Law & Order Special Victims Unit s14e03 Episode Script

Twenty-Five Acts

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
over fourth of July.
They cut back on the stop-and-searches, people start carrying.
Well, I'm sure it has nothing to do with 20 days in a row over 90 degrees.
Okay, folks, listen up.
Looks like we're stuck together a little longer.
What? The captain was cleared a month ago.
Of criminal charges.
declared him fit for duty.
the puzzle palace.
But they did say that he was coming back.
Far as I know.
Meantime, I've been thinking some things over.
I'd like to move some pieces around on the board.
You can move me back to France.
Actually, I'm just teaming you up back up - with your old partner.
- Really? - Captain, Fin and I have been kind of-- Getting to that.
I'd like to pair you up with Benson.
I sense you'll work well together.
Sound good? Mazel tov.
You got two couples on the floor.
What about Serpico's dance card? Swing man.
Sometimes on his own, depending on the call.
That all right with you, Nick? It's all good.
Okay then.
Nick just so you know, I didn't ask Harris to make that switch.
I know you didn't.
I did.
You did? Liv it's no big deal.
One thing about you you need to have a partner you can trust.
- There is no there there.
- I trust him more than some guy who claims he was born in Hawaii, grew up in Indonesia, went to a Madrasah-- Ooh, a Madrasah.
Well, that's scary.
That's not like an offshore tax haven, is it? Punching out, boss.
You an Adam Cain fan? No, it's just white noise for the paperwork.
So how'd my new lineup go over today? Like a lead balloon.
They'll adjust.
Heavy lies the crown.
Take the rest of the night off.
That's right.
That's raising Cain.
That's right.
And you know what? I'd like to raise a little Cain with you.
Lisa, thanks for your usual compassionate, antebellum analysis.
Folks, four more months of this torture until the election.
And speaking of torture, is your local sex shop sold out of whips and handcuffs? Well, you can blame it on our next guest.
Her runaway bestseller Twenty-Five Acts follows a woman's journey into a world of domination, and it's revolutionizing women's attitudes toward sex.
I'm just glad they want it all.
Now her book makes Fifty Shades look like a Disney story.
She is hot, rich, kinky.
I think I'm in love.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jocelyn Paley.
I don't know if I should kiss you or spank you.
Who says you can't do both? Please.
You did great.
The audience loved you.
Only because I had a good partner.
So Adam what's your fantasy? Act two.
I say when you can touch me.
- Well, I'm sorry, sir.
- Turn around.
Get on the bed.
No, no, on all fours.
You need to be punished.
Ah! That really hurt.
S-stop it-- Sto-- Stop! You don't tell me what to do.
Sue Raffler.
You know, Jocelyn's book tour escort.
You called 911.
I went to her hotel to take her to a radio show.
She was crying--there was blood on her nightgown.
Okay, did she tell you what happened? She keeps saying nothing happened, but she has bruises and a mark on her neck.
Okay, and when's the last time you saw her - before all of that? - She had a taping yesterday.
- Adam Cain.
- The talk show host.
He asked her out after.
She was sky high.
Today not a word.
What's that sound like to you? I wasn't raped.
I didn't ask her to call the police.
Okay, but there's paperwork.
Can you just confirm that you were on a date with Mr.
Cain? Just for drinks, then his place.
That bruise on your neck.
That from him? He got a little handsy.
Because it really looks more like a belt did it.
Did you ask him to do that to you? No, but I think he thought it was part of the sex.
So you did have sex.
He--he put it inside me, but not where I was used to.
Did you tell him to stop? I tried.
He pulled the belt so tight, I couldn't talk.
I-I had been flirting with him all night.
I told him I wanted him to dominate me.
I don't see how I can call that rape.
Okay, well, we don't have to decide that right now.
But in the meantime you should do a rape kit.
Just in case.
I won't need it.
Did he use a condom? Honey, you're gonna need to get tested for STDs.
Scaring someone into getting a rape kit? Sometimes it's better to build trust.
It's not gonna matter either way.
- Have you read her book? - No.
My sister gave it to me, right? In act five, the main character is choked with a belt and sodomized.
She has, like, 18 orgasms.
That's a best-seller.
And for you personally, how are you dealing with all this attention? My life feels a little out of control.
Some discipline might help.
Or hurt.
Ideally, both.
