Law & Order (1990) s18e18 Episode Script


NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Usually you send a driver for the barrels, not the boss.
Usually you send me the barrels.
I didn't get anything from you last month.
It's not like we have a contract.
Come on, Madison and Beezley have been refining your company's sweepings since my grandfather and your grandfather got home from D-Day.
What's going on, Joe? Itried Benson Refiners.
They got me a 2% gold yield.
Two percent? They were paying you $900 an ounce for mouse turds to get you as a customer, and you know it.
Yeah, but I got the 2%, didn't I? The barrels are yours.
See you at the gym.
How's it cranking, Henry? Fourteen hundred Fahrenheit.
No particulates.
Keep the EPA off our back.
Make that a thousand degrees max.
I don't need any gold going up the stack.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hello? Ah, hello, sweetie.
Nighty-night double night to you, too.
You go to sleep.
I'll kiss you when I get home.
HENRY: I left him here last midnight.
Icame in this a.
to open up, and I found him like that.
What was Mr.
Madison doing when you left? He was in his office.
He said he had a few more things to finish.
The furnace was lit? It was cooling off.
Otherwise, he'd just be ash.
All right, thank you very much.
You mind waiting over there.
(EXCLAIMS) We found a set of keys in the outside door, on the outside.
His Mercedes key was still on the ring.
So he was inside, he went outside, and was coming back inside.
Maybe with a gun in his back.
You know, they make trash into gold here, right? Guess that batch is ruined.
Wow! $900 an ounce.
London fixing, this morning.
Is anything missing? I'd have to run an audit.
When do you need a (SIGHS) Victor's wife, and her father.
What happened? BERNARD: We don't know yet, Mrs.
It could have been a robbery and your husband didn't cooperate.
There's never been a robbery since my father started this place.
I thought it was, uh, Mr.
Madison's grandfather.
Madison and Beezley.
I'm Edgar Beezley.
When my daughter married Victor, the families merged.
We always felt so safe here.
When was the last time that you saw your husband, Mrs.
Madison? At dinner, then I went to my father's place.
Vic: said he had some paperwork to catch up on.
Were there any problems? Personal or in the business? SUZANNE: Personal? No.
How about the business? The price of gold is going nuts, right? Yeah, it's made everything more competitive.
I mean, customers were being wooed away, but we've got generations of loyalty here.
Everything was fine.
says your victim received a fatal blow to the back of the head before he was put in the incinerator.
Somebody wanted to make sure he was dead.
Or they were just tidying up.
Old man Beezley was right.
Business is good.
They've been paying on time, Cavalier Designs, Willens Jewelers, That doesn't quite sayjewelry to me.
It's not on their customer list.
Madison made the payment himself, $5,000, the day before he died.
Find out what it was for.
I've been calling around the gold business.
No body's ever heard of a 7Q Partners and their address is a mail drop.
From the bank where Madison's check was deposited.
Look at this.
7Q's account was opened with money wired from a bank in the Cayman Islands.
Money-laundering central.
Plus wire transfers from New York, Miami, the Middle East.
Look at the payers.
George Smith and Fred Miller.
Those names sound Middle Eastern to you? Mystery money and a relationship with a gold refiner.
Drug dealers like gold.
It's not traceable.
So do terrorists.
SUZANNE: I don't know how much I can tell you.
I haven't been involved in the business since Isabel was born.
Vic ran it himself after my father retired.
This is my brother, Frank.
Are you with the business, too? No.
The familyjoke is that I'm allergic to gold dust.
You know what, Big Shorty? I don't think they need us here.
Why don't we make like a tree and leave? (CLICKS TONGUE) What exactly do you want to know? Did your husband deal with any people in South America or the Middle East? Our clients are mostly local.
Well, who bought the gold after you refined it out? Anyone who wanted to.
It's an open market.
Are you familiar with a company called 7Q Partners? No.
Why? Your husband sent them a check for $5,000.
Iwouldn't know about that.
But if you're asking me if we do business with terrorists or criminals, we don't.
Then you wouldn't mind if we had a second look at your husband's office? No.
