Law & Order (1990) s20e11 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, The people are represented by two separate Yet equally important groups-- The police who investigate crime And the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
- Change only happens when you vote, But, first, you have to register.
- Oh, i don't have time for this.
- It doesn't matter if you have a criminal record.
- What did you say? - Jim.
On that note - Oh, come on.
It's barely 6:00.
I saw some houses down by that old landfill.
- Sorry, i'm beat.
I'll take the ferry back into the city.
- This is the problem with you, john.
You're just not dedicated enough.
- Street cleaner found them.
Delaware plates.
Come back to a nicholas landy.
- "Fed.
" Somebody wanted us to know This guy worked for the government.
- There's white gravel in the tire treads.
That's not from around here.
- Got a tarp here covered in blood.
Could have been used to transport the body.
As a dump site, this hardly qualifies As remote.
- Yeah, but lupes, Look down here.
Federal reserve bank.
This little scene was staged By somebody with a big one for uncle sam.
Time of death between 7pm and 10pm last night.
I found multiple contusions, Broken rib, broken jaw, All inflicted within a half-Hour period.
Your basic blunt force trauma party.
- These marks-- He was choked out.
- Yeah.
Someone with big hands.
The inscription on his chest is in ink, Consistent with a black marker.
- And what is this crud in his hair? - Crud? - Crud might have been on the floor Where he was killed.
Any time you want to switch jobs, detective, You let me know.
- The fingerprints trace back To a james landy of delaware.
He has a disorderly conduct in milford from 2004, The car's in his father's name, And no record he ever worked for the federal government.
- The suv's e-Zpass has it leaving staten island It could have been landy driving the car Or his killer.
Can't tell from the tollbooth camera.
- Well, he has iron oxide in his hair.
- That's probably from the crime scene.
That's a chemical used in explosives And cosmetics - And a hundred other things.
Have you contacted mr.
Landy's next of kin? - His father's deceased as of last year.
Mother lives in arizona with his sister.
The local authorities are contacting them.
- Well, we won't release his name until that's done.
- We got his last known, in red hook.
- Well, get over there.
One pp's talking to the fbi.
Landy may have worked for the government Off the radar.
You want to help, get me some answers.
- He had only been here a few months.
Right, eddie? - Did you ever see him with anybody? - Oh.
Last night, there was this girl.
A black girl.
I was on my way out to get some yogurt, And she was outside trying to buzz jim From downstairs.
- A black girl.
What time was this? - What did she look like? - She was nice-Looking.
Except her right hand was balled up like this In a fist.
- Thanks.
- Found a laptop cord, but no laptop.
Otherwise, nothing out of place.
- Nothing here really to steal Unless you're a bookworm.
Clinton's memoirs, history of the chicago seven-- Landy was a political junkie.
- He put his money where his mouth was.
Pay stub.
From the rights alliance foundation.
Some idiot looking to whack a fed Killed a community organizer instead.
- This is unbelievable.
Jim was only with us since the fall, But, in the three years i've been running this office, We've never had a person with more passion.
He was the star of our voter registration beat.
- Did you speak with him yesterday? - I didn't.
He was in the field all day.
Staten island, bay terrace.
He was going door-To-Door with john munson.
- Till what time? - Late, i think.
- Mrs.
Owens, has the rights alliance Been receiving any threats lately? - Besides the usual partisan threats to cut off our funding? No.
Why? - Jim had this scrawled on his chest.
- Oh, my god.
- Is there a reason why anyone would think He worked for the federal government? - I can't even imagine how.
We tell all our employees to identify themselves upfront As being from a non-Profit.
This is bad.
- Well, for the time being, tell your people To be careful, work in pairs, And only during daylight hours.
Okay? We'll be in touch.
- I can't believe it.
I should never have let him go off on his own.
- Go off on his own where, mr.
Munson? - Down by richmond valley.
If there was even one unregistered citizen out there, Jim was up for the hunt.
- We hear he was passionate.
How did that go over with the citizens? - He could be pretty agro, yeah.
