Law & Order Special Victims Unit s18e19 Episode Script


1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
[dramatic sting] [indistinct chatter] [laughs] [indistinct chatter] Okay, um, this isn't this isn't what we want.
Why don't we just wait here for a second? We'll let everyone catch up.
[cell phone chiming] - Are your parents texting you? - No, Lydia.
Lydia Banks? Yeah.
I haven't seen her since she moved to New York.
She said she'd meet us right here.
Ann! There she is! Lydia! Oh, my God! Hey, stranger.
Welcome to New York.
Oh, the city is so big.
I didn't think you'd find me.
Oh, you remember Lucas.
- Of course.
- Hey, Lydia.
So, where to? Oh, my God.
That bartender keeps trying to sell me shots.
He shouldn't be doing that.
I'm gonna go say something to him.
How chivalrous.
[laughs] Lucas is great.
He was the only person I could talk to when you left.
So question: what are you guys? Excuse me? Well, are you high school debate or are you model U.
? We have a little bet going on.
She lives here.
I'm visiting, doing volunteer work with my church.
A church chick.
That is so nice.
So you must be a virgin, then.
[scoffs] With a line like that, you definitely are.
We're not interested.
Swing and a miss.
[both laughing] - Jeez.
- I forgot how much I missed you.
Ann, were those guys bothering you? Uh, Lydia got rid of them.
I see.
Thank you, Lydia.
My pleasure.
- Oh.
Hi, Charlotte.
- It's 11:00.
Time for lights out.
- Hey.
- You know the rules.
No guests in the room.
It was my fault; I just needed to use the bathroom.
But I'm leaving.
I'm sorry.
- Bye.
- Bye, Ann.
Lights out.
[phone chiming] [laughs] [knock at door] I just turned the lights out, Charlotte.
I'm getting into [laughs] I'm back.
Charlotte has to be asleep by Ann? Ann, what's wrong? Vic's name is Ann Davenport.
18, part of a visiting church group from Hunter, Indiana.
And she said that she was sexually assaulted in her room.
No, actually, her friend said that.
Lydia Banks, also 18.
She's the one who called 911.
Okay, we're gonna need security footage from the hallway and the elevator.
Key card entry logs.
The works.
- Hi.
- Hey, are you from SVU? I am.
I'm Lieutenant Benson.
This is Detective Tutuola.
- You Lydia? - Yeah.
Uh, Lydia, I need to speak with Ann alone for a moment, okay? Thank you so much.
So Ann, can you tell me what happened? I'm not really sure.
You were raped! Look, she was raped.
She would never let a man have sex with her.
She is She is a lesbian.
[sighs] [dramatic music] Look, I don't know what Ann has been telling you, but the church has brainwashed her.
I mean, they've convinced her that being gay is a sin.
How do you two know each other? Well, we grew up together.
I got out of Indiana when I turned 16.
We did stay in touch, but tonight's the first time I've seen her since I moved to New York.
So what'd you guys do tonight? Well, we had a drink.
It was just a soda at the bar.
Um And then we went back to her room.
Um And then the chaperone knocked on the door, said it was 11:00; it's lights out.
And then Ann, she snuck me her room key so that I could come back and we could we could hang out.
How much later? It was, like, maybe a half hour later.
And, you know, I thought everyone would be asleep, so I went in and Ann was crying.
And she said that she had been raped.
She used that word? Basically.
I mean, she said, "He made me.
My virtue is gone.
" What does that sound like to you? A few minutes later, I heard a knock at the door.
And I thought it was Charlotte again, but it wasn't.
Do you know who it was? Uh, just a guy.
Was it somebody that you recognized? Uhh, it was just dark and I can't I can't say.
So, Ann, did he did he threaten you or did he have a weapon? No, he told me He told me to lie down on the bed.
I didn't want to.
And then But but I thought I had to.
It's okay.
Can you tell me what happened next? He pulled my skirt up.
And I said, "No.
" And then I tried to fight him off and then he He had he had sex with me anyway.
And [sighs] I would never have sex with a boy.
- Because you're a lesbian.
- No.
No, I'm saving myself for marriage.
I'm a virgin.
- Or I was.
- Okay, so what - Lydia said before - I'm not.
