Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e01 Episode Script

Wrong Is Right

In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
So you going Britney Spears on me now or what? Eartha Kitt.
Who? I gotta run.
Where's Mom? Took the twins to Joey Stemple's birthday party.
That your boyfriend? No.
Introduce me.
How long has he been out of prison? Dad, stop.
What's his name? Ryan Witherspoon.
Witherspoon? He go to your school? He's going to post next year, okay? Okay, I guess he's cute.
On the LIE a multi-vehicle accident just before the mid-town tunnel has traffic clogged up Is that a tattoo? No.
Where'd you get it? Well, you've got tattoos.
I was 18 and in the service.
It's henna.
It washes off.
Why didn't you just tell me that? I just did.
You're such a cop.
Yeah, wait till you have kids.
All the little Witherspoons.
Stay here, lock the doors, roll up that window.
Stabler, Manhattan SVU, watch yourself.
Hurry up, there's someone under there.
Get it out! All right, call it in, secure the scene.
Don't look at that.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Cragen one of your detectives reports while bar hopping picking up a suspect and having sex with him.
Another confesses to fantasies about killing suspects.
Just what kind of unit are you running, Captain? I was told that, whatever the results that, the actual content of these psych evaluations would be kept private.
Doctor-patient privilege is sacrosanct.
Promiscuity and fantasies of murder? Detectives Jeffries and Stabler will undergo further evaluation and will submit formal explanations to this committee.
I have assigned prosecutor A.
Cabot to adjudicate SVU cases.
You will apprise A.
Cabot of your case file asap.
If I Robbery unit next.
Cragen? Miss Cabot.
Yeah, right, of course.
Let's not start off on the wrong foot.
My assignment to SVU preceded the behavioral problems under your command.
Behavioral problems? I'm trying to be polite.
Tiptoeing around the road kill? Where there's smoke.
Who do you sleep with, Miss Cabot? Are you so new at this that you haven't run into somebody you'd like to skip due process with? I'll apprise you asap if asap can be tomorrow.
You understand, I have behavioral issues.
Breakfast, then? Two unis and a robbery detective from the 17 were kicked over to Public Affairs.
Reevaluation stinks.
Best crime stats in 30 years and they're reevaluating? It's how it works.
We get rid of the criminals they fear they start fearing us.
Public hates tough cops, until they need one.
Jeffries, my office.
You told the psychologist you slept with a suspect? What? No, that's not what I said.
Well, that's how they interpreted it.
I'm gonna limit your field time.
You're giving me desk duty? You need time to prepare a formal response for the Morris Commission.
I am not explaining my sex life to the Morris Commission! That's enough! I don't like it either, Monique but yelling at me is not gonna solve anything.
Jimmy Buffet in town? I was taking Maureen home from the beach see two uniforms fighting this fire up by Black Bank Marsh.
I stop to help turns out to be a body, gunshot wound to the head flames leaping off the crotch.
My daughter sees the whole thing.
Is she all right? I don't know, Kathy picked her up.
I was on the scene all night.
In Queens? Dump job.
Looks like the victim was shot in his West Side apartment.
Off to a scene.
You okay? What possessed you to tell the shrink in your psych evaluation that you fantasized about killing suspects? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I said perps not suspects.
Well, the Morris Commission doesn't see a distinction.
They're inquiring.
Inquiring into what? My private thoughts? They're supposed to be house-cleaning the department of rogue cops.
My job at risk? Yeah.
Victim's Andrew Croft, 42.
Dumped vehicle may be a Lexus.
DMV has one registered to this address it's missing.
Was he packing or unpacking? He was transferred here a month ago by his new company, Radial Velocity.
Radial Velocity? Yeah.
Edge-of-the-envelope defense contractor? What's he do for them? I'm still on his home life.
He's single, lived with his son, Michael approximately 16.
Neighbors say that they argued a lot.
Serious feng shui problem.
Neighbors hear this argument? Everyone was out.
Beach, the park.
This the son? Probably an old picture.
I found some books labeled MacArthur High so I called, but there's no Michael Croft registered but the books are all bar coded.
I'll take Radial Velocity with Jeffries if Cragen will let her out of the office.
What? Morris Commission.
Okay, what the hell's going on? The psych evaluation? Yeah? I said I felt like killing child molesters.
Okay, so how can they have a problem with that? The commissions are all cops.
Yeah, well when was the last time one of them stood in a room like this? This belonged to Michael Croft? This is Michael Goren's book, he's absent today.
