Law & Order Special Victims Unit s21e14 Episode Script

I Deserve Some Loving Too

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Okay, Fin, Bowery and Delancey.
Morning, Ms.
Uh, keep me posted.
Hey, Marcos.
I didn't see you there.
Your mail must've been in the wrong box.
Will you hang onto that for me? - Sure thing.
- Great.
Can I get a smile, sweetheart? Stand clear for closing doors, please.
Stand clear for closing doors.
Next stop, Bowery-Delancey.
What the You mind? Clear the doors, please.
- Excuse me! - Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hey, bitch! Got you, grope-a-dope! NYPD! NYPD, move! - NYPD! - NYPD! Stop! He groped me, too! NYPD! Suspect is male, black, 30s, gray hoodie.
Suspect heading north on Delancey-Bowery platform.
NYPD! Watch out.
Stop that guy! Out of the way! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Out of the way.
Move, move! - Hey, got him! - Hey, NYPD! - There he goes! - NYPD! - Hands behind your back! - Hey! Wrong guy! Police brutality! I didn't do anything! I was on my way to work! Why is NYPD harassing a black man on his way to work? Dude didn't do nothing.
Who'd he rob? Up with the proof, yo.
- Get up.
- Everybody stand back, please.
Framed by the NYPD! I know my rights! You guys are being a-holes.
Can't he go to work? He'll lose his job! SVU Transit Sergeant 1085 northbound platform Chill out, he's a groper.
Imagine if it was your mother or your sister.
Police abuse, cut him loose! Police abuse, cut him loose! Take it easy.
Police abuse, cut him loose! Framed by the NYPD! I know my rights! You guys are being A-holes! Hey yo, back up, back up, back up! Well, that went as viral as the flu.
What brilliantly-conceived mission triggered this? My unit, Chief.
We were helping Sergeant Khaldun and his SVU subway unit target serial grinders.
- And was it worth it? - We caught three perps.
Transit unit made eight arrests on the rioting.
A lot of work for three miss D's.
Anybody with a record? On parole? A decorated firefighter.
Second offense.
He violated his ACD.
Caught fondling a high school girl.
- Just one? - Don't worry, counselor.
We got him on three separate offenses.
- Is that an issue? - You want more than one.
Otherwise these guys claim it was accidental.
My hand it must've had a mind of its own.
Three times? All with girls under 18? I need my lawyer and my union rep.
Contestant number two? Enrique Alvarez.
You blame the weather? First warm day in two weeks.
No overcoats? Couldn't help myself.
Nickname's "Two Bits.
" His MO is to drop a quarter, bend for it, rub his face against a woman's privates.
Oh, colorful.
- Any priors? - 139.
I get the right judge, he goes away.
This is the gentleman who started a riot? Duane Varick, he's the data clerk for U.
Citizenship and Immigration Services.
- First offense.
- No priors? - Another misdemeanor.
- Maybe not.
Before we caught him, he threw his cell phone onto the tracks.
So we're adding littering? It's a good guess he's got upskirt photos and worse on his phone.
Upskirts in winter? Slim pickings.
These guys are obsessed.
There's a short circuit in the hardwiring.
Were we able to get anything off the phone? He smashed it, tossed it on the tracks.
Landed in a puddle.
TARU's going over it, but so far, it's too damaged to recover any data.
Okay, looks like he's enjoying his alone time with Rollins a little too much.
On it.
Varick here was just telling me he takes the Z train every day.
Fact, and today it was really crowded, so any touching was accidental.
Then why run? Why smash your phone? Because my father had that conversation with me when I was a boy.
Badge or no badge, I know you understand that, my brother.
And in case you don't, I want a lawyer.
Race card, the lawyer card.
- Smarter than he looks.
- Yeah.
I'll start with forcible touching, assaulting an officer.
You know, if you get us a warrant for his home and office computers, we'll get more charges.
He's immigration? - That's Homeland Security.
- Yeah, they're their own fiefdom.
We ask for a warrant, it'll be tit for tat.
What if we don't ask? You said "Special Victims.
" So this is sexual in nature? Well, I can't comment on the investigation.
- What does Duane do here? - Duane works for me.
We're investigators like you.
We vet marriages, make sure they're not green card romances.
Please, have a seat.
Well, this is a tough job, but between us, he may not be right for it.
It's that bad, huh? What do you need from me? We need access to his computers, his search history, and to make sure he didn't upload any photo files.
For something like that I'd have to go through legal, HR, the union.
My DA wanted to subpoena you and I told him that the last thing that your bosses need is bad publicity.
We go to court, this office becomes a punch line.
Look, you're an investigator.
How about you check his search history and if you think that there's nothing there We walk away.
Posting upskirt photos of women from your desk computer at your federal job? That's a Class E felony.
Duane, you're in a lot of trouble.
Did you have a warrant for that? We don't need one.
It's government property.
