Law & Order Special Victims Unit s14e10 Episode Script

Presumed Guilty

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
I don't meet many people driving for the ME's office.
It's not exactly the best place for small talk.
But you cops, you--you understand.
We see the dark side.
You know what? I really better take off.
I've got an early start tomorrow.
Oh, well, I-I can drive you.
You ever been in the back of a hearse? Fin.
Um, we've got to finish those DD5's tonight, right? Nah, we're cool.
My man.
So you working tomorrow? We drew the short straw, but Christmas Eve, I'm off to the Bahamas.
Good for you.
With whom? A friend.
Taking the fifth.
Here you go.
Thanks for doing this, father.
Oh, I've missed the kids.
That must be for a special girl.
It is.
A very special girl.
Father! I forgot.
I made you a Christmas card.
Did you? You certainly did.
Let's see.
Daddy, I wrote down everything.
You did? All right.
"A bike, an iPad mini, "a puppy, and most of all, I want mommy and daddy to be together.
" Hey, should we call your mom? Huh? Say good night? That's the tree.
That's the buildings.
- Mm-hmm.
- And that's me and mommy.
Sofia, you're a very good artist.
Thank you.
Run, Sofia, run! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Oh, she's having a great time, Maria.
Yeah, Santa's coming early.
Opening presents tomorrow.
No, I didn't get her too much.
She wants Santa to bring her a puppy.
Yeah, okay, look.
My mom is taking her on the train to DC Christmas Eve.
You too.
Out of the way.
Coming through.
So what the hell went down here? They were beating the priest.
This molleto, he jacked the priest, stole the presents.
- He's lying, man.
- And stomped on his face? That was kids.
They ran off.
Anybody else see anything? - He's lying.
- Shut up, man.
I'm bringing you in.
Come on.
- Don't do this, man.
- Come on, get up.
You beat a priest right before Christmas, huh? I didn't, I swear.
Please, listen.
My brother-in-law is on the job.
Yeah, right.
Everything okay? I need Fin.
Sergeant said he's here.
Yeah, he's-- he's right over there.
Problem? That's Fin's ex-wife.
Something's wrong.
My brother got arrested.
I'll leave you two alone.
Sam? What'd he do this time? Nothing.
They say he carjacked a priest.
Vigilantes beat him up.
He turned it around, Fin.
All he's been talking about is spending his first Christmas with his son in six years.
Come on, he's been on parole nine months.
What'd you expect to happen? Ken, I'm speaking with your father now.
You okay? My ex-brother-in-law got locked up again.
Like you say, family's complicated.
You didn't have to come with.
It was either you or the morgue driver.
- So Sam's on parole? - Since March.
Last six years, more in than out.
You know, auto theft, couple of B-and-E's.
My ex tries to tell me it's because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time.
It is possible.
I mean, people can change.
Maybe, but you don't get your ass kicked for nothing.
I'm guilty of being black.
That's it.
I was in a fight.
But I was trying to save that priest.
They were calling him short eyes, chomo.
Chomo? Teresa told you I was in SVU, so you made that up.
It's the truth.
I saw them beating the priest and this kid running away.
Okay, the kid-- what'd he look like? She.
Maybe eight, nine.
Long hair.
Hey, not all priests like boys.
Did you see him do anything to the girl? I saw these two guys kicking his head in.
They were gonna kill him.
- Uh-huh.
- I swear.
I don't need a car.
I don't want to get sent back to prison.
Why would I do this? Hey.
I gotta get home for Christmas.
It's a righteous collar.
We got two 911 calls saying a priest is on the ground.
Neighborhood guys stop a black man from stealing his car.
Witnesses on the scene confirm.
Middle of the night.
Witnesses can be wrong.
- All of them? - Thanks, Officer.
No, no, what about the guys that attacked Sam? They took off when they heard sirens.
Good samaritans are not gonna stick around? Come on.
Did the priest ID Sam? Father's still unconscious.
He had his head bashed in.
Did anybody talk to the girl? - What girl? - We heard that there was a girl with the priest.
She ran from the car when they-- I didn't hear anything about a girl, okay? Thanks, Officer.
Let it go, Amanda.
Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, they got blood all over the hood.
So much for letting it go.
