Law & Order (1990) s21e10 Episode Script

Black and Blue

1 In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Great jacket.
- Thanks.
- Are you a model or something? Ugh.
Really? You're offended because I paid you a compliment? I didn't ask you to compliment me, did I? No.
I'm just trying to walk to the damn subway, now back up and get the hell out of my way.
Get the hell out of your way? Who do you think you're talking to, sweetie? Are you serious? You're gonna record me? We're just talking.
I said back up and get the hell out of my way.
Have a wonderful night, miss.
Pleasure talking to you.
What's your emergency? - Yeah, a man's been shot.
- What's your location? On the corner of West 173rd and Fort Washington.
- What's his status? - Please.
Please, he's bleeding.
I hear he was on the job? Took two to the chest.
Recovered the casing near the body.
- Mm-hmm.
- Any witnesses? No.
Nothing yet, anyway.
Name was James Doyle.
Detective First Grade.
♪ Jimmy.
He goes by Jimmy, not James.
I'll see you on the other side, brother.
♪ ♪ Good evening.
At approximately 10:05 this evening, Detective First Grade James Doyle was shot and killed while working off duty.
Jimmy was a 23-year veteran of the NYPD and a recipient of multiple awards and accommodations, including the Medal of Valor, which is awarded for outstanding personal bravery, intelligently performing in the line of duty and imminent hazard to life Did you see anyone in the immediate vicinity? - No.
- No one? You didn't see anyone running or jumping into a car? No.
I'm sorry, I was so focused on the man who got shot.
How far away were you when you heard the two loud pops? I don't know.
About 30 yards.
And you ran toward the sound of the gunshots, which means you were there five or six seconds - after the shooting.
- What's your point? My point is I find it hard to believe you didn't see anybody.
Hey, come on, Frank.
I'm just trying to motivate her.
Okay, okay.
You know what, ma'am? If you can think of anything else that might be helpful to us, give us a call.
Thank you.
We're gonna have to take this one step at a time.
Let's go.
We need to talk to Jimmy's wife.
Yeah, okay.
Excuse me.
Hey, cuz.
I am so sorry.
I can't believe this happened.
Heather, this is my partner, Kevin Bernard.
So sorry about your loss.
Is there somewhere we can Hey, guys, can we have the room? Thanks.
I hate to do this.
I understand.
It's fine.
You have any idea who might've done this to Jimmy? - No.
- Was he having any problems, anything unusual going on in his life? No.
He was doing great.
Were there any recent arguments, - confrontations? - Not sure.
We split up about three years ago.
Oh, I-I didn't know.
I'm sorry, I Jimmy and I, we haven't talked in a while, so Sometimes life gets in the way.
Just the way it is.
But we were still really close.
Talked to him every day.
'Cause he was my best friend.
You have any idea why he was up on 173rd Street? ♪ How long were you and Jimmy dating? Almost three years.
I still can't believe this.
We had dinner last night.
He said that he had to get up early and take his kids to school, so [SIGHS.]
He was gonna head back to Brooklyn and sleep at his apartment.
What'd you two do for dinner? We went to a place on Broadway called Tarravita.
It's a few blocks this way.
Anything out of the ordinary happen at dinner last night? Someone staring at Jimmy? You? No.
It was a nice, normal dinner.
What about walking home? I didn't notice anything unusual.
It's not fair.
It's just not.
Jimmy was special.
I know.
Jimmy and I were friends.
So you know what I mean.
He loved being a cop, too, more than anything.
Despite all the protests and anti-police hate.
Probably not so easy for you though.
You're right.
A lot of my friends didn't understand how a Black woman could date a cop.
A white cop no less.
Any of these friends ever get in an argument with Jimmy? No.
Anyone ever threaten you or harass you? That's that's you, right? Last night.
Eight minutes before Detective Doyle was shot and killed.
I went over there.
I live five blocks away.
So I walk over there sometimes hoping to bump into her.
All right? We worked together at a hotel.
We dated for a few months, nothing serious.
Then she starts seeing this dude Jimmy and I still have strong feelings for Ezrie.
You know, what can I say, man? Listen, I get a little obsessive sometimes.
Obsessive enough to kill someone.
- No.
- Yeah.
Hell no.
I had nothing to do with that shooting.
- I don't even own a gun.
