Law & Order Special Victims Unit s19e09 Episode Script

Gone Baby Gone

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
[dramatic musical tone] I'm Sheila Porter, Noah's grandmother.
I lost my husband and my daughter.
I don't want to lose my grandchild.
I want what's best for my son.
Noah, this is Sheila.
We're going to get to know each other.
You don't have to prove to me that you're a good mother.
I just want Noah to know how much I love him.
Would it be okay if I bought Noah a nice, warm winter jacket? I think that he would absolutely love that.
Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror? [warm orchestral music] Let's try this one.
[dramatic music] Noah! [panting] Hey, Sheila.
What? When? Don't move.
The closest precinct to the Mall of Manhattan.
- I need an answer.
- Midtown South.
Okay, I need all available, ASAP.
Missing kid! [desolate music] - You okay, Liv? - No, I'm not.
It's Noah.
I'll drive.
[dramatic music] Let's go! There's so much traffic.
Go around! Sheila! I am so sorry, Olivia.
I just turned away and he was gone.
Okay, where where were you? It was in the store.
We were, um, trying on coats, and, uh and I turned away to get a different one with a hood.
It wasn't even ten seconds.
Was he was he mad? - No, no.
- Was he upset? - Of course not.
- Well, I'm just trying to figure out what happened, because he doesn't walk away when I'm with him, so what happened? What were you talking about? I don't know.
Something about the the hood.
Okay, and you checked the entire store? Yes, with the manager.
He wasn't anywhere.
That's when I called you.
Yes, she notified security at 10:15 a.
Okay, that's 30 minutes ago, so you have this entire place on lockdown? We have the main exits.
No, sir, that's not good enough.
I need a guard at every single access point, now.
I know, he's probably hiding under a clothes rack - or sneaked off to a toy store.
- No, sir, that's not my son.
We've got six floors here.
And I don't care if you have 60.
You lock it down all of it now.
Looking for a five-year-old Caucasian boy.
All right? 4 feet tall, 45 pounds.
You seen him? He's five years old, about four feet tall.
Brown eyes? He's wearing a green jacket.
White Adidas, long-sleeved black shirt.
Got it? Has anybody seen this child? He's four feet tall.
He's got wavy brown hair.
He's got brown eyes.
We're missing a five-year-old.
He's about four feet tall.
Excuse me! Everyone stop walking! Has anybody seen this kid? [dramatic music] Olivia! Please tell me that you've heard something! I'll call you back.
Ugh, I was so stupid.
How can I be so stupid? Sheila, please go and sit down.
Just sit down, please.
I've checked two toy shops and a candy store.
Amanda, he wouldn't wander off.
Somebody took him.
I doubt if that's gonna happen, Chief.
She's emotional.
That means she's liable to make rash decisions.
Oh, you think you've seen emotional, wait till I tell her this.
I'm not asking, Detective.
This is an order, and if she ignores it, it's both your asses.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
That was Dodds.
All available police resources are open to us.
[phone vibrates] Oh, that's comforting.
And there's more.
- You're off the case, Liv.
- That's not happening.
He says you're a victim in this one.
- You're damn right I am.
- He says if you stay involved, you could screw the whole thing up that's his opinion, not mine and your job.
You think I give a damn? - Mine, too.
- Stop, Fin.
I'm not leaving.
Oh, my God! I live two blocks away from here.
Maybe he walked home.
Okay, Dodds is on his way.
Go with her.
Maybe she'll remember something.
- I got it.
- Okay.
[dramatic music] Noah? Sweetie? - Honey? - Noah? - Sweetheart? - Noah! Are you here? You see Noah? - Noah! - Lucy? Okay, check check, uh, Check the schoolyard, check, um Check the playground, okay? And call me back.
Wait a minute.
What if he goes to your apartment and nobody's there? I already have a car sitting outside.
Sheila, listen to me.
Did you talk to anyone at the mall? - Just the sales lady.
- Okay, is it possible that somebody was watching you? I don't know.
Think, Sheila, think.
I am trying! It's not like I wanted this to happen.
Nobody nobody is saying that.
Oh, you don't have to.
Your eyes did.
Nobody is accusing you.
Just stop.
Oh, I should've just held his hand.
Yes, you should've.
[breathily] Oh.
I took that photo.
I took it of Ellie at my sister's cabin.
We were celebrating her first rehab.
She loved walking in the woods.
Sheila, please.
I need you to listen to me.
I need you to think.
A detail, anything Wait.
Wait a minute.
