Law & Order Special Victims Unit s16e13 Episode Script

Decaying Morality

_ In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
A yoga retreat in Costa Rica.
It was the furthest I could get away from New York and Atlanta.
It was good.
Work through some stuff? It was therapeutic.
We were meditating on the summit of this volcano, and the yogi comes over, and taps me on my shoulder.
I didn't even tense up.
- Good for you.
- Yeah.
And now that you're back, you'll continue with therapy? Look, I am so sorry for what I put you all through.
No, Amanda.
I'm sorry for what you put yourself through.
You looking way too pretty to be walking all by yourself.
Huh? Hey, hey.
God bless you, mami.
What's up with you, little girl, huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa, mami, mami.
You need some help? 'Cause I can help you out real nice, you know what I'm saying? - Get away from me.
- All right, all right.
You have a sweet night, okay, girl? Hey.
Hey, open up.
No, please just go away, please.
Yo, you good in there or what? I got customers out here waiting.
- Go away, please! - Open the door.
I'm coming in now, all right? Fair warning.
- No, please.
- Calm down.
No, I got you.
No, please.
Please, no.
I guess January was pretty crappy for everybody.
Heard Nick went through hell.
Winter at SVU, Nick's dad, Noah's lungs.
Every time he wheezes, I'm afraid it's another trip to the E.
He'll be okay.
All right, then.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll be early.
Stop touching me! Get off me! Look, I'm trying to give you your purse.
- Don't kick.
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey! - Police, police.
- Chill, okay? I didn't do nothing.
- He took my purse! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You got the wrong idea, okay? - Calm down, calm down.
I didn't do nothing.
- Hey, calm down.
- Please! He attacked me.
- Hey, you lying! - Put your hands up.
I'm trying to help you, okay? Then arrest him! He raped me! Okay.
Okay, thank you.
I was able to reach the parents.
It's Luke and Marcy Davis.
They're on their way.
- How is Jenna? - She's recovering.
She had alcohol mixed with Clonazepam in her system.
That explains why she was so out of it.
Any prelims from the rape exam? Slight bruising on the wrist and thighs, possible semen on the sweater, and evidence of torn hymenal tissue.
Have you talked to her yet? She fell asleep right after the exam.
The nurse she'll let us know when she wakes up.
Torn hymenal tissue.
So this guy rapes a semi-conscious floor of a pizzeria bathroom.
Welcome back to SVU.
Hey, you making a big mistake.
Yeah, are we? My sergeant and a detective witnessed you assaulting this girl.
No, I wasn't assaulting her.
- I was trying to help her.
- Help her? Then how come she's accusing you of rape? Man, she was out of her mind.
She was drugged or drunk.
I don't know.
Yeah, so you call 911.
We got witnesses saying that you went into the bathroom after her.
That's because I had customers waiting in line for the bathroom.
Look, I didn't touch that girl.
Look, I know all you cops hate me, but this ain't right.
Look, no offense we don't even know you.
Now you messing with me.
Look, I know my rights.
Hey, this police harassment! Just sit down, sir.
What the hell was that? I don't know.
Prints finally came back.
He is the Jerome Jones.
Who? Brooklyn Jerome Jones? Yep.
One of the Prospect Park three.
Oh, right, right, those kids held on a gang rape charge.
All three confessed, and then some sort of DNA contamination issue with the lab.
Then all three recant; they claim the confessions - were coerced.
- Yeah.
- So? - So? So they have a $36 million suit pending against the city.
All right, so what? Brooklyn screws up, now we can't interrogate a suspect? We got witnesses.
Our Vic ID'd this guy.
Liv and Amanda are at the hospital.
The Vic was drugged and disoriented.
No one knows what happened in that bathroom.
Yeah, because the door was closed.
He's talking.
We shouldn't stop now.
Hey, Dodds and Barba called.
They said go easy on Jerome until Barba gets here.
So what, we see if this guy's hungry? Maybe he wants a soda.
That's my little girl.
And where's the bastard who did it? We have a suspect in custody.
We're talking to him now.
- When can we see Jenna? - Soon.
Listen, do you know where your daughter was this afternoon? She had a dentist appointment after school - and never came home.
- Okay, well, we're gonna need - to speak with her dentist.
- He's on his way.