Well, stay with us, America.
We'll be right back after this break.
Or maybe we won't.
She's giving as good as she gets here.
But it turned ugly when they were alone.
She's not claiming rape, but she agreed to a rape kit? Well, reluctantly.
She has anal fissures and a severe ligature mark on her neck.
She didn't press charges? No, she's worried, you know, because of her book.
Her prose is pretty florid, although I admire any author who can work in nipple clamps and Albinoni's Adagio - in one sentence.
- You read this? The yentas at my mother's retirement home were passing it around and my mother's losing her sight, - so I read it to her.
- Okay, this isn't a book club.
If she's not pressing charges, why are we wasting our time? Captain, you're new to SVU.
Victims sometimes take time to process.
She said stop.
He tightened the belt.
He probably thought that, given her book, that he could get away with it.
And there are rumors about this guy.
I mean, he's forward with his female guests, especially the hot ones, and you know what? There's a possibility that he crossed the line with a few of his interns.
Hold on.
Cain may be a ladies' man, but he is one of the good guys.
We've seen him at benefits.
Police widows, battered women.
He never says no.
- You mean he never hears no.
- Okay.
Fin and Munch, pay Cain a friendly visit before charges, before he lawyers up.
Benson, Rollins, check and see if Jocelyn's had time to process.
And I'm what reading the book? And you're gonna follow up on the rumors about Cain and his interns.
If he did do what she says, he's done it before.
You, uh, bringing Rollins up to speed? - Up to speed? - Mm-hmm.
She's been here a year.
She has a degree in forensic science.
Yeah, but you're not shy about sharing your experience.
Share it with her, not me.
Okay? I know you think it's a joke, but it's not.
It's joke-like.
Please make me funny.
- Adam Cain.
- Yeah, hey! Detective Munch, right? Yeah.
Please don't shoot me.
I'm a bleeder.
You remember my partner Fin? He's a big fan.
What is it, is it the widow's fund again? What can I do? Do you need some tickets or some backstage tours? What? No, we're here to talk to you about Jocelyn Paley.
She was a guest on your show last night.
Yeah, that's right.
Why? You two went out to dinner after? Come on, guys.
Don't sandbag me.
Is Joss okay? Something happen? She may have been assaulted.
Oh, my God.
I put her in a car service last night at 1:00.
She seemed fine.
Just a little tipsy, but was it the driver? Nothing rough between you two? Seriously? What did she say? Why don't you tell us your side? Oh, jeez.
You know her book, right? Well, we acted out a few scenes.
She wanted me to throw her down and take control.
Whose idea was the belt? That? That was hers.
You said you were in control.
Everything that happened between us was consensual.
Now, look, I don't wanna kiss and tell, but she gave me her panties in the restaurant.
She was all over me.
Now I know you guys got better things to do.
I know I do.
I got a show to prep.
I'll see you later.
The guy seem testy to you? No charges filed, and I hate this case already.
I hadn't had an orgasm since I had my third kid, - and then I read your book.
- Found your inner Venus? And then some.
Hey, can you make that out to Jack? - My husband is your biggest fan.
- Jocelyn.
Uh, I'm a little busy.
We won't take up much time.
How you feeling? Long day.
I'm fine.
Jocelyn, you had some pretty serious injuries.
You may wanna take it easy.
They gave me Tylenol and codeine.
I'm a happy camper.
Okay, from your reaction, it sounds like you may be in shock.
I'm in the middle of a ten-city book tour.
Anthracite Magazine is throwing me a party tonight.
The last thing I need to do is deal with this now.
Okay, listen, honey, later on, if you do decide to press charges, this behavior is gonna make a jury think twice.
You understand? It's screwed up, but that's the truth.
I'm a big girl.
Everyone's waiting.
If you need us will you call? All right! Who's next? You've certainly turned the publishing world on end.
Which I gather is a position you like as well.
A toast! Ladies and gentlemen, a toast to our guest of honor.
Jocelyn, thank you for unleashing the inner Venus within every American woman.
Every American man is deeply, and I do mean deeply, grateful.
Hear, hear! Adam, what are you-- You talked to the cops? Bitch.
You know you wanted it.
And you know that you want this too.
Ah! - Jocelyn.
- I'm so sorry.
I just couldn't handle a police station right now.
Oh, please come in.