Lots of cash and cashier's checks.
Not a lot of buyers' names.
Their choice.
Where did Mr.
Madison record his appointments? Do you know who George Smith is? No.
One of the names that sent money to 7Q Partners.
Madison's datebook.
Last Tuesday, George Smith, Park Hotel.
Yes, Mr.
Smith was a guest here Tuesday night.
Do you have his address? Sure.
Wow! It's supposed to be here.
How'd he pay for the room? It says with cash.
Look, if you have any questions, why don't you just ask him? He's registered for tonight.
Room 202.
Smith? You call that a knock? LUPO: Mr.
Smith? Hello? Mr.
Smith travels light.
BERNARD: Maybe he hasn't checked in yet.
Who left the door open? Let's ask downstairs.
(sums) Wrong floor? Yeah.
I'm on three.
You mind showing us your room key? As a matter of fact, I do.
You know, if you don't have a room key, you're trespassing.
You know, I think I left it in the restaurant.
I'll just go downstairs and get my key.
How about this? You show me your ID and you can go wherever you want.
All right.
Have a nice evening, Sarah.
What do you think? A thousand bucks an hour? At least.
George Smith, first-class all the way.
Sarah Shipley, And according to her B-Frendz page, is an aspiring performance artist.
According to a bellman we talked to from the hotel, she services customers for Excalibur Exclusives.
Excalibur Exclusives? Mmm-hmm, it's an escort service for guys with really big swords.
They wish.
Here's their website here.
This could be her.
VAN BUREN: Discreet encounters.
We come to you.
You said no one was in the room.
It was a "playpen.
" Excalibur rents the room for their customers under the name George Smith.
But that was a name connected with 7Q Partners.
We have 7Q's payroll right here and Sarah Shipley is on it.
Excalibur Exclusives.
So the check your victim wrote wasn't about drugs or terrorism.
It was just another middle-aged married man out to get his jollies.
Which could make his wife a suspect, if she knew what he was up to.
She said she was at her father's the night of the murder.
Suzanne was here until midnight.
Isabel fell asleep on my couch.
I carried her out to a cab.
Why? Were you aware of any problems in your daughter's marriage? What's that supposed to mean? LUPO: Well, a few days before he died, Victor paid $5,000 to a prostitution service.
BERNARD: How do you think your daughter would feel about something like that? She'd kill him.
She'd divorce him, take every penny.
That night, when she was here, did she seem nervous? Upset? She make any calls? No.
Everything was normal.
We talked about the business and Frank, my son.
He was finally thinking of joining the company.
Your son-in-law wrote a check to an outfit called 7Q Partners.
You've heard of it? Yeah, Victor asked me about it a couple of months ago.
He said it came up in connection with one of our customers.
He wanted to know if I knew what it was.
Did you? No.
Why would Madison ask his father-in-law about a prostitution outfit? It's not exactly a way to win points with the old guy.
Unless he didn't know what it was, and he really was asking.
It might not be the kind of operation that appreciates being asked about.
Let's get a tap on Excalibur's phones, try to figure out what the hell was going on.
MAN: So, uh, do you have a black girl? WOMAN: We have all colors, and they're all gorgeous.
Maybe light black? With nice features, you know.
Nice features.
(CHUCKLES) I've been over Madison's books with a forensic accountant.
He looked back three months, to about the time Madison was asking his father-in-law about 7Q Partners.
We might've found what got him interested.
A check for $20,000 payable from Madison and Beezley to Golly Marketing which endorsed it over to 7Q Partners.
What's Golly Marketing, and why would Victor Madison care who it gave its money to? (SIGHING) Let's go ask them.
MAN: Hey, so my friend and! were wondering if we could have the honor of buying you ladies a drink.
Two Michelangelo vodkas.
It's the best.
Excuse us, fellas.
Do you mind? We're We're working here.
It's called guerrilla marketing.
We know.
We were at the office.
They told us the boss would be here with a crew hustling Michelangelo vodka.
Where is he? Over there.
Buy them a drink.
Remember, Michelangelo.
Frank Beezley? Hey.
