Law & Order (1990) s19e21 Episode Script

Skate or Die

In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Hey, Tinker Bell, where's Peter Pan? Hey! Are you practicing for the Olympic team from Neverland? Do you know who I am? No.
No, man.
Just a guy on skates.
It's cool.
The bodies were found by volunteers taking a homeless census.
They were out all night trying to get a count of the people living on the streets.
Yeah, and dying, apparently.
No wallets, no IDs.
This one doesn't even have a face anymore.
They could be hoboes.
There's a freight line right over there.
Hoboes? What's this, 1933? Sort of, yeah.
Blunt force to the head.
Maybe college kids out bum beating.
But this is definitely overkill.
This must be the murder weapon.
A piece of rebar with a chunk of cement on the end.
Looks like he caught 'em sleeping.
Not this one.
His shoes are on, pack is on, facing away from the others.
Maybe running away.
That looks like one of those old hobo symbols.
Looks like that's been there for a while.
Anybody know what that means? Yeah.
"Don't sleep here if you don't want to get your head bashed in.
" Time of death's around 2:00 a.
Guy with the backpack took a few minutes to go.
These two were pretty instantaneous.
And these Postmortem.
The killer carved them into the bodies after the victims were dead.
Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.
Whatever the killer used, it was sharp.
There are no carvings on the third body.
That's because he wasn't a target.
He just happened on the scene and got clubbed as a witness.
This wasn't a bum beating.
Cryptic carvings, body desecration.
My very first serial killer.
The FBI calls him the Boxcar Basher.
Oh, that's cute.
He rides the rails, hops off when he gets the itch.
Always kills within sight of a freight line.
Well, the Oak Point Links is across the river from that encampment.
I pulled these off ViCAP.
He's killed nine people since 2001.
Our three make it 12.
He targets the homeless, one or two at a time.
They've got no prints of value, no DNA.
What's with the number? 377? It's the year Emperor Gratian declared heretics enemies of the Roman Catholic Church.
Do we have IDs on our three? Uh, just one is in the system, the guy in the sleeping bag, uh, Mickey Flynn, out of Tulsa.
We're trying to get a hold of his sister there.
The other two are still John Does.
There's a homeless shelter on Ward's Island.
Somebody there might know who they are.
All right, get on that.
I used to go by that campsite every night.
You recognize him? His name's Mickey Flynn, used to live in Tulsa.
All right, what about someone with these skates with that Olympic symbol? Uh, sorry.
What about number three? Oh, God.
Who's Chip? Uh, Chip Hudson.
He and his girlfriend were staying here.
Uh, doing good, staying sober.
They're inseparable.
But this morning, I saw Mary at breakfast alone.
Okay, is Mary here now? Uh, no.
She usually hangs around Union Square during the day.
She doesn't like cops.
Is that a bribe? Sort of, yeah.
We're very sorry about Chip, Mary.
Can you tell us what he did last night? We were supposed to go to the movies, but he was late.
He said he'd met some homeless guy he knew from around who was buying everybody scotch and steaks at Moron's.
Moran's? I don't know.
I made him take me to the late movie.
So we got back to the shelter after it closed, so we went to the camp, and What happened at the camp, Mary? Hey, we want to catch the person who did this and put him in jail.
We really do.
We saw a man leaning over two bodies on the ground.
It looked like he was drawing on them.
Chip thought he was stealing, so he ran in to stop him.
Did you see the man's face? Sort of.
He glowed a little.
His face glowed? His hand glowed.
It lit his face.
What do you mean, his hand glowed? It had a blue light.
He kept looking at it, then back at what he was drawing.
And then he saw Chip, and he picked up a stick and he hit Chip, and Chip yelled, "Run, Mary, run," and I ran and I ran! We should have just went home.
I didn't need to see that movie.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Mary, it's not your fault.
All right? Look at me, Mary.
Mary, did the thing in that man's hand look like this? I don't know.
Hey, what about now, hmm? Yeah.
What is that? The killer was looking back and forth from the screen to the number that he was carving into the bodies.
We figured he wanted to get it just right.
He could have looked up serial killers on the Internet, downloaded the number 377 to his cell phone.
You're saying this is a copycat? Yeah.
Based on a grieving madwoman who saw a glowing hand? Not just that.
The carvings are out of order.
Out of order? Right, on the wrong body parts.
Now these are the previous victims.
