Law & Order Special Victims Unit s07e15 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Oh, god, please, please.
Oh, no.
No, no, no! Please, don't! Police, don't move! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! It's a movie! Keep rolling, this is great.
Push in on the fat one.
Turn that thing off.
Cut! We're making a student film.
Rosemary's bridesmaid.
She's a hell of a screamer, isn't she? - Who called 911? - I don't know.
You? / Not me.
Dispatch must have screwed up.
Gotta be 15-D, not 15-B.
Police! This is 3-William-56 to dispatch.
Requesting a bus to 403 west 45th.
And notify SVU.
CSU found wedding invitations in our victim's closet.
"Vicky Emily Riggs and Alan Anthony Winchell" "request the honor of your presence at their marriage.
" - When? - Next month.
I don't think this guy was invited.
"Don't marry him.
" "You belong with me.
" - "Marriage is the end of love.
" - Signed? No.
There are about a dozen of them over there.
Unopened, no postmark.
Must have been hand-delivered.
Stalker, maybe an ex-boyfriend who didn't want to see her married? No sign of forced entry.
He either had a key, or she let him in.
She has a tan line on her left ring finger.
He took her engagement ring.
One last "screw you" to the groom.
Kit tested positive for fluids.
From bruising on her neck, he choked her to death, maybe during the rape.
What about this blow to the head? My guess, she struggled during the attack.
Smashed her head against the head board.
Dispatch said that the 911 call came from this phone.
Any prints? Not even the victim's.
Killer wiped it clean.
So he rapes her, he chokes her, maybe he doesn't mean to kill her.
- He feels bad, calls 911.
- He didn't feel that bad.
He took her engagement ring off the body.
If he couldn't have her, no one could.
Vicky Riggs, 29, attorney at Jackson and Walsh.
Security guard saw her leave work at 7.
Neighbors heard nothing except the noise from the student film.
Well, since it wasn't a break-in, who had keys to Vicky's apartment? According to her fiance, Alan Winchell, just the victim, her, and the landlord.
Landlord was in Phoenix.
Winchell says that he was at work.
- We believe him? - We'll see.
Just make sure you get him talking.
Morales will monitor the interview and compare his voice to the 911 caller.
You have enough original audio to make a voice print match? His 911 call is only 25 words.
We usually need at least 40.
But I'll give it a shot.
This is the 911 call.
Police operator 604.
Where is your emergency? Oh, god.
You gotta help her.
I don't know what happened.
Vicky! Vicky! Can you hear me? She's not, she's not breathing.
I think she's dead.
Perp knows her.
Calls her by her first name.
Fiance's looking pretty good for it.
If you can, try to get him to use the same words the 911 caller did.
Did Vicky have any problems with anyone? No.
Anybody ever threaten to hurt her? No.
What about work? Any disgruntled clients? I mean, she defended the scum of the earth.
She thought she was saving the world, one crackhead hooker at a time.
I thought Jackson & Walsh was a corporate law firm.
They do a lot of pro bono work.
I mean, Vicky got too close to those losers, and I told her to be careful.
She said I was being overprotective.
What was I supposed to say when she brought a junkie home for dinner? Did she mention inviting one of her clients over last night? No.
But sometimes, they'd just drop by.
Where were you last night? At my office.
I'm an architect.
I was working on a presentation until late.
- How late? - Maybe midnight.
I'm telling you, I didn't hurt Vicky.
What about her family? Her mom's in Tulsa.
Oh, god.
How am I gonna tell her she's dead? Oh, god, she's dead.
Oh, god.
She's dead.
Is Winchell our guy? The vocal pattern is distinctly different.
It's not him.
You know, those film students were shooting around Vicky's building last night.
Maybe they caught the killer on tape.
I'll send Munch to pick up the footage.
Talk to Vicky's boss.
Find o ut if she's been wining and dining any crackheads lately.
Law Offices of Jackson and Walsh 155 West 54th Street Thursday, January 19 You defend enough criminals, you learn who barks and who bites.