You guys want a drink? You're Golly Marketing? Yeah.
Brand promotion, best way to influence young tastemakers, one-on-one.
But we heard you were looking for a different gig.
BERNARD: Your father told us you wanted back into the family business.
Where you can make a lot more money than reaching young tastemakers one-on-one.
You guys want something? We've been looking at the records from Madison and Beezley, Frank.
Some money was sent to you from the company.
I get a share from a family trust.
And then you sent that money to a company that runs an escort service.
I I don't know what you're talking about.
Your brother-in-law, he did.
He was snooping around the escort service.
How would your father have reacted had Victor mentioned it? There's nothing to mention.
Or maybe Victor wasn't too happy about you joining him in the business, and he found away to keep you out.
I don't know anything about prostitution.
You guys keep this up, you're looking at a major lawsuit.
Now, I'm working.
WOMAN 1: And I can't do two dates tomorrow.
I got a doctor's appointment.
Isn't there somebody else? WOMAN 2: It's kind of short notice.
I'll have to check with Frank.
Frank who? Frank's kind of a common name.
It all adds up.
Frank Beezley wanted back into the family business.
Victor Madison had the gold business all to himself.
He couldn't tell his brother-in-law to forget it.
Frank had a claim.
But Victor tumbles on Frank's connection to prostitution, and if Victor blows the whistle, Frank's family would have disowned him.
But until we prove that this Frank and Frank Beezley are one in the same I know someone we can ask.
LUPO: You waiting for a date? What do you want? A little cooperation.
We're interested in the management of Excalibur Exclusives.
Never heard of it.
LUPO: Oh, really? The website says your specialty is a girlfriend experience.
Go to hell.
That's not very girlfriend-like.
Actually, it is kind of like my last girlfriend.
You've got me confused with somebody else.
Mom! It was so fun! Thanks for taking her, Mary.
Nice kid.
SARAH: Sorry I'm late.
You should have told us this yesterday.
This is a $5,000 client.
Is that Angela? Is she flaking out again? MONA: I think she's on drugs.
FRANK: And what's your problem? Aren't you supposed to be out on a date? SARAH: Some of us have lives besides servicing paper goods salesmen.
Well, put them on hold.
We're bleeding money here.
Tough business.
Who knew? We got what we need.
We're going in.
WARREN: Tell her we can reschedule her 3:00.
But if we make it for 4:00, she has to be there by 4:00.
Everybody stay real still.
You're all under arrest.
Hello, Frank.
What are you promoting now, one-on-one? Let's go.
"Case number 18018.
”People v.
Frank Beezley, Mona Theroux and Warren Pewls.
"Promoting Prostitution, Money Laundering.
" Let's get your plea.
Jake Nemeth, Your Honor, lead counsel.
Each defendant pleads not guilty to all charges.
People request million each for Pewls and Theroux, and four million for defendant Beezley.
Four million? I didn't realize bail was tied to the price of oil.
These defendants are pimps whose only community ties are to the women they exploit.
As for Defendant Beezley, he's the subject of a murder investigation and he's a flight risk with access to family money.
Your Honor, I'm Edgar Beezley and I can tell you my son isn't getting a dime.
Far as I'm concerned, he can rot in jail.
DESMOND: How refreshing.
Bail is set per the People's application.
So ends Frank's prodigal son fantasy.
Our murder case might turn out to be a fantasy too, unless we can prove Madison was trying to expose Frank.
Well, we know he was looking into 7Q's financials.
And he made a payment to them of $5,000.
He hired one of their girls.
Part of his detective work? We need to find that girl.
(SOBBING) I swear to God I didn't know it was prostitution.
They told me the girls just modeled swimsuits.
Well, you can help yourself by helping us.
We need to match a client to an escort, Ms.
Theroux, and we need you to decode the record.
In return for dropping all charges against her.
We'll take your cooperation into consideration.
We're looking for the girl you booked for an appointment with this gentleman.
Victor Madison.
This is a copy of his check to the agency's account.
I can find him from that.
Madison is Frank Beezley's brother-in-law.
