Law & Order (1990) s20e19 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, The people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups-- The police who investigate crime And the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
You can't stop me.
Don't you get it? I love you.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes.
Be a good kitty.
Oh, jeez, get--get the extinguisher.
Call the fire department.
All right.
What the-- oh.
And call 911! The smell of burning flesh, Even after 20 years, you don't forget.
- 20 years? - Desert storm.
Okay, thanks.
Diner owner didn't see anything.
Csu's checking for tire tracks.
An empty can of turpentine in the dumpster.
Check this out.
Bra strap.
Which narrows down the I.
To half of the population.
Killer's making us earn our paycheck.
One thing they never learn: They can burn, dump, and run, But they can't hide.
Your jane doe is white.
Early twenties.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
- Nails it down.
- Did I say I was done? She had recent extensions.
It's human hair.
The weave is close to the scalp.
I'd say within a week.
I get all tingly when you're specific, rodgers.
- I'm just getting warmed up.
- Yeah? This is a high-end job.
It's natural blonde hair and the attachments are knotted, Not glued.
Lupes Found a key in her jacket pocket Stamped "west village hardware.
" Okay, assuming people have their keys made In their neighborhood, she lived in the village.
And where she got her hair done.
- Looks like my work- - what's left of it.
What happened to her head? Nothing good.
She was in her twenties.
Uh, sounds like my Saturday, 4:30.
She was a walk-in.
Uh, great cheekbones.
Only left her first name.
She, uh, she paid in cash for full-length blonde wefts.
Looks like a busy place.
How did she get an appointment without a reservation? I'm a sucker for drama.
She, uh, said she had a last-minute date that night.
Some swanky event.
Gracie mansion.
She said she needed to look gorgeous.
Saturday night, the mayor had a reception For zahir tanin, U.
Representative from afghanistan.
- Yeah, we're- -we're looking for a guest With the first name of brenna.
Doesn't ring a bell.
And I know everybody on the list.
Well, maybe she was someone's date.
Absolutely no one gets in without their full name Printed on the list.
This girl with long, blonde hair.
You recognize her? - No.
I'm not sure who that is.
Her boyfriend, maybe.
I don't recognize either one of them.
You said you knew everybody on the list.
That would make these two party crashers.
That's impossible.
I let them in.
Blonde turned on the waterworks.
Said her agency--I don't remember what the name was-- Was supposed to call and get her on the list.
So you think she's a model.
She's gonna hook you up with her model friends If you let this slide.
She said she was working on a photo shoot Around the corner the next day.
What about the guy that was with her? He didn't say much.
They didn't stay long either.
They were in some sort of argument on the way out.
Must've broke your heart when she didn't say good-bye.
"expenses beyond reasonable and customary rates For this service.
" No kidding.
Tell that to the hospital.
It's late.
Why don't you knock off for the night? You're right.
I'm making myself crazy.
Making you crazy.
You do, you know.
In a good way.
You want to go lie down? I meanWe could JustLie down.
I know it's been a while.
The doctor gave you the okay, right? We'll go slow.
I don't want to go slow.
I want to let you rip off my clothes.
I want to shut my eyes.
I want my old body back.
How about I just hold you? Between out-of-pocket deductibles And co-pays, I'm going broke.
I'll be there in a minute.
Brenna lane was booked by a modeling agency As background on a photo shoot around the corner From gracie mansion.
And the night before, She crashed a party there By batting her eyelashes.
Glad to see my tax dollars at work.
That was brenna's landlady and homestead.
She said brenna moved out a month ago With no forwarding address.
Well, what about this boyfriend? She must've touched base with him the day of the party.
Calls to modeling agencies.
A few calls to a florist in brooklyn.
There's a cluster of calls two weeks ago to a lucy hewes.
Next best thing to a boyfriend, a girlfriend.
Makes sense.
Lucy's not answering her phone.
She's in australia.
Lucy has a friend apartment-sitting.
- More like an illegal sublet.
- Huh.
