Law & Order Special Victims Unit s19e02 Episode Script


1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
[dramatic music] [timer clicking] ["Liebestod" playing] [water running] [door closes] [clock ticking] [suspenseful music] [clock ticking] [clock ticking] Pass me the toothbrush and the towel.
[shaky breathing] Now, I want you to count backwards from 60, and don't come out until you reach the end.
[door closes] [weakly] 60, 59 58 [clock ticking] 57 ["Liebestod" stops] [clock ticking] [clock dings] [cell phone buzzes] Hey, Jen.
What? No, no, no, are you kidding? No, I asked you to walk her at nine this morning.
Yeah, okay.
Thanks a lot.
- What's up? - It's my dog-walker.
Franny just peed on my new shag carpet.
That dog pees more than my diabetic granddaddy.
You got a granddaddy that's still alive? Grandpa Iggy Tutuola.
95, healthy as a horse.
Except for the diabetes.
Where I'm from, diabetes is like a head cold.
Okay, well I really want to go save my carpet.
When Liv gets in Go, go, we got you covered.
[indistinct chatter] [dramatic music] Is this Special Victims? It is.
How can we help you? My name is Savannah Ross.
I was raped.
This is all pro forma.
Just think of it as A conversation? If I had quarter for every time I've used that line.
Hey, it's not like I'm enjoying this Oh, I feel bad for you, Michelle.
My son almost got hit by a cab.
I grabbed his arm like any mother would.
And the next thing I know Mary Poppins is reporting me to Albany and now I got a DA's Investigator picking through my life looking for some hidden treasure like it's out of a Cracker Jack box.
Okay, so excuse me if I'm little testy.
And if this was another mom, would you object to this inquiry as vociferously? Look, just ask the big question, Michelle, okay? So I can answer it and we can both go home, okay? Have you been physically abusing your son? No.
Noah told me you work too much.
Show me another five year old on the planet who would say differently.
Tell me about Dr.
[tense music] Mmmm.
You saw a shrink.
I gotta ask.
I was kidnapped by a psychopath.
I was held hostage, I was tortured [inhales] and he threatened to do God knows what else.
Everybody deals with severe trauma differently.
Did you feel Dr.
Lindstrom helped you? I'm here about a black and blue mark on my son's arm.
You're right, and it's probably nothing.
- But - Please, save it, Michelle.
I know the drill.
[emotional] Okay? Try to make the interviewee feel comfortable, make her think that your interests are aligned Cards on the table? Please.
When they found William Lewis, you'd beaten him to a bloody pulp with a bed rod.
But what I realized when I finally got to the other side when I knew that I was going to live, when I knew that I was going to be okay, was that I wanted more, more than the job, more than a relationship.
The reason that I fought so hard to stay alive [crying] was for Noah.
And I hadn't even met him yet.
So if you want to know what I'm guilty of, I'm guilty of being distracted.
I'm guilty.
I was on the phone.
And I took my eyes off that boy for one second.
That's what I did wrong.
[cell phone buzzing] Yeah, Fin.
Are we almost done? For now.
I'll be right there.
[dramatic music] He put on music.
Some kind of opera or something.
He brought it himself.
He said that he didn't speak German, but it was a song about two lovers who could only be together after they both were dead.
Can you describe what he looked like? I never actually saw his face.
Do you remember anything about his voice, maybe? Or smell? A tattoo? - I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Well, you know, we should get you to the hospital.
Why? Well, there's this thing called a rape kit.
It helps the doctors look for traces of your attacker's DNA.
He made me shower for a long time.
And I heard a ticking like a timer.
I really don't think that they're going to find anything.
Well, you'd be surprised.
It wasn't my only shower.
How many? Every day.
When did this rape take place, Savannah? Two weeks ago.
Prick could be in Kansas City by now.
Not that he had much reason to run.
Before he left He said that I should get the lock on my window fixed.
That's how he got in.
He didn't want anyone to break in and hurt me.
Okay, Savannah, can you try and remember.
Maybe you did get a quick look at him? I did.
What did he look like? Prince Charming.
So he was cute? No, the mask he wore.
It was part of one of those Prince Charming Halloween costumes.
[tense music] Something like Like this? Yeah.
So what color was his hair? Maybe What have we got? Savannah Ross.
She's 20 years old.
She was raped two weeks ago in her apartment by Prince Charming.
