Law & Order Special Victims Unit s14e16 Episode Script

Funny Valentine

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses justice system, are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Hi, I'm Micha Green, and I'll be singing one of my favorite songs for you.
? I will stand tall ? before it all ? you can count on me ? to be ? I will stand tall ? before it all ? you can count on me ? to be strong ? yeah ? I'll be there for you, girl ? ? ooh, yeah ? I'm gonna be strong now ? ? you can count on me ? yeah ? I'll be there for you girl ? ? I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be ? ? I'm gonna be strong now ? you can count on me ? to be ? to be ? to be ? to be ? strong, yeah ? I'm gonna be strong now ? ? Yeah, yeah, that's it.
Really nice, guys.
We are listening to the soundtrack to the merchandising, yes? - Yep.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on, save a little of that for the video.
There's plenty more where that came from.
That's good, 'cause you gotta sell that sizzle.
Speaking of which, you have a great body.
Let's see a little bit more of it.
Yeah, yeah, we could do that.
Whatever sells.
But we wouldn't be here without brass.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you, Micha.
Didn't I tell you fools to put your money on this little girl? Yeah.
? Gonna be strong now I'm thinking, for the tour, I could get some of them peep-toe boots like Mary J.
Ain't nobody gonna be looking at your toes, girl.
Well Caleb.
I can't leave you alone for five minutes without you getting trashy? Who you stepping to? You.
With this beef cookie.
Ooh hoo hoo.
- Nice.
- What did you say to me? Hey, baby, I was just joking.
Yeah? How funny is this, huh? Touch some of this, bitch.
Skinny-ass whore! Get her neck.
All around.
Do you need me to turn? You're doing great, Micha.
I've swabbed her cuts for DNA.
We're good to go.
All right, thank you.
Again, Micha, we need to know who did this to you.
He didn't mean to do it.
"He" who? Your boyfriend? Okay, you're gonna need to tell us his name.
Caleb Bryant.
So you didn't see what happened? No.
But I can guess.
Her boyfriend, Caleb Bryant? And you're his producer? No.
Not anymore.
I work with Micha now.
I discovered her when she was nine years old.
She's like a daughter to me.
Their relationship is complicated.
No, it isn't.
He threw me down.
He pushed my face into His crotch? I tried to get away.
But my head hit his lip.
That's when he went off.
He beat you.
He choked you.
Can you tell me who else was in the room? The engineer.
The backup girls.
So this went on for a while.
When Caleb goes off I can see that.
? Whoa.
Police joining the party.
Caleb Bryant.
And they say you people don't have no fun.
Here, let me tweet your faces to my fans.
All right, Caleb, you mind letting us see your hands? Been hitting something tonight? Just holding back an overenthusiastic fan.
Guess what, we're gonna take you somewhere where you ain't gotta worry about the fans.
Under arrest.
You two are making a big mistake.
Call my Jew.
Excuse me, detectives.
You took my client's clothes.
That's harassment.
They're evidence.
The jacket alone is $5,000.
I hope everything's been properly vouchered.
Down to the last bloodstain.
And I trust you haven't questioned him in my absence.
He knows better than that.
I'd like to see your captain.
- I'd like to have a word.
- He's out.
Sergeant munch is covering.
You sure you don't wanna see another kind of pictures? Nobody's interested, Romeo.
If you guys were smart, you could save yourselves a lot of embarrassment.
Well, what do you suggest we do? See, you cops-- you see a big fish of the African-American persuasion, and you, ohh, you just start salivating to bring him down.
Go on.
How many rushed investigations have you seen? Corners cut, conclusions jumped to? Then everything just gets in a big pile of ashes and apologies.
- That's happened.
- Yeah.
Well, you don't want it to happen to you.
Because Caleb is a big superstar.
He has substantial resources, he has a stellar reputation-- he's loved in this city.
Can the NYPD say the same? I want to see my client.
Yeah, the one who kept asking for his "Jew"? He's that way, Counselor.
You're still smiling? What, you two bond in there? Oh, just a concerned citizen making sure the department doesn't embarrass itself.
He's hoping that his client doesn't embarrass himself.
I mean, look.
This thing's gone viral.
Baby-faced bad boy Caleb Bryant had his gangsta cred boosted tonight when police hauled him out of a Manhattan nightclub in handcuffs.
They should go on a double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna.
Too bad there were no paparazzi in that recording studio.
Any witnesses to the attack? Well, at least three, according to Micha.
Well, we need to get to 'em before Caleb's people do.
