Law & Order (1990) s20e23 Episode Script

Rubber Room

In the criminal justice system, The people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Can't believe she could be so stupid.
This from the genius Who mooned the girls' soccer team in tenth grade.
What are you guys doing on my computer? What were you doing? Exposing yourself to some creep on your webcam.
He took a video capture of it.
Now it's all over the net.
It's just my boobs.
And why don't you ask dad where he found this? I mean, what site was he on? Who is he, liza? Here, I found him.
"fighter boy.
" You know he has a blog? Dad, please, just stop-- You like what you see? OhGreat.
We're not naive.
We know kids experiment.
But this creep had the video of our daughter on his blog.
- She's 17.
- Yeah.
If she consented to chat with him, There may not be much we can do.
But he has videos of other girls who look much younger.
- Do you have his blog address? - Yeah, I got it.
He's got girls on his blog and pictures of guns.
He's a freak.
- Yeah, they do look young.
Um Can you excuse me a moment? Sure.
Lupo, log onto this.
Okay, looks like video caps of naked girls.
Something for the perv unit.
- Not that.
Click here.
Fighter boy's got a lot of hobbies.
Click on the video.
All right.
There's enough here to take out a whole city block.
Not just any block.
Check out the license plate.
The empire state.
A new york city block.
Adriano_CSI SEASON FINALE RUBBER ROOM Law & Order Police! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! John nolte? - What? - Fighter boy? That's you? - Yeah.
- Where are the weapons? - What weapons? - All right.
War's over for you, johnny.
Now, get up, get up! Swear to god, the only weapons I have Are a beam rifle and energy bolts.
They're online computer game weapons.
That's right.
Pretend weapons.
I don't have anything like this.
These photos on your blog, that pipe bomb video-- Where did you get that? On the web somewhere.
I just thought if I had it on my blog-- You'd get some web cred, hmm? Hmm.
Well The sex cops They wanna talk to you About your videos of underage girls.
No more pretend for you, johnny.
You're gonna do some real time now.
- Ccs confirms- - the photos and bomb video Were downloaded from another source on the net, A source they can't trace.
Johnny's apartment was clean.
No weapons.
No trace of explosives.
A "love to watcher.
" he's not a doer.
- Then find the doer.
- The car in the video Was a silver civic, any one of five model years, Tens of thousands in the state.
It's like fishing for a needle in the ocean.
Old chinese saying.
Just do it.
Old american saying.
Look, we've got someone driving around loaded for mayhem.
Right place, right time, We could be looking at hundreds of casualties.
It'd be nice if just this once We could stop something from happening.
Your last mri was three months ago.
Uh, yeah, right after my radiation.
Let's have you lie down right here.
Now, your doctor will take a look At the pictures that we take today And compare them to the one from three months ago To see if there's been any change.
I'm sure she'll call you in a couple of days.
All right, you'll hear this machine turn on, And then we'll slide you in, just your lower torso.
Now, make sure you don't move.
If you have a problem, use the call button here.
Got it? Okay.
Okay, we're ready.
Music okay? UhYeah.
Yeah, it's fine.
Okay, remember, don't move.
Going by the vegetative growth pattern, shadows, This was shot in an east by northeast orientation Between 6:00 and 7:00 a.
Four to eight weeks ago.
What's that on the horizon line? Looks like the tops of two structures.
Those cables coming out of them? The towers of a suspension bridge.
- Yeah.
- I can check.
the verrazano bridge.
This was shot on staten island.
Can you figure out where this field is Relative to the bridge? I have the height of the towers, The perspective distance between them.
Short answer's yes.
We got no reports of an explosion, But we're in a flight path for jfk, So people pretty much tune out the noise.
I got something.
Fragment of a 2-inch diameter iron pipe.
Characteristic traces of a black powder explosion.
- Pipe bomb, huh? - Yeah.
We, um, we found a pipe bomb a couple of weeks ago In the restroom of a gas station three miles from here.