- Let's see this again.
You walk out at 9:58.
The 911 call comes in at 10:04.
That's you.
Where'd you go? What'd you do? Hmm? What'd you do? I saw Ezrie and Jimmy at the front door.
Okay? He kissed her goodnight.
He walked away.
I thought about ringing the buzzer, but I knew that'd be a bad idea so I started walking home.
Right about the time Detective Jimmy Doyle was shot.
Yeah, I heard the shots.
- It sounded like two loud pops.
- Loud? So you were close.
Meaning you probably saw the shooting too.
I heard the gunshots.
I didn't really see anything.
What does that even mean, you "didn't really see anything"? It means I didn't see the shooter or shooting.
All I saw was some white dude running down Broadway.
He looked scared as hell.
Oh, yeah? When was this? It was about 10 seconds after the gunshots.
♪ This is 12 seconds after the 911 call.
Let's hold off on getting a warrant for now.
We need to find out who this guy is and why the hell he's running.
So I already ran a reverse image search.
His name is Scott Gleacher.
He works at an investment firm in Midtown.
We need to track his ass down right now.
Yeah, that's me.
So? So? It's gonna be like that? Excuse me? A police officer was shot and killed about 75 yards away from where you were running.
I want to help out, but But what? I'm not answering questions without a lawyer present.
Here's his name and number.
You want to talk about this, call.
He has no priors.
No guns registered in his name either.
Any connection between him and Doyle? No.
So some rich Wall Street dude with no rap sheet decides to shoot an off-duty cop that he doesn't even know? I know.
It doesn't make any sense.
And if he's so innocent, why not cooperate? Why not just tell us what he saw and why he was running? What the hell was Gleacher doing up in Washington Heights in the first place? I mean, he lives in Tribeca, he works in Midtown.
Looks he like was at some charity event.
This photo was posted at 8:55 p.
Where was he? TeamGirl Inc.
It's a nonprofit that's dedicated to empowering at-risk teenage girls.
Location? It's Washington Heights.
2243 165th Street.
Of course I know Scott Gleacher.
He's one of the founders of TeamGirl.
He just donated $1 million, helped us pay for all this.
Was he at the event last night? Of course.
- He was the guest of honor.
- Oh.
Was Mr.
Gleacher involved in any unusual activity? What do you mean? Was there any arguments or confrontations? No.
Have you ever seen this man before? No, doesn't look familiar.
Thank you for your time.
If you don't mind, why are you asking about Scott Gleacher? He's a person of interest in a homicide.
I've only met him a few times but there have definitely been a lot of rumors swirling lately.
What sort of rumors? I've been working for TeamGirl for about a year now.
I started going to meetings when I was in high school.
It was great.
It really motivated me to get good grades and go to college.
So you're in college now? Yeah.
Good for you.
You work at TeamGirl.
You must know Scott Gleacher.
Yeah, I know Scott.
Are you two romantically involved? Sort of.
We hang out sometimes.
What's going on? Oh.
We're investigating a homicide.
What's that got to do with my sister? Nothing.
At the moment anyways.
We're more concerned about her friend Scott Gleacher.
Were you at that party last night? No, it was for rich people.
They were trying to raise money.
Forgive me for asking, but I noticed you have some stitches above your right eye.
What happened? Don't answer that, sweetie.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
Just noticed some bruising and stitches, so I thought I'd ask.
- She's doing fine.
- That's good to hear.
Just one more question, then we'll go on our way.
Do you know anything about that policeman who was shot last night? She doesn't.
Now, if you don't mind - I'm just trying to ask her a - She's not gonna answer any more questions.
Now please leave.
♪ Thank you.
♪ - Hey, guys.
- Hey.
How you doing? - Thanks for meeting with us.
- Sure.
What's up? A woman named Regina Daniels was treated at New York Presbyterian about three days ago.
She got admitted to the ER with a gash above her right eye.
Hospital said they contacted SVU about possible domestic abuse.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I remember her.
She said that she hit her head on a table.
- You're not buying it? - No, I'm not.
She insisted that she was telling the truth and went on to tell me that she and her boyfriend were madly in love.
I tried to talk to her, but no dice.
She ever say anything about Detective Jimmy Doyle? No.
Why would she bring him up? We're following a lead.
We got video of Regina's boyfriend running away from the crime scene.
