Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e15 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
You had to take a shortcut.
I wouldn't have had to if you would just once get out of the house on time.
What's the big hurry? One of your girlfriends supposed to be there? God, I hope so.
Something just fall out of there? I didn't see.
Well, tell him his doors came open.
Excuse me, your doors are open! Hello? What was that about? All I know is, it's clear.
Well, did something fall out of there or not? Just go.
Name's Sophie Douglas, eight.
Guy cuffed her to this bar inside.
She managed to wriggle her hand out to escape.
When'd she go missing? Three days ago.
We were working on it as a custodial snatch.
Mother was convinced it was her ex.
No ransom.
Been a custody battle.
The father, we couldn't find him.
But it was a complete stranger.
I see what you're thinking.
We screwed up, right? We're not thinking anything.
Mother's in the waiting room.
Doc's doing the rape kit now.
Sophie, I'm going to use the cotton swab now.
Just on the legs, okay? How's she doing? Fluids on the inner thigh.
Excuse me.
All right, Sophie, we're going to take some pictures now.
Hi, Sophie.
My name is Olivia.
How you doing? I'm okay.
I gotta fill up this whole room with bubbles.
I was wondering if you could help me 'cause it's a pretty big room.
A tear at the posterior fourchette.
Complete transection of the hymen at 5:00.
Entire introitus swollen and red.
He raped her.
We got a stranger-child abduction with a confirmed rape.
Name is Sophie Douglas, eight.
Grabbed four days ago, escaped last night.
Tox screen came back positive for tranquilizers.
Well, where are we on it? We know the guy owns a white van.
That's it.
No make, no model.
No witnesses? Two of them sat behind the van for 20 minutes.
Couldn't give us one number on the plate.
Put out the word to other houses.
Start running known pedophiles through DMV for van owners.
We're on it.
Benson, Stabler, interview the girl.
Captain, the mother thinks she's too traumatized to do it today.
Well, tell Mrs.
Douglas we don't mean to be insensitive but if we're going to catch this guy, every second counts.
What's everybody still doing here? I thought I was late.
We're having difficulty separating mother and daughter.
Sophie won't be able to talk freely in front of her.
Did you explain that? Yep.
All right.
Have her come into the viewing with us.
Sophie, that's such a pretty name.
Now, Sophie, do you know why you're here? Because of the man.
I'm going to ask you some questions about the man, if that's okay.
The man's skin, what color was it? Like ours.
Like ours.
And his hair? What color was his hair? Was it sort of dark like mine, or was it lighter like yours? I can't remember.
He had scary teeth.
Scary? What was scary about them? They looked like a monster's.
So tell me, how did you meet this man? My mom says I'm supposed to go straight home, but I saw a puppy.
Did the man have this puppy? No.
I didn't want to get in the van.
We know that, Sophie, honey.
It's okay.
We know that.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Did you hear what she said? It's okay, Sophie.
It's too much for her.
Douglas, I know this is painful, but it's gonna take some time.
How long are you planning to put her through this? We don't want to rush her.
Then let me bring her back in a couple of days when she's more up to it.
Olivia, we're in a bit of a time crunch here.
We need the location now.
Sophie, let's talk about the van.
When you were inside, could you see any of the street signs? No.
Did the man say anything to you in the van? He didn't talk until the room.
The room? He said it was my Party Day.
There were lots of balloons and stuff but it wasn't a real party.
Why not? Because nobody else was there.
Sophie, what happened at the party? I had cupcakes and punch but then I fell asleep.
And when I woke up, he was staring at me and he said it was time to get ready.
Get ready for what? Picture Day.
I had to wear lots of costumes.
What kind of costumes? A fairy princess and a mermaid and a ballerina.
So he took pictures all day? I told him I can dress myself, but he said he had to help me anyway.
I started crying.
I'm going in there.
Benson knows what she's doing.
Sophie's in good hands.
She needs me.
She needs to focus.
She won't be able to if you go in.
Look, I'm not letting her relive this again.
Douglas, do you want to catch the man who is responsible for this? I want him dead.
Then you've got to help us.
