Law & Order (1990) s22e02 Episode Script

Battle Lines

In the criminal justice system,
the people are represented
by two separate,
yet equally important groups:
the police, who investigate crime,
and the district attorneys,
who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Excuse me, do you know where
Hey, girlie.
How you doing?
Check this out.
Hey, if you don't pay attention,
you'll miss the magic.
- Hey, whoa, whoa.
- Please let me go.
Come on. Show some love.
I see that pretty
pink purse you got there.
- Give us some money.
- Come on, girl, give it up.
Hey! Where you going?
You're not listening to me!
Why won't anyone listen to me?
- Watch it!
- Ah!
My first official day in the squad,
and caught a body for breakfast.
Welcome to the 2-7.
I appreciate you reaching out like that.
Best to work with people you know.
You guys got here fast.
We were nearby. What do we got?
Witness who called 911 saw
a man grab the victim's purse,
and he pushed her off the bridge.
Get a description?
White, 20s, maybe 30s,
wearing a baseball cap.
Said the purse was bright pink.
Was he armed?
Not that she could tell.
Oh, she's just a teenager.
Still waiting on the MLI techs?
Like I said, you got here fast.
What time did the 911 call come in?
Only 17 minutes ago.
Killer might still be in the area.
2-7 Squad to Central.
Search the meadow
and the surrounding areas.
Anyone anyone matching
the suspect's description.
Requesting a level-one mobilization.
- You got it.
- Suspect is a white male,
possibly wearing a baseball cap,
and could be in the possession
of a pink purse.
Barton Creek High School.
It's a suburb outside of Austin.
Looks like our vic wasn't local.
The concrete jungle
where dreams are made of.
Did you know the deceased?
No, I was
I was just walking when
I heard a girl shouting.
It sounded like she needed help.
So I ran, and when I came
around the corner there,
I saw the guy attacking her.
The man with the baseball cap?
Did you notice anything about him?
Visible tattoos, the color of his shirt,
the type of shoes he was wearing?
A light-colored shirt,
I think, but I'm not sure.
All I remember are those eyes.
You got a good look at his face?
Yeah, right before he took off running,
he looked right at me.
Do you think you'd recognize
him if you saw him again?
Yeah, I think I can.
It's just too crazy.
I've had three friends mugged
in the past few months.
What is wrong with the people
in this city?
Thank you for your
cooperation, Miss Richards.
If there's anything else,
we'll be in touch.
Hey, man. I didn't do anything.
Thank you.
- I'm telling you.
- Officer?
I didn't do anything.
A word.
The canvass order was for a white male,
age 20 to 40.
Oh, I'm sorry. I was just, uh
You were just what?
You have enough potential suspects
who actually match the description
of the person we're looking for,
so I don't understand what
you were doing over there.
Stop! Police!
- 2-7 Squad to Central.
- Go ahead, 2-7.
10-85 in pursuit
of a white male headed north
on East Drive in Central Park.
Currently headed to Bethesda Fountain.
Hey! Hold it right there. Stop.
Where you going, buddy?
I didn't do anything.
Were you out for just a light jog?
What do we got here?
I found it on the ground.
I did nothing wrong.
Got it. Let's go, kid.
Both eyewitnesses
are positive that the runner
is not the same man that
pushed our vic off the bridge.
Killer must have taken
the valuables out of the purse
and then ditched it on the go.
Where this guy probably picked it up.
So where are we in finding
the guy who actually did it?
We did the video canvass of that area
of the section of the park,
and we're going through the footage.
But I don't want to shock you, Lou,
but there's a lot of white guys
with baseball caps.
All right, what about the vic?
Have you been able to ID her yet?
I talked to the principal
at Barton Creek High in Texas.
She IDs our DOA as Becca Carter,
a senior at the school.
Well, did she know why
Becca was in New York?
She says the school
was on break this week.
Get this Becca Carter
is the daughter of Ron Carter.
The governor of Texas?
Oh, Jesus.
I just saw him on Fox News last week.
He was talking about how the
rising crime rate in New York
and Chicago is a result
of coastal liberals
neutering the police.
He's the governor of Texas.
What's he so concerned
about New York for?
Gets him camera time.
The guy has gained a national
profile hating on our city.
Until his daughter
wants to visit New York
and see a Broadway show.
I will coordinate
with the mayor's office
and notify the family.
Buckle up, everybody.