I mean, I have feelings for Lydia, but I would never act on them.
That's a that's a sin.
[sighs] Honey, I need you to listen to me.
If you didn't want to have sex with that boy, that's rape.
So I'd like to take you to the hospital, where you can be examined, okay? So Ann can't tell us who attacked her or she won't? Well, it's obvious she's traumatized.
It's possible that the perp threatened her.
Or she had sex with a boyfriend and don't want her girlfriend to know.
I'm not getting that.
- Lieutenant Benson? - Yes.
I'm Reverend Gary Langham.
Ann is one of my congregants.
- Let me make this call.
- Yeah.
Uh, yes, Reverend.
Ann mentioned you.
We're worried sick about her.
She was sexually assaulted? - Did she say by who? - No, not yet.
She's actually quite hesitant to tell us what happened.
I can understand that.
She's very sheltered.
Is it possible that Ann is involved with somebody in the group? Or that she has a boyfriend - here in New York? - Absolutely not.
Ann is chaste.
All of our congregants are.
We don't believe in premarital sex.
I understand.
I just had to ask.
I blame myself for this.
I never should have brought her to New York.
She's she's naive.
She's trusting.
She was obviously taken advantage of by someone.
But you didn't see any anyone in particular? Now that you mention it, there were these two boys.
They were drunk.
They were obnoxious.
One was wearing an orange Shark Wear hat.
Okay, that could be very helpful.
[cell phone buzzes] This is Ann's parents.
They're getting on a flight here now.
It's not the best light to see New York in - for the first time.
- No.
If you think of anything else, would you be so kind to give me a call? - I will thank you.
- All right.
Thank you, Reverend.
Reverend, huh? What'd he have to say? That they're not in Kansas anymore.
Open up.
Morning, sunshine.
Know why we're here? Uh, did the bartender call you? Our IDs weren't fake, I swear.
No, forget about the bartender.
Do you recognize this girl? Hey, wake up.
- No.
No, I don't think so.
- What about you? Huh? Maybe from the bar? Uh, oh-oh, yeah.
It's the church chick.
Yeah, the church chick got assaulted last night.
Whoa, whoa.
We didn't have anything to do with that.
Her friend shut us down.
We bounced.
- You bounced, huh? - Yeah.
Where'd you go after you left the bar? We crashed.
We saw Billy Joel at the Garden.
And then we missed the last train to Massapequa, so I used my dad's credit card and I got this room.
Okay, you didn't follow her up here? - Try to turn a no into a yes? - No, no.
Her boyfriend was hanging around.
- Didn't want any part of that.
- Her boyfriend, - what'd he look like? - Ask the bartender.
He was yelling at him.
Something about shots.
I don't get what they were even doing at a bar anyway.
This guy jumped down my throat.
You know, I didn't know these girls were underage.
Isn't knowing that part of your job? I was upselling.
They were ordering sodas, not tipping.
You know, I gotta eat, too.
All right, all right.
That's fine.
And what'd this guy look like? Clean cut.
Brown hair.
He was polite for being so pissed off.
- Is that the best you can do? - He ran out of cash.
I had to charge a smoothie he ordered to his room.
You got the room number? Ann's not my girlfriend.
She's just my friend.
We go to church together.
Is she okay? You two were at the bar together last night? - Yeah.
And her friend, Lydia.
- Did you notice anybody following her, maybe? Or, um, I don't know, was Ann flirting with anyone? No.
Ann doesn't flirt.
What is this about? She was assaulted last night in her room.
What? She said she was assaulted? That's is that the word she used? No.
That's what happened.
- [chuckles] It's not.
- She was raped.
We're trying to figure out who might have done something - like this to her.
- No.
She wasn't raped.
I would never rape anyone.
What are you talking about? It wasn't rape.
It was curative intercourse.
I was I was saving her soul.
[sighs] Lucas is my friend.
He was doing what he thought was right.
That's why I couldn't tell you it was him.
- Yeah, we understand.
- He told us what he did to you was was curative intercourse.
To cure me of my attraction to Lydia.
Homosexuality is a sin.
I was following God's command.
Really? Okay, but Ann told us that she didn't consent, that she she didn't wanna have sex.
No, she she wanted to.
- She told you this? - She didn't have to.