Did Frank ever talk about him? No.
A week ago Thursday night, was Frank in the office? Thursday nights were staff meetings.
Frank got there late.
He He was sweaty, his shirt was torn.
He said he had gotten into a fight with a cab driver.
It's Chanel.
That guy's appointment was with Chanel.
She's one of our exotic models, from Brazil.
She lives with her boyfriend.
I think he's with organized crime.
LUPO: All right, stop it! CHANEL".
Don't hurt him! Stay there! Richie, don't fight them! They're going to hurt you! Hey, listen to your girl, Richie.
Why you taking him? He didn't do nothing.
He didn't tell you? The Feds have a warrant out for him.
Screw the Feds and screw you.
LUPO: That's the spirit.
BERNARD: All right, Chanel, you're next.
Come on.
I don't got nothing to do with Richie's stuff.
Oh, no, Richie? He's just the sideshow.
You're the main attraction.
CONNIE: Do you recognize this man? You had a date with him two weeks ago.
The cop.
I mean, he had a lot of questions.
No sex, just questions.
What kind of questions? About the chefe Mr.
Was he the boss of Excalibur? Did I ever talk to Mr.
Frank? Like that.
He freaked me out, this guy.
Did you tell Frank about him? Itexted him.
He called me back, I was already with my next date but Mr.
Frank didn't care, he was all upset.
Did Frank say he knew this man? Well, when I told him the guy had letters on his sleeve, here, two letters, V.
Frank said "Victor.
" And your date, did he overhear your conversation with Frank? He would have had to.
He was feeling me up the whole time I was on the phone.
We might need to talk to him.
His name's Al.
It was my second time with him.
Can you describe him? White guy, old like him.
If Richie were here, he could tell you.
He saw Al in the lobby of the hotel when he came to pick me up.
Richie Citrone was wanted in connection with a RICO investigation.
He's a bad character but he's cooperating.
We wanted to thank your office for grabbing him up.
JACK: You're welcome.
But a US Attorney and an FBI Special Agent have better things to do than hand out thank-you notes, don't you? We're interested in evidence you gathered on Excalibur Exclusives.
We understand the police have wiretaps.
I'm not current on what they have.
Well, we'd like the tapes of the calls pertaining to clients who saw Richie Citrone's girlfriend, Chanel.
Why those calls? (JACK slsl-ls) Right.
Put your request in writing and I'll let you know.
PURCELL: We'll look forward to it.
Chanel was popular.
Over the course of three days, she had Let's hear them.
Any idea what the Feds are looking for? MONA: Excalibur.
Can I help you? Hello, Mona.
This is Tom.
Yes, Tom.
Did you receive the package? I sent it yesterday.
Yes, we received it, Everythinqs okay for tonight.
You'll be seeing Chanel.
She's a brunette, very exotic.
So you'll call after you check in and give me the room number? Yes, around 10:00.
I'll call you back.
Can I help you? Yes.
This is Al.
I'd like to set something up with Chanel for tomorrow.
My account number is Al, that's the guy who was with Chanel when she was on the phone with Frank.
MONA: We'll need another 4, 700.
Do you want to wire it? AL".
I have cash.
Can I leave it with the concierge at the hotel tomorrow? We'll need it two hours I've heard enough.
JACK: It's a non-target letter.
It states that you're not the target of the investigation but you are a person of interest.
I can read what it says.
The original is being delivered to your lawyer.
This investigation The Victor Madison murder.
His brother-in-law is being charged.
He runs an escort agency, Excalibur Exclusives.
Part of our proof is a phone call he made to an escort named Chanel.
She was with a client when she got the call, someone calling himself Al.
He hasn't been positively identified.
We have the girl's testimony as to the content of the call, but it's possible we might need her client Al to corroborate.
Why are you here, Jack? The police tapped the agency's phones.
They taped calls from clients.
I thought I recognized a voice.
Who else knows about this? No one.
But at some point, everyone may.
So anyone involved in this might want to speak to their families.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
That's not all, Governor.
You have enemies in the Justice Department? Back when I ran the Anti-Corruption Task Force, I put a couple of their guys in jail.