Not sure if or how he's related to the murder, but he's the only game in town and we're chasing it.
Well, she definitely didn't say anything to me about him, but I was planning on calling her to check in with her, see how she's doing.
So I'm happy to do some digging if that would be helpful.
That would be good.
In the meantime, we're gonna pretend that conversation already happened.
Might give us an angle to leverage the boyfriend, Gleacher, into cooperating.
Yeah, worth a shot.
Good luck with the investigation.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
You know, it's hard enough being a cop these days.
Last thing we needed is losing one of our own.
♪ Like we said the last time we talked, we got you on video running down Broadway.
We also now know that you're dating a teenage girl named Regina Daniels.
Who had a bruise and eight stitches above her right eye.
We're not sure how all of this connected to Jimmy Doyle's murder, but for some reason, I know it is.
Call it my Irish instinct for tragedy.
And if you know something, now is the time to get out in front of it.
Well, my client is happy to cooperate, but we're going to need full immunity for any potential charges relating to Regina Daniels.
Well, if he's so innocent, why is he demanding immunity? Because Regina's nuts.
She gets emotional and irrational.
Of course she's emotional and irrational.
She's 19.
You don't like it? - Don't date teenagers.
- And don't hit them.
Look, guys, it's simple.
Either we get immunity or we don't talk.
Watch yourself, Carl.
You're playing hardball with the wrong guy and the wrong case.
We can arrest his smug little Wall Street ass right now.
Hell of a headline.
"Founder of TeamGirl arrested for beating up a 19-year-old female employee.
" I never laid a hand on her! Were you involved in his murder, yes or no? No! But I know who was.
You know who shot Jimmy Doyle? Yes, but I'm not saying another word unless I get immunity.
♪ Gleacher claims he knows who killed Doyle.
And he's not going to give us a name unless we immunize him? Even though he swears he never touched her.
I just got off the phone with Benson and Regina says she knows nothing about the shooting.
All right? Also says she's not interested in pursuing a criminal case against Gleacher.
She just happened to fall and hit her head on a table.
Look, Sam, no one's trying to give a free pass to an abuser.
But it sounds like the odds of this woman, Regina, coming forward isn't great.
And even if she did come forward, the odds of getting a conviction aren't great.
So, as disgusting as it is, we need to make a deal with this guy.
Like I said, our policy Whoa, whoa, whoa.
A cop just got murdered.
I don't really care about your policy.
We need to make a deal with this prick now.
So call whoever you got to call Price, McCoy, the Pope.
Just do whatever you gotta do to make sure that we make this deal.
♪ You tell us what you know, what you saw, and then if we believe you, we'll agree to immunize you from any potential criminal charges Regina Daniels might file in connection with the injuries she sustained on April 18th.
Any other charges or claims before or after that date don't apply.
- Understand? - Okay.
That's fair enough.
Just tell them what happened.
No need to hold back.
After the charity event, I went to meet up with Regina at her apartment.
I started walking over there, but her sister Kendra confronted me, told me to stay the hell away from Regina.
She just got back from Miami, saw the cut near her sister's eye, and went crazy.
She never liked me.
Never approved of our relationship.
She started calling me all kinds of names, making crazy accusations.
I told her she was wrong, that I'd never lay a hand on her sister or anybody else for that matter.
But she was going nuts.
I tried to walk away, but she pulled a gun.
Told me if I ever got near Regina again, she'd "put my white ass in the ground.
" She meant it too.
Then, out of nowhere, I hear someone yell "NYPD.
" I look to my left and see some guy hurrying toward us.
Kendra takes off running, so I take off too.
About 15 seconds later, I heard two gunshots.
Yeah, I saw Gleacher that night.
I told him he was too old to be dating my sister.
Okay, why not just say that the other day? I didn't want Regina to know that I confronted him.
Did you and Gleacher get into an argument? No.
Not really.
We just talked.
Regina's only 19 years old, and he was playing her like some kind of toy.
But she was falling in love.
During the course of your conversation, did you encounter an off-duty police officer? No.
- Did you hear any gunshots? - No.
We know you're lying, Kendra.
We searched your place while you were at work and found blood on your jacket and your shoes.
Kendra Daniels, you're under arrest for the murder of Detective Jimmy Doyle.