I know she didn't wanna be a homosexual.
No one does.
You told us that you were a virgin.
So isn't what he did to you also a sin? Fornication can be forgiven.
It's a small price to pay for the graver sin of homosexuality.
He he was saving me.
Well, she told us she didn't want you in there - and that she said no.
- Even if she did, it it wouldn't have mattered.
Why's that? Because we're taught not to heed the words of the devil.
Whatever was in his mind, if you didn't want him to do that if you didn't give him consent - that's rape.
- Mm-mm.
That may be what you believe No, it's what I know, honey.
That's that's the law.
But it's not God's law.
It's not rape.
It's not done with hate or anger.
It's done with love.
The world is filled with temptations, but when a woman feels the full glory of God inside her, she sees the true path.
The full glory, huh? Being one with a man, as God intended.
When a woman feels that, she's brought back to God's will.
And understands her role.
Ann needed to be saved.
- Liv? - Yeah.
Excuse me, Ann.
So, um, this kid is basically confessing.
But in his mind, he forced Ann to have sex with him - to save her from going to hell.
- Okay.
Keep him talking.
All right.
Also, Ann's parents are here.
[sighs] - I wanna see my daughter.
- And you will.
She's just speaking with our lieutenant right now.
She shouldn't have come on this trip.
- She was assaulted.
- Who did this to her? Have you made an arrest? Well, we're still investigating.
I don't understand.
I mean, how did this happen? Was it someone at the hotel? We actually don't think it was a stranger.
Do you do you guys know Lucas Hull? - Yes.
- Can you describe his relationship with your daughter? What do you mean? Paul.
This must have something to do with Lydia Banks.
Excuse me? Lydia.
She tried to lead Ann astray.
Okay, 'cause Ann said she was her friend.
[sighs] She's a lesbian.
We're taking our daughter home.
We need to deal with this our way.
I understand that, sir.
But we are in the middle of a criminal investigation and we would very much appreciate your cooperation.
It's the police, Paul.
She needs to stay, right? - Yes, that would be helpful.
- I'm just worried about Ann.
Regardless of why this happened, she was traumatized.
- I wanna make sure she's safe.
- So do we.
Look, we have had enough of this.
We'll be at the hotel.
What's gonna happen to Lucas? He committed a crime, Ann.
We can't just pretend it never happened.
Reverend, the police are saying that Ann has I know.
Just take Ann back to the hotel.
Let me handle the police.
Lieutenant Benson, I've retained a New York City attorney for Lucas Hull.
And my client's interview is over.
Lucas has a right to counsel, but he's already confessed to my detectives.
There is nothing to confess to.
- Excuse me? - Lucas had curative intercourse with Ann Davenport.
It's his right, under the First Amendment.
- His right? - It's an expression of his and Ann's religious beliefs.
- Okay.
- Look, I'm no preacher, but I know the guy in the sky isn't down with rape.
Yeah, well, neither is the State of New York.
And regardless of his religious beliefs, Lucas is guilty of sexual assault.
So he won't be going anywhere.
Well, then, I will see you in court.
His lawyer's invoking the First Amendment? He claims he was trying to cure her - and the victim does, too.
- The victim? Yeah, she admits that she was raped, but doesn't wanna press charges because she thinks the guy did it for the right reasons.
None of that matters.
Ann didn't consent.
- It was rape.
- Right, but if she really believes that what he did was curative Even if you buy into this demented doctrine, a patient has the right to refuse care at any time.
Of course, but I'm just saying that given her religious beliefs, all right, it's more than possible that this kid's defense attorney is gonna lather that up into consent.
Yeah, I agree.
So we've gotta help Ann see the light, so to speak.
- And how do we do that? - Use your imagination.
Religion has been used to justify everything from genocide to the war against Christmas.
I'm sure we can twist it in our favor, for once.
Just get her on our side.
- Hey.
- There you are.
My mother thinks I'm napping.
She's afraid I'll go see Lydia.
Do you wanna see Lydia? Uh, Lydia's a good person, even if she's, uh Homosexual? - [sighs] - You're a good person too, Ann.
I try to put all this in God's hands, to have faith.
But God's law and man's law say two different things.
And how do I know what's right? Maybe you don't need to know.