How's it looking for your brother-in-law? It is what it is.
There are some inconsistencies.
I mean, the girl Sam mentioned-- Could've made her up.
The vigilantes, if that's what they were, disappeared.
We've got no statement from the vic.
Did you guys nose around? Yeah, I talked to the 911 callers.
They both saw the black man's face.
Yeah, they couldn't ID the neighborhood guys who beat him up.
Evidence didn't say much either.
Car hadn't been processed.
CSU didn't cover the scene? A carjacking two days before Christmas? Not likely.
Okay, so let's ask Warner if she can backdoor it and send techs.
Look, Liv, I appreciate the help, but I divorced into this.
- No need to drag you into it.
- Screw you, Fin.
I'm all yours till Christmas Eve.
After that, you're on your own.
Might have something.
Signed "Sofia".
So when Sam said he saw a little girl, he could've been telling the truth.
That doesn't prove anything.
That might.
All right, so here we've got the priest.
And then Here comes the little girl.
And then here we are.
We've got two males in hoodies.
There's your brother-in-law.
Fin, Sam could be telling the truth.
This fits his timeline.
Yeah, but the assault is off camera.
This doesn't prove anything.
Sam said that they called Father Shea a pedophile.
- What do we know about him? - Father Chris Shea was transferred to an orphanage in Guatemala four years ago.
He was ordained May of '96.
Where was he before Guatemala? Uh, Boston, Chicago, Staten Island.
He was a prison chaplain, and then ten years ago, he was at St.
Horatio's up in Inwood.
Okay, so we have a priest who moved around a lot, who's alone at night in a car with a girl.
Look, priests get transferred for a lot of reasons.
Young father like that, you know, sometimes the old guard feels threatened.
They don't want to lose control of their parish.
So what's our next move? How do we track down the girl and the two guys? We may have a break right here.
The hospital just called and said Father Shea regained consciousness.
I'll go talk to him.
Hey, no, Liv, it might be a better idea if me and fin talk to the priest and you and Rollins pay a visit to your old pal DA Barba, show him that video.
Well, we could, if he weren't skiing in Gstaad.
Gstaad? Really? Okay.
So how 'bout Georgia peach and I go sweet-talk whatever unlucky junior ADA got stuck with the holiday weekend? You want me to POR a two-time felon on parole? Look, we have a security video that partially confirms Sam's story.
Partially? I've been here two months.
Where's your supervisor? Are either of you the arresting officer? I didn't think so.
And last I heard, carjacking wasn't a sex crime.
What is this about? Counselor the suspect is family.
I see.
You should've kept that to yourself.
Good day, ladies.
So much for sweet talk.
I got jumped.
This sort of thing happens at Christmas.
People see things they can't afford, gifts for the family, and, well I'm not telling you anything you don't know.
Whoever did this, I forgive him.
It's done.
Father, it's not done.
We have a suspect in custody.
We need you to ID him.
No, I'm not interested in pressing charges.
Father, just take a look at these pictures, okay? Do you recognize any of these men? Yes.
Oh, I recognize him.
Is that the guy that beat you up? No, this was a good samaritan.
He pulled the others off of me.
- Are you sure? - Yes, absolutely.
He saved me from them.
Saved you from whom? I don't know.
I think there were two of them.
I couldn't make out their faces.
You said it was an attempted robbery, but did you hear anyone calling you names? Maybe chomo, short eyes? No.
Maybe the little girl can clear that up.
The one in your car.
We have her on video.
She gave you a card.
Can we ask why you were alone with her in your car at night? I visited her at her apartment, gave her a gift.
She came back down to give me a card.
How well do you know her? She's innocent of any of this.
I don't--I don't think she saw anything.
We'll need her to confirm that.
What was her last name? Sofia Santiago.
Her mother, Margarita, is the secretary at St.
Rita can confirm all of this.
Sounds like you're still involved with the parish.
You left ten years ago.
I come back at holiday times to visit my sister, look in on my old parishioners.
Is there anything else? Yeah.
The man that saved you, Sam Randall, needs you to return the favor.
- How do you plead? - Not guilty, Your Honor.
Counselor, can we have a minute with you? It's about this case.
Is there a problem here? I'm not sure, your honor.
Can I ask your indulgence for a moment? Yeah.
