Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e20 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Tag and bag as soon as the detectives are through.
She's been out here long enough.
What's up, Doc? Veronica Tandy the back, raped from behind.
Any fluids? Not that I can see.
We'll swab.
Hopefully, find traces with the Luma.
I've got a domestic homicide mid-town so I've scheduled the autopsy later this afternoon.
Don't be late.
Don't be late.
She's got a bruise on her neck.
She was yoked.
External examination found no traces of semen.
Further testing showed spermicides usually found in condoms.
This is fun.
Problem? Single fetus present, seven to eight weeks.
That'll probably get suppressed at trial.
According to the law, a fetus is not a person.
The stab wound was 2 inches wide, That's a big knife.
Cause of death? Cardiopulmonary failure.
The blade entered the back between the ribs, collapsing the left lung.
Takes care of any screaming.
Could you grab that? Morgue.
Be right out.
Husband's here to ID the body.
Tandy? I'm Det.
Benson from the Special Victims Unit.
Are you alone? It's a mistake.
My wife isn't here.
Tandy She's supposed to be home.
She's supposed to be home! She's supposed to be home! We were supposed to meet last night at Café des Artistes at 7:00.
When she didn't show up, I called her assistant Charlene.
She said that she'd left early around 4:00.
Did she say where she was going? No.
I just assumed she'd be recruiting.
Recruiting for what? Well, she's the head of personnel for Compugame.
They manufacture game software.
Had she received any threatening phone calls or letters recently? Was she having any difficulties at work? Anybody giving her trouble, a hard time? People get fired, they blame her.
But that just goes with the job.
Anyone in particular? We tried not to talk shop at home.
How did I mean, how did Ronnie die? Your wife was stabbed.
I'm sorry.
What am I supposed to tell our kids? Is there anyone we can call? Someone to help you? Family's on the way.
Tandy were you aware your wife was pregnant? What? What are you talking about? Did our victim fight back? Doesn't look like she had a chance.
Why kill her if she didn't see his face? We're thinking it's one guy here who's escalating? Or someone she knew.
Head of personnel, probably made a lot of enemies.
I would start with whoever was fired recently.
Meanwhile, I'll get a psych profile working.
Something else? Why didn't she tell her husband that she was pregnant? She was only seven weeks along.
Maybe she was waiting for the best time.
Or she may have decided to terminate, or it wasn't his.
Is your gut telling you that the grieving husband raped his own wife and then brutally shived her? No, but if she was having an affair with somebody who decided they weren't interested in continuing the relationship Well, let's find out if we need to establish paternity.
I just can't believe it.
Everyone loved Ronnie.
Even people she axed? It's not fun to get fired.
Besides, the department heads make the final cuts.
Don't shoot the messenger, you know.
Did anybody blame her? You know, get loud about it? Yes.
Who? All of them.
We've had five terminations in the past three months.
Should I go back further? No.
We can work with that for now.
The husband mentioned that the victim left at 4:00.
Do you know where she went? No.
She said it was personal.
I'm sorry, it's just hard to hear you call her a victim.
Did Ronnie have any good friends here at the office? Teresa Steele in Legal.
They have lunch together a lot.
And Jason Mayberry in Security.
They'd meet for coffee.
Brought her flowers and made sure she had a cab when she worked late.
Is he working today? He quit two weeks ago.
Do you know why? No, you'd have to check with his supervisor.
I don't have access to his confidential files.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll talk to the woman in Legal.
I'll meet you in the lobby.
I've known Ronnie Tandy for 15 years.
We both started here fresh out of college.
What do you need to know? Tell me about Jason Mayberry.
What about him? I've been told that they were close.
Steele, were you aware that Mrs.
Tandy was pregnant? No.
But she wasn't having an affair with Jason Mayberry if that's what you're thinking.
Well, you didn't know that she was expecting, so how can you be so sure? I guess I can't.
Ronnie was a bleeding heart.
She liked to help people get ahead.
She encouraged Jason to go back to school find his niche.
Nothing wrong with that.
So why are you insinuating otherwise? Well, I'm just asking questions.
Jason Mayberry sent her flowers.
They met for coffee She wrote letters of recommendation, talked to a few people on his behalf.