Maybe maybe you just need to tell the truth.
The truth.
That that I have feelings for Lydia or what Lucas did? Both.
But my lust is a sin.
It's Ann, God made you the way you are.
What Lucas did, do you really think that God would condone that? He hurt you.
[sighs] You know, I believe in God, too.
And I'm not sure what He has in store for me or for you.
Or for anyone, for that matter.
But but what I am sure about regardless of religion, is that what Lucas did to you was wrong.
[crying] Yeah, I know.
Lucas Hull, on the charge of rape in the first degree, - how do you plead? - Not guilty, Your Honor.
- People on bail? - State requests remand, given the seriousness of the charge.
The defendant is not a resident, has no ties to the community.
Lucas is from a small town in Indiana.
He has no priors.
Given his age and his lack of resources, he's not a flight risk.
He doesn't even have a passport.
He's only standing here because his religious beliefs aren't respected by the state.
Save it for trial, Counselor.
Bail is set at $100,000.
Cash or bond.
I don't have that kind of money.
We have already started a collection because the church takes care of its own.
Next case.
Docket number 171002496.
I'm pleading with you, Lieutenant.
Don't make my daughter testify.
She will be shunned by the church, our community.
- This is a private matter.
- No, it's not, anymore.
A crime has been committed.
So now, unfortunately, this is a public matter.
I don't understand.
Why are you making her do this? I only asked your daughter to tell me the truth.
And she told me that that's something that she valued.
The truth is Lucas Hull tried to save her soul.
The truth is that your daughter was sexually assaulted.
I knew she should never have come to New York.
Now her father is he can't even bring himself to come here.
Cheryl, Cheryl, please.
Let's just go.
They think their secular law takes precedent over God's law.
But they'll find out they're wrong.
I can imagine what that was about.
These people really think that nothing criminal happened.
Never underestimate the power of faith.
Regardless of where it's placed.
Braun won't take a deal.
Yeah, because Reverend Gary won't let him.
If if Lucas admits that he committed a crime, then Reverend Gary loses face with his congregation.
Okay, let's go over Ann's testimony one more time.
Make sure that she's consistent.
You know, he said, she said, God said.
You don't want God to get the last word.
[sighs] Spoke too soon.
Defense filed a motion to dismiss based on First Amendment protections.
So they're saying that rape is okay if it's done for religious reasons.
I don't remember reading that in the Bible.
The church to which both Lucas Hull and Ann Davenport belong holds firm in its belief that homosexuality is sinful and that curative intercourse is the appropriate remedy.
Therefore, there was tacit consent.
This argument is ridiculous.
[laughs] All religion is ridiculous to the non-believer.
That's the basis for religious discrimination.
In both Cantwell versus Connecticut and Hobby Lobby Neither of those cases involved a rape.
Reynolds versus U.
ruled that the First Amendment protection did not entitle a person to act on their religious beliefs in a way that violates the law.
Yeah, but this is not true in People versus Moua, - a 1985 case.
- It's not precedent, Your Honor.
And the judge in that case handed down a reduced sentence.
He didn't nullify the crime, based on a religious argument.
But if you'd like to plead this out, my offer's still on the table.
In the eyes of the Lord the ultimate judge my client is innocent.
So I refuse to let Lucas plead guilty.
Well, with all due respect to the Almighty, His laws are meaningless when it comes to sexual assault.
Good arguments.
I'll let the jury hear them.
Motion to dismiss is denied.
Lieutenant Benson.
Lydia, what are you what are you doing here? I don't understand.
Barba said that he doesn't need me.
That because of my relationship with Ann, I could hurt the case.
But nothing happened between us.
I understand that, Lydia.
But it's just it's not that simple.
Are they gonna try and make it look like Ann doesn't wanna be gay? They will use that as part of their defense.
- She won't even call me back.
- This has not been easy for her.
She has been focusing on the trial.
It's all my fault.
If Lucas hadn't seen us together, Ann would not have been raped.
Lydia, you are not to blame for this.
Oh, right.
God is.
I have to get inside.
I'm sorry.
Even if Ann did believe that her attraction to women was sinful, she still has the right to say no.
Lucas Hull and Ann Davenport both believe that homosexuality is against God's law.