Let me guess.
More SVU detectives.
We have a statement from Father Shea confirming Sam is not his assailant.
Sam, I suppose, is your relative? Just look at the statement.
I don't know you.
I don't know if the victim was pressured into making this statement.
I can't show this to the judge.
Have you spoken with the arresting officer? Yeah, we tried.
But he left for the Dominican Republic for the holidays, Counselor.
When he gets back, I'll speak with him.
While an innocent man spends Christmas in jail.
He was arrested while on parole, Detective.
End of story.
Thank you for your patience, your honor.
I have a plea of not guilty.
People on bail? Defendant has three prior convictions, is currently on parole, and is accused of a brutal assault against a clergyman who is still hospitalized.
The people request remand.
Schedule a pre-trial hearing with the court clerk for after the holidays.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Dad! I'm sorry, Dante.
Dante, you remember your uncle Fin? My dad didn't do it.
I know.
He did the right thing this time.
So promise you'll get him out.
All Dante wanted for Christmas was his father.
So what's gonna happen now? We're working on it.
Sam was just trying to help that priest.
He's on parole.
You don't jump in.
You call 911.
All right, Fin.
I'll take Dante home.
That ADA's not gonna take our word for it.
Well, he might bend if we can find the two guys who actually assaulted Father Shea.
The girl in the car, Sofia, maybe she saw something.
Margarita Santiago is my secretary.
Can I ask what this is about? Yeah, we're investigating the attack on Father Shea.
Home for the holidays.
Terrible what happened.
I'm not sure how Ms.
Santiago could help you.
Father Shea hasn't been with this parish for a long time.
Yeah, can you tell us why he left St.
Horatio's? Unfortunately, our parish has been shrinking over the years.
The church felt the need was greater elsewhere.
Excuse me.
Margarita, these detectives need to speak with you about Father Shea.
Oh, of course.
Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Thank you, Monsignor.
I was horrified when I heard what happened.
Is the father all right? He's recovering.
We understand that your daughter was with Father Shea last night.
Can you tell us why? Father Shea had given her a present.
It's Christmas.
He had given presents to all the children in the parish.
He just-- he loves kids.
How old is your daughter? - Nine.
- And has she ever been alone with Father Shea before? Yes, sometimes.
Uh, she's known him for years.
What are you saying? Uh, his, uh, attackers may have thought he was being inappropriate with your daughter.
No, he would never.
That's ridiculous.
The men who beat him up, they called him a pedophile.
Well, they're wrong.
I mean, just because of a few priests, everyone assumes the worst.
Father Shea takes an interest in Sofia.
Her biological father was never involved.
It's good for her.
You've got him all wrong.
Okay, Ms.
Santiago, but we're gonna still need to speak with Sofia.
She's been very upset.
I was lucky to get her to the children's mass.
Let me see if she's up to it.
I've seen this before.
A mother who doesn't want to admit that she put her child in danger, so she denies, denies, denies.
Well, not everyone's in denial, Liv.
Sometimes people are just innocent.
Are you gonna tell me that you don't think she's hiding something? We don't know what, is all I'm saying.
I'm not protecting the Catholic Church, if that's what you think.
Nick, that's not what I said.
Um, Sofia will talk to you, - but I want to be in the room.
- That's fine.
Sofia, do you know why we're here? Because Father Shea got beat up.
So let's take it from the beginning.
Um, why were you in his car? He came to our apartment.
He gave me a doll.
She looked just like me with long hair.
He left, but I forgot to give him his Christmas card, so I brought it to his car.
So Father Shea treats you pretty special, huh? He's a kind man to everyone, right, Sofia? - Yes.
- Okay.
So, Sofia, you must've been upset when Father Shea got hurt.
Can you tell us what happened? Father Shea liked the card.
He was so happy.
He gave me a hug.
Did it go on for a long time? No.
That's when the man broke the window.
Then the other man dragged him out.
Father Shea told me to run.
And can you describe these men? Mm, the bad guys spoke Spanish.
They were wearing hoodies.
The--the bad guys? Was there a good guy? Yes.
He was black.
He tried to save Father Shea.
You owe me for doing NYPD's job.
We always owe you.
Any DNA matches from the blood on Father Shea's car? Still running that, but the blood traces are from three different males.
