Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e13 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
I'm Winfield, Citizen Watch.
I was on patrol.
Got here first.
You see anything? Just the body.
Thomas Marchek, pedophile.
You say Marchek? Yeah.
You know the guy? He raped a seven-year-old girl.
Left her cut up and unconscious in a drainpipe.
Yeah, I know.
And how are you so tuned in? I'm just doing my job.
All right.
Sir, did you touch the body? I know better.
Not even to check for vitals? Shorteye's head was practically blown off.
Look, if you want to talk to me, here's a card with my numbers home and work.
It's nice to meet you.
Five years ago, I put this guy away.
You SVU? Yeah, Benson, Stabler.
Who called us? You got three shots, point blank to the face.
Nine mil.
Wouldn't be surprised if the slugs turn out to be hollow point.
Made quite a statement.
And a mess.
Now, why'd you call us in? This is a homicide.
Chief of Detective reassigned by request.
You sent the guy up.
I guess that's why you're catching.
This is a dead ex-con.
This is not a victim of a sex crime.
Was he raped? Do his wounds suggest anything sexual in nature? I feel for you, pal, but this comes from above.
Your problem's not with me.
Who made the request? A Captain Cragen.
Elliot, give him a chance to explain.
Why? Excuse me? Thomas Marchek kidnapped Corrine Branson tortured her at knifepoint, and left her for dead.
I read the file.
I was ready to cap that dirtbag myself.
Now you expect me to work his homicide? One Police Plaza does.
They asked me to take it, I said "yes".
To polish your political apple? It's delicate territory and you're familiar with the players.
I'll fill Homicide in.
You go talk to the parents.
I'll talk to the parents and tell them the good news about Marchek.
But I am not telling them that they're suspects.
According to the Chief, the girl's mother threatened Marchek at the last parole hearing.
She should've threatened the Parole Board Are you finished? I don't want this case.
I'm through explaining myself to you.
You caught it, you make it.
I begged the Parole Board to keep him in prison but they wouldn't listen.
Lindsay, why didn't you call me? You know I would have testified for you.
I thought it was just a formality.
I never dreamed they would actually let him out.
We don't want to cause you any more heartache.
But I have to ask you.
I'm a suspect.
You threatened to kill him.
I was angry.
Can you blame me? No.
Where were you last night? Right here with my child.
I won't let her out of my sight.
And your husband? We're divorced.
Where does he live now? I don't believe you people.
Haven't we been through enough? Hi Corrine.
It's me, Elliot.
Do you remember? I almost didn't recognize you.
It's been so long.
You've grown a lot.
How've you been? I remember you.
You caught that man.
Thank you.
You never have to thank me for that.
Why aren't you at school? I have school here.
My mom teaches me.
Why? I don't like it when people look at me.
I'm ugly.
That's not true.
Yes it is.
It's a shame about Marchek.
He was a good driver.
He never tried to skip his shift.
You know him well? Not to speak of.
We drove together a couple of times.
What'd you talk about? Usual stuff.
Women troubles, sports how the union ain't what it used to be.
Marchek had problems with women? Yeah, some ex of his was stalking him.
He said he had a bad break-up.
He was with a new one and the old one couldn't let go.
You ever see his former lady? Yeah, hanging around once or twice.
Man, I told him to call the cops, but he said it wasn't worth it.
Would you recognize her if you saw her again? Blonde, little over 5'.
Drove a light blue Honda.
She's kind of old for him, though.
Maybe that's why he couldn't shake her.
Did he mention a more recent girlfriend? Yeah, Gloria something.
Check with the office.
Marchek said he didn't have family, so she's probably his emergency notify.
Gloria, how long were you and Thomas Marchek dating? About four months.
We were already talking about marriage, kids.
Can't this wait? When was the last time you saw him? Night before last.
What about last night? I was working.
Where? Club Devinyl on 34th Street.
I get off around 3:00.