I expect he felt grateful.
Recommendations for what? To attend the Police Academy.
Jason just suddenly quit.
He was good at the job.
Took pride in it.
Could've been a supervisor in another six months.
Why did he quit? Working security is not exactly a glamour job and the pay is right at minimum.
But to guess, I'd say he quit because he was embarrassed.
Embarrassed about what? His mother.
You know the type.
Can't cut the strings.
Called a lot.
Came down here once.
Busted his chops right in front of us.
Never could hold his head up after that.
You can take your break.
Do you know where Jason's working now? Nope.
Address? Got one here in Jersey.
Why? He and Mrs.
Tandy were close friends.
He might know whether anyone was bothering her.
I can tell you that.
Greg Spector couldn't stand her.
He was a guard supervisor up until a month ago.
She fire him? Jason turned him into Mrs.
Accused Greg of using the security cameras to zoom in on women's body parts.
You got an address for him? He's working janitorial at LaGuardia.
A little pet tells a lie, and I get canned.
It was a good job, $15 an hour.
You get in her face? You have words? You threaten her? I didn't threaten.
I said I wasn't going without a fight and that she'd be sorry.
She's sorry.
She's dead.
Is that true? Where were you last night? I was home alone.
I had nothing to do with this.
Greg, this does not look good for you.
I'm telling you, I didn't do it.
Ronnie came to see me about a week ago.
About what? My side of the story.
I was the one who caught Jason using the security camera.
Next thing I know, I'm fired.
So what made her call you in? I don't know.
She said something about getting me reinstated.
I got the impression that he wasn't her little pet anymore.
Jason hasn't lived here for two years.
He doesn't like it here.
It reminds him of his father.
He died when Jason was five.
Do you have a current address? I am his mother.
We'll need to speak with your son, Mrs.
Concerning what? It's a police matter.
What has he done? We just need to ask him some routine questions.
I don't like cryptic conversations.
They require a prevaricating nature, which I do not possess.
So either you tell me what this is all about or you can locate Jason using whatever means you have at your disposal.
Do you know what obstruction is, ma'am? This is a murder investigation, and we need to speak with your son.
Just a minute.
Yes? I'm Det.
This is my partner, Det.
We're working on the Veronica Tandy murder.
Yeah, I know.
I heard.
It's awful.
Do you know what happened? Well, we'd like to ask you a few questions.
Do you mind if we step inside? Well, it's a mess.
We don't mind.
I do.
Well, tell you what.
We can bring you on down to the precinct, fill you in there.
Greg Spector.
He hated her.
We've already talked to him.
I don't really see how I can help you then.
We really need your help.
We're running out of leads.
Help us find this guy for Veronica.
Anything for her.
This is Dr.
George Huang psychiatrist on loan from the FBI, setting up VICAP.
This is Det.
Olivia Benson.
Nice to meet you.
How do you do? And Elliot Stabler.
Well, what do you got? Well, we're thinking Jason's our guy.
He agreed to chat with us.
So we'll sit with him, try and break him.
Stabler should do this alone.
Excuse me? Your man has a problem with women.
If this is your guy, he's never going to open up to you.
All rapists have a problem with women.
I'll sit this one out, but you're not telling us anything new, Doctor.
The man who did this is extremely shy and frequently excited.
He attacks women from behind with yoking and frottage.
He graduated to rape and murder.
Blitz attacks from behind are acts of concealment, not shyness.
Is your man bold? Do people notice him? Or is he humble? Eager to please? Even shy.
I'll stick around for the interrogation.
Well, it turns out that our suspect applied to the Police Academy so we already have psych tests.
I'll go pick up his file.
Elliot pulls anything needs checking, we'll call you.
All right.
No disrespect intended, but Dr.
Huang just got here.
Do you believe Jason is your perp? Yes, I do.
We're not going to convict him on your gut, Elliot.
We don't have any hard evidence, so we're going to need a confession.
I suggest you make this suspect your friend, because he can walk whenever he wants.
How's your coffee? It's pretty bad.
Coffee's always bad in the precinct.
You wanna be a cop, you're gonna have to get used to it.
How did you know about that? Pretty small company, Jason.
People talk about comers.