He said he learned the hard sell as a student volunteer For the obama campaign.
Are we, like, targets now? Should we be carrying pepper spray or something? - My guess, you're pretty safe here.
Just mind the jack russells.
- He came by yesterday.
Told him i don't vote.
Only group i support is my food co-Op.
- And e.
The eco-Terrorists.
You have their sticker on your car.
- Oh, that's been there five years.
I put a few nails into trees, But when they started blowing up boats, they lost me.
- We heard that mr.
Landy wasn't the type to give up On an unregistered voter.
- Look, i gave him an organic apple, And he went away.
Okay? - This white gravel? You know where it comes from? - Yeah, jerry ganz.
Down the street.
He just put in a new driveway.
He'll love hearing from you two.
- You're trespassing.
- We'll be out of your hair in a minute.
Did you talk to this guy yesterday? - No.
- Weird.
Because he hit the four houses on this side of the street Right before yours.
- Get it straight.
I don't have to submit to interrogations by big brother.
Ganz, this man turned up dead Shortly after paying you a visit.
Two minutes, and we'll be out of here.
- You've got five seconds to get off my property.
That rat poison? - Yeah.
- You could kill a lot of people with that.
In the hands of an anti-Government activist, Possession of that amount of toxin Falls under the terrorism laws.
- Who do you think you are? - Big brother.
And you're under arrest.
Your problems with authority goes back a ways.
In '99, you assaulted an e.
Inspector Who was trying to run a groundwater test On your property.
- He was trespassing, same as you.
- Just give us an alibi, And you can get back to the fortress of solitude.
- I don't answer to a couple of obama bots.
- Obama bots? - Hold on.
It's a message from the boss.
After we book you for possession of a chemical weapon, We'll get a warrant and go through all your personals.
- I spoke to the guy, okay? I told him voting is an endorsement Of the system that violates our freedom.
- And what did mr.
Landy have to say to that? - Started arguing with me.
Usual liberal claptrap.
Then he dropped his bag.
His video camera tumbles out.
Red light was on.
- He was videotaping you.
- Said i was getting my gun.
He grabbed his stuff and beat it.
- And then what did you do? - I made dinner for my wife.
Now can i go? - Uhh.
- So landy was making secret videos.
- Of the wrong people.
Ganz is a member of patriot rangers, A libertarian group Active in those tea parties last summer.
- Do we know if landy actually owned a camera? - Yeah, we found a manual for one in his place, But no camera.
- What do you want us to do with mr.
Ganz? - Kick him back to staten island.
Let them hold him for the terrorism charge.
As for mr.
Landy, see if the rights alliance Knows he was moonlighting as michael moore.
- Thanks.
- Courtney owens, at the rights alliance, She said she didn't know about landy's videotaping.
But check this out.
I had the milford, delaware police Fax over his disorderly conduct arrest report from 2004.
- This doesn't make any sense.
- Yeah, that's what i thought.
- I want everyone outside.
Grab your vests.
We got a situation.
- Lieutenant, we have something on landy.
- Later.
You come with me.
All: free jerry! Free jerry! Free jerry! Free jerry! Free jerry! Free jerry! - Looks like jerry's kids brought their pop guns.
- What do you want us to do, arrest them? - This prisoner is being transported To staten island.
Anyone who interferes will be arrested.
Anyone who so much as reaches for a weapon Is a dead man.
Now, for those of you carrying a weapon, You are in violation of administrative code 10-303.
You got 30 seconds to get them back In their carrying cases and into your vehicles Or you will be booked for reckless endangerment.
Now, what was that about mr.
Landy? - He was arrested in 2004 for picketing Outside a poverty law clinic in delaware.
The arresting report says he was co-Chairman Of his campus bush reelection committee.
- From militant conservative To bleeding heart community organizer.
Sounds like a stretch.
- Well, if we figure out which one he really was, It might tell us who killed him.
He was a great guy.
- When was the last time you saw him? - A couple of weeks ago.
He told me to come over any time.