That's why I gave you my card.
Can I get you anything? He showed up to my party.
He wasn't on the list.
He--he made a toast.
Slow down.
You mean "He"--Adam Cain? I just had to leave.
I went into an elevator, and he followed me in.
He was so angry.
He thought I told the police he raped me.
Did you tell him I said that? We did send detectives to talk to him.
Why would you do that? This is all your fault! I know how upsetting this is.
Why don't you come have a seat, okay? I need you to tell me exactly what he did, okay? Sit.
He--he pulled up my skirt.
God he did it again.
He raped you? He--he said I wanted it like I wanted it last night.
And what did you say? I didn't say anything.
I just froze.
Okay, that's not unusual.
When the elevator landed, he said, "If you screw with me, you'll be sorry.
" Jocelyn, are you ready to press charges now? It's pretty brazen.
He must have known that there were security cameras.
He also probably knows it's act nine of the book-- elevator sex.
I read the masterpiece last night.
It doesn't look like she's enjoying it.
Doesn't look like she's resisting either.
Well, that's called tonic immobility, Fin.
She was traumatized from the night before.
He goes after her again.
Now everybody knows fight or flight.
But there is a third response, and that's you freeze.
Good luck trying to sell that to a jury.
No, Rollins knows her stuff.
Wouldn't hurt the rest of you to keep up with the literature.
So Jocelyn ready to press charges? We're ready to go to the DA.
Well, which one? They've all lawyered up since Delia Wilson named names.
I got somebody.
- Rafael Barba.
- He's the guy that put away the two johns - for raping a prostitute.
- Yeah, that was a tough case.
- I thought he was in Brooklyn.
- He was.
Just requested a lateral to Manhattan.
Guy's got big brass-- ego.
Adam Cain's high-profile.
So's Jocelyn.
He's perfect.
Come on, Barba.
The vic was drunk, her memory spotty.
- Aggravated assault.
- Your client-- a jury takes one look at the simian carriage, the neanderthal jaw-- I'll get him convicted for kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.
So how about he takes ten and spares us all the humiliation? Call you in the morning.
Take your daughters to work day? Detectives Benson and Rollins, Rafael Barba.
I lied and told them you know your way around a courtroom.
This girl, she appears credible? She's concerned about perception, - but she was raped twice.
- I didn't ask if she was raped.
I asked if she appears credible.
Okay, I know you have to ask that-- Reason being we had a case about two months ago, red hook.
Guy strangled a girl so hard, her eyes had petechial hemorrhaging.
Punk tells the jury they met in a bar, she's into S&M.
It's a complete lie.
The jury deadlocks.
Later we find out that half of them read your victim's book.
Okay, I'm confused.
Harris told us that you win cases that everybody else ducks.
Let me talk to the victim.
She's had a rough couple of days.
If we go forward, it's not gonna get any easier.
Did you and Adam Cain have any contact before the show? No, that was the first time we met.
And after the show, he asked you out? Yes.
I've gone over all of this.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Jocelyn, but this is - all part of the process.
- I have to know everything about you-- not just you and Cain, but your whole personal history, everything.
Because the one thing you decide to leave out is the one thing the defense is going to use to blow up the case.
You may not like me when we're done.
I don't like you now.
Let's start with your dating life.
You currently seeing anyone? No, I don't have time.
But you are writing a dating advice column.
Those who can't do, blog.
Ever accused anyone else of rape? No.
Have you ever been raped before? - I just said no.
- They're not the same thing.
Your dating life in college-- tell me all about it.
Adam Cain's demeanor-- somewhere between - charming and cocky.
- He didn't charm me.
Did he seem like the kind of guy who didn't realize he'd crossed the line? No, he knew.
The only difference between him and a power assertive rapist is he's got a better vocabulary.
I thought you didn't meet him.
I did some digging.
There's a lot of rumors.
He preys on young girls new to the city.
- Any of them press charges? - Jocelyn will be the first.
There's no rush.
Powerful guy.
We go up against him, we move deliberately.
Maybe we do, he doesn't.
He decided he was gonna leak his opening monologue for tonight's broadcast, and it is all over the Internet.
You hear these stories-- powerful men being accused of doing something stupid.
Well, now I'm one of those guys.
The media he said, she said circus is coming to town, and I am about to be thrown into the ring of fire.