"Comers?" Guys on the fast track, going places, doing things.
You got a rabbi, you're on your way.
That's what us cops call a guardian angel that oversees career moves on the force.
A rabbi.
Did you know that? No.
So when do you start the Academy? They haven't called me yet.
There's gotta be a snag in there.
Tell you what, I'm gonna look into it for you.
Where are you working in the meantime? Fortress Armored Cars.
Just short term till I get the call.
Good job.
Pay well? No, not during training.
So why'd you quit your last job? I heard you were up for shift supervisor.
Well, I don't need to work so Can't feel very good having Mommy pay the bills.
She does not pay my bills.
I have a trust.
Why work at all? To have somewhere to go.
To take pride in something.
Why quit where everyone respected you and recognized your work ethic? I'd really rather not say.
Maybe you quit before they could fire you? They find out something about you? Catch you, you know, stealing? Or sleeping on the job? Maybe use the security cameras to zoom in on women's breasts? Is that your thing, Jason? Or are you an ass man? No.
I never did that.
That was Greg Spector.
So why did you quit? Well, I was Okay.
I was being sexually harassed.
I liked her.
I just didn't want to get her in any trouble.
So I couldn't work there anymore.
Sexually harassed by who? Veronica Tandy.
Our camcorder broke.
Tandy, I'm sorry Our camcorder broke three months ago.
My wife bought me a new one.
Big surprise came today.
I know you're upset No, you've been digging.
You've been dirtying my murdered wife's name.
We have to follow leads.
Read the card, Detective.
Tandy I had to do my Just read it! "For baby Tandy number four.
Shoot till you drop.
"Love, Ronnie.
" She bought the camera for our new baby.
Wasn't having an affair.
You satisfied now? Mayberry passed the written, just barely passed the physical.
Not exactly buff but, hell, we need the bodies.
Did he pass the psych exam? No, not even close.
Profile skewed towards aggression during stress.
I thought that was normal.
Not at those levels.
We have plenty of cops on the street with excessive force complaints in their files.
Even psychos know how to pass the psych exam.
Which was why we figured this guy must be a real secret squirrel.
Look, why is Why are there two letters of recommendation from Veronica Tandy? One's a glowing review.
One's a rescind letter.
She pulled her support? Do you know why? I called to ask her before the psych report came back.
She never returned my call.
I don't think I'm helping you at all, and I'm getting kind of tired so Jason, trust me.
You're being very helpful.
What we're doing here is called victimology.
Ascertaining character and personality traits of the victim.
Determine how and why they were chosen.
Listen to this guy.
You sound like a cop already.
Now, you said that the victim harassed you.
And why didn't you turn her in? She would've lost her job.
She has a family.
Jason, she only exists in the memories of people who love her.
They didn't know her.
This comes out, it'll hurt them.
What we discuss in this room does not leave here.
Now you sure you didn't encourage her in some way? You sent her flowers.
The two of you met for coffee.
Yes, after she did me a favor.
She was always doing me favors.
I thought that was just the way she was with everyone.
But it wasn't true.
She was hung up on me.
She called me at home.
She dropped by unannounced.
She's a beautiful woman.
Weren't you flattered? Yeah, sure.
At first I was.
But Ronnie was married with kids.
You disapproved of her.
Married people have no right, no business fooling around.
You let her run you out of the company.
She made you leave your good job.
Why would you do that? What else was I gonna do? She imagined this relationship that did not exist.
And she lied a lot.
That must've made you mad.
Yeah, you just don't know how much.
Look, I sent her thank you flowers.
It's a come on.
I hailed her a cab, she's asking me to have drinks with her.
You know, she's pregnant.
She shouldn't have been drinking.
How'd you know she was pregnant? She told me.
She told you but not her husband? She didn't tell anybody else but you.
Is that it? So what? We were close.
When did she tell you? I don't remember exactly when.
Take a second.
How about a search warrant, Counselor? Based on what? Your gut or Dr.
Huang's supposition? Well, what do you suggest? Because he's about ready to walk out that door.
Let him walk.
What did you just say? Let him walk.
That bastard knew she was pregnant and he killed her anyway.
He is not going out of my sight.
You can't force him to stay, Detective.