The first carving was on the toe, the second one on the foot, then the heel, the ankle, the calf, knee, thigh, hip, back.
Moving up the body.
Our victims were carved in the calf and the arm.
So why does this remind me of a song? Dem Bones.
"Toe bone's connected to the foot bone, "foot bone connected to the heel bone.
"Now hear the word of the Lord.
" Yeah, it's Ezekiel 37 Verse seven.
verse seven.
Our killer didn't know any of this, so he carved the wrong places.
You mean our copycat.
He's pretending to be a serial killer, but he had a specific motive to kill one of our victims.
First thing is to find out which one.
All right, well, you can rule out Chip Hudson.
He wandered in when the two were already dead.
And probably Mickey Flynn.
His sister said he called late last night.
He'd just arrived in New York.
Not enough time to make an enemy.
Which leaves the roller skater, who had no prints in the system and not enough face left for anybody to recognize.
Well, someone's bound to recognize these.
You ever seen these? No, I don't think so.
That design I don't think the Olympic rings are supposed to be red and upside down.
You don't see too many of these.
What's that, the skates, or the upside down Olympic symbols? The skates.
Most people can't afford them.
Run you about 500 bucks.
A homeless guy with $500 skates? Maybe the same homeless guy that bought his friends scotch and steaks at Moran's.
I'm sorry to hear.
He was a regular.
People called him the Bipolar Roller.
Technically, I think he was schizophrenic.
I studied psychology.
The Bipolar Roller Was he in here last night? Well, not exactly in.
He and his buddies Well, there's a dress code.
Plus the odor.
We set up a table in the storeroom.
You know any of his buddies' names, where they hang out? New crowd every time.
The Roller was sociable.
He got money from somewhere, but chose to live on the street.
Do you know which street he chose to live on? He skated around 72nd and Broadway.
Had a regular fan club up there.
The Bipolar Roller.
He's here every day.
Is that good or bad for your business, with him hanging around? Don't think it makes any difference.
Kind of like my chiropractor.
You know his name or anywhere else he hangs out? Not really.
Why don't you ask him? Because he's dead.
Pretty lively corpse.
You're a very lucky man, you know that? We thought you were dead.
"The Bipolar Roller?" Real name's Jonah Applebaum.
He had a bottle of expired Haldol on him, says he doesn't need it anymore.
I beg to differ.
Oh, by the way, he doesn't want to be called the Bipolar Roller.
Why? It's offensive? It's trademarked.
Does anything in these two pictures look familiar? Those are my old skates.
I got new ones.
Get down.
Is that Paco? You tell us.
He had my old skates.
Is he dead? Yeah.
Three people were murdered on Randall's Island last night.
We thought that was you.
Do you know anybody that might have wanted to hurt Paco? Anyone that was mad at him? No.
Why did Paco have your skates? I gave them to him.
On, uh, Monday.
It was his birthday.
He really liked them, and I'd just gotten this new pair.
Did you see him last night? No.
I stayed in Manhattan last night.
I didn't go to the camp.
You usually stay there? Mmm.
It's nice.
I like the river.
So, it's possible that whoever killed Paco thought he was you.
Me? He had your skates.
You usually stay there.
It was dark.
Was anyone mad at you? Putin.
Putin Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader? He's ex-KGB.
The KGB is mad at you? I really can't talk about this.
We understand.
Maybe somebody wanted your money.
Has that ever been a problem? No.
Where do you get your money? My clothing line.
Someone tried to kill Jonah? We're not sure.
Can you think of anybody who'd want to? No.
I mean, he yells at people on the street sometimes, but he's harmless.
It seems as if he's a fashion entrepreneur which, I gotta tell ya, seems a little odd.
It was my brother's idea.
He heard about a guy like this in California.
He's got his own clothing line, too.
And then I saw Jonah, skating up at 72nd Street.
He had a following.
He was so crazy.
I don't mean "crazy" crazy, just crazy.
We thought people would like the image.
Actually, he is "crazy" crazy.
You don't think this is maybe a little exploitative? He gets the standard royalty, 6% of the gross.
He takes part in cash, and the other part in booze and disco tapes.
He's got a classic collection piled up in a corner of the warehouse.
You know, if Jonah weren't around, there'd be more for you.
If Jonah weren't around, there wouldn't be anything for anybody.
He's the brand.
Anyway, his heir would still own his contract.
We'd keep right on paying.
Who are his heirs? Heir.
His cousin.
