Law & Order Special Victims Unit s20e04 Episode Script


1 MALE NARRATOR: In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
I'm expecting a quarterly report from the office.
All I'm saying is it better not be Jenna.
Well, she's off on a romantic week in St.
Oh, at least Brett's getting some.
Who said Brett's with her? Oh.
- Sorry, we didn't order a pizza.
- [GRUNTS] Shut up, Chad.
[GASPS] [GRUNTS] [WOMAN GROANING] Rick? [WOMAN SCREAMING] Pizza delivery guy forced his way inside.
Whacked the guy, raped his girlfriend.
His name's Rick Karsch.
She's Anne Whitman.
He's in the office getting bandaged up.
That's her on the couch.
Anne? Hi, I'm Lieutenant Benson.
Karsch, I'm Sergeant Tutuola, SVU.
- Did you catch the guy? - We're working on it.
- What's the damage? - He blacked out.
So I'm guessing we're looking at a concussion.
He hit me with a gun, for Chrissake.
Why don't you just start from the beginning? Pizza guy rang the bell and whacked me.
Next thing I know, the cops are here, and this guy's bandaging my head.
What pizza place? We didn't order a damn pizza.
W-why won't they let me see Annie? He said if I scream, he'd kill me.
So, Anne, I know that this is difficult, but I'm going to ask you to describe him.
Anything that you remember could be a very big help.
He made me tie Rick's hands with those plastic things.
They were in the pizza box.
I he put a gun to my head.
Okay, was he White, Black, Hispanic? He was wearing a helmet.
Like for a motorcycle.
Do I have to do this now? No.
No, you don't.
Officer Rivers is going to take you to the hospital now, okay? Listen, is there anyone that I can call for you? How am I supposed to tell my dad? Anne, listen to me.
None of this is your fault.
Do you understand? None of it.
He kept on calling me Stacey.
I-I don't know anyone named Stacey.
This scumbag called Rick "Chad.
" And he kept calling Anne "Stacey.
" You thinking what I'm thinking? That the bastard hit the wrong apartment? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] If everybody has to sign in, then how'd the pizza guy get upstairs without you knowing? Sometimes it gets really busy with deliveries.
He must've slipped by.
Maybe you took a walk for a cigarette, a cup of coffee, smoke a joint? - I do my job.
- Yeah? 'Cause a stranger walked through your doors right there, beat up one of your tenants, raped another one.
So I wouldn't count on keeping this job for too long.
Joey's out with the flu.
I had to pee.
Do you have any Chad and Staceys living in this building? - Nope.
- You're sure? - I know every tenant.
- No disrespect, but maybe you could pull the tenant list for us.
That's it? All right, scroll.
Okay, again.
Keyshawn, you're 0 for 2, all right? You said there's no Chad living here.
You said Chad and Stacey.
Chad's wife's name's Brianna.
All right.
Hey, how'd we do? We got a Chad, but no Stacey.
And the guy took it pretty far if it's a case of mistaken identity.
Okay, Finn, Carisi, check every pizza joint within a 30-block radius.
Rollins, let's talk to the luckiest Chad on the planet.
We pay such a premium for security in this place.
Is she okay? Well, uh, she doesn't have any broken bones, if that's what you mean.
Women don't get over this, do they? But they can get past it.
Do you happen to know them by any chance? Anne Whitman, Rick Karsch? It's a big building.
Are you talking to everyone who lives here? Truthfully, the perpetrator called Rick "Chad.
" - You think he was looking for me? - And me? Well we don't know, but He did call Anne "Stacey.
" And you're the only Chad in the building, so it's a long shot, but maybe if there is anyone If I thought anybody wanted to rape Brianna, you would've heard from me a long time ago.
Maybe someone who had some kind of grudge against you.
Maybe someone from your past.
Maybe somebody from work.
I'm a dentist.
Everybody hates me.
You okay? Oh, this whole thing.
I don't know.
If you think of anything, there's my card.