You want to speak to his guidance counselor, Miss Scheider.
Okay, thank you.
I need a release from Michael's guardian to give you his file.
Scheider, Michael's father was murdered yesterday.
Croft? Yes.
Croft wasn't Michael's father.
Foster parent? Guardian.
You can see the problem with getting his signature then.
This is terrible.
What happened to Michael's parents? I don't know.
He was born in Belgium that's all that's there.
You have a current photo of him? No, Michael's a new student.
We don't take school pictures until homecoming.
He's an AIB student.
He could be a straight A student if he made an effort.
Why, is he lazy? Withdrawn.
I feel like Michael's in some pain that makes him gravitate to troublemakers.
Yeah? Like who? Primarily, Jason Sloane.
What's with the beach bum look? It's casual Monday.
Cops do that? Michael Goren.
You know where he is? I don't know.
When was the last time you saw Michael? Saturday.
He stayed at my house.
So you guys are close? No, but he hates going home to the creep, and I've got an extra bed.
What creep? Andrew.
Andrew was shot yesterday, he's dead.
Well, he was a bad guy.
I've seen him slap Michael around.
So where's Michael now? Didn't I say I don't know? You don't know where he is, but you're the only friend he's got? He has friends.
Some girl calls him from wherever.
Wherever? Yeah.
I'd love to help you do your job, but I'm a high school student.
I'm Craig Prince.
I was Andrew Croft's supervisor.
This is Ralph Noble.
It's a sad day for us.
I wish I could say more.
Anyway, this is everything from Croft's office except what's classified.
Was Mr.
Croft's job classified? He was a guidance system analyst, that's all I can say.
He just transferred here.
Can't be more specific.
Who was to be notified in case of an emergency? Detective, it's classified.
Please, the man had a son.
If something happens, who looks out for him? That's not our concern.
Do we have to get a court order? Well, you can try.
What are the odds you have a picture of Senator Joseph McCarthy tattooed on your ass? Leave the dolly in the garage.
Radial Velocity's redacted down to the occasional adverb.
There's not a complete sentence in anything Craig Prince gave us.
It is national security.
We're looking for a murderer and the victim's missing kid and Craig Prince is giving us: "Here's your hat, what's your hurry?" You'd think they'd want to help us catch Croft's killer instead of burying everything under the rubric of national security.
It's too convenient, there's something else going on here.
It's Munch.
No, I want to see your spook ass now.
What do you want, Munch? Anything I can get on a couple of missile geeks from Radial Velocity.
Who? Craig Prince.
He's no geek, he's a suit.
Well, what's his story? We've been looking at Prince.
Why? Kickbacks.
Guy's living way beyond his paycheck.
New co-op on Central Park West, new A8 in the garage.
He disperses classified money.
Ralph Noble? Head of security.
Yeah? Vietnam vet, Purple Heart Silver Star, Medal of Honor.
Anything else? He was hoping for an Oscar, but he's not in show business.
Man's a war hero, Munch.
Andrew Croft? Guidance systems.
This guy's the king of the missile geeks but I got nothing.
Croft's a black hole.
Who does that? DOD, NSA.
Why? We can fire a missile off a ship in the Gulf of Oman.
and 600 miles later, it's entering the front door of a Hezbollah safe house in Al Basrah, doesn't even touch the doorframe.
Anybody can build a bomb, Munch, but nobody delivers them like we do.
Guidance systems, John.
What are we willing to pay for them? Anything.
Erase your enemies, erase your past.
Like I said, Croft's a black hole.
Why the interest? Croft's dead.
Michael, his 16-year-old ward is missing.
Prince and Noble aren't talking.
How'd Croft buy it? Bullet to the head, Bunsen to the crotch.
What's the matter? The fire.
Come here.
The fire, Daddy, the fire.
It's okay, it's all right.
Look, the recidivism rate for rapists and child molesters is far more onerous than that of murderers.
The public knows that.
The public cares about victims' rights.
And live victims give better sound bites than dead ones.
They vote, too.
I don't.
I used to, but, well, look at the choices.
I don't much care for city politics these days.
The mollifying, the scapegoating.
That's why there's a Morris Commission.
That's why you're at SVU.
I gotta tell you something, Alex.
I really don't see why I should trust you.
I intend to stand on your shoulders to reach a broader Constituency.
Why would I do anything to shorten my grasp? Okay.