This is gonna bring some heat.
I might have something.
A camera four blocks
from the 66th Street
entrance to the park.
Facial rec got a hit.
Steven Cabrera has priors
for petty theft and burglary.
Looks like he's holding something.
Could be the contents of Becca's purse.
10:17 a.m That's ten minutes
after our eyewitness called 911.
The file shows a last known address.
Let's find him.
Does not look like Mr. Cabrera is home.
By the way, that situation
earlier with the union,
the stop and frisk,
I'm not cool with that, either.
Hold on, hold on.
That's our guy, yeah?
Steven Cabrera? NYPD.
I'll take the front.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
He went that way.
Show me your hands.
You got ooh.
We got two options now.
One, you come with me.
Or two
Why two?
Nice try.
Assaulting a police officer,
resisting arrest.
You're looking at some
real time, Steven.
You need to come clean about
what happened in the park this morning.
Park? I don't know
what you're talking about.
We're talking about
the young girl you killed.
Killed? No, no, no, man.
You got you got the wrong guy.
Oh, really?
It's Dixon.
Yeah, Lou?
We got a video of you
Of you five blocks from the crime scene
right around the time of the murder!
I got a job washing dishes
at a restaurant on 62nd Street.
They made me stay 15 minutes
after my shift was over
because they're understaffed.
It was gonna make me late
for my second job, all right?
That's why I was running.
I was gonna be late.
You can check with my manager.
We will.
Word of advice,
stop hitting cops with chairs.
- All yours.
- Yeah, we're on our way.
- What's up?
- We gotta head down
to City Hall. Our vic's father landed.
He's called himself
a little press conference.
I've already contacted the
Justice Department
demanding an investigation
into how it's possible
that the NYPD has no suspects
despite the fact that it was
a mugging in broad daylight
in a heavily trafficked tourist area.
Now, if New York cannot
keep people safe,
then the federal government
should step in
and hold them accountable.
Now, in the meantime, we're asking
that anyone with information,
please, please come forward.
I'm not leaving this state
until my daughter's murderer
is brought to justice.
Thank you.
Fellas, fellas, we're on the job.
Governor Carter, I'm Detective Cosgrove.
This is Detective Shaw.
We're the lead investigators
working your daughter's case.
Sorry about your loss.
This is my wife, Barbara,
our son, Blake,
and this is Tyler, Becca's boyfriend.
Look, I'm sorry if my words
just now seemed unduly harsh.
She was my baby girl.
We understand. We're on your side, sir.
Is there anything that you can tell us
about your daughter's visit,
any specific plans?
She was here on a college
visit, Tompkins University.
They got a week-long program
for kids considering enrollment.
Tyler, did you accompany her?
No, I flew in this afternoon.
I tried to talk her out of it.
I told her how dangerous this city was.
She promised me
she wouldn't go anywhere alone.
If you'll excuse us.
Sir, ma'am.
We should talk to somebody
from the university.
Maybe they know why Becca
was in the park alone.
Becca was supposed to be sitting in
on a class from 10:00
to 12:00 p.m. today,
and according to the
sheet, she was.
Obviously, Becca skipped out.
Honestly, I'm not surprised.
I didn't get the vibe she was really
interested in attending here.
According to her family,
she was hellbent
on coming here despite their protests.
I don't know what to tell you.
I try to plan a tour that's
both fun and exciting
for our prospects, but Becca
just didn't seem into it.
Did you notice anything else
unusual during her visit?
This morning in the dining hall,
I interrupted an argument
between Becca and Valerie,
the student hosting her for the week.
Do you know what the fight was about?
I asked, and they said it was nothing.
But Valerie did not look happy.
I was pissed.
The girl kept ducking out
of all the official tour activities.
As her host, that could
have got you in trouble.
That's what I told her,
not that it did any good.
The first day, she took off
to meet up with someone
and stayed out all night.
She tell you where she was going?
No, but she was obviously partying.
She showed up the next morning
super hungover.
And you didn't report this to anyone?
I wasn't happy about it,
but I wasn't gonna narc on her.
It sounded like she came from
a really conservative family.
So I guess it's not that surprising
she wanted to have a little fun.
Why'd you two get in a fight?
She was supposed to come with
me to a class this morning,
but she told me she had
something she had to go do
and asked me to cover for her again.
So I let her have it.
But you still signed her in.
Am I in trouble?
Did she mention
who she was meeting up with?