Vicky would only let in someone she trusted.
Well, Vicky's fiance said he was worried about some of her clients.
Alan didn't like Vicky working with the huddled masses.
But she loved it.
And you didn't mind her burning up billable hours with charity cases? Being paralyzed, I guess, makes me a sucker for hard luck stories.
Was she working on any case in particular that would have gotten her in trouble? She was handling a labor law case.
Organizing a union at the 4-play club in Times square.
- Strippers there are going on strike? - They threatened to.
The Rimaldi family doesn't want to pay for their health insurance or pension.
Yeah, but if you cross the mob, you wind up in the landfill.
She was found raped and murdered in her bed.
All I can tell you is I did warn Vicky about the Rimaldis.
I told her we had to be careful.
You take money out of their pockets, you're playing with fire.
Do I look like a killer to you? You look like a man who exploits women for a living, Mr.
Joyce is about to bleed that guy for every dollar in his wallet.
Who's exploiting who? And you fleece the both of them.
What's your take on that, 70%? Union in here, that'd cut into your family's profits.
That's why I made a deal with Vicky, okay? I give them insurance.
I take 80%.
And I gave her a job.
She already has a job.
What would she want to work with you for? She wanted to dance.
Great rack.
Who was I to say no? Vicky danced here? Yeah.
/ Naked? - She kept her shoes on.
- Come on.
Three nights a week up there with miss Josie.
Should have seen the sack.
By the grand finale, guys were throwing 50s, 100s on the stage.
She didn't do it for the cash.
She liked dancing.
Having every guy in a room wrapped around your finger.
It's a power trip.
She tell her fiance about what she was doing? I didn't ask, she didn't tell.
All I know she could not wait to get married.
Vicky ever have a problem with any of her customers getting too close? There was one guy, Tim.
She called him the Wiener man.
He liked to grab his package while she danced.
I think he followed her home from work a couple of times.
Where can we find this Tim? Weiner world.
Sells hot dogs.
Hey, Tim, heard you got a great Wiener.
The best in town.
Well, the girls at the 4-play say your dog's no big thang.
- What's this about? - Vicky Riggs.
We hear you're her number one fan.
She's my girlfriend.
We're getting married.
Really? Tonight's the night.
I'm gonna propose.
Nice rock.
Mind if I take a look? Vicky and Alan forever.
Where's that leave you, Tim? - I can explain.
- We can't wait to hear it.
She was beautiful.
Alan wasn't right for Vicky.
He didn't appreciate how special she was.
Is that why you wrote these threatening letters to her? I wasn't threatening her.
I was warning her.
She wouldn't have been happy.
What, are you a therapist now, Wiener man? Vicky didn't love Alan.
She wasn't gonna marry him.
She tell you that between lap dances? - After work.
- When you followed her home.
I was making sure she was safe.
- You were stalking her.
- I was protecting her.
The only protection she needed was from guys like you.
There are bad people out there.
She had no idea what some men are capable of.
What are you capable of, Tim? Stalking, murder, rape.
What are you talking about? We're talking about you raping and choking Vicky Riggs to death.
I would never hurt Vicky.
I loved her! You loved her so much, you killed her, and you stole this off her corpse? - I got that from the trash! - Trash.
She threw it out.
Behind the club, after that jerk Alan dumped her.
Tietjen & Otten Architecture We were calling off the wedding.
Why? Last week, the guys took me out for a bachelor party.
And we hit every strip club in town.
Including the 4-play.
We walked in and there was Vicky grinding on some guy.
Some of the guys thought it was hot.
I just went outside and puked.
I called her later and told her we were finished.
Why did you lie to us? I didn't want her face all over the tabloids.
"Lawyer by day, stripper by night.
" I wouldn't want my fiance stripping for money.
I'd kill him.
I didn't hurt her.
I told you I was here.
Alan Winchell's alibi checks out.
He was at the office.
No Time to slip out and kill Vicky.
And his voice didn't match the 911 caller.
Weiner man isn't our mystery caller.