Tommy had left for work by the time I got home.
He ever talk about his ex-girlfriend? I didn't know he had one.
He mention anyone following him? Maybe giving him a hard time? Yeah, there was this one guy.
Said he was with the Citizen Watch.
Put up flyers with Tommy's picture on it.
He even followed us into a restaurant and harassed us.
And you are? Louise Durning.
I am a friend of Gloria's And I have witnessed the abuse they've had to endure.
What kind of abuse? He called Tommy names and called me worse for being with him.
They couldn't go out without being assaulted by this man or one of his storm troopers.
Nobody saw the good in Tommy but me.
You know what he did? He changed.
It didn't bother you? I loved him.
Can't you see she's in enough pain? Where's your compassion, for God's sake? With the little girl Tommy raped and cut.
You got to be kidding.
Branson, just answer the question.
I was in Chicago on business.
You want the receipts? I can prove it.
No, that won't be necessary.
Actually, it is.
You of all people.
Trust me, I don't like this any better than you do.
Thank you.
You talk to Lindsay, Corrine? Yes.
How're they doing? Your daughter seems lonely.
Do you get to see her often? Not as often as I should.
I can't take Lindsay blaming me anymore.
Josh, it's not your fault.
When that monster Marchek raped my little girl, he killed a part of me.
Your daughter is still alive and she misses you very much.
Her mother won't let me near her.
She says they don't get out very often.
She shut herself off.
I've tried to talk to her.
I even bought her a car, hoping she'd take Corrine to the country where she can play outside and feel safe.
What kind of car? An Accord.
Why? Does Lindsay take Corrine with her when she goes out to run errands? No, the neighbor across the hall stays with her.
A sweet lady named Virginia Koeler.
You think Lindsay killed the bastard? We don't think anything, Mrs.
We're talking to everyone.
You take care of Corrine when her mother is out.
Is that correct? I'm one of the only people she trusts.
After the terrible thing that happened, she's very careful.
You baby-sit Corrine last night? Why? Mrs.
Koehler, do you think Lindsay murdered her daughter's attacker? No.
Then tell us the truth.
Did you stay with Corrine last night? Yes.
Lindsay went to the grocery store.
And what time did she return? About 11:00.
She's all that little girl has.
Please leave her alone.
The DMV lists Lindsay Branson as the owner of a '98 blue Honda Accord.
No tickets.
No warrants.
Any registered weapons? A Smith and Wesson 9mm registered to Josh Branson, but not to the ex-wife.
Pick her up.
Okay, why are we doing this, now? The gun is registered to the husband.
They're divorced.
They live apart.
I want her in a line-up.
If Marchek's co-worker can ID Mrs.
Branson as the stalker, then we'll play it out.
This is based on circumstantial evidence.
We've twisted suspects in the wind for a lot less than what we've got on paper right now.
Those suspects didn't have a daughter who was raped and had her face sliced up.
She clears the line-up, she goes home.
I'm not doing this.
You know something this woman's already living in hell.
And now you're asking me to drag her in like a criminal.
I'm not doing it.
This isn't your call, Detective.
Counselor, you know something, I don't answer to you.
You answer to me.
And I suggest you adjust your attitude before I write you up on insubordination.
I just don't think we have enough evidence.
I say we do.
Either get right with that or go home.
Can you identify the woman who was following Tommy Marchek? Number three.
That's her.
Take your time.
What for? It's number three.
Can I go now? I got a lot of deliveries to get out.
Search warrants were issued for the premises and the car? Munch and Fin are on it.
Are you gonna be able to do the interrogation or do I need to get another set of detectives? It's not a problem.
Can I get you anything? No.
Do you understand your rights? Yes.
Do you want a lawyer? Lindsay, I really think you should have a lawyer present.
I'm glad he's dead.
I thought I'd have some closure but it hasn't made a difference.
Corrine is still afraid to go out and then my family is still in shambles.
Did you follow Mr.