No, but I do know
that whoever she met with
that first day, she met them
at Evo Café in Midtown.
She needed my help
figuring out how to get there.
We pulled the footage
from the café around the time
that Valerie Adams claims
Becca was set to meet
with the mystery person.
Well, if Becca is meeting
somebody in secret,
maybe that means
she's got something to hide.
Whatever that is, maybe
that's what got her killed.
There she is.
That's Becca.
She's meeting a woman.
- Can you zoom in on her face?
- Mm-hmm.
You're kidding me.
You recognize her?
That's the witness
from the park who called 911.
Any luck?
Not yet the contact info
she gave me was bogus,
but the credit card receipt
from the café confirms
Drea Clark is her real name.
Andrea Clark, 34.
Driver's license registered
with the Texas DMV.
Home address, Austin.
And they arrived in New York
on the same plane together.
So what's the connection to the victim?
I don't know, but it definitely
looks like they traveled together.
Why would she lie about knowing her?
Secret affair?
Closeted kid from a conservative family
comes to the big city to live her truth.
Wouldn't be the first time
that's happened.
So then what?
They get in a lover's quarrel
and she pushes Becca off a bridge?
Mm, no, the second witness
corroborated that it was
a white male in a baseball cap
that pushed Becca.
No, Simone Richards
only saw a white male
running from the bridge holding a purse.
She didn't actually see the push.
Evo Café is across the street
from the Westin.
The hotel manager just got back to me.
Drea Clark was staying there
for the past five days,
checked out two hours ago.
Run a trap and trace on her cell phone
and monitor all her
credit card activity.
Let's contact Amtrak,
Greyhound, and TSA.
- Her bus leaves from gate 14.
- Let's move.
There she is.
Where you running to?
I'm just going home.
You lied to us.
I know, but it's
It's not what you think.
I was trying to protect Becca!
Well, that ship has sailed.
She's dead, and it's starting
to look like
you had something to do with it.
I didn't! I swear.
I was helping her.
I am a volunteer for an organization.
Project Circe.
We assist women in need in traveling out
of the state of Texas
to receive abortion care.
Becca was pregnant?
She reached out to us because she wanted
to terminate the pregnancy.
She was just about to start
her life, go to college.
She wasn't ready to be a mother,
but the ban in Texas took effect
30 days after Roe was overturned.
She didn't know what else to do.
Do you know who the father was?
Her her boyfriend.
Tyler, I think.
Okay, how does this work?
You make the arrangements,
and then you come up
with some cover story
- about visiting a college?
- No, that was her idea.
A lot of the women we help
need financial assistance,
but a number of them, like Becca,
are just looking for logistical
or emotional support.
Becca's situation
was particularly delicate,
obviously, because of who her father is.
Had she already had
the abortion before she died?
I took her to a clinic
the first day we were here.
She was only six weeks in,
so everything was done with medication.
But those pills, they cause
severe cramping and bloating.
And that's why she didn't go back
to the dorm room that night.
She stayed at my hotel.
I got her soup.
I kept her hydrated, held her hand.
She was she was really brave.
She went back to the university
the next morning.
And that was the day before she died?
I was supposed to meet her
in the park near the clinic
in the morning so that I could take her
to her follow-up appointment,
but when I got there,
I saw a man attacking her,
just like I told you.
Yeah, well, if that's true,
you left a lot of that out.
Her abortion didn't seem relevant.
A woman is dead.
I don't think it's really
up to you to decide.
I just wanted to respect her privacy.
She was so terrified of what
her father would think of her
if he found out.
The blood work confirms
there was mifepristone
and misoprostol in Becca's system.
Meaning Becca Carter had recently
had a medical abortion.
That explains why the student she was
staying with thought she was hungover.
Excuse me, Dr. Mercer?
Becca's body was still recovering.
If you gentlemen will excuse me.
- Thanks, Doc.
- For God's sake.
She was only 17.
That's the same age as my daughter.
Her parents had every right
to know what was going on.
Her father ran on an
anti-abortion platform.
That's not the point.
He's still her dad.
It's starting to sound
like your problem is the fact
that she had an abortion at all.
It's a Catholic thing?
It's a little more
complicated than that.
Look, I told you guys,
I was in Texas when it happened.
You can check my flight info.
Detectives, what's going on?
We just have a few more
follow-up questions for Tyler here.
So if we could just have a moment.