- Don't let the damn cat out.
- Oh, okay.
Looks like we found our crime scene.
And there's the blunt force.
We got an eyewitness here too.
We need a csu team at our location.
We should get somebody from animal control Down here too.
Let the super handle that.
I don't trust her.
You heard what she said about the cat.
She doesn't like him.
There you go.
Brenna's I.
With a florida address.
Cash still inside.
Lupes, wolford fishnets.
Looks like she was going someplace.
An unused boarding pass From la guardia to washington, d.
The day she was shot.
She was at the airport, But she didn't get on the plane.
Brenna lane paid cash for a round-trip ticket to d.
She didn't check any bags.
So when she missed her flight, There was no security alert.
There she is.
She's going to the gate.
Who's that guy? He just talked her out of getting onto the plane.
We got to get a better shot of his face.
You got cameras at the exits? - Okay, here's the exit.
Is that the guy? He just blew past your security.
- Oh, jeez.
- Freeze it.
Right there.
Brenna's date from gracie mansion.
First he crashes the mayor's party Then he breaches airport security.
What's this, a test run for a terrorist attack? Look, nothing happened that day.
Nothing's happened yet.
This airport is a hard target.
All it takes is one operative With explosives in his underwear to get through And we're screwed.
Do any of you want a I didn't think so.
Now the FBI and dhs are here.
But first, nypd has some questions.
We don't want to jam anyone up.
We're just, uh, wondering if anyone observed anything About this passenger- brenna lane-- Or her unidentified companion.
She checked in for a 3: From gate 45.
Anyone notice them outside entering or exiting a vehicle? A vehicle was double-parked in the passenger loading zone.
A guy and girl got in and took off.
What kind of vehicle? A delivery van from a flower shop.
Brenna's dumps show calls To a florist in brooklyn heights.
All right, thanks.
Excuse me.
This your van? Uh, I drive it for my boss.
Okay, why don't you put your plants down.
You got some I.
? - Sure.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Dustin henry, we need to talk to you.
Let's take a ride.
What are you doing? I'm the owner here.
What's going on? - Parking violations.
- So he'll be back soon, right? I-I got a half dozen deliveries.
You're gonna have to make them yourself, sir.
I'm sorry I parked in the terminal.
I'll be more than happy to pay a ticket.
This is a lot bigger than a ticket.
Why'd you sneak past security? I had to catch my sister before she got on the plane.
Your sister.
You two have different last names.
She changed her name for modeling.
Why was brenna going to washington? She had a job there.
You busted through security to stop your sister From taking a modeling gig.
I was supposed to feed the cat when she was gone And she forgot to leave me the key.
So why not just give you the key and go on And catch her flight? Because she couldn't find it.
Anyway, it was just a catalog shoot.
She decided it wasn't worth it.
When was the last time you talked to her? I dropped her off at her apartment.
What about the Saturday before? I was at a party with brenna.
- Where? - Uh, gracie mansion.
Pretty fancy.
Who invited you? - Um, no one, really.
We, uh-- we crashed it.
Brenna heard that there were going to be famous people there, And it, uh, sounded like fun.
You and brenna, you had an argument when you were there? I wanted to leave and she didn't want to go yet.
I mean, it wasn't anything.
Brenna's dead.
Um, what? When? - She was murdered.
Monday night.
You know anyone who might have wanted to hurt her? Where were you that night? Um I was at home by myself.
Is my sister really dead? I'm sorry.
So those two crashed the mayor's party To meet celebrities.
That's his story.
One thing seems clear, This kid's no taliban.
He wasn't after the u.
The feds, They still want to talk to him about the airport breach.
And the queens d.
, They want to prosecute for trespass.
He risked being arrested by jumping security twice In one week.
What's the connection? There were politicians at this gracie mansion event.
His sister was flying to d.
She had her picture taken With some politicos at the party.
That's one with her and senator peterson.
These are the dumps off the apartment Where brenna was staying? There were some calls to the senator's office.