He kept a key in the stairwell, Said i could let myself in.
Jimmy was a--Was a real bro.
- Key in the stairwell.
What about his politics? We hear he was active on campus.
- He was conservative.
He had fox on 24/7.
- Any chance he'd mellowed since college? - No.
He hated liberals.
Once, he got the student paper To interview this iraq war vet-Turned-Peacenik.
The editor ran it.
It comes back, the vet's just a bum Jimmy paid off.
To punk the paper.
They had to run an apology.
Would it surprise you to learn he was working For the rights alliance? - Are you kidding? Jimmy thought they were a bunch of socialists.
- He say anything about punking them? - No.
But he did say he was working on something.
He wouldn't tell me what.
- Thanks.
- So say landy was shooting some secret video To make the rights alliance look bad.
He's killed, his camera goes missing.
- Plus, his apartment is cleaned out.
There are no flash cards, no videos, no laptop.
- And we have the girl who was let in To landy's building.
If she knew where he stashed a key, She might have taken all that material.
- Landy was worked over for an half-Hour-- Maybe to find out where he kept his videos, How to gain access to his place.
- Well, if he was punking the rights alliance, I'm guessing the girl and the killer worked for them.
The night landy was killed, He got two calls from the rights alliance office.
The second one at 7:16.
- Odds are whoever called from the rights alliance Knows something about this.
- Those calls were probably About the next day's assignments.
- And who's in charge of that? - Whoever's around.
- Lupes.
- Excuse me.
- A brace for carpal tunnel syndrome.
The lady who let the girl up to landy's place Said she had her hand balled up.
Who sits here? - Courtney's assistant marissa.
She's in the break room.
- Sure, i was at his building that night.
That lady let me in.
I knocked on his door, but he didn't answer.
- Why were you there? - Um, courtney had me stop by on my way home Because jim forgot to turn in his registration forms.
I'm sorry.
Oh, i'm really freaked out about this.
- We understand, marissa.
So you never made it into his apartment.
- No, no, i said i knocked on his door, And he wasn't there.
- Did you talk to him that night? - No.
- Did he talk to you about his politics? - His politics were progressive, same as everybody here.
- Did he tell you he worked for the bush reelection campaign In '04? - Really? Well, people can change their minds, right? Anyway, i mostly just answer courtney's phones, So i didn't have much contact with him.
Um, it's courtney.
My break is over.
- Of course, chief.
As soon as anything breaks, i'll call you.
You know, i'm running out of ways to tell The chief of ds we don't know squat.
Tell me you got something on this girl marissa.
- Her prints weren't in landy's place, But the key landy left in the stairwell is missing, So we can't rule her out either.
- Yeah, her phone activity is hinky.
She got a call from a rights alliance cell At 9:40, just before she went up to landy's place.
- From who? - We don't know, but if you look here, You will see who marissa called the next morning.
- Red hook video services.
- We found a couple charges from them On landy's visa.
- Van buren.
What a surprise.
Ho--Hold on.
The video place, right? So how have you been? Are you in town? Oh, no.
Oh, i'm so sorry.
This friday? Uh, you know, i don't know if i can get away.
But give me the address.
No, no, no, i want to be there.
It's just that, um, well, there's-- There's been a lot going on.
No, i will.
I will.
You too.
And, again, i'm so sorry.
All right.
- Um, two flash cards, Eight gigs each, dropped off by a jim landy.
He wanted us to enhance the audio.
Um, the girl said she worked for him.
She wanted to send someone by to pick it up.
- Did someone come by? - Roberto? A big, hispanic guy.
Paid cash.
- When he was in here, Did he touch anything? - He was leaning on the counter right there.
- All right, we'll send somebody down here to dust for prints.
- Do you know what was on the video? - People in an office talking.
It looked like candid camera stuff.
- You transferred it to your equipment To work on the audio, right? - Those files'll still be on there, yeah? - Yep.
- Did you know there are In lower manhattan? Every franchisee is a white male.
- It's not exactly representative Of the surrounding community.