It was a dud.
It was all rusted.
I thought it was a prank.
Ha ha.
It was in a trash bin in the restroom.
The gas jockey found it.
Matches the one in the field and in the video.
The lab found three sets of prints And a residue of a medicinal cream.
Eczema cream.
A bomber with itchy hands.
You're tracking down every silver civic on staten island? And pulling video from toll booths.
Van buren.
Uh, yes, uh, Thank you for returning my call.
Can you hold on, please? Listen, circle back to that gas jockey.
See what he remembers about this prank.
Uh, yes, I called to apply for a line of credit.
I've been sick.
Yeah, I have medical bills.
Silver honda? I don't know.
I'm not into cars.
I take public transpiration.
All right, what about who you gave the key to restroom to? You don't need a key.
The lock's busted.
I told those other cops.
What about a car With three people in it? I remember three kids on bicycles.
They came in to use the air hose.
Did any of them use the restroom? I don't know.
I was checking out their bikes.
All the same color, green and black.
I could tell from the pegs they do a lot of grinding.
Where do the freestylers hang out around here? There's a park over on grandview.
All right, thanks.
You know white boys can't jump.
Ha ha ha ha! Just saying All we need is a bar, A hundred bucks for refreshments I don't think she's gonna go for it, lupe.
You know she's a very private person.
Ball got away from us.
You guys mind if we ask you a question? It's okay.
We're cops.
We just wanna know if you guys ever use The air hose at the service station on richmond-- Hey, hey, hey! - Hey, hey, hey.
- Let go! Easy, easy.
Well, well, well, look what we have here.
This is nonsense! My kid is 13.
He's no mad bomber! The fingerprints we found on his bicycle Matched the prints we found on this-- Prints and eczema cream.
They both tie your son to the bomb.
Well, vinnie, what do you have to say? Did you make this bomb? No.
I found it in the field past the mall.
What the hell were you doing over there? Vinnie, why were you in that field? I saw the video online of the explosion, And I recognized the place, so me and my friends, We went there to look around for, You know, like, a piece of history.
And I found the pipe, but they all got scared, So I just ditched it at the gas station.
A piece of history.
It's gonna be epic.
Show us where you saw the video.
That it? "moot's countdown.
" These are the photos fighter boy had on his blog.
Right there.
The explosion video.
"my field test, total success!" Oh, man.
Check this out.
"I figure 600 dead easy, "students and faculty, "300 just in the cafeteria.
I'm going to bring down the whole building.
" This guy's talking about taking out a school.
"when I'm done, no one will be able "to walk into a new york city school Without thinking of me.
" Like I said, epic.
This boy moot's been running his blog Through a server in romania.
There's no way to identify him or trace him.
Is this a credible threat? The blog doesn't name the school, the borough, Even a specific time frame.
Chief, he's got a hi-point .
9 millimeter carbine With 20 10-round mags, A glock 21 with five boxes of hollow points, And a web body harness to carry it all.
Not to mention three propane tanks wired to go.
This is as credible a threat As any I've seen in eight years of counterterror.
And that's what I'll tell the pc.
Lieutenant, I'll have the chief of school safety Talk to you directly.
Thank you.
This boy's had this blog for three months, Talking about blowing up his school.
How many people read it? Uh, 2,300 hits.
And no one thought to report him.
Well, nobody likes a snitch, even on the net.
All right, let's bring in some help, See if we can profile this boy from his writings.
And start working on an email.
Maybe we can smoke him out.
"I'm surrounded by drones who never stop "and ask why they're even in school.
"I hate them.
I hate the whole stupid world.
"I wanna send them a message they'll understand.
"you know what I'm talking about, moot.
"I think we should coordinate our actions.
"just picture it- you in new york and me in l.
, "same day, same time.
"it'll be epic.
Get back to me.
Eric and dylan forever.
" nice columbine reference.