And they both believe that curative intercourse can help someone to overcome what Ann herself viewed as a sickness.
Irrespective of religious chatter or sanctimonious phrases, the case comes down to one simple question: did Ann Davenport consent to having sex with the defendant? If the answer is no, that means she was raped.
Lucas knew that Lydia and I were alone in my hotel room.
And he was afraid that I'd give in to temptation.
He said that I needed to feel the full glory of God's purpose to overcome that lust.
- How did you respond? - I said that I could resist on my own, that I didn't need him to do that.
And he pushed me on the bed.
And then what happened? He pulled up my skirt and he forced himself he forced himself inside me.
And I I said no and tried to fight him off.
But he didn't stop.
When the police showed up, why didn't you tell them that Lucas had done this? 'Cause I didn't wanna get him in trouble.
He he was doing what he thought was right.
But you did not consent.
- No.
- Thank you, Ann.
Nothing further.
Davenport, I sympathize with you.
This this can't be an easy position to be in.
You and Lucas are friends, so when he came to your room, you didn't scream or cry for help.
- No.
- He didn't have a weapon.
- No.
- And he didn't prevent you - from leaving.
- No.
- So when your lesbian friend - Objection.
Be careful, Mr.
When your friend came back to your room, shortly after Lucas left, did you tell her that you'd been raped? No, I I was upset.
She had asked what happened and I said that I had sex.
That he made me do it.
Right, but you didn't use the word rape or sexual assault.
You didn't call the police.
In fact, Ms.
Banks called the police against your wishes, - didn't she? - Yes, but but she was just trying to help me.
One more question.
Are you in a romantic relationship with Ms.
Banks? - No, I - Is it possible that she wanted to be? That she came back to the room, hoping to seduce you and when she saw that you'd had sex with Lucas, - she got upset - Objection.
A moment, Your Honor.
- Your Honor? - Objection is sustained.
- Mr.
Braun, are you with us? - Withdrawn.
However, at this point, Your Honor, I'd like to continue my cross by admitting the following video evidence - as exhibit E.
- This is the first - I'm hearing of this.
- That's because we've only just received it.
But it pertains directly to Ms.
Davenport's testimony.
Yeah, nice try.
I need to review this evidence.
As do I.
Court is in recess.
[Bangs gavel] Ann, I'm sorry this got so complicated that you had to deal with the police.
- I know.
- I just I didn't want you to have to live a life like that.
- To be damned.
- I understand.
I do.
Why did you say that you were raped? Maybe you were confused, Ann.
Is that it? Just overwhelmed with Lydia, with New York, the police.
Is that why you said you were assaulted? Yes.
Yes, I guess.
Then it's it's settled.
What happened between the two of you was a blessed event.
Let's pray.
There goes our case.
Man plans, God laughs.
No, there's nothing funny about Reverend Gary.
Or rape in the name of religion.
And after they had sex, I counseled them.
I found there was no malice between the two of them.
Ann forgave Lucas and understood that what he had done was right and Godly.
And why did you record this meeting? Because I knew the state of New York would not understand or accept our beliefs.
But my obligation lies with the well-being of my congregants.
Lucas should not be made to suffer for saving Ann, for being a messenger of God's will.
And is it your impression, as as Ann's spiritual counselor, that she wanted to be saved from homosexuality? Absolutely.
I have no doubt in my mind.
We discussed it on many occasions.
Objection, this is privileged communication between a clergyman and a congregant.
Davenport does not waive this privilege.
Reverend, one last question.
As head of the church, is it your belief that God condones mandates curative intercourse? Yes.
No further questions.
You were not in the hotel room when Ann was assaulted.
- No.
- You did not hear what she said or did not say.
That's correct.
You allege that in your private meeting after the assault, Ann forgave the defendant.
I'm certain of it.
I was there.
You are certain of that.
You believe that she forgave him, that her forgiveness was genuine.
- Absolutely.
- Then the defendant must have done something wrong.
Doesn't granting forgiveness imply a crime a transgression that needs to be forgiven in the first place? - Yes, but - Yes.
You do not understand our core beliefs.
- You do not understand - This is not about beliefs! It's not about God.
It's not about homosexuality.
It's about a crime.
It's about a woman who says no and a man rapes her anyway.