- That backs up Sam's story.
- But it doesn't get us any closer to finding the perps.
This will.
Prints from the car door handle match an Adam Benitez, convicted twice for assaulting registered sex offenders.
But Father Shea was never accused.
Maybe Benitez knows something we don't.
Thank you, Melinda.
Merry Christmas, Detective Tutuola.
Ho, ho, ho.
Which one is Benitez? It's hard to tell with all the Santa suits.
His Facebook page said he'd be working this corner.
- Ho, ho-- - Adam Benitez? Stop, police! Arresting Santa? Come on! Should've called your reindeer.
- Agh.
- Let's go.
I've read your sentencing reports, Adam.
You were abused when you were eight? My Uncle.
He was a transit cop.
I was already a truant.
No one believed me.
That's where you got the habit of pounding on pedophiles? I don't feel bad about it.
And you think Father Shea is one? Did you see him abusing the girl? He was hugging her when we got there.
- We? Who's we? - A friend.
Priest did his sister ugly.
He heard the father was home for the holidays.
We were watching him.
So it was his idea.
We could help you, Adam.
This friend got a name? We playing Let's Make A Deal, Christmas Edition? This would be a good time to call a lawyer, right? Enrique Rodriguez hands up.
You're under arrest for the assault of Father Chris Shea.
He rapes little girls, and I get arrested? - You mean your sister? - So you know.
Everyone knows.
Just no one's doing nothing.
In the car.
We got our two suspects.
It's time to call the ADA, get Sam out.
I think we should get the father to ID them first.
No, no.
Not this time.
Is there a problem, father? Monsignor was just leaving.
You too? A ticket to Guatemala.
You planning on leaving the country, father? Father Shea wants to return to the orphanage.
Well, we'd prefer it if he didn't go anywhere just yet.
You've heard that we arrested Enrique Rodriguez? I told you, I'm not pressing charges.
But you're still a witness.
We need you to come to the station and make an ID.
He was in a coma.
He's concussed.
Well, now you look like you're feeling better.
Why don't we ask a doctor if you're up to it? That one-way ticket? Turns out it was paid for by the archdiocese.
So Menendez wanted Shea gone just like he did ten years ago.
We got Adam Benitez's statement.
Should be enough for the ADA.
That guy is covering his ass six ways to Sunday.
We should get Enrique's statement too, on video.
I don't want that ADA questioning it later.
You want to know what I did? I want to tell you what this son of a bitch Shea did.
So tell us.
We'll investigate.
Hey, I give you my word.
When did the abuse start? Angelica was 12.
I was 16.
Public schools were bad, and mom thought we'd be safe at Catholic School.
At St.
Horatio's? And your dad, he was out of the picture? My dad left when we were in grade school.
And that year, you noticed something was going on with Angelica? Yeah.
She started drinking.
Smoking pot.
My mother said she was a sinner.
You knew that Father Shea was being inappropriate with her? If I'd have known, I'd have killed him.
So when did you find out? Angelica always gets crazy at the holidays.
This Thanksgiving, she-- she's supposed to be sober, but she came in stoned.
And I just went off.
And then she started crying and said that I'd never been there for her.
Not even the Christmas when she was 13 and pregnant.
And he made her have an abortion.
I never knew.
I thought she was in the damn church.
All that time with Father Shea, I thought he was counseling her.
Go on.
The sick bastard said it happened because she was evil.
That she seduced him.
Father Shea.
He-- he said he was gonna make her do it until she didn't want it again.
To exorcise the demon of sex in her.
So when you saw Father Shea in the car with that little girl-- I did what I should've done ten years ago.
Okay, Enrique, so if your sister will corroborate the story and ID Father Shea, it might help a jury to understand-- No.
No, I don't--I don't want to put her through that.
Angelica's in rehab.
She's a mess.
Father Shea, he's coming in to ID me, right? Ask him.
You've got Father Shea absolving Sam, Enrique and Adam confessing to the beat-down.
I don't see the problem.
Because it's not your problem.
It's mine.
You want me to drop charges against your partner's brother-in-law.
Really? You are a masochist.
Ex or not, there's protocol here.
This isn't your case.