I'm the only family he's got, or gives a damn.
He's got a brother in California who hasn't seen him in years.
His partners in the T-shirt company say he lists you as his next of kin.
He used to stay here sometimes, until my boyfriend moved in.
This place is barely big enough for one.
So Jonah's T-shirt money would help you out.
So to get a few hundred dollars, I killed a stranger I thought was my cousin, plus two other people? Do you know Jonah's story? Only that the KGB's after him.
He was 23, training for the Olympics, a pole vaulter.
He still holds the U-Conn school record.
The Russians were prime contenders that year.
The Olympic rings, the KGB One night he got high.
He was self-medicating.
The schizophrenia was starting to kick in, and he crashed his car.
He broke his left arm, bad, so no more pole vaulting ever.
He became convinced that the Russians had slipped him bad drugs so their guy could win.
Uh, Cal, uh, these are detectives.
They think somebody tried to kill Jonah.
Really? Why? We don't know.
Any theories? That guy, God only knows.
He skate over someone's foot again? Cal.
He's her pet.
I'm just the boyfriend.
Jonah's got to be freaking out.
He was already upset yesterday.
He came by here.
He was running around in just his socks.
He wanted some of his money.
I hold it for him.
What was he upset about? He said that some guy he knew Uh, Paco, had stolen his skates.
He ran out of here to buy new ones.
You lied to us, Jonah.
You said you gave your skates to Paco.
I was afraid that That you guys would think that I killed Paco.
Well, now we do think that you killed him.
See? Jonah Now would be a really good time to tell us the whole story.
Somebody was following me, okay? The Russians.
Paco said he'd take my skates for one night.
That's The skates are how they know who I am.
And then Paco wouldn't give them back.
So you got mad, and now he's dead.
Sorry, we're not in the market for any T-shirts right now.
Carpenter says he's Mr.
Applebaum's attorney.
I am an attorney.
Mostly commercial real estate, but Jonah's cousin told me you took him in.
They think I killed Paco.
Jonah, stop talking.
Don't say anything else.
Is he under arrest? No.
Then we're leaving.
He lied about the stolen skates.
He's got motive.
Well, does he have a PDA with a picture of the number 377 on it? Let's go look.
He keeps his stuff at the warehouse.
Check this out "Applebaum Leaps for Glory.
"Sophomore phenom Jonah Applebaum "clears 18 feet for a new conference record.
" He had a life once.
A future.
"The KGB and Mind Control.
" This is what his life's about now.
And this.
What? Dried blood.
Hey! Jonah! We have a warrant for your arrest.
All right? Oh, God! Oh, God! Jonah, stop! Get him that way, Lupo! Get him, Cyrus! Go get him! Cyrus! Get him! Go, go, go! Jonah! Jonah, stop! Come on.
Stand up.
Get up.
Put your hands behind your back.
Gotta look both ways, man.
"Case number 16352, People v.
Jonah Applebaum, "three counts of Murder in the Second Degree.
" Plea? Your Honor, we're going to need a 730 exam.
I want to plead not guilty.
I believe that may be what your attorney has in mind, sir.
No, not "not guilty" on account of I'm crazy, "not guilty" on account of I didn't do it.
Let's just call it "not guilty" and split hairs later.
The People request remand.
Applebaum has no fixed address.
And is possibly schizophrenic.
Send him to Rikers.
The intake unit can evaluate him.
Excuse me.
This is a terrible mistake.
And you are? Grant and Bob Carpenter.
We're in business with Jonah.
And we're his friends.
The knife he used to carve his victims was found in your warehouse.
In one of his boxes, right? Until a couple of weeks ago, all that stuff was at his cousin's place.
The morning after the murders, her boyfriend brought some boxes over.
But that boyfriend, Cal, doesn't like Jonah.
I don't think he'd mind getting rid of him, one way or another.
Jonah took some of his things out of my place last month.
We've been moving the rest bit by bit.
Including some the morning after the murders? Yeah, Cal took some stuff over.
He wants to make room for a drum set.
Was this knife in one of those boxes? I don't know.
You can't just think about protecting your cousin, Ms.
You've got to think about other people.
It's Jonah's.
But I don't believe he'd hurt anybody.
That knife was found in one of Jonah's boxes.
Someone who had access to that box is the killer, and if it's not Jonah What, Cal? We realize this is a difficult situation.
Does your boyfriend know you stand to inherit Jonah's merchandise royalties? I guess.