- You like that, huh? - Kids like this See harris and klebold as tragic heroes Instead of what they were- a grandiose psychopath And a suicidal depressive.
The perfect storm.
Which way does this kid moot swing? He skews more toward depressive and suicidal.
Some days he's angry, feels disrespected, And other days he's frustrated and despondent.
Problem is, he's not giving out any personal details We can work with.
There's a failed love affair, but no specifics.
Lab pulled the serial number Off the photo of that hi-point carbine.
Turns out the gun was stolen From a gun store heist in massachusetts last month.
So whoever did the job must have sold the carbine to moot.
Atf caught the thief two weeks ago.
He's sitting in otisville, awaiting trial.
I got plenty here to amuse myself This gun is in the possession of a kid Who's threatened to blow up his high school.
We need to know who mr.
Phillips sold it to.
What are you offering? We can't offer anything.
He's under federal jurisdiction.
This guy's got guns.
He's got ammo, he's got bombs.
He's got plans to kill hundreds of kids.
I don't know, maybe you got a kid brother in school.
You gotta help us out, man.
Then you better go talk to the damn feds Man.
Dwayne phillips is a potential witness Against a gun running network That extends all the way up into canada.
I'm not wasting federal leverage On a nothing state investigation.
Nothing investigation? Mr.
Schlicter, we're talking about A credible threat against a high school Full of children and teachers.
According to what, a blog? Get real.
A blog that had video of a pipe bomb explosion, A real explosion.
Have you checked the internet lately? It's filled with videos of dumb kids Blowing up crap with pipe bombs.
Well, not for nothing, Schlicter rhymes with sphincter.
No go.
His boss won't see us.
Well, we could always ask moot to blow up schlicter's car To prove he's for real.
We may not need the feds.
Atf gave us the dumps off of phillips' cell phone.
He made a couple calls to a number upstate in ghent, And that number corresponds to a dsl line Used by a computer to log onto moot's blog.
Van buren.
Anita, it's dr.
Yes, doctor.
I need you to come back in for another mri.
- Why? What did you find? - Nothing.
There was a problem with the images.
The data got corrupted.
We need to redo the mri.
I'm very sorry.
I booked you another appointment for Monday morning.
Okay, doctor.
I-I'll be there Monday.
Again, I'm very sorry.
Morgan, I swear, If you don't tell them what you know, You are not stepping out of this house for the next year.
I met dwayne phillips at the skating rink.
He was nice.
I liked talking to him.
I didn't do anything else with him.
And what about moot? You talk to him, besides sending him emails? No.
I-I found his blog by accident.
I wrote him.
He wrote me back.
Did you tell you his name, where he lives? No.
Just moot.
We mostly talked about me.
Did youPut moot in touch with dwayne? No.
Moot told me he was looking to get a rifle, A special kind of rifle.
And then I met dwayne, And he said he could get a rifle like that.
So I gave him 100 bucks out of my savings.
You met with him.
You gave him the rifle.
My friend lee thought moot might be some kind of freak, And try and rape me or something.
So he went down and gave him the rifle.
He drove down to saugerties.
That's where they met.
We're gonna need to talk to your friend lee.
Drove through a red light two weeks ago.
All right.
We read through the emails That moot exchanged with the girl.
It's all about her.
He doesn't give up anything about himself.
He met her friend in saugerties? Pull all the tollbooth video for that night.
- We're on it.
- Guys.
This is bad.
Moot's blog.
"I just found out the police have been reading my blog.
"at least now someone's paying attention.
"they know I'm for real.
"I'll just have to be more careful from now on.
The plan goes on.
The end has been written.
" So much for the element of surprise.
Our girl in ghent, She emailed moot about our visit.
She said she felt sorry for him.
Well, I feel sorry for her.
Any likelihood he'll move up his plans? So far he's acted in a slow, deliberate manner.
This is not an impulsive kid.