Senator's in washington today for a subcommittee meeting.
He won't be back in the city until this evening.
Well, were you at the tanin reception with him, Miss wheaton? - I was.
- Do you recognize these two? She, uh, approached the senator.
Tried to strike up a conversation.
What--what's this about? Well, you tell us.
These two crashed your reception And honed in on your boss.
And brenna lane, She called your office Before and after the party.
That's brenna lane.
So you do know her.
All I know is a brenna lane called Several times for the senator.
And when--when she wouldn't say what it was in reference to, She was politely put off.
You--you want to tell me what's going on here, Detectives? Uh, she was killed three nights ago.
And all roads lead here.
Yeah, the senator might want to get out in front of this If anything was going on.
I don't know what this girl's game was, But I can assure you the senator had nothing to do with her.
He's been happily married for 30 years.
Don't take my word for it.
He's been vetted by some of the toughest Political operatives on k street.
Excuse me.
I--I have to take this.
I don't know.
Protest a bit too much for you? Let's grab something to eat And wait for old faithful to come home.
Senator peterson.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
We'd like to ask you a few questions About a security breach at gracie mansion last week.
This'll just take a minute, honey.
- I'll make you a drink.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go inside.
The tanin reception? - Mm.
There were two party crashers.
Trying out for a reality show, no doubt.
- Uh-huh.
- So you don't know the girl.
No, I don't.
Then why was she so intent on getting in touch with you? I have no idea.
I didn't know about the phone calls Until andrea told me a few hours ago.
Terrible what happened to her.
- What did she say to you? - She introduced herself.
But before I could say anything, Her date came over and dragged her away.
Dragged her away? Well, grabbed her arm.
Pulled her away.
For a second, I thought he was gonna smack her.
Where were you last Monday, senator? Washington for a vote.
I give you my word as a gentleman There was nothing going between me and that girl.
I don't know about his officer and a gentleman shtick, But he was in d.
The night of the murder.
Well, I doubt he'd do his own wet work.
Well, I made a few calls.
The senator's been known to tip a glass or two, But he doesn't have a reputation as a philanderer.
First time for everything.
Brenna's brother is no saint.
He has two juvie arrests in florida At the foster home he was placed.
And a year ago, emts transported him to bellevue After he od'd on pills.
And now add two security breaches to his resume.
He sounds unstable.
Well, he was acting possessive at the party.
How can we be sure that he and brenna Are even related? Well, let's pull dustin back in.
Hear what he has to say about the senator And his sister.
I grabbed brenna when she was talking to the senator Because she was embarrassing herself.
She was drunk.
You were just looking out for her.
It's so much easier talking to you Than those other guys.
That's a really nice jacket you're wearing.
You and your sister didn't grow up together.
You were put in foster care when you were 14.
Why is that? - Problems at home.
What difference does that make? Problems between you and brenna? No.
When she was talking to the senator, You wanted to protect her.
- It wasn't a big deal.
- I think it was.
I think you were a little jealous.
Jealous? Brenna was, what, 17 When you were removed from your home? Maybe she was rocking that body around the house, Working those modeling moves.
Am I making you nervous now, dustin? - No.
- Then look at me.
What happened in florida? Were you involved with her sexually? You were kids experimenting, maybe.
You know, justin, you can talk to me.
I won't judge you, no matter what you tell me.
Is that why you were put in foster care? Your mother found out about you and brenna And threw you out? When you saw your sister flirting with that old man, It must've done a number on you.
You know-- You wanted to hook up with her that night, didn't you? You got a dirty mouth.
I'm not talking to you anymore.
That's a strange young man.
So we make this about incest? Well, he doesn't have to be sleeping with her to be jealous.
Well, he was the last person seen with brenna The night she was killed.
Nothing in the van.
No prints on the weapon.
And it would be nice to get a look in his apartment.
Well, he breached airport security.
No judge in his right mind would refuse To give you a warrant.
Check this out.
- He knows his vino.
- Mm-hmm.
Wine magazines in here.