Marchek? Yes.
To his home, his job, even to his girlfriend's apartment on Lexington.
Then each time I saw his face, I saw him raping my little girl.
How long had you been stalking him? Since the day he got out of prison, I've dreamed of his death.
What I would do to him.
How I would make him suffer! Tell me what happened last night.
I followed him from, um from the meat market to some bar in Alphabet City.
And I waited for him outside.
And did you have a gun? I had my husband's.
I followed him for several blocks on foot his back made a perfect target.
But I couldn't do it.
Every night I had the chance and I just, I couldn't do it.
And then somebody else did it for me.
I don't have a confession.
You don't need one.
Step aside.
Thank you.
Olivia, I'd like you to meet a recent parolee and rapist Craig Moss, three shots to the head.
If Cragen finds out I called you I got it off the scanner.
What's the deal here? Check out this flyer.
That's him.
Second guy.
Same MO, 9mm, hollow-point slugs.
Guess that lets Lindsay off the hook.
Puts us on the trail of a serial killer.
Did he suffer? No, it was quick.
But not quick enough, right, Detective? Your son was murdered.
We're trying to find out who did it.
What do you care? It's our job.
And my cross to bear.
Moss, this isn't about you.
No? If my son hadn't been born, those two women never would've been raped.
I ask myself what I did wrong and have no answers.
Did your son mention anything about having trouble with anyone lately? There were sex offender flyers all over the neighborhood obscenities spray-painted on my door and the man who beat him to a pulp last week.
Did your son tell you who this man was? No, but I can guess.
The owner of the corner market, Pulham.
He hated Craig.
Had half-a-dozen flyers pasted in the store window.
I hated what he did but I loved my son.
He did his time was raped in prison and got HIV.
He suffered, too.
My brother-in-law said to expect you.
Your brother-in-law? Yeah, he's a patrol cop in Queens.
Figured my little run-in with Craig the pervert would put me at the top of your list.
According to Moss' mother, you beat the hell out of him.
I kicked him out of my store.
And kept kicking? He's a rapist.
Look, I caught him checking out a couple of teenage girls who came in for sodas.
What am I supposed to do, wait for him to rape them, too? Where were you last night between 8:00 and 10:00? Right here.
I'm open till 11:00 every night.
And I got plenty of customers who'll vouch for that.
Who enlightened you about Mr.
Moss' background? A Citizen Watch guy came in here with a flyer asking me to post them on my window.
I asked for extras.
He said this guy Moss raped a mother of four.
Predators like him, they never stop.
I run a family business.
This kind of scum ain't welcome here.
You have any idea where we might be able to find this Citizen Watch guy? Yeah, sure, they rent a space in the Rec Center, couple of blocks down.
They do a good job, too.
I haven't had a break-in in two years.
Hello, Detectives, good to see you again.
This is not a social visit.
We'd like you to stop distributing these flyers.
We're not breaking any laws.
That remains to be seen.
Pulham assaulted a man on your flyer.
And now two of them are dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We only try to inform and prevent.
You're inciting people to break the law.
To commit murder.
That's a long reach, isn't it? Is it? We've got two dead men flyers that you've distributed and Citizen Watch members at both crime scenes.
Are we suspects? We'd like a list of your members, names, addresses, phone numbers, please.
You know, we're only protecting ourselves against these rapists because you won't.
The system puts them in our neighborhoods and then turns its back.
And where exactly would you like them to go? Hell's good and hot.
Thank you.
The Chief's idea of a joke? Much as I hate it, there's nothing we can do.
Protecting rapists now.
To shield us from lawsuits and to keep anyone else on that flyer from being murdered.
Now the remaining two parolees on the list Trent Wills and James Campbell, are to get round-the-clock protection.
Captain, what are we supposed to do about the honest, hard-working people who actually need us? These men have rights and we have jobs to do.
Anything else? Ballistics came back on Lindsay Branson's gun.
No match.
