Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e03 Episode Script

Closure, Part 2

In the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
What is your emergency? I'm in the Lincoln Tunnel.
I haven't moved in 45 minutes.
You reporting an accident, sir? It's almost midnight.
What the hell's up with the traffic? What is your emergency? There's a rape.
Right now.
Now, get down! Get away from me! I said get Hello? Two-seven-Charlie, respond to a 10-34.
Assault in progress at 88 West Franklin.
No suspect description.
Line disconnected.
Respond Code 3.
What've you got? 911 didn't get an apartment number.
Probably a cell phone call.
We're knocking on doors.
Perp may still be in there? Yeah, if there is a perp.
Wouldn't be the first prank call.
You guys from Special Victims? Yeah.
Found this under the fire escape.
" Got her.
Special Victims.
Benson, Stabler.
How you doing? I heard some crying.
The door's unlocked.
She's in the shower.
I started to go in, but she started freaking out on me, so I backed off.
Stay away! Lori? Gina? It's Olivia.
It's filthy in here.
That's okay.
I'm going to help you.
Lori? Please don't come in here.
This place is filthy.
Lori? Hey, how long you been in the shower? This drain I want this stuff out of here.
What stuff? The stuff he washed off me.
I want it out of here.
Lori, the stuff is long gone.
You've already washed it all away.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Give me your hand.
There you go.
This is really happening, isn't it? Come on.
"Is this how you like it? "Is this how you like it?" That's all he kept saying to me.
The man who made you dirty? Yeah.
There you go.
Got her? Stay with me.
Back in one second, okay? He washed her.
Asked her, "Is this how you like it?" His favorite neighborhood, his type, blonde, petite, single.
Bastard's at it again.
Why am I not surprised? It's him.
It has to be him.
Not so fast.
It's been a year since we had Cleary in here as a suspect.
Same M.
Probably came in off the fire escape.
He rapes them, asks them if they like it, he bathes them and then he steals a piece of jewelry as a memento.
It's him.
Kenneth Cleary.
We had him and we lost him.
We couldn't keep him.
Not our fault.
You want to tell the victim that? Hey.
We're going to go in here.
Lori, did you open the window? Yes.
The night, it was cool.
I like to sleep under heavy blankets.
He pulled my blanket off me.
My shirt was over my eyes.
A button got caught in my mouth.
He hit me.
Then what happened? He tried to kiss her.
He tried to kiss me.
He yanked that button out of my mouth and kissed my neck.
His lips were dry.
My necklace, he ripped off.
He was inside me.
He pushed hard.
It hurt.
But he kept saying "Is this how you like it?" "Is this how you like it?" He finished.
Then he brought me into the bathroom.
He made me take a shower.
My shirt got wet, heavy.
Did you see his face? My shirt was over my eyes.
He told me not to look.
None of his victims could ID him.
Nothing from Forensics.
There never is with Kenneth Cleary.
When he heard the sirens, he pushed me back and I hit my head on the tiles.
Heard the sirens? Did you call the police? No.
We got a witness.
You move slow.
We go after Cleary off this, he'll be out the door again.
But not too slow.
Move slow as fast as you can.
There's a rape.
Right now.
Now, get down! Get away from me! I said get So maybe two witnesses.
Three, if you count the dog.
Where'd the call come from? Pay phone on Franklin.
You call back? Pay phone blocks incoming calls.
Lori Thatcher's apartment is on the third floor.
You can't see into her apartment from here, though.
So who can? Two apartments could see to the rape.
Look at that.
Who is it? Mrs.
Walton, New York Police.
Detectives Benson and Stabler.
Can I see your badge, please? What's wrong? We're investigating an assault in the building across the way.
Last night.
I heard the sirens.
No one's home next door.
No, they're on vacation.
How long have they been gone? A week.
They're very nice.
They give Hank his last walk of the night for me when they're here.
I hate it when they're gone.
Your apartment looks into the apartment where the assault took place.
I'm blind, Detective.
Yes, ma'am.
But was anybody here with you last night? No.
Billy was here, but just long enough to take Hank out for me.
And what time was that? Oh, gosh, I don't know.
The news was on.
Which news? The 24 hour news.
And Billy is? Billy Smith.
The young man down in 1-G.
He's a doctor.