Lupes, there's a receipt for wolford fishnets Just like the ones we found on his sister's dresser.
That's kind of creepy.
Hey, b.
- Yeah.
That's kitty litter.
Maybe he tracked that in from brenna's apartment.
And that looks like blood.
I guess we know who the cat saw.
Bad news, kid.
We're charging you with killing your sister.
No, no.
I didn't touch my sister.
But you wanted to touch her.
Oh, my god.
What's this motion, mr.
Dibbens? My client is moving to suppress the blood evidence As well as the lingerie receipt found by the police In his apartment.
The police had a search warrant.
The warrant affidavit Implied that the police were investigating terrorism After the FBI had already ruled it out.
The state's entitled to make its own determination.
The queens d.
Had already arraigned the defendant.
- For trespass.
- At an airport.
After he had breached security at the mayor's residence The week before.
What if we didn't follow through And something had happened? All right, I've heard enough.
Neither the FBI nor the queens d.
Found any evidence that mr.
Henry had ties To terrorist organizations.
Dibbens, is your client okay? Incarceration has been difficult on him, your honor.
He's under suicide watch.
Well, what disturbs me more than the threat Of terrorism is the misuse of that word To bypass due process.
I'm granting the defendant's motion.
Now you have no case.
You bootstrapped to a bogus terrorism threat And didn't expect the defense to cry foul.
It's on me.
I made the call for the search warrant.
No, I-I should've caught it.
I should've submitted it to the judge.
You cried wolf, lieutenant.
What about next time when the threat's real? Where's your credibility? I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
And while you're knocking each other over to share blame, This case is now a nonstarter.
No physical evidence.
We're trying to get dustin's records From foster care in florida.
Unseal his juvie arrests.
And we've subpoenaed his psych records From the suicide attempt.
You better hope those records help our case And not the defendant's.
On top of this terrorism fiasco, It looks like he's crafting a nice insanity plea.
You had dustin henry in the interrogation room.
Did anything else go to motive? Well, he's prone to outbursts like a child.
He's never had a serious girlfriend.
Well, maybe it's some sort of arrested sexual development.
Well, let's forget about shrinking his head And tie him to the crime scene.
The florist's van was negative for traces of blood Or accelerant.
But there was some recently dried paint in there.
The accelerant used to burn the body was turpentine.
I painted a display case down here last month.
But I don't recall any turpentine being left over.
Did dustin help you with that job? Yeah.
He's a hard worker.
I'm not saying the kid's not fragile, But I can't believe that he'd murder his sister.
Did he talk to you about brenna? He said she was always on him about taking care of himself.
Because of the suicide attempt.
That was in the past.
He's been happy lately.
Always smiling.
You a wine collector? That belongs to dustin.
Quite a variety here.
South african shiraz.
Italian montalcino.
Napa valley cabernet.
What--why are you letting dustin use your basement As a wine cellar? It's just until he opens his shop.
He's stocking inventory, taking wine classes.
And he can afford all this on a delivery boy's salary? He mentioned an investor.
Didn't tell me his name.
Hey, guys, this case was originally delivered To 158 willow street in brooklyn heights.
Our favorite senator.
We entertain at home all the time.
People like to drink.
And I like to be a good hostess.
So we must order-- I don't know-- A couple hundred cases of wine a year.
Any idea how dustin henry came into possession Of 20 of those cases? Dustin henry? He's a driver for James weir floral.
They do your events.
Yeah, the single blossom centerpieces.
And this person is their driver? Mm-hmm.
Uh, well, there must be some misunderstanding.
Oh, okay.
Uh, thank you for your time.
Of course.
Helen will show you out.
You must keep track of bar inventory.
Do you recall any missing wine? No.
We usually have plenty left over.
But those particular wines, they're boutique, artisanal.
I'd never order them for a big party.
Too pricey.
Could they have been ordered For the senator's private parties? If they were, it wasn't by me.
Well, if dustin was helping himself To the senator's collection, It's strange no one raised the red flag.