He wore a Halloween mask.
I thought - Everything okay, Liv? - Why did you wait so long to come forward about the rape, Savannah? He took my ID.
He said if I told anyone what happened, he'd be back Okay.
Well you know what, it's a good thing you came in, okay? We can protect you now.
Okay, so how many companies make Prince Charming masks? And how many stores sell them? We're on it.
Now what? Now we investigate.
I can't go back to my apartment.
Right, but CSU will be down there in a couple of hours No, I mean, ever.
Um, I read online that sometimes rape victims are given housing vouchers Yes, Sacred Haven, yeah.
I can talk to my boss, but in the mean I can't go back.
[crying] Please, please don't make me.
Hey, hey Hey Liv, there's six Halloween stores within a ten-mile radius of Savannah's apartment.
Over 5,000 of those costumes have been sold.
Yeah, and that's just the brick and mortar.
Okay, so take a picture of this mask to Savannah's building.
See if any of the neighbors saw him lurking around before he broke in.
Savannah said the perp entered through her bedroom window.
She fixed her lock.
That was a teachable moment.
She's behind on all of her bills.
Most of these credit card statements are final notices.
That's what your 20's are for, racking up credit debt.
Not me, I never paid a bill late in my life.
Not even then.
What? You couldn't handle all the Hail Marys? God nothing to do with it.
I wanted to finance a Mustang.
Bad credit, I would have been dead in the water.
This is where he was hiding.
Hey, Fin, come check this out.
[radio chatter] She chronicles her every move.
She has over 2,000 Facebook friends.
Maybe one of them considers himself Charming.
This photo was taken Tuesday the 12th at 11:00 pm.
Savannah told us the rape happened at 9:00 pm.
So she goes out drinking with her friends two hours after she was raped? I know that guy's T-shirt.
It's from a company called "Pick-Up Kings.
" It's where tools teach other tools how to bed a different chick every night of the week.
So, the number on the shirt? Those are notches in his belt.
[mouse click] Nick Collins.
160, huh? Must've had a good week.
I don't brag.
Yeah? What do you call that then? A sales tool.
Would you pay someone to teach you how to spice up your sex life who could count Do not say conquests.
His successful dates on one hand? What's your secret? That'll cost you.
Okay, you want to call Consumer Fraud or should I? Fine.
Look at me.
What do you see? A little bit of Brad Pitt's younger brother, right? Around the eyes.
Yeah, if I had one too many and the lights were out.
Bottom line, it works.
So, did you use that Brad Pitt bull on Savannah Ross? Or did you just go straight to the rape? Rape? What? Before you met her for drinks.
She's like my kid sister.
There's no way I'd ever - Is she okay? - Well, I got three sisters and you never see me touching any of them like that.
You're kidding, man, like we never even hooked up.
I'll tell you who you should talk to.
Some dude who shops at her store's been creeping her out.
She told me one time he showed up at her apartment, unannounced, with flowers.
- Excuse me, you the manager? - Yeah.
I'm Detective Tutuola.
This is Detective Carisi.
And we're here to talk about Savannah Ross.
Tell me you guys caught the bastard who raped her.
Whoa, whoa.
She told you she was raped? She showed up late, second time this month.
So, I fired her.
They'll walk all over you if you let them, you know.
So well She burst into tears, she told me the reason she was late was because she was raped.
That's why I took her to the cops myself.
Hold on, let me get this straight.
She already reported the rape to the police? Isn't that what I just said? I took her right to the 21st Precinct around the corner.
Somehow she managed to forgot to tell us that.
[tense music] Yeah, from the grocery store, her boss brought her in.
Yeah, you're supposed to call us.
I would have if she hadn't made the whole thing up.
I did you guys a favor.
Okay, a favor would have been letting us interview her, do a rape kit before two week passed.
- She always this pleasant? - Hey, you want to find out? Why don't you just tell us what happened? Look, a girl comes in, hungover.
The whole time she's telling me what went down she's looking back at her boss, like she's checking to see if he's listening.
Yes, that's normal.
Because she'd just went through the most traumatic experience of her life.
She doesn't need an audience.
Believe me, I get it.
I have two daughters.
That's why I told her boss to head back to the store said I'd take it from there.
What did she say? I had her go over the details again.
Suddenly it's maybe this happened.
Maybe he did this.