Anything in his blog that can actually help us find him? He's bright, articulate, Probably at the top of his english class.
He loves to write.
He knows we're reading his blog, but he's still posting.
This one's about a teacher.
Teachers are his favorite subject.
Can't stop griping about them.
Well, I'd like the story better If this teacher had a name.
Because one of the students probably wrote it.
These teachers on his blog, Maybe identifying them will lead us to moot.
There's one teacher he wrote about a couple of weeks ago.
Science teacher, a religious zealot Who burned crosses on the arms of his students.
Sorry, I can't help you.
The teacher in question was the subject of a proceeding, But it was resolved before it got to arbitration.
Resolved how? You fired the teacher? I really can't discuss it.
The unions would be all over us.
Well, maybe we didn't make ourselves clear, mr.
There is a credible bomb threat against one of your schools.
Bomb threats are a serious matter.
But union lawyers are more serious.
The file was sealed.
I wouldn't be doing my job Protecting members of this union If I violated that seal.
Prelutsky, I assure you This unnamed teacher is not a target in our investigation.
But he might have important information-- I have a collective bargaining agreement to enforce.
As members of a union, I'm sure you can appreciate that.
You wanted to talk to us, miss? You know about this teacher, how we can find him? The teachers have this website Where they bitch about their job.
Here's how you log in.
If you leave a message there, Maybe someone can help you find that teacher.
Thank you.
Just remember to not move.
You mess up this test again, You're gonna see me move in your direction.
- Baby.
Come on, now.
- Thinks I have Nothing better to do than to come here And be shoved into this machine like a pot roast? we're ready.
Uh, remember, don't move.
Bite your tongue.
Here you go.
When you read what these teachers put up with, All of a sudden walking a beat in brownsville Doesn't sound so bad.
I studied to be a teacher.
I spent a year teaching kindergarten.
You were a kindergarten teacher? Don't go there, lupes.
We got an answer.
"the teacher you asked about, "the one who branded kids with crosses, "it sounds like ron kozlowski.
He's a science teacher in suffolk county.
" It's absurd.
I didn't brand anybody.
You know what a tesla coil is? - Yes.
- Correct.
I assume you know what it does? It generates an electrical current.
Good job.
Last year--as I've done hundreds of times before-- I did a little demonstration By passing the current over the arms of my students.
Left a little redness on the skin.
Next thing I know, there's a complaint filed That I branded crosses.
I was suspended pending an arbitration.
One of your students wrote about you on his blog.
He said you were a church freak.
I'm a religious person.
I don't make any bones about that.
But we're trying to identify the student Who wrote this about you on his blog.
He probably gets as in english.
He drives a silver honda.
Doesn't ring a bell.
What about the student who filed the complaint? You have his name? There was more than one student.
The department of education wouldn't tell me their names.
Sorry you had to drive all the way out here.
Sorry you ended up out here.
After four months suspension, I quit new york and took a job here.
Half the salary, twice the commute.
But at least I'm teaching.
Department of education Won't release the names of the students.
Not even the students in kozlowski's class.
Moot could be a kid in another class Who just happened to hear about kozlowski.
We really need the names of all the kids in that school.
The department of education is standing on principle, Protecting the privacy of minors.
They're not taking this seriously.
Book us with a grand jury.
We need to move for an indictment.
Start issuing subpoenas.
The pipe bomb components in the field Matched the pipe bombs pictured on the blog.
The serial number of the rifle stolen from the gun store Matched the weapon on the blog.
What conclusion do you take from those facts? The person writing this blog Has been amassing and testing weapons For over the past three months With the clear intent to attack a new york city school.
Thank you, detective.
You're excused.
Members of the grand jury, That concludes the presentation in the matter Of people v.
Unknown suspect john doe, Also known as blogger moot.
I ask now that you authorize me to serve subpoenas On the department of education For all relevant student records of, But not limited to, john locke high school.
I also ask that you authorize me To seize all computers That are found on the school's premises.