We went to Starbucks.
We went to Starbucks and we ordered a hot chocolate.
Okay, okay, what happened? And I saw a man there, and he had, um long sideburns.
What do you call them? - Mutton chops.
- Yes, that's it.
He was wearing a brown bomber jacket, and he asked Noah if he was a Jets or Giants fan, and then I saw him again at the department store and he waved to me.
And and this happened near the coats? - Yeah.
- Rollins? Rollins? We may be looking for a suspect in a brown bomber jacket with mutton chops, okay? - How old was he? - Oh, maybe 30.
Okay, about 30 years old.
Height? - Uh, 5'10"-ish.
- About 5'10".
Got it.
"Hey, possible suspect is a 5'10" white male with mutton chops and a brown bomber coat.
Okay, either you've seen him or you didn't.
I think I may have seen him over by the perfume store.
It was he was wearing a blue sweatshirt, but the guy I saw him with definitely wasn't What? White.
I'm pretty sure he was Hispanic.
Uh, I mean Latino.
Nono fancy sideburns, but they were rushing.
I definitely remember that.
You said the boy was with a Latino guy? That's right.
I figured they were about to miss a train or something.
When I came in, he was shoving something into the trash can.
Which one? Uh, I'm in from Jersey.
I don't really know.
Okay, where were you standing when you saw them? Um Yo! Yo, guy! Hey! I was talking to you.
What? What's going on? Huh? Tell me about your conversation with this kid.
Yeah, I was on line, getting coffee.
He was with his mom.
She was worth getting to know, you know? That's why you come here? To pick up women? Well, it's better than the fresh fruit section at Whole Foods.
Besides, I needed pants.
For my bike club.
It's cool, right? I'm an accountant, but we get a little macho on Sundays.
And that was the only time you spoke to him? Yep.
I saw him again in the store, just before I found the pants.
I waved, but she didn't notice.
Hey, Fin.
Sales girl swears Mr.
Mutton Chops was in the dressing room, trying on different sizes, for over an hour.
I talked to this one woman that said she saw Noah leave with a Hispanic guy.
I talked to a guy who said he seen a Hispanic guy with a kid.
Well, she said she saw him stuff something in the garbage can by the entrance when she was coming in.
Gotta be a hundred trash cans in this place.
- But there's only eight entrances.
- There's a couple over here by this perfume spot.
Excuse me.
Hey, yo! Get CSU over here at the southeast exit.
They went out those doors.
There's Noah with the man they described.
Security cams picked him up in the parking garage.
A kidnapper with a car seat? He came prepared.
Why isn't Noah fighting him? Maybe he's not a stranger.
All right, they're headed towards the northwest exit.
It's like there's mud smeared on that license plate.
But the last three letters are DKC.
I'll call Real-Time Crime.
Hold up.
What's up with the blue hoodie? Didn't Liv say he had on a black long-sleeved shirt? Yeah, Liv? It's me.
Listen, are you sure Noah wasn't wearing a blue shirt? Yes, yes.
Why, what is it? Because security cams have him in a blue hoodie.
Hold on.
Sheila, are you sure that he was wearing a black shirt under the green jacket? - Positive.
- You're sure that it wasn't a blue hoodie? No, he was in a black long-sleeved shirt.
- Okay, no, it was black.
- Yeah, I-I heard.
So the guy must have brought it with him.
Liv, this wasn't spontaneous.
Okay, what but what guy? I'll send you a screenshot.
Why? What is it? [sighs] Sheila do you recognize this guy? Why? Do you think he took him? Just look at the photo.
Come on.
At the apartment, at the school, at the store, maybe.
No, no, I've never seen him.
Please, God, not again.
Yep, got it.
We're on our way.
Hey, we just got a hit on the Amber alert.
The car is parked in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Hey, the plates came back stolen.
Grab the VIN.
That's a bus station right there.
[sighs] We gotta tell her.
I'll get started on the VIN.
Yeah, yeah, we got the car.
- It's abandoned.
- Are you canvassing? Well, we're running the VIN, and we got local cops No, no, no.
I want you to do it.
The thing is, Liv, it's The car's parked at a bus station.
I want to know everything as soon as you know it.
Do you understand me? What? They found the car at a bus station.
Oh, God They could be anywhere.
I can't breathe.
Come here.
Yeah, the man got into it with me.
- Yeah? About what? - About the price of the kid's ticket.
It's peak travel, so even though children usually get a discount, not at peak.
No can do.
Which bus did they get on? The 220.