He's my brother-in-law, Dr.
Neil Alexander.
He consults with NYPD.
I figured he could just Just wanted to make sure that we take it seriously? - Yeah.
- We do.
Listen, right now, we need to ask you a few questions about your daughter.
Has she ever gotten in trouble with drinking or drugs? No, she doesn't drink.
She doesn't do drugs.
How is she? She's asleep.
- I'll go see if she's up.
- Okay.
This is Dr.
- This is Sergeant Benson.
- Hey.
Detective Rollins, Dr.
Yeah, we've met.
You testified at a few trials, the Ellie Porter case.
The burnt girl, horrible.
Jenna was just with you this afternoon, right? - Yes.
- Okay.
How was her condition when she left your office? Did you have to administer gas or any meds? She needed a filling in her lower second molar, so there was some Lidocaine and there was some nitrous, but they wear off rather quickly.
She was fine by the time she left.
I understand you have a suspect in custody.
We do, yes.
The doctor said Jenna's waking up.
We have a few questions, so excuse us.
Luke, you guys should go in there too.
She's 16.
Of course.
Right this way.
I'm sorry, Mom, Dad.
It's okay, baby.
You didn't do anything wrong.
So can you answer a few questions? Yeah, I think I can.
We found you at a pizza parlor.
Do you remember how you got there? No.
No, it's all It's all kind of jumbled.
Okay, so let's take it slow.
What's the last thing you do remember? Leaving Uncle Neil's office.
I was gonna go to my friend Kara's house and study there, and then I was gonna go home after.
His office is on East 17th.
Kara's on East 15th, and we live on Grand Street.
And did you make it to your friend's? Yeah, yeah.
I was there for a little.
Jenna, you had alcohol in your system.
Did you drink there? I told you she doesn't drink.
He's right; I don't.
Honey, you're not in trouble.
Just tell the detectives the truth.
Um I felt sick at Kara's, so I must have decided to leave.
And then what happened? I think I had to go to the bathroom.
So that's why I went to the pizza place.
And that guy was following me, and he was knocking on the door, trying to open it, and I kept telling him to go away, but he wouldn't; he came in.
Son of a bitch.
So do you remember what happened next? I remember being cold.
My skirt and my sweater were pushed up, and I felt his belly rubbing against mine.
And and it hurt, but I couldn't move, you know? And And then he got it all over me.
God, Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It's not your fault, baby.
Not your fault.
Jerome Jones, he still here? We're still waiting on the vic's statement.
What's taking so long? The girl was intoxicated; her memory's off.
They did find what might be semen on her sweater.
- We could put a rush on it.
- On her sweater? If it is his, that's probable cause.
If it's not, then he's extraordinarily lucky at DNA tests.
He has got ammunition for another false arrest and harassment lawsuit.
One more lawsuit from this guy, and we're all working at Staten Island.
Look, the Prospect Park three were guilty.
The lab just screwed it up.
He's guilty of this too.
Make the case airtight, and I'll charge.
Until then, let him go.
Wait let him go? He's waiting on a $36 million judgment he'll likely win.
He's not a flight risk.
Get him out of here, politely.
Who wants to call the sergeant? The new guy.
Still? Cause? Carisi, she ID'd him.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I know it's not on you.
So re-interview his coworkers.
Put a rush on that DNA.
I need security footage from the pizza place, from the street.
Keep pushing.
Sergeant, excuse me.
Carisi, let me call you back.
I just got a call from an associate at 1PP.
Tell me this isn't true.
I just found out myself.
But don't worry, we will make the case.
What's going on? They're letting the suspect go.
What? Why? You want to tell him this, or shall I? We don't have enough to charge him.
What am I missing? He's one of the Prospect Park three.
- He's one of them? - Yeah.
So he's a known thug rapist who got off on a technicality? There was a lot of problems with that case.
It wasn't just a lab issue.
The bottom line is, he's suing NYPD for millions.
So SVU is treating him with kid gloves.
Seriously? So you're just cutting him loose because of the pending lawsuit? We're not dropping the case.
We just have to collect as much evidence as we can before charging him.
My daughter was brutalized by this creep.
You arrested him, now he's out on the streets.
Who's pulling your strings, Al Sharpton? This isn't about politics.
We care about your daughter.