I'm about to be accused of rape by author Jocelyn Paley.
Now, before I'm charged, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear.
Unlike a certain former president I did have sex with that woman.
Now, I know it, and she damn well knows it too.
Smart move.
Got in front of it.
Right out of Letterman's playbook.
That's not fair.
Letterman didn't rape anyone.
Just let him keep running his mouth.
Like the counselor says, we'll take our time, - but we'll get him.
- And in the meantime? He can just use his show as a bully pulpit? Cain just forced our hand.
We have to strike back.
Citizen Cane, ready for your close up? Let's go.
Look, we don't need to do this here, fellas.
I can come in tomorrow with my lawyer.
Come on, stand up, Emmy boy.
If you wanted privacy, you shouldn't have mouthed off.
Ah! - Get your head up, Cain.
- You're right.
I've done nothing to be ashamed of.
This is a joke! NYPD got so jammed up with their hooker scandal, they'll do anything they can to distract from it.
You don't know when to shut up! Court of public opinion, baby.
It's my wheelhouse.
Taking down rapists-- that's ours.
We request remand.
The defendant has the financial means to flee, and he's a Canadian citizen with strong family ties in Vancouver.
My client has stated publicly that he is ready to show up at trial and fight these false allegations.
That public statement was a televised attack on the victim.
From his Peabody award-winning political program.
This is the state's attempt to control public outrage.
The only thing that needs control is Cain's behavior.
He's attacked Jocelyn Paley twice in two nights.
Save it for the trial, counselors.
I'm granting remand.
So now you're against free speech? How about Cain opens his mouth again, I'll move for a gag order? From what I read, your witness likes those too.
She's a ray of sunshine.
It was great when she was on our side.
That? That was just a warning shot.
She's going to move to have the book admitted.
- There goes rape shield.
- Yep.
They're gonna find whatever lover inspired the book.
He'll testify that she liked it rough from behind.
Game over.
Well, it's better if we find the guy first.
Jocelyn went to Silver Spring College in Maryland.
We can drive down there tomorrow morning.
Try tonight.
Once we arraigned Cain, the clock started ticking.
Five days to indict or the judge releases him.
Yeah, and he'll go back on TV, he'll mock Jocelyn every night until she folds.
- We gotta go now.
- No, not you two.
Jocelyn sees you as advocates.
Let's keep it that way, hm? Jocelyn and I were together four years.
I thought we were gonna get married.
- So she broke up with you.
- She said it was her, not me.
She had so much going on with the book.
- So she was writing a lot.
- I guess.
She was really secretive about it.
I didn't even know she was working on it, to tell you the truth.
So when'd she finally tell you about the book? She didn't.
I borrowed my mom's copy.
Did you feel like your privacy was violated? Well, yeah, a lot of people asked me personal questions after.
Like are you into rough stuff and domination? Yeah, except we didn't do any of that.
I mean, we mixed it up.
Sometimes I was on top.
Sometimes she was.
Do you know any of her other boyfriends? She told me I was her first.
- You believe her? - Well, she was my first.
Thank you.
Roommate number three.
If Jocelyn was into BDSM, she never talked about it.
Maybe she was with a professor that doesn't want to get called out.
Or she just researched it, like all her other references to Renaissance erotic imagery and sexual awakenings.
You can put a diploma on it.
Porn is porn.
See, that's the thing-- Jocelyn's highbrow references.
I read her blogs and her tweets.
And her idea of a sexual cultural reference Gilligan's Island.
You mean that Ginger/Mary Ann thing.
You think she's not showing enough depth in her tweets? She didn't research this in the library.
She's living a double life.
Kinks like this just don't spring up overnight.
Yeah, Adam Cain recommended me.
So what? So you went from being his intern to a producer on a food show in two months.
That's pretty fast.
He put in a good word.
Yeah? Did you hear that, um, Cain was only allowed male interns after you left? What's that got to do with me? Have you forgotten how you had to come into work with a broken wrist, all those bruises on your neck? Did you tell anyone? You know, if you keep it locked inside, it doesn't go away.
Look I went home with him.
I wanted to have sex with him until he started to hurt me.
And you asked him to stop.
So what if I did? I've moved on.
Katie, by keeping quiet, you're giving him power over you.
Better than that monologue he did about Jocelyn Paley.
I don't need that.