Left about 40 minutes ago.
You want me to tell the driver to stop? Do not say anything to anybody.
We don't want to alert the passengers.
What's the bus's next stop? - Scranton, Pennsylvania.
- Fin? Yeah, it's me.
We need to get rolling on the New Jersey state police.
Uh, officers? There's been an accident on I-80.
Looks like the bus is stuck in traffic.
- Where? - About ten miles away.
What if he hurts Noah? You can't you can't think like that.
I know, but Sheila, we're gonna get him back.
Oh, he could be anywhere right now.
I've been through this.
I know the odds of finding a child.
- This is different, Sheila.
- No, it's not.
Ellie didn't want to be found, Sheila.
[desolate music] [whispering] I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
I'm scared out of my mind.
That's all.
You don't have to be sorry for anything.
You cry and you scream.
You're as a mother, you're entitled.
[sirens wailing] Move! [dramatic music] We must be getting close to the accident.
Hold on.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Come on! All right, no reason to get excited, people.
Just looking for a little boy.
We're looking for a little boy.
Police! Open up.
Sorry, never saw either one of them.
And you saw everybody that came on this bus? Took their tickets.
[sighs] [foreboding music] They're not on the bus.
So he bought two tickets, made sure the gal at the bus station got a good look at both of them.
The SOB could be anywhere.
Traced this car to your lot.
- Was it stolen? - Nah, wasn't stolen.
Guy got a hell of a deal, though.
Looks like my mother-in-law, but runs like that Bolt kid.
- Who bought it? - Some guy.
Paid cash, a grand out the door.
Kind of funny.
All he cared about was whether his kiddie seat fit.
No joke: Thing probably cost more than the car.
He brought his own car seat? Brand new, box and everything.
Spent half an hour wedging the seat in there.
So these are all sex offenders? These are the ones that we know about.
The man that was in the video wasn't in any of our databases, so I want you to look at the registry and see if there's anyone that you recognize.
I don't really understand, though.
I mean, if he's not in the registry, what's the point of going through the photos? I know it's a long shot, but I Maybe he has an accomplice.
Please don't tell me that it's going to be okay.
Could this have anything to do with the job? The question's not if there are threats.
It's which ones to take seriously, and her time on this job it's a lot of grudges.
Do you know how many times I've told parents to stay calm? You don't know how ridiculous it is until it happens to you.
I don't know what to do.
Um Do you want some coffee? Do you - I just want my son! - Okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
[dark music] All I can think of is tonight is spaghetti night.
Noah loves spaghetti night.
Come here.
[sniffs] Here.
They tossed his jacket, and they put a different sweatshirt on him, one that fit.
They planned this, Rafael.
It wasn't some random freak.
Somebody specifically targeted my son.
We got something, Liv.
The car seat box had a sticker on it with a barcode.
We traced the code to a store called Awesome Baby in Chelsea.
Get somebody there now.
Carisi's already moving.
Okay, okay.
Here we go.
It was purchased three days ago.
Cash or credit? Credit card.
The buyer was, uh I remember beautiful eyes.
Her name's Sheila Porter.
[foreboding music] [phone vibrates] Hey.
Liv, listen to me.
It's her.
Sheila took Noah.
Where is she? Sheila! Said she was going home.
She didn't want to bother you.
That's come on.
- What happened? - I'll tell you on the way! [dramatic music] Clear.
[somber music] How stupid am I? There's still clothes in the closet and stuff in the bathroom.
I gave her my kid.
She may be coming back, Liv.
She's not coming back.
Glass half full, Liv.
That has nothing to do with it.
She took the only thing that mattered to her.
She took the photo of Ellie.
She's never coming back.
- Hey.
- Hey, Lieutenant.
Sheila's gone dark.
The last call she made was this morning.
TARU's tracking her cell phone, but it looks like she turned it off.
- Credit cards.
- Nothing since yesterday.
A Chinese restaurant around the corner from her house at about 1:12 p.
She emptied her bank account.
Couple hundred thousand in the last two weeks.
Derry, New Hampshire police checked out her house.
It's empty.
Doesn't look like it's been lived in for a while, and utilities were shut off three months ago.
That's when she showed up here.
Local cops are sitting on the house in case she shows up.
Okay, what about a car? The only one registered to her name is sitting in her garage in Derry.
Check rentals, all three airports.
We notified state police.
Yeah, great.
Which state? [disquieting music] Okay.
Here we go.
Here is your burger with ketchup.