Get to day three.
Sophie, you said that there was a Party Day and a Picture Day.
Did he have a name for the next day? My Special Day.
And what happened then? He said I had to be very clean.
So I had to take a bubble bath.
It's all my fault.
No, Sophie, this is not your fault.
He said he had more puppies in his van.
I just wanted to see them.
I love puppies.
It's okay, Sophie, I understand.
I love puppies, too.
There was a big box way in the back of the van.
I climbed in it to see them, but Please don't tell my mom.
Sophie, listen to me.
Your mom is not mad at you, nobody is.
Everybody knows that this man tricked you.
I broke the rule.
All I wanted to do was see the puppies.
Honey, that's okay.
I understand.
It's okay, honey, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
No more.
This is enough.
I am taking her home now.
Well, you know, she's not bringing her back anytime soon.
If at all.
Well, if she continues to be uncooperative, we still have legal recourse.
Puts her in the room.
It doesn't pull the words out of her.
I wouldn't put my girls through it.
You don't know.
Well, after all that, we don't have much to go on.
Then we re-canvass.
Let's just start where he abducted her.
Maybe Munch and Fin are having better luck with the van.
Oliver Tunney, a.
Jolly Ollie, a.
Squiggles the Clown.
I don't see fortune cookies.
Molested the kids he was paid to entertain.
Owns a white van.
How many times you gonna read that? Where the fortune cookies at? They're always stale.
Told 'em to forget it.
What? There's our clown now.
What's shaking there, Bozo? Who are you? Detective Tutuola and Munch.
You been keeping your nose clean? The red rubber one? That's not funny.
Where you been all day? In Connecticut, painting a house.
I got my own business.
It's legit.
House painting? Yeah.
Unmarked white van.
You mind if I take a look inside? Matter of fact, I do.
Been up to your old tricks there, Ollie? No.
I learned my lesson.
Sing Sing taught me impulse control.
Well, how do you explain this clown paint? It's house paint.
I just told you, I paint houses.
It must have got on me.
Looks like probable cause to me.
Tunney, I'm going to have to ask you to step away from the van.
Come on, guys.
Give me a break.
You violated your parole.
You're coming with us.
We found balloons in your van.
After a little dusting we'll find the girl's fingerprints, too.
She's ready and willing to pick you out of a lineup.
Tell us what happened.
We can help you.
Make things easier.
I didn't give no girl a party.
Then why aren't you giving us an alibi? Surely somebody saw you this weekend.
Found this going through your belongings, Tunney.
Only the children's events are circled.
That doesn't mean anything.
Yeah, so we made some calls.
See, witnesses said they saw you at the county fair in Norwalk.
See? I told you I didn't do it.
I'm innocent.
Now, if you don't mind, I'll be Not so fast there, Chuckles.
Those same witnesses filed complaints about the touchy-feely games that you play with those kids.
Connecticut authorities would like to have a word with you.
How did the re-canvassing go? Broad daylight, nobody saw nothing.
Douglas returned your call.
Says she wants Sophie to have more healing time before you talk to her again.
Hey, you guys, it's going on 8:00.
We're fresh out of leads.
What do you say we call it a day? I've still got time to go to the toy store.
Kathy's gonna faint when she finds out I got the twins' birthday present two days early.
Hey, it's me.
We still on for dinner? I think so.
See you then.
How's Mr.
Perfect? He's good.
Of course, I've only met him once and the only time I talk to him is when I'm calling to cancel.
But other than that, great.
You got any plans tonight, Munch? No.
But the night is young and the world is full of endless possibilities.
Everybody stays.
Why? Man in a white van grabbed another girl.
All he got was beer? So says the owner.
Yeah, a six-pack, the one on special.
How long after you left did Mrs.
Guzek arrive? No customers between.
I want you to tell me everything you remember about him.
6 feet.
Eye color? Hair color? Any distinguishing characteristics? The teeth.
The teeth were very unfortunate.
Unfortunate? Like Austin Powers.
They pull that tape yet? That was broken when I bought it.
But I figured it was better than nothing.
Yeah, that's brilliant.
