Law & Order Special Victims Unit s14e23 Episode Script

Brief Interlude

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
- Lookin' good.
- Mm.
- Feelin' good? - Another one? Okay.
- Oh.
- Wh--oh.
Just enjoy the ride.
Thank you.
We'll be back in a bit.
DJ, keep the party going.
Oh, how hot you look! I love the look.
Santiago, that set, fantastic.
Was anyone recording? Always.
You want a copy for your files? - Yes, please.
- You got it.
Ariel, let's dance.
- No, I-I-- - It's okay.
No, it's not.
I'm sorry.
I should go.
Hey, relax, we're all friends here.
Hey, guys.
Not a good day, ma'am.
Oh, my God.
Female, white, Jane Doe, torn clothing, non-responsive, but alive.
Was she assaulted? Blunt force trauma to the head, bite marks on her breasts, bruises on her thighs, scrapes on her knees.
Any way to ID her? No phone, no wallet, no jewelry.
Jogger found her in that rowboat.
Rowboat? Do people row around Gracie Mansion? Nope.
No rentals around here.
So we have no way of knowing who she is or where she floated in from.
A woman found unconscious and bleeding right behind Gracie Mansion.
My ears are ringing already.
Who found her? A witness saw two male teens, one black, one white, hovering over her body.
They ran when she approached.
So if our vic did have a wallet, there it went.
They were just going through that woman's pockets.
I don't think those boys would've attacked her.
"Those boys"? You know 'em? No.
I mean, I-- you know, I've seen them.
I don't really know them.
You just sort of know 'em.
Tell me this didn't happen here.
Oh, probably not.
No drag marks.
No blood on the ground.
She was assaulted someplace else, dumped in this rowboat, and washed up here.
Okay, so why did you come all the way down here? I mean, joggers don't usually come over this far.
I heard something and-- And you're about to lie to us.
My husband will kill me.
You brought your kid with you to meet another man? God, no.
I was meeting one of the boys, Jaspar, to get pills.
What kind of pills? Adderall.
I have issues with focus.
My therapist thinks I'm faking it.
So you meet your teenage dealer in the park at 7:00 AM? He's not a dealer.
- It's his own scrip.
- Oh.
His friend, I don't know his name, is rough, but Jaspar's nice.
You got Jaspar on speed dial? No.
I just meet him here before or after school.
I bet he's a real good student too.
I have to go.
Dash and I have a baby yoga class.
Not today, you don't.
So no way to ID her? Well, the way she was dressed, she could be a working girl.
Nick, you gotta get out more.
Everyone dresses like that now.
Olivia, go to the hospital in case she regains consciousness.
I'll check databases, missing persons.
Maybe there's someone she didn't come home to.
And I'll inform 1PP that the investigation is proceeding.
All you have to do is answer a few questions-- Who, what, when, where, and why? Our Jane Doe's prints aren't in the system, and no one matching her description has been reported missing in the last 48 hours.
Okay, well, Warner says, with the vaginal abrasions and the bite marks, that it's likely she was sexually assaulted.
She's collecting DNA samples now.
Warner? She got here fast.
Half-naked woman washes up in the mayor's backyard, everybody jumps.
- How's she doing? - Not good.
She's in a coma.
Intracranial pressure from her head wound is increasing.
Anything on the weapon? She was hit with a wooden object.
It left splinters, had a thin edge.
Whatever it was, it did the job.
No signs of chronic drug use, but she did have alcohol and MDMA in her system.
Ecstasy? So she was partying.
Or she was drugged.
Something else interesting-- a pelvic X-ray showed she had stainless steel stitching from an old hernia, uncommon in this country.
More third world? The dentistry is first world.
I'll put out a query.
Someone will know.
If she's a foreign national who came into the country in the last few years, her prints could be in ICE.
Well, thanks, Melinda.
At least it's something.
Uh, one more thing.
She's had at least two children.
If you can, find her next of kin soon.