Did you get me a milkshake, too? Yes, I did.
Okay, do you want a fry? - Yes, please.
- Here you go.
When can we call Mommy? Hm Thank you for reminding me.
She's not answering.
Hi, Olivia! It's me and Noah.
We are just calling to check in.
Give us a ring when you have a chance, okay? - Say hi to Mommy.
- Hi, Mommy! All right, we're almost there.
All right, let's finish up and hit the road.
I screwed up, Rafael.
This was coordinated, planned, well-executed.
Look, there's no way you could have seen this coming, Liv.
You know what the problem is with this job? What good do we really do? I mean, we come in after the fact with a broom and a mop and we clean up the mess.
What would really matter, or would really be special is if, just one time, we could prevent it from hitting the floor.
We prevent the next mess.
I should have seen this coming.
As a cop, as a mother, should have seen this coming.
Well, you - What? - Nothing.
You can't punch me harder than I've already punched myself, believe me.
Maybe you wanted this Sheila thing to work out too much.
Look, maybe all you just wanted was a family.
What was I thinking? That's why I shouldn't have said anything.
[Sighs] Did Sheila mention anybody? Friends, family, in New York? Don't you think that I've already racked my brain? She knew me and she knew Noah.
That's it.
Except for her Her lawyer.
Her lawyer.
What was her name? - Uh - Uh, Janet.
Susan Janet.
Yeah, Susan Janet.
Yeah, I doubt that Sheila told her attorney that she was going to kidnap your son.
But, I mean, she's from New Hampshire.
I doubt she knew any New York lawyers.
She testified that that a private investigator found Noah.
Maybe he recommended Janet.
Wait, are you thinking that the PI's the guy in the hoodie? What else have we got? You stay here.
[dramatic musical tone] Really don't have time for this, Rafael.
Give me what I need, and you'll be free of me.
You know I can't talk about anything a client tells me in confidence unless there's a damn good reason.
Noah Benson was kidnapped by Sheila Porter.
How's that? Do you have proof of that? I do.
Whoa, you don't you don't think I actually abetted Of course not.
What I need is the name of the investigator who referred Sheila to you.
Well, that's privileged communication.
Come on, Susan.
We both know how this is gonna go.
Yeah, I could be disbarred.
I'm gonna file a motion to disclose.
The judge is going to give us a primer on the crime, fraud, and/or continuing criminal act exception.
- This is neither.
- The fact is, I'm going to walk out of there with an order to disclose, because no judge wants a missing kid on his head.
But you can help me now.
[sighs] His name is Raymond Green.
Thank you.
If at all possible, I didn't send you.
I wasn't here.
Sure, I remember her.
She was referred by my Boston office once they realized the kid was living in the city.
So if Miss Porter already knew her grandson was living in New York, why would she need a private investigator? [scoffs] Don't you even think about going there, pal.
You must got some balls to come in here and accuse me of kidnapping.
Who the hell do you think you are? Just a guy who's been on the force for two decades.
Yeah, well, I got ten of my own.
Was that your choice, or the department's? [laughs] No, I didn't help her kidnap the kid.
But you did know what she wanted to do.
[clears throat] She asked me to help her get fake passports.
One for her and one for the kid I suspected.
What names did she use? Are you listening? I said I didn't help her.
I still have some scruples.
You know this guy? No.
Your man in Boston when he was looking for Ellie Porter, he must have interviewed some people that were in her life.
- Sure.
- Get him on the phone.
[sighs] I sure hope I wasn't such a dick when I was on the job.
Juan Ortoli, 50 years old, from Derry, New Hampshire.
He owns a gardening company.
And he made a $10,000 deposit two weeks ago.
Does that seem cheap for a kidnapping? Hold on.
Two weeks ago? Noah had his first sleepover at Sheila's two weeks ago.
Juan must have been there.
That's why that's why Noah didn't fight back.
Tried to trace his phone.
No dice.
Must be off.
I'll have the Derry PD sit on the house until you guys get there.
It's about a four-hour drive.
It's three if you got a badge.
[somber music] And we really can go fishing? Of course we can! We can do whatever you want.
And wait till you see the deer and moose.
- And bears? - No, they stay away.
They're more scared of us than we are of them.
When can I see a deer? Well, we can go for a walk in the woods tomorrow.
But we have to be very quiet.
Think you can do that? I'm sure you can.
Can we do it again when Mommy gets here? She wants to see a deer too.
Of course we can, baby, but I can't wait to show you the cabin! We've got antlers.
- Really? - Really.