Not as much as I do.
Let him walk it off, Sergeant, okay? We found Jenna's backpack at Kara's house.
Her mom was there the whole time.
She says they weren't partying.
Though she did say Jenna looked kind of green when she left around 6:00.
Well, was the mom in the room with them? Okay, I mean, they could've snuck a drink, popped a pill.
Well, either way, traffic cams picked Jenna up two blocks from the pizza place.
Drunk 16-year-old teetering on the street.
Fair game.
Once she enters here then ten minutes later, she exits.
We've seen rapes that took less time than that.
Is there any video of them in the bathroom together? Stars Pizza said there's a glitch in their security footage.
We sent TARU.
Canvassed three co-workers on that shift.
See no evil, hear no evil.
But we did find one customer tracked by credit card, who remembered seeing "an angry black employee" unlock the bathroom door.
She said she heard Jenna scream.
Too bad she didn't call for help.
Well, if she heard Jenna scream, then somebody else probably did too.
So keep canvassing.
Push TARU to get that security footage.
Barba wants this case airtight, do it.
Yes? Where? Okay.
Everything all right, Liv? Well, looks like we don't need to put a rush on that DNA.
What happened here, Mr.
Davis? I was trying to record a confession.
I didn't mean to kill him.
This this doesn't look like an accident.
Tell me what you did to my daughter.
- Nothing.
- Huh? - Nothing.
- Nothing? Nothing, no.
How about now? Still nothing? Are you nuts? Please, please.
You know where this is going next? Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, please, please let me go.
Please let me go.
I did it, all right? - You did what? - I did it.
I-I raped her.
You raped my daughter.
Say it.
"I raped Jenna.
" Say it! My chest.
My chest.
I need air.
I need I need some air.
Say it! It goes on from there.
He did give CPR.
Yeah, the M.
thinks Jerome died of a heart attack triggered by his asthma.
Luke Davis called 911.
So he did not intend to kill Jerome.
Legally it doesn't make any difference.
Well, that confession might complicate things.
The nail gun makes that confession completely coerced.
Either way, Luke Davis is looking at felony murder.
You think? You do know the defendant gets a free pass on that if he can show he acted under extreme emotional duress.
Booyah Fordham Law.
The facts are clear.
Luke Davis kidnaps Jerome Jones, tortures him, - within an hour, Jerome's dead.
- He may be dead.
Our job is to figure out whether or not he is guilty.
So keep pushing for the DNA and get that security footage from TARU.
And if Jerome is good for the rape But no way a jury convicts Luke.
Thank you for your support.
If you come to the arraignment, keep your mouth shut.
We plead not guilty, your Honor.
That's injustice! Not guilty? The D.
's overcharging because the deceased has a significant lawsuit outstanding against the city.
He killed my baby, ruined my family.
People on bail? Remand, your Honor.
The State has a strong case, as the defendant even filmed the murder.
He has every reason to flee.
He called 911.
The deceased confessed to raping my client's daughter.
He wasn't murdered.
He died from asthma complications.
He tortured Jerome! Order! One more outburst, I'm gonna clear the gallery.
Please proceed, Mr.
We request R.
Davis has strong ties to the community, his family, and his church.
He's a decorated veteran.
Notwithstanding the accused's service to our country, this court cannot condone vigilantism.
Bail is set at $1 million.
- Yes.
- Yes.
$1 million? That's punitive your Honor Defendant is remanded to Rikers until bond is posted.
Dad, I'm so sorry.
Jenna, we have to go.
We're gonna get you out of there as soon as we can, okay? I'm sorry.
Give us a little time.
That went well.
For who? The NYPD framed my son for this rape just like they did the last time.
Then they set him up to be killed.
That girl.
She's lying.
She's a liar.
You killed him! You killed my son.
- She killed him.
- Sergeant.
- Bad news.
- What? TARU rescued the security footage from the pizza joint.
Jerome was in that bathroom for less than two minutes.
Okay, let's take this away from here.
She enters the bathroom at 6:22.
She's in there for about eight minutes.
Meanwhile, a line forms.
Jerome gets there, he knocks.
He goes in at 6:30.
He's in there for less than 90 seconds.
With the bathroom door ajar.
Yeah, and there's a line of people standing outside.
And look, Jenna comes out.