This kind of head trauma, we could be looking at a homicide.
She's not from the US? ICE have any hits on her prints? Not yet.
Look, they're jammed up.
A lot of governors cracking down on illegals.
So no "who.
" What about how she got here, - the rowboat? - Don't hold your breath.
It's a generic boat.
There's no serial numbers, no name.
Harbor And Aviation know where she floated in from? No, they said if we know when, they can tell us where.
And if we know where, they can tell us when.
That's not as helpful as I'd like.
It'd be more helpful if she were dead.
Melinda, really? Rigor, a time of death, we could backtrack.
Oh, actually I'm glad we don't have that.
All right, just to be clear, it's been eight hours, we got nothing.
Yeah, it's almost 3:00.
School's about to be let out.
- Let's go.
- Hold on, Rollins.
How's your wing? Maybe I should send Amaro with Fin.
No, no, no, no.
It's fine.
PT's a bitch, but I'm good to go.
On the benches, yellow baseball cap and hoodie.
Um, is one of y'all named Jaspar? Who's asking? Uh, one of the moms from my baby yoga class said that you guys were sometimes here.
Baby yoga, huh? Yeah, like, I have-- I have a three-month-old, and I'm having trouble staying awake.
I-I have cash.
Name brand, not those generics.
That's great, thank you.
And you're Jaspar Barron? You guys, you're coming with me.
Stand up.
Yep, that's right.
Hey, hey, hey! Fin, we got one running.
You move, and I'll add resisting arrest.
Hey, you, you! Put your hands up, get down.
So the smart kids are selling drugs to MILFs these days? Not drugs, they're prescription.
It's a controlled substance.
It's Jaspar's scrip, not mine.
It's all his idea, I swear.
We know the Adderall is yours.
I don't wanna have to haul you to central booking.
Come on, you seem like a good kid.
- You've got no priors.
- This is all on Todd.
I-I owe him money.
Ah, so Todd says, "Jump," you say, "How high?" Todd tell you to knock that girl out in the rowboat, rape her? No! We saw her floating there.
I said, "We should get out of here," and Todd wanted to check her pockets.
- You're under arrest.
- Come on.
You believe Jaspar, not me? Do I look like a drug dealer? - What about rapist? - Seriously? She was out cold when we got there.
You were the last ones to be with her.
And she's in a coma now.
She dies, you're looking at murder.
And we will find your DNA on her body, you'll be tied to the rape.
I didn't rape her.
I just went through her pockets.
You take anything? Some loose change, a lipstick.
I gave it to my mother.
And that's all? No credit cards? She had one card, but it was for a hotel or something.
What, like a key card? - I guess.
- Which hotel? She was supposed to check out today.
Something happened to her? Sir, just open the door.
I'm also gonna need the passkey.
No, I-I'm a little uncomfortable with that.
- Is it okay if we-- - Are you kidding me? This a police investigation, all right? Your guest was assaulted.
The passkey to the safe, now.
Okay, we also need the security footage from the hallway, from the elevator, a record of every single call that was made to or from that room, - wi-fi use-- - O-okay.
Okay, lady, I'll see what I can do.
Let's go.
Back up.
Oh, my God.
Place is a mess.
Or somebody got here first and tossed it.
What were they looking for? Not fishnets or leather or lace.
Somebody went on a downtown shopping spree.
Well, they weren't after cash.
Canadian passport.
"Ariel Randolph.
" Entered the country four days ago.
We got a power cord for a tablet.
iPhone charger.
No phone.
So they were looking for something they didn't want anyone to see.
There's no calls from the hotel landline.
This is all the internet activity from Ariel Randolph's room? Guests sign an acceptable use policy.
Now if there's anything illegal in there-- Okay, save it, please.
See here-- Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, now.
Come on.
Okay, she accessed her iCloud and her Facebook page.
It's not even password protected.
Okay, she's got MP3s.
They're all tagged with places and dates, like it's live music.