Hey, there.
Rollins, NYPD.
Any sign of Ortoli? From what I can tell, it's just his daughter inside.
It's the light blue one over there.
All right.
I appreciate it.
You see anything, give us a heads-up.
- Cell's on there.
- Yeah, you got it.
[dark music] I'm sure you've got the wrong guy.
My dad he won't toss his gum wrapper on the sidewalk.
Where is he? At a trade show in Nashua.
- How long's he been there? - Three days.
Maybe I shouldn't be saying anything.
- He's not here.
- Just like I said.
Have you ever met a woman named Sheila Porter? Maybe I'll call Mitch Carson.
He's a lawyer.
There's no need, if you really believe your father didn't do anything.
Dad's been doing Mrs.
Porter's lawn for years.
She's a nice lady.
It's sad, what happened to Ellie.
[phone vibrates] Rollins.
Is he alone? Then no, let him come in.
Sit down.
Don't move.
Cops! Dad, run! [dramatic music] Hold on! Hold on! - Stop! - Get on your knees right now.
Juan Ortoli, you're under arrest for kidnapping and a lot of other stuff.
Get your hands up! [gasps] I needed new equipment, so I went to a trade show! - Yeah, in Nashua? - That's right.
- For three days.
- It's a big show.
Oh, that's funny, because a guy who looks exactly like you was in a mall in New York City yesterday.
- It wasn't me.
- With a kid who looked exactly like Mrs.
Porter's grandson.
Now explain that to me.
I didn't even know she had one.
- That's your story? - It's the truth.
Yeah? Because if anything happens to Noah, if they cross state lines, you're looking at 20 years, minimum.
- Dad - [speaking Spanish] So keep pressing him.
Hey, you're not a cop in New Hampshire.
Just do it.
Liv, we got something.
Sheila's sister was Sara Cummings.
- Does she own a cabin? - At the time of her death, she owned property in Franconia, New Hampshire.
I'll call the FBI and the state police.
I do not want to make her desperate.
There's a flight from LaGuardia to Manchester leaving in 90 minutes.
You're driving.
[eerie music] Okay, here we go.
- I think it's too big.
- No, no, no.
It's very, very comfy.
Okay? Now, want to get good night's sleep, because we have to get up early in the morning.
That's when the deer like to play.
Okay? - Grandma? - Mm-hm? What about Eddie? I almost forgot.
We can't go anywhere without Eddie.
Here you go, sweetie.
All right.
Sweet dreams, sweet boy.
Grandma? Yes? When will my mommy be here? Oh, she's at work, Noah, but she'll be here as soon as she can.
Can we call again in the morning? Of course we can, sweet boy.
Now, get some sleep, and tomorrow, we'll see the deer.
Damn it, Juan, this is not going to end well.
- I got nothing to say.
- And what you don't understand is that kid you snatched is my boss' son.
She's a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department.
That means we're not going to take much more of this crap from you.
Oh, screw it.
- Unh! - What are you doing? It's her son, Juan! Imagine somebody took Maria and did God-knows-what with her.
What would you do to get her back? That's a good idea.
- Wh-what? - Maria Ortoli, you're under arrest for conspiracy to kidnap.
Too bad your old man is just playing dumb.
Wait, wait, Maria doesn't know anything! But you do, Juan.
You do! I know your boss.
I know she didn't care about Noah.
What do you think you know? I know she's under investigation for child abuse! That's a crock, Juan.
I helped Sheila save him! She saved him from getting hit by a car.
That's why he had the black and blue marks on his arm.
I don't believe you.
- I believe Sheila.
- Sheila? Now that is interesting, Juan, because the guy who cuts my mom's lawn calls her Mrs.
I've been working for Sheila for 14 years.
So that's it, Juan.
You're doing a little more than cutting Miss Porter's lawn, eh? What did you do? The right thing.
You stupid old fool.
You're gonna go to jail for that bitch? - She said - What? She's gonna pay you a million dollars that she doesn't have? Do you know what it's like for me? Since your mama died? Sheila talked to me like I was a real person.
She was using you, Juan.
I took the test! I'm an American! But she's the only one that treats me like I'm human.
Where is she, Juan? Where is she? I was gonna save the boy and we was we were gonna go be family! Where is she right now, Juan? - Tell them, damn it! - You know what? Your daughter's going away for a very long time.
- Tell them, please! - She's in Montreal! Montreal? Right now? No, I was going to meet her in a few days and we were going to go up together.