And while we're at it, let's make sure that Caleb's people don't get to Micha either.
Seriously? You want me to testify against Caleb? If you saw an assault, yeah.
And what if I ever want to work again? I've had enough with the wiggers and wannabes.
He beat that girl bad.
I'm not saying I saw anything, but, you know, she shouldn't have dissed him.
Guys like Caleb need to get their own way.
Excuse me.
I didn't see anything.
Well, you were with Caleb and Micha before it happened.
You were with Caleb at the nightclub.
So? I must've been in the ladies' room when it happened.
You rollin' with Caleb, your look has got to be tight.
You wanna be Caleb's next? After last night? Look, I know when to keep my mouth open, and when to keep my mouth shut.
A punch? I'd say it was more like a slap.
Open hand? Closed hand? Can you see the difference? Or-- - All right, he punched her.
- Did you see him choke her? - For a hot second.
There's a three-second rule in choking.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying it was real quick.
It was too quick for you to help her out, Mr.
Ferrari? Just watch her get beat? Well, where's the plastic surgeon? Tell 'em to send a limo.
Tell 'em to send a damn helicopter.
What are you-- Alicia, what are you doing? I said no press! Oh, yeah, just get him here.
Listen, uh Micha's resting.
This can wait, right? No, it can't.
I'm Detective Benson, and this is Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba.
How you doing? Listen, she's gonna issue a statement through her publicist.
It can't wait.
Meanwhile, we need to speak to her.
All right, let's do it.
How about you wait here? - Uh-- - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't go nowhere.
I'll be right back.
- Big smile.
- Trust me.
- Micha.
- Yo, buy my album! How you feeling? You had to do this to Caleb? He did it to himself.
And to you.
Not according to my twitter feed.
They're either calling me a ho or begging me to forgive him.
Anyone who says that, you should block them immediately.
'Cause what he did to you is despicable.
Micha, this is Rafael Barba from the DA's office.
I'll be handling the prosecution.
Prosecution? Is that necessary? Unless he pleads guilty, this will go to trial.
You mean I have to testify? In public? That may happen, yes.
But we will be with you every step of the way.
Now, it would also be good if you had some other support there.
Like is there any family that you can call? My sisters, my mother, her boyfriend.
If they come up here I'ma have to take care of all of them.
Okay, so, what about Brass? He's your mentor, right? If I need someone to say, "I told you so.
" Look I've been on my own a long time.
And here you are again.
Looking like this.
And look at him.
Acting as if nothing ever happened.
Caleb thinks he can do this to me and get away with it? It's not happening.
I'll have quiet or I'll clear the courtroom! - Officers! - Everybody, sit down.
Everybody, quiet, come on! Caleb Bryant, you are charged with attempted sexual abuse in the first degree, assault in the second degree, and strangulation in the first degree.
Nice trifecta.
Do we have a plea? Not guilty, Your Honor.
These are two passionate people whose private moment has been wildly mischaracterized.
Save it for trial.
People on bail? The defendant has massive resources and a propensity for violence.
- We request remand.
- Please, Your Honor.
My client has a sold-out concert next week at Barclays Center.
He's not going to disappoint his fans.
I hope not.
Bail's set at 500,000.
We also request a temporary order of protection.
The defendant represents an ongoing threat to the victim, particularly as he's shown absolutely no remorse.
We are talking here about two people who are very much in love, Your Honor.
And love hurts, right? The defendant is ordered to stay from Micha Green.
If Caleb Bryant were singing opera at the Met, you all know we would not be here today.
The DA's office and NYPD are perpetuating the stereotype that hip-hop artists are gangster thugs.
Y'all know me.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
And I love Micha.
She knows that.
She knows what really happened.
She's not gonna let NYPD send another innocent black man to jail.
Well, that's good to know.
I guess we can all just go home.
Hey, don't underestimate his charm.
I don't.
He's working her, he's working the jury.
Micha knows what he did.
So does Ferrari the sound mixer, and forensics back it up.
This would be tough enough for a grown woman, but for a teenage girl in the glare of the spotlight? All right, have you seen this? Look at this.
Oh, Mr.
Come on down.
Micha Green, the singing phenom with the voice of an angel and the body of a vixen now has the face of a gargoyle, as this truly shocking photo shows.
Can you tell me how this picture got out? Okay, not from my office.
It's been viewed 200,000 times in an hour.
- It's unacceptable.
- Wow.
Sound more upset about that than you do the beating.
We are all concerned about Micha.
