this testimony.
There shouldn't be any testimony.
New York has a Press Shield Law.
Which protects information obtained in the course of gathering news for publication, not during half-naked hot tub parties.
It's not up to ajudge or you to tell me how to practice my profession.
What profession are we talking about here? Thank you.
It's always so nice to be called a whore.
I don't know about you, but I think the truth is important.
So I'll do what I have to do, use what I have to use, including, sometimes, my sexuality.
Let me ask you, Mr.
Cutter, how far would you go to convict a murderer? Well, that's how far I'd go to get a story.
We're still waiting for an answer to the question about the source for your story about Mrs.
Vance's alleged psychiatric problems.
It was Mr.
Did you check it out? Get corroboration? No.
Well, what happened to your pursuit of the truth? I was after the truth.
I thought the police were taking the easy way out.
A wife was missing so suspect the husband.
I wanted to spend time with him, hear more about her from him.
Maybe I'd learn the real story.
Maybe I'd even identify the killer.
And if the killer was Mr.
Vance? Then I'd get the confession, and it would be my scoop.
So you put out a false story so you wouldn't be scooped by the police arresting a murderer? Hmm.
Got a little carried away.
CUTTER: Well, why did you get carried away then? What made you concerned that the police were about to arrest Mr.
Vance? Well, I found a Google Map in his trash.
It showed that kennel in Ulster County, and a wooded area nearby that was highlighted.
I asked Mr.
Vance about it.
He said he'd taken a drive near there around the time of his wife's disappearance just to relax.
He was worried that someone might have seen him and then recognized his face on the news.
What wooded area? Some of them will have to be destroyed.
Yeah, but not all of them, right? You don't want one of those dogs, believe me.
You want a dog? I'm thinking about it.
He's lonely.
I always had a dog growing up.
But, you know, now, in the city DEPUTY ON RADIO: Detective Cabrera, we've found something.
We'll be right there.
Check the hands.
No hands.
Not guilty.
This whole thing is crazy.
Can I make a statement? You just did.
Bail's $500,000.
You're making a mistake.
We're going to get you out of this, Marty.
Ibelieve him.
You always believe them.
No, I don't.
The police still haven't found anyone who saw Vance in those woods.
There's no credit cards at area gas stations, no hits on his E-ZPass, and no trace of the Google Map in his computer history.
So now it's all up to our witness, and her story about the map.
Her story is supported by the fact that we did find the body there.
Yeah, what about the rest of it, Mike? What do you mean? Do you buy it? The Pulitzer Hooker? Would you sleep with a witness to convict a murderer? I might go on a date.
How's her record as ajournalist? It's pretty good, actually.
She did an expose on shoddy subway repairs, and a series on price-fixing in the wine business.
Any mention in that one of Jay Carlin, our dog-fighting wine dealer? No.
But she did rely on an unnamed source.
It could have been Carlin.
If it was, we probably know how she wormed the information out of him.
And a year later they both become our two star witnesses against Vance.
What a coincidence.
Isn't it? What? Vance and Carlin.
Now, they both knew where those dogs lived.
They went up there together.
And they both saw them rip up a cat.
Now, Mrs.
Vance was investigating the finances.
Yeah, but she was investigating her husband's finances.
But he was invested in Carlin's wine business, so she was also asking about that.
Everything we have that points to Vance, points just as well to Carlin.
Not the chlorine.
Vance had the chlorine next to his hot tub.
Any connection between chlorine and wine? Okay, liquid chlorine used to be used to wash corks before they were put into the bottles.
All right, Carlin deals in old wine, but he doesn't bottle the stuff, does he? When you said you were bringing breakfast, I was thinking more along the lines of orangejuice.
Just give it a try, Mr.
Parsons is a wine chemist from the Culinary Institute.
He's been kind enough to help us at short notice.
Do you taste the vanilla, the hint of persimmon? I'm not sure.
But also a little sucking in of your cheeks, an overbalance of tannin in the structure? That's a $2,000 bottle of Chateau La Rochelle, 1949, sold to a wine dealer by Jay Carlin.
Tell me you didn't put this on your expense account.
I did.
But we'll get it back when we convict Carlin of fraud.
It's not bad, Mr.
It may even be a La Rochelle, but it's recent, probably an $80 bottle.
Jay Carlin sells counterfeit wine? PARSONS: It's a plague on the market.
People have money, buy expensive bottles to impress their friends.
They have no idea how it's supposed to taste.
The perfect crime.