It becomes a custodial issue, and anything he says without a Miranda warning is inadmissible.
You're tying our hands.
Then even the playing field.
How? He hates women.
Get on his level, the nastier the better.
Won't that make him suspicious? Probably.
But he wants to talk.
He was in charge when he killed the victim.
But how will anybody know his power unless he reveals it? Bad news? You wouldn't believe it if I told you.
Stupid, stone-crunching slut.
Who? My wife.
How long you been married? Sixteen year sentence.
Sixteen long, dry years.
Any kids? Too many.
Creditor just called.
I'm in hock up to my ass.
My wife shops, and if I take away her credit cards she don't give me any.
Let me guess your oldest child is 16.
How did you know that? You're a cliché, Detective.
A responsible guy.
Good man gets caught out there.
Woman is just looking for a free ride.
Your only refuge is the job.
It's the only peace you have.
I love my job.
Why wouldn't you? You get to catch the bad guys and put them away.
But the best part is the why understanding the motive.
There's usually a reason.
An innocent victim very rare.
Do you really think that's true? I've been doing this a long time, Jason.
I know it's true.
The women victims, for the most part were asking for it.
They take our manhood.
They suck us dry.
They mess with our heads.
And then they're surprised when we fight back.
Do you think that Veronica was asking for it? Is that her victimology? You knew her.
You tell me.
She was She was a bitch.
What did she do to you? I told you.
No, I know there's more.
I can see.
I see it in your eyes.
She hurt you badly.
What did she do to you, Jason? She took my dream.
She wrote a letter to the Academy saying that I wasn't fit.
She wanted me to meet her out in front of some department store.
She told me that if I slept with her, she could fix it.
We made out.
But I couldn't do it.
I like her husband.
He's a nice guy.
Which department store? Crazy Bob's on Lexington.
They sell electronics.
Mayberry's only been here two weeks.
And now he's going into the Police Academy.
Training alone takes a month.
He should've told you that.
He a good employee? I suppose.
A little Chatty Kathy about his girlfriend but he's usually here on time, and that's all I care about.
This girlfriend have a name? You ask me, the woman in the photographs doesn't even know he exists.
What do you mean? Thanks.
I'll show you.
Why no doors? They got something to hide they can leave it at home.
Here it is.
Go get that search warrant, Counselor.
The perps got photos of our victim, Veronica Tandy.
Hey, guys, what have we got so far? Well, aside from this guy's cop fixation, not much.
So let me guess, no trophies, no 8-inch serrated Rambo knife? No.
We just got here.
Well, I'll be damned.
Looks like Jason wears a condom every day.
No one said anything about a roommate.
Whose are these? Maybe a girlfriend, or he's a cross-dresser.
Monogram says they belong to a GM.
Look, dirty laundry including women's panties.
Where did you find those? On top of that cabinet right there.
Looks like a bunch of bloody hatpins with locations attached.
Make out a list and call them into Cragen.
Why? Because our suspect used these to practice.
Also, I need you to walk those panties through the lab.
I'm on it.
Rush the DNA.
Up to what level? Mitochondrial.
Been holding out on me.
No, I'm not.
You've been holding out on me, and I don't like it.
I don't like being played.
Now, I have treated you like a man.
I have respected you.
And you've been treating me like some bitch.
I would never do that.
You have and you still are.
Now women should be lied to.
They don't understand men.
They never will.
I know you've been lying to me.
And it's going to stop right now.
I want to go home.
"I want to go home.
" We found the pictures, you know that? What pictures? Sad desperate photos of Veronica Tandy that you had taped in your locker.
Now, you told everyone she was your girlfriend? She was my girlfriend.
I thought she harassed you tried to force you into her bed.
Now all of a sudden she's your girlfriend? Huh? You wouldn't know what to do with a woman if you paid her.
Now you're insulting me.
I don't have to take this from you.
You do.
You expect me to believe this beautiful woman chose you cheated on her husband, had a passion for you? What? What's the matter? I'm leaving.
Go ahead.
I can't stop you.
You walk out, you look guilty.
Everyone is gonna think that you did it.
And your big-time socialite mom.
Now what do you do think the press is gonna do with that? They're gonna hound you.