This might be who ransacked her room.
The time code has him entering five hours after we found Ariel, with a key.
Whoever that is, he's dressed for surveillance cams.
Hold on, I got something.
There's a call to the same video chat number twice a day.
Hey, dad, it's mom.
Who are you? Where's my mom? Uh, I'm Detective Benson.
Is it mommy? Hey, guys, can I, uh-- Can I speak with your dad? Ariel Randolph, 32, from Edmonton.
Music blogger, podcast host.
Her husband-- Nat Randolph, 55, local celebrity in Western Canada, hosts a show called Canadian Days And Nights.
They have two sons-- Wayne, 12, and Grant, 10.
The family barely caught their flight.
They're en route now.
Okay, married mother of two.
What was she doing on her own in New York City? She told her husband she was here to do podcasts on some-- what'd she call it? The Caravanserai World Music Festival, and she wasn't lying about that.
I mean, she's got dozens of MP3s of different bands, I mean, most of which played during the festival last week.
When's the last time her family heard from her? The morning before we found her.
She kept in touch.
They video chatted twice a day.
Any chance she told them where she was going that night? No, she said she was gonna pack and edit her podcast.
The husband seems to have no idea about her nightlife.
At home, she teaches piano, runs the PTA craft fair.
Okay, but she wouldn't be the first spouse to keep a part of her life secret.
Doesn't mean that she was asking for it.
She's into something more than fiddles and accordions.
Well, let's find out what or who, and let's start with whoever ransacked her room.
Well, the hotel manager said Ariel took out two keys when she checked in.
It could be she has a friend here.
You know what, according to her phone records, Ariel has multiple calls to several different phone numbers.
Track 'em down.
Family gets here in six hours.
I wanna be able to give 'em some answers.
If you could just take a look at the photo.
So she called you several times over the last few days.
Can you tell us what it was about? Ariel, she was in town for the festival.
I was editing her podcast.
Is she okay? Well, she was the victim of an assault.
Oh, no, poor girl.
What happened? Well, we were hoping that you could tell us.
So how do you know her? I just met her a week ago at a gig.
So your relationship was professional? Yeah, I have a girlfriend, and I don't think Ariel was in New York to hook up with a sound engineer.
When's the last time you talked to her? A couple days ago.
She was asking me about the festival circuit, and I told her me and my old lady were headed to the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium this summer.
Ariel said she'd join us.
Do you know where Ariel was Tuesday night? No.
There were a couple dozen performances in town-- African, Cuban, Brazilian.
She could've been at any one of 'em.
Where were you, Phil? Well, I had a triple-header in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens-- back-to-back-to-back.
And can you tell us who else Ariel knew in the city? The gigs she was going to, she could've met anybody from anywhere in the world.
I don't mean to-- she kind of seemed like a groupie in search of a group.
Ariel Randolph? Uh, yes, she called me, several times.
One of our parents gave her my number.
I handle admissions here.
She had a lot of questions.
What kind of questions? Well, she wanted to know if PS 27 would be a good fit for her two boys.
Hmm, so she was thinking about moving here? Well, she was asking about residency requirements, in-school support for her son with learning issues, curriculum, that kind of thing.
Why? She's in a coma at Bellevue Hospital.
Is she the one they found up at Gracie Mansion? I saw it on the news.
I-I never imagined that could be her.
Yeah, how well do you know her, Mr.
Landry? Uh, not very well.
We've met.
She seemed so sweet-- Someone do something like that-- You know anyone else she was in contact with in New York? Uh, no, not at all.
She mentioned working in music.
You know, did she say why she was considering moving? Uh, no, not exactly.
But she was worried about how her boys would adjust.
She didn't say a word about her husband.
I figured it was best not to ask.
That was Rollins.
We're now 0 for 5.
No one Ariel called while she was in the city knows where she went or who she was with Tuesday night.
DNA's back on Ariel Randolph.
Please tell me you have a match.