Morales just finished the voice analysis.
No match.
I might have a match for you.
Our student Scorsese was filming exteriors outside Vicky's apartment.
Caught her in the background with this guy.
Student's gonna give us the footage for free in exchange for a blurb from a real-life NYPD captain.
"I catch killers for a living," "but even I wasn't prepared for the horror of Rosemary's bridesmaid.
" - I gotta say this? - I've seen it.
Believe me, nothing could prepare you for this piece of schlock.
I asked TARU to blow up some stills from the movie.
Check it out.
There's Vicky going into the building with our guy.
Camera log says this happened about 8:15.
- That's an hour before Vicky died.
- Not even inside yet, and it looks like he's about to make a DNA deposit.
Maybe she met him at the club, brought him home.
This is no ordinary pickup.
Our boy's got a key.
We're not looking for a rapist.
We're looking for her lover.
I may have a way to ID Vicky's mystery lover.
I called in a favor from the state police.
They have access to every driver's license issued in New York.
So if the guy in your picture has one, we'll find him.
We're gonna look through Not us, computers.
First, we magnify the photo.
Then we compare it to an image in the DMV database.
Like Elliot's.
- Nice picture.
- Let's see yours.
Facial recognition software does the rest.
You're not our perp.
We continue the process until the computers find our guy.
I set the search parameters to male, white, age 30 to 50.
How accurate is this software? Depends on the quality of the photo.
The higher-res the image, the more likely we'll get a match.
Homeland security wants to use this for a national ID system.
We got something.
Linus McKellen.
- How do I know that name? - Tessa McKellen.
Vicky's boss.
McKellen Residence Mount Pleasant, New Jersey Friday, January 20 I'm her husband.
Tessa's in the living room.
I was just about to give her her insulin.
If you, uh, if you wait here, she'll be right out.
We're here to talk to you.
About Vicky Riggs.
Tessa told me what happened.
- So how can I help? - Well, how well did you know her? She took over a lot of Tessa's cases after my wife's accident three years ago.
- Have you seen Vicky recently? - Linus.
Excuse me.
Detectives, please, come in.
Do you have news about Vicky? We need to ask your husband a few questions about her.
Nice sculpture.
That's my father.
Amazing, huh? He had an incredible eye for art.
I inherited his collection along with his house.
McKellen, we need to speak to your husband in private.
As his attorney, I'm afraid I can't let you.
Ready for my daily torture.
- Mr.
McKellen, are you a doctor? - No, I just take care of Tessa.
This photo was taken 8:15 Wednesday night, an hour before Vicky was murdered.
I ran into Vicky in Times square.
Walked her home.
He told me about it when he got back.
Why didn't you tell us? I didn't think it was relevant.
Your husband ran into a homicide victim the night of her murder, but you didn't think it was relevant? Maybe you need a new attorney.
Linus had nothing to do with Vicky's death.
McKellen, where were you at 9:15 on Wednesday night? I was stuck in traffic.
That's the downside to living in mount pleasant.
- I didn't get home till after 10.
- You stop anywhere on the way home? Bite to eat, go to the bathroom? Anything like that? / No.
I don't appreciate this line of questioning.
You should leave now.
McKellen, this coat here.
Is that the same one that's in the photo here? Yes.
/ How'd you get blood on the sleeve? I had a nose bleed last night.
It's mine.
We're gonna need a DNA sample from both of you.
Then you better get a court order.
- We will.
Come with us, please.
- Are you arresting him? No, we just need to interview your husband officially down at the station.
- Then I'm coming with you.
- No.
No, you stay here and rest.
You've got nothing to worry about.
Vicky! Vicky! Can you hear me? She's not, she's not breathing.
I think she's dead.
Looks like we have a winner.
Only the lab will say for sure.
Linus, what do you think will convict you? Your sperm inside the victim, her blood on your coat or your voice here on the tape? - Why don't we listen to it again? - No, don't.
It's me.
I called 911 when I found Vicky's body.
We were having an affair.
