Law & Order (1990) s23e04 Episode Script

Unintended Consequences

In the criminal justice system,
the people are represented
by two separate,
yet equally important groups:
the police, who investigate crime,
and the district attorneys,
who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.

Hello? Is someone there?

Who's there?

Andrea Fenton, 36 years old.
Nice place.
- It's not hers, though.
- High-end real estate agent.
All right.
Single shot to the chest, close range.
There's stippling on the blouse.
We found this spent shell casing.
- Came from a 9-millimeter.
- Can you bag that?
Send it to the lab for DNA testing.
Anything else? Any witnesses?
Street cam video?
We're out canvassing
the neighborhood now.
Any sign this might have
been a burglary?
Doors and windows are intact.
House appears undisturbed.
Wallet and phone are still in her purse.
And her watch is still on her wrist.
Broken glass.
Looks like it stopped working
at 6:12 p.m.
Probably when she was shot.
The neighbor said she heard a loud bang
at that same time, 6:12.
Neighbor the one who called it in?
The homeowner was the one
who dialed 911.

- Oh, that's, uh
- Max Quattro.
Yeah. Yeah.
He's a he's a huge rock star.
Yeah, I was a big fan of his
when I was in high school.
My kids just started listening to him.
Very cool.
[WHISTLES] 27 mil.
Brochure says the neighborhood
is historic, quiet, and safe.
Two out of three ain't bad.