Yeah, not just about her health, but all aspects of her life, including her brand.
Her brand? Oh, right, I'm sorry.
Uh, corporations are people, people are brands.
Come on, Micha's got an album about to drop.
She's got four major endorsements pending, including one from a cosmetics company, and this--this is not the face that they want selling makeup.
Micha, with all due respect to your brand, you're also a role model.
Women and girls look up to you.
If you stand up and say, "No more"-- I just don't know about a trial.
And like Mr.
Price says, things are starting to happen for me.
The single with Caleb-- Caleb? Micha, the Caleb who did this to you? What Caleb did was indefensible.
But he breaks the law, and she gets punished? Micha, we know that when men do this once, they do it again.
The bottom line here is that you are not safe.
I want this to be over.
I don't want the world to see me like that.
Like a victim.
This is my call.
I'm not going to court.
A surprising turn today in the case against music superstar Caleb Bryant, who had been charged with assaulting his girlfriend, the young singer Micha Green.
Sources close to the entertainers tell us that Micha has withdrawn her complaint against the popular performer in the hope that the couple can repair their relationship in private.
- You don't need her testimony.
- That's changed.
The Crawford decision, thank you, Judge Scalia, - made that a heavier lift.
- So does this.
Rollins says Ferrari, the sound engineer, just booked a gig in Buenos Aires.
That's the game.
We can't just let him walk away, because we know how that goes.
Look, can't you push for a deal before they know that Micha's backing out? It's too late.
They're all part of the same music industrial complex.
Come on, Barba.
You can be very persuasive when you want to be.
A deal.
Is this "be kind to prosecutors" month? Nobody told me.
This picture.
I find it disturbing, but perversely inspiring.
Well, that picture's not gonna take the stand, is it? - Caleb.
- No.
But the doctor who examined her will.
And her neurologist will talk about the effects of strangulation.
You were playing Russian roulette with Ms.
Green's life.
And our witnesses will describe her irrational fury at my guy simply talking to another woman.
How he had to defend himself against her rage.
Which, of course, she will rebut-- Oh, no, she's not testifying.
Because Micha knows I didn't want to hurt her.
Still, this puts a chip in the fairytale romance, the all-American smile.
People are gonna turn against you, Caleb.
You say you didn't mean to hurt Micha.
Don't just tell me.
Tell the world.
Accept responsibility.
You're a public relations expert now? People respect a man who mans up.
You're gonna say you were defending yourself against her? What does she weigh? All right, come on.
Let's get the hell outta here.
Let the suit speak.
Admit the sin.
And repent.
Everybody loves a good redemption story.
What are you proposing? Something we can all live with.
- They're thinking about it? - Put a clock on the offer.
It's 9:00 PM, they've got 12 hours.
What's the deal? He pleads to assault.
Five years suspended sentence, community service.
Hold on, no jail time? Well, we get a felony conviction.
He does this again, he's a two-time loser.
If he does this again, Micha might not be alive.
Look, when an offender strangles his victim, he's ten times more likely - To kill the victim.
- To kill his victim.
I went to her seminar.
It was terrific.
But then you know this deal sucks.
No witness, no victim.
I played the hand I had.
Well, it looks like Caleb's playing his.
"Did you see me on Wendy? A message for the Bryant Team.
" Looks like it aired today.
I know how hard this has been for both of you and the fans that love you.
But you told me that you have a message directly for Micha.
And 2 million other viewers.
I do, Wendy, I do.
I'm gonna pretend you guys aren't here.
Micha, I love you.
And that I hurt you, it tears me up, but that guy wasn't me.
And this guy, the real me, is so, so sorry.
And I'm gonna do everything to prove that to you.
I'm canceling my tour, all my concert dates, because right now, making things right with you is all that matters.
This friendship ring is for you, Mich.
I'm hoping one day you'll wear it.
Wow, he's working it.
Looks like he took your advice, Counselor.
Instead of a court of law, he's pleading out on cable.
- The peoples' court.
- Redemption without the felony.
And he's smart.
That ring's right out of Kobe's handbook.
And he's tweeting, again "BBC update.
My girl is shaftmatized.
" With a photo.
That bedspread.
That's in Micha's hotel room.
His stay away order's still in effect, right? Absolutely.
Where is she? Hey, man, worry about your own bitch.
Micha! - You all right? - I'm fine.
If you'd have come a minute later, she'd have been way more okay.
Does that look like Put some clothes on.
You're under arrest.
For what? Tell 'em, Micha! No, I told him he could be here.