No chance this guy salvaged my crapfest of a day by using a credit card, is there? No.
It was the last $20 I got.
I remember distinctly, because he asked me for $2 of his change in quarters.
Harry, write him a receipt for the top $20 in that drawer.
See if the lab can lift a print off it.
You got it.
So I had one foot out the door when I heard a bottle smash.
What'd you see? The back door of the van slamming shut and peeling out a few seconds later from this spot right here.
And this would be the bottle smash you heard? Yeah, there was a bag with the rest of the six-pack right beside it.
You see the driver of the car? No.
But I might have caught a piece of the license plate.
It started with "H.
" Or it might've been "B.
" I'm not sure.
Look, is it okay if I go? The cold's really not good for her.
Thank you.
Our guy asked for quarters inside.
I don't see any arcades or Laundromats around here.
Maybe he needed to make some calls.
He sees Mrs.
Guzek go in the store.
Kirsten's alone in the car.
Nobody's around.
Can't see the car from inside.
He grabs the girl, takes her to the back door of the van.
Drops the beer right here during the struggle.
Closes the door behind him.
Cuffs her to the bar.
Jumps in the front and takes off.
I'm pulling LUDs on this phone.
Dust this baby off.
I know it's a long shot, but pop that box and dust the quarters, too, all right? No problem.
The car was parked right out front.
I was only in the market for a minute.
They were almost home.
I called on the cell to pick up cigarettes for me.
It was so cold out, so I let Kirsten wait in the car.
How could I do that? Mrs.
Guzek, did you see anyone around the white van when you went in? No.
Can you get us Kirsten's most recent photo? It's way past her bedtime.
Please, God, don't let him hurt my baby.
Guzek, we're going to do everything that we can.
We want you to try to remember.
Did you see anything when you came out of the store? Just the open car door.
It was like a live wire hit me.
I kept screaming her name.
But I knew.
It's from our last vacation.
She just turned eight.
We're positive it's the same guy? Unless there's a white-van-driving, dentally-challenged pedophile convention in town, I'd say yes.
Well, why would this guy risk another grab so soon? Store owner said he was intox.
People tend to drink when they got worries.
Guy had to be worried somebody could ID him from Sophie.
When nobody comes for him by the next day he figures nobody caught his tags, he's safe.
He ventures back out.
We got two different approaches.
Sophie was organized.
He used the puppy con.
Kirsten, it was an impulse grab.
Blitz attack.
Our guy's flexible.
No way he's a first-timer.
We were supposed to have the city-wide open cases for the past five.
Where the hell are they? You know, it's 1:30 in the morning.
If he's following the same schedule she had Party Day when he got her home.
Picture Day's in about eight hours.
I got a little more description from the store owner.
I'm gonna run it through the PIMs machine.
I guess I could run partial plates on vans.
Look for an "H" in a haystack.
Or a "B.
" Or a "B.
" It's after 3:00.
Any luck? Got a lot of bad-mouthed mothers here.
Bucktooth, snaggletooth, mangled tooth, missing tooth.
I thought you got a little more on the pedigree.
Just the approximate height.
That really narrowed it down.
Well, keep doing what you're doing.
How goes it, Elliot? Hey, I made that.
but still, a little tact.
Hey, Munch, why do you do this? You always do this.
He puts the lid back on an empty can.
It's just my way.
I'm getting coffee.
Double espresso.
No-foam 2% latte.
Pastrami on rye? Files ordered by Det.
Where do you want them? Captain, we need an incident room.
What time is it? Oh, no.
Yeah, I know.
I know you didn't get your full 30, but the files just got here.
I have read the same paragraph five times, and I still have no idea what it says.
elementary school mathematics we've been working He's had Kirsten for 12.
Can I have some of that? No.
Come on.
Can't share eye drops.
That's how you get pinkeye.
Just give him the eye drops.
You know something? We're just spinning our wheels here.
You and me, we gotta do something.
Elliot, what's the plan? We've gotta talk to Sophie right now.
Her mother was adamant about giving her more time.
That was before he grabbed another girl.
Absolutely not.