Thank you very much.
You know, if he's not in his apartment, you might try the roof.
I thought I could hide up here.
Walton gave you up there, Dr.
I'm not a doctor yet.
Did you walk Mrs.
Walton's dog last night? Yeah, Hank.
What time? Could it have been closer to 12:00? Could have been 3:00 a.
for all I know.
I got sleep deprivation, light deprivation, time.
If I don't pass this exam When you walked Hank, did he bark or lunge at a woman using the pay phone that's right down in front there? He's a guide dog.
He's trained not to.
Why don't you try the news stand at the end of the block? Ginger, quiet! Down.
Sorry about that.
He can't be good for business.
No, but he's great for theft.
Yeah, I bet.
Last night did he attack a woman at the phone booth at the end of the street? He never touched her.
I had him on the leash.
She's got no business calling the cops.
Actually, sir, we're investigating another matter.
Think you could describe her? Blonde.
Age? Thirty, maybe.
Thin, but not too thin.
Could you describe her to a police sketch artist? I didn't get a look at her face.
I was too busy trying to get Ginger into the car.
You remember what she was wearing? Yeah.
A black sweater, and black slacks and thong panties.
You didn't get a look at her face but you know she was wearing thong panties? I saw the panty line.
She had a nice ass, which is more interesting to me than her face.
I'm an ass man, I don't apologize for it.
So we have the dog, but not the witness.
Maybe the dog can ID Cleary.
We don't know that it's Cleary.
Like hell we don't.
We can't make him for it yet.
You have to stay open to the possibility it's someone else.
Come on, Captain.
The M.
The victims are identical types.
Their injuries are virtually identical.
At least he's not getting rougher.
How is Miss Thatcher? She coming out of shock, going into numb.
Staying at her parents.
at 12:03:39 a.
And at 12:04 another call was made from the same pay phone.
To? A Gramercy Park brownstone owned by Mr.
and Mrs.
Kenneth Cleary.
Let's go.
Hold on.
Cleary's raping Lori at the same time somebody's downstairs calling his house? I'm on it.
Cleary sees you and Stabler again you're done before you start.
Cleary? Yes.
Detectives Munch and Tutuola.
Did you receive a call around midnight last night? It's about time.
I've been after the phone company for the past two months to do something about these calls.
You've had other calls? Some woman's harassing me.
What does this woman say? "Your husband's a rapist.
" Last night, she said, "He's raping someone right now.
" Last night there was a rape in the building by the pay phone that call was made from.
Was your husband home last night? My husband's not a rapist.
Was your husband home last night? Yes.
He didn't walk the dog? We all walk the dog.
Your phone rings, someone tells you your husband's raping someone.
Then what? I went back to sleep.
You didn't call the phone company? I went back to sleep.
You didn't tell your husband? We don't both have to be awake for a harassing phone call.
But he was here? Yes.
I called the phone company this morning.
Did they offer to put a trap on your line? Yes.
But my husband doesn't want that.
They could listen to our personal conversations.
And he's involved with private financial matters.
This woman is ruining our lives.
Why don't you stop her? Check Cleary's phone records? What we're doing.
Cleary alibi her husband? Yeah, but she was choking on it.
Okay, Mrs.
Cleary notified the phone company after each harassing call.
They all track to pay phones.
She said she ignored the first call thinking it was a prank, right? That's what she said.
Just went back a month.
Found a number in our case file.
That first call came from one of Cleary's victims Harper Anderson.
Looks like she's stalking him.
Sorry, Olivia.
You should be at his place, not mine.
Harper, you can't stalk Cleary.
Stalking is illegal.
I survey from a legal distance.
Playing with semantics here can be very dangerous.
I saw him go into the alley.
By the time I got to it, he was gone.
And I saw the fire escape.
Did you see him on the fire escape? No.
But it's how he got into my place to rape me.
But you didn't see him go up it.
You didn't see him rape anyone.
And yet you called 911.
First I circled the building to make sure that there was no way I could've missed him.
Then I thought about the probability that he was raping someone.
Then I called 911.
Why didn't you stick around? Because he ran out the service entry right after the sirens.
I considered waiting for you guys, but I've been down that road.
So I shadowed him.
Shadowed him? Not to be confused with stalked.