Yes? How many students are in in this high school? Um You want to search the records and computers Of 2,800 kids? We don't know the identity of the suspect.
That's why we're seeking a john doe indictment.
What if you've got the wrong school? You gonna search the computers of another 2,000 kids? Some of us here are parents, And I'm not sure we like that idea.
These are high school kids, not al-qaeda.
"I figure 600 dead easy, students and faculty.
"300 just in the cafeteria.
I'm gonna bring down the whole building.
" Those are just words on a computer.
The police can get warrants from a judge.
You don't need a blank check from us.
I have a question.
Can we vote to cut off this indictment right now? They shut you down? All right.
I'll tell them.
Good night.
What were you looking at? N-nothing.
Open it back up.
The d.
Crapped out with the grand jury, So stopping this kid is gonna come down to police work.
And you're not gonna have any time for a fund-raiser, So cancel it.
That was supposed to be a surprise.
If you respect me, Respect my privacy.
Told you.
Screw that.
I'm not gonna cancel it.
oh, man.
Hmm? Check out what our friend just posted.
"every day, I feel it all closing in.
"the police, the school, the lies, "the empty void of my future, my relentless destiny.
"the only power I have left is when I choose to end this.
"I can't wait anymore.
By the end of next week You will all know my name.
" It's on.
The doomsday clock just moved up three minutes.
Slow and deliberate.
Not impulsive.
That is what you said.
I also said the kid's suicidal.
He was always likely to go off at any minute.
Look, you gentlemen can settle this later.
All I wanna know is how we can catch this boy.
On his blog, There's a half dozen teachers that he has a beef with.
- Like the science teacher.
- Yeah, and if we identify them And cross-reference the students in their classes, We may be able to come up with our boy.
So last night, we went on the teacher's website And we described what the kid said about his teachers, Asking if anybody recognized them.
This morning, we got replies with names.
Now, according to the department of education, Most of these teachers are in queens At something called a temporary reassignment center.
What is that? Welcome to the rubber room.
This is where teachers accused of incompetence Or misconduct Are reassigned, pending an arbitration hearing.
They're not teaching? We don't want them near a classroom.
But we can't fire them, pending the arbitration.
So they report here seven hours a day, Five days a week.
- And do what? - Crossword puzzles.
Sort recipes.
I have teachers here Who've been waiting for their hearing for two years.
That's why they call it the rubber room.
Two years? What happens if they don't show up? They don't show up, they don't get paid.
Their full salary.
Union rules.
All right, well, these are the teachers We need to talk to.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Mr.
Bendel, We're not here to investigate your assault on a student.
Is that what they told you I did? That's how a student described it on his blog.
There's one cardinal rule-- Never hit a student.
I was conducting a computer reading program, And this one student was on a game site.
I told him, "come on, you know better.
Get back to reading.
" He had his hair gelled straight up and I Swatted it like this.
I barely touched it.
That's an assault? It doesn't sound like it.
Well, that'd be news to the department of education.
Can you write down the names Of all the kids in the computer class? down the drain.
I never laid a hand on a kid.
It's a sham.
I shouldn't be here.
Well, we were told that you used abusive language On a student.
I called him a little bastard and a few other choice words.
- Why would you do that? - Because he punched me.
And he tried to take my eye out with a pair of scissors.
You want his name? I'm not supposed to, but I don't care.
And the names of his friends, Students who may have witnessed this incident.
You know, the worst thing is I got into teaching because I love children.
None of the students cross-reference With any of the lists.
If these teachers were in different schools, Different boroughs, How could one student have witnessed all these incidents Or even heard of them? We've always assumed that moot was a student.
What if he was a teacher A teacher who got parked In one of these rubber rooms last year.
He would have heard all those stories From those other teachers.
Except he's been complaining about teachers on his blog.
Maybe just to try to throw us off his trail.