Well, unless the wine was a bribe To keep dustin quiet about the senator's affair With brenna.
So maybe brenna was upset at her brother For asking to be paid off.
Is there any other evidence That he was getting hush money? There was something interesting In the senator's campaign filings.
Uh Here.
He extended the lease On his 2008 campaign headquarters in brooklyn.
Why would he pay rent if he's not running For another six years? The senator has a town house two blocks away.
Maybe it was a love nest within walking distance.
Oh, not much of a romantic hideaway.
Recent construction.
And they're building wine racks.
Looks like we found dustin's wine shop.
We're keeping the storefront on montague For our next campaign.
Six years before the election? We got a very favorable lease extension.
We were able to attract a subletter Until the campaign gets underway.
He's--he's opening a wine store.
Well, we'll need his contact information.
Uh, we promised him confidentiality.
I've worked for the senator since college, And he doesn't go back on his word.
And our profit on that sublease Keeps our campaign fund in the black.
How fiscally prudent and discreet.
I might vote for this guy after all.
Senator peterson's putting him in the wine business.
Paying for a lease on a shop.
Slipping cases of wine out his back door.
How long have you been blackmailing the senator About his affair with brenna? You don't have to answer that question.
There was no affair.
My sister would never be with that phony.
What do you mean? I mean he's always looking in the mirror And fixing his hair.
Did brenna tell you that? You're wrong.
You twist what I say.
Well maybe we were wrong about your motive.
Maybe you killed your sister Because she was trying to put an end To the senator's generosity.
She was just trying to help me.
She wanted me to have that shop.
- Dustin, stop.
- She gave it to me.
No one takes care of me like that.
She held me in her lap and she stroked my hair.
I love her.
- Brenna? - Brenna's dead.
- Another woman? She's out there and I'm in here.
And I can't touch her.
And I love her.
And I just - Hey.
- C.
! C.
, get in here! - Whoa.
- Got him? You don't understand! I love her.
I need to be with her.
- Okay.
It's hard to figure this kid out When he's busy playing spin the bottle.
They gave dustin demerol And put him in a hospital ward.
He's stabilized now.
Well, if he wasn't sleeping with his sister, Who was he involved with? He sounded pretty obsessed.
I'm not sure this kid isn't delusional.
Well, we know he didn't make up the wine store.
And somebody tipped him off about peterson's vanity issues.
Maybe during pillow talk.
There's at least a dozen female staffers In the senator's office.
How many of them have the authority To sign the senator's checks? The lease extension on montague street Has the senator's rubber stamp signature.
And there is a $100,000 deposit to the montague street account From the commerce department redevelopment initiative? Redevelopment? So their stimulus money is going to stimu-lust.
Our office has a lot of influence Over where these recovery act funds go.
The startup wine shop.
That's who gets the stimulus money? We help our constituents all the time.
I have no idea who intervened on behalf Of this business.
Well, that's why we got a subpoena For your financial records.
It's a great idea shining a light Up the ass of a u.
You really want to put another democratic seat In jeopardy? Why don't you save everybody the hassle And tell us who dustin henry's sugar mama was.
Anything I say has consequences for the senator.
Well, fine, but I can't promise the press Won't get wind of it.
What if I did cooperate? Well, depends on what you have to say.
It was me.
I was having an affair with dustin henry.
My husband doesn't know.
He was pressuring me to have kids.
And I met dustin at one of the senator's parties.
It was just--it was just sex.
No strings.
Until you started diverting public money into his wine shop.
I wanted to make him happy, you know, keep him quiet.
Did dustin's sister find out? She thought I was taking advantage Of his emotional issues.
And she threatened to tell my husband And the senator.
So the two of you killed her.
My god, no.
Dustin must've gone crazy.
I'm calling a lawyer.
Let judge margel know I'm coming over to get a search warrant For andrea wheaton's office.
We buy andrea's story? She kept her mouth shut until you started poking around The senator's finances.