That pervert O'Toole dime me out? Makes sense, last thing he would want is you going through his computer.
- Why is that? - Hold on.
Duane? My client may have something to offer.
So our subway grinder gave up his boss at Citizenship and Immigration as a rapist? Duane says this guy O'Toole holds up green cards in exchange for sex.
He preys on attractive immigrant women and threatens deportation if they don't comply.
It's a squeeze play.
They can't report, they can't tell their husband.
Did Duane give you any proof? Well, he said O'Toole took a file off his desk, then he came in the next day with a big smile on his face, saying "The best cure for blue balls is a green card.
" Eh, it's poetic but it's not probative.
Did he give you the name of the victim? No, my husband isn't here.
Why? We just need a few minutes of your time, to talk to you alone, - Ms.
- Mrs.
But we haven't done anything illegal.
No, we just wanted to talk to you, about Rory O'Toole, the man who signed off on your green card a couple months ago.
I told him Joe and I are in love.
It's a real marriage.
De veras.
You're not in any trouble.
He is.
We just wanted to ask you if he if he pressured you in any way, he put any conditions on approving your application.
We know that O'Toole interviewed you twice, outside of the office.
Three times.
But what I did I had to.
He forced you? We need you to testify, Lina, so we can put him behind bars for what he did to you.
But you don't think that I want that, too? But I can't.
I love Joe, and I cleaned his hotel room in Guatemala and he took me dancing, he took me shopping, and and Caballero.
A gentleman.
Listen, I I can't go back to Guatemala.
And Joe can't know.
I could never hurt him like that.
- His first wife cheated on him.
- Okay, we understand that, - but it's - I can't testify, nunca.
This woman says O'Toole raped her three times - in exchange for a green card? - Yes, and we don't believe that she's the only one.
Our working theory is he goes after attractive female applicants with red flag cases.
Well, he looks for discrepancies in age, race, religion, social status.
At first he interviews the couple separately at his office.
Then he meets the women in his minivan where he tells them, "You want the green card?" "I deserve a little loving, too.
" And if they turn O'Toole down, they wind up in ICE detention, pending deportation.
Plus, he can deport their families, too.
This abuse of power sickens me.
Do other employees back up Duane's story? Duane is O'Toole's number two in charge of case assignment.
He's the only one who knows that O'Toole is cherry-picking them.
You want proof, Chief? Get us access to O'Toole's computer and his phone records.
We're dealing with ICE, too? Best to not ask for warrants until we have corroboration.
Tell your subway groper to think harder.
We need more names.
Two for lunch? Are you Rosamie Klein? No, but wait here.
I'll go get her.
- You believing that? - Nah.
Hey, I sorry.
Klein? Wait, please.
Sorry, excuse me.
Klein? Hey, hey, hey, hey, we just want to talk to you, okay? You're not in any trouble.
We want to help you, okay? My green card good.
Not fake.
We know, we know.
We're here about Rory O'Toole.
O'Toole, he never touch me.
Why would you say that? We didn't ask.
I love my husband.
Please go away.
Did O'Toole ever ask to meet you alone? So we can protect you, we just want to talk about what he did.
I love my husband.
Please, go.
Leave me alone.
Four interviews, me and my husband sailed through.
Then O'Toole says, "Flag on the play, darling.
" He needs one more meeting with me after hours.
Then what happened? He picks me up in his minivan.
Dirtbird had a mattress in the back.
What did he say? He says if he grants the green card, me husband can make love to me any time.
He says, "I deserve some loving, too.
" I told him I'd rather put the tailpipe of his minivan in me mouth.
Then what'd he do? He puts me in this f'in jumpsuit.
Maybe I should've just shagged him.
Got on with my American life, like.
You're the victim of a crime.
If you agree to testify, we can get you a U visa and you won't be deported.
My husband Patrick's here on a green card, too.
O'Toole finds out I'm testifying, first thing he'll do is try to deport Patrick back to Belfast.
Then he'll have screwed us both.
We have two confirmed rapes, one jailed for saying no.
They're not willing to testify.
I can ask the US attorney for a warrant on O'Toole's minivan, but if I do that the feds are gonna take the case.
It's so politically charged over there right now.
I'm not confident they'll fight for these victims.
Agreed, but for these women to admit what happened to them is to risk losing everything.
What if we brought in our own victims? I worked a joint task force with Homeland.
I have a great contact over there.
Let me see if I can get her to push a new green card application across O'Toole's desk.
A green card honey trap? Do you have the UCs for it? I think that I do.
Okay, what color is my toothbrush? Blue, and you sleep on the left side of the bed.
You always spoon me.
And what about my siblings? One sister, but you're not in touch.
She's troubled.
You can say that.
But hot.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Are you ready? - Yeah.
and Mrs.
al-Badeen, - nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Now before I talk to you separately, I want to eh I want to get to know you both as a couple.
That's why we're here.