They're gonna follow you everywhere you go.
Now is that what you want? Go ahead.
I loved her.
Ronnie was gonna leave that pitiful excuse for a man to be with me.
But then she couldn't because she got pregnant.
That baby could be mine.
That baby is dead.
Mother's dead, baby's dead.
You killed them both.
You're just making this up because you have to blame someone.
It wasn't me.
You yoked her! You raped her! And when she pleaded for her life and that of her unborn child you stuck your knife into her back to make her shut up.
That's what really happened, Jason.
Just admit it.
No! I did not kill her! Yeah, you did.
It was someone else, not me.
I want a lawyer.
Jason, I'm willing to hear your side of the story.
But you bring a lawyer into the situation it's just gonna screw it all up.
They don't help it.
They just make it worse.
I'm going home.
You feel more comfortable there I'll finish up at your place.
That's fine.
I'll go with you.
Why can't you leave me alone? Huh? Jason, we're almost done.
Just answer my questions, tell me the truth and you can leave.
Excuse me.
Do I need to call the police? I'm already here.
And what do you want? Is that your blouse? Yes.
Yes, it is.
Have you searched Jason's apartment? Yes, ma'am.
Is he a suspect? Do you live with him? My son is a lot of things, but he's not a murderer.
Is he under arrest? No.
Why do you leave your clothing at his apartment? I told you.
Jason doesn't like it here.
So if I want to see him, I have to go into the city.
We have dinner, sometimes we go to the theater.
And after that it is too late for me to drive home so sometimes I spend the night.
All of which is none of your business.
It's an awfully small apartment for overnight guests, Mrs.
Where do you sleep? There was only a Murphy bed, and I didn't see a cot.
Why not a hotel? Well, why stay at all? It's not that long of a drive.
It's over an hour.
What the hell did you do to your son? I don't like your question, and I don't like your tone.
Please leave.
How many attacks? I've got six pins here with corresponding complainants at locations around the city.
I'll bet there may have been more that weren't reported.
He may have re-used the pins as he built the fantasy.
The murder was piqueristic, and I just didn't see it.
He derives excitement from stabbing women's flesh.
Six victims walking in a crowd, suddenly attacked from behind and stuck with hatpins in the buttocks and back.
And not one could ID her attacker.
It fits his profile.
What about Norfolk and Houston? You stuck a woman in the back with a pin missed her spine by an inch.
I want to go home.
You can't keep me here.
Don't you want to know how I know this? Aren't you curious? No.
We've been inside your apartment.
We found the hatpins.
Avenue A and Second Street I know you remember this blonde.
Broad daylight, you snuck up behind her, and you stuck her pretty good.
Jason how long has your mother been sleeping with you? What are you talking about? That's crazy.
Jason, listen to me.
She had no right to touch you like that.
She had no right to abuse you.
You're crazy.
You know that.
You're all You're all crazy.
Hey! Hey! Is that what happens to all you people here? The sex police.
Sex on the brain.
Well, my mother never touched me like that.
You were six years old and still sleeping with Mommy.
What'd she say to you, Jason? You have nightmares so you should sleep with her? Keep the monsters away? Can we stop? Can we stop now? And at 10 she'd let you sleep alone.
She'd come to you at night telling you, you were the man of the house.
Why don't you just shut the hell up? She initiated you into sexual experience in puberty.
Jason? You were scared because you knew it was wrong.
You were still a boy, Jason.
You were confused, disgusted abused.
Jason, it wasn't your fault.
Yes, it was.
I'm I'm a dirty little boy.
I can't keep my hands to myself.
You lying boy.
Don't look.
Don't touch.
Touch me.
Go away.
No, come here and hold me.
Baby, doesn't that feel so good? You're a good little boy.
What are the charges? Right now, murder and rape.
Was he Mirandized? Counselor, nobody here is stupid.
What have you done? Do you realize what this will do to me? What have you been saying about me? You lied through your teeth, didn't you? You always lie.
You're a filthy, lying bastard.
That's enough, Grace.
Keep your mouth shut.
I'll get you out of here in no time.
People versus Jason Thaddeus Mayberry.
One count, murder in the first degree.
One count, rape in the first degree.