He's not really a bad guy.
It's just when he gets that belt in his hands, he loses it.
She was in my 15th Century Italian Literature class.
- I was her advisor.
- So you were close.
Have you read her book? I overheard faculty talk about it.
Well, Jocelyn seems pretty, uh, unsophisticated for that world.
Any idea how she got involved with domination, submission? I honestly couldn't say.
Well, her heroine gets dominated by an older man.
Any professors here who might have inspired that story? Ten years ago, yes.
But these days? I hear you.
Well, hey, thanks for your time.
- Pleasure.
- Mm.
That's a pretty fancy piano.
It's a harpsichord.
They say it belonged to Albinoni.
- Albinoni? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, my wife, she loves his, uh what was that famous piece of his? - His Adagio? - Adagio.
It's beautiful.
It's his most well-known work.
And funny thing is, it isn't his.
His biographer composed it two centuries later.
No kidding.
We spoke to Jocelyn's boyfriend, teachers, and roommates.
The darkest she ever got before this novel was sassy.
So she's been telling us the truth.
- Any other Cain victims? - There's three interns.
He broke one of their wrists, but even she won't testify.
She insists that Cain's a good guy except when he has a belt in his hand.
No witnesses.
He said, she said.
At least that means he'll take the stand.
- It's Amaro.
- He didn't come back with you? He's like a dog with a bone down there.
Hey, Nick, you're on speaker phone with the DA.
Four days, you can't find the guy who got her into this? - What's the problem? - Maybe we're asking the wrong question.
Look, I need another day.
Don't have it.
I'm taking Jocelyn to the Grand Jury now.
I was invited onto Adam Cain's talk show to discuss the book I had written.
- Twenty-Five Acts.
- Yes.
What happened after the show? Adam Cain took me out for drinks, then to his apartment.
We were getting intimate, then suddenly he just turned violent.
All I can say, today's Grand Jury indictment is the first step towards achieving justice - for Jocelyn Paley.
- The DA's office is desperately trying to distract from their recent scandal with a high-profile case.
Don't give me that--whether you're a john in the South Bronx or a $3-million-a-year talk show host, no means no.
When the jury compares her accusations with the chapters from her book, this case falls apart like a house of cards.
That's all I got today, boys and girls.
Detective, I'm just on my way home.
Well, I'll walk you to your car.
You know, I spent the night reading your work.
You're quite prolific.
Academia: Publish or perish.
I like the article you wrote on the ecstasy of St.
"The pain was so great that it made me moan" "Over and over and through me into sweet delight.
" It's from her autobiography.
Oh, you taught it in class.
Well, this is from Jocelyn's book, uh "The pain was so great, such sweet delight, I moaned over and over.
" Didn't realize she was paying such close attention.
You know, she's making millions a week.
You have a case here for plagiarism.
Please, no.
Last thing I need is to be associated with a book like that.
Oh, well, now I get it.
Your antique harpsichord-- someone bought it last month at Sotheby's for $285,000.
More questions? Why? We're worried the defense is going to produce the man that you based the book on.
I told you, it's fiction.
But, Jocelyn, it's so specific, you must have experimented with submission.
- Well, in college.
- Not with Craig.
Come on, the only knots he's ever tied was when he was in the boy scouts.
Yeah, not Craig.
Another guy.
Oh, so you cheated on him.
What? No.
No? I did a semester abroad.
The character's based on someone I met in the villa.
He was into bondage.
Why does any of this matter? Where'd you meet him? A hotel? His home? Do you have his address? I don't.
What is this, 20 questions? No, Jocelyn, just one.
Who wrote the book? You found out? How? I told you the first day the one thing you decide not to tell us is the one thing the defense is gonna use to destroy you.
What were you thinking? Barba, she gets it.
Do they know? No, but we're gonna have to tell them.
No, n--you can't.
You can't tell anyone.
It'll ruin my career.
My life.
Please don't-- don't tell anyone.
It was Professor Dobson's idea to put my name on the book.
She is an academic.
She was worried about her reputation.
And you weren't worried about yours? I owe $90,000 in college debt.
The year before this I made $2,600 writing.
She gave me 10%.
I've made connections.
You were raped.
And you lied to the Grand Jury.
I had to.
If I ever say I didn't write the book, I lose all the money.
That's part of the book contract? Yes.