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
I waited for Lydia and Charlotte to leave and then I knocked on Ann's door and she let me in.
And then what happened? I explained to her why I was there.
What had to happen.
What what God asked of us.
And how did she respond? She was scared.
I was, too.
Neither of us had done that before and and we're not married.
But I knew it was my responsibility to free her from sin.
So so I laid her on the bed.
And did she did she resist? She was tense.
It wasn't easy.
But I believe she knew what had to happen.
What Reverend Gary and what God wanted us to do.
Lucas, what happened afterwards? She was crying a little.
She was upset.
I was, too.
It was really difficult for the both of us.
And then she told me that she understood why I did it.
And that I should go.
Did she, at any point, say that she had been raped or that she was going to call the police? No.
Reverend Gary said that Lydia called the police and that's why they were involved.
And when they came to me, I told them the truth.
Every word of it.
Thank you, Lucas.
Do you consider Ann to be truthful? Absolutely.
Have you ever known her to lie? She wouldn't.
It's not in her nature.
Can you explain why her testimony directly refutes yours? I quote, "He pulled up my skirt, he forced himself inside me.
" "I said no, I tried to push him off.
- "He didn't stop.
" - She didn't lie.
She was experiencing a union with God.
It's it's what happens.
It's like Reverend Gary says.
Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
- So she was resisting.
- Her demons were resisting and sometimes, you have to fight through them to save someone.
And if I'm the one that has to pay for it, so be it.
But I love Ann.
I would never want to hurt her.
You did.
- Defense looks happy.
- They should be.
Lucas is earnest, sincere, telling the truth.
Are you saying that we lost the jury? Quite possible.
Well, you're not thinking of taking a deal.
They're all complicit.
So when are we gonna go after the real villain? The Reverend.
You heard Lucas on the stand.
- You saw that video.
- We would need to prove that Gary ordered Lucas to rape Ann.
And Lucas is the only one who can tell us that.
Let me do some digging.
See what I can find out about Lucas and Gary's relationship.
That was Lucas' parents.
Turns out he quit school in the 12th grade.
Spent the next year living with and being home schooled by Gary.
- Did they say why? - Apparently Gary has special students he looks out for.
Lucas was just one of them, Studying his faith as Gary's apprentice.
You know, keep him out of trouble.
And what that is, they didn't know.
That could mean anything.
So which one of you guys is gonna call Liv? This is me delegating, practicing my sergeant skills.
Don't keep us in suspense.
Why are we here? I already told you my client's not taking a deal.
What if I were to propose a much better deal? We don't think your client is the only guilty party here.
- Excuse me? - We want the Reverend.
Lucas, Reverend Gary is the one who told you that you could cure Ann, correct? - Wait, wait, don't answer.
- He's also the one who told you and Ann to cover it up and not report it, right? Guys, where are we going with this? Lucas, if there are extenuating circumstances, if the Reverend Gary has some kind of hold on you, we need to know.
It's in your best interest.
I'm not sure what you mean.
We know that you lived with him for a year.
Can you tell us why? I got into trouble at school.
Who decided you should live with Reverend Gary? He did.
And you do whatever Gary tells you to do, right? I'm not judging.
I grew up in faith, I understand.
When I was a teenager, if a priest told me to jump, I'd only ask how high.
It was the best thing that could've happened.
I learned so much.
He taught me to trust in God's plan.
You here for trial on rape, that seem like - part of God's plan to you? - It has to be.
He told you that you had to live with him.
He told you to quit school.
Not just me.
There were others.
So what else did he tell you and the others to do? Our chores at the house and the church.
He he made sure that we studied the Scriptures.
He took us to other counties so that we could volunteer - for their youth programs.
- Did he ever ask you to perform curative intercourse before? - All right, don't, Lucas.
- You don't understand him or us.
He showed me the path to righteousness.
Lucas, look, I'm sure that when he's quoting the Bible, it sounds like he really knows what he's talking about.
But you gotta trust me, somebody uses God - as an excuse to commit crimes - You've got him all wrong.
He told you to assault Ann.
He saw Lydia with her! He knew she was in trouble - and that we were out of time.
- So he ordered - it specifically - No, he saved me! He's not the sinner, I am! It was my penance! Penance? Penance for what? Ann didn't just confide in me because we're friends.