I pushed a little, like we do, and that's when she said, "maybe I dreamed the whole thing.
" You're kidding.
Her exact words.
I heard a lot of stories on the job, but that was definitely a first.
'Cause maybe you pushed too hard.
And maybe that's why you're supposed to call us.
I repeated my question, "Were you raped or not?" You know what she said? She says, "I don't know what I'll do if I lose this job.
" [dramatic music] I wasn't ready to talk about it.
Not there.
Not to that detective.
But my boss said I had to report it.
Well, he was right, Savannah, you did.
Like he knows what it's like.
What's the difference? You'll never understand how I felt.
So why don't you tell me? Um After it happened, I didn't want to be alone.
That's why I went out drinking with my friends.
And if that makes me a liar It doesn't.
Just feel so alone, you know.
What about family? What about your parents? What about them? Look at me.
Exhibit A All the wonders of the New York City foster care system in all its glory.
14 years, living in other people's houses, sleeping in other people's beds You know what you pray for most? [somber music] A new light bulb.
It's crazy, right? But the other one kept burning out because I was too scared to shut it off.
I'm so sorry.
You know what's worse than being scared? Being pitied.
I should have told you that I already reported it to other cops.
What's the point? People like you don't believe people like me.
I believe you, Savannah.
I believe you.
Savannah was raped all right, by the system.
Her parents are both drug addicts and all around dirt-bags.
It took them dying to get her out of that house.
When no living family member wanted her, she spent eight months at ACS until they could find her a willing foster home.
She bounced from home to home, a total of ten.
Average foster kid only sees five.
Yeah, still, there's nothing about her being sexually abused in here.
Okay, well, false rape accusations don't come out of thin air.
Except when they do.
That's not how we work, Amanda.
I know we don't, but Liv, come on.
Lieutenant, maybe there is a chance What? Maybe she is stretching the truth.
'Cause let me count the ways.
She told me that she didn't tell anyone else that she was raped.
She told her boss, she told another detective.
- Mm-hmm.
- And if omissions count, which they should, she conveniently left out the part about going partying after the alleged assault.
And the Prince Charming mask? She's living out some perverted fairy tale.
Tracy Montgomery.
That's what I'm talking about.
- What? - Who's that? Tracy Montgomery was a cashier who worked at a Chevron station at a minimart.
She claimed she was raped at gunpoint by three guys in the storage closet.
Only the cash register receipts showed she made six sales during the time of that attack.
So I could have blown it off.
And I probably should have blown it off, but The bottom line is the truth of what her two cousins were doing to her from the time she was three years old, was far worse than anything she could have made up.
Sometimes girls like Tracy, girls like Savannah, need to make up fairy tales just to get through the day.
Okay, we'll talk to some of her other foster parents, see if they remember anything that's not in the file.
Yeah, I read a study that said kids who participate in garden projects performed better in scientific achievement than kids who don't so And magically a few extra bucks from the state appears in your pocket.
[chuckles] You caught me.
I mean look, I have five kids.
And they all hate the beets, but it's what keeps me sane.
- Savannah Ross.
- Let me guess You guys busted her for shoplifting a pack of gum and suddenly it's the store clerk got a little handsy with her? You don't trust her? Call me jaded, but that kid put me through the ringer.
- How long was she with you? - Three years.
She moved six months before she turned 18.
Well, what happened? Clark happened.
Her foster brother.
I came home early from work one day and found them in bed together.
- She's almost 18.
- Yeah, so was Clark.
I mean, they apologized from here to Walla Walla and back again, but I still had to report it to Pamela, the social worker.
Pam thought it would be easier to move Savannah.
Savannah didn't like that? Look, one minute it was two kids exploring their sexuality.
The next thing you know, Savannah's crying "forcible rape.
" Is there any chance that she was telling the truth? There were text messages back and forth between them about their relationship.
When we confronted Savannah about the texts, She says, "Maybe I dreamt the whole damn thing.
" [chuckles] That's what I thought too.
Look, eventually Savannah admitted it was a hoax.
She just didn't want to change schools in the middle of her senior year.
[door closes] We're being played, Liv.
Amanda, there's something there.
Normally, I would agree with you, but Savannah Look at her history.
Okay? This girl cried rape so that she wouldn't lose her job.
She cried rape so that she wouldn't have to leave the foster home that she liked, and now because she can't afford her apartment that she's living in.