Maybe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Our open cases.
According to the M.
, Andrew Croft was killed by a.
38 slug, behind the left ear, point-blank.
Burning was post mortem.
You got a weapon? It hasn't turned up yet, but Croft owned a.
What about the boy? Still missing, along with Croft's Lexus.
Maybe the kid is dead.
Why do you say that? My contact at the G says that Croft's supervisor, Craig Prince is being looked at for kickbacks.
So what? Well, maybe Croft had evidence, maybe Croft was involved and they had a lethal disagreement.
Looks like sexual homicide not an assassination.
Very clever, to throw us off track.
I gotta hand it to you.
When you go with a theory, you really go with a theory.
You think this stuff doesn't happen? No, I'm not saying Let's just keep our heads in the game here, all right? Now the connection between Prince and Croft warrants further investigation.
But in the meantime, we've still got a missing kid and until I know otherwise, I'm going to assume he's still alive.
Now you guys, find the Lexus, find the boy.
Munch, Jeffries, let's find out how good this new ADA really is.
We need a search warrant for Radial Velocity.
You want me to secure a search warrant for the offices of a defense contractor to search classified national security files for evidence in a sexually motivated homicide? Yes, you got a problem with that? Judge Harriman, please.
This is Alex Cabot in the DA's office.
Uncle Bill? Good.
Look, I need a little favor.
You've got to be kidding me.
You said we should try.
You do not just barge in here without proper notice.
Read the fine print.
Now step aside, or I'll have these officers restrain you.
Great, thank you.
That was the state police.
We've located Croft's Lexus upstate Millbrook, right outside Poughkeepsie.
Croft transferred from Poughkeepsie.
Locals are surveilling it till we get there.
Find something.
Pop it.
Nobody home.
House belongs to Richard and Darlene Sadler.
They own a hardware store over on Elm street.
Their daughter, Denise, attends the high school.
Well, looks like we found the girlfriend from wherever.
Slow down! Denise is in her fourth period class.
We were hoping that she might be able to help us locate Michael Goren.
Leave the spurs home next time.
Great kid Michael.
What do you mean locate? He's been missing since Sunday.
Michael's not missing.
He's in our mentoring program.
Let's go, Jimmy.
Nice Job.
Good job.
All right, everybody just like Jimmy, use the inside of your foot.
This is about Andrew, isn't it? Do you understand these rights? Yes.
Do you understand that you don't have to talk to us without your lawyer? I wanna talk.
Go ahead.
I killed him.
He hit me, I hit him back.
First time I did that, he went crazy got his gun, said he was gonna kill me.
I tackled him and then I heard this loud pop.
When I looked down, he was laying there dead.
Then what? I wrapped him in the sheets and dragged him to the car.
The next thing I knew I was driving back home.
To Millbrook? Yes.
Michael, what's going on? It's nothing.
I'm okay, Denise.
It's okay.
This can't be right.
Step back Not Michael.
Step back, people, give us a little room please.
Michael, we're all behind you on this.
Give us a little room, please.
What are you doing? They got a confession, made an arrest.
That can all go back to Radial Velocity.
Too tidy.
Can't stand letting go of a theory, can you? It's not theory, Olivia.
Confession, next case.
I don't buy it.
Heat of the moment murder is one thing but taking time to set fire to the victim's crotch.
What'd you call that, Elliot? Sexually motivated homicide.
You bet.
Perpetrated by a child on a guardian.
Text book except for the little matter of the blank pages, thanks to Radial Velocity.
I want to know where they stand on this deal.
Me, too.
You have an appointment.
Look, Captain, you know, this time of day, Skodas' office it's gotta be an hour drive.
Elliot, this is must do, now.
The good news is that he's around the corner doing some outreach work at Christ's Church.
He's happy to see you now.
Thank you.
I'm not talking to you.
I'll just sit here.
You know, I may lose my job because of the last shrink I talked to.
Why? Because she violated her ethical obligation to keep my confidence.
If we believe a patient might do violence to someone, we're legally bound to I have never done violence to anyone.
Why would she think you would? Ask her.
Stabler, we've talked before.
Come on, give me the benefit of the doubt, will you? I'm sorry, I haven't slept a lot lately.
Why not? I'm worried about losing my job.
I'm angry.
At? Are we really gonna do this dance again? I mean, what do you want me to say? That I fantasized about killing the perp? Did you? Yeah, you're damn right I did and this time I fed him my gun and I pulled that trigger.