You're not speaking to anyone
without an adult present.
All right.
Tyler, did you know the real reason
Becca came here to New York?
She was here on a college tour.
We've been over this already.
Tyler, just tell us the truth.
Whatever you did, don't make
this worse by lying to us.
Tyler, what are they talking about?
You knew, didn't you?
That Becca was pregnant?
And you were upset because
you knew the baby was yours.
No, no, it wasn't like that.
- No, no, no. What on Earth?
- Oh, God.
I knew she was pregnant,
but I wanted her to get
the abortion, all right? I was glad.
I'm not ready to be a father.
Tyler, do not say another word.
Get out of our room.
We have nothing more to say right now.
We're just trying to figure
out who killed your daughter.
I said get out!
You know, actually, Governor,
we have a few more questions.
I'm not answering anything
without my lawyer.
Can you account for your whereabouts
the morning your daughter was killed?
I've made myself perfectly clear.
According to the airline,
Tyler Robbins flew into JFK
late yesterday afternoon.
- What about the governor?
- Same deal.
Ronald and Barbara Carter
were on a United flight
that landed at 3:20 p.m.
Hold on, there should have been
three Carters on that flight.
Their son, Blake, was with them.
The manifest only has
the governor and his wife.
Maybe the son was on another flight.
Or maybe he was already here.
He fits the description
of the suspect to a T.
Her own brother?
Show a photo array to both
witnesses from the park.
If they ID Blake Carter,
arrest that son of a bitch.
Blake Carter?
Easy, cowboy.
I know you got warrants in Texas.
You're under arrest for
the murder of Rebecca Carter.
This is harassment.
I'll bury both your careers for this.
You told us to do our jobs.
We did.
Hey, the police weren't able
to recover any video that puts
Blake Carter in the park,
but a search warrant
for his hotel room
did turn up the contents
of Becca Carter's purse,
including her wallet,
cell phone, and a prescription
bottle of misoprostol.
That's why he wanted the purse,
to get ahold of her medication.
Keep anyone from knowing
she's had an abortion.
You catch Governor Carter
on Hannity last night?
He's circling the conservative wagons
around his son.
And he's using
the national press to paint
your star witness as a
pro-abortion activist
with an axe to grind against his family.
Good morning.
I think we're good.
Evidence is compelling.
I have some concerns
about your witness list.
You plan on calling Barbara Carter?
Text messages exchanged between Blake
and his mother show she was the one
who figured out Becca was pregnant.
She hacked into her daughter's
period-tracking app
and sent Blake here to stop her.
Putting the defendant's
mother on the stand
is a risky move, Nolan.
She's also the victim's mother.
And the messages establish
Blake's state of mind
at the time of murder.
They make it clear
he was angry enough to kill.
He refers to Becca
as a slut and a murderer.
Did Barbara encourage him
to use force with Becca?
No, she just wanted him
to talk her out of it,
but she certainly
tolerated his language.
If you attack a grieving mother,
you run the risk of turning
the jury against you.
Hearing the words
from Barbara's own mouth
is an opportunity
to drive home for the jury
just how hypocritical this family's
pro-life stance really is.
At one point in the conversation,
Blake actually says to his mother,
"I'm going to kill her."
The defense will argue
it's hyperbole, but still.
Put her up if you really
think it's the right move,
but tread lightly
and focus on the facts.
This issue strikes
at the core of some people's
entire worldview on both sides.
But the right to choose
isn't on trial here.
Mrs. Carter, I am showing you
what has been marked
People's 14.
Do you recognize these messages?
Yes, they are texts
I exchanged with my son.
What was it you and your son
were discussing in these messages?
After my daughter left for New York,
I discovered that she was pregnant.
She wasn't answering my calls,
and I was concerned for her safety.
I asked Blake to find her,
make sure she was okay.
Specifically, you asked him
to follow her to New York
and stop her from having an abortion.
Isn't that correct?
I knew she was confused, overwhelmed.
I was worried about her,
as was Blake.
Was Blake worried, or was he angry?
He was upset.
I see where you're going.
And yes, he used
some very strong language,
but you have to understand,
we are a deeply pro-life family.
Can you can you read
this text here, please?
I would rather not.
Your Honor?
Please do as requested, Mrs. Carter.
"That stupid bitch.
I'm going to kill her."
It doesn't sound very pro-life.
He didn't mean it literally.
He was venting.