I'm just glad we were able to get an arrest in such a short period of time.
I know that Jimmy's family is grieving, but hopefully this can help their grieving process in some small way.
And on a personal note, I just want to say that This one really hurts.
But, Jack, we're here to support you and your team moving forward, so anything you need, just let us know.
Thank you.
Jack, where are we from a legal standpoint? We're still collecting evidence, but right now the biggest issue is we don't know why the defendant actually shot Detective Doyle.
I understand, but let me be clear.
This case is extremely important to us.
This city is under siege.
Criminals are getting more brazen by the minute.
Anti-police sentiment is at an all-time high.
There's a march every other week demanding to defund us, for God's sake.
So we have to do everything that we can to heal this city, to get justice for a decorated police officer, and to protect the men and women wearing blue.
So you need to send a message.
You shoot a cop, you will spend the rest of your damn life in prison.
♪ The DNA on the shoes and jacket are a match to Detective Doyle.
So she's our shooter.
Yes, that seems pretty clear.
What's not so clear is what caused Kendra Daniels to pull the trigger.
We still don't have any eyewitnesses or surveillance video.
So it's her word against Doyle's.
The problem is, he's dead.
So we work with the evidence we have, use that to paint the portrait of what actually happened.
Let's start with the defendant, Kendra Daniels.
She's got a good job, good reputation, no priors.
Not the first Girl Scout to shoot and kill someone.
If she wanted to protect her sister, she should've called the police.
I get it, but some people in some communities don't really trust the police.
The bottom line is she threatened Gleacher with a handgun, a police officer saw what was happening, intervened, and now he's dead.
She has to pay the consequences.
I agree, but like I said, it's more complicated than that.
According to the defendant, Detective Doyle used a racial invective while apprehending her, further escalating her already heightened emotional state.
There is no doubt she has to pay the consequences.
My question is what's the appropriate charge? Excuse me? All we know is a woman in a heightened emotional state shot a cop who tried to apprehend her.
It's like a Rorschach test.
You can see what you want to see.
I don't care what anyone wants to see, Nolan.
I care about the evidence.
Base your decision on the facts and the law.
Nothing else.
♪ Docket number CR373997-22, People v.
Kendra Daniels.
Aggravated manslaughter in the first degree.
Manslaughter? Are you kidding me? - [GAVEL BANGS.]
- Quiet.
How does the defendant plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
- Mr.
Price, bail? - $3 million.
Your Honor, the defendant has no priors, has long-standing ties to the community Bail is set at $3 million.
Next case.
You're a coward, Price! Might as well give her a free pass! That's enough! [GAVEL BANGS.]
What the hell was that? Aggravated manslaughter? The best I could do based on the facts, all right? Good news is it's winnable, it's still 20 years in prison.
She shot a cop.
I know you're upset, but this case isn't as straightforward as you think.
There's no witnesses, no video.
The only two people who know what really happened are Doyle and the defendant.
Don't give me that crap.
Kendra Daniels pumped two shiny ones into his chest, and that's murder one all day long.
- With all due respect - Don't "all due respect" me.
You can preach all day long, but it doesn't actually mean anything.
You can't prove what actually happened.
You can only guess.
That's the issue.
We don't know what happened.
And in this political climate, there's no way a jury is going to convict a woman for murder one based on these facts.
You mean there's no way they're ever going to convict a Black woman for shooting a white cop.
That's what you're really saying, isn't it? Because if Kendra Daniels was white But she's not.
She's Black.
There's a certain reality to that fact that if you don't understand that, or you can't appreciate that, that's on you.
I'm doing the best I can with the facts and the evidence I have.
I'm sorry you don't approve, but don't you dare question my integrity.
- Or what? - Hey! That's enough.
The man's just doing his job.
His job is to prosecute Kendra Daniels to the fullest extent of the law, not make excuses for her just because she's Black.
Hey, give me a second, Price? [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ Hey, man.
You gotta back down.
That woman shot and killed Jimmy Doyle, Kev.
And she knew he was a police officer.
That's it.
That's all that matters.
That's what you believe, Frank? Hmm? You believe it's that simple? A Black woman and a white cop? Hmm? ♪ - Hey, Price.
- Yeah.
Frank is a good man.
Says what he feels, and right now he's feeling a lot of pain.