Good news, Mr. Quattro.
You tested negative for gunshot residue.
Yeah, 'cause I had nothing
to do with this.
I mean, if word gets out I'm a suspect
- in a murder investigation
- No, no, no.
Nobody here's calling you a suspect.
We're just following protocol.
That's it.
We do really appreciate
your cooperation.
I want to know who did this
as much as you do.
I mean, it's my house, for God's sake.
Can you tell us
exactly what you do know?
Yeah. I went to a
- a play at my daughter's school.
- Mm-hmm.
I dropped her off at her mom's,
and I came home about 9:00,
and I found her on
the living room floor, dead.
How well did you know Andrea?
I mean, we met about a month ago.
She was great. She's a real pro.
But why the hell would somebody
want to do this to her?
We'll find out.
Looks like you got a top of
the line security system here.
We'll need access.
Hey, you're welcome to it,
but the cameras
have all been turned off.
You got a bunch of strangers
running around your house.
That's the time you should
turn the cameras on, right?
Andrea said her clients
demanded total privacy.
So I trusted her, turned 'em off.
You wouldn't happen to have
the names of the people
that were here tonight, would you?
Man, she was totally discreet.
She didn't name names.
It's why I liked her, really.
But you should talk to her assistant.
Andrea was more than a boss.
She was my my mentor, my friend.
This is unbelievable.
What can you tell us about her, Luke?
Uh, single, no kids.
Her parents died when she was young.
Did she have any siblings?
A sister, lives in North Carolina.
How long did you work for her?
About seven months.
But she was like family,
sold my parents their apartment.
When I graduated Cornell last spring,
she offered to take me under her wing.
And what exactly did you do for her?
Drove her to listings, ran errands,
filled out paperwork, and I was
kind of like her bodyguard.
- Bodyguard, really?
- Yeah.
She didn't like being alone
in empty houses with strangers.
- The job can be kind of scary
- Sure.
Especially for women.
If you were her bodyguard,
- why weren't you with her today?
- I was.
I dropped her off at Quattro's
a little before 5:00.
But her last client was,
like, a privacy freak.
- Andrea didn't want me there.
- OK.
Where did you go?
Out to dinner with my parents.
We'll need the name of that restaurant.
Stella's. It's on Madison.
Do you happen to know
who she was supposed
- to meet with at 5:00?
- Mm-hmm.
Robbie McDougall.
The the actor?
OK, thank you. Got it.
Looks like Luke Hines's
alibi checks out.
Manager at Stella's says he was there
- between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30.
- OK.
I heard this guy's
been married, like, six times.
- There's that.
- Well, my daughter's 14,
so I pay attention so we
have something to talk about,
- not that we ever really do.
- Excuse me, this is a live set.
Yeah, you know, we just have
a couple of quick questions.
- And action, Robbie!
- Action, Robbie!
We don't have time to argue. Get in.
Where are we going, Agent Falcon?
I can't tell you.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Even though you're lying to me?
And cut! Wardrobe in! Cut.
- Cut!
- Here you go, Robbie.
Mr. McDougall.
We need to talk.
Andrea showed me the house.
I decided it wasn't for me.
I thanked her and left.
I had no idea anything
like this had happened.
What time did you leave?
About a quarter to 6:00.
I had a press event downtown at 6:30.
And nobody else was in the house?
No. Andrea was alone.
She was fine when I left.
You and a beautiful woman
alone in a mansion
I mean, you sure nothing
happened between you two?
- What? No.
- All right.
And you didn't sense
that anything was wrong?
Nothing at all?
She did get a call
right after I arrived.
Sounded intense.
And then when she hung up,
she rolled her eyes
and she said, "That woman
is gonna be the death of me."
Never occurred to me that
she meant that literally.
Hey, so social media has been blowing up
with photos of McDougall at his presser
30 blocks away from the crime scene.
He arrived there at 6:27 p.m.
Andrea Fenton died at 6:12.
Yeah, yeah, there's no way
he could have killed her
and made it all the way
across town during rush hour.
What about cameras inside the house?
Confirmed they were off.
Any doorbell cam footage
from the neighbors?
So far the canvassing hasn't
turned up anything useful.
And all the video was either
too obstructed or too blurred.
Well, she wasn't killed by a ghost.
So what have we got?
Uh, McDougall was telling the truth.
Andrea got a call at 5:06 p.m.
- It lasted two minutes.
- Who called her?
This other high-end realtor.
She's been hate-bombing Andrea
with these nasty
social media posts.
Andrea Fenton, your days
as a client poacher are over.
And I will get revenge
for the $2 million
in commissions you've stolen from me
over the past four years.
That sounds like a threat to me.
Wait. That's Sabrina Beaumont, right?
- Yeah.
- Who's Sabrina Beaumont?
From the reality show,
"Selling Park Ave."
All right, let's find her.
This home has
all the bells and whistles.
It is the perfect fortress for
anyone seeking peace of mind.
It has a private elevator,
high-tech security,
a 24-hour doorman,
and the piece de resistance,
a safe room.
Because you can never be too protected.
Sabrina Beaumont?
Excuse me.
We're in the middle of a take.
You're gonna have to cut.
Who the hell let you in here?
Oh, we got a master key that
opens any door in the city.
We want to talk to you
about Andrea Fenton.
Andrea? What about her?
She's dead.
What? Really?
I loved Andrea.
Oh, that's interesting, 'cause we were
under the impression
that you kind of hated her.
Yeah, I mean, you called her
an hour before she got killed
and you threatened her.
It doesn't sound like love to me.
- How about you?
- Mm-mm.
No, I didn't actually mean any of that.
Well, let's see what you meant.
Because we have some questions for you.
Come on,
we'll give you a tour of our fortress.
You'll love it.
I keep telling you, I loved Andrea.
- She was one of my best friends.
- Yeah.
See, there's a lot
of social media out there
with you guys calling
each other horrible names
and threatening to sue each other.
You know none of that's real, right?
And I will get revenge.
- Looks pretty real to me.
- Yeah.
That's the whole point.
- I was acting.
- Acting?
I guess Andrea's part of the show.
She was going to be. I play the shark.
I thought we needed someone
to balance that.
Andrea was the perfect foil
pretty, sweet, everyone loved her.
I've been laying story tracks
for next season.
- Can I talk to you two?
- Yeah. Excuse us.
Forensics used Bode X-traction
on the spent shell casing.
Results just came in.
- They get a profile?
- Yep.
- And a hit too.
- The guy's in the system?
Noah Gilmore.
Lives in Queens, did a couple
of years for burglary.
He's on a construction site right now.
I'll text you guys the address.
All right.