No cold hits, no case-to-case, and none of the samples match the teens from the park.
There's still multiple samples? No semen, but saliva and bite marks from one male.
DNA from saliva on her neck from a second male.
And DNA under her fingernails from a third male.
- Thanks, Melinda.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, so now we're looking at three assailants.
Well, we don't know that all three were assailants, right? The MDMA in her system, the clothes we found in her room-- She came to New York to party Fell in with a bad crowd.
Family is on its way to the hospital.
That's gonna be a tough conversation to have with the husband.
I got it.
I'll be fine.
I'm Detective Benson.
That's Detective Amaro.
So very sorry.
You must be Wayne and Grant.
We video chatted.
You're big boys in person.
Can we see Ariel? Yeah, her room's down the hall.
Uh, Mr.
Randolph, you should be prepared that your wife, uh, she was hurt badly.
I know.
We talked about it on the plane.
I just wanna see my mom, please.
Take as long as you need.
What happened, dad? I don't know, son.
But the police will find out, right? We're doing everything we can.
Did you hear that, mom? Wayne, shh.
You'll wake her up.
She's not sleeping.
It's okay, Grant.
You can talk to her.
Mom, it's me, Grant.
Wayne's here too.
Can you hear us? They're telling me Ariel has an intracerebral hematoma, and it's putting pressure on her brain stem.
They've asked me to sign a DNR.
I've done broadcasts from stroke wards.
I know what that means.
Look, she's getting the best care possible, Mr.
The other injuries that the doctor referred to-- my wife was raped? We think so, yes.
Have you thought of anybody she might have been in contact with? So you don't think this was a stranger? It was someone she met here? Did she talk to you in any detail about what she was doing here? No.
I know she was going out to concerts.
But when we talked, it was mostly about our boys.
And when she left for this trip, you two were on good terms? Yes.
And she's taken other trips by herself? Not really, just to visit family.
This was her first "adventure," she called it.
And you were okay with that? Well, to be honest, I wasn't thrilled, but the boys are older now.
And Ariel had to give up a lot of her dreams when we started a family, so this was important to her, for her career.
So will she be okay? I hope so.
She's tough.
When we go skiing, she always takes us down the big hills.
Dad can't anymore.
Hey, Grant, you hungry? You wanna come pick out a snack? So, Wayne, what did your mom tell you about her New York trip? She said we'd like it, and that maybe we could go someday.
Did she ever talk to you about maybe going to school here? Yeah, she said wanted us to see the world more than she did when she was young.
She wanted us to meet other kis of people.
Did she mention meeting anyone here? No.
Is all this stuff true? They're just trying to sell newspapers.
You know who your mom is.
Come on.
Desapio? Detective, I came to see Ariel.
I've been reading about what happened.
It's horrible.
How's she doing? Pretty much the same.
Amanda, this is Ariel's sound editor.
- These Ariel's boys? - Yeah.
Sorry about your mom.
She's a really nice person.
- Yeah, she'll be okay.
- Okay, good.
Uh, what room is she in? I wanted to leave-- Actually, right now it's family only.
Oh, okay.
Can you get these to her for me? - Sure.
- Thanks.
Let's go, guys.
These clothes, she must've bought 'em here.
She doesn't dress like that in Edmonton.
So you've never seen these photos? I'm not on Facebook.
Well, she posted from different clubs and concerts, with musicians.
You were all right with her going out alone? - I have to trust her.
- Okay.
Because we also accessed her email account, and there were a couple of exchanges where you seemed upset, asking where she was going, who she was with.
And I suppose I sounded like a jealous old man.
No, I get it.
Well, I am an older man with a younger wife, and I know that Ariel wanted to have friends her own age.
And I was afraid that if I held on too tightly, I might lose her.
I understand.
But if there's anyone you can think of who your wife might have been meeting, we need to know.
Well, there was one musician that she really liked, played guitar I think.
Oh, here.
That-- that's him, right there.
I recognize him from his CD.