She played me so that she'd have a new place to live.
You're normally right about these things, and God knows I I trust your instincts.
But with this one, this time I think Hey, Lieutenant, we caught a rape on the Upper West Side.
Okay, uh, take Fin.
You and Fin.
I think maybe Maybe what, Amanda? Just say it.
I just Maybe Maybe your eyes aren't as clear as they usually are.
I think with everything going on with Noah I think You're seeing yourself As a little bit of a victim right now, and it's making you more likely to see Savannah that way as well.
[tense music] So you can't stay here.
Believe me, I'm not surprised.
I want to believe you, Savannah.
But I just have one of those faces.
I was actually going to say that your story doesn't quite add up.
Well, gave it a shot, right? You know, I know that you had it rough.
Couldn't have been easy growing up in foster homes.
But a lot of kids grow up in foster care.
And a lot of kids have crappy lives.
And a lot of them grow up to run for Congress or win Nobel Prizes in physics Exactly, because they stopped seeing themselves as victims, so they stop being victims.
Savannah, your life is far from over.
So I have to move back to my apartment.
Is that it? You do.
I'm sorry.
Not that it matters But I was telling the truth.
Mom always returns my calls.
When she missed her doctor's appointment, I knew something was wrong.
I found her curled up in bed in a ball.
- When did this happen? - Two nights ago.
Burns, is there a reason that you didn't call us? He took photos of me.
He said if I told anyone he'd put them on the internet.
I didn't want my grandchildren Mom, it's okay.
Burns, what can you tell us about the man who raped you? I didn't see his face.
He wore a mask.
He said he was my Prince Charming.
[tense music] [gasps] That's it.
Oh, my God.
You're saying he did this before? Looks like.
Take your time, Mrs.
He was hiding in my closet when I came home.
He played Wagner, the "Liebestod" from "Tristan and Is Is" The German opera? Yes.
He brought it with him.
He said he wanted to set the mood.
Tell them what the sick bastard did before he left.
[whimpering] He cleaned the filter on my air conditioner.
He said that I could close my windows at night.
He didn't want anyone to break in and hurt me.
Then I had to shower for 20 minutes.
He timed it.
[wheezing] Look here, Mom.
[breathing slowly] Then he made me brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash.
He's trying to get rid of any traces of DNA.
And that's why he wore gloves.
What about the bedding? He took it all.
And the towels too.
Did you use your inhaler when he was here? [crying] When he was kissing me I started to wheeze, and I thought he'd get mad, but he was nice.
He handed me my inhaler.
[sniffles] And waited until I caught my breath.
Mom, he is a disgusting animal who raped you.
He is not nice.
That psycho stole my mother's diamond tennis bracelet.
It was a gift from my father before he died.
Do you have a photo of that bracelet? That one right there.
Was that the same inhaler you used? Yes.
But he he wore gloves Yeah, but he kissed her before she used the inhaler.
Maybe some of his saliva transferred from her lips back on to it.
Any luck? I knocked on Savannah's door.
No answer.
Okay, I left a bunch of messages for her.
So she'll get back to us.
Is this where I get the lecture? No.
It was my decision.
But I pushed you.
I was pretty relentless.
I was closed-minded.
Hey, we got a DNA hit on the inhaler.
It matches a hair that was found at the scene of a burglary that happened in Brooklyn last year.
- No rape? - Right.
Well it wouldn't be the first time a perp changed lanes.
The vic's name is Anne Speer.
Okay, go talk to her.
My coworker, Matt, and I had to pull an all-nighter.
Instead of staying at the office, I invited him back to my place.
Thank God I did.
Matt went straight to the couch to set up.
I went into my bedroom to change into sweats.
The guy must have hid in my closet when heard me come in.
He grabbed me from behind.
I screamed.
Matt came rushing in.
He they fought.
He picked up scissors from the nightstand, stabbed him in the leg.
Savannah said he had a bad scar on his left leg.
Why is this coming up now? We think this guy might've attacked two women after you.
Attack? What kind of attack? Did you happen to see his face? He wore a mask.
A black ski mask.
I told the regular cops all this.
Did he rape them? You told them it was a burglary.
Well, there was a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood.
I just assumed Okay, is there anything else you remember about this guy? It's crazy, but a week before, I signed this petition to "protect my reproductive rights" outside of the bodega down the street.
A few days later, I was at the bodega.