What have we been hearing all day? Stories about teachers who got screwed by the system.
I believe moot wanted us to hear those stories.
Because he's a teacher like them, A teacher whose career got derailed By a nuisance complaint from a student.
And now he's looking for payback.
This might take us to him.
All the teachers moot mentions on his blog He could have met in rubber rooms except one-- Maura scott.
She's never been reassigned here.
She's been at the same school for the past five years.
There's only one way moot would know her story.
Because he works with her.
You left a message for her? All right, put a radio car outside her building And as soon as she comes home, bring her in.
All right.
They think they've got a good lead.
I'm gonna go in for a couple of hours.
You know, getting this loan would be a lot easier If you could show two incomes.
Well, I only have the one income.
Why? What are you saying? We'll talk about it when you get back.
Yeah, we'll talk about it.
I don't want you feeling sorry for me.
See, you would think that.
It's like with that 10-13 thing.
Officer in need of assistance.
WellI don't need that kind of assistance.
So give it to charity.
Just be glad people wanna help you.
I am in no mood for a pity party.
I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor.
I have other things to worry about.
Whatever happensHappens.
In the meantime, let your people do this thing for you.
Are you telling me how to run my house? I'm suggesting.
Maybe they need to do this for you.
You know you're not the only one Who feels helpless against this disease.
I spent the night at my fiance's.
I didn't get your message Until I got to school this morning.
We appreciate your coming in, But it wasn't necessary to bring a lawyer.
You're only here as a witness.
The union rep at her school contacted us.
We insisted she not come undefended.
This was posted on a blog.
The teacher it describes-- The one who calls his students stupid-- Was that you? Yes, but I didn't call him stupid.
I'm an english teacher.
I told him if he didn't use proper grammar, People will think he's stupid, even if he isn't stupid.
Of course, what the student heard is, "miss scott called me stupid.
" That got me a reprimand That'll be in my file till the end of time.
Miss scott, which teachers at your school Would know about this incident? I imagine most of them would.
We're looking for a teacher That might have spent time In a temporary reassignment center in the last year.
You mean the rubber rooms.
That's right.
He might also drive a silver honda.
Maura, hold on.
Who gets reassigned to a trc Is not a matter of public record.
She doesn't have to answer you.
Miss scott, this teacher, whoever he may be, Presents an imminent danger, not just to himself but-- Unless you have a subpoena, you can't compel her to talk.
Do you have a subpoena? I didn't think so.
Maura, let's go.
Miss scott.
Miss scott.
I'm jack mccoy, the district attorney.
We need you to talk to us.
I know you know what a subpoena is.
Just how far up your ass is your head? A member of your union Is threatening to shoot up a school! Really.
I find it hard to believe Any teacher could be pushed over the edge.
What do you think did it, mr.
Mccoy? Is it being micromanaged by the department of education Or having all of the responsibility And none of the authority? Or is it having to dig into their own pockets To pay for classroom supplies? Or maybe it's being abused and assaulted daily By students and their parents.
You get no argument from me there.
But if your obstruction allows a massacre to happen, I will crucify you, mr.
I will charge you with negligent homicide, And after I convict you, I'll resign my job And represent the families of the victims In a wrongful death suit against you and the union.
By the time I'm done, you'll be finished.
So my advice to you is get out of my way! Now, miss scott, Please I beg you.
Before I tell you his name, I wanna tell you what happened to him.
You have to know he was a good teacher.
We're listening.
He'd only been teaching for three years.
Ninth grade english.
He was having a terrible time with classroom management.
They don't train you for that.
It'sSink or swim, and rick was sinking.
During a class, A student asked permission to use the bathroom.
You get in trouble If your students are in the hallway during class.
There was only ten minutes left till recess, So rick told the student to wait.
So this kid, he was 16, He goes to the front of the class And pees in the trashcan.
Rick tried to stop him.
The kid accused him of molesting him.
The department started proceedings against rick.