- You the foreman?
- Yeah.
Looking for a Noah Gilmore.
Hey, hey, hey.
Gilmore, take it easy.
We just want to talk.
Put the nail gun down, yeah?
What's this about?
Anything in your pocket
that's gonna stick me?
- No.
- No?
Got a cell phone.
And what's this?
Those are Andrea Fenton's initials.
What are you doing with this?
- Is that a trophy?
- No.
- I can explain.
- Yeah?
Let's do that over here.
So explain where you were
last night around 6:00 p.m.
Start there.
I was reffing my son's hockey game.
I'm telling you, I had nothing
to do with Andrea's murder.
Those initials, AF, also stand
for Anne Fenton,
our grandmother.
Andrea was my cousin.
My mother asked me to drop it
by the funeral home after work
so Andrea could be buried with it.
You still got a problem.
Your DNA is on the bullet
that killed her.
You want to explain that?
Look, I'm on probation.
Then the best way to protect yourself
is to cooperate with us.
I got Andrea the gun.
I loaded the ammo.
You're saying that she was
killed with her own weapon?
But she didn't have a permit to carry.
She knew she couldn't carry
a gun legally in Manhattan,
so she asked me to get it for her.
- It was supposed to protect her.
- From what?
Why would she need a gun?
She didn't want to talk about it.
You know anybody she might have told?
I'm not sure.
She was close with her sister, though.
Andrea was so careful
about her security.
She was doing everything right.
Miranda, we're wondering
if you know of anyone
that might have done this
to your sister.
Was there an ex-boyfriend maybe?
About a year ago,
she told me about some guy.
He got really aggressive with her.
How do you mean?
She was showing him a home,
and he tried to rape her.
She managed to get away.
Thank God.
We didn't see any 911 calls
made from her phone.
Do you know if she ever
tried to report that?
She didn't.
He was a client.
She didn't want to draw
negative attention
to herself or her business,
so she let it go.
And she never heard from this guy again?
No, no, she cut off all contact,
blocked his phone number.
But she saw him.
She saw him in her neighborhood
a few times recently.
She was afraid he might be stalking her.

Traffic cam video has you circling
Andrea Fenton's building just
a few hours after her murder.
Hold on a minute.
You're not suggesting I had something
to do with Andrea's murder.
We're suggesting
that you live in Connecticut,
and yet you were driving around Andrea's
Upper West Side neighborhood that night.
I have a new lady friend
who lives on the next block.
I was looking for a parking spot.
Where were you earlier,
around 6:00 p.m.?
I was on an eight-hour flight home
from Berlin.
I was there on business.
Look, I'm not a killer.
I run a global security consortium.
I met Andrea last year when she hired me
to do a security assessment.
She hired you to advise
one of her clients?
No, she hired me.
Single woman in the city,
wanted to be as safe as she could.
I liked her.
Wound up hiring her to help me
find a new apartment.
- You two date?
- We had dinner one night.
Went well.
A few days later,
we were looking at a penthouse,
and I must have misread her signals.
I tried to kiss her,
and she freaked out.
I moved on. End of story.
But then she kept on telling people
I attacked her, impugning my character,
which was sort of funny
given what she was willing
to do to make herself famous.

I just found a video on one
of those celebrity porn sites.
Was Andrea Fenton that well-known?
No, but her clients were.
So the timestamp puts this at 5:19 p.m.
on the night of the murder,
and it was uploaded just a few hours
after Andrea was killed.
Yeah, that's definitely Andrea.
That's Max Quattro's living room.
But she's not with Max Quattro.
Son of a bitch.
- Robbie McDougall.
- Agent Falcon.
We just talked to him yesterday.
We asked him specifically
had he had sex with Andrea.
He said no.
Well, I guess Agent Falcon
has some explaining to do.
Oh, yeah, baby, come on top of me.
- Oh, you like that?
- Yeah.
Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.
And here you told us
that you'd never been
romantically involved with Andrea.
Why'd you lie?
I guess I didn't think it was important.