They're probably still sore about it.
Why? The FBI and the US Attorney have asked for the wiretaps pertaining to that girl.
They may have a witness, the girl's boyfriend, who can identify the client.
How will you answer this request? There are legitimate grounds to oppose it.
Necessity, prosecutorial privilege.
That's good.
I like seeing that fire in your belly.
You're going to need it when you run for a full term as D.
I'm running for D.
? Stay in touch, Jack.
She's lying.
Chanel never told me about Victor.
I had no idea.
A prostitute with a drug problem if that's your best murder evidence, you're in trouble, Mr.
It's evidence we can back up.
What have you got, a meth addict to corroborate a cokehead? No, I think we're done here.
That was quick.
It's going to come down to a bake-off between Chanel and Frank.
We better be ready.
We need to find Al.
How's that coming? Well, it's not going to be easy.
He paid in cash, the hotel room was booked under an alias, and the phone number traces back to a pre-paid cell.
He's careful.
He's either got a suspicious wife or a high-profile job.
Jack,have you seen this? JACK: Seen what? The Manhattan Hears blog is reporting that you're being investigated.
Somebody e-mailed me the link.
"Was the city's top law enforcer "California dreaming on our dime? "Allegations are flying that hard-charging D.
Jack McCoy "charged the tax-payers for a personal trip out west "where he used public funds to play Daddy with his daughter.
" JACK: It's ridiculous.
I attended a conference in Los Angeles.
Rebecca drove up from San Diego for dinner.
You don't have to convince us, Jack.
CONNIE: There's more "insiders say the Attorney General "may empanel a grand jury to investigate.
" Yes, it surprised me too.
Thanks for calling me back, Bill.
Good night.
It's a bunch of nothing.
But now the Attorney General has to order an audit.
I have a friend in the blogosphere.
She chased the rumor back to a PR firm, Swann and Poltech.
You know them? They handled the Governor's campaign.
You think they'd put this out without checking with him? Didn't you tell me a few weeks ago that you were Shalvoy's new fair-haired boy? A few weeks is a long time.
Jack What's going on? Somebody's sending me a message.
Close the door.
(sums) That escort's client, Al, the one who was in the room when she got the phone call.
I recognized the voice.
I think it's Shalvoy.
All right.
Go on.
I went to see Shalvoy.
I gave him a copy of a non-target letter I sent his lawyer.
I told him about the tapes, that he might be called as awitness.
And when were you going to tell me? I'm telling you now.
I told Shalvoy the Feds want those tapes, that they're targeting him for a Corrupt Officials investigation.
Now he's warning me if I don't protect him I can forget about running for D.
next year.
So you've decided to run? I haven't decided not to run.
Maybe you shouldn't.
I'm prosecuting a murderer and you practically commit witness-tampering.
He wasn't a witness when I talked to him.
Well, I'm not even sure I can use him now, thanks to you.
When this comes out, it's going to make us all look bad.
Mike, get mad at me tomorrow.
I can't fight you and the Governor at the same time.
Well, you can win that fight.
Just give the Feds what they want.
He's the one who hired a prostitute.
But the Feds cut a deal with a violent mob punk to catch Shalvoy with his pants down.
They have a history of bad blood with Shalvoy.
It's payback time, and I refuse to do their dirty work.
And jeopardize your job.
Mike, give me a little credit.
I'm glad I'm not the one getting his nuts squeezed.
The allegation's outrageous that you'd misuse public funds.
I'll issue a statement of support this afternoon.
Which will only lend credence to the charges.
You can't sit back and let these things get traction, Jack.
You can drop the charade, Governor.
We both know what this is about.
What is it about, Jack? It's a not-so-subtle reminder of your power.
I came to you to do the decent thing, to give you a chance to square up with your family before your indiscretions blow up in your face.
Nothing's going to blow up, Jack, because you're not going to allow that.
You like being District Attorney.
More to the point, you'd like to keep being District Attorney.
And you can't do that without me.
Don, you can't dodge this scandal.
You can only make it worse.