Call me.
We got the pizza guy on security entering and leaving the building.
His visor was down in both.
Same on the elevator.
So, any motorcycles parked near the building? Not on camera within a 3-mile radius.
And we got goose eggs from all the pizza joints.
No deliveries to a Chad or Stacey and no one can ID the guy from our photos.
One second.
You knew I'd come, didn't you? You know, why don't you step into my office? I couldn't say anything in front of Chad.
Of course.
I understand.
I mean I love him.
I-I'm a horrible person.
Brianna, you're safe here.
About a year ago, I had an affair.
Chad has no idea.
His name was Jake Sanders.
He taught my spin class.
I don't know why I did it.
It was stupid.
I broke it off, and And Jake didn't take it very well.
He wouldn't stop texting and emailing and private messaging on Twitter.
The thing is Jake has a gun.
Something to be said about good timing.
[SCOFFS] Tell me about it.
He looks fit.
Hey, Jake.
- Hey! - Jake! Get in the car.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Get down on the ground, now! - I didn't do anything.
- Why you running then, huh? Am I under arrest? You're a person of interest.
all right? - Hey.
- On second thought, put your hands behind your back.
Go ahead, check.
The gun's perfectly legal.
There is no way that an aerobics instructor like you got a carry license in New York City.
And even if you did, you're not allowed to smack someone in the head with it.
Who did I smack? Does the name Chad ring a bell? What, did he say I hit him? No.
Because you went to the wrong apartment.
Chad and Brianna live in 9D.
You went to 11D.
Why would I hit Chad? 'Cause you wanted to bang his wife.
She said that? Whatever happened to sound body, sound mind? - One out of two ain't bad.
- Okay, slowly.
Brianna lives in 9D.
You assaulted the woman who lives in 11D.
Yeah, what happened, Jake? You went to the wrong apartment, you figured "what the hell" Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You think I The word you're looking for is "rape," Jake.
This guy may be a prick, but he's not the prick we're looking for.
Video shows him teaching a spin class when that rape went down.
Okay, so we got nothing.
[PHONE VIBRATING] Lieutenant Benson.
Where? Okay.
- On it.
- What? Another rape.
Same MO.
Pizza man, motorcycle helmet, pistol-whipping.
The whole nine.
[PAPERS RUSTLING] I didn't order a pizza, and my name isn't Chad.
Do you know anyone named Chad? I went to public school, okay? I'm a waiter in the East village.
All right, did you buzz the guy in? [SIGHS] Do I look stupid? Can I see Beth now? "Stacey, you're a bitch.
" "Stacey, you're a whore.
" I tried to scream, but he put his hand over my mouth.
He was wearing these disgusting rubber gloves.
I'm so sorry.
Now, is there any detail that you can remember about him? He he was short.
- Okay.
- Maybe 5'6".
- [SNIFFLES] - Good, okay.
He shoved my face into the couch, and then From behind, he was he was pulling my hair, and screaming at me like he hated me.
You know what? Let's get you to the hospital and we can talk more later, okay? Is is Paolo in the bedroom? He is.
And he's conscious, and he's fine, and he's just speaking to one of my detectives.
And he's going to go to the hospital as well.
What am I going to say to him? Beth.
No one is going to blame you for this.
But I do.
I opened the door.
I didn't even ask who it was.
Let's get you to the hospital, okay? Liv.
We got another "Chad.
" And "Stacey.
" One time could be a mistake, but twice? That's a hobby or a serial.
Our guy obviously has a hard on for somebody named Stacey.
Who was whisked away by some guy named Chad.
Hey guys, I think we got a real problem here.
Now I put the names Chad and Stacey through RTC, Accurint, TLO.
I got nothing.
Then I tried the Dark Web.
A lot of stuff came up.
Now, the name "Stacey" is not a specific person.
A "Stacey" is any woman that an incel wants but cannot get.
Because of guys they call "Chads"? Exactly.
That guy in Toronto, he was an incel.