I haven't been able to have sex with my wife since her accident.
Vicky was smart, pretty.
It just happened.
- And you fell in love with her.
- No.
No, I love my wife.
It was a fling.
That's all.
Vicky feel the same way? She wanted me to leave Tessa.
- I couldn't.
- Why not? My wife's paralysis is my fault.
I was driving.
We hit black ice.
I walked away.
So you stay out of guilt and screw around on the side.
Did Vicky threaten to tell Tessa? That why you killed her? No.
We had sex.
I left.
On my way to the car, I realized that I'd forgotten my watch.
I went back to get it.
That's when I found Vicky's body.
Well, if you didn't kill her, why didn't you stay? I didn't want Tessa to find out.
She's sick.
It would have destroyed her.
Do you really expect us to believe that in the five minutes that you went out of that apartment, somebody else slipped in and murdered Vicky? / Yes.
Look, if Vicky's death was an accident, maybe it wasn't even your fault.
We can help you out.
Test my DNA.
Test the damn coat.
But I swear to god, I didn't kill Vicky.
There's no way anyone else could have done this.
We got him dead to rights.
The film students were shooting in the lobby between 8 and 9:30.
Six people came and went, all excluded, except for Linus.
And they got a shot of him leaving at 9:12.
Right around the time of Vicky's death.
He'll plead out.
No, he won't.
I'll get the case thrown out.
- On what grounds? - Violation of due process.
I read the case report.
Police had no right to dig through my client's DMV records.
Chambers of Judge Petrovsky Friday, January 20 The police use DMV records all the time.
There's no privacy issue.
It's not about privacy, your honor.
It's about technology.
The police didn't search the DMV records.
A computer program did.
Well, the police use computer-assisted searches all the time.
That's how they make fingerprint matches.
According to the Frye standard, a scientific technique cannot be used unless it has been tested and found reliable within scientific communities.
This facial recognition software fails to meet those standards.
This software is used by government agencies across the country.
It's unreliable.
CNN showed how this software couldn't match up a correspondent's photo with his driver's license.
Are you aware of this, Ms.
Novak? The technology is new, but that doesn't mean it's unreliable.
In our case, it identified the right person who then confessed to being at the scene on the night of the murder.
And admission made after the police broke evidentiary procedure by using technology unapproved by the court.
The detectives were acting in good faith.
The detectives identified my client unlawfully.
Which makes any evidence stemming from that ID inadmissible.
I have to agree.
The ID is out.
So is everything that came after it, including Mr.
McKellen's arrest.
Linus' affair with Vicky, the DNA samples, the blood on his coat, it's all thrown out.
For what it's worth, the blood on Linus' coat wasn't Vicky's, it was Tessa's.
I guess her nosebleed story panned out.
All we need is one piece of evidence that leads us back to Linus.
Then everything we know goes back in.
We have Vicky's phone records.
If she called Linus, we can re-interview him.
Vicky didn't.
The only phone calls that she made were to Tessa McKellen at three different phone numbers.
One work, two cellulars.
Why does somebody need two cell phones? Well, Tessa's name could be on both phones but Linus is using one of them.
Yeah, and I bet I know which one.
This cell phone made dozens of calls to Vicky Riggs in the middle of the night.
Guess who else he called? Josie Post.
It's Vicky's stripper friend from the 4-play.
Apartment of Josie Post 327 East Josie, it's detectives Benson and Stabler.
She's dead.
Whatever she knew, Linus didn't want her to tell.
Looks like there's fluids on her skirt.
This is one sick son of a bitch.
He just can't help himself.
But how did he get in and out with the chain still on the door? Only way in is through those windows.
No fire escape.
And we're eight stories up.
The only person who could have gotten in here is Spider-man.
No window washing equipment.
Elliot, check this out.
Same boot print as the one you found in Josie Post's apartment.
Vicky Riggs didn't open the door for her killer, he came in through the window.
So Spider-man either climbed up He repelled.
Your perp tied his tether to this pipe.
See the friction marks? He lowered himself down.