Jerome follows her with her purse.
She comes out first, fully dressed, jacket on, with her tights still on.
Yeah, and he's he's fully clothed too.
The DNA on the sweater? Still waiting on that.
But all due respect, counselor, you're grasping at straws.
This guy didn't have enough time.
The door was open.
Luke killed an innocent kid.
Look, she could've been assaulted first and then conflated things.
Or she's a 16-year-old girl who got drunk.
She had sex.
She was afraid to tell her parents, so she cried rape.
So keep vetting her, her friends, any boyfriends.
Recheck texts, social media.
Find out where she got that Clonazepam.
And don't bring her back in here until we've filled in the gaps.
Luke, the police are saying that man isn't guilty.
I know, but Neil's saying it's just politics because of that guy's lawsuit against the city.
I mean, he's the one that did this to you, right? Jenna.
Even if I'm not sure, it's better for you if I just say that it was him, right? Even if I'm not sure, it's better for you if I just say that it was him.
Wait, wait, what? You recorded us? You need to tell us what you meant by that.
No, I'm not gonna do anything to hurt my dad.
Okay, but honey, we know that it wasn't Jerome.
But we do believe that you were assaulted, okay? Is there something you haven't told us? How you holding up, Miss Davis? I'd be more comfortable in the room with Jenna.
Why can't I go in? You can, but she might be more open this way.
Yeah, when my sisters were younger, they used to tell me stuff that they would never tell my mom.
No, I don't have a boyfriend.
I wasn't hooking up at Kara's.
Did you drink something there, maybe? I had a couple sips from a vodka bottle, but no pills or drugs or anything, I swear.
Okay, and what about after Kara's apartment? That's where it all starts to fade.
Well, we know you walked down First Ave from traffic cameras.
And you told us you remember going into Stars Pizza.
Yes, and I remember going into the bathroom too.
Then when you were attacked, were you standing up or laying down? I was sitting.
Can you show us? I remember sliding down.
Okay, that's good.
And your head was leaned back like that? Yeah.
Your hands, they were gripping? Yeah, I think I was holding onto the armrests.
Well, how about any sounds or smells? Music, maybe.
No, um His belt buckle clinked over and over.
All right, good.
Is there anything else? He pulled up my sweater.
Then I couldn't move.
His hands were so so cold.
Do you remember, was he wearing a watch or any jewelry? A ring.
He was wearing a big ring like No, please don't tell my mom.
She's already a mess.
Please don't tell her, please.
Just tell us, all right? A ring like what? A ring like my Uncle Neil wears.
I think it was him.
You think, or you know? It was him.
My uncle Neil, he raped me.
Her own uncle? No, that that can't be.
Yes, it can.
Hold up, Jenna is accusing her uncle, the dentist, of raping her? Yeah, it was a pretty tough disclosure.
Her memory came back in pieces.
She didn't want to believe it.
I don't want to either.
Aside from consulting for us, he's big on the charity circuit, sets up dental clinics in third world countries.
Not to mention that he's testified in dozens of cases.
If he's a rapist, those convictions come back into question.
Yeah, not to mention that.
Jenna has no motive to lie.
I mean, sticking to the Jerome story just helps her father.
She remembers his ring.
And the other details match a dentist's office, including the Clonazepam.
This is why I don't trust dentists.
So what now? The DNA on the sweater.
Find out why that's taking so long.
They should at least know if it's a familial match by now.
Well, good luck getting a sample from Dr.
Alexander without a warrant.
Once she tells her mother, mother tells him Hold them both here a while longer.
Have them look at mug shots, anything.
Find a pretext.
Amaro, Carisi, buddy up to Dr.
Let him know that you're on Luke's side, and get his DNA.
Come on, I know what's going on.
They've ordered you guys to exonerate Jerome.
Well, you know, 1PP, right? That extra P's for politics.
Which is why we want to make sure the blame's placed where it belongs, on Jerome.
Okay, how can I help? There's DNA under Jenna's fingernails that we can't match.
We're just trying to rule out friends, family.
Pretty much anyone who coughed, sneezed, or so much as left a hair on Jenna that day.
And once they're cleared, everyone will know it was Jerome.
And since Jenna was in my office that afternoon Exactly.
We'll need a sample from anyone who was in the office while Jenna was here patients, hygienists, delivery men.