It's not up to you! Caleb, I'm sorry! I love you! In a case that will not stop twisting and turning bad boy Caleb Bryant is back in court today, accused of violating the restraining order that kept him away from his girlfriend and duet partner Micha Green.
Demonstrators opposing domestic violence are calling for a prison sentence No more! No more! It's an honest misunderstanding, Your Honor.
My client assumed that Ms.
Green could rescind the order.
He thinks she's a judge now.
It's--it's all my fault, I apologize, and I should've explained things more clearly.
If Mr.
Cohen would like to join his client in jail, I have no objection.
Thank you, Mr.
Barba, I have this.
Bryant Did you fail to understand what I said to you the other day? I understood you were protecting Micha.
I thought if she was okay with seeing me-- I meant no disrespect to you.
And since Ms.
Green is not making a complaint, I'm going to give Mr.
Bryant 30 days.
Last chance.
Another misunderstanding, and you're off to Rikers.
Suspended sentence.
Now, why didn't the judge just ask for a photo with Caleb? What did they pull to get Ortiz? She talks tough but always sentences light.
I know.
It's an endless disappointment to NYPD that we don't summarily execute people you arrest.
This isn't a conspiracy.
She saw a first offense, contrition, no violence in the encounter.
I saw a woman who's traumatized, who doesn't realize the danger that she's in.
It's domestic violence.
There's only so much the courts can do until the victim's ready.
You keep talking to her.
Team Umizoomi! Have fun today? Hey I don't think you saw my new tattoo.
That Micha's face after you beat her? Hey, it's just art.
Don't waste your time, Nick, it's not worth it.
- What is that? - What? - In your jacket, is that a gun? - Are you trippin'? - Back up, guys.
- Come on, assume the position.
- Back up.
- What is that? Courvoisier.
But not for you.
- Ah - What? Weed.
Come on.
Let's take a walk.
Turn around.
Take off your belt.
Seriously? What's your problem? You're a good-looking guy, nice smile.
I would think you'd get me.
Take off your laces.
Come on, blue blood.
We're both players.
You play the good guy who runs the charm and the "I'll protect you" routine.
And I know your play.
"I love you, I beat you, I'm sorry.
" Whatever they want.
You never used what you got to get over on a woman? I've taken your lethal items, but feel free to bang your head against the wall.
Caleb was rored last night and back in the club by midnight.
Well, it was a good bust.
He was carrying.
Half a gram of pot? That's not enough to get a mosquito high.
Caleb has already filed a CCRB complaint, which means you know what we have to look forward to? conversation on why you frisked him in the first place.
I saw what I thought was a gun.
Liv, did you happen to see this menacing cognac flask? Look, I was standing right there.
The stop-and-frisk was by the book.
Look, my dad used to talk with his fists.
I know Caleb.
He's a real threat to that girl.
And the more you harass him, the more you drive Micha towards him.
Romeo and Juliet 101.
Make you Miss Cragen? He's right.
I don't like the guy.
Me neither.
Caleb's latest tweet, "Mich told the judge how much I miss my bitch.
Loving you shouldn't be a crime.
" I hope to God she's not falling for this.
I tried reaching out to her, she won't call me back.
There's gotta be someone she listens to.
Mwah! Take care of mommy, little man.
I saw that concert with my son.
I was like dad of the block for a month.
You was fire, baby.
Yeah, but I held it together.
Didn't go up in flames.
Like Caleb? Well, he grew up in fire.
You know, his dad was a pimp.
So to him, that's what it means to be a man.
Yeah, but that's on him.
I heard Micha's like a daughter to you.
You don't want her with that.
No, but I tried to be there for her, try to show her tough love, but she's always been headstrong.
She got any family can get through to her? No, all her family, they only call when they need something.
Micha pays for all their bills.
Her mother's boyfriend-- he runs that family.
He's also not afraid to use his fist either.
Wow, she grew up with that too? Caleb was tailor-made for her.
I can't fight it.
And we can't do anything till he does something again.
- Keep an eye on her, okay? - I always do.
You know, she's having a big release party for her single tonight with Caleb.
If I can get her past that, maybe the fever will break.
Live red carpet footage for the release of her new single? You mean her and Caleb's duet.
I guess her people aren't worried about any damage to her brand.
If I didn't know any better, I'd swear this whole thing was just for publicity.
Well, her team, maybe.
Him, definitely.
Everyone's using her.
- But those bruises are real.
- So excited, Wendy.
The record, the tour I just feel like everything's coming together for me.