- If pasta plate isn't being a good corporate citizen, Maybe they need a push.
What if somebody found something in the lasagna That shouldn't be there.
- Like what? - How about a condom? - That would be hysterical.
- If the rights alliance makes a big stink, Pasta plate will do anything to shut us up.
- Hmm, we can make 'em give Three franchises to people we choose.
- Landy was talking them into committing extortion.
That's how he was going to punk the rights alliance.
- If this video gets out, Marissa here's out of a job And in some legal trouble.
- And if she found out he was taping her, She'd want to shut him down To get this video.
- Mm-Hmm.
She had help.
We found prints at the video place Belonging to another rights alliance employee-- Arturo ramirez.
He was arrested a few times At rights alliance pickets for trespassing and assault.
Prime candidate for killing landy.
- You know, the material they found in landy's hair-- - Iron oxide.
- It's used as pigment in paint.
And look at this.
This address on staten island Where ramirez was arrested for unlawful assembly Six months ago-- Now there used to be a big paint factory there.
- Wetherbee's.
- It went bust last spring.
Lupes! Got some dried blood back here.
- These look like drag marks.
Footprints here.
- They look bigger than mine, And i wear an 11.
Whoever dragged this body out Has some serious boats.
- We're gonna need these signs at the picket location By tomorrow at 7:00 a.
- Arturo ramirez.
- Who's asking? - Nypd.
You're under arrest for murder.
You know the drill.
- Marissa rumstead, you're under arrest for murder.
Stand up.
- Oh, my god.
- This is a mistake.
Marissa, don't worry.
We'll get davis webb involved.
- Mrs.
Owens, step back, please.
- You think we don't know what this is about? We've protested police brutality.
This is the nypd's revenge.
It's a frame job.
No justice, no peace.
- Great.
Now everybody hates us.
- No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
- The rights alliance makes a big stink, Pasta plate will do anything to shut us up.
- Hmm, we can make 'em give three franchises To people we choose.
- I'm just as horrified as you are, jack, But this is not a motive for murder.
- Davis, she's on tape hatching a blackmail scheme That could land her in jail.
That's motive enough.
- You can't take that video at face value.
It's just kids messing around, Blowing off steam.
- No matter.
They're fired.
We'll issue new guidelines, New training procedures.
- Davis, i appreciate your coming in To defend your organization.
- It's not just an abstract defense.
- I can confirm that marissa was at jim's apartment On my instruction to pick up registration forms.
As for arturo, i sent him to soho at 7:00 to leaflet.
- Jack, i'm just asking you not to rush to judgment here.
The rights alliance has worked across party lines for 20 years.
Why put those good works into jeopardy Over a few dumb kids in some ambush video? - Davis, the chips will fall where they fall.
Thanks for coming in.
- "A few dumb kids.
" He's kidding, right? - The rights alliance has a legacy Worth protecting.
Predatory lending reform, housing, Minimum wage.
- No one's disputing that.
- So let's go the extra mile Before we blow it all up.
What about this patriot ranger jerry ganz? Didn't he threaten landy with a gun? - If you're asking if the police have eliminated him As a suspect, the answer's no.
Say no more.
- Bad news, jerry.
Guess what we found in your composter.
- Okay, so i grabbed the camera away from the jackass.
Then he took off.
But i never hurt him.
- Then why lie to us about the camera? - Only because when i read someone killed him, I knew how this would look.
I am not the type the government usually gives The benefit of the doubt.
- Excuse me.
Sorry, wrong answer.
- So try again, jerry.
- The lab examined His shoes, his clothes.
No blood, no fluids.
There's nothing linking him to landy or the paint factory.
- And nothing eliminating him as a suspect.
- Finding the camera complicates matters.
We can't kick ganz, But we still can't charge him.
- Well, pardon my detectives For doing their job.
And, by the way, we already have two murder suspects.
Good ones.
- Not good enough.
- Exactly what do you want from us? - Clarity.
- Clarity.
Cutter, exactly how long have you been an a.