We'll need one from you, too, of course.
Of course.
Neil, Kerry in Exam 3 has been under a few minutes.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, no, come in, sweetie.
Detectives, this is my hygienist Jiya.
She also happens to be my wife.
I'm gonna attend to this patient.
Jiya, can you get the detectives the patient list from the day Jenna was in the office? Right away.
Hey, Doc, before you go, though, we really need you to Oh, yeah, my swab.
- All good? - Yeah.
If you'll excuse me.
Let me get you that list.
Jenna's such a tragedy.
Luke too.
Well, how did Jenna seem when she left the office that day? She was fine.
A little quiet.
Why? Well, after she left, she was she was out of it.
This is a dentist's office, so you guys have anti-anxiety drugs, right? Yes, but we keep the bottles locked up.
Bottles, yeah.
But would you ever leave pills out in an exam room, like when you're prepping a patient? Oh, my gosh, it's possible.
I've known Jenna since she was a child, but she's a teenager now.
Wife was quick to throw Jenna under the bus.
Implied she stole the meds.
Yeah, right? She's protecting her husband.
She knows what's coming.
He raped his niece while his hygienist guarded the door? The hygienist is also his wife.
Yeah, it's a small office.
Receptionist out front.
She's the only one in the back rooms.
Okay, so working theory.
Jiya gives Jenna the Clonazepam in the dentist chair, then the nitrous.
She's so out of it that she couldn't even process that she'd been raped.
But she was in pain afterwards, so she does a few shots of vodka at her friend's house.
And that mixes with the meds.
She starts to lose it on her way home.
She staggers to the bathroom of Stars Pizza.
Jerome walks in, she panics.
She's in denial about being raped by her uncle, and she puts the whole thing on Jerome.
Your working theory just became fact.
The dentist's DNA matches the semen found on Jenna's sweater.
Hey, thanks for coming in.
We'll get right to it.
You're here because the DNA found on Jenna's sweater is a match to yours.
Well, she was in the office, and I was treating her.
So of course my DNA is on her.
Well, the DNA we found was semen.
I was afraid of this.
I can explain, but it gets a little awkward.
There's a reason for that match.
Well, we figured there had to be.
But it's got to stay in this room.
My wife and I had a few minutes of downtime before Jenna came in, and we sent the receptionist out for some coffees.
We had a little quickie in the chair.
Look, it's nothing I want my patients to read about, obviously.
No, of course not.
- Okay.
- Of course not.
The problem is, your niece is coming around to saying you raped her.
- What? - Yeah.
That's impossible and horrifying.
You didn't know? Your sister didn't tell you? First of all, I would never touch my niece or any patient, for that matter.
Well, she was sedated, but she wasn't unconscious, so you saying she's lying? Nitrous can cause hallucinations.
Jiya said she might have helped herself to some Clonazepam.
There was alcohol in her system.
All these things exacerbate confusion.
Yeah, we get all that.
But is there anything you might have done? An accidental touch while you were working very closely on her that she may have misinterpreted.
- No! - Oh.
Whatever Jenna said is fantasy.
I mean, you guys think Jerome Jones is a lawsuit waiting to happen, keep this up.
You'll all be getting deposed.
Anything else? I have a practice to run.
I mean, he's right.
The drugs, the booze there's a lot for his lawyer to work with.
If this guy really did rape his niece while his wife was in the office Then this isn't his first time.
Full court press.
The next time Dr.
Alexander comes through those doors, he's gonna be wearing cuffs.
Tell me you found something.
Testimonials, awards, a couple of bad reviews on Yelp.
That's it? I found a lawsuit that was filed, like, five years ago.
The records are sealed, but I tried to speak with the attorney.
Obviously, she couldn't talk, but hypothetically, it wasn't about bad dentistry.
Can we talk to the patient? No, I mean, that was part of the settlement.
I don't know, I can try and see if Barba can work around the confidentiality agreement.
I'll call him.
Keep digging, guys.
There's got to be others out there.
Sergeant Benson.
Is everything all right? Jenna needs to tell you something.
I shouldn't have said it was Uncle Neil who did this.
Hold on you shouldn't have said it, but he did assault you.
My brother would never.
Tell them what the therapist said.
That I was confused.