The canvasser, he remembered me by name.
You think this was the same guy in your apartment? I have no idea, but the strange thing he was on crutches.
Savannah, please open the door, please.
Let me make this right.
People don't believe me.
I just have one of those faces.
No, that's absolutely not true.
You didn't believe me.
Because I made a mistake.
And that is 100% my fault, and I'm sorry.
I can get you something.
I don't have coffee.
But I've got a box of cronuts.
It's not a croissant.
It's not a doughnut.
It doesn't know what it is.
Kind of like me.
You are an incredibly strong woman who was traumatized by no fault of your own.
Then whose fault was it? My dad? He was shanked in his cell in Attica when I was two.
Mom? She overdosed on crack on the kitchen floor when I was four.
And I'm sorry.
[somber music] I can't make any promises.
But I can tell you that every single day we're getting closer to the man who did this to you.
[scoffs] You don't have to lie.
I would never do that.
The man who did this to you, we think you may have signed a petition of his.
I'm the jerk who does that.
Have you signed one recently? I mean, there's always guys outside of my gym.
Something about banning puppy mills.
I signed a petition for art in inner city schools.
I'm a retired teacher.
Where was that? Outside my bank.
The Friday before I was attacked.
I had a hair appointment.
I was late.
Still, I enjoyed talking to him.
He loved opera.
Oh, my God.
[sobbing] Do you remember what he looked like? You never really look at their faces.
These canvassing companies are all over the city.
Greenpeace, Solar Energy, Community Outreach, you name it.
Guys, come on.
We have a serial rapist out there.
You've got to narrow it down.
And maybe we have, because there's only three companies with offices both in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
McMillian Enterprises, Causey & Smith, and the Cooper-Price Group.
Yeah, but the Cooper-Price Group is the only one with open petitions for female reproductive rights, arts in the inner city, and anti-puppy mills.
[sighs] Hey, uh Liv, this might be out of line Yeah, second apologies usually are.
You and Cassidy Yeah, what about him? I thought look, you guys ended pretty amicably? Yeah, it still is.
I mean ended, I mean.
But maybe not that amicably? Amanda, what are you talking about? Let me explain what the hell I'm talking about.
The other night I was having drinks with - with Mike Lasky - From the TwoSeven.
Yes, except now he's an investigator at the DA's office, and it turns out it's the same division that's investigating you.
If you want to pull strings, I'm not interested, but thank you very much.
No, no.
No, Mike's not like that, I asked.
Anyway, after his fourth Jameson, he tells me that there never would have been an investigation if it weren't for Brian Cassidy.
What? I mean, that's all he'd say.
[dramatic music] - Hey.
- Hey.
What the hell, Brian? If you want to mess with me, that's one thing, but my kid? That's another story.
Noah? What are you talking about? What am I talking about? You're gonna pretend that you didn't talk to Michelle whatever from the DA's office? - I-I work with her.
- Yeah.
- I talk to her every day - Yeah.
About me.
Would you slow down for a second here? All right? Look, I We went and had drinks after work, all right? She was talking about how tough it is having kids, being on the job your name came up.
And William Lewis? Did his name just happen to come up too? About the fact that I was kidnapped and assaulted? And that makes me a crappy mother, Brian? No, no, not at all.
I I told her how strong you were, how how you bounced back after what happened.
How totally devoted to your job And how I needed a shrink! It's not like you ever wanted to talk to me about it.
- Oh, my God.
- No, wait just stop, stop.
Hey, come here, stop hey, stop it.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
Look, Liv, I told her how you're the last person that should ever be under investigation, okay? I told her what a great mom you are.
And how I almost killed William Lewis? [tense music] Next time, Brian Don't help me.
Damn it.
We have over 30 canvassers working at any given time.
They move all over the city.
I couldn't say.
Did any of your canvassers recently move from the Brooklyn office to this one? We get about five new recruits a month.
Who's this guy? Tom Williams.
One of ours.
Monica's entering his signatures from last month.
Same dude? Where is he? Where's Tom right now? He worked the early shift.
Should have just left his post.
When does he come here? End of the month.
That's when our guys turn in their signatures.
Okay, we're gonna need his home address.
[pounding on door] Oh, yes? Sorry, we're looking for Tom Williams.
Tommy is my son.
Oh, he is.
So so he lives here, does he? Well, this is his home.