I-I wanna drop the charges.
- I can't testify.
- Drop the charges, and your secret's gonna come out anyway when I indict you.
Lying to the Grand Jury? That's a crime.
You'll indict me? You don't testify, you're looking at perjury.
I can't.
- That was hardball.
- I wasn't playing.
Yeah, I got that.
Does this in any way possibly help us? You were worried that the jury was gonna hold the book against her, but she didn't write it, so they'll see her as a liar.
Miss Paley, could you tell the jury why you agreed to say you wrote this book? I had college debt.
My parents are working class.
We needed the money.
So you didn't write one word of the book? You're not into being dominated? I was playing a role.
It's not me.
But it was you who flirted with the defendant and went home with him that night.
It all seemed glamorous at first.
He was charming.
I wanted to have sex, until he started hurting me.
- And what did you do then? - I asked him to stop.
Did he? Did he? I know this is difficult.
No, he did not.
He forced himself inside me, choked me with his belt.
I couldn't talk.
The more I cried, the more he hu--hurt me.
And the next night, Miss Paley, what happened then? Adam Cain stalked me at a magazine party, trapped me in an elevator, and raped me again.
Can you tell the jury what consequences you face for telling the truth here today? I have to return all of my royalties.
My reputation is ruined.
I've wanted to write my whole life.
Thank you, Miss Paley.
How many times have you lied about writing the book Twenty-Five Acts? I'm not sure.
You lied when you consented to have your name on the cover.
- Yes.
- And you lied at speaking engagements, parties, and interviews in over ten cities on your book tour.
- Yes.
- And you lied on Mr.
Cain's TV show? Before you answer that, Miss Paley-- defense exhibit 12, Your Honor.
So, Jocelyn, tell me, why do women want to be dominated? Women do it all these days.
Career, kids.
Sometimes they just want a man to throw them down and take control.
And is this your personal fantasy? My fantasy being here with you.
Was what we just saw a lie too? I was playing a part, flirting.
Playing a role for publicity, money.
- Yes.
- What else would you do for money? Lie about rape? - Sue my client? - No, I would never do that.
You wouldn't lie about sex for money? - No.
- But you have lied about sex for money in the past.
I'm telling the truth now.
I see.
And how do you expect the jury to tell the difference? Withdrawn.
I knew this would happen.
You told them what he did to you.
You confronted him.
No one can take that away from you.
- That was brutal.
- We've got one hail Mary.
Professor Dobson, I can use her to rehabilitate.
- She agreed to come? - Sure, after I subpoenaed her.
Professor Dobson, - did you write Twenty-Five Acts? - Yes.
I'm afraid so.
The entire book.
And who, uh-- who decided to put Jocelyn Paley on the cover? I did.
I knew that talk show hosts wouldn't want to discuss my sexual fantasies.
So these fantasies in the book, these are your fantasies, not Jocelyn's.
Yes, all of them.
Before Jocelyn agreed to help you, did she know the subject matter? Hardly.
When she read the draft, she was shocked.
That's when I knew she'd be the perfect front.
- Why was that? - She was a sweet girl.
And the contrast between her innocence and the book's intense sexuality was compelling.
Has it been hard for you to out yourself? In my world, I'm between a pariah and a laughingstock.
That's why I wanted to use Jocelyn's name.
But to think that someone would ascribe my fantasies to her and use that as a smokescreen for assault well, it sickens me.
About those fantasies in your book-- did anyone else know that Jocelyn Paley wasn't the real author? - No.
- So the rest of the world, including Mr.
Cain, believed the book was based on Jocelyn Paley's fantasies? - I suppose so.
- That she was the one who fantasized about being dominated, having rough sex, having sex in an elevator? - Yes.
- And you chose Miss Paley because she was a sweet, innocent girl? Yes.
You're a college professor.
You must see a lot of sweet, innocent girls.
Not as many as you'd think.
What made Jocelyn Paley - the right choice? - As I said, it was the contrast between her innocence and the subject matter.
Or was it because she's a good liar? Didn't you choose Jocelyn Paley because she is a convincing enough liar to sell 5 million copies of a book about a fetishistic world that she claims to know nothing about? Objection.
Did you rape Miss Paley? I don't need to rape anyone, thank you.
- I do fine with volunteers.
- So You've had a lot of girlfriends.
My fair share.