The therapist said that trauma and drugs and alcohol can really mess with short-term memory.
- You went to a therapist.
- Yes.
And she told Jenna that what happened to her made her suggestible.
And when I left her alone with you, you planted that idea.
That is not what happened, Mrs.
No? Have you even heard of false memory syndrome? Of course we have.
But something this traumatic takes time to process.
Bits and pieces come back slowly.
You're framing Neil, Bits and pieces that what he told you? May I ask who referred you to this therapist? - Was it your brother? - Don't twist this.
Davis, I know this is difficult.
There is DNA evidence.
Your brother's semen was on Jenna's sweater.
He told me how it got there.
Did he tell you how it got inside of her sweater? We're not listening anymore.
Jenna, tell them what you said was a lie.
I-I'm not accusing my uncle.
He would never do that to me.
Well, there goes that case.
Not so fast Counselor.
We know what happened.
The mother's obviously pressuring her.
Any other vics come forward? No, we just found the one lawsuit so far.
Get us a subpoena for his patient records.
We'll start talking to everyone he's worked on.
No, we do that, it's gonna play right into his claim that NYPD has an agenda.
Hey, we could let the patients come to us.
Liv, you still friends with that reporter, Jimmy Mac? We keep in touch.
I do owe him a drink.
Do not leak this to the press.
We all know that there are more victims out there.
Each one of them thinks that they're the only one.
Nobody will believe them.
As soon as they find out that it happened to others, they'll come forward.
Throw a rock, watch the ripples.
I'm not hearing any of this.
I was sickened by this morning's headline.
I've been a dentist for 20 years without an accusation ever being made against me.
Except the ones you paid off.
I chair a peer-review panel.
I consult with NYPD.
I run clinics for underprivileged youth both here and abroad.
I would never harm a patient.
His wife's standing there by his side.
What's she gonna do? He's her whole life.
She looks drugged.
Bet he does her high too.
Textbook somnophiliac.
Sleeping Beauty syndrome.
This guy gets off on passed out vics.
What the hell's the point of that? They don't talk back.
For standing by me during this ordeal.
This is an obvious ploy by the NYPD to distract the public from the fact that they had the rapist in custody, released him upon political pressure.
- Mute that witch! - And failed to protect him.
"Demon Dentist Rapes Niece.
" Although Jimmy Mac swore he'd leave the Vic out of it.
And you believed him? He's a reporter.
We ask for privacy.
Okay, please hold.
Hey, Sergeant.
Either way, the ploy worked.
The phones have been ringing.
This is the fifth call since we got back.
This one says Dr.
Neil drugged and raped her back in dental school.
We got to wipe that smile off that son of a bitch's face.
I woke up.
My clothes were on wrong.
A button was off.
You remember any details? A sound? I remember feeling the cold edge of his ring as he slid his hands under my bra.
How old were you when this happened? I was a freshman in college.
My my roommate's mother gave me his name.
And he gave you a pill for anxiety? No.
He drugged me.
I couldn't move.
And he was a friend of your father's.
And my mom's.
They still see him.
I told my little sister he's a perv.
So far, 11 victims have come forward.
All remember being raped or fondled by Dr.
Alexander under sedation in the past 20 years.
Some of them even continued to see him as a patient afterwards.
I can try to prosecute, but no corroborating evidence, no outcry at the time.
You told me to find more victims.
I did.
You have.
But these are all tough cases, tough to prove, and if Jenna and Marcy aren't willing to testify, my hands are tied.
So we'll talk to the father.
_ No, no.
My wife and I talked about this already.
Jenna was just confused.
It's just that's not possible.
I mean, Neil's her uncle.
I mean, he paid for my lawyer.
He stood by me the whole time.
Stood by you or set you up? He made sure that you knew Jerome was a suspect, got you all riled up, right? Yeah, and he made sure Jenna never talked to us by herself.
No, he was just looking after her.
Oh, really? Is that why he sent her to his therapist, who convinced her, convinced your wife, that she'd fantasized the whole attack? He's known her since she was born.
She remembers the chair.
She remembers his ring.
You know your daughter's a good girl.
She has always told you truth.
We found his semen on her sweater.
Inside her sweater.
I have to go.
I have to get out of here.
I have to go.
Sit down.
You have to get me out of here.