Well, considering dustin wasn't having an affair With the senator, I'm not sure who she's protecting.
She's a workaholic.
Every night, a different event or meeting.
Where was she the night of the murder? Uh, 7:00 p.
Dinner For the senator's re-election committee.
No names.
Is there a restaurant listed? No, but I bet one of these interns Made the reservation.
Uh, the reservation was at ruth's chris in midtown.
Party of six.
We're gonna need the names of the other dinner guests.
Well, okay, but I-- Listen, if you think you're helping your boss By lying to the police, you're not.
That dinner never happened.
Andrea called, Said there was an emergency with the senator, And he needed a rental car right away.
- And she had you rent it.
- The whole thing was a pain.
I had to pick it up, get the keys to andrea, And then return it in the morning.
And on top of that, something in the car Really set off my allergies.
Well, what are you allergic to? - Cats mostly.
- Thank you.
Whatever happened to that cat in brenna's apartment? I turned it over to a no-kill shelter.
It's alive.
We can get dna.
Let's impound the rental car.
The thing about cat hair is you can never get rid of it.
We arrested your girlfriend, andrea, for murder.
Police found cat hairs in a car she rented That were a dna match for the cat In brenna's apartment.
I've been saying all along my client is innocent.
Well, there's still the matter of the bloody kitty litter In dustin's closet.
Which andrea wheaton could've easily planted While dustin was at work.
Is that what happened, dustin? Sure.
So you believe that the woman you're in love with Tried to frame you.
I'm not in love with her.
But andrea is the one you were having an affair with.
If he agrees to testify against andrea, Will you drop the charges? Well, I'm gonna need a lot more than shrugs And non-answers.
Did--did andrea tell you that she killed brenna? Just leave me alone.
You don't have to protect her anymore.
- Leave me alone.
- Let me talk to my clie.
He'll cooperate.
I just need a little time.
I'm getting whiplash keeping up with this kid.
Two days ago, he was sobbing with love For some mystery woman.
And now I tell him we've arrested andrea wheaton And he barely reacts.
Well, meanwhile, the trail of financial improprieties Keeps growing.
I found a check for $4,000 Written to 5th avenue plastic surgery.
Well, dustin doesn't look like he needs cosmetic surgery.
Neither does andrea for that matter.
Maybe it was something subtle.
Why didn't she mention that in her mea culpa? Dr.
Casiraghi is booked solid for the next six months.
I do have a cancellation on Wednesday.
That could work.
And what is the procedure that you're interested in? Um, this is delicate.
An acquaintance of mine is a patient.
And, uh, she looks fantastic.
And you don't want to come right out And ask her what she's had done.
We get that all the time.
She probably wrote the check Out of her corporation a couple months ago.
Uh, 508 montague street.
Uh, as long as I'm not revealing her name.
Uh, here it is.
A prepayment.
Um, her surgery isn't scheduled until next month.
That's right.
She has more than one doctor.
She was very excited about her upcoming procedure With casiraghi.
I want that one too.
Are you sure? We usually don't do vaginal rejuvenation On a woman of your age, unless you've had kids.
Vaginoplasty is usually done on a woman Who's had more than one vaginal delivery Or is post-menopausal.
And that's not andrea wheaton.
And there's also a disbursement For bioidentical hormones From, uh, eternal eve wellness center in california.
It all points to an older woman Looking to make herself more sexually attractive.
And there's only one woman with access To the senator's money and wine who fits the bill.
Are you suggesting his wife is having an affair With a 20-year-old? Well, it would explain why dustin wasn't concerned When we arrested andrea.
Camille peterson is over 60 years old.
Come on, jack, you doubt that a 60-year-old woman Has a sexual appetite? Not in the least.
But a boy barely out of his teens.
Well, it does explain some of dustin's behavior.
I didn't make anything of it at the time, But it was almost like he was trying to flirt with me.
So maybe something happened to sexualize him Toward older women.
I mean, he has been more than careful To protect Mrs.
I think it's time to prep your witnesses for trial.