He's their patron saint.
I mean, this guy drove a van through a crowd of people because he wasn't getting any.
There's absolutely no reason for anybody to be involuntary celibate.
That's why God invented hookers.
No, sex workers are part of the problem.
I mean, to these guys, a man shouldn't have to pay for sex.
A woman should want to please any man, anytime.
[SCOFFS] Welcome to the 17th century.
Yeah, populated by Chads, Staceys, normies, and Omegas.
The last letter of the Greek alphabet? Bottom of the totem pole.
Rejected by those on top.
So we're looking for a loser that was rejected by our two "Staceys.
" And according to this, there's 6,000 of these guys willing to write about this stuff online.
We're thinking that this may be somebody that you know.
My friends, they would never do that.
Well, maybe it was someone that was interested in dating you, that you unknowingly blew off.
Or somebody you didn't even notice.
I've been with Rick for four years, since I moved here from college.
Everybody knows that.
I've never seen her before.
Did he Oh, my God.
I want you to think, Beth, is there, um, is there anybody that that's asked you out? Someone you maybe turned down? There was a time when, um - What, Beth? - [SIGHING] Before Paolo, like, a year ago, I wanted to meet people.
So I Paolo never has to know.
Tudor mansion.
Where is that? It's like a millennial they throw parties.
Are you talking like a sex club? You meet up with people for drinks, and you can hook up if you want to.
They vet everyone.
Your high school you went to, your college.
- Your job, your photos - And you met someone there? There was this creepy guy outside.
Um, they wouldn't let him in.
So he begged me to pretend like we were together.
And did you? - No.
- Okay.
Do you remember his name? He said, "Riley's cool.
" Like, in the third person.
Like I was supposed to know who he was.
- Okay.
- He was still there when I left.
And then I saw him in my Dunkin' Donuts, like, a week later.
And on the train on the way home from work.
Oh, my God.
He was he was following me.
Can you describe him? Uh, red curly hair.
I don't know.
He was weird.
How would I find this Tudor mansion? Um, this Ivy guy.
Tate Brightman.
He runs it.
It's like a traveling party.
I rent out a restaurant or club for the night.
And people pay you for this? You're a pimp.
They pay me to make sure that they're mingling with the right sort of people.
With the right-sized bank accounts.
- That helps.
- Beth Palmer sells shoes.
That's only part of the formula.
You got a lot of people trying to sneak into these parties? One party, I had over a thousand applicants.
I max out at 200.
What happens to the other 800? They drink their sorrows away on Second Avenue with the rest of the losers.
Keep a record of these "losers"? Hmm.
All submissions are confidential.
You know, I'm no lawyer, but I've never heard of pimp-john confidentiality.
You got drugs at these parties? All narcotics are strictly verboten.
Well, still, you know, maybe we should show up at one of these things.
Make sure that that's the case.
The loser we're looking for, his name is Riley.
Really? Is that a first name or a last name? You tell us.
Riley Porter.
He applied five times.
You got an address? So where were you last Tuesday, Riley? I was working.
What kind of work you do, Riley? I'm a data processor.
That's interesting.
My cousin does that same thing.
From what I understand, she doesn't work late nights.
Yeah, I used to get the day gigs.
There's a lot more people going after the same work.
You know what, Finn? I bet they give all the good gigs to the bitches.
- Bingo.
- Tell me about it.
Our boss, her name is Olivia.
She's got buffalo nuts.
[CHUCKLES] And too good for mortal man, this one.
Somebody needs to give it to her good.
Same way you gave it to that chick, Beth Palmer.
I don't know her.
Come on, really? That's fine because she said that you were following her.
Said you were mad at her 'cause she couldn't get you into the sex party.
Yeah, Riley, she she said that you raped her.
- Impossible.
- Impossible? Why? Because she's a lying Stacey? Because there's no such thing as rape.
I gotta hear this.
It's in the Constitution, right? "All men are created equal.
" We're entitled to life, liberty, and happiness.