It's in your interest to cover my back.
So that's what you're going to do.
No? Your request for the tapes lacked specificity and failed to establish any evidentiary foundation.
We'll correct those defects in our next application which will come in the form of a subpoena.
Then you can read my 10 other reasons to deny your request in my motion to quash your subpoena.
We read the blogs too, Mr.
We know what's going on here.
Shalvoy yanks the leash and you heel.
If you came here to annoy me, you've succeeded.
Good day.
How's your trial prep coming? Our witness list looks like a hip-hop video.
Hookers, pimps, players Add this name to your list.
Issue the subpoena now but don't turn the name over to the defense until you're absolutely sure you need the testimony.
Governor Shalvoy? Al as he's known to his friends in the escort business.
I never should've talked to that bastard.
I let sentiment cloud myjudgment.
Apology accepted.
But I'm a little confused.
Didn't you just turn down the Feds' request for the tapes? I don't want the Feds to take down Shalvoy.
I want to do it myself.
Jack, we need to talk.
I just got served a subpoena signed by Michael Cutter.
I know.
I told him to do it.
You told him? What the hell are you doing? Helping to convict a murderer.
You have maybe 10 days before this goes public.
Now go home to your family My family's none of your business.
My personal life is not anybody's business.
You worry, Jack.
You worry how you're going to get elected without me.
It's thanks to me you have this job in the first place.
Nobody wanted you.
I'd rather be an unemployed lawyer than a well-fed pet.
You're a fool.
I had high hopes for you.
I had high hopes for you! How could you do this, to the people who work for you, the people who elected you? How could you be so reckless with their trust? I respected you, Donald.
Respected you.
SUZANNE: A few months ago, my brother told me he wanted to come back into the family business.
He was afraid of asking our father.
He wanted me to go with him.
I had always admired my brother for starting his own business, for trying to have his own identity.
But he was having a hard time.
What happened when you and Frank went to see your father? Dad was very tough on Frank.
Frank had to practically beg for another chance.
Finally Dad said if it was okay with Victor and me, he wouldn't stand in the way.
CUTTER: Thank you.
No more questions.
What did your husband Victor say about Frank rejoining the family business? I wouldn't say that Victor was thrilled, but he didn't object.
So this theory that he was sabotaging my client's return to Madison and Beezley is pure speculation, isn't it? Withdrawn.
No more questions.
CUTTER: Re-direct, Your Honor.
Madison, if you'd known your brother was operating an escort service, would you have welcomed him back with open arms? No.
I couldn't.
It's unforgiveable.
(sums) Rita.
They didn't tell me you were here.
Ten years as a victims' advocate, I've perfected the art of the ambush.
(sums) Donald told me what's going on.
He told me all about it.
I'm really sorry for everything you're going through, but I hope you're not here to advocate for Donald.
He's not a victim here.
No, but my young sons are.
Please, Jack, don't drag Donald into court.
You don't need him.
Rita, even if there wasn't atrial I promise you, he won't seek re-election.
He'll be out of office in a year.
Let my family retire from public life with some dignity.
I can't do it, Rita.
You want to serve the greater good.
I know that about you.
This office is where you can do the most good.
You'd have me keep my job by not doing my job? Donald broke the law.
Don't get self-righteous with me.
Rita, I know how difficult this is No, You don't.
You can't.
I want to hit him, Jack.
I want to hurt him.
He broke my heart.
But I will not be the long-suffering wife who stands by her man in front of the cameras and is dissected while he grovels for forgiveness.
I will not be that woman.
I won't be humiliated.
I'm sorry.
Frank was screaming at me over the phone.
Said that if it turned out I said anything about him to that guy, he'd hurt me.
I swore to him I didn't.
When you say that guy, you mean this man, the victim, Victor Madison? CHANEL: Yes.
Thank you.
No more questions.
Barva, when you had sex with your customers, did you tell them they were great lovers, real stallions in bed? Sure.
And are they great in bed? No.
That's just what they want to hear.
When you worked for my client, did you use cocaine on a daily basis? Sure.
Doing that job, it helped.