I don't know.
What do you want me to do? Hey, that's That's my stuff in there.
I thought you were supposed to be looking at Jonah's.
Well, how do we know his stuff isn't mixed in with yours? Because mine doesn't smell like dog crap.
Did you take boxes over to the warehouse the morning after the murders? Yeah.
Jonah has more room over there than we do here.
He said "thank you" and put them away.
Wait, he was there? How did he act? You know, same as usual.
KGB out to kill him.
He was just waiting for Grant and Bob.
They had a big photo shoot set for 9:00 a.
Jonah was there in his shiniest spandex, but his partners and the photographer never showed up.
Do you know what this is? That's a knife sheath.
That pile's junk.
It's ripped.
Not good for much.
Jonah left it.
I've been meaning to throw that whole pile out.
I'll take care of it for you.
Why didn't somebody run it by me? This is something I know about, you know.
My final campaign fundraiser is at Barona's, Which the organizers just discovered is owned by a man who did 20 years for racketeering.
So You have a psychotic roller skater and The question is, who had access to a knife used to mutilate the bodies? The skater, or the skater's cousin's boyfriend, or Hold on.
Yes? Aren't half the restaurants in town going out of business? Just check.
Maybe we should come back after the election.
You left out the partners.
The partners? Wasn't the knife found in their warehouse? They're the ones who pointed us to the cousin.
Well, that was friendly.
The cousin's boyfriend said that the skater showed up for some big photo shoot the morning after the murder, but the partners didn't.
Maybe they didn't bother to get out of bed because they thought they'd killed him.
What? Yes.
Chinese food is fine.
And in two days before the photo shoot, they tried to cancel the China shipment.
It was a quarter million dollars of Bipolar Roller clothing, but it was already on a boat.
That's a lot of T-shirts.
It was their big expansion.
They put every last cent they had into it.
So why'd they try to cancel? Why did they want to be out of the Jonah Applebaum business? There's one person that we could ask.
We're not actually interested in Mr.
Applebaum today.
We have some questions about Grant and Bob Carpenter.
Why? Did they have access to your storage area in the warehouse? They're my partners.
Did you know they tried to shut down the entire clothing business a few days before the murders? They wouldn't do that.
We need it.
What do you need it for? That's operational.
I don't think you're cleared.
Cleared? Are you involved in a government operation, Mr.
Applebaum? No.
It's a T-shirt business.
We work for the government, too, you know.
Yeah, well, there's the government, and Then there's the government.
So you and we, we don't work for the same part.
But Grant and Bob, they work for your part.
So they have clearance.
So they know your storage lock combination, and they know where you sleep at night? It's need-to-know basis.
They need to know.
This is harassment.
Because we told you Jonah was innocent.
Then we won't find anything, will we? Did you ever go into Jonah's storage area? No.
He'd kill us.
That's hyperbole.
Jonah was surprised to find out that you tried to cancel your big China order.
We found a cheaper supplier in Cambodia.
Where in Cambodia? South Cambodia.
Excuse me.
What are you looking for anyway? Oh, you never know, you know? It's getting late.
I've got to call my wife.
Hey, can I borrow your cell phone? It has the Internet, right? Hey.
Can you do that? Office equipment.
Read the warrant.
Well, look at this.
It has a link to a serial killer fan site.
Look what's bookmarked.
You a big fan of the Boxcar Basher? I want a lawyer.
A real lawyer.
The girlfriend of the homeless man who wandered onto the scene and got killed picked Mr.
Carpenter out of a photo array.
This would be the insane homeless girlfriend who was 50 feet away in the dark? Grant Carpenter, the other brother, used the GPS in his car to get to Randall's Island, the murder site, a half an hour before the murders.
They're good for it, Jack.
They thought they were killing Jonah, and when that didn't work, they figured second best was framing him for the murders.
If they wanted to frame him, why did they point you toward the cousin's boyfriend? Well, they changed their mind.
It's got to be bad for business having your front man convicted of a triple murder.
Or one of them changed his mind.
Grant was the one who pointed me to the boyfriend.
And Bob is as dumb as a sack of hair.
"South Cambodia.
" What are you doing with the Bipolar Roller? We dropped our opposition to bail and his brother in California posted bond.
Fax from Forensics, for you.
The skater posted bond? He's out? Couple of hours ago.