And this is art not to be confused with obsession or a target? It goes with the room.
Have some wine.
We're working.
You can have a glass of wine.
No, thank you.
He's a workaholic.
He won't leave the office till 8:00.
We can chat for another hour and a half.
You couldn't identify him in a lineup.
How do you know he's the man that raped you? I was at his sentencing for possession of stolen property.
When he left the court he winked at me.
So who did he rape this time? He raped someone.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Maybe a Scotch.
Vodka? No, thank you.
You don't have to be so tense.
I don't expect anything from you.
We did everything that we could.
You couldn't ID him, so we couldn't hold him.
You could have followed him.
You knew he would rape again.
I'd like to follow every guy that I know that has a propensity to rape.
Poor police.
So overworked! Harper, you're not equipped to deal with this.
I'm equipped.
I don't approach him.
I'm doing what any private investigator would do and I don't need a license to do it for myself.
You're harassing his wife.
Give me a break! She's enabling a rapist.
And you're too busy to deal with him, so I will.
Harper Anderson is dangerous.
I'm not certain that she's dangerous.
She's stalking Cleary.
He raped her.
She's following him to catch him at it.
We almost got him on the Lori Thatcher rape because of her.
You buy into her distinguishing between stalking and following? The system failed her so she's operating it herself as best she can.
I mean, Cleary doesn't know that she's there.
She doesn't approach him, she doesn't threaten him.
Cleary feels threatened.
Sooner or later she has to face the fact that her husband's a rapist.
Why? She doesn't have to face it unless we prove it.
And we don't want her pushed there by Harper Anderson.
Street justice is always bloody.
Munch, Fin, bring Harper in here for a blunt talking-to.
Captain No, you're too close to her.
You and Elliott get in the Clearys' faces.
Let them know we're onto them.
It may not go to making a case but I want to diffuse this tinderbox before it blows.
Elliott, look! Those are mine! You stop it right now! Get out! You can't do this! Get out! You can't do this! My son will see these! He'll know where he comes from.
You bitch! You're sleeping with a rapist.
Cleary Get out of my neighborhood! You're enabling a rapist.
Harper, stop it! Mrs.
Cleary, listen to me.
Calm down.
Take a breath, okay? What's going on? She's putting these everywhere.
Detective Stabler.
Two nights ago, a woman was raped.
I was home with my wife.
You're lying.
I saw you.
Every time a woman is raped you're going to come to me? Not every time, no.
How long do I have to bear the brunt of this woman forgetting to take her lithium? She's obviously damaged.
Hey! Drop it.
Don't make me cuff you.
Perfect! Arrest me! Not the rapist.
We have anything else on Lori Thatcher's rape? She could do a voice ID.
But Cleary ain't coming down here to see us on his own.
We need probable cause.
Harper can place Cleary exiting Lori Thatcher's building.
Her building, not her apartment.
After that stunt Harper pulled with Cleary's car, she's zero as a witness.
And there's still the problem of Harper stalking Cleary.
Harper's taking control of her own life.
As long as Cleary's out there, so's his next victim.
He'll stay out there until we can make a case.
We need to pick up where Harper left off.
I'm all for that.
I can't authorize overtime to follow Cleary.
Anyone asking for it? Are you with us? He's likely to call in lawyers.
If you don't interfere with his conducting his life I'll field any motion he files.
So you take care of that part of it.
Don't forget.
What are you doing here? We're going to go see your boss.
Got a problem with that? No.
Around the corner on the left.
We're investigating a serial rapist.
What can you tell us about Kenneth Cleary? What's he have to do with that? Is he a good employee? Is he involved in a rape? What's he like to work with? He's a workaholic.
One of our top earners.
So he works late? He's here when I arrive and he is here when I leave.
We lost two assistants who couldn't keep up with him in Philadelphia.
We're opening a branch there.
He go there a lot? Spends half his time there.
You think he raped someone? He has a misdemeanor conviction for possession of stolen property.
He spend the night in Philly? Yes.
We have a corporate apartment.
Could we see his travel records? Had to tell the boss I was convicted on possession of stolen property? Public record, pal.
You're trying to get me canned? I brought the company in $58 million last quarter.
He'll live with a misdemeanor conviction.
And a rapist? Let me ask you something, one hungry man to another.