And for the record I respect what you're doing.
Takes a lot of guts to stare down NYPD on a case like this.
♪ I put my arms up and begged her not to shoot me when I heard someone yell "NYPD, don't move.
" So I turned to look and I saw a man in regular street clothes rushing toward us.
- What did the defendant do? - She started running.
And what did you do? I started running too.
And you're certain you heard Detective Doyle identify himself as NYPD? Yes.
Nothing further.
You've been immunized from any criminal charges relating to your physical abuse of Kendra's little sister, Regina, correct? Objection.
There's no evidence that Mr.
Gleacher abused or assaulted Regina Daniels.
Watch yourself, Mr.
When Detective Doyle approached you and Kendra, you both ran off in different directions, - correct? - Yes.
But Detective Doyle pursued Kendra, not you.
In your opinion, was Detective Doyle close enough to you and Kendra to determine your skin color? Objection.
Calls for speculation.
Answer the question.
Yes, it's possible he was close enough to see the color of our skin.
Nothing further.
Gleacher, were you brandishing - a firearm that night? - No.
Was the defendant brandishing a firearm that night? - Yes.
- Nothing further.
You may step down, Mr.
Okay, next witness.
- Prosecution rests.
- Mr.
Harris? Defense calls Detective Michelle Pierce.
Internal Affairs.
Pull up any complaints involving Doyle right away.
Your Honor, may we speak in chambers please? Your Honor, we intend to prove Detective Doyle was racist, that he confronted Kendra Daniels because of his racism, and that he, in effect, provoked his own death.
Whether or not Doyle was racist is irrelevant to this case.
It has nothing to do with the actual shooting.
Kendra Daniels was threatening Scott Gleacher with a 9-milimeter Glock.
Doyle saw the gun, the argument, and intervened in what he assumed was an armed robbery.
He didn't choose to get involved because Kendra was Black.
And moreover, to introduce this type of inflammatory evidence is clearly more prejudicial than probative.
Detective Doyle's relationship to race is the foundation of our defense and nothing can be more relevant or probative.
Race was the reason Doyle pursued Kendra instead of Gleacher.
The reason he didn't listen to or trust what Kendra was saying and ultimately the reason she was forced to shoot and kill him.
Your Honor, it is clear that Mr.
Harris is trying to divert the jury's attention from the actual facts by putting Detective Doyle on trial for two prior, unsubstantiated Internal Affairs complaints.
And for God's sake, haven't we all learned a lesson from the OJ Simpson debacle? Do we really want to go down that path again? I do not need a lecture, Mr.
I agree with the defense.
The victim's relationship with race is integral to their case, which means the two prior Internal Affairs investigations are relevant and will provide context for the confrontation between Detective Doyle and the defendant.
How can two Internal Affairs investigations from over 10 years ago possibly provide context to this murder? I'm allowing it.
Must be an election year.
Watch it, Price.
One more word, and I will hold you in contempt.
Please state your name and job title.
Michelle Pierce.
I'm a detective in the New York Police Department, Internal Affairs Division.
Has your department ever investigated Detective James Doyle? - Yes.
- How many times? Twice.
And what were the nature of these investigations? Both investigations involved assault and battery complaints.
Could you tell us who the complainants were? These are copies of the actual legal complaints.
Feel free to refer to them to refresh your memory.
The first complainant was named Philip Jackson.
The second complainant was named Travis Fairmont.
What were the specific allegations? For Philip Jackson, "The police officer grabbed me called me a punk-ass N-word, threw me into a wall, then punched me in the face three times.
" Now Travis Fairmont.
"The police officer repeatedly hit me in the back with his nightstick, kicked me in the stomach, then called me various racial slurs, including the N-word.
" In both instances, the complainants referred to a police officer.
Could you please clarify the name of that police officer? Detective James Doyle.
Nothing further.
♪ There were two investigations, correct? Yes.
Both of the investigations took place over 10 years ago and neither one of them resulted in any disciplinary action being taken against Detective Doyle, correct? Yes, that's correct.
So he was essentially found innocent of the charges? Yes.
As for the two men who filed the complaints, one of them was charged with aggravated rape, the other was charged with the murder of a seven-year-old girl.
That's correct.
So the two men who accused Detective Doyle of racism were both degenerate criminals.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
Nothing further.