It helps to have a hit TV show, plus I've been told that my-- my company isn't entirely unpleasant.
Have you ever played the dominant role in sexual games? I follow my partner's lead.
If that's their pleasure, I'm glad to oblige.
What was Miss Paley's pleasure? A mutually satisfactory rough sex game initiated by her.
Her false accusation is unfortunate.
It smears real victims of rape who may not be believed.
Move to strike.
Just answer the questions, Mr.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
It's late, Mr.
How about a half-hour now, - and then we can-- - Nice try.
We're adjourned.
The professor didn't help us.
- I'm calling it a draw.
- So you're an optimist.
- Ah, the cavalry.
- No luck.
All three of his past victims have magically disappeared.
We can't get into any of Cain's prior bad acts.
Maybe we can get him to open the door.
Jocelyn and I? There was a lot of heat.
It was exciting.
- She remembers it differently.
- She was playing the role of a sexual submissive.
Now she's playing victim.
Pretending to be a sexual submissive? She just told us that.
That's right.
That's right, that's right.
She was inexperienced.
But you weren't.
- Not entirely.
- Mr.
Cain what excites you about having sex with Jocelyn? What excites anyone about sex? Was it the belt? The belt that was her idea, even though she was pretending.
She wanted to try role play.
How do you start something like that? - With the belt? - Yeah, I mean, do you take your belt off or-- - That's right.
- And you give her a few hits with it? She seemed to enjoy it.
Then you put the belt around her neck.
- Yes.
- And then you get behind her tighten it.
Yes, to increase her pleasure.
- I'm not sure what this has to-- - Just bear with me.
Where was the buckle? I don't know if I can be more specific.
Would you like me to show you? - Well, actually - Objection! Your Honor-- As a regular Joe, I am curious about how this belt-around- the-neck thing is exciting.
I am sure, Your Honor, that the jury is curious as well.
I'll allow it.
For now.
So let's go back.
You took off your belt.
- That's right.
- You did it.
- Not her.
- Correct.
You looped the belt like this.
Something like that.
You led her to the bed got on top, pulled it.
- The game she wanted to play.
- She's the one - who wanted it rough? - Yes.
- But you didn't rape her? - No, we've gone over this.
- What don't you get? - Oh, I get it.
It's the classic mindset of the rapist to admit what you can't deny, deny what you can't admit.
- Objection! - Withdrawn.
You said that she wanted it rough, so show me how she likes it.
Show me, show me.
Let me see how she liked it.
Objection! Let's proceed cautiously, Mr.
All right, take the belt in your hands, Mr.
Feel the leather? Hold the belt.
Now, show me how you pulled on the belt.
You can do better than that.
You call that being dominant? Show me.
Show me! Show me, pull it! Pull it.
Pull it! Tell me how you like it! Show me how you like it, Mr.
Cain! - Come on, pull it, pull it! - Like this! Your Honor! All right, that is enough, Mr.
Barba! Not a mark.
Not a mark.
Not a mark.
People's exhibit 20.
Jocelyn Paley's neck after their consensual sex game.
Is this what excites you about sex, Mr.
Cain? Hurting your victims? She liked it like that.
You mean Jocelyn? You liked it like that.
She didn't.
Three days, jury's still out.
Longer than the trial, huh? SVU--it's the only unit where the victim's word isn't good enough.
You have to prove that a crime was committed.
That's true.
They don't ask robbery victims if they wanted it.
Going somewhere? Good news.
Your captain's coming back.
Well, you must be relieved.
I hope your next assignment is easier than this one.
They never are.
I'm just paid to fix.
You could do it.
You ever thought about moving up the ranks? Uh, it's come up, but I wouldn't want to supervise anyone like me.
Well, I have friends over at 1 PP.
- You ever need a rabbi.
- Thanks.
I got Cragen.
Won't be the same, you know.
I know.
Ah! Jury's in.
They've reached a verdict.
Good luck.
On the charge of rape in the first degree how do you find? We find the defendant Adam Cain guilty.
Bailiff, take the defendant into custody.
Congratulations, counselor.
Good jury.
They looked past Cain's image, saw him for who he really is.
You told me I wouldn't like you when this was over.
You were right.
What do I do now? My reputation's-- Thing about America-- this country loves a comeback.
All right, guys.
Just a few moments.

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