Is there anything better than gorging on a fresh caught meal? You won't be eating out anymore.
Going back six months.
Three rapes in Philadelphia have Cleary's signature.
June 13.
He was there.
The 10th to the 20th.
August 26? There, the 23rd to the 28th.
September 15.
They got him booked on Amtrak to go there tomorrow.
Who booked to go where? Cleary to Philadelphia.
Then you're going too, John.
What a coincidence.
Why? You found rapes that match Cleary's M.
? Three.
You're interviewing the victims face to face.
Something wrong with the facts? Philadelphia's SVU is under review for dumping rapes as unfounded.
So, yes, there's absolutely something wrong with the facts.
I don't trust them.
There he is.
Hey, Ken Cleary.
A little jumpy this morning? Love to talk, Det.
Munch, but I've got a train to catch.
Yeah, Philadelphia club car.
We're going coach.
But if you feel the need to talk to me, I'm willing to upgrade.
What's the agenda here, gentlemen? You trying to make me crazy? Hell, no.
Way too late for that.
And you are? The knot in the pit of your stomach.
Hate to disappoint you.
But I don't mind the company or the attention.
So there's no need to ask.
Is this how you like it? What have we got? A list and description of jewelry stolen during rapes, matching the Cleary M.
Three here, three in Philadelphia.
Munch just faxed these from the Philly P.
For what purpose? Show Mrs.
See if she has any of these pieces.
If she's an accessory, she'll deny it.
What are the odds that she's an accessory to rape? I agree, they're remote.
The odds are that she's in denial.
Who wouldn't be? But it's still risky.
What about the issue of spousal privilege? I'm not going to ask her anything about her husband's rapes.
I'm going to show her that list.
If she's unwittingly in possession of stolen property it might turn up the heat at home.
We've pressed him at work.
We've run out of plays to make here.
So, what, a Hail Mary? Okay.
She's going to be defensive.
I'm sensitive to that.
And you are? Taking some quasi-personal time.
I called Harper last night because I felt like I dropped the ball with her so I'm going to meet her for coffee.
Where? Westside Range.
I'll see you later.
You're meeting her at firing range? I know.
She's permitted.
Detectives Munch and Tutuola are from New York City.
They may have a lead on the man who raped you.
I know it's difficult but if you can tell your story again.
I woke up choking on a pillow.
He told me to keep my eyes closed and then he took the pillow out of the case and held the pillow case over my eyes.
He held my T-shirt over my eyes.
He pulled my nightshirt over my face so I couldn't see him.
He asked, "Is this how you like it?" "Is this how you like it?" "Is this how you like it?" After he raped me, he made me shower.
My hot water was broken.
He washed me.
He had me in a cold shower washing his semen off me.
I asked him if his mother knew what he was doing.
He said his mother just wanted him to be happy.
Cleary, Detective Stabler.
I don't want to talk to you.
Cleary rape victims aren't just the women who are attacked.
Rape victims include their families and the rapist's families.
I am not a victim.
And I don't want you standing on my stoop shouting "rape" through my door.
Yes, ma'am.
You're harassing me.
Destroying my family.
When does this stop? Right now.
This is a list of jewelry and the dates they were taken during rapes we suspect your husband in.
My husband makes money.
He doesn't need to steal to give me jewelry.
I'm talking about a sickness here, Mrs.
Serial rapists very often take items so that they can look at them and remember.
Your trophies, like your jewelry allow your husband to relive the rapes so that he can become excited.
I am sorry to put you through this.
I know this is a terrible ordeal for you but it is worse for the victims.
And quite frankly, I don't know where else to turn.
I won't bother you again.
Nice grouping.
What are you using? .
50 caliber, double action Desert Eagle.
14-shot clip.
Took me a month to learn how to hold it level.
This sucker's nearly 40 ounces with a full load.
Harper, a 14-round clip is illegal in New York.
Didn't know that.
Eight is plenty.
That gun's pretty extreme.
Why? A.
50 caliber semi-auto with a 14-round clip? It's practically an assault rifle.
I just gave you the clip.
You're something else.
What? You think I'm Velma Vigilante stalking Cleary, waiting for the perfect moment to shoot him? That's not who I am.
You're not the same person I knew six months ago.
I was a rape victim when you met me.
I finally have control over my life back.