But we're looking at the same 9mm for both stiffs.
And we're running background checks on all the Citizen Watch members.
Well, this guy Winfield sounds especially ripe.
Talk to the two parolees.
See if any of these "concerned citizens" were keeping too close a watch on either one of them.
We'll take Wills.
And we'll take the other one.
Elliot? How far you gonna push this, Captain? No, since I assigned this case you have questioned my orders and disrespected my command.
Now, I've cut you some slack because of our relationship but this well is running pretty dry.
Are we clear? Yes, sir.
I get enough crap from the politicians.
I don't need any from my own detectives.
I need a break, Elliot.
Find me one.
Police protection.
Does this mean I get a ride to work? No.
Anybody been stalking you? Giving you attitude? Yeah.
Two fat, ugly, old broads with matching windbreakers.
I doubled back and spooked the hell out of them.
A fun time was had by all.
Did you get their names? Yeah.
Fat and Fatter, Winfield's little army.
Any babes in this police detail? Been a long time.
Getting kind of anxious.
Watch me, Daddy! Your mother-in-law said we'd find you here.
We try to live as normally as possible but that watch group is making our lives miserable.
After they put me on that flyer, my boss fired me.
Didn't want a pervert selling insurance.
Can you blame them for being afraid? I'm not a danger to anybody.
Would Sandra Woodly agree? I was 22.
I met her in a club.
I wasn't thinking a 15-year-old could even be out that late.
She said she was 19.
Was that your defense? Look, I didn't deny any of it, I went to prison.
What more can I do? A protective detail will begin at midnight and continue around-the-clock until the killer is found.
You're saying that we're at risk? Look, you're on the flyer, just like the other two rapists who were killed.
So? Has anyone from the watch group been harassing you? Sam Winfield.
He even tried to stop me from enrolling my daughter in his kid's school.
Who the hell does he think he is? All roads lead to Winfield.
Who is this guy? An ex-cop from Albany.
He took an early retirement after a bad shoot.
It doesn't prove anything.
But I had a heart-to-heart with his partner at the time of that bad shoot.
It involved a rapist.
He also has an arsenal of weapons registered including a 9mm.
Marchek's girlfriend said a man from the Citizen Watch was harassing them.
And her friend said it got pretty heated.
Show them both the photo array.
If they can ID him, let's invite him down here for a little chat.
There you go.
She's doing so well.
She's a brave little girl.
Thank you.
I'll see you next week.
Louise Durning? Yes? I'm Detective Benson.
This is my partner, Detective Stabler.
You're here about Gloria? Come this way.
We understand you were with Gloria and Thomas Marchek when a man from Citizen Watch approached you.
In the restaurant.
Do you think you'd remember this man if you saw him again? I think so.
Okay, can you tell us if he's one of these? Yes, he's this one.
Do you think he had something to do with Thomas' murder? Do you remember what he said in the restaurant? Nothing to me.
He showed Thomas his gun and told him to watch out.
I already gave a statement.
What more do you need? You said Sam Winfield, the guy from the community watch harassed you and Tommy.
He followed us everywhere.
Even came in here a couple of times, went straight to Glo's station.
I tried to avoid him, but he complained to my manager.
I had to wait on him.
Did he say anything? Awful stuff about Tommy.
He said if I knew what was good for me, I'd leave him and never see him again.
One time Tommy came in and he was talking to Glo I thought for sure there was gonna be hell to pay.
What happened? Tommy grabbed Winfield by the shirt lifted him right out of his chair.
Winfield split Tommy's head open with an ashtray.
Said if he ever touched him again, he'd kill him.
Finally caught up with Gloria.
She ID'd Winfield from the array and confirmed that he threatened Marchek with a gun.
Now she's scared for her life.
At the rate this guy's going, we're gonna have to assign another protection detail.
Dispatch just got a call from the Campbell residence.
Shots fired.
Scared the hell out of my wife and little girl.