- Do you have a name? - No.
But this guy, he came to Edmonton last year.
She went to his concert.
Did you go? It's not for me.
Santiago Morales? It is late.
Could be asleep, could be working.
He's a musician.
He's not sleeping and he's damn sure not working.
Santiago? Can I help you? Yeah, NYPD.
Can we come in? Now's not really a good time.
You know Ariel Randolph? I'm bad with names.
Here's a picture of you two together.
So we can talk about this at the station, or you can just go ahead and let us in.
If you're worrying about the smell of weed, we're past that.
Okay, so Ariel.
Yeah, she interviewed me for NPR or something.
I don't know.
She was from out of town.
Yeah, when's the last time you saw her? I'm not sure.
She came to one of my shows.
You expecting company? - No, but here, let me-- - Allow me.
You ready? Oh, I didn't realize there were people here.
Oh, that's okay, honey.
Fin You remember Mr.
Landry from PS 27.
Small world.
It's not what you think.
I got that.
This is from FOD Lounge two nights before the attack.
It was taken on Ariel's iPad, which we found in Santiago's loft.
He claims she loaned it to him.
The husband confirmed the iPad is Ariel's.
Any chance he knew what she was up to, got jealous? Well, we didn't show him these photos.
Captain, he's not good for this.
He was in Canada the whole time.
He's barely hanging on.
So, the other lady with Ariel isn't a lady? Charles Landry? No, he works at PS 27.
Married, apparently straight.
Just likes to party in women's clothes.
So did Ariel know that she was a he? We're not sure, but Charley's DNA is a match for the saliva found on the back of Ariel's neck.
All right, so he was with her the night she was attacked.
Find out who else was.
Yeah, look.
Okay, I took Ariel's iPad.
I saw what happened to her on the news.
I couldn't let those photos get out, for Charley's sake.
He's my cousin.
He's got a wife and a daughter.
Cousins? What is he, your wing woman? No.
Not that you'd get this, but Charley's straight as an axe.
He just likes fabric.
We've been doing this since we were kids.
And Ariel was up for that? Well, she didn't exactly know about Charley.
If you tell 'em too soon, they freak.
She just wanted to have a good time.
She said her old man was an old man.
When was the last time you saw her? Tuesday night.
I was playing a gig at Club Kismet in Astoria.
The night she disappeared.
We had nothing to do with that.
She left before we did.
But you three were having so much fun.
Why'd she leave? She panicked when she found out.
She's Canadian.
They've got their limits.
Is there any way to prove she left without you? - You could ask Gabriela.
- Who? When Ariel left, Gabriela subbed in for her.
Charley and I went back to her place.
And you met another girl who's into this? Yeah, man, it's New York.
And all of three of you vouch for each other? You could call it that, yeah.
That's great.
If the school finds out about this, I'm fired.
If my wife finds out-- So be honest, help yourself.
You didn't meet Ariel at the school.
No, we met at the FOD Lounge.
She thought we were kindred spirits-- wild girls on the music scene.
She confided in me, and she did ask me about moving her boys here.
So how did you go from talking curriculum to getting your DNA all over her body? She was here for a good time.
We hit it off, we had a few drinks, and we went dancing.
So who broke into her hotel room, stole her iPad? Nobody broke in.
She gave me her extra key.
After he saw the news, Santiago took the iPad.
He was trying to protect me.
Okay, so was it you or was it Santiago that bashed her head in and raped her? What? I swear.
Okay, maybe we pushed her too far outside of her comfort zone without preparing her.
I-I apologized-- Apologized? For what? When she realized I wasn't who I said I was, I-I think she felt betrayed.
She just ran out.
And you didn't follow her? You just let her go? I can't run in heels.
Okay, what time was that? So, Santiago and Charley are telling the truth? So far.
I mean, here's Ariel leaving Club Kismet on her own.
We got surveillance from the street.
That's her, just after midnight.
I mean, easy prey.