Douglas, I know you don't want this girl to go through what your daughter did.
Sophie has told you everything that she remembers.
She might be able to remember new details that can help us.
Do you know that Sophie slept in my bed last night and woke up every hour crying? I am not going to let her live through this again.
But there's another girl living through it right now.
Look, she can't give you an address.
I'm sorry, Detectives, but I'm not going to let you torture her.
Douglas, we can have a judge compel you to let us talk to her.
Well, then, that's what you're going to have to do.
He's had Kirsten 18 hours.
We could still find him before he rapes her.
No one is more sensitive to this situation than Mrs.
Douglas but her daughter has no more information.
We don't know that until we talk to her.
You already did.
Douglas terminated that session prematurely leaving a lot of ground uncovered.
Ground that could serve no other purpose than to further traumatize the girl.
She will be questioned by Special Victims detectives.
They do have some experience in the area.
She's already told them everything that she knows.
It's just cruel.
Judge, please don't make her do this.
As a parent, I understand your concern for your child.
But I have to weigh that against the welfare of another.
I'm granting the application.
Douglas, you are ordered to produce your daughter.
So, Sophie, what grade are you in? Third.
And do you like to read? Yeah, me, too.
When your mom brings home takeout, like pizza do you ever notice the name and the address on the box? DeCarlo's.
I forget the street, but we can walk there from where we live.
And did you have any takeout food or pizza with the man? Hey, Sophie, it's okay.
We're not going to talk about anything bad that happened there.
I promise, okay? So tell me, what did you get to eat when you were there? Cupcakes and fruit punch.
And what else? Corn candy, like you get on Halloween.
That sounds good.
But what'd you have for dinner? Cupcakes and fruit punch and corn candy the whole time.
Nothing else? No.
That's all we ever had.
Now, Sophie, I need you to think really hard.
Do you ever remember the man wearing a shirt with his name on it? No? Do you remember anything with a name on it? A streamer at the party.
It had my name on it in squares, with glitter.
Okay, good.
And tell me, what else? What else was at the party? Balloons.
He blew them up with a big machine and then he talked like a cartoon.
If he had a Sophie banner that means that he went shopping after he abducted her.
Only, what, a thousand stores sell party supplies? How many of them rent helium tanks? Should narrow it down considerably.
And if we give half to Munch and Fin When we're there, remind me to get decorations for the twins' party.
I don't want to have to use crime-scene tape for it.
You're way off on the face.
You know him? There's this guy, when he smiles it takes a real effort not to flinch.
It might be him.
He come through here yesterday? I didn't work yesterday.
But if it's the guy I'm thinking of, he was here Friday.
He didn't by any chance get a helium tank, did he? Yeah, that's him.
Could you get the credit card receipt for me, please? He paid cash.
You had to take ID on the deposit on the tank, didn't you? We have these cute little mini-tanks now.
He just bought it.
How regular does he come in here? Every few weeks or so.
Mostly for the seasonal candy.
We're one of the only places that sells it year-round.
Seasonal candy? You know, candy canes marshmallow chicks, chocolate bunnies.
It's right there.
That's what he gets, the candy corn.
If I were him, with those teeth, I'd lay off the sugar.
I want two men on that party shop 9:00 to 9:00.
Nobody so much as takes a pee break without somebody covering.
Michael, hi.
I am so sorry.
Yeah, we have kind of a cluster going on here, so Every day till the end of creation.
How's that? I really can't talk right now, so let me call you later, okay? All right, thanks.
LUDs on that payphone come back yet? Not yet.
Kath, you know, I do know how important it is, baby.
But Okay.
Yeah, I don't know.
Well, I'll give you a call in a couple of hours.
Kathy now informs me we've been working 36 hours.
I got something.
Tell me again everything he gave Sophie to eat.
Cupcakes and fruit punch.
And candy corn.
I extended the parameters.
I got three autopsy reports with those exact same stomach contents.
We got a girl from the Bronx in '98, one in Brooklyn in '99 and a Long Island girl last year.
All three were strangled.
All three were killed three days after they went missing.
All three were found in water.