? Since when do you get evidentiary clarity In a murder case handed to you on a silver platter? I think we're done here for today.
Hey, i want you to have the lab take another run At matching those footprints to ganz.
- Loo, you gotta see this.
- Ccs salvaged some of the data from the memory card From landy's camera.
It's all from the night he was killed.
He's driving in his suv.
- Hello.
Courtney, hey.
I already talked to marissa.
I have one last area to hit, And then i'm going home.
I can meet with arturo tomorrow.
Why tonight? What's the big deal? If you really want me to, fine.
Good night.
- Courtney owens said she never spoke To him that night.
And here she is calling him.
- And sending him to meet arturo ramirez.
- Talk to mrs.
Owens' family.
Find out what she was up to that night.
I'll fill out a 49 for mike cutter.
- Hey, loo.
- I'm so sorry about deborah.
- Thanks.
It means a lot, you being here.
- Thanks.
Your daughters are so beautiful.
So how you doing, old friend? - A day at a time.
How about you? Morris said that, uh, he heard you were sick.
Just rotten luck all around.
Well, listen, um, My girls and i are going to my sister-In-Law's In hempstead for a little reception.
You want to join us? - Oh, i'd love to, but i need to get back.
- Well, if you can spare a few minutes, It'd be a shame not to catch up.
- Sure.
I'd like that.
- After ten years, deborah couldn't fight it anymore.
The m.
Just completely overwhelmed her.
She died at home in my arms.
- So what's next? You heading back to california? - Yeah.
The girls love it, And the job is good.
But deborah was from the island, So it made sense to bury her here With her folks.
We're losing a lot of people, loo.
I talked to lennie a few days before the end, And he was still cracking jokes.
- Yeah.
Good old lennie.
- But deborah in the end, my girl, She tried to be brave.
But it was bad.
It was bad.
- Courtney didn't get home until late.
I think she was at the office.
- You used to work at the rights alliance With your wife, mr.
Owens? - Yes, i was in accounting for 12 years.
Let me tell you, the view's better in the private sector.
- Did you know jim landy? - No, i think he started just as i was leaving.
- Did your wife say anything about him When she came home that night he was killed? - Truth is, i was asleep when she got in.
We didn't talk.
And now, is there anything else? - You're right.
The view is better here.
From accounting to p.
How'd you swing that? - What do you mean? - Nothing.
It's just an interesting career change.
- Well, that's what it is.
Now i really need to get back to work.
- Courtney owens' husband Was a bookkeeper with the rights alliance.
Then three weeks ago, he's reborn As a public relations executive, A job he has no background for.
- That's a move i'd like to learn.
- Well, no doubt it helped that the p.
Firm Has a million-Dollar account with the rights alliance.
- So his wife was pulling a few strings.
That's not so unusual.
- Well, but this is.
A month before he left the rights alliance, The man started buying municipal bonds.
In three weeks, he bought just over $500,000 worth.
- On a bookkeeper's salary? - Where did the money come from? - Over the same three weeks, The rights alliance special project fund Shows an unexplained debit Of $500,000.
- He was embezzling.
- And maybe somebody-- His wife courtney-- Found out what he was up to And got him out the door before anyone else At the rights alliance could trip to it.
- Or she was in on the embezzlement.
- All fine and good, but landy's murder? - We found evidence courtney called landy The night he was killed-- Evidence she sent him to meet arturo ramirez.
- Of course.
She was worried that whatever scandal Landy's video would generate Wouldn't stop at the pasta plate extortion, That it would eventually expose her husband's embezzlement.
- So another murder suspect, courtney owens.
I hope you've at least eliminated jerry ganz From the running.
- Not quite.
- The police found landy's camera Hidden on ganz's property, And he had access to the murder scene.
- So the list of suspects just keeps growing.
And we have no definite proof of anything.
Somebody say something.
- This is not a simple murder, jack.
- Then sort it out, all of you, Or find people who can.
- I had to take work home, But i didn't have my flash drive, So i borrowed jim's from his desk.