Blake never texted you
after he arrived in New York.
Did he tell you what happened
once he found Becca?
- No.
- No?
So your son came here
to confront your daughter,
and she ended up murdered.
And he never told you what happened?
He didn't need to.
I know Blake would
never hurt his sister.
Well, I can see
how it would be comforting
- to cling to that belief.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
- How dare you patronize me.
I lost my daughter and my grandchild.
No, I, uh
My apologies, Mrs. Carter.
I assure you that was not my intent.
No further questions.
Your Honor, the defense wishes
to extend our condolences
to Mrs. Carter for her losses.
We have no questions.
The witness may step down.
This seems like a good place
to adjourn for the day.
Members of the jury, we'll
see you at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
She put on a good show.
Yeah, make sure Drea Park
is ready to go.
She's up first thing tomorrow.
- Ms. Maroun.
- I've been calling you.
- I was getting worried.
- I'm sorry.
No, you know, it's okay,
but let's jump right in.
We've got a lot to cover.
I talked to a lawyer back home in Texas.
I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna testify.
And according to him, you can't make me.
Drea Clark is invoking
her Fifth Amendment rights.
In helping Becca Carter get an abortion,
she technically committed a crime.
There's no law making
it illegal to assist
a person in traveling across state lines
to obtain an abortion.
Actually, that's exactly
what the SBA Law in Texas did.
Yes, but with no criminal liability.
That law only provides private citizens
the right to sue the person.
The Fifth doesn't apply in civil suits.
The issue is that
Becca Carter was a minor.
Drea Clark transported her
across state lines
without her parent's consent.
And that, theoretically, opens her up
to felony kidnapping charges.
If she testifies, she'll be
confessing under oath.
She could be facing ten years in prison.
And she's not compelled
to take the risk?
Blake Carter murdered Becca
right in front of her
for making the choice Ms. Clark herself
claims to be the champion of.
She won't budge.
And lacking jurisdiction,
we can't immunize her.
So we can't force the issue.
Can you win without her?
We still have the text
messages between Blake
and his mother and his
possession of the contents
of Becca's purse.
None of that proves Blake
actually pushed his sister.
What about your other eyewitness?
Simone Richards.
She saw Blake fleeing the crime scene.
You better make sure
her testimony lands.
She's your last, best hope.
And I heard this girl scream.
And the next thing I know,
this dude is hauling ass
off of a bridge with a purse in hand.
And what did you do then?
Well, I tried to get my phone out
to record the purse snatching
son of a bitch,
but I was too slow.
And is the man you saw
here in this courtroom today?
Homeboy right over there.
Nothing further.
Did you actually see Blake Carter
push Becca off of that bridge?
No, but I saw him running
Like "he was in trouble" running.
Miss Richards,
have you ever been pregnant?
Your Honor, I don't even
know where to begin.
My client is a frequent target
for pro-abortion activists
due to his beliefs.
Now, we have a right to establish
if this witness has reason
to show bias towards him.
I'm not going to allow you
to intimidate witnesses
- under the threat that they're
- It's okay.
It's not some terrible secret.
I'll talk about it.
Ms. Richards, you don't have
No, it's okay.
Objection withdrawn.
So you have had an abortion then?
Two years ago.
It saved my life.
And I'm not gonna let anybody
make me feel bad about it,
especially not you.
And are you aware of the
Carter family and their work
with the pro-life movement?
I'm aware they're pro-some lives.
Miss Richards, you obviously
have a problem with my client.
So why should the court believe anything
you have to say about it?
I don't have a problem with your client.
I don't have to.
Luckily, I live in a state
where what he thinks
about what I do with my body
has no effect on what
I'm able to do with my body.
Including killing your unborn child?
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
No further questions.
Simone, is Blake Carter
the man you saw that day?
Thank you.
The people rest, Your Honor.
Mr. Hollands, you're up.
The defense calls
Blake Carter to the stand.
Mr. Carter, were you in the
park on the day in question?
Yes, my mother asked me
to track Becca down
and talk some sense into her.
She wasn't taking my calls, either,
but we shared the location
on the maps app
on our phone for safety.
So you followed her to the park?
When I found her, she was
really upset, crying hard,
and that's when she confessed
to me what she had done.
So she had already had the abortion?
I was too late.
Were you angry with your sister?
I'd be lying if I said no,
but I couldn't stay mad.
It was so heartbreaking.