Maybe there's no probable cause for the attack on the priest, but you've still got a parolee who went vigilante.
Assaulting anyone violates his parole.
- Yeah, we know.
- Look.
If you want him released, I'm going to need Father Shea to ID his attackers, just for belts and suspenders.
We're pulling a lineup now.
I assumed.
Get that.
We'll talk.
Well, take your time, Father.
Do you recognize any of them? I don't want to send anyone to prison.
Well, the DA has to put someone away.
If it isn't the men who attacked you, it'll be Sam Randall.
I made a statement absolving him.
Yeah, the DA's not buying it.
He needs you to ID the men who did beat you.
So I have no choice.
Yeah, not unless you want to keep your savior in jail, father.
Number three, Enrique.
You can go in to see your client.
So you did know your attacker.
Enrique Rodriguez.
He was a parishioner of mine.
So we're--we're done here? I IDed him.
Just so you know, I'm not going to testify against him in court.
Sending him to jail, that is not right.
And why is that, father? Because you gave him good reason to attack you? He deserves forgiveness.
As we all do.
We all make mistakes.
Is that what you're calling what you did to Angelica? A mistake? What? No.
You have it wrong.
Yeah, do we? That's not what Enrique told us.
He said it happened because she was evil.
That she seduced him.
Father Shea, he said that he was going to keep doing it to her until she didn't want it anymore, to exorcise the demon of sex in her.
Is that why you don't want to press charges? You're afraid this will come out in court? - No.
- That you rape young girls.
- No.
- Angelica ten years ago, and who knows how many since-- Sofia? - No! God, no.
- No? So tell us.
Tell us, what were you doing in the car with Sofia? I-- - We're gonna bring her in.
- No.
No, you can't.
God forgive me.
God forgive me.
Angelica Rodriguez? I'm clean.
Doing my rehab.
We're not with Narcotics.
We're Special Victims.
I'm not special, and everyone's a victim.
Okay, you know what? Your brother, Enrique, he needs your help.
Enrique? What happened? He was arrested for assaulting a priest.
Oh, God.
I never should've told him.
Told him what, Angelica? You know, where the good father put his little bishop.
Is Enrique going to jail? Yeah, there's a good chance of that.
It'd be easier if he never knew.
I'm a dead girl walking, but he could still have a life.
You could help him if you testify that you were molested and ID your abuser.
Where's Enrique? Can I see him? After the lineup, okay? Sure you're okay to do this? Number four is Father Shea.
So he's the man who abused you.
What? No.
Angelica, we know how difficult this is.
But he can't hurt you.
He's in custody now.
No, that's Father Shea.
You don't get it.
It wasn't him.
No, no, okay, Angeli-- Don't touch me! You want to tell me what's going on, father? If Angelica won't say, it's not my place.
She gave me her confession.
Doesn't give you an excuse to cover up a crime.
So why were you transferred out of St.
Horatio's? Because I sinned.
I broke my vows.
That's not good enough, father.
It's not my story to tell.
The priest taught us abortion was a sin.
Then he made me murder my baby.
Who did? It wasn't Father Shea.
He tried to help me.
I was bleeding after the baby was gone.
Father Shea found me.
I confessed the things I had done and who I had done them with.
It didn't happen again.
That's why Father Shea was sent away.
So who did abuse you, Angelica? You're 22.
We can still put him away.
I don't know if I can do this.
It could help your brother do less time.
And we will be with you every step of the way.
The men who beat you up were wrong.
And we were wrong.
You didn't molest Angelica.
You didn't molest Sofia.
No, I would never-- But you know who did abuse Angelica.
I'm bound by the seal of the confessional.
I don't get that, Father.
Look, you're a good man, and I know you have a duty to the church, but you still have a duty to get justice for Angelica.
I made sure she was protected.
Is that why you were sent away? Look, whoever did this, how do you know he's not still molesting little girls? Because he swore to me he wouldn't.
Well, he broke the law, and if you don't tell me his name, you're breaking it too.
I can't.
I gave them my word.
Are you protecting a pedophile or the church? - No! Neither.
- Then what is it, hmm? Did he have leverage on you? I mean, are you protecting yourself? No, this has nothing to do with me.
I don't matter in any of this.
All right, then, who does? Who else matters that much to you-- Oh.