The victims don't even know they've been had.
Carlin gets the empty bottles from restaurants or collectors, refills them with cheaper wine, and then all he has to do is replace the cork.
Which requires chlorine.
Vintners used to prepare their corks in chlorine and oxalic acid.
If you want to fake an old cork, you've got to do the same thing.
Thank you, Mr.
So? What if Mrs.
Vance stumbled on Carlin filling old bottles, she threatened to expose him, so he strangled her, but in the struggle, her hands got into the chlorine acid solution.
Wait a minute.
You're talking about the murder? You're saying you just arraigned the wrong man? I don't know.
You're supposed to know.
You're due in court in 45 minutes.
We are all ready to begin jury selection, Mr.
I beg the court's indulgence, but Assistant District Attorney Wheeler has a medical emergency and I need to stand up for him in a critical motion hearing on an A-1 Felony.
Will you be ready by this afternoon? Tomorrow morning would be better.
We've got potential jurors waiting in the next room.
Miss Stocker, usually the defense welcomes any delay.
Tomorrow will be swell.
I'll go see Green and Lupo.
Tell them to take all the time they need, as long as they have something by this afternoon.
But where are you going? Motion hearing, remember? What's so critical? To disqualify ajuror whose uncle used to date the defendant's mother.
GREEN: Hey, you sure this is kosher? We got a search warrant for body parts.
So look for body parts.
Start with Carlin's datebook.
No fingers in between the pages.
RUBIROSA: Is that a D? That weekend last month? Yeah,His.
There's lots of Ds on the weekends.
D Southampton.
D Saint Bart's.
D for Dawn? I got another D, on video.
Pretty yummy.
Hmm? You talking about me or you talking about the wine? (LAUGHS) h' you come over here, maybe I'll show you again.
(GROWLS) I think maybe it's time for us to move in together.
Oh, God.
That'd be great.
Real soon.
You always say that.
Soon, babycakes, SOON.
The part of the tape that comes before that, you're not old enough to see.
So they're an item? A very, uh, acrobatic item.
But is it love? Enough for her to help him frame his friend for murder? (sums) She played me, Jack.
I fell for her zeal in pursuit of truth and justice.
That sounds like you.
She probably knew that.
She did her homework.
No one ever said she was a lousy reporter.
You're not the first D.
who's ever been played.
You? Back when I was young enough.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) We have proof Carlin's wines are fake.
Was that the persimmon I didn't taste? No.
The nuclear chemistry lab at Columbia found cesium 137 in a bottle of Carlin's 1933 Bordeaux.
Well, cesium 137 wasn't introduced into the atmosphere until nuclear testing in the 1950s.
So you've nailed the guy for fraud, and bouncing around a bedroom with a reporter.
Did you happen to find anything linking him to the murder? So it's still a theory, a hunch.
It makes sense.
So does the case against Vance, which contains actual evidence.
Can you dig up anything solid against Carlin? If we keep looking, Vance's lawyer will hear about it, and she'll beat us to death with it if we continue against Vance.
Against Vance? If we don't find anything against Carlin.
You're making me dizzy.
Decide whom you want to prosecute.
Uh, I don't understand what I'm doing here.
It's routine, Mr.
We just need to prep your testimony against Mr.
I'm not really comfortable about this.
Marty's a friend.
We need you to establish his motive.
Lauren Vance told you she was looking for his hidden assets.
Not in so many words.
You told the police her meaning was clear.
You also told Mr.
Vance, that's how he knew.
I can't believe that Marty killed anybody.
Do you really need my testimony? Yes.
We believe he killed his wife, but he was lucky or clever or both.
We don't have much evidence, and there are holes we can't fill, like when he went to the kennel with her hands, he had to open a locked gate.
Now, he must have got the combination when he went up there with you, but we can't prove that.
All right, all right.
Look, if I help you on this, can you cut me some slack on the dog-fighting thing? It's turning out to be kind of a big deal.
You want to swap, for testifying against your friend? Look, this is the real world.
I accept reality.
We'll take your cooperation into consideration.
All right.
When Marty and I went up to the kennel, the lock was sticking.
The dog guy, Mackey, couldn't get it open.
Marty helped him.
So he could have seen the combination? I'm going to be a lousy witness for you, aren't I? That's what we're here to talk about.
Look, I'm really sorry.
Well, I'm not sure that helps.
At first I tried to protect Marty, then I helped get him arrested.
So am I lying now or was I lying then? That's what his lawyer's going to ask me, isn't it? Yup.