How did nobody see the pattern? All from different boroughs.
One of them wasn't found for two weeks.
The M.
put T.
Sophie escaped on her third day.
Six blocks from the East River.
Kirsten begins her third day in the morning.
I take it we're all staying.
Eight-year-old Rhonda Simmons, abducted three years ago in the Bronx.
Raped, strangled and dumped in the East River.
Body washed up by the Navy Yards.
A year and a half later, we got Sheila Wells, seven.
Grabbed from Greenpoint.
Raped, strangled.
Sewer workers found her.
Back at it a year later.
Kira Bly, a nine-year-old from Manhasset.
Same M.
Found her in the Sound.
Are we sensing a pattern yet? He's accelerating.
Only six months before Sophie.
A day before Kirsten.
No DNA on Rhonda.
How about you guys? Zero.
Water washes away all sins, or at least all DNA.
Any other similarities? All five of them are white, between the ages of seven and nine.
All come from working-class families described as cute and outgoing.
Guy's probably a loner.
Impulsive, socially marginalized.
Okay, is this a smart guy, or is he just fickle? He keeps changing his hunting grounds.
I mean, are we dealing with a salesman, maybe a mover? Let's check out the grab sites.
The first one was in the Bronx.
Next was the Brooklyn North territory.
Then he moves over to Long Island and crosses to Manhattan.
He's moving up in affluence.
His confidence is building.
One P.
They need to release.
I can't keep putting them off.
I'm not tipping all of you.
Sorry, Captain.
We got a problem.
Brass wants to go public.
Well, it's their call.
Well, what we give them is ours.
I'm listening.
Hold back the van.
It's our only solid lead.
The second it's out, he'll dump it.
So he dumps it? We get a whole van full of new evidence.
Or he hightails it out of town, which helps us not.
Elliot? Best-case scenario: Someone sees him, turns him in.
Release the composite.
Hey, who died and left you Captain? Lest we forget the worst-case scenario.
Morning paper comes out and we get a deluge of phone calls from whackos.
The woman turning in the ex who done them wrong.
Neighbors turning in the freak down the street.
Leaving us here answering thousands of false leads instead of out there finding Kirsten.
Or our guy reads the paper, he panics, and he starts making mistakes.
This guy is ritual.
He starts with Party Day, next is Picture Day, and in a few hours Kirsten begins her Special Day.
Release the composite, a description of the van, but hold back the time clock.
Who is that woman? Mrs.
Simmons, mother of one of the dead girls.
Whose turn is it? I'm sorry.
I know you're terribly busy.
It's fine, really.
It's just, they never had a single lead.
I brought this for you.
You should really keep that.
We've one in the file.
Not this one.
This is her last school photo.
It came in the mail three weeks after she was murdered.
I want it in your pocket when you catch him.
Fin, I don't see latent on the pay phone.
We didn't get it.
Well, when do you plan on getting it? When they're done.
Damn it, this place is a pigsty.
You're the one who said no janitors.
Oh, thanks, Olivia.
It's my fault.
I'm Pay dirt.
Crime lab report from the liquor store.
Latent? I got the LUDs from the pay phone.
A 911 at 8:02 p.
Prior to that, a 10-second local call at 7:53 p.
m to Mr.
Saul Garner.
Let's go wake him up.
It's 5:00 in the a.
What is this all about? A phone call you got Monday night, 7:53 in the p.
Monday? Wasn't home.
You look like you slept on a sewer grate last night.
Where were you Monday? On a date.
Yeah, we're gonna have to have the lucky girl's name.
Why? I'm telling you, I didn't get no call.
Lasted about 10 seconds.
Just, like, long enough to get a message.
Ten seconds? Maybe it was a wrong number, or my girlfriend checking up on me.
Either way, I wasn't home.
Nobody left a message.
I swear.
I take it the papers hit the stands.
Detective Tutuola.
Would you hold on one second? Put down the paper.
Pick up a phone.
The whacko on line one or the psychotic on line two? Don't joke.
The next tip could break the case.
Thank you.
Well, that was the psychic from California who didn't say anything much about the killings, but did predict that half of Manhattan would slip into the river tomorrow.