OK, look, she was cute.
We'd been touring houses
together for a while.
At some point, things got physical.
OK, there's nothing wrong with that.
- Why not just tell us?
Andrea didn't know it,
but I'm still married.
I've been trying
to reconcile with my wife.
And honestly,
I can't afford any bad press.
We're not the morality police.
We're interested in who made that video.
And who posted it.
'Cause it wasn't Andrea.
She was already dead.
Well, it sure as hell wasn't me.
Well, it sure as hell was somebody.
Maybe somebody else was in the house,
- somebody you're protecting.
- No, man. I swear.
I want to know who made
that video as much as you do.
You mean the security company
Quattro hired
to monitor his alarm system
was actually spying on him?
It took some unraveling,
but Computer Crimes
was able to trace the IP address.
One of the employees must
have hacked into the system.
Hold on a second.
You're saying that the homeowner
turned off the camera and that someone
- could still tune in and watch?
- It's possible.
Wait. But wouldn't there be
one of those red lights
on the camera indicating
that it's still active?
You'd think so, but not necessarily.
Someone hacked in and then uploaded
- the video to the internet.
- OK.
So then the only good news
is that if this creep
was watching the sex,
maybe there's a chance he was
watching the murder.
We need to know
who had access to the system
covering 38 East 86th Street
November 26th,
between noon and midnight.
Let me check the database.
Monitor for that area is George Shavers.
Uh, third row, that desk on the right.
Yeah, Jalen, that's him.
- I got him.
- Where does this stairwell go?
The parking garage.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stay in your car.
Stay in the car. Stay in the car.

Get back inside. Get back inside.
NYPD! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Out of the car!
Out of the car now!
Get out of the car.
Don't face me.
On your knees. On your knees!
Hands behind your head.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
Get up.
Yeah, I watch people every now and then.
It's a security company.
This is a victimless crime, man.
You violated people's privacy.
Then sold the videos.
I work a minimum wage job.
- Do you know what that's like?
- Yeah.
So I see something good
on a monitor, I record it,
and I sell it to one of the sites.
We just want to know what you know about
Andrea Fenton's murder. That's it.
You have a video of Andrea
and McDougall having sex.
Less than an hour later, she's killed,
so we suspect that you saw that too.
Do you think this is
some kind of game, George?
Is that what's going on here?
We've already got you
on illegal wiretapping.
But I am more than happy to throw in
attempted vehicular homicide
for your little stunt
in the garage there.
Maybe obstruction, accessory to murder.
This sounding good to you?

I saw the guy and the lady arguing.
What did they say?
I don't know.
I could make out a few words,
something like sills or bills
or some guy named Bill. I don't know.
What did you see?
Lady pulled out her phone like she was
gonna make a call,
and he grabbed her purse.
- He reached for her purse?
- Yeah.
He reached inside, he pulled out a gun,
- and he shot her.
- And where's the video?
I didn't record it.