He spent eight months in the rubber rooms.
They dismissed the complaint, But they told him he'd never get tenure.
They might as well have fired him.
The blog mentioned a failed relationship.
After he was accused of molestation, His girlfriend left him.
His full name.
Rick benson.
He doesn't teach at the school anymore.
I think he lives with his parents in brooklyn.
He was a good teacher.
They destroyed him.
We told you, rick's not here.
It's the department of education-- they sent you.
Why can't they leave him alone? Lupes.
Check this out.
We got empty boxes of ammo And cans of black powder.
Did you know what your son was doing down here? - No.
What was he doing? - He was making pipe bombs.
Now, where is he? He's substitute teaching At a high school in queens.
I don't know the name.
Locate the car in the parking lot.
You do not wait for e.
! And start evacuating the school.
Tell them it's a fire drill.
It's in ridgewood off of gates.
Ten minutes away, tops.
This way, this way.
Let's go, guys! Go, go, go! - That benson's? - Yeah.
Security saw him go into the school a half hour ago Carrying a backpack and a heavy gym bag.
- Right.
- He's doing it.
Starting a sweep of the building From the northeast entrance.
We're heading to the cafeteria.
- The cafeteria--where is it? - It's that way, down the hall.
- Okay, keep moving, let's go.
- Go, go! He might have planted propane tanks With some kind of timing device.
They might be rigged with shrapnel.
He has pipe bombs too.
- Sarge, we got something here.
Lupes! - Go, go, go! - Move, move, move.
Go, go, go! Yeah, that's one.
There could be two more.
Get the bomb squad here.
We got a male white with a gun heading upstairs To the second floor.
Hey, hey, don't stop! Don't stop! Keep moving.
Stay down, stay down! Shots came from down there from the library.
Go, go, go! Please, help us! We're on the second floor.
Please! Come on, go.
It's okay, coach.
Stay back.
I got students in there.
- All right.
- Go, go! - This way! - Come on! Come on, stay down, this way, come on! Come on! By the way, I'm a math teacher.
Keep pressing on the wound.
That's it.
That's it.
Keep pressing.
Jason, stay down.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Julie, help maria, okay? - Where is he? - That way.
- Mr.
Cortina, help us.
- You stay right there, manuel.
You're doing good.
Hey, monique, that's my girl.
Stay low.
I called to say good-bye.
I'm not going anywhere.
It'll be on tv.
Never mind what I'm gonna do.
What are you gonna do, huh? You abandoned me, you bitch! No, this is all on you.
Yeah, you bought into all the lies.
You should have stood by me.
If you loved me, you would have stood by me! Hey, rick? Rick benson? I wanna talk to you.
The police are here.
I gotta go.
Look, rick, we found the bombs, okay? The building's not gonna come down.
Don't shoot! I'm just saying it's not too late! You haven't killed anybody yet.
You can step back from this.
Step back into what? I got nothing! I'm a dead man.
Hey, rick.
I read your blog.
I talked to maura.
I know you got screwed.
Shut up! - Move in, move in! - I got his hand! Damn it! Damn it! Hey, thanks for-- There were three gunshot injuries.
Nothing critical.
We got lucky.
Luck was only part of it, detectives.
You did good, all of you.
Hey, there she is, the party girl! Whoo! You don't really think you're gonna fill that thing.
I got three checks in here.
One's from the people in my office, The other's from the police commissioner, And the third one's from the mayor.
You got a lot of friends, lieutenant.
That's right.
Thank you.
You guys are too much.
UmBefore I forget, Uh, everybody, this is my boyfriend frank gibson.
Boyfriend? Right.
As of this afternoon, Frank is my fiance.
That's great! Whoa! - Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- That's great.
- Thank you.
I need to get this.
- Sure.
Knight? UhYes.
It's anita van buren.
I see that you called.
I understand.
Good night.
thank you, thank you, thank you.
no, mccoy, that's--that's not it.