Six counts of assault in the second.
How do you plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
Cabot? Remand, Your Honor.
The Mayberry's are an old, upstanding family in New Jersey.
My client is not a flight risk.
His mother, Grace Mayberry, will produce him for trial.
Because of his trust, as well as his mother's wealth he has means and opportunity to flee.
The defendant is charged with heinous crimes.
The murder victim was 7 weeks pregnant Objection! That was a nice try, Counselor.
Don't do it again.
My apologies.
Bail is set at $1 million.
Post or enjoy my hospitality.
No deal.
I'm not looking for one.
My client isn't guilty.
Your client belongs in a pine box but I will settle for an 8-by-10 cell where he can rot until he dies.
Don't get ahead of yourself, Ms.
I have got his un-coerced and legal confession.
I have got bloody hatpins from his piqueristic attacks.
I've got a homicide victim who was known to the defendant and his motive for killing.
I don't know if that's overconfidence or hubris.
That was so much fun, I thought we'd do it again.
See you in court.
The hatpins weren't in the scope of the search warrant.
They were in plain view, Your Honor.
The box was kept on a high cabinet.
Or will the People try to tell me that someone in the search team was 7 feet tall? They were looking for a knife.
And instead they found bloody hatpins used in piquerist attacks.
Six victims, six hatpins, all labeled with corresponding locations.
If the police search for a gun and find a bloody knife with hair I'm certainly not going to throw it out.
Hatpins remain in evidence.
Next item.
Constitutional violation.
My client asked for a lawyer and was denied access.
The defendant was not under arrest at the time.
There was no custodial issue.
I submit he was in custody from the moment he was asked to accompany the officers to their precinct.
The suspect was free to go at any time prior to the discovery of evidence in his apartment.
Come on, Counselor.
The police are notorious for their intimidation tactics.
He asked for a lawyer.
He didn't get one.
Did the suspect ask for counsel, Ms.
Cabot? Yes.
But then he wanted to continue without one.
Did he want to continue, or was he threatened? Your Honor, I take Sorry, Counselor.
Although I'd like to agree with you concerning custody I'm on a slippery slope, and I'd rather err on the side of caution.
The confession is out.
He wasn't under arrest.
I specifically cautioned you about the custodial issue.
No, you said that he was to be free to go at any time.
My detective persuaded him otherwise.
He did a hell of a job getting that confession.
Whose side you on? Mine.
You know the trial closure rate for sex crimes cases is four percent.
Four percent.
There are a lot of factors responsible for that but I never I did my job, Counselor.
Don't blame me if you didn't do yours.
I stayed in that room and pushed him to the edge.
You lost him on a technicality.
All right.
That's enough, both of you.
Do we know where he is? He's in New Jersey with his mother.
I notified the locals.
They said they'd do their best.
That's reassuring.
So what do we do to catch this hump before he strikes again? Can you reconstruct his movements after the attacks? Well, what are we looking for? I think he went home to his mother after each attack.
He felt compelled to go to the source.
Mother created a loving husband in her baby son.
It all starts and ends with her.
You think the murder weapon's there? It's a possibility.
It's gotta be somewhere.
He didn't just throw it away.
Well, we can't go on a digging expedition based on possibility.
He suffers from piquerism, Counselor.
That knife represents his penis.
It is not disposable.
I've shown you all my cards, Malcolm.
What's it going to be? No judge is going to sign a warrant based on what you've got, Alex.
Credit card receipts from area stores and witness statements which put him in his mother's house after each attack.
What more could you possibly need? That isn't enough to prove that he stashed a murder weapon in his mother's home.
What has to happen before you get off your collective asses and do your jobs? Look, I know you're upset, Detective, but the law doesn't allow Just tell me what you need? You need a New Jersey victim to do something? He admitted to everything.
Detective! We got his confession on tape.
We just couldn't hold him.
You don't make a lot of friends, do you? Yeah, well Look Grace Mayberry created the man who did this.
By warping his mind she destroyed his female victims as if she'd wielded the knife herself.
We got one long shot.
Judge Chandler's a real friend of the fraternal order.
He might let us squeak by.
Hello? Mrs.
Mayberry? I told her I'm not a little boy anymore.

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