How many times did the guy shoot?
Where'd the bullet strike her?
In the chest.
How far apart were they?
They were really close.
And why didn't you do anything?
Like what?
Like call 911 like a normal person.
Would have been a little hard
to explain the circumstances.
Can you describe
the man who shot Andrea?
Yeah, he's a white dude,
maybe like, 25 years old, 6 feet tall,
dirty blonde hair, athletic.
NYPD, open up.
How you doing?
What the hell?
This authorizes us
to search the premises.
But I didn't do anything.
I'd never hurt Andrea.
Then why'd you pay
the restaurant hostess
to make up an alibi?
Would you watch our friend, please.
Now, why is all this blood
on your pants?
- That's not blood, it's paint.
- Yeah, we'll see about that.
Bag it anyway.
These bags look pretty stuffed here too.
You planning on going someplace?
My parents have a place in the Hamptons.
I was just gonna go chill
for a few days.
Lucky you.
Now you're chilling at the 2-7.
Hands behind your back.
Cuff him.
Luke Hines, you're under arrest
for the murder of Andrea Fenton.
I've been getting
phone calls all morning.
The defendant's father
had some influential friends,
including the head of Homeland Security.
Wants to know why
we're prosecuting young men
with no prior record
based solely on the word
of an accused felon.
Well, we're not flying blind here.
George Shavers' testimony is
corroborated by the evidence.
Do you have evidence of motive?
Not yet.
The jury will be looking
for an explanation.
Why did Luke Hines suddenly want
to kill his mentor, his boss?
Is there any indication that
the victim and the defendant
- were involved romantically?
- No.
By all accounts, she was more
like a mother figure to him.
Could he have been jealous
of Ms. Fenton's financial success?
I doubt it. He comes from money.
By his own admission,
she was showing him the ropes.
She was helping him get
his career off the ground.
Something was going on between them.
Our eyewitness says
he heard Luke and Andrea
argue before Luke shot her.
What exactly did he hear?
Couldn't make out all the words,
but he says it was about sills or bills.
Did you go through
each of their financials?
We did a forensic audit.
We didn't find anything abnormal.
Could it have something to do
with billings or commissions?
It's possible.
Talk to the head of
Ms. Fenton's real estate firm.
See if they can shed light on this.
I have no idea what Andrea and Luke
could have been arguing about.
Did you have the sense that there was
any tension between them?
No, nothing comes to mind.
I really wish I could help you.
I understand.
I'm just gonna need you
to sign an affidavit.
An affidavit?
Just a formality.
I need you to swear under the
pains and penalties of perjury
that there were no problems
between Andrea and Luke,
and that Luke was a model employee.
Look, I can't swear
that they never had a problem.
I mean, people aren't perfect.
Excuse me?
Well, there were some complaints.
What kind of complaints?
A couple of Andrea's clients called,
said that prescription medications
were missing from their homes
after their showings.
Luke Hines was stealing drugs?
No one actually saw him take anything.
Then why do you think it was Luke?
Well, the thefts happened after Luke
started working for Andrea,
and he was in the house
every time it happened.
Did you talk to anyone about this?
I talked to Andrea.
Why didn't you call the police?
Luke's parents are wealthy clients
with influential friends, and
I didn't want to rock the boat.
Plus, I didn't want word to get out.
Clients need to feel safe
with realtors in their homes.
And Andrea said she'd handle it.

I went through Andrea's clients list.
So far, I've been able to verify
that five people complained
about missing drugs
after a showing.
What types of drugs
are we talking about?
Opioids, codeine, OxyContin, tramadol.
So I made some phone calls,
looked into Luke's history.
It turns out he did a stint in rehab
his senior year of college.
Doctor says he was addicted
to painkillers.
Then we have our motive
and our intent.
The evidence in this case
will show that on the evening
of November 26th,
the defendant and Andrea Fenton
were in a client's home.
They got into a heated argument.
Ms. Fenton discovered that
the defendant had been stealing
narcotics from her clients,
and she confronted him about that.
She picked up her phone
in an effort to turn him in.
The defendant grabbed
Ms. Fenton's handgun
from her purse, pointed it at her,
and shot her at point blank range.
Members of the jury, this is a case
of intentional, premeditated murder,
and the defendant
must be held accountable
for what he has done.
Mr. Price is correct about one thing.
This case is about drugs,
but my client wasn't
the one seeking them.
The evidence will show
that Andrea Fenton
was a recovering addict.
She had been clean and sober
for several months,
but on the night she died,
she was about to relapse.
There is no evidence to support
this outrageous claim.
Sit down, Mr. Price.
Here's what really happened
on November 26th.
Luke came to pick Andrea up
from her showing,
found her looking through cabinets.
She was looking for drugs.
It was Andrea, not Luke,
who was stealing drugs
from her client.
Your Honor, I have to object.
You had your turn, sir.
Luke startled Andrea
and it all unfolded quickly.
Andrea grabbed
her illegally procured handgun
and pointed it at him.
Luke, in fear for his life,
went to take the gun from her,
and in the struggle, the gun went off.
This is not a case
of intentional murder.
This is an unfortunate case
of self-defense.