And sex makes us happy.
So when you want it, you just take it.
That's a right.
It's what I call a fundamental right.
So that guys like you can have sex with beautiful women.
Well, here's the thing, Riley.
We're gonna check your alibi.
We're gonna pull your cell phone records, and all those street security cameras? We're going to check those too.
And if you were anywhere near Beth Palmer's apartment last Tuesday, you're gonna be pursuing happiness in Ossining for the rest of your life.
We got another one.
This time, he shot the boyfriend.
The bullet entered through his lower frontal lobe just above his eye.
It also went through his temporal and parietal lobes and opened a 1-centimeter tear in his cerebral artery.
He's going to die, isn't he? We are doing everything we can for your son.
We will let you know as soon as he's out of surgery.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Can I get you a cup of coffee, or You can get the animal who did this.
Why? Everybody loves John.
Obviously not everybody.
Okay, well, has he mentioned anyone that he was having trouble with? John's on the fast track.
Men like that piss people off.
Has he spoken to either of you about someone named Riley Porter? Is that who shot my boy? No, but he may know who did.
[ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH BEEPING] I told him we'd give him all our money, our jewelry.
It didn't matter.
I even offered him my engagement ring.
And what did he say to you? His friend would've enjoyed it, but he wanted to do it himself.
That was his loss.
Did he say who the friend was? There was blood everywhere.
[SOBBING] There was so much blood.
And John was on the floor, bleeding.
Carol, can you describe him? Uh I remember thinking, why would he wear the visor to his helmet down inside the building? He was 5'9, 5'10.
Really skinny.
He was so loud.
The screaming.
"Screw you, John.
" He didn't call him "Chad"? No.
What am I supposed to do now? I never thought this would happen to me.
Carol, look, I know that this is hard to imagine, but but things will get better.
[SNIFFLING] O'Reilley? What? His friend? The one who said he would've thought I was so pretty.
I need to talk to you about John.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[SOBBING] [SIGHS] We're looking at three rapists - with the exact same MO.
- Sort of.
Okay, so the first two called their victims "Chad" and "Stacey," - which you know is incel.
- Incel.
What about rapist #3? Okay, so, he used the victim's real name, Carol, and he told her that he had a friend named "O'Reilley.
" And that's relevant because Because survivor 2 told us that she had a stalker named Riley.
Now, Riley has an alibi for that rape, but he doesn't have one for the night Anne was raped.
What if What if they traded rapes? What if Riley raped Anne as a favor to his incel buddy who in turn raped Beth to get revenge for him? Wow.
Look, Peter, just hear me out.
They were all snubbed by women.
They all wanted revenge.
So one buddy gets it for the next.
None of these guys had any particular connection to their victim.
So they all alibi'd out.
I take it you didn't get anything from Riley? - No, we had to let him go.
- [SIGHS] But if I could get a warrant for his computer, then I could find out a little more about his two friends and, I hate to say it, rapist #4.
[SCOFFS] I'll just have to find a judge who saw "Strangers on a Train.
" - Thank you.
- [SIGHS] [SIGHS] Phalluspower.
I wouldn't say that too loud, bro.
It's Riley's incel handle.
- How do you know? - There's a lot of messages leading up to the date of the first rape.
All to somebody who calls himself Hateful-One.
Rapist #2? One way to find out.
I told you.
I didn't rape that girl.
I believe you, Riley.
I do, because, uh, you raped this one.
I don't know her.
But your friend does.
What friend? The one you've been messaging on your private little incel message boards.
Yeah, a lot of nooks and crannies on the Dark Web.
Took us awhile, Riley, but we found you.
Oh, did I, uh, did I mention that I love your handle? Phalluspower? That's very clever.
Anyway, you've been writing to Hateful-One quite a bit.
"Your turn, bro.
" You wrote that on the day that Anne Whitman was raped.
Hateful-One responds, "My pleasure," and then the next day, boom.
It's Beth Palmer's turn.