You four, put down the phones.
What do you got? Crime lab ran the DNA on Sophie through the data bank.
We got a cold hit.
How? We don't have DNA from the other cases.
This sample is from another body five years ago.
Sixth victim.
Bonnie Weathers, a 10-year-old from Queens, Howard Beach section.
Raped, strangled, and dumped.
River? Abandoned warehouse.
Before he wised up and moved to the water.
That's why we got the DNA.
Corn candy.
If this was his first.
They usually start close to home.
In their safety zone.
First one's always the sloppiest.
Let's re-interview everybody, starting with the cops who caught it.
I already talked to their captain.
You want us to go to Queens? I live in Queens.
You know how long it'll take us? Not as long as it's gonna take them to get their asses down here.
Good point.
Damn it, it's the twins' birthday.
I never picked up their present.
Well, I think you have an excuse.
Yeah, you come talk to me after you cancel on Michael again tonight.
Tatum and Becker? Did you hear something, Becker? Yeah, now you mention it, I do.
Sounds like something going right over your head.
Look, pulling the case file, that was a boss-to-boss thing.
That's not how I and my partner operate.
But we're here now because we know the important stuff is not in the file.
You're right.
It's in our heads and we're just too lazy to go out, pick the guy up.
I know that we're on your turf and I would be prickly about it, too.
That's why I had every intention of coming in here and schmoozing and kissing a little ass.
But we have got a ticking clock, do you understand? Now, my partner and I have been on this case for three days straight and we're too damned tired to get in a pissing match so I just need to know if you're gonna help us or not.
What do you want to know? You interviewed over 200 people in the Weathers case.
We don't have time to re-interview them all.
Give us a shortcut.
Who'd you like? Nobody good enough.
Okay, at this point, we'll take anyone.
Just your creepy average guys who happened to be in the vicinity.
Janitor at the school.
His name was Phil Dartman.
Did he have bad teeth? No.
But the guy who lived down the street did, Clayton Mills.
If you're looking for somebody with bad teeth my money's on this guy, Joe Hayes.
He was dating the babysitter at the time.
Did a stint in Attica.
Good luck.
Joe Hayes? Who's asking? Detective Tutuola and Munch.
Do you own a white van? No.
But I know what this is about.
Really? Illuminate us.
You think I killed those girls on account of that little Queens bitch.
He's a sharp one.
Did you? I got the right to shut up if I want to.
I got work to do.
Doesn't look good.
An innocent man would want to clear himself.
I'm an ex-con.
I'm the one you go to first.
I didn't rape no grade-schooler five years ago and I sure as hell didn't do nobody now.
It's Munch.
I need a 24-hour detail on a guy we're sitting on till they get here.
Looking for a Mr.
Sure, Clayton works here.
Why? Did he do something wrong? No, we just want to chat with him.
Is he a photographer? He's a wannabe.
But he doesn't really have it.
Yet you still keep him around.
He's available when I need him.
Do you work with the schools a lot? Yes.
It's my bread and butter.
Keeps me busy year-round.
Now, does Clayton come with you to these shoots? You know, he does the lights, he lugs the equipment.
Why? That background look familiar to you? Is this one of yours? Yeah.
Clayton working today? No, he called in sick.
Is this a current address for him? Yeah.
He rents a room from an old woman.
He used the schools as a hunting ground.
Go, go, go.
You guys? We're clear.
Nothing up there.
Well, well, well.
Today's paper.
We're too late.
Say hello to Mrs.
She must have walked in on him.
I guess Clayton doesn't like surprises.
The neighbor said the landlady took a junket to Atlantic City last Friday.
The day Sophie was taken.
It was supposed to be a four-day stint.
She lost all of her money, so she came back a day early.
The neighbor said that she does this few times a year.
We thinking these the times the guy struck? It's the only time he has the run of the house.
She's got four hours left to live.
We gotta track down family and friends Elliot, she's already dead.
This guy is on the run.
You think that he's sticking to a time-clock? We proceed under the assumption she's still alive.
You know that.