I'm not interested in revenge.
I'm not even interested in justice anymore.
Then why follow Cleary? Because I'm afraid of him, and he's the last thing I'm afraid of.
If I can get over that I will have my life back completely.
You want to go for a drink? There's a little Spanish place around the corner.
Tapas and Sangria? I would have bet the new old Harper to be a Whiskey Park girl.
I haven't cruised a chichi date bar since I was raped.
I was just writing you a note.
Really? I'm sorry for what happened to you.
You didn't do it, Mrs.
But you said I was enabling a rapist.
I shouldn't have.
He's my husband.
I feel responsible for I feel guilty.
I want you to know that.
What made you change your mind? My husband has always surprised me with his no-special-occasion gifts.
A silver ring next to my coffee cup.
That opal ring on my pillow.
He'd get so excited when I tried them on.
I thought it was romantic.
Six of the pieces match.
The rest? He gave them to me the same way.
don't want them.
Did your husband ever discuss with you how he came by the jewelry? Don't answer that.
Spousal privilege.
Excuse me for a moment.
Do you want some privacy? No.
I'll just take a second.
I can't take it.
Come home.
No, you have to come home now.
He'll be on the next train from Philadelphia.
I can't tolerate any more of this.
You follow me to work, you follow me to Philadelphia.
But you make my wife hysterical and that, my friends, will cost you.
I'm gonna call my lawyer and the Police Commissioner.
You might want to stick with just your lawyer for now.
Kenneth Cleary, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed Are you ready? Yes.
Can I close my eyes? Yes.
Would you have them each say, "Is this how you like it?", please.
Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? It's him.
It's him.
Very entertaining.
How many more shows are there today? Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? Is this how you like it? Bastard.
That's him.
That's him.
It's Number 4.
We have one more.
I don't have to be here.
I'm sure your report will be accurate.
See you in court.
"File number 492276.
"People verses Kenneth Cleary.
"One count rape in the first degree "one count sexual abuse in the first degree "one count robbery in the second degree "and three counts criminal possession "of stolen property in the fifth.
" Quite a list.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
Exactly how much we planning to charge the defendant to get out of jail, Ms.
Cabot? Remand without bail, Your Honor.
Put away your claws, Counselor.
My client is not a flight risk.
He's a pillar of the community.
If you define pillar as a seven-figure salary.
And if he can afford you, he can afford to fly.
Cleary is willing to surrender his passport, Your Honor.
Your Honor, he is a menace to women.
His crimes are not confined to the State of New York.
The People have had my client under surveillance even across state lines.
Their continued harassment should assuage their fears.
Is that true, Ms.
Cabot? No.
SVU detectives went to Philadelphia to interview Mr.
Cleary's victims.
Be quiet.
I still need a number.
Let's double that.
No objection.
Is that the best you could do? You shouldn't be here, Mrs.
You're my witness.
I thought maybe there was a chance I was wrong.
I saw how he looked at you, and I knew.
We should get together soon so I can prep you before the trial.
I'm staying with my family in Long Island.
Is there anything I can do for you now? You know a good divorce lawyer? I don't know if she can do this.
A moment, Ms.
I'm Harper Anderson, Mr.
Your client raped me.
I know how famous you are.
Yes? You're going to burn in hell.
I'm Jewish, Miss Anderson.
There is no hell.
Excuse us.
Save me the bedtime reading.
How many motions are you filing? Omnibus.
In limine, to suppress, and spousal privilege.
See you in judge's chambers.
Spousal privilege is inviolate.
Discovery was made through the wife.
Give me a good reason not to throw out the jewelry.
It doesn't fall under privilege.
Nobody asked Cleary's wife where he got the jewelry.
Would anyone care for lemon? Communication between a husband and wife is not limited to speech.
The police went to the Cleary home with the express purpose of discovery.
They should have handed the list to Mr.
He would have turned over the items.
He gets his gifts from various sources, which he would have revealed.
But in an effort to disrupt his family the police went to his wife to induce her to violate spousal privilege.
The court can't support that.
The jewelry has to be excluded.
The police did not ask Mrs.
Cleary any questions regarding her husband's activities.
They presented her with the list of stolen items.
She discovered she had several pieces of jewelry on that list.
And she turned them in.
Please, Ms.