- You're dreaming.
- Oh, I am? Well, I got a whole room full of computer geeks that say different.
Well, you know what I dream about, Riley? I don't want to talk to her.
I dream about standing up in court, at your sentencing hearing and saying that 20 to life is too short for conspiracy to commit three rapes, two assaults, and a murder.
What are you talking about? Your buddy didn't tell you.
Okay, 'cause, see, not only did he rape Carol Solomon, he put a bullet through John Quinn's head.
He was her fiancé.
Riley, do you know the difference between concurrent and consecutive sentences? One means your ass is ours.
The other, your ass is ours forever.
Riley? Who is Hateful-One? Chris Carnasis.
He he lives in Riverdale, he works at a Whole Foods.
But he didn't kill anyone either.
Who did? A guy Chris met online.
"IronCross X.
" I don't know his real name.
Being celibate pays well.
You got plenty of time to concentrate on work.
At Whole Foods? Living here? [DOOR BELL RINGING] - Yes? - NYPD.
We're wondering if you had a moment to speak.
How may I help you? Hi, we're looking for Chris Carnasis.
Yes, he's my son.
Is he here? Well, he didn't do anything.
Of course not, but he may know someone who did.
Hurry up, Mom, your soup's getting cold.
Hey, yo, Chris.
Chris, put your hands above your head, please.
You heard what she said.
Put your hands up.
Chris Carnasis, you are under arrest.
What are you doing? - What are you doing? - I'm sorry, Mom.
He's a millennial cliché.
Twenty-seven years old and lives with his mother in Riverdale.
- Nice place? - Does it matter? It may.
Uh, you know, it was awfully big for the two of them.
Does he love his mom? It appeared that he did.
I mean, I wouldn't let him live in my house.
- What tale is he telling? - Oh, deaf and dumb per his lawyer, who's a real winner named Dave Arnold.
- Dave "Do what?" Arnold? - I don't get it.
You will.
- Wait, you wanna do what? - You heard me.
State RICO? Who does my client look like? John Gotti, Jr.
? Come on.
I see at least six predicate felonies and further incidents of a criminal enterprise.
- That spells racketeering.
- Fine with me.
He'll be out on bail for the next couple of decades.
Not if there's a murder involved.
There's been no charges filed in that regard.
Well, he probably didn't know.
His partner in crime likes to keep things close to the vest.
Your buddy Riley Porter gave you up.
And he told us all about how he scratched your back and you scratched his.
You did what? Now, that, he should have told you.
See, your client raped Beth Palmer.
As a favor to his friend Riley, who in turn raped Anne Whitman.
You remember Anne? She shops at Whole Foods.
We have a video of the two of you at the salad bar.
I think you're wiping down the sneeze guard.
So, what happened, Chris? She didn't smile back while she was shopping? How she didn't jump on her knees and just do it right there in the aisle.
Hey, hold on.
This isn't RICO.
The third member of the criminal enterprise raped Carol Solomon and killed her fiancé John Quinn.
Three people doesn't make an enterprise.
But the thousands of self-pitying souls comprising the incel does.
The what? Just picture it as an online rape and mass murder club.
Damn bitches are lying! - Sit down.
- That's not what Riley said.
You're assuming he's credible.
No, you're right, David.
But you know what I got going for me? The RICO forfeiture laws.
I'm going to confiscate everything that Chris owns.
My two computers and a printer.
Have fun.
You see, I was thinking more about that nice house in Riverdale.
And all of its contents, Chris.
That's my mom's.
Who's to say you didn't help your mom pay for it? The statute allows me to take first and investigate later.
It's good for us.
- What does that mean? - What does that mean? It means that your mother is gonna be living on the street until we figure this out.
Can they do that? I have a team of movers with big trucks on standby.
My mom.
He goes by IronCross online.
- This was all his idea.
- What's his name, Chris? - It won't make any difference.
- Oh, trust me.
It will.
The Omegas are rising! We're gonna get what we're owed all over the country.