And where are they now? I sent them to a motel where they'll be safe.
Not that you give a damn what happens to me or my family.
That's not true, Mr.
Well, then where was that protective detail that you promised? The shift doesn't start until midnight.
How convenient.
Did you see who fired the shots? I didn't have to.
I saw Winfield standing across the street, staring at the apartment.
A few minutes later the window explodes.
Had he threatened you? Coming up the street he grabbed me, and told me to get out of the neighborhood.
When I told him to go to hell he said if I didn't listen, I was gonna end up like the other two guys.
When the protective detail gets here, we'll escort your family back home.
No, thanks, Detective they're safer where they are.
I worked at the shop until You go out for dinner break? About 6:00.
Where'd you go? For a walk.
James Campbell said that you wound up at his place, threatened his life.
I tried to save his neck, but he wouldn't listen.
Instead he gets in my face, calls me a stalker.
I don't have to take that from anyone, least of all a stinking rapist.
That why you took a shot at him? I didn't shoot at anybody.
He saw you outside his window.
He was mistaken.
Like I said, I was at work.
Anybody with you? My partner Paul Cormick.
We're rebuilding an engine, the block is cracked.
How many guns do you own? Five counting the engraved Marine Dragoon.
But you already know that, don't you? You expecting a war? I shoot competitively.
But you know that, too.
Tell you what why don't the two of you tell me what you want and I'll tell you if I'm gonna make it easy or I'm gonna make it hard.
Give up your 9mm for testing.
Then why do we have to go through this, then? You gonna play us, we'll just keep right on digging.
Then grab a shovel, brother.
No probable cause, no warrant, no guns.
We know that you followed these guys.
And no one filed a complaint, so what's the problem? The problem is anyone you don't like, they wind up dead.
Pedophiles and rapists.
Don't waste your pity.
You used to be a good cop, what happened? Are you guys gonna charge me with anything? Or can I go home now? That was Munch.
Cormick's wife puts her husband at home by 9:00 pm.
Well, there goes Winfield's alibi.
We'll need warrants to cover the garage and home.
Cabot's already on it.
Take a look at this.
I called Winfield's captain in Albany.
Got the off-the-record on his bad shoot.
Turns out the gun the perp was carrying had no prints.
It was a drop? Serial number was filed clean.
Winfield had eight commendations up to that point? That's why they offered him early retirement.
The case he was working on was real bad ass.
Captain said it ate him to the bone.
The warrants are on the way.
I already sent Munch and Fin to the residence.
You two go to the business.
The unis'll meet you there.
What the hell is this? Sorry, Sam.
I couldn't stop them.
So much for professional courtesy.
You brought this on yourself.
Just another day on the thin blue line, Detective? You better watch out.
Or you'll wind up just like me.
Well, thanks for the advice.
Just let us do our job and we'll be out of your hair.
You all right? Yep.
I'll get the first-aid kit.
Detectives, found this in an oil drum out back.
Winfield, I won't forget about that first aid kit.
You're under arrest for the murder of Thomas Marchek and Craig Moss and the attempted murder of James Campbell.
You have the right to remain silent.
I know my rights.
Well, then, let's get out of here.
Ballistics report came back positive for the Campbell attack.
But it's no match on the murders.
You sure? Tested it twice.
We don't have the murder weapon.
Then we don't have a case.
The most I can charge him with is attempted murder on Mr.
Unless you play hardball.
What are you suggesting? You could threaten to kick up enough dust to re-open the Albany investigation.
Look, wait a minute, I read the file.
There was a kid in the car and he thought the perp was carrying.
The skell had already raped and tortured the kid's mother.
I know the facts.
But we've got two murders to close.
So we pad our win column at the expense of a good cop because he made a judgment call? If he killed those men, I don't give a damn how many commendations he had.
He's a murderer and we're going to nail his ass.
Now do you have a problem with that? All I'm saying What? What are you saying, Detective? I think I understand him.