Something like that, right around the time you mention that map you saw.
If I could just explain.
Everything was aimed at getting a story.
It's my job.
You'd understand.
I'm not sure the jury will be made up of high achievers.
It's been a long day, trial prep.
Would you join me? Sure.
Carlin was here earlier.
He sent over a bottle from his cellar.
Do you taste the vanilla? (DOOR OPENING) Hey, Mike.
You got a minute? Yeah, sure.
It's Mackey.
He says he found some footprints that might belong to whoever tossed in the hands.
You're kidding.
What, next to his dog pen? Yeah, he says he just found them, that they might be connected to the murder.
And why should we trust him now? I'm not so sure we should.
Ah, just file a report and we'll deal with it later.
Isn't that the guy with the dogs? Yeah.
He's been begging for a deal since day one, still at it.
Yeah Yeah, I did some research when I covered that story.
I got to tell you, those fighting dogs are different.
You know, when two normal dogs meet, even two wolves, one is aggressive and one rolls over, and that's the end of it.
Submission signal.
The first one is dominant.
He stops.
Fight over.
But with these fighting dogs, they don't stop, they keep attacking.
Yeah, well, I really don't have time for that guy right now.
What kind of deal does he want? You've got him nailed, don't you? Absolutely.
All of a sudden, he says he's discovered footprints next to his dog pen, maybe from the guy who tossed in the hands.
After all this time? He says the cadets who were sorting through the dog crap put boards down to protect their shoes and covered the prints.
It's probably his own damn footprint.
What are you going to do? Finish prepping my trial and go to bed.
I'll call Ulster County in the morning, let them deal with it.
DAWN: Don't forget your rake.
CARLIN: Don't worry.
I'll get everything when we leave.
Now, where the hell are these footprints supposed to be? He didn't tell me.
Where were you standing? I don't know.
I was in kind of a hurry.
Maybe over Uh-oh, I think somebody just stepped in something.
You're under arrest for trespassing.
(HANDCUFFS SNAPPING) Yeah, can we go now? It's a damn misdemeanor.
I'll pay the fine.
Hey, I hear you two got in some kind of trouble, our two star witnesses.
It's nothing.
I don't know what he told you.
He said you were sneaking around Mackey's kennel.
You didn't tell him about the footprints, did you? By the way, there weren't any.
I'm calling my lawyer.
We can all watch a movie until he gets here.
How about this one? I've got my own.
DAWN: Don't forget your rake.
CARLIN: Don't worry.
I'll get everything when we leave.
Well, what do you know? Looks like it was you who knew the combination to that lock.
DAWN: He didn't tell me.
Where were you standing? I don't know, I was in kind of a hurry.
CUTTER: Where were you standing when, Mr.
Carlin? You were in a kind of a hurry to do what? Mike, he just asked me to go for a drive.
He said he'd get me a story.
Yeah, we saw the tape, babycakes.
Oh, I know that was just you practicing journalism.
By the way, Mr.
Carlin, you might want to mention to your lawyer that we're confiscating the contents of your wine cellar.
His wine? It's counterfeit, new wine in old bottles.
That's why he killed Lauren Vance, because she found out he was a fraud.
He didn't tell you? The wine is fake? Please don't say anything.
We're seizing his house, too, proceeds of a corrupt enterprise.
If you were planning on marrying him, looks like you're going to have to pay for the reception, but not for at least 25 years.
Detective, would you please place Mr.
Carlin under arrest for murder? What about her? I can help you.
Like you helped me at the grand jury? Like you helped Marty Vance? I can really help you.
He told me to get close to Marty.
Don't be an idiot.
I saw the map at his house.
CARLIN: They're going to get you, too.
I didn't kill anybody.
I'll tell you whatever you want to know.
I guess that would be the submission signal? But I'm not like the other dogs.
I don't stop.
Perjury, and hindering prosecution, for starters.
JUDGE: You're dropping the charge? We are, Your Honor.
The People now believe that Mr.
Vance is innocent of involvement in the murder of his wife.
Another person has been charged with the crime.
In fact, we have a motion hearing scheduled.
I love it when the system works.
Vance, you're free to go.
And I'm sure you have Mr.
Cutter's profoundest apologies.
Does he? Yes.
You know, if she wasn't such a lying slut and a disgrace to her profession and, you know, an accessory to murder, you two might have really hit it off.
Could we please do this another time? Sure.
What kind of dog did you say you were? Good boy, good boy.
Let's go home.
Come on!