My lawyers would have my head if they knew we were here.
But my wife and I have nothing to hide, mr.
We're about to start andrea wheaton's murder trial And you'll all be witnesses.
And we need to get some facts straight.
Peterson, you've met dustin henry before? The delivery boy.
I barely know him.
- Is that true, dustin? - Yes.
I only know Mrs.
Peterson from the florist's.
Okay, so when did you begin your affair with andrea wheaton? About a year ago.
Brenna said it was bad for me.
And that's why she was trying to talk to the senator.
To tell him what andrea was doing.
Well, it must've been a very, uh, Passionate relationship, you and andrea.
Yeah, we were, you know, together.
She was stuck in an unhappy marriage.
And you're in your sexual prime.
You must've not been able to keep your hands Off each other.
You know, it's not something I really want to talk about.
Well, you don't have a choice.
I'll be asking you about this in court To prove andrea's motive.
So you need to tell me right now About the sex that you were having with her Chapter and verse, okay? Don't.
Was she into oral or anal maybe? Or something more kinky? I can't do this.
Well, why? Why? Does it disgust you to talk about your lovemaking With andrea? More to the point, Why did you make a down payment for vaginoplasty Out of your wine shop account? What has any of this got to do with me and my wife? We're getting to that, senator.
I'm sorry.
Vaginoplasty? It's a procedure done to tighten the vaginal canal To recreate the sensation of a younger woman.
It's unlikely someone of andrea's age Who never gave birth would go through that Or would, uh, take hormones to alter her body chemistry To make her feel young again, Or have facial laser treatment at a dermatologist's office.
Why would you? - I thought I would lose you.
- I like you the way you are.
- Camille.
- A real woman.
Not a plastic doll with fake boobs, and fake hair, And a fake tan.
The way you feel down there is beautiful to me.
Don't you talk to my wife like that, you little pervert.
He's a pervert because he finds me beautiful? You were having an affair with this boy? He paid attention to me.
He didn't ignore me or treat me like a hostess.
He cherished me, bryce.
You're the one who was diverting the money? You bought his affections with a wine store? Could've just as well hired a gigolo.
Shut up with your viagra, and your hair transplants, And your old man smell.
Sit down, Mrs.
Sit down.
Camille All right, sit down.
Sit down.
Now that we finally know the truth, Where were you the night that brenna lane was murdered? You already have the killer on trial.
You can't blame me Because andrea tried to keep that girl quiet.
Andrea had very little at stake.
But as we now know, you had everything.
What did you do, camille? Shh.
Don't get involved in this.
Well, he doesn't have a choice.
He's going back on the stand tomorrow.
Why did you have to kill her? She was going to come between us.
She'd made up some story.
She--she said that you had a breakdown.
That--that you were damaged.
It's because my first time-- My first time was with this lady in our building.
She seduced me when I was 14.
And brenna found out and she freaked out.
Said I had to date girls my own age.
And I tried.
But I wasn't attracted to them.
And I couldn't stand it.
And so I tried to kill myself.
But then with you, I felt something real.
It wasn't a lie anymore.
Brenna told me what I was doing was wrong.
It wasn't wrong.
We love each other.
I tried to reason with her, but she wouldn't listen to me.
She was going to tell bryce And then I couldn't see you ever, ever again.
That skinny girl telling me what I couldn't have.
There was an exercise weight on the kitchen counter.
She turned her back and I hit her On the head with it.
But only to stop her.
And I called andrea and I told her what I'd done.
And she told me to go home.
She said she'd come over and clean up the mess.
And she was the one who planted the evidence In your apartment.
- I could've talked to brenna.
- No.
We could've kept going the way we were.
It wouldn't have made any difference.
I had no choice.
I couldn't be with you.
I couldn't go home.
Dustin, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
But you made me feel beautiful again.
Camille agreed to plead guilty to man 1.
years as an accessory.
Senator peterson announced that he is not resigning.
He's standing by his wife.
Too little, too late.