Until I caught him and then there he is, he's just He's a kid, he's a good kid.
He tutors Down syndrome children.
He's a straight A student, he's a star athlete he's Millbrook township's favorite son.
Now how that jives with cold-blooded murder How long have you been on the force? In all those years, how many murders have actually made sense? None.
But some I understood.
But this one you let get under your skin.
Why? This one, my daughter saw.
Hey, how'd it go? I talked too much, again.
Where's Jeffries? Her turn on the couch, and while you were probing your inner child we did some probing of our own.
Sent Croft's prints to NCIC.
You printed the corpse? So? And? Nothing.
So? I mean nothing, nada, bupkis.
No parking tickets, no birth records.
Nothing to prove he even existed before 1991.
The year he went to work for Radial Velocity.
So, we're going through the stuff we got from the search warrant we find this passport issued We call the local PD, ask them to run him, bang, we get a hit.
But not to Andrew Croft.
Then who? George Kazinski, a convicted sexual predator.
Andrew Croft, a.
a George Kazinski.
Little George liked little boys.
Andrew Croft's been one busy guy.
five aliases, four convictions.
How'd you track him? San Diego PD faxed us his rap sheet.
We followed his priors back from there department by department, conviction by conviction.
Only the feds can erase a file.
Radial Velocity is the feds.
That's why they're called a military-industrial complex.
You're accusing the Federal government of sanctioning the sexual abuse of a child.
Please tell me you have a motive.
Where did you find these? That's classified.
There's only a handful of people that can calibrate the trajectory of a missile to within a hair's breadth of Saddam's mustache.
Andrew Croft was one of them.
Couldn't let a little thing like pedophilia undermine national security.
If a child is ruined in the process? That's not our concern.
Detective there are many things that take a back seat to national security.
However if I had known Croft was a pedophile, I never would have hired him.
Right, and there were no Nazis in NASA.
Noble will see you out.
You don't talk much, do you? Not much fight left in the old soldier? Don't you question my patriotism, mister.
That's Mister Detective to you.
Take a little bit of tarnish off that Medal of Honor.
We can find our own way out, thanks.
Why're you provoking him? Guy's a war hero.
Put his life on the line for principle.
He's gotta be gagging stonewalling Croft's pedophilia to protect Radial Velocity.
Assuming he still has principles.
War was a long time ago, John.
Principles die harder than people.
I want a shot at what's left of his.
Wonder what he's doing for lunch? My parents died in a car wreck when I was eight.
The only other family I had was Nana.
She was old and in a hospital.
Andrew offered to take care of me.
You're Belgian and Andrew's American.
How did you two hook up? Andrew used to hang out at soccer practice.
Whose soccer practice? Mine.
And this is when you were 8 years old? Yeah.
He and Dad worked at NATO in Brussels.
Dad was a janitor.
He was proud to have a rocket scientist as his friend.
Said I was lucky to have such an important man take an interest in me.
How did he take an interest? Andrew said I was a natural athlete.
Yeah, we saw your trophies.
He got me sailing lessons, tennis lessons My dad couldn't afford them.
After your parents died, Andrew brought you to America? First Bosnia, Israel, then Millbrook.
I finally made some friends.
Yeah, you even had a girlfriend.
Bet you weren't too happy about leaving her.
I never felt like that about anybody.
I mean, not just her, her parents They felt like a real family.
Michael, did you know that in 1990 Andrew was convicted of sexually assaulting an 11 year-old boy? No.
When was the first time he assaulted you? He didn't.
What are you talking about? Well, in my experience, child molesters, they don't stop.
You were a child.
He didn't touch me! Michael, you were in a bad situation.
You're safe now.
You don't have to lie anymore.
I'm not lying! I'm not! He didn't touch me.
He didn't.
Thanks for the heads up.
I think I've got the EED defense.
Not unless your client changes his tune.
Are we working for the defense now? Yeah.
You don't volunteer to do hard time because you're embarrassed.
This kid is hiding something.
Okay, maybe an accomplice.
Maybe somebody who scares him more than Andrew.
At what point did courage and integrity buckle to income? Don't ever get in my face about money.
If I cared about money I wouldn't have been in the service.
What do you care about? Protecting the reputation of a dead pedophile part of national security now? I'm not protecting Croft's reputation.
What are you protecting? Croft's missile guidance expertise was critical in the Gulf War.
You erase sodomy convictions for national security? We didn't erase his convictions.