That's when i found the video he made.
- Did you tell anyone? - Yes.
And she freaked.
She said we had to get his videos, Or we'd go to jail.
She told me to tell jim to meet arturo At the paint factory, just tell him some story That there were squatters there, and they needed to register.
Jim didn't want to go.
So courtney called him.
- What did you do? - Courtney told me to meet arturo at jim's place.
He called and told me how to get into jim's place And where to find these memory cards.
- Did arturo tell you he killed jim? - No.
But i didn't know anything about it Until the cops showed up at the rights alliance.
- Marissa, unless you tell us everything - i am! I don't know anything about this murder.
I swear.
- So what the chemical from the paint factory Was on my shoes.
I was picketing there six months ago.
As far as marissa saying that i called her About landy's videos, She's lying.
I called her 'cause i wanted to hit that.
- We also have you picking up landy's videos The day after his murder.
- You know, dumping landy's body, Making us think it was some anti-Government nut, That--That put us off the trail for maybe five minutes.
But now you're in our crosshairs.
Either you roll on courtney, Or you take the weight for everything.
- Nah, see, you got nothing.
Just proof i picked up some dead guy's videos, Which i paid for.
You want to nail me for that, Go crazy.
- He dodged all security cameras On the ferries and bridges.
- What about his cell phone call to marissa? Tell me it bounced off a tower on staten island.
- No.
He was already across the bridge.
But this is weird.
Ramirez made 26 calls in the last six months From a location near jfk.
Always on tuesdays and thursdays.
And always in the early evening.
- Calls to who? - Different people.
It's the pattern that sticks out.
- Pinpoint the exact location.
If it's inside the jfk security ring, There'll be video.
- All the calls were made in proximity To the vanguard airport hotel.
Here is mr.
Ramirez sitting behind the wheel October 2nd, 5:29 p.
- What's he doing there? - Stay tuned.
- Davis webb.
- And this was a minute later.
- Courtney owens.
- The front desk said that she and mr.
Webb Have been regulars, twice a week, For the past eight months.
- An affair.
Just what this case needed.
- It appears to be over.
The front desk said they stopped coming Six weeks ago.
- Six weeks is when courtney's husband started taking money Out of the rights alliance.
- Right, but i don't think he was taking it, So much as someone was giving it to him To keep his mouth shut.
- Courtney's husband found out about the affair.
Webb paid him off with the rights alliance money, Found him a cushy job.
- And webb's married, The head of a national organization, A guy with political ambitions.
- So this is the real scandal.
They were afraid landy's video would unravel.
They killed him to cover up the cover-Up Of their affair.
- Just how many layers does this onion have? - It all comes down to davis webb.
He had the most to lose.
Ramirez was his go-For.
If anyone gave the order to get rid of landy, it's webb.
- Then what are you waiting for? If you have the evidence, charge him.
I see.
And what's with our favorite patriot ranger? - Ganz is refusing to post bail.
His lawyer keeps squawking about malicious prosecution.
- Despite the fact that his client lied To the police and destroyed evidence.
- That's the problem right there.
If you can argue ganz is the killer one minute And webb the next, so can they.
- They can point at each other and create reasonable doubt.
- This is great.
More good news.
Davis webb, on behalf of the rights alliance, Just hit us with a motion to suppress.
- Deal with it.
I have to attend a panel on violent crime, But it would be nice if we were solving it, Instead of just talking about it.
In 2008, new york city was the safest big city In the nation, But there are still areas where we can do better.
And with your help, we will.
I have time for a few questions.
- I'd like you to address Your office's naked contempt For the rights alliance.
You've arrested two employees.
You're harassing others.
- We have no such contempt.
I've worked with the rights alliance In the past and hope to again.
- Lies! - You're letting socialist scum Get away with murder While an innocent patriot rots in jail.
- I won't comment on an ongoing investigation.
- Come on! - You're just gonna stand there And tell us you don't owe any of us an explanation? You're the one that should be investigated.
- Thanks for your time.