We found the same marks on a chimney stack on the roof of Josie's building.
How'd he get up here in the first place? Super said the door to the roof is always locked.
He didn't come through this building.
He used that cable to cross over.
What, are you serious? Hand over hand? Was Linus McKellen ever in a circus? Either that or someone's setting him up.
I have no idea who would wanna frame me.
Do you have any enemies? People threatening you? No.
I spend all my time at home with Tessa.
These murders have nothing to do with me.
- You slept with both victims.
- I never slept with Josie Post.
We found your semen inside her.
That's impossible.
Hey, we don't care if you're screwing half the strippers in the city.
- But you gotta stop lying to us.
- I'm not.
I told you I slept with Vicky.
- I never met Josie Post.
- You called her dozens of Times.
Well, me and Vicky used her place sometimes.
I called Josie to set it up.
Right, but you never met her.
So how'd your DNA wind up inside her? Whoever's setting me up put it there.
Well, how did they get your sperm? I mean, you just leave it lying around? I wish I knew.
Then I could prove I was telling the truth.
I believe Linus.
I don't think he slept with Josie.
A man's DNA doesn't just pop up inside a woman without his participation.
He's talked to us twice without a lawyer.
He's not hiding anything.
Linus is basically a nursemaid.
He stays home with Tessa.
Now, why would that piss somebody off so much that they'd wanna try to send him to prison? Maybe the killer's trying to hurt Tessa.
If Linus goes away, she's the one that suffers.
She's completely dependent on him.
Wouldn't be the first Time somebody tried to get revenge against a lawyer by hurting their family.
Mercy General Hospital Tessa McKellen's Room Monday, January 23 Come in, detectives.
Linus told me you'd be stopping by.
You feel up to talking? I've got pneumonia.
The diabetes and the paralysis makes my body more susceptible to infection.
Must be rough.
Linus takes good care of me.
Your firm deals with a lot of high profile cases.
Could one of your clients be trying to frame your husband to hurt you? I'm not a criminal attorney.
I don't handle killers and rapists.
You handle multimillion-dollar lawsuits.
That kind of money can turn people ugly.
And even the ugliest deserves attorney-client privilege.
I can't hand you a list and go let you interrogate my clients.
I promise you we'll be discreet.
I'll be disbarred if I violate privilege, detective.
You do know whoever killed these women could've sent your husband away for life.
I know.
But I'm still bound by my professional code of ethics.
We copied every public record we could find.
Every case that Tessa McKellen handled in the past five years.
That's it? Well, she only does three cases a year because of her medical condition.
She still makes a partner's salary? She's living the high life on daddy's money.
The court clerk said that her father founded the firm and left her his half when he died last year.
Tessa won ten million bucks on a copyright case last year.
Check this one out.
Silverhammer protection vs.
United states.
She sued the department of defense for a $100 million.
/ Over what? Looks like the renegade on a handshake agreement with a private military corporation.
The court threw out the suit.
Silverhammer lost.
$100 million is a lot of money to lose over a bunch of rent-a-cops.
PMCs aren't rent-a-cops or security guards.
- It's a billion dollar a year industry.
- What do PMCs do? Profit from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Don't get him started on Dick Cheney again.
Here it is, Silverhammer protection.
Run by Jeffrey Sobchak, ex-delta force commander.
Professional mercenaries and bodyguards for hire.
And Tessa lost them that big fat contract.
I bet one of these Silverhammer guys is our Spider-man.
Silverhammer Training Base Field Tent Monday, January 23 Look, I know people think we're just guns for hire.
But Silverhammer's employees are not mercenaries.
We're private citizens with specialized training who subcontract to our armed forces.
You jump into ugly situations for a heap of cash.
We do what we're asked to.
The state department allocates a billion dollars a year to private military corporations.
You must have been pretty upset when you lost your government contract.
Well, there's always trouble somewhere.
A Liberia or a Sierra leone in need of our services.
And we're always looking for a few good men.
And women.