The world.
You're looking at a revolution by men who have nothing to lose.
What's his name, Chris? Hey.
That's him.
Right there.
Tony Kelly.
- Yeah? - AKA IronCross? - What's going on? - NYPD.
Unless you wanna make a scene, put your hands behind your back right now.
You're under arrest for rape and murder.
I don't get it, Tony.
I mean, you're a good looking guy.
- You're going to college.
- Grad school.
Hell, I'd go out with you if my husband would get out of town once in awhile.
Or maybe he's just shy.
You just shy, Tony? I bet he's a mama's boy.
I bet you read those fat novels to get some fancy-ass quotes to impress the ladies.
But you gotta talk to them first, right, Tony? Yes, this is very interesting.
Unfortunately, I haven't heard any evidence yet.
Well, does the testimony of his two accomplices count? Not if that's all you've got.
She's right.
Accomplice testimony is worthless against him without corroboration.
We've got another card to play, counselor.
- [CLICKING] - Fortunately, his cell phone GPS puts him at Carol Solomon's apartment at the very time she was being raped.
I'd like to look at the search warrant for those records, if you don't mind.
You are aware of the Carpenter case.
Yeah, we're aware of it.
Thank you, Justice Roberts.
I'll take a look at that warrant now.
When I send a memo about a change in the law, at least do me the honor of reading it.
We did read it.
- But? - I asked the phone company - for Tony's cell phone records.
- For which we don't need a warrant.
And they included the GPS.
So what are we supposed to do, ignore it? - Until we get a warrant, yes.
- So what does this mean? It means, unless I can convince a judge to overlook a Supreme Court decision, we have absolutely nothing on Tony Kelly.
- [DRAMATIC MUSICAL STING] - The police clearly violated my client's fourth amendment rights by searching the GPS records on his cell phone without a valid warrant.
The police obtained the records unwittingly, Your Honor.
So my client should suffer? The phone company was in error, not the police.
I'm only asking that the court find a small exception to a very recent change in the law.
In Carpenter v.
, the Court held I've read the opinion, counselor.
It's a new world, Mr.
People carry their cell phones with them everywhere they go.
Nobody has an expectation that Big Brother is constantly tracking their movements.
- I'm not asking you to disregard - You're asking me to invade every citizen's right to privacy.
The People only ask that Your Honor consider the doctrine of inevitable discovery.
The police would have inevitably asked a court for a warrant, and they would have certainly received one.
And that would render the ruling in Carpenter meaningless.
I'm not a big enough deal to tangle with the Supreme Court, Mr.
The defendant's motion is sustained.
The GPS records are inadmissible.
As the only evidence against my client is uncorroborated accomplice testimony, I ask that the case against my client be dismissed.
Is that the case, Mr.
Stone? Given time, Your Honor Defense motion to dismiss is sustained.
I don't understand.
What happened? They screwed up.
That's what happened.
We'll get more evidence and file new charges.
Those other guys are going to jail, and that animal walks away.
They cut deals, Mrs.
But he killed Johnny.
It was all his idea, Mr.
It's not fair! It's the law, Carol.
Why in the world would you expect it to be fair? Should've known better.
Any of us would've done what you did, man.
- Finn, it's not the same.
- Carisi, you're a cop.
Not a lawyer, despite the law degree.
So, guys, we need something, anything, to corroborate what Chris and Riley told us about Tony.
We know that Tony called John by his real name.
So we think he knew John somehow.
Well, Tony didn't pick him out of the phone book.
Look, for these incel guys, there's only two types of women.
Ones you screw and ones that screw you.
They just didn't wake up one morning and decide women were the enemy.
These seeds were planted a long time ago.
His mother.
Can you name one that doesn't play hardball with your head? Excuse me? I'm not talking about you guys.
I'm talking about these incel freaks.
Nobody knows Tony better than his mother.
Okay, let's give it a shot.