- Tyrant! Free jerry! Free jerry! - No justice, no peace.
All: free jerry! No justice, no peace.
Free jerry! No justice, no peace.
- I was like a corncob in a pigsty.
They all wanted a piece of me.
- Well, don't tell me you're afraid Of a little democracy in action.
- I wouldn't have minded it so much If it wasn't all our own damn fault.
We're twisting in the wind with multiple suspects.
And the police haven't closed the loop on anyone.
- I don't decide who to prosecute.
You do.
- You have to set the table for us, lieutenant.
That's how this works.
- I'll tell you exactly how this works, mr.
You and your whole office i have to get back.
- I didn't tell marissa to call jim.
I didn't tell her anything.
She's lying.
She's a desperate girl.
- We have the tape of your call to jim, The one where you told him to meet arturo.
- To meet him in soho to drop off his registration forms.
He never showed up.
That's why i sent marissa to his apartment.
- But you said you never talked to jim.
- I remembered the call after i spoke to you.
I didn't think it mattered.
- Look, mrs.
Owens, We get that killing landy wasn't your idea.
We get that you want to protect davis webb.
- I'm not protecting anybody.
- This whole mess is gonna fall on you Or on mr.
- That affair is over.
I'm back with my husband now.
I'm not protecting davis webb.
I have no reason to.
- Give me and mrs.
Owens a second.
Owens, when my detectives came to pick you up At your office, had you just come from some special occasion? - No.
- Were you going somewhere special after work? - No.
Just home.
- Just home to your husband.
- Well, he has a dinner with clients.
- And these-- These stockings you're wearing they're not your everyday gear, are they? I don't know.
I - they're expensive.
They're sexy.
You're still seeing him, aren't you? Davis webb.
- No.
That's over.
It was nothing.
- You're still in love with him.
What kind of promises did he make you? He say he was gonna leave his wife? - He says he just needs a little more time.
Don't give me that look.
You don't know how it is with us, okay? - Well, i'll tell you what i do know.
When this is done, You'll be in jail, He'll be with her.
- No, he won't.
Davis loves me.
If it comes to that, He'll stand by me.
I know it.
- Then prove it.
Prove it to yourself.
- You know, whatever you needed to tell me, It could have waited till we met at the hotel.
- We can't go on like this, davis.
Not with marissa and arturo still in jail.
- The rights alliance is covering their legal expenses.
The case against them is garbage.
They'll be okay.
- I'm just really scared.
- Everything's gonna blow over.
I promise.
- When it does, Do you think we can finally get that place together? - Down the line, absolutely.
I just want the kids out of the house first.
- They're saying-- They're telling me That you told arturo To kill jim.
I don't want to believe it.
- Don't believe it.
It's a lie.
- Then why did he do it? - You know arturo.
He's a loose cannon.
- Well, you must have told him something.
- I told him we had a problem that needed to be cleaned up And he had to do what was needed.
- Do what was needed? How could you tell a guy like arturo that? - Well, what does it matter? Arturo knows how to keep his mouth shut.
Come here.
Meet you at the hotel? Well, what does it matter? Arturo knows how to keep his mouth shut.
Come here.
Meet you at the hotel? - Here's what happens next, mr.
My detectives and ms.
Rubirosa are meeting With arturo ramirez.
They'll play him this tape, Especially the parts where you implicate him.
Loyal as he is, my guess-- He won't take it well.
- Whoever sings first, Mr.
Webb, Gets the nicer cage.
- 20 years i spent building this organization.
What was i supposed to do? Let some right-Wing hack-- - Come in.
What can i do for you? - You've already done a lot.
We have pleas from davis webb and arturo ramirez.
Deals for courtney owens and marissa rumstead Are already in the works, And jerry ganz has agreed to five years probation On charges of robbery and obstruction.
Fair day's work.
Lieutenant, I'm sorry i suggested You and your detectives had let me down In any way.
I was wrong.
- Apology accepted.
Excuse me.
I'll be right down.
That's my ride.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be alright.