How could you afford that habit? Did you sell drugs to your customers? Sometimes.
It's like party favors.
Wasn't that against Excalibur's rules? Right, the rules.
And when my client found out about it, didn't he dock your pay? Yeah, it wasn't fair.
I worked for that money.
Didn't he suspend you? That was wrong.
So now, here is your chance to pay him back, isn't it, to punish him? No.
I'm not like that.
Like what? A liar who tells people what they want to hear, a drug addict who sells drugs, a cheat Screw you! I'm not a bad person! I'm not! No more questions.
He walked her right into a buzzsaw.
It was ugly.
We have no choice now.
We have to pull the trigger on Shalvoy.
We need him to testify about what he overheard.
Do it.
File an amended witness list tonight, send it to the defense.
That'll give them the weekend to get ready.
I better prepare a statement for the press.
It's Frank's attorney.
They want a meeting now.
He wants to plead guilty? NEMETH: That's right.
So, what are you prepared to offer? No.
Well, let me think about it.
We do this now or we forget it.
Twenty to life.
I'll call the judge now and we'll allocute Monday morning.
Let's go.
Beezley, I don't understand.
Your lawyer practically demolished our main witness.
Like I explained to my client, juries are very unpredictable.
It doesn't make sense, the case was going well for him.
One thing about this guilty plea, there's no need now for Shalvoy to testify.
Yeah, his secret life stays secret.
They got to Frank Beezley.
Find out how.
Ivisited my son in jail.
Is that some sort of crime? Well, your first visit in three months? ltjumped out.
Especially since four hours later Frank took a guilty plea.
What magic words did you tell him? Just my reassurance that no matter what, I'd stand by him.
Maybe that gave him the courage to face his responsibility.
Must be tough to just jump back into the family business.
It's a huge pain in the ass is what it is.
Your daughter doesn't want to run it? What, in the place where her husband was murdered? So you're putting it up for sale? Madison and Beezley has always passed from father to son.
Except your son will be busy for the next 20 years.
(LAUGHS) Looks like you've turned a corner on Frank.
I was always strict with Frank, especially after my wife died.
But a boy, no matter how old, needs to know that his father loves him.
It took a mother with sons to remind me of that.
I need to get back to this.
(SOFTLY) A mother with sons.
(BOYS CHATTERING) Come on, boys, go do your homework.
(sums) Sorry to keep you waiting.
I need to speak to you in private.
Rita, I want a straight answer.
Did you have any contact with Frank Beezley's father? You got what you wanted, didn't you, Jack? Your murderer's going to prison.
For how long? Until Donald commutes his sentence? That's the deal, isn't it? Jack, why is it so hard for you to understand? Family is the most important thing.
Family and public service.
We have a lot we want to accomplish.
We? Is this about your ambitions too? DONALD: Ready? Hi, Jack.
Jack was just telling me that his murder case has ended in a plea bargain.
Let me just say goodnight to the boys.
A plea bargain's good.
Those juries are just too damn unpredictable.
You son-of-a-bitch.
Jack, now, you can threaten me, or you can resign, or you can do like the rest of us, bite the bullet and move on.
By the way, I want you to be my guest, July 19th.
The Feds are breaking ground on a new DEA regional headquarters in White Plains.
The State is leasing the land to them for 99 years for $1.
DONALD: Good night, Jack.
They did? All right, thanks.
The Feds withdrew their subpoena for the tapes.
Shalvoy bought them off with a land lease.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Our star witness, Chanel.
ICE deported her back to Brazil last night.
That leaves Richie Citrone, the boyfriend.
He saw Shalvoy at the hotel.
Richie Citrone has disappeared into Witness Protection.
Thafsit Shalvoy tied up all the loose ends.
There must be something he forgot.
A payment, a hotel room he booked.
All cash transactions, and all the rooms were booked under assumed names.
If they're all under assumed names, how can you even be sure it was him? Show him.
This is the name he used to book a room in February.
"John McCoy.
" (CLEARS THROAT) He has a sense of humor.
(CHUCKLES) You're his enemy now, Jack.
Let me know what I can do.