Why? That old knife sheath of his the police found, it had no connection to the current murders, but it had DNA inside that matches five of the serial killer's previous victims.
Jonah Applebaum is the Boxcar Basher? You just put an insane serial killer back on the street.
He doesn't know that we know that.
We can still pick him up.
You'd damn well better.
This could be Willie Horton all over again.
Willie Horton? You're not worried about the election, are you? I'm worried about everything.
About him killing someone else.
About the way this office is run.
A serial killer in our hands and then released.
Am I being too picky? There he is.
That's our boy.
Move in.
Jonah! You're under arrest! On the ground! Now! Jonah, stop! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! That's the last time I want to do that.
Get up! Whoo! You want to dismiss the charges? Yes, for the murders here, but we are holding him for a murder in Buffalo in 2006.
Applebaum is also the suspect in eight other murders.
But not the three he was charged with the other day? No, not those.
I guess I'm going to have to buy myself a scorecard.
All right, the charges are dismissed, but we're gonna keep Mr.
Applebaum in a mental health unit.
"Case number 16353, People v.
Grant Carpenter and Robert Carpenter, "three counts of Murder in the Second Degree.
" These are the three murders that the other gentleman didn't commit? That's right, Your Honor.
The People are now convinced that these are the guilty parties in those crimes.
Which are identical to the nine murders Mr.
Applebaum committed.
The defendants sought to elude detection by copying his pattern.
Applebaum will be our witness.
A witness who committed nine murders identical to the ones charged here? I rest my case, Your Honor.
Good luck, lady.
I'm not at liberty to discuss my missions.
Your missions, Jonah, do they ever involve killing people? What part of "I'm not at liberty to discuss it" do you not understand? You've told your friends that the KGB tried to kill you.
But I'm still here.
They didn't want you to compete in the Olympics, did they? No.
They They sent a doctor to the hospital after my car crash.
My broken arm could have been fixed.
What does this mean to you? "As I was prophesying, there was a noise, "a rattling sound, and the bones came together, "bone to bone.
" Bone.
Just what it says.
Bones can be put back together.
Including your arm? It's not about that.
It's about protecting our country.
Your missions? Bob and Grant Did they know about your missions? Of course.
They were my handlers.
Or That's what I thought they were.
He's a paranoid schizophrenic and he incorporated Bob and Grant into his delusion.
That he's killing Russian spies to protect this country? Yes.
Russia declared war on him when they destroyed his Olympic career, so the US government thought he'd be the perfect man for the job.
Every time he kills a Russian, he engraves the Bible verse so they know who did it.
Where do Bob and Grant fit in? They approached him with their idea for the clothing business, which he obviously thought was ridiculous.
So, he's not completely crazy.
He believed it was a cover.
Bob and Grant would guide him, pay him, protect him under the guise of being in business with him.
Now he believes they tried to kill him.
We need Jonah to testify to get all this in.
The jury won't buy any of this if he starts ranting about the KGB.
What about antipsychotic drugs? They could make a difference, but he refuses to take them.
We can't make him unless he's a threat to himself or others.
We need him.
He takes the stand.
Are you sure that's a good idea? Nope.
They tricked me.
They told me they were on my side.
What side is that? I've, uh I've been doing missions for the government.
Did your missions involve killing people? I'm not at liberty to say.
We need the truth here, Mr.
The jury needs it to decide if Grant and Bob Carpenter are guilty or not guilty.
Now, did your missions involve killing people? Yes, enemies of this country.
I thought Grant and Bob came to help me.
So, you told them about your missions? Of course.
And how did they react? They pretended to be surprised, to get upset.
They tried to convince me not to do anymore missions.
I thought that they were just playing the cover.
Now I realize that they really did want me to stop.
But I wouldn't, of course.
I couldn't.
Now, in the days before the murders of your friend Paco and the other two homeless men, did you ever see Grant and Bob outside the office? Yes.
They were following me.
I saw them near my campsite at night.
I thought they were there to protect me from the Russians.
Now I realize you were getting ready to kill me.
No further questions.
So, You believe that Grant and Bob Carpenter tried to kill you.
They wanted to stop my missions.
They were following me.
When you were 25 years old, were you diagnosed with a mental illness? Yes.
But it wasn't true.
What was the false diagnosis? Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type.
It was a lie.
They They had a Russian doctor there.
You're a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, and, uh, you're telling us someone was following you? They were.
They also wanted to stop your missions.
Why would they want to do that? Objection.