We succumbed to the same temptation.
I never I never got into any trouble at school.
Reverend Gary caught me one night with a friend.
A boy.
So Lucas is gay? The Reverend caught him? That's what Lucas said.
Once the kid confessed, he couldn't stop talking.
The curative part was supposed to go both ways.
On Lucas and on Ann.
And he agreed to testify against Gary, maybe enough to charge him as an accomplice.
I found something else.
The church's bank statements.
Lucas said he was paid a monthly stipend of $200.
Yeah, that was for, you know, maintenance, chores.
Maybe, sure, but I found I mean, I found disbursements for $200 for half a dozen other kids, going back years.
Lucas did say he wasn't the only kid living there.
If we can prove that any of the other boys working for Gary got paid for curatively raping someone, you've got sex trafficking.
Yeah, but we can't know without their cooperation.
Well, Gary doesn't know that.
He doesn't know what Lucas told us.
Asset forfeiture laws are very strong under sex trafficking.
Well, the church has a lot to forfeit.
They've got hundreds of thousands earmarked for missionary work, homeless shelters.
Okay, let's hit this guy where it hurts the most.
Okay, so bring him in and see if Gary really is a man of God.
It's not enough that you turn Ann against me.
You perverted Lucas, too.
You did that all on your own, Gary.
No, I was trying to save their lives.
- Their souls.
- They're kids, with normal sexual desires, but you made them feel like they had the devil inside them.
They do.
And it kills me.
You have no idea how much I love them.
All I want to do is protect them from the sins of the world, from themselves.
But you you can't rape the gay out of somebody.
Conversion therapy doesn't work.
But you're never gonna believe that, are you? Guys, I hope we're not here so you can try to convince my client that his religious beliefs are criminal.
He believes what he believes and we get that.
What you had Lucas do to Ann, that is a crime.
It's sex trafficking.
Sex trafficking.
Come on.
Come on? All right.
We found the payments.
Not just to Lucas, but to the others, too.
And I promise you, we're gonna talk - to every single one of them.
- The Lord Himself sent those children to me to save them.
And you don't have jurisdiction in Indiana.
He's right, we don't.
But the Feds do.
And if we call them on an interstate trafficking case, the first thing they're gonna do is seize all your church's assets.
Every single penny, gone.
I have over 900 congregants who raise money for the poor, for disaster relief, for missionary work.
- We're good people.
- I agree.
Your church has done some good things.
But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
And the road that we're on right now, every person you've ever preached to will be tainted.
Everything you've ever built.
Everything that you've ever worked for will vanish.
Unless you make a deal.
You're gonna plead guilty.
You know what? I think we're done here.
The people that we help don't deserve this.
My congregation doesn't deserve this.
Reverend, this is blackmail.
This is my burden.
This is my church; these are my people.
And if it means I have to sacrifice myself in order to save them, then so be it.
He's really going for it.
I'll offer a plea for facilitation.
As long as it stops that church from conspiring to commit rape.
Well, whatever the judge gives him, it'll give him plenty of time to get right with God.
- And Lucas? - [Sighs] He held up his end of the bargain.
Rape three.
One to four.
Do you know what the most frightening part of all of this is? It's that the Reverend actually believes that he's doing the right thing.
So do his congregants.
Which is even more frightening.
How are you? Okay.
Praying a lot.
Ann, I'm so sorry.
I should've listened.
- But questioning God - Is wrong, yeah.
Reverend Gary told me that, too.
But Maybe we have to decide for ourselves what what God's saying.
We don't get to decide right from wrong.
That's what you did when I was with Lydia in my hotel room.
I had a choice, and you took it away.
Lucas, I forgive you.
But you can't change people.
Not like that.
God made us this way.
How can we be any less than perfect? How can love any love be wrong? - Ann, it's time to go.
- [crying] Well, that certainly couldn't have been easy.
No, it wasn't.
So, Ann, what will you do now? I have some cousins in Denver I'm gonna stay with.
- Figure things out.
- Good.
I'm definitely not coming back to New York anymore.
And what about your parents? They're not ready yet.
Maybe they will be one day.
You know, things get better.
They get easier with time.
And with faith.