And I'm asking for a shot at him.
You know, these rooms all look the same.
They've got one up in Albany with a window just like this one.
Same rusty gratings, same size.
Rooms even smell the same.
How long on the job? Sixteen years.
Solid, from what I hear.
I was on my way to being Captain.
Then Alan Cryter came along.
I had my own Alan Cryter.
Insurance salesman.
Ran his business out of a converted garage in Queens.
Well liked.
Would invite the neighborhood kids up for ice cream and stories.
One day, a six-year-old girl goes missing from a playground in Soho.
Actually long story short, we find her underneath the floorboards of his office, along with three other children.
All of them in various stages of decomposition.
But he is gone, and I'm left with a cold case.
And two years nothing but silence and headaches.
I developed these debilitating headaches.
I wasn't sleeping a lot.
I kept having these recurring nightmares where my own children would be underneath these floorboards that I couldn't pry up.
And then one day I'm just gassing up my car in Chelsea and there he is.
And before I know it I've got his face sandwiched between his windshield and the muzzle of my gun.
And I'm yelling, "Freeze.
" And I realize that I'm yelling at myself.
Because I can't stop my finger from pulling the trigger.
And I'm praying for him to blink.
I'm praying for him to twitch.
Just do something to give me an excuse.
And then I see a face inside of his car.
It's a girl, this beautiful, little six-year-old girl these big eyes.
I figured she'd seen enough.
Yeah, she'd seen enough.
Your headaches go away? Yeah.
It's the only difference between us.
I didn't see the kid's eyes.
The perp pulled him from the car and used him as a shield.
After what the loser had done to the mother and the sister I had no doubts what he'd do with the boy.
Anyway, the boy bit him and ran.
I shot.
I could have sworn that son of a bitch had a gun.
But maybe it was just wishful thinking.
We've got to do the right thing here.
I didn't kill those men.
I handed out flyers to inform and prevent.
That's all.
James Campbell? James Campbell was next on the list.
I figured if I scared him off, at least he'd be alive.
Anything else you can tell me? On the night of Marchek's murder, I was on duty.
I heard the shots.
I ran towards the sound.
When I got there, I saw a woman fleeing the crime scene.
Description? Black leather jacket, flapping open, blue sequined top, dark pants boots.
Why didn't you tell us this before? When I saw it was Marchek, I figured he got what he deserved.
Can you do me any favors on this? Gloria's not here, Detective.
She's off today.
But she was on Thursday.
Why? Her time card said she worked till 3:00 am.
So? She work the whole night? Must've.
How well did you know her boyfriend? Not very well.
She said he was nice.
Which she deserved after the long line of scuzzballs who mooched her money and beat the crap out of her.
It was sad when they broke up.
Broke up? When did that happen? About a week ago.
Glo took it hard.
I think she still loved him.
Missed a lot of work.
Almost got canned.
But she worked until 3:00 last Thursday? You checked her time card.
We have a witness that says otherwise.
Unless you want to be charged as accessory to murder, I suggest you tell us the truth.
Gloria ducked out about 11:00.
Where'd she go? I don't know.
Did she come back? No.
Manager didn't miss her, so I punched her card when I left.
Did she work night before last? It was her night off.
Look, I know Gloria.
She's a little messed up, but she's a sweet girl.
She wouldn't hurt anybody.
You sure about that? Okay, John, thanks a lot.
Seems Gloria's alibi just went south.
Here it is.
Gloria! Detectives Benson and Stabler.
We spoke this morning.
She said that she'd be here, as if she could really hear me.
Gloria? Damn inconsiderate.
Did you get any answer? And who are you? Earl Zito, I live below in 2-C.
Listen to that.
How long's this been going on? Over an hour.
Yeah, I called the super, but you know, it's Stay there please.
I hope the deadbolt isn't on.
Olivia! Call for a wagon.
I got a pulse here.
Very faint.