♪ The judge is giving the defense whatever it wants.
She's losing sight of the facts, the law.
I know.
Good news is you bought back most of the damage on cross and the jury's not stupid.
They'll understand that those complaints were really just pathetic attempts to discredit Doyle.
How can you let them do that to Jimmy? Ma'am You just sat there and watched while that lawyer tore apart his reputation, his legacy! I'm sorry, I know that must've been unpleasant.
Jimmy was a good man and he died trying to do a good thing.
He is a hero, for God's sakes.
And what they are doing to him I have three kids.
That crap is gonna follow them until the day they die.
When they google their father's name, it'll say "racist cop," and that is not okay! She's right, it's not fair.
The problem is there is nothing we can do about it.
Well, sure, there is.
We can prove them wrong and rebut this idea that Doyle was a racist.
Maybe we should call Doyle's girlfriend.
If nothing else, it proves there's at least one Black woman out there he loved and admired.
Yeah, it might not be enough, but it's something.
♪ Ms.
Gates, how long did you and Detective Doyle date? Almost three years.
How would you characterize your relationship? It was amazing.
We loved each other very much.
Did you think Detective Doyle was racist? No, of course not.
I mean, look at me for God's sake.
Thank you.
Gates, please direct your attention to the monitor.
Detective Doyle sent you this two years ago, correct? Yes.
Your Honor, I'd like to show the jury this video in its entirety as it pertains to whether or not Detective Doyle was racist.
Yes, you may show it.
To my beautiful, amazing girlfriend on her 34th birthday.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
I really don't.
You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
I can't get enough of you, baby.
I really can't.
Guess Mick Jagger was right.
"Brown sugar is the best kind of sugar there is.
♪ I've seen lots of white cops do horrible things to Black men and women.
I saw two of them beat my cousin Ray to a pulp for having a beer on the street corner.
So yeah, I don't trust the police, white or Black.
So when Detective Doyle is charging towards you with his gun pointed at you, what did you do? I panicked.
I tried to tell him that no crimes were being committed, that I wasn't trying to rob anyone, but he just kept screaming at me to get my black ass on the ground, yelling for me to get on my knees.
Did that upset him? It made him crazy.
He started yelling even louder, using all kinds of racial slurs, demanding me to comply with his orders.
Kendra, why didn't you just do what Detective Doyle said comply? I've seen what happens even when Black people comply, when they do what the police tell them.
My cousin Ray complied.
Did what they asked.
They beat him senseless anyway.
So with Detective Doyle yelling at you to get on your knees with his gun pointed at you What did you do? I tried to calm him down.
Told him I was just trying to protect my little sister.
And then I remembered that I had a gun in my jacket.
I wanted to make sure that he knew, I didn't want him to be surprised, so I told him.
♪ But when I When I told him, he just started coming at me and he had this look in his eyes.
♪ I thought he was gonna shoot me.
I really did.
I didn't want to end up like George Floyd or all the others.
So I did what I did because I didn't want to die.
♪ The gun was in your hand, not your jacket, correct? No.
It was my in my jacket.
So with Detective Doyle's gun trained on you, you were still somehow able to retrieve the gun from your jacket and shoot him twice? That's what happened.
♪ After you shot Detective Doyle, you didn't call 911, correct? Correct.
And you didn't attempt to render aid either, did you? No, I was scared.
I just started running.
So you just left Detective Doyle on the pavement bleeding.
♪ Yes.
Nothing further.
♪ Accused and counsel, please rise.
Madam Foreperson, how do you find on the charge of aggravated manslaughter in the first degree? We find the defendant not guilty.
- What?! - [GAVEL BANGS.]
- Order! You call this justice? - She killed one of ours! - Order! Order! I won't say it again.
♪ Madam foreperson, how do you find on the charge of aggravated manslaughter in the second degree? We find the defendant guilty.
- Yes! - She didn't do anything wrong! - Order! - She deserves more! [PEOPLE SHOUTING.]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Cop killer! You tried a hell of a case, Nolan.
Yeah, everyone seemed to be so happy with the outcome.
Sort of the point, isn't it? When both sides are outraged, it probably means it was a good result.
It doesn't feel so good.
A really smart prosecutor once told me if you try a good case, if you do it the right way, whatever the jury decides is right, whether or not it feels good.

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