Where is she right now, Juan? You'll let Maria go? Where is Sheila? [moans fearfully] She's She's in my cabin! All right, you're coming with us.
You're gonna show us the way.
[crying] [foreboding music] [dramatic music] You are gonna sit, you are gonna wait, and you are gonna pray that that kid isn't hurt.
There's no food here.
There's nothing here.
That son of a bitch lied to us.
- [startled grunts] - Where is she, Juan? Where the hell is she? - She's there! - No, she's not.
Nobody's been in there for a while.
But she said we would meet at my cabin.
I gave her my keys.
Well, you've been played, Juan.
[door creaks] [door creaks] - [yells] - [grunts] [foreboding music] I wasn't gonna hurt you, Sheila.
Cut the crap.
You were coming to take my baby.
He's not your baby.
We'll see.
Where's Noah, Sheila? What do you think? He's sleeping.
- I just want to see him.
- No.
I'm his mother, Sheila.
Why? 'Cause a judge signed a piece of paper? [quietly intense music] That doesn't make you his mother.
Actually actually, Sheila, it does.
No, he is my blood.
He is my family.
He will never be a part of you the way he is a part of me.
Blood isn't the only thing that makes families, Sheila.
Legally Noah is my son.
The law says that I would have received notice.
If you followed the law, we wouldn't even be here.
Sheila Sheila I am the only mother that he knows.
Sheila Listen to me.
Have you have you thought about Do you realize what this would do to him? He he is a smart boy.
He'll adapt, and this is a much better place for him.
There's fresh air.
He can play in the woods.
This is how you raise a boy.
Better than that filthy, dirty city.
And you? You're at work all the time.
I will be here for him.
I am here for him.
Come on, Sheila.
You know me.
I won't let that happen.
I'm not a bad person, Olivia.
I'm trying to let you go.
I can't do that.
Why? You can just get another little baby.
You You can sign another piece of paper.
You can adopt another little boy, a little boy who needs a family.
You don't know what this means.
You you can never know.
You're not his mother, Sheila.
[door opens] Mommy! - Noah.
- Oh.
- Come here.
- Mommy, you made it! Uh Oh Hey, baby.
Hey, Noah.
Hey, baby.
Noah, we're gonna go now.
Do you wanna go see the deer? Mommy, come with us.
Get out the door.
- You can't leave! - Back off! [both yelling] No! No! No! He is mine! He is my baby boy! You can't have him! You can't have him! He's all I have left! He's all I have left.
He's He's [crying] He's Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
- I love him.
- I know.
- I love him.
- Shh, I know you do.
Sh [both crying] [melancholy music] [sirens wailing] Wait, wait, what's going to happen to me? We're going to take you to a local precinct and then arrange for your extradition.
I'm so sorry, Olivia.
Watch your feet.
Lieutenant, are you okay? Ah, just a little shaken up.
Noah? He's hopefully better than I am.
Give me a minute.
[siren wailing] Well, I am about ready to go home.
How about you? You and Grandma Sheila were fighting.
Yes, Noah, we were fighting.
Is she bad? Noah, Grandma Sheila is a good person who who did a really bad thing.
Can you understand that? Will she be okay? I hope so.
- But you know what? - What? Aunt Amanda and Uncle Sonny are gonna drive us home, and I'll bet that we can go get pancakes if you like.
I love you So much.
So much.
Let's go.
Come on.
Sergeant? Nobody's home.
Uh, where is she? Probably enjoying a little time off.
I heard they found her son.
Yeah, turns out he was on a little road trip with grandma.
And I can assume she followed my order to stay away from this case? Last thing I heard, she was at home, waiting by the phone.
By herself? You be right on that.
Well, I'm glad you're on our side, Detective Tutuola.
Count your blessings, Chief.
[quietly] Dick.
How you doing? You know, I honestly don't know how to answer that.
I stay up all night watching him.
If I hear a sound, I'm up.
We went to the, uh, corner fruit stand and this woman said that Noah was cute, and I practically bit her head off.
But you didn't come over to, uh, listen to me talk about that.
I came here to talk to my friend about whatever she wants to talk about.
She gonna ask me in? Of course.
[desolate music] Hey.
Hi, Uncle Rafa! Hi! Tell him about the deer.
We saw a mommy deer and her baby when we were driving home.
They ran right in front of us.
In front of you? That's jaywalking.
They're lucky they weren't in New York.
A deer, in New York? You're silly.
[laughs] What are we making? - Robots.
- Cool.
I love robots.
Pew, pew, pew!