Their claim of self-defense
is a complete fabrication.
And if that isn't bad enough,
they're denigrating
the reputation of the victim
claiming that she was a deranged,
murderous, drug addict?
How are you gonna disprove
their contention?
I can counter
the self-defense allegation
with George Shavers.
He claims that he saw Luke Hines
take the gun from
Andrea's purse and shoot her.
Will Shavers come across as credible?
He's not the most upstanding citizen.
He was committing an illegal wiretap
when he saw the shooting.
But we've we've had worse witnesses.
Hardly sounds encouraging.
It is what it is.
What about the allegations
that Andrea was using drugs?
That is trickier.
Obviously, she's not here
to defend herself
or her reputation.
Well, we don't need
to defend her reputation.
We just have to defend her state of mind
on the night she was murdered.
Mr. McDougall, were you with
Andrea Fenton on November 26th
- of last year?
- I was.
She showed me a house that was for sale.
At some point that evening,
did the two of you
become romantically involved?
Yeah. Yeah.
We we had sex.
Were you able to make
observations about Ms. Fenton
during this romantic encounter?
I suppose.
Could you describe her state of mind?
Did she appear anxious
or upset about anything?
Seemed fine. Totally normal.
Did she appear to be under the influence
- of alcohol or drugs?
- No.
I would never take advantage
of someone like that.
Did she appear to be suffering
from any kinds of symptoms
of withdrawal from drugs?
I wouldn't have been
intimate with someone
going through withdrawal.
Did she mention that she was
looking to find drugs?
No, she did not.
Thank you.
No further questions.
You're no stranger
to mind-altering substances,
- are you, Mr. McDougall?
- Objection.
- Relevance.
- Overruled.
I've smoked marijuana.
So what? It's legal.
Ever do drugs with Andrea Fenton?
- Objection.
- The objection is overruled.
I'll repeat the question.
Have you and Andrea Fenton
ever done drugs together?
We may have smoked pot a few times,
and we did cocaine one night,
two or three years ago.
Thank you.
Nothing further.

There's no way around it.
The success or failure of this case
now rests wholly on the credibility
of a voyeuristic oddball
named George Shavers.
What time are you scheduled to meet him?
Detective Shaw is supposed to
bring him by the office
in an hour. [PHONE BUZZES]
What is it?
Shaw just texted me.
George Shavers was arrested.
For what?
Trafficking in child pornography.
He sold pictures of Quattro's
14-year-old daughter
to an undercover cop.
Seized his computer
and found a treasure trove
of pornographic videos
of other young teens.
So much for oddball.
He's vile.
But right now he's still our
only chance at a conviction.
You're not still thinking
about putting him
in front of a jury.
What's our alternative?
I I think this case is beyond repair.
We need to offer a plea.

If you're willing to plead
guilty to manslaughter,
we'll recommend you serve 15 years.
15 years in prison?
You killed someone.
You realize that, right?
If you're convicted of murder,
you're facing life.
We have an eyewitness.
You mean the pedophile.
Can you make it 10?
15 is as low as I can go.
Then I'm gonna pass.
See you in court.
Mr. Shavers,
in spite of the recent charges,
we still need you
to testify in the murder trial
- against Luke Hines.
- What do I get in return?
We are prepared to drop
the illegal wiretapping charges.
Come on.
Illegal wiretap charges
are a Class C felony.
He's likely to get probation and a fine.
- What are you looking for?
- Immunity.
For the pornography charge.
That's not gonna happen.
You sold sex videos of kids.
It's not something
you just get to walk away from.
Well, then, I guess you must not need
my testimony to win your case.
There is possibly a world
where we can negotiate
a lesser sentence.
Make it go away, or I will not testify.
I guess we're done here.


You're not actually considering
giving him immunity, are you?