Speaking of "coming together," I see you're wearing his ring.
Does this mean that you and Caleb are good again? I've forgiven Caleb.
We've moved past what happened.
But the police keep targeting him.
They wouldn't even let him come here with me tonight.
Well, they say that's for your own protection.
I love Caleb, and he loves me.
The New York Police Department can't tell me who I can and cannot love.
Well, she basically just invited him.
We should be on him.
- Nick, bill of rights? - And what about her rights? Brass told me he'd keep an eye out.
? - Hello? - Detective Tutuola? What's good? I'm at the Blackout Club for Micha's party.
Caleb snuck through the back door.
- I told him to go home.
- Who you talking to, old man? I thought you should know.
You dry snitchin' on me? Is that Caleb? Okay, we gotta go now.
Liv, Nick, go.
- What's going on? - Call said shots fired.
Hey, get outta the way! Move! Blackout Club, multiple wounded.
We need buses now.
Oh, God.
She all right? Still breathing.
He's not.
Got a gunshot wound to the chest.
He's dead.
Make sure that we're called the second she's conscious.
Looks like a warzone in here.
Any collateral damage? The only DOA is Brass.
Half a dozen injured.
Anybody know how this whole thing got started? Oh, anybody that could walk took off.
Those left behind, nobody saw anything, nobody knows anything.
See that guy over there? According to him, he's not here.
Half a dozen handguns on the floor.
Anybody carrying dumped and ran.
Don't hold your breath on registration.
What about Caleb? If he was here, he didn't come in the front.
Oh, he was here.
I heard him threatening Brass.
Well, whatever happened here tonight, Micha was in the center of it.
It's your fault.
Brass is dead because of you.
Micha, you know that's not true.
You went and turned him against Caleb.
Got him all fired up.
Did you see what happened? Did you see who shot Brass? No.
Micha, when we found you, you were laying unconscious on the floor right near him.
And you're telling us that you didn't see anything? No.
Was Caleb at the club last night? Brass told us he was there.
I understand that you're in shock, and I understand how difficult this is.
But if Caleb killed Brass, he needs to answer for that.
Brass had a wife.
He had a little boy.
I didn't see anything.
"You can count on me, and I can count on you.
" Is that from Caleb? So what if they are? He's asking you to cover for him.
It's just a lyric.
Can you let me get some rest? We'll take your questions, but my client has nothing to contribute about this tragic event.
Don't be so modest.
Caleb, what time did you get to the club last night? I wasn't there.
The launch of your big duet and you didn't go.
I wanted to, but I can't get within 1,000 yards.
Where were you? Home.
Watched a little TV.
Anyone with you? - No.
- What'd you watch? Basketball.
Some cooking show.
I channel surf.
- Okay? You got it? - No, we don't got it.
Brass called and told me you were there.
I feel bad about what happened to him, but it wasn't me.
I heard your voice on the phone, Caleb, it's like a fingerprint.
Really? On a cell phone? In a crowded club? That's good.
That's a nice try.
So, hip-hop, hard-partying ladies' man, and last night was the one night he was home alone watching the Knicks.
You haven't found any witnesses who put him at the scene? We haven't found a witness who puts himself at the scene.
Nobody saw who killed Tupac or Biggie either.
Surveillance footage? Yeah, looks like it was shot by Godard.
Forensics? The gun that fired the fatal shot was wiped clean of prints, it was unregistered, and stolen from a gun show six years ago.
Micha knows what happened, but she's not talking.
Caleb has a hold on her.
I mean, going against him feels impossible.
But she did love Brass.
That was real.
I hope you're right.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Micha.
- Jen.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry, Curtis.
I can't believe that he's gone.
Yesterday he's having cheerios with Curtis, and today-- If there's anything I can do-- I just don't know how this happened.
You were there.
Did you see? Ms.
If you're ready.
I didn't need to see them.
Did you bring them here on purpose? She wanted to know if we had found her husband's killer.
We had to tell her that nobody was talking.
I told you I didn't see anything.
Now, where are those papers I'm supposed to sign? Oh, yeah, the, uh, papers formally dropping the charges against Caleb.
They're, uh--they're printing up right now.
It was a busy day.
You know, Micha, we wanted to talk to you about last night.
We think that Brass was trying to protect you.
He was looking out for you.
Like he always has.
You know, I found the famous video.
You were singing.
- ? I will stand tall - Just nine years old.
Your grandmother sent this to Brass.
I know the story.
It made it past all of his people, and he ended up watching it himself.
Then your life changed.