Proceed? What are we gonna proceed to? What are we gonna do? Get a few minutes of rack time, both of you.
Take a nap.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
Screw you.
Screw you.
Now, that's enough, both of you.
You got out and get some fresh air.
Elliot, you talk to your wife.
What? How old are you guys again today? Five? Eight.
Eight? No, you're not.
You're eight? You know something? I think Uncle Munchie has some pudding cups under the Yeah, you know where the pudding cups are.
Hi, baby.
I'm so sorry, Kath.
I got, like, two seconds.
We'll take them.
Did you get the Yeah.
They're taken care of.
It's fuzzy and black.
It is fuzzy and black.
I don't think I have anything for you guys.
Bought you a present.
This is the best present a guy's ever had.
Thank you.
Got something.
Okay, I love you.
Fin just called in.
Remember Saul? Saul Last call from the pay phone where Kirsten was grabbed.
Guy said he wasn't home, had no idea who it could've been.
Munch and Fin paid a return visit to his pawnshop.
Clayton needs to flee and he needs traveling money.
Took a little arm-twisting, but he finally admitted that Clayton called him back.
Okay, so Clayton's going to the pawnshop.
He's afraid to drive into New York City.
He wants Saul to meet him in Brooklyn.
The van is clear.
Delta 1 in position.
Delta 2 set.
We're all set.
We're good down here.
Copy that.
What's he unloading, Barbie dolls? Some old broad's got an attic full of antiques and jewelry he sells for her.
The landlady he bludgeoned to death.
Furthest stretch, I considered he might be a thief.
But a kid-raping killer? Not a clue.
You do anything to tip him off, you're going down as a kid-raping accomplice.
Got me? What if he shoots me? I'll live.
He's not going to shoot you.
Every sharpshooter in the city is out there.
I don't see anyone.
Every building, every roof.
He's here.
Don't talk.
Don't look down at me.
He's getting closer.
Why aren't they stopping him? They need a few seconds to close off the rear flank.
If he sees you talking, he's gonna know it's a setup.
He's almost here.
Damn it, Munch, shut him up.
Damn it, Saul.
Don't talk.
If your lips keep moving, I'll kill you myself.
Bring it over here.
Freeze! Police! Right there! Let me see your hands! Both hands out of the car, now! Come on.
Clayton Mills, do not move.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Kirsten? Honey? It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all over.
We're going home.
My client would like to discuss the terms of a deal.
Your client rapes and kills children.
The only deal he's getting is a free last meal.
My client has disclosed to me that at some point in the past he took the life of a young girl and disposed of the body.
We already know that, Mr.
In fact, we know about all four of the girls you killed.
Apparently there's a fifth victim whose body has never been recovered.
Four bodies puts a needle in your arm.
I don't need a fifth.
I bet the mother would like some closure.
Tell me the girl's name.
That he won't tell me.
She was my first.
A perfect little princess.
Sweet as can be.
Give me her name.
Take the death penalty off of the table and I'll shout it from the rooftops.
I need you to authorize this deal.
Counselor, I am a public servant.
And the public at large does not want this boil on the butt of humanity living to a ripe old age.
Charlie, think of the mother.
I am.
And I'm sure that she'd want to see him die.
But she probably wants to know what happened to her daughter, also.
What about the mothers of all his other victims? They want him dead.
The city wants him dead.
Even protestors against the death penalty want to see this guy dead.
You don't know all of the other mothers want him dead.
Of course they do.
This is Sophie Douglas' mother.
One of Clayton Mills' victims.
I am truly sorry about what Sophie endured.
Thankfully, she did escape with her life.
What do you think should happen to him, Mrs.
Douglas? He raped her.
And he killed her childhood.
I want him dead.
Look, it's more unbearable than you can ever imagine.
I cried every second that Sophie was missing.
I wanted to crawl out of my skin.
Sometimes I didn't realize that I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs.
I mean, not knowing for three days nearly killed me.
I can't imagine this poor woman going through that for years.
And letting it go on for the rest of her life? I mean, I want him dead but you've gotta help this woman.
Get him away.
Lehr? Yes.

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