She doesn't know where she is.
But we do.
She's in Astoria at midnight.
Call Harbor And Aviation back, see if they can figure out how she washes ashore at Gracie Mansion.
We don't need to use them, Captain.
That's why I brought my rope guy, Colin Bennett.
So your rope guy is tide guy? Ropes, tides, paints, solvents.
CSU calls me their Renaissance man.
Okay, Michelangelo.
If she goes in the water in Astoria, what, she just floats across the river to Gracie Mansion? You don't know your tides at all, - do you, Captain? - Apparently not.
You see, this area here, it's called "Hell Gate" for a reason.
It's a narrow strait where the tides of the Long Island Sound, the Harlem River, - and the Upper Bay all converge.
- Okay, go on.
- Well, if a boat goes into the water here-- say, this park by Hell Gate-- And people tie up rowboats in that park.
We've been checking to see if any have been reported missing.
If she did go in the water there before 3:00 AM, then the boat would've travelled south, past Roosevelt Island.
Whoa, whoa.
South? Why didn't she end up in Brooklyn? I'm getting to that.
At 4:30 AM that morning, the tide shifted, running north.
She could've easily reached the east side of Manhattan by 7:00 AM.
Okay, so say that was the route.
Who dumped her in the rowboat? That, I'm afraid, is a mystery beyond the pull of the tides.
Not beyond the pull of street cams.
I just sent you the link.
She was picked up a few blocks from the club.
Yeah, there she is.
And we've seen that truck before.
Did you forget to tell us something? I can explain.
Why you lied to us? You said the last time you talked to Ariel was on the weekend.
I thought it would look bad, but I was just giving Ariel a ride.
The night she ends up assaulted, yeah, it's looks pretty bad.
If you were just giving her a ride, why not tell us that? My girlfriend, she gets jealous.
Why'd you go to the hospital, Phil? Finish the job? No.
No! I was worried.
Worried that she'd wake up and tell us you attacked her? Nothing like that.
I didn't hurt her! Yeah? Did she hurt you? Are we gonna find any of your DNA under her fingernails? What? What you got there? What's that? Ariel scratch ya? It was a misunderstanding.
I was just trying to help her.
How did you know that she needed help? Did you follow her out of that club? She looked upset, okay? I offered her a ride, she got into the truck.
- You saw.
- Then what? You try to take her home? No, I took her out to eat.
She said she was confused and hungry.
A diner on Ditmars.
Ditmars? Right by Hell Gate, where the rowboats are.
No, we didn't go into that park.
We just had a sandwich.
Yeah, then why did she scratch you? Look, all I did was try to kiss her.
And then she turned you down and you got angry and you try and rape her.
She wanted to go to the river at 2:00 AM.
I tried to get her back.
She pushed me away, scratched me, and then headed into the park.
And then you follow her, you try and pull her back into the truck, right? She has bite marks on her breasts.
Are we gonna find out those are a match to you too? No, I swear, I just tried to stop her from going into the park.
No matter what I say, I'm screwed.
I'm invoking my rights.
You do that, we can't help you anymore.
Yeah, well, you can't help me either way.
I want a lawyer.
Is he good for it? Well, he lied to us.
Look, he followed her out of the club.
He picked her up in his truck, she scratched him.
It doesn't look good.
He just asked for a lawyer.
Well, the timeline checks, but we got nothing to tie him to the assault.
We'll get his dental molds, see if it matches her bite marks.
It may not.
Look, I know he had Ariel in his truck.
But then he carries her through the park, dumps her in a rowboat? Someone should've seen him.
Points taken.
All right.
See if any witnesses can put them in the diner or the park.
And go back to the husband.
See if Ariel said anything to him about Phil.
Phil Desapio-- does that name mean anything to you? Ariel's mentioned him.
Did she say anything specific? Just that he was a good engineer.
D-do you think he's the one? We're still piecing it together.
I can't imagine how difficult this is for you and your boys.