She felt terrible.
She she knew that
she'd made a huge mistake.
You didn't fight with your sister?
You didn't push her off a bridge?
No, of course not.
But I saw who did.
So there was someone else?
Becca started telling me
about how she tried
to get out of going to the clinic.
She realized that she wanted
to keep that baby,
but she said there was a woman
who forced her to go through with it.
Did she tell you who this woman was?
Some activist who had helped her.
I couldn't really make
sense of it at the time.
I was trying to get her to calm down,
you know, to explain it to me.
And I thought, well, maybe a
cold drink of water might help.
So you went to get her some water?
Yes, and I didn't have any cash on me.
So she gave me her purse,
but when I came back,
there was this other woman there,
and they were arguing.
Now, was this the woman
who coerced Becca
into getting the abortion?
I mean, Becca was yelling
at her, telling her how
she was gonna go back
to Texas and report her,
warn other people
about her organization.
So what did you do?
Well, I tried to run over
to intervene, but before
But before I got there,
that woman, she
She pushed Becca over the railing.
And then she started screaming for help
and and pointing at me, but like
I was the one who had done it.
And I could see how it looked.
I panicked.
I I took off.
Why didn't you tell
this story to the police?
I should have, but I
wanted justice for myself.
That woman murdered
my sister and her unborn child.
No further questions.
You stated that you never
told the police what you claim
you witnessed because, as you put it,
you wanted justice for yourself.
Yes, but I was arrested
before I got the chance.
You didn't tell anyone else?
Your parents or a friend, maybe?
You saw someone murder your sister,
and you didn't tell a soul?
You think it was important
that someone
That anyone should know the truth?
After I was arrested,
the lawyers got involved.
They told me to keep my mouth shut.
And I'd made such
a huge mess of everything,
I figured I should just
do what I was told.
Isn't it true, Mr. Carter,
that you attacked your sister?
No, sir.
Stole her purse where you knew
the last two pills
of her prescription were?
Once you had the purse,
isn't it true that
you pushed her out of anger,
out of spite?
No, I only wanted to protect her.
The sister you called
a slut, a murderer?
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
Objection, Your Honor.
Asked and answered, Mr. Price.
Nothing further.
That's enough for today.
We're adjourned.
It's obvious he's lying,
and the jury will see right through it.
I hope so.
I already told you
on the phone, Ms. Maroun.
I know, I know.
I'm not here to beg or preach.
Just, uh, I can use a drink.
Tequila reposado on the rocks, please.
You saw what happened in court today?
My phone's been blowing up.
Newspapers in Texas
are covering every move.
For what it's worth, Becca
didn't regret her decision.
She felt sad, sure.
Relief? Definitely.
But not regret.
It's a shame no one will ever
get to hear that truth.
What what made you want to
volunteer with Project Circe?
I wanted to help.
To whatever extent I have a religion,
this is how it's practiced,
helping people.
And the organization is
supposed to be anonymous.
Well, the Carters are using the secrecy
to blame you for Becca's murder.
If I testify, I could go to prison.
If you testify,
it'll blow up your entire life.
But if you don't, Blake
Carter's version of the story
is the only one that will ever be heard,
and Becca will become a cautionary tale
to scare other women.
And all that work,
all that courageous work,
will be for nothing.
You signed up to make a difference,
help other women.
You knew there were risks involved.
So you're saying
I have to sacrifice myself?
Well, religion does love a martyr.
But no, you don't have to.
It's your choice.
That's the whole point.
When I came around the corner,
they were fighting over the purse.
And what did you do?
I pulled out my pepper spray.
I told him to leave her alone.
I didn't know he was her brother.
I thought he was a mugger.
That's when she let go of the purse.
And he put both his hands
on her shoulders
and just shoved her.
So it wasn't an accident?
He already had the purse.
He turned and looked me
straight in the face.
He looked proud of himself.
It breaks me to think that was
the last thing that she saw,
her own brother.
Will the defendant please rise?
Has the jury reached a verdict?
In the charge of murder
in the second degree,
we find the defendant, Blake Carter
Drea, if you wait here,
we can get you an officer
to escort you to a taxi.
It's fine. I can manage.
Back to Texas?
It's my home.
You could always move here.
I could, but there are women that can't.
That's why I stay, to help them.
Thank you again
for your help and your courage.
Let us know if we can be
of any assistance.
Shots fired, shots fired!
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