What? Is there another way to say it? Croft's felony record red-flagged him every time he crossed a border.
A day's delay was a lifetime in a war moving that fast.
So Radial Velocity erased his past.
We were depleting our arsenal of smart bombs at more than $1 million a minute.
At that price the Pentagon wanted pin-point precision.
A complaint was filed in the State department.
A firewall was built around Croft so Immigration wouldn't red-flag him.
When the war ended the wall should've come down.
I can't tell you why it didn't, I just don't know! Meanwhile, a convicted child molester applies for guardianship of an 8-year-old and No red flags.
I'm sorry.
My God! Eleven arrests, four convictions more than we knew about, one in Canada.
This is despicable.
Get me Todd Earl at Justice.
Justice? We need to secure the chain of evidence.
We didn't bring this to you so you could make a federal case.
What about Michael? What about him? He's a child.
A child raised by a pedophile for eight years.
He was molested.
He denies it.
There's no evidence here to contradict that denial.
Are you saying he wasn't abused? I'm certain he was.
However, absent Michael's admission you're asking me to soft-pedal premeditated murder.
You're protecting your won-loss ratio.
It's okay, Captain.
Stabler's judgment is clouded by the stress of the Morris Commission's review.
And the fact that Michael did what he fantasizes about.
Kill a perpetrator.
It's not my fantasy, and I stand with Det.
Stabler on this.
The kid had choices.
He could have walked away, told a teacher, told a cop.
Instead he murdered.
We let him skate on this what kind of choice will he make the next time he faces an untenable situation? All right, but either he corroborates the abuse or I ask the grand jury for an indictment on murder two.
Michael, please No.
Michael Andrew Croft abused at least He's a sexual predator.
Michael, he can't hurt you now.
You don't understand.
I won't.
I can't.
You're a victim.
No, I'm not! I'm not! I told you what happened.
I will stay in jail! I will, but, please, leave me alone.
It's murder two.
He's returning his own indictment.
Sorry, Captain.
Dad? What are you doing up? Couldn't sleep.
What's the matter? You got nightmares? You have to sleep to have nightmares.
Right, what was I thinking? Want something to drink? No.
Dad what that boy Michael did to that man That man was supposed to take care of Michael and instead he molested him.
He abused him physically, he betrayed his trust, and I think Michael just had enough.
So what happens now? He's probably gonna go to prison.
All he's gotta do is tell the truth.
What is it with you kids? It's hard to talk to adults.
Why? You're always judging us.
You expect us to be like you and you get mad if we're not.
It's just easier to talk to our friends.
What if you don't have any friends? Everybody's got friends.
Yeah? Well, who do you talk to? Dad.
You talk to Ryan Witherspoon? More than you talk to Mom.
Could the wound have been inflicted during a struggle for the gun? Not likely.
Why not? The size of the entry wound the force at which it entered suggests close range.
But there was no stippling.
Stippling is? When lead leaves the muzzle, it's followed by the charge that fires it, the gunpowder.
At close range it leaves a residue, point blank it embeds in the skin.
That's stippling.
The size and force of the entry and the lack of stippling lead you to conclude? The gun was three to four feet from the victim's head when it was fired.
The victim's reach was only 32 inches.
He couldn't have held the gun three feet from his skull, much less fired it into the back of his head.
The body was discovered wrapped in a sheet.
It was blood-soaked from a head wound and the genital region was on fire.
Where? In the dunes about 50 yards off Cross Bay Boulevard a medical bracelet on the victim indicated he lived at West 83rd in Manhattan.
Blood splattered the headboard, wall, and lamp in the master bedroom.
Did the blood pattern indicate anything to you? Yes, that the victim had been shot while lying in the bed.
Any signs of a struggle? No.
Forced entry? No.
The victim's car was missing? State police located it in Millbrook, New York.
The murder weapon was found locked in the trunk.
Who had the keys? Michael Goren.
How'd it go in there? The kid's toast.
I've been thinking about something Maureen said last night, something about friends.
What about them? You up for taking a little ride? Denise, how long were you seeing Michael? What should I say? I really want to help him.
You can help him by telling us the truth.
We were dating about three months.
He ever talk about Andrew? Denise? Did he? Please.
They didn't get along.
My dad would let Michael stay in our spare bedroom when Andrew was out of town.
My parents really liked him.
Sometimes Michael lied about Andrew being gone, so he could stay over.