How many good men did you have to fire when Tessa McKellen lost you $100 million? About 50.
Damn shame.
Yeah? We'll need their names.
I'll need a court order first.
But I'll tell you, if our DA has to get a court order, she's gonna want to open a whole grand jury investigation in your operation.
But I'm sure you have valid documentation for all your weapons, right? We do thorough background checks.
Psych screenings.
We don't hire nut-jobs.
What about the wash-outs? I hire the best of the best.
All my men are rock stars.
Yeah? Well, this rock star has a criminal record.
Walter Inman.
Domestic violence, assault, burglary.
He had a beef with some girl he was banging.
Infiltration specialist.
With an expert rating in mountaineering.
Walter Inman! Yeah? Police, we need to ask you a few questions.
Inman? He's running.
Liv, radio down! Fin, he went out the window.
He's coming down now.
That's far enough, spidey! Walter Inman, you are under arrest for the murder of Vicky Riggs.
Hey! Freeze! Hands up! Hands up! Up! All right, let's try that again! Walter Inman, you are under arrest for the murder of Vicky Riggs and Josie Post.
And for assaulting one of New York's finest finest.
Found these boots in your closet.
The soles are a perfect match to the boot prints at both crime scenes.
It's a popular shoe.
You're a pretty smart guy, Walter.
You really had us stumped, but you made one mistake.
You left the chain latched on Josie Post's front door.
That's how we knew Linus McKellen didn't kill her.
And that's what led us to your big messy boot prints.
Now where did you get Linus' semen? Did you two have little 'don't ask don't tell' thing going? Walter, why'd you do it? I don't know what you're talking about.
But if you get any closer I'll jam my knee in your balls so hard, you'll have to spit them out.
You didn't think you could pull a confession out of Inman, did you? I don't get it.
Jerk wants revenge against Tessa.
So he kills Vicky and Josie? Why not just murder Tessa? Because he wanted her to suffer.
That's why he framed her husband.
The thing that I don't understand, is how Inman got Linus' DNA inside Josie Post.
Maybe he was shadowing Linus, saw he was having an affair with Vicky and stole a used condom.
That sets him up for 50-to-life.
I miss the days when revenge just meant shooting someone.
And I miss the days when I never had to say "I ran more DNA tests on that semen.
" - Sample from Josie Post? - Yep.
I found amylase mixed in with Linus McKellen's sperm.
- Amylase, that's in saliva, isn't it? - It's an enzyme.
It didn't match Linus' DNA or Josie's.
So I ran it against the DNA sample from his coat.
Tessa's blood from her nosebleed.
It's Tessa's saliva mixed in with Linus' DNA.
She performed oral sex on her husband and saved the sperm? Then she gave it to Walter Inman to plant in Josie Post.
Inman wasn't trying to get back at Tessa.
She hired him to frame her husband.
What possible reason would I have to frame my husband? Revenge.
Your husband cheated on you, and you wanted him to pay.
I didn't know Linus was having an affair until you told me.
All those calls between Linus and Vicky.
You were never suspicious? Look, even if my client had an inkling, your theory that she hired a professional assassin to kill her husband's mistress and then to frame him is ridiculous.
Not as ridiculous as her behavior.
You performed oral sex on your husband to get his DNA.
It's the only way he and I have to be intimate.
My client and her husband engaged in sexual activity.
So her saliva was on him.
So when Linus had sex with Josie Post, Tessa's DNA went along for the ride.
There's one problem with that theory.
Linus didn't have sex with Josie.
- Well, so he says.
- Why would he lie? He already admitted to one affair.
Why deny another? Even if he had ten affairs, I would never hurt Linus.
- I love him.
- And you didn't want him to leave.
You'd rather see your husband behind bars than with another woman.
I need him.
- I couldn't survive without him.
- That's enough, we're leaving.
Unless you have enough evidence to arrest Tessa? No, I didn't think so.
I need Walter Inman to flip on Tessa.
He won't talk without a deal.
Well, I'd hate to give him one.
He planned and executed the murders of two innocent women.