Got a 1054 attempted suicide at 28 Lexington Avenue and 26th Street.
Put a rush on the bus.
Grab another towel.
I'm making a tourniquet.
Bus is on the way.
Here's the tourniquet.
Can you tie the other one for me? We need to get her downstairs.
Gloria, can you hear me? Stay with me.
She's a lucky young woman another minute or two and she would've bled to death.
Can we talk to her now? Before you do, I need to inform you about your potential exposure.
To what? The paramedics found Viracept, a protease inhibitor, in Gloria's medicine cabinet.
She confirmed that she's HIV-positive.
Since there was a lot of blood at the scene Elliot.
Okay, Doc.
Thanks for the heads-up.
We should talk to Gloria while she's still awake.
You should've just let me die.
That's not an answer.
How do you know? Did you hurt yourself because of Tommy Marchek? Yes.
Because he broke up with you? I broke up with him.
Why? Son of a bitch gave me HIV.
Is that why you killed him? Isn't that enough? And Moss? Who? Craig Moss.
I killed him, too.
Why'd you use a knife on him? What do you care? He's dead.
I did it.
Now leave me alone.
She's lying.
She's protecting someone.
The question is, who? We still haven't found any connection between Gloria and Moss.
I don't even think she knew the guy.
Hold on.
Wait a minute.
Gloria said Marchek gave her HIV.
Moss had HIV.
Did CSU get everything from her medicine cabinet? Yeah.
It was prescribed by a Dr.
Williams at the State Street Clinic.
Crime lab reports Marchek and Moss both got their meds from the same place.
Gloria's friend, Louise, works there as a social worker.
How much you wanna bet she counseled Marchek and Moss? Check the phone records and meds on all three and run a background check.
Then bring her in.
How long has she been waiting? Twenty minutes.
Doesn't look too rattled.
She brought work with her from the clinic.
Now that's dedication.
She's also got a permit for a 9mm Glock.
Finished? My work is never finished.
Seems a lot like our job.
Well, in your job, don't you sometimes win? What I meant was don't you people say that HIV is no longer a death sentence? Yes, we do.
We can treat it, but we can't cure it.
We were hoping that you could tie up some loose ends for us.
What kind of loose ends? Thomas Marchek, Craig Moss they were patients of yours, weren't they? Yes.
Gloria Palmera? Yes.
Gloria confessed to murdering Marchek and Moss.
She did? After she tried to kill herself last night.
Oh, God.
Is she all right? Well, she's weak.
She's confused.
She wasn't really making a whole lot of sense.
That's because she was trying to protect me.
Tell us.
I counseled Thomas Marchek for four months.
And he told me he wasn't being intimate with anyone.
And then one session he let it slip.
Bragged about his girlfriend's insatiable appetite for him.
I told him to tell Gloria to come in to be tested.
Did she? No.
He kept making excuses about why he hadn't told her.
So I told her.
At first she wouldn't believe it but then when the test results came back positive she finally saw him for the bastard that he was.
Why did you kill him? He murdered her with his lies.
That's why.
And Moss? Why would I give him another chance to do that again to somebody else? It's bad enough to be raped, Detective but when the rapist has HIV, he leaves you with a daily reminder that'll last you for the rest of your life.
I know, I was raped nine years ago.
You're HIV-positive? No, I have AIDS.
I'm dying.
Drugs don't work for me anymore.
I wasn't gonna let them kill another woman.
You think the Grand Jury will indict her? She did murder two men.
Will she live long enough to serve her sentence? You okay? You wanna go grab a drink? No, I should go home.
Sure? Yeah.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You will.
Elliot how'd it go with the doc? She said the bandage probably kept most of Gloria's blood from entering the wound.
Just in case, she gave me a month's supply of antiretrovirals.
Then what? Wait and see.
That's gonna make for a hell of a month.
Listen, if there's anything I got it covered.
Well, you got my number.
Captain? Thanks.

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