- [DRAMATIC MUSICAL STING] - John Quinn? Sounds like every townie bartender who ever poured me a Harvey Wallbanger back in Ithaca.
Well, our John Quinn is probably a little younger.
Closer to your son's age.
Someone your son might know.
Sorry, I'm not one of those mothers What do they call them? Who hovers? Helicopter.
Tony's got his life.
I've got mine.
Although, the one he chose [CHUCKLES] Poetry.
This is the real world.
Put on your big boy pants.
Get a job.
He didn't get it from me or his father, that's for sure.
Where is his father? The bum took off right after Tony blew out the candles at his fifth birthday.
Haven't seen him since.
- Has Tony? - You'd have to ask him.
And good luck getting an answer.
He doesn't talk much.
Gave it up somewhere around puberty.
Do you recognize the name Carol Solomon? When Tone did open his yap, she's all he'd talk about.
Carol this, Carol that.
All senior year.
So they dated.
He took her to prom.
I have a picture somewhere.
Looks like every other high school boy on prom.
- Yeah, except that he's missing one thing: a date.
Look, Carol swears that she went to the prom with someone else.
Okay, she snubbed him, and he's been fantasizing about her for ten years.
Fantasy isn't corroboration.
But it's motive.
Three lonely, sick guys cook up this elaborate plan.
Two of them execute it perfectly, but Tony, probably the smartest of the three, screwed up? That's what criminals do.
Or maybe he didn't.
The others attack strangers who wronged their buddy, but Tony raped the woman who hurt him in high school.
So in the heat of the moment, he wanted Carol to know that it was him.
Some lawyers might consider this harassment.
In case your client is interested, Riley Porter took a deal for ten years.
Chris Carnasis took 12.
No comment.
Defense exhibit A.
The perfect client.
Okay, so this has been fun.
But unless you have corroboration, then you're wasting our time.
I'd like Tony to meet someone.
[DOOR RATTLES] Say hello, Tony.
I don't know her.
It's Carol Solomon.
You two went to high school together.
There are a lot of people in the school.
Remind him, Carol.
Remind him of the good times.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I've never seen him before in my life.
Well, that's that's not what your mom said, Tony.
You mom told us that Carol was all you talked about.
In fact, she said that you two - went to prom together.
- No.
- You're all the same.
- Hey, sit down, Tony.
That is it! I don't know what you guys are trying to pull here, but we're done.
Let's go.
Who are you? Why did you do this to me? Because you're ignorant, and shallow, and you throw yourself at worthless men like John Quinn.
- I loved John! - No, no, no.
You're not entitled to love.
You're not entitled to anything.
- But you are.
- You're damn right I am! Chad and Stacey, Stacey and Chad.
Winners of the genetic lottery flaunting it to the rest of us.
- What, losers? - Look at you.
All of you! You're all too obtuse to see what's going on! You have no idea.
Perfect people running around Central Park, picnics in Sheep's Meadow.
Always flaunting, always having a wonderful time while I was alone.
It's time you all learned your lesson! - It's time we what, Tony? - Do not answer that, Tony.
Do what, Tony? - You don't know who I am! - Hey, step back.
Step back.
Don't do that again.
Well, I know you, Carol.
I know you used to live at 617 East 63rd, apartment 23B.
You and your perfect mom and dad.
I know you love Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity and Sesame Chicken from Shun Lee.
- Your favorite movie is - Make him stop! I'm not done! I'm not done! All right, up against the wall now.
Don't make me say that again.
[LAUGHS] I know your old cell phone number was 555-0179.
What? Yeah.
You know how I know that? You know how I know that? Because I called it and left a message asking you to prom! But I guess your inner bitch took over! You didn't even have the decency to call me back! Is that why you killed John? Why should he have a life when I had nothing? So you raped Carol.
I took what was mine.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
[CUFFS RATTLE] We should talk.
Let's go.
You bastard! I never got your voice mail.
Because that was never my phone number.
You called somebody else.
You stupid, evil bastard! Let's go.