The witness' theories are not relevant, only what he saw and heard.
Considering his condition, I think we're entitled to know how he understood what he saw and heard.
The witness may answer.
They're agents of the KGB.
They're Russians? They don't sound like Russians.
There's a secret town near Moscow where the KGB are trained.
It's like a little America, and everyone learns perfect English.
So they were trained in this secret town, then came to America.
Why? To destroy our Olympic athletes by giving them energy drinks that were laced with toxic mercury essence.
But I know about you.
I know.
Applebaum, control yourself.
That's why you tried to kill me.
But I'm still here.
I'm still here, and I'm going to keep doing what I need to do.
You're going to kill more Russian spies? Somebody has to.
Police going to do it? No, the police won't do it.
The army's been infiltrated.
That's enough.
We're done for the day.
I have no more questions.
I have redirect, Your Honor.
First thing Monday morning.
You're finished, comrades! I know about you! I know about you, you understand? I know what's going on! You're finished! You're dead men.
Dead! I know about you! Maybe putting him on the stand wasn't such a good idea after all.
I have redirect on Monday.
I can try to rehabilitate him.
The only way to rehabilitate him is to get some antipsychotic drugs in him.
And we can't do that unless he's a threat to himself or others.
Isn't his attorney supposed to be here if you are? Uh, we're not going to use anything he says against him.
What do you want me to ask him? Nothing.
Just watch.
I told them, didn't I? Yes, you did, Jonah.
You told them everything.
That was the plan.
What plan? Well, we needed to know about your missions, so that we could neutralize you and the rest of our enemies.
Your enemies? The United States.
American Olympic athletes.
But You're going after Grant and Bob.
You're going to put them in jail.
Well, that's what we told you.
What the hell is he doing? Oh.
You mean, you, Grant, Bob Yeah, you know that secret town near Moscow? That's where we met.
How do you like my English? Stop this.
You're one of them.
Oh, we all are.
The trial's a show.
You can kill a few of us, but you can never win.
We are way, way smarter than you are.
It was so easy to break your arm.
We should have broken your stupid neck.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Let me go! Let me go! I'll kill all of you! You deserve A danger to himself and others.
I protect you! Dr.
Olivet called.
She wants you suspended or charged with assault.
Did she give him the drugs? She had to.
He was trying to break out of his cell with his bare hands.
But she doesn't want to send him back to court.
Well, that's not up to her.
It's up to me.
Because of what I did, a sick man is getting medication he needs.
But that's not why you did it.
You did it for your case.
Applebaum, you told us the other day that these defendants are Russian spies.
Are they? No.
I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't thinking right.
I haven't been thinking right for a long time.
Now I remember things Uh, really terrible, awful things.
What things? I killed nine people.
Nine, because I thought I thought that they had caused my accident, I thought that they were my enemies, and And that wasn't Wasn't true.
And I am so So sorry.
Did you murder Paco and the other two homeless men at the campsite on Randall's Island? No, I didn't.
I didn't do that.
Not them.
Why should we believe you? You killed nine others.
Paco was my friend.
I never thought he was a Russian.
And I was afraid to go anywhere near the campsite, so Why is that? Because people were spying on me there.
They were It was not Russians, but Grant and Bob.
They said They said they were protecting me, but they weren't.
Well, how do you know? After I told them about my missions, that I was killing people, they were so shocked.
They were afraid to be anywhere near me.
And then I overheard Grant telling Bob that this was going to ruin the business, and that they were going to have to find some kind of way out.
And I saw them take something out of my locker.
It looked like my knife, and They had the combination.
They had the combination.
I wish you had just killed me because of what I've done.
What I might Will probably do again.
I can I already have these I can feel the thoughts coming back already, and it's like they It's really hard to explain.
It's so hard to explain.
I just I just wish someone could help me, because I don't know I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
Grant and Bob Carpenter are asking for a deal.
How's Mr.
Applebaum? He's maintaining as long as he's on the drugs.
But they make him too lethargic to roller skate.
I don't think Bellevue is starting a derby team anytime soon.
Yes, I'm on my way.
Final fundraiser.
Chinese seafood restaurant, with a kosher section.
Mock shrimp.
If you don't win, Jack, I'm out of here.
Into private practice.
I'll join you.
"McCoy and Rubirosa.
No client too guilty.
" "Rubirosa and McCoy.
" Can I come, too? Someone has to watch the store.