I'm just trying to shield the boys from what the tabloids are gonna say about their mother.
I understand.
Wayne told me about the conversation that you had with him-- about Ariel putting the boys in school here.
And that was news to you? Yes.
But I shouldn't be surprised.
In my heart, I always felt that Ariel might not be in it for the long run.
Well, you can't be sure about that.
I know who I am, and I know who she is.
But the children need their mother, and I made a deal last night.
I told God if he lets her wake up, then I'll let her go without a fight.
Uh, Mr.
Randolph-- I-I'd just like to be with my wife and boys now, if it's okay.
Thank you.
How are her little boys doing? Oh, they're brave.
Tabloids are still dragging Ariel through the mud.
I mean, you see the way the boys are with her, you know that's not the story.
What happens to them if Thank God they've got a good dad.
Got that security footage.
Cap's waiting.
And that was 25 minutes after she left the club.
They sat at that table for over an hour, just having a meal and talking.
She had no idea what was gonna happen to her.
Any video of them leaving together? Yeah, there's surveillance cam from across the street.
That's the back of Phil's truck.
And that's where he claims they parted ways.
He tries to kiss her, she goes into the park.
into the park on her own.
Look, it's possible.
She's from Edmonton, could've misread the neighborhood.
We need an eyewitness putting Ariel in Phil's truck after they left the diner.
So we've started up a grid search in the park.
Everybody go up there.
See if anybody saw Ariel, the truck, Phil, anything to tie him to the water's edge, the rowboat.
And let's try to find this guy.
He must've seen something.
So? So detectives, you looking for a good time or what? Actually, no.
We were wondering if you've seen this guy.
Uh, this guy.
Yeah, sure.
- When? - You tell me.
You want me to say I saw him, sure, you gotta pay me first.
Yo, yo, man.
Come on out.
How long you been here? This is my "aparkament.
" - Don't you knock? - All right, hey.
Is this guy one of your neighbors here? I'm supposed to tell from that? How about this guy.
You ever seen him? Let me think.
Where'd you get this scarf? Yo, slick, they wanna know where you got that gypsy rag.
Hey hey, Amaro! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the hurry? I-I didn't do nothing.
Why don't you turn around? Where'd you get the scarf, huh? I didn't do nothing.
He says he lives in the park because he has nowhere else to go.
He's right.
He's a level three sex offender.
So Phil's story checks out.
We got our man.
The blood on his clothes matches Ariel Randolph's.
His dentals and DNA match the bite marks on her breasts.
Found her phone, her purse, and an oar with Ariel's blood on it in his tent.
So after he robs and assaults her, he puts her in the rowboat so she won't be found anywhere near where he lives? They found glue and bath salts in his tent, so if you're looking for the "why," it's not gonna be there.
Let's let the family know.
It was a homeless man? Your wife gave him half a sandwich outside a diner.
He followed her into the park, maybe thought he can get more from her.
So it had nothing to do with these news stories about Ariel? Nothing.
Your wife was kind to the wrong stranger.
She always told the boys we were blessed, that we should look after those who don't have as much as we do.
Dad, dad! We're very sorry about your loss, Mr.
I think she held on until you caught the right man.
At least we were all with her.
The boys are taking it hard.
Well, we found her phone in the park.
She left you a message.
It's something that you and the boys should see.
Hi, Nat.
It's too late to video chat, so I'll send this in the morning.
I just wanted to get it down while it's still fresh in my mind.
I know it's been hard lately, but I wanna thank you for trusting me enough to let me make this trip on my own.
I don't know what happens with us, but I do know you are a good man And a good father And I'll always love you.
This next part is for Wayne and Grant.
Guys, I am flying home tomorrow night.
I had a great time, but I can't wait to see you.
I realized being your mom is the greatest adventure I wanna have.
I miss you so much.
I love you.
I can't wait to see you again.
Listen to your dad, okay? Good night and sleep tight.
I'll see you in my dreams.

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