Did Andrew ever find out? I think he knew.
He object? Not after that thing with Danny.
Who's Danny? Danny Burrell.
Michael's best friend.
What happened? I don't know.
But it had to be bad.
I mean, one day they're best friends and the next day, it's like they hate each other.
Heads up, Mueller! Heads up! Danny Burrell! Yeah? Front and center.
We're not friends anymore.
Why not? Guy's weird, that's all.
What do you mean? Weird, how? Just weird.
Did Andrew Croft attack you? Did Michael tell you that? Why don't you tell us about it? Man, he swore! I'm sorry I can't talk in front of her.
That's okay.
Mike and me played ball.
We went to his house afterwards to clean up.
He said that Andrew was gone, so I used his shower, and when I got out he was standing there.
Andrew? Yeah.
He was naked.
He was touching himself.
He wanted to dry me off.
He's just a creep.
Anyway, he said that Michael was too swarthy but I was perfect for him.
He grabbed me, I fought him off, I screamed for Mike and I finally got the door open, and Michael was He was just standing there.
So, I just grabbed my clothes and I ran.
I forgot my Nikes.
You and Michael talk after that? No way.
I told the guy to leave me alone.
I think it's disgusting what he and Andrew were doing.
You think Michael liked it? What do you think? I mean, Michael's He could kick his ass if he didn't like him doing him.
He was eight years old when Andrew started doing him.
Eight-year-olds can't fight back.
Now you tell me where a when his best friend turns on him? You said the gun went off in the midst of a struggle? Yes.
The police found no signs of a struggle.
How do you explain that? I don't know.
That's because there was no struggle, was there? We struggled.
Over the gun? Yes.
And it went off? Yes.
In both your hands? Yes.
The Coroner found no trace of gunpowder on the deceased's hands.
I told you what happened.
Who is Danny Burrell? He's my friend.
Did you witness the deceased sexually assault Danny Burrell? No! Danny will testify the deceased sexually assaulted him and that you witnessed it.
Are you saying he's lying? Did Andrew Croft sexually assault Danny Burrell? Yes.
And you, too? Since I was eight.
You shot him to stop him from molesting you? No! I hated it, but I was used to it.
I shot him because he was bringing over his friend.
What friend? In Millbrook, this guy came up sometimes.
Andrew made me do things with him.
When we moved here, I thought it was over.
But then I come home from school and he's there! I mean we moved right across the street from him! Andrew was bad enough, but both of them I begged him.
Who is this man? He'll kill me.
He can't hurt you.
You don't know his powers.
Michael, you're in the custody of the City of New York.
He can't get to you.
He can get to anybody.
And he will to protect his secret.
A child molester only has power as long as his secret is kept.
You tell the truth, his power is gone.
What's his name, Michael? I heard them talk about it.
Nobody did anything.
Talk about what? Who, Michael? Andrew and and Craig Prince.
They killed that boy in Belgium and nobody did anything! When did this happen? What boy? I was eight.
It was in the papers there.
Nobody did anything.
Craig Prince can get away with anything.
You're gonna protect me? Write-offs in the third quarter adjusted by the Craig, good news! Excuse me, this is a classified briefing.
Yeah, Croft's ward, Michael.
The grand jury voted man two.
DA's willing to cut him a deal.
I don't see what that has to do Even better news, you're under arrest for sexual abuse, sodomy, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
You're hurting me! Not our concern.
Craig Prince, you have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right, anything you do or say can and will be used against you.
Cragen? This little boy's mother stuck his hands on a frying pan until his fingers burned off.
This rape victim required 12 hours of surgery to have a steel plate into her head after her attacker pummeled her with a claw hammer.
This one didn't make it.
Is there anybody on this panel who doesn't share Det.
Stabler's anger for the perpetrators? This man is a good cop.
As his commanding officer, I stand with him and every good cop who faces these horrors day after day and has the strength to keep their impulses in check.
Now if you can look at these pictures and not understand that the problem here isn't Elliot Stabler, is it? Yeah, that's done.
Hello? All right, yeah, go get the kids dinner Yeah.
Kathleen! Sure.
Dickie, Elizabeth, dinner's ready! All right tomorrow.
Captain thanks for the support.
Well? The Morris Commission cleared me.
Cragen? Not now.
Monique Jeffries.
Maybe I can help? Fin Tutuola, I've been re-assigned.
You're here for my job.
This is awkward.
Well, try my side of the moment.

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