And got paid big bucks to do it.
His daughter Phoebe is a freshman at Columbia.
He paid her tuition in cash.
So he's using blood money to put his kid through college.
Where's he keeping the money? College said it was wired from an account in Grand Cayman.
Rikers Island Monday, January 23 Ever heard of the son of Sam law, Walter? You're not allowed to profit from illegal activities.
I haven't done anything illegal.
You can try and prove that at trial, but until you do, all of your accounts have been frozen.
Including the one in Grand Cayman.
How will Phoebe pay for school? If I confess will you leave my money alone? You testify against Tessa McKellen, and I'll allow you to transfer enough money to your daughter to pay for her education.
No deal.
Okay, fine.
I'll tell Phoebe to pack her bags.
Guard! / I'll tell you what you need.
I'm listening.
Tessa came to me after Silverhammer fired me.
She thought her husband was cheating on her, so she hired me to trail him.
I followed him to two stripper's apartments.
Vicky and Josie.
I told Tessa he was banging both of them.
You were wrong, he wasn't sleeping with Josie.
So you killed a girl for no reason at all.
You do any other jobs for Tessa? No hits.
A little B&E.
What did you steal? Some stuff from a lab.
What stuff? Viruses.
Strepto-pneumo something was one.
Why did she want that? I thought she was gonna whack her husband, but she used it on herself.
I saw her inject that crap right into her arm.
- Can you prove this? - Yeah.
She gave me a shopping list of all the stuff she needed from the lab.
In her own handwriting.
Give me the list and you've got a deal.
Hey, put that down.
What are you doing? I need my insulin.
- With a meningitis chaser? - Leave her alone.
Linus, they're taking my insulin.
Your wife has been making herself sick.
Injecting herself with all kinds of germs.
That is disgusting.
Well, Inman gave you up.
You're under arrest.
- What are you saying? - She hired a hit man to frame you.
Linus, help me.
I, I, I, I'm gonna faint.
Arrest me, it's my fault.
I paralyzed my wife.
I had an affair, I made her sick.
She wasn't too sick to plan two murders.
I need my insulin, please.
Oh, you'll get that at central booking.
From everything that you're telling me, it seems to me that Tessa has a factitious disorder.
Munchausen's syndrome.
She's making herself sick to get attention? She was in a nearly fatal car accident and she does have diabetes.
The syringe that Olivia and Elliot took from her contained insulin.
But my guess is that she just became addicted to all the attention she gets being sick.
Well, it's one thing to play sick to get attention, and another to inject yourself with streptococcus bacteria.
- I mean, she could have died.
- People with Munchausen's often do.
I once had a patient who used a catheter to pump egg whites into her kidneys to cause renal failure.
She was about to be on the transplant list when we caught her.
But Tessa knows the difference between right and wrong.
That's true.
She hired that hit man, and she planned those murders to punish her husband for cheating on her.
Once he was in prison, he'd never leave her for another woman.
A jury's never gonna let her get away with murder.
Oh, a jury's never gonna hear this case.
- You come to plead her out? - No, no.
I came to give you this.
Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.
Your client knew exactly what she was doing.
My client is a very sick woman.
And I think after your doctor examines her, he will agree that she is not competent to stand trial.
How many times have you been hospitalized? Too many to count.
And what have you been admitted for? This year? Pneumonia.
Uh, pyelonephritis.
And, um meningitis.
You look pretty healthy for someone who's been so sick.
/ Thank you.
The paralysis weakens my immune system.
Makes the body more susceptible to bacterial infections.
Really? You know, some doctors might think that you have Munchausen's.
You know what that is? I'm not making myself sick.
Who would ever wanna endure what I've had to go through? Good question.
You're beautiful, you're rich.
You have a great career.
I think that you crave attention so much that you made your husband into your servant.
My husband loves me.
Your husband had an affair.
Vicky seduced him.
That's why you hired Inman to kill her.
I haven't seen Inman since the Silverhammer trial.