I have to take care of this.
We're not gonna do that.
We need you to talk to your wife.
Can you do that? Can you do that for Jenna? My husband's on suicide watch at Rikers.
He really thought Jerome had raped Jenna.
Do you still think that? No.
I've had three friends call me since that article.
He groped two of their daughters.
The third, he may have raped.
I referred all of them to him.
Any of them willing to talk to us? They won't put their girls through this.
What about Jenna? I don't want to put her through this either.
So Jerome Jones dies, your husband does hard time, and your brother the rapist goes free.
Hard time? Luke didn't know.
Jenna's his little girl.
He just went crazy.
I understand.
I will talk to his lawyer about a plea.
But you need to talk to Jenna.
If she testifies, he'll break her.
Neil's too smart.
You can't catch him.
But your daughter can.
There's the doctor.
He's not smiling now.
I hope there's a good reason for this.
I shouldn't even be here.
- I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
Dad's in jail.
Mom's a mess.
That Jerome guy is dead.
I don't know what to do.
Jenna, first you accuse me and now this article.
You have ruined my life.
You ruined my life.
I know what you did to me.
I didn't do anything to you.
You were on drugs.
The therapist said that you're a teenage girl; you're very suggestible.
He's not just gonna admit it.
- He's smart.
- So is she.
Then how did your semen get on the inside of my sweater, Uncle Neil? How did that happen? You raped me.
What am I doing here? What do you want? I read in an article that there have been lawsuits that you paid other people to keep quiet.
Well, I'm your uncle.
We're family.
I will take care of you and your mother while your father's in prison.
I will pay for his legal bills, and you will stop this nonsense.
Is that understood? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Damn.
- Go on, Jenna.
Tell him.
Wait, wait.
- One more thing.
- Yeah? I'm late.
I think I might be pregnant.
You're not pregnant, Jenna.
I'm 16.
I can't have a baby now.
Keep your voice down.
Keep your voice sit down.
Okay? You're not pregnant.
That's impossible.
I know that I'm pregnant.
I wake up sick every morning Stop your whining! I didn't get you pregnant.
I couldn't have.
I've had a vasectomy.
Are we done here? Oh, yeah.
You're done now, pal.
Let's go.
So you did it.
You admitted you raped me.
It's not a big deal.
You're not so special, Jenna, okay? I was a virgin.
I was a virgin.
Jeez Know what? I've never met a bad man that wasn't afraid of a baby.
Works every time.
Neil Alexander, you're under arrest.
I want my lawyer.
- Jenna, are you okay? - Yeah.
You have the right to remain silent.
You did great, Jenna.
Jenna? Are you okay? Mom.
He said he did it.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
- You know you have nothing - Shut up.
Right? It's clearly me trying to calm down an obviously paranoid girl.
So she's crazy? Just like the other 17 women who came forward? Hang on.
Hold on.
You son of a bitch! - Take it easy.
- You son of a My daughter? How could you? Jenna has issues, Marcy.
She always has.
I'm your sister! How could you do this to us? To your own family? Listen to me.
Listen to me.
This is not the time.
Okay? This is not the time.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
It's okay.
I should have let her get her hands on you.
You raped her daughter, ripped her heart out with her husband going to jail for killing a guy that should have been you.
Okay, you're hurting me.
I'm a dentist.
I need my hands.
That's all you got to say? - That hurts? - Ahh! What hurts more? This or what you did to Jenna? Jerome's family and her family both destroyed.
You tell me how either one of them starts over.
You were right.
Jerome didn't assault Jenna.
He was trying to help her.
That's what we said before.
That's not news to us.
The girl was raped by her uncle.
He knew her father, Luke, had a temper.
He worked him up to kidnap Jerome.
Luke murdered my son.
Her uncle is under arrest.
He is being brought in now.
He will pay the price, but Luke Davis was not trying to murder your son.
We have footage of him attempting CPR.
He wanted justice for his daughter.
The way you want justice for Jerome.
What are you saying? If I take this to trial for felony murder, a jury may let Luke go.
If he pleads to manslaughter, he will do time.
How much? He gets a deal and my innocent son is dead? Whose life matters to you? I'm so sorry for your loss.
What happened to Jerome was horrible.
I wish I could bring him back.
But this is where we are.

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