? I will stand tall It really happen like that? I thought it was just PR.
? You can count on me No, it's true.
That night he called my grandmother She was so excited she kept dropping her phone.
So, he paid for all your voice lessons? Made sure that you stayed in school? Made sure that you were a good girl.
And now his own son won't have him around to do that.
What do you want me to say? - You're wrong about Caleb.
- Are we? We know that he was at the club last night.
He just wanted to see me.
You don't understand.
When we met, it was so intense.
Flowers, gifts, trips.
Caleb always saying he loved me.
I felt like I'd found my prince.
He was looking out for you.
Just like Brass did.
Until it changed.
It changed, didn't it, Micha? Yeah.
One night we were at a club.
He got a text.
I just said, "Who's that?" I didn't know it was another girl.
I was just trying to make conversation.
And then? He dragged me down the stairs.
He just kept kicking me.
Broke two ribs.
The next day he was crying like a baby.
And he swore that it would never happen again? And he meant it.
Micha What happened last night? I told him he couldn't be there.
I didn't want him to get in trouble again.
But that just made him angry.
He said he'd see his woman when he wanted to.
Then he saw Brass on the phone.
And what did he do? He went off.
Brass told him to take it easy.
But that just got him all wound up.
Told him to step off, to stay away from me.
But Brass just stayed in his face.
Caleb pulled a gun.
He shot Brass in the chest.
Micha, we're gonna need you to tell this to the grand jury first thing in the morning.
Micha You can do this.
You need to do this.
I will.
I said goodnight to her at 10:00 and I posted a uni outside her door.
She seem solid? Solid, I mean, so far so good, right? Mm-hmm.
You ever been in love like that? Like the guy kills somebody in front of me, but he sends me flowers so I let it slide? That's not love, that's brainwashing.
Yeah, I know, but She thinks she's in love.
Lauren Sullivan.
She could have massacred my entire family.
I would've looked the other way.
Micha's 19.
It was a publicity party for my new single.
A duet with Caleb.
And John Blanken, known as "Brass," was at the party? Yes.
He produced my record.
He produced all my records.
And did you witness his encounter with Caleb Bryant? Ms.
Um, Caleb? He wasn't there.
Do-- Let's go back.
Caleb Bryant was at the party.
Isn't that right? No, he wasn't.
Green Yesterday evening, you sat in my office, and you told me and a detective about an altercation that you witnessed at the party between Brass and Caleb Bryant.
Do you remember that? You were pressuring me.
You and that detective have a vendetta against Caleb.
Did you or did you not tell us that you saw Caleb Bryant shoot Brass? I just repeated what you told me.
I've been confused ever since that night.
I got a bad concussion.
You seemed very clear about things yesterday.
You put words in my mouth.
Well, then great, tell us exactly, in your own words, what you saw when Brass was murdered.
I didn't see anything.
I heard a commotion, and people were running, and then I got knocked down.
Do you realize you're under oath? Do you realize that lying to a grand jury is a felony, and it is punishable by a term in state prison? I'm not lying.
That's all I know.
Swear they had no contact? He did not go up to that hotel room, and she did not leave.
There were no emails, no tweets.
He went old-school.
Burner cell.
One-hour phone call to Micha's suite last night.
Probably when she told him that she was going to the grand jury.
And he swore that he loved her, and he said that he was sorry.
And he couldn't live without her.
Her latest tweet.
She went straight from the grand jury to Teterboro.
Private jet to Bermuda.
"Counting on each other.
Love rules over all.
" So, what do we do now? - We wait.
- For what? The inevitable.
This boat is so beautiful, Caleb.
You're the one who's beautiful.
Come here.
? You can count on me to be strong ? I wish we could stay here forever.
Just the two of us.
Now? Who's that, baby? Haven't you learned to mind your own business? I wasn't.
Caleb, honey.
Don't act scared.
What? You think I'm gonna hit you? Hmm? Caleb, don't.
Shocked fans gathered in Manhattan tonight to mourn the death of rising talent Micha Green, whose body was discovered a few hours ago in Bermuda.
She'd been vacationing there with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Caleb Bryant, the hip-hop superstar who was recently accused of assaulting the 19-year-old singer.
Micha's body was found floating beside their chartered yacht.
Authorities say it's too early to determine the cause of death, but there were reports that the couple had been heard arguing earlier today.
Micha's fairytale ascent began ten years ago when a home video of her singing found its way to legendary music producer John "Brass" blanken.
? I will stand tall ? before it all ? you can count on me to be ?
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