Where else would he live? Can we come in and talk to Tommy? You could if he were here, but I don't think he'll be long if you care to come in and wait.
Thank you.
I was just about to have some tea, if you'd care to join me? No, we're good.
Or I could always top it off with a little brandy, if you prefer? We have to turn that down too, Mrs.
To tell you the truth, we're police.
Well [chuckles] I never imagined that Tommy would socialize with civil servants.
Although I I do appreciate everything that you do.
And we appreciate that.
Can I use the little boys' room? Oh, yes, of course.
It's right down the hall just past Tommy's bedroom.
Thank you.
[door opens] Where is Tommy off to? He didn't say, probably a singing lesson.
Do not say no.
You know, I always wished I had learned how to sing.
He teaches.
He sang at the Met as a child, though the maestro was very jealous.
Tommy could have become a brilliant heldentenor.
[groans] Would you stop? You're getting crumbs everywhere.
[suspenseful music] [sighs] Oh, yes.
It's lovely, isn't it? Tommy gave it to me.
Gave it to you, huh? A couple of days ago, right? He's such a good boy.
I got a souvenir.
I got a box of 'em.
And a list of signatures.
Guess what names have stars next to 'em.
Savannah Ross, Nancy Burns.
Yeah, and one more.
Signed last week.
Excuse me.
You can't touch that.
Ma'am, this is a warrant.
It says I can touch whatever the hell I want including that bracelet.
Take it off, please.
Her name is Vivian Stevens.
She's starred just like the other two vics.
Her address is 113 Chittenden Avenue, Apartment 2B.
All right, we'll meet you there.
No, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to no, please, don't please, don't kill I didn't mean it.
NYPD! [grunts] Please, don't! Please, please! [crying] Please, help me.
Please, help me! [screaming] Tom.
Tom, put the gun down now.
Please, help me, please Put the gun down.
[sobbing] [crying] [dramatic music] Put the gun down.
[sobbing] [screaming] Go, go! You're okay.
You're okay, all right? SUV CO to Central.
I got a 10-85 at 113 Chittenden.
You're okay.
Take a breath.
[panting] Tommy, stop.
Hey, Tom, you're not going anywhere.
'Cause we've got the building surrounded.
You can't get away.
Then I might as well shoot.
That wouldn't be smart.
[breathing heavily] All right.
Look, we can just we can take a breath, okay? I knew you'd never hurt me.
You don't know anything.
No, I know you don't hurt women.
It's not how you were raised.
You're one of the good ones, you're a gentleman.
You know, Nancy, Savannah, you were good to them.
Right? You you fixed Nancy's air conditioner.
You told Savannah about the broken window.
Right? The guys I date Man, I I'm lucky if I can get them to close the door on their way out, you know what I mean? 'Cause once they get what they came for, what do they care? You know who I blame? I blame their moms.
But you're not like that, Tom.
You do care.
You want to keep us safe.
You're Prince Charming, right? - Don't come any closer.
- Okay.
I'm good to them because they're good girls.
Can you just drop the gun, Tom? Go ahead.
I mean, think about it.
What would your mom say if she saw Tom! [yells] Okay, he's headed south down the fire escape.
He's headed toward the back alley.
[sirens wailing] There, there.
There, there, there, right there.
Circle around the block.
[tires screech] [distant sirens] [groans] Freeze! [panicked stammering] [grunts] You've got nowhere to go, pal.
[yells] [strained voice] Oh, God.
Hold on, Tom.
Hang on! Give me your other hand.
[panting heavily] No.
Tell Mommy [screams] [body thuds] [tense music] [approaching sirens] When you're right, you're right.
[chuckles] Killer, huh? Mmm, amazing.
You didn't have to do this.
No, I didn't, I wanted to.
You know, Lieutenant Benson twisted some arms and the city's gonna pay your rent for a few months while you find a new place.
Tell her thanks.
I kind of thought she hated me.
You know, it's It's this job, you know.
The truth is It's me that owes you an apology.
Look, sometimes I forget to believe in people.
And I had a family.
So I shouldn't be jealous? - God, no.
- [chuckles] Just don't hog the ketchup, huh? [cartoon playing] [laughs] Mommy, he's so silly.
[chuckles] He certainly is.
[cell phone buzzes] Work? Um [cell phone buzzing] You know what? If it's important, they'll call back.
[soft music]