Don't you consider him giving her jewelry an activity? Limit the scope to receipt of the jewelry and by whom.
But Your Honor, it's Next item.
Voice ID.
This is a stretch under the best of circumstances.
But a terrified victim hearing the breathless voice of an aroused perpetrator during the commission of a violent act? I don't think so.
You'll have your chance to undermine the identification during cross.
More tea? That's how I knew it was him.
Thank you.
You identified the man who raped you, is that correct? Yes.
Kenneth Cleary.
But you didn't actually see him, did you? No.
You identified him by voice, is that correct? Yes.
I'd know that voice anywhere.
Is this how you like it? Do you recognize this voice, Ms.
Thatcher? No.
I can play it again.
Asked and answered.
Hearing this surprised the witness, Your Honor.
Maybe she'd like to hear it again to make sure.
Go ahead.
Is this how you like it? Do you recognize the voice? Does it sound vaguely familiar? Objection.
He's badgering.
Yes, Your Honor.
The man on the tape is a co-worker.
You talk to him every day.
You don't recognize his voice, how can you recognize Objection! Sustained.
Back off, Mr.
How did you come into possession of this garnet necklace? It was a gift from my husband.
He gave it to me Wait for the next question.
Your answers need to be very narrow and very specific.
Why are you only asking about how I came into possession of the jewelry? I can't ask about anything else.
Why not? Communication between husband and wife is inadmissible.
It's as privileged as priest and supplicant.
You aren't going to ask me about how excited he got when I wore them? How he insisted I wear them before we had sex? I can't.
I wish I could but I'm not allowed to ask about that.
Do you understand? The jewelry is important, Mrs.
Because we need to connect the timeline to the rapes so that your husband won't be able to duck by claiming that he purchased swag from some guy on Canal Street.
He wants joint custody of our son.
And he's not going to get it.
If he gets off One thing at a time, okay? Okay.
How did you come into possession of this garnet necklace? My husband gave it to me.
Was it a special occasion? No.
Do you remember when he gave it to you? Kenneth gave it to me on his return from a business trip to Philadelphia.
September 6.
The witness couldn't possibly remember the dates of every gift she received.
Cleary, how is it that you recall this date? It was our son's first day of kindergarten.
Kenneth made sure he was home for that.
He left the necklace on my pillow the night before.
Did you know this necklace belongs to a woman who was raped on September 5 in Philadelphia? Objection.
You're on thin ice Ms.
Stick to the scope.
Cleary, do you recognize this ring? I do.
And do you remember how you came into possession of it? My husband gave it to me.
Do you remember when? Yes.
I remember because we were dressing for a charity event.
He asked me to try it on and then he got so excited, he had to have sex with me.
He'd get so excited Mrs.
Cleary, stop.
if I wouldn't have sex with him he'd masturbate.
Cleary You had me wear your trophies so that you could get off? You sick, twisted bastard! I move for an immediate mistrial.
The witness is clearly hysterical and has done irreparable harm to the jury.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you are excused.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I hold you responsible, Ms.
You knew the limits set before you.
You prepped your witness.
You knew she was in a severe and emotional state and you now have the pleasure of starting over.
In the interim I sincerely hope you acquire some professionalism.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You're not having any? AA.
How are you holding up? I felt like I was 10 years old today getting yelled at for playing in my mother's make-up.
We can't do this again.
Why? We've got no case.
The dream team blew holes in the victim's IDs.
And Mrs.
Cleary I think she sabotaged us on purpose.
What would she hope to gain by doing that? I don't know.
Kenneth Cleary walks, and the People get a black eye.
So it's all about you? I don't need this, Cragen.
No? While you're whining about your case seems you forgot about Harper Anderson Lori Thatcher, the women in Philly.
Don't forget Mrs.
The biggest victim of all.
You think she suffered more than her husband's victims? She has to deal with him the rest of her life.
She has his son.
What? We're on our way.
I just came by to get a few things for my son.
He hit me.
Kept hitting me.
She didn't have a choice.
He wouldn't stop.
Who tried to clean up? I did.
Meredith was hysterical.
She didn't want the blood to seep into the floor.
Does it make a difference? You know it does, Harper.
Bleach ruins the gunshot residue test.
Really? Who shot him? Who shot him? I did.

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