He says that you gave him a list of bacterial cultures - that you wanted him to steal.
- He is a liar.
The list is in your handwriting.
He was in special OPs.
He has access to the best forgers in the world.
So you're saying that Inman's persecuting you? He hates me.
I lost the case and now he's taking it out on me and my husband.
If I wasn't stuck in this chair, I would kill him myself.
Competency Hearing Part 46 Wednesday, January 25 Nothing in my exam of Tessa McKellen suggests that she's incompetent to stand trial.
She has no cognitive impairment.
She's responsive to questions.
And she clearly understands the serious nature of the charges against her.
But in your report, you made a diagnosis of a factitious disorder, Munchausen's.
Doesn't that mean that she's mentally ill? That means that she has a psychiatric disorder.
But that has no bearing on her incompetence.
Her Munchausen's doesn't impede her ability to assist in her own trial.
But wouldn't the Munchausen's diagnosis itself make a good defense? Tessa denies that she has Munchausen's.
She maintains that all her illnesses were caused by a weakened immune system.
In other words, she can't admit, even to herself, - that she's made herself sick.
- That's right.
Despite overwhelming evidence that all her diseases have been self-induced.
Tessa's too invested in assuming the sick role.
She won't give up the attention she gets.
So you're saying that Tessa has a valid diagnosis of Munchausen's.
Which would make a valid defense.
But she refuses to use that defense.
How can you say that she's competent to stand trial? What I'm saying is Get a medic! Emergency in part 46.
The seizure was self-induced.
Tessa McKellen intentionally OD'd on insulin.
Proving my point.
She is not fit to stand trial.
Your honor, she is manipulating the court.
She's faking illness to get sympathy and dodge a life sentence.
My client is sick, your honor.
She cannot stop.
Whenever she's under stress, she will make herself ill.
Well, then, gee, why don't we let her off before she injects herself with hiv? Nobody is talking about letting her off.
But I'm concerned about another incident like today.
I don't think Mrs.
McKellen is fit to stand trial at the moment.
She needs psychiatric treatment.
We agree, your honor.
And we ask that because of the rarity of this condition and her paralysis, that she be given treatment in a private hospital, which, of course, my client will pay for.
That sounds reasonable.
And when she gets out, who's she gonna kill next? That's enough, counselor.
My client will surrender in the morning, your honor.
Her bail is continued and your request is granted.
Your honor, don't fall for this.
Don't question the ruling of this court, Ms.
If and when the defendant is well enough to stand trial, she will.
Until then, she will receive the treatment she needs.
I have a bulletproof case against Tessa, but I can't put her on trial so long as she's hanging out at some cushy private mental hospital.
At least she'll be in some locked ward where she won't hurt herself or anybody else.
Yeah, but she belongs in prison with her hit man buddy Inman.
Is there any way to change Petrovsky's mind? Show her that Tessa's a manipulative calculating bitch who planned this defense meticulously.
Just like the murders.
Maybe it's not the judge we have to convince.
Tessa is sick.
She didn't know what she was doing.
She's getting away with two murders.
The court said she's not responsible.
Your wife is using her illness to manipulate you.
To make you think that she's a victim.
She is a victim.
You have no idea what it's like for her.
Her neurologists say she's in constant pain.
Do they also say that excuses her behavior? I don't know, I haven't talked to them in a couple years.
Well, why not? You do everything else for her.
- Why haven't you talked to them? - Tessa doesn't like me to go with her.
She says it reminds her of the accident.
So you have no idea whether she's gotten better.
She says she hasn't.
If you haven't talked to the doctors, how do you know that's true? Linus, what are they doing here? Linus? Linus, what are you doing? Look, it's a miracle.
She can swim.
And she can walk, too.
Let me explain.
Don't! All those years, I took care of you.
I did everything for you because I loved you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
But I'm sick.
I need your help.
You are sick.
You're on your own.
No, don't leave me.
Don't leave me! No.
What's gonna happen to me now? Who's gonna take care of me? The warden will.
You'll never be alone in prison.

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