Can you win your murder case
without his testimony?
That's the thing.
I don't see how I can refute
the self-defense claim
without him.
Much as I hate the idea,
I think we have to entertain
giving Shavers the deal.
And can you live with that?
I can't.
So you'd rather let a murderer walk?
I obviously detest what Luke Hines did,
and I think he should be punished.
But Luke Hines
didn't wake up that morning
looking to shoot someone.
He isn't a hardened murderer.
He's a pathetic drug addict
who was probably high on drugs
or suffering from withdrawals.
He shot someone in cold blood.
He acted with intent
and malice aforethought.
I get it.
But to me, George Shavers poses
a bigger danger to the public.
I'm acutely aware of the issues
surrounding George Shavers.
I have a granddaughter
Zoey Quattro's age.
we have to make unpopular decisions.
Will your jury even believe
George Shavers' testimony?
He is reprehensible, but I believe
he will come across as credible.

You better make sure of that.

Is it true?
You're gonna let this freak
back out on the streets?
Mr. Quattro, I understand your anger.
He was spying on my daughter, OK?
She's 14, man.
I have no choice.
That's a cop out and you know it.
Maybe, but he is the only eyewitness
we have in this murder case.
Thank you for everything.
I appreciate what you're doing.

Mr. Shavers, what were you
doing on November 26th
at approximately 6:00 p.m.?
I was working,
monitoring home security systems.
Were you also engaged
in illegal activity?
I guess you could say I was spying.
I had turned on some
home cameras and watched.
Did you see something happen
at the home of Max Quattro?
Yeah, I saw that guy
arguing with the woman
something about sills
or bills or something.
I don't know, couldn't hear.
Could it have been about pills?
Objection. Leading.
Sustained. Watch yourself, Mr. Price.
What happened next?
She was on a call,
and that dude was very mad.
And he grabbed a bag, like a
like a woman's purse.
And he pulled out a gun.
And then he said something
and she turned around,
and he just shot her.
Did it appear to be an accident?
Definitely not.
And Ms. Fenton isn't the one
who pulled out the gun?
That's all I have.
November 26th was a busy day for you,
- wasn't it, Mr. Shavers?
- Excuse me?
Well, you managed
to hack into Max Quattro's
home security system
and record Andrea Fenton
having sex with one of her clients.
I did.
And you also managed to record
a naked 14-year-old girl.
That is true.
And after you were caught
with child pornography,
you came to Mr. Price
and asked for a deal.
Attorney Dean is misstating the facts.
Mr. Price told you that
if you help convict my client,
he would give you immunity
for illegal wiretapping
and trafficking in child pornography.
That means that you
can never be prosecuted
for what you've done.
Did I get that right?
I still saw what I saw.
Well, we have no way of verifying that
because, conveniently,
you didn't record it.

I have nothing further for this witness.

Redirect, Your Honor.
Mr. Shavers,
when you first met with police,
they didn't tell you
the gun was in her purse.
- You told them, right?
- Yes.
They didn't tell you how many
shots were fired, did they?
You told them it was one shot.
That's right.
When you made your initial statement,
you weren't offered anything.
There was no deal on the table
at that time, was there?
Not back then, no.
I have nothing further.

You did great,
but the jury isn't buying his story.
Not yet.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Andrea Fenton hired someone
to protect her,
and he turned around and killed her.
How do we know this?
Because George Shavers saw it happen.
Now I'm sure most of you are thinking,
"George Shavers, you want me
to believe that man?"
Yes, I do.
I am as disgusted
by Mr. Shavers as you are,
but I implore you,
don't take your disgust out on Andrea,
and don't let Luke Hines
be the beneficiary
of Shavers' perversions.
The best way to decide this case
is to take a step back,
assess whether or not Shavers'
testimony makes sense.
Did he see what he said he saw
at the time he made his statements?
Did he have any reason to lie?
That's how you should reach
your verdict.
And I am confident that when you take
a dispassionate, reasoned
look at the evidence,
you will reach a fair and just verdict.
You will find Luke Hines
guilty of murder.

Members of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?
We have.
In the matter of
People versus Luke Hines,
how do you find?
We find the defendant guilty of murder
in the second degree.
Thank you for your service.
You are excused.

Mr. Price?
Thank you.

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