I'm sorry, Father.
Hey, you were right.
He's hiding something.
But he's not guilty of abuse.
We got the wrong sin.
Oh, detectives.
Can I help you? Actually, it's Father Shea who needs your help.
Is he all right? Honey, can you wait outside? Those accusations we told you about-- I said he would never-- Well, he can't or won't defend himself.
Thinks if he tells us the truth, someone innocent will get hurt.
I-I don't know who.
You know, I have a daughter.
Most days, I think she looks just like her mother.
But sometimes, when my daughter's mood changes I see myself.
Does Sofia know who her father is? We spoke to Ms.
And she told us that Sofia is your daughter.
I spent ten years making sure that was kept secret for Sofia's sake.
But Menendez knew.
Rita confessed to him.
She told him how much in love we were.
And he used that as leverage to keep you quiet about what he did to Angelica.
No, that wasn't the reason.
Well? After Angelica came to me, I went to Menendez.
He asked me to hear his confession.
He told me what he did to her.
He said it was a one-time weakness.
And once he confessed, you were bound by the vow of the confessional.
See, that's still not good enough, father.
You put other girls in jeopardy.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
He swore to me that it wouldn't happen again.
And you believed him? Pedophiles are gifted liars.
Yes, I did.
See, I've left my daughter at that parish, and Rita keeps an eye on him, and then, once a year, I come in to take his confession.
For a decade.
And I don't believe he's hurt anyone else.
Is that how you sleep at night? Who says I do? Well, you may have kept the vow of the confessional, but you broke the law.
You have a legal obligation to report abuse.
You're as guilty as he is.
I understand.
Do you understand that you have to testify against Menendez? Yes, I understand that too.
You know, one more thing, Father.
Your transgression will come out.
You might want to tell Sofia yourself.
What do you mean, it wasn't him? They transferred Father Shea.
That's what they do to pedophiles.
It wasn't Father Shea.
But you told me that there was-- I told you what happened to me.
I never said who it was.
I was afraid you'd go after him, get in trouble.
I beat him up.
I'm in jail.
He got the wrong priest.
You should let him go.
That's not the way it works.
I'm sorry, Enrique.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
If I'd have looked out for you in the first place, this would've never have happened.
Yeah, I know it's Christmas Eve, Teresa.
I'm trying.
I-- She hung up on you? Old habits die hard.
You're doing everything you can.
She doesn't seem to think so.
But I got an idea.
Detective my grandkids are inside.
It's Christmas Eve.
That's why I'm here, Judge.
I need you to sign a conditional release for Sam Randall.
Not my problem.
Come on, Judge.
It's Christmas Eve.
You know the guy is innocent.
Let him go home and spend it with his son.
I'll keep him handcuffed to me if you want.
Timmy go get your grandpa's reading glasses, huh? Give me those papers.
But he's your responsibility, Detective.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Judge.
- Yeah.
Well, that was Fin.
Sam's free.
He's on his way home.
A Christmas miracle.
Hey, and you'll make your flight.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere until we get a warrant for Menendez from Judge Harrison.
Liv, go.
I've got this.
I can't.
Hey, you put off your vacation till there are no bad guys left.
Look, I know, I know, but-- All right, you know what? This is my Christmas gift.
Really? Yeah, really.
Come on.
I want jewelry next year.
Look, I have my phone with me.
I'm not turning it off.
If you need anything-- Liv.
Merry Christmas, Nick.
You too, Liv.
Merry Christmas.
I got a present for you.
Dad! - Have a nice night, Fin.
- Where you going? - Home.
- Like hell you are.
Your family's in Georgia, right? You better sit your ass down and have some food, 'fore I have to pay for not inviting you in the first place.
Got that right.
Come on in.
Children, attention, please.
It's almost time for the opening hymn.
Don't worry.
I'll be right behind you.
A little libation.
- Help yourself.
- Okay.
Seriously, do you people ever quit? I'm sorry, Your Honor.
We want to pick him up tonight.
One condition.
Let him finish mass.
Yes, sir.
You got the warrant? Oh, great news, Nick.
Thank you.
Out of the way.
Out of the way! Get off of her.
Hey, NYPD.
Get off of her.
I was here to arrest him.
It's too late.

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