So how'd you two meet? Well, it's a funny story.
Um, we worked together for years and I just always thought he was attractive, you know? Funny, smart.
But it wasn't until I changed jobs that we could acknowledge that we had feelings for each other.
Okay, I guess.
Uh, tell me more about how you spend your time.
We go out, to, uh dinner.
As an observant Muslim, though, you don't drink.
No, I don't.
- Does your wife? - Yes.
She loves her martinis.
How do you feel about that? I feel in love with Mandy as she is.
I don't want or expect her to change.
That's the beauty of America.
Everyone is free to be who they are.
If I get my green card, inshallah, I'll be free, too.
I love burgers, and Fuad likes falafel.
It'd be tough to decide, on a restaurant for Valentine's Day.
Did you, uh, make plans yet? We're gonna stay home and just order delivery from two different places.
- That's romantic.
- Yeah.
It's romantic.
I'm assuming you'll pay? I am.
You usually do.
At least that's, uh, that's what your credit card statement tells me.
Oh, yeah, and, well, 'cause I make, I make more than Fuad, I'm a bartender.
And you're older, as well.
How many years? A few.
But love is love, right? Okay.
I'll be honest with you, Mrs.
Um your age difference, economic, religious, these They're all red flags.
Oh, we're in love.
I mean, this marriage is real.
Well, I've had a number of women in your position believe that.
I'm gonna go over your file.
But I may need to meet you one more time.
- With Fuad? - No, just you.
And I'd ask you not to tell him.
It could affect the status of his green card application.
Oh, okay.
Uh, when do you wanna meet? Uh, I'll call you.
On your cell? - Sure.
- Great.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Right on time.
- You look really pretty.
- Oh, thank you.
Um, where are we going? Oh, uh, thought we'd just sit here.
Talk for a few minutes.
- Oh.
- It's a lot less pressure than the office.
What I really want is for you to be relaxed.
Think you can relax? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I guess, um What do you want to ask? Just a few, uh, more intimate questions.
How often do you and Fuad have sex? Well Uh, he's a very passionate man.
Oh, a very lucky man.
Gets to make love to you whenever he wants.
Of course, if he doesn't get his green card that won't be the case.
What? No, no, he can't go home.
You know his political situation.
I do.
So I have something that you need, and you have something that I want.
What are you asking? I want you to make love to me the way you do to Fuad.
I want you to do it two or three times.
And then he can have his green card, and the two of you can make love as much as you want for the rest of your lives.
You're saying that I have to sleep with you? I'm saying that I deserve some loving, too.
Okay, that's all we need.
Let's give this fool some love.
- When would we do this? - Here, now.
Got a mattress in the back.
NYPD, put your hands on the wheel.
Miss, you're not in any trouble, come with me.
I'm a federal officer.
I'm on the job.
Not anymore you're not.
Rory O'Toole, you're under arrest for sexual extortion.
I want to give you an early out here.
My client is a respected USCIS investigator.
His job is to uncover scams for green cards, which is what he did.
This was a fake marriage.
Nice try.
O'Toole was extorting sex in exchange for a green card.
Please listen to the tape.
Everything I said it was a test.
You had a mattress in the back seat.
Well, it has to look real.
That's part of the setup.
The setup? We found traces of your DNA on the mattress.
It's my mattress.
Did you find any of your supposed victim's DNA? I didn't think so.
He wasn't going to sexually assault your UC; he was trying to find out how far she would go.
It's like with a narc cop, right? You buy the drugs and then you make the bust.
Okay, so you were gonna sleep with her? - No! - And you don't know that because your team stepped in before Mr.
O'Toole had the chance to bust her.
If the wife is willing to cross the line to infidelity for a green card, how real can the love be? Okay, none of this is DHS protocol, and I don't see any jurors buying it for a second.
You need 12.
I only need one.
Come on.
The judge released O'Toole on his own recognizance.
He claimed that he knew the marriage was fake, and he was just trying to draw her out.
You'd have a stronger case with someone he assaulted.
What about his victims? Can we go back to them now that he's been arraigned? The two victims are terrified that their husbands will find out, and a third is sitting in ICE detention afraid that her husband will be deported.
Then try them all again.
Three would be great, but if I have one, there goes his defense.
You arrested him? That's good news.
The bad news? He may get away with it.
- Unless you - Testify? I'm sorry.
It's just it would break Eddie's heart.
We could compel you to testify.
We don't want to have to do that.
That's Eddie.
He picks me up from work.
He's early.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Cops? Everything all right? We were just investigating some robberies in the neighborhood.
Robberies? You didn't tell me about this.
I didn't know about them.
I wish I could be more helpful.
Anything comes to mind, call.
- O'Toole's going to prison? - If you testify.
What about my husband, Patrick? O'Toole's under indictment awaiting trial.
He can't have Patrick deported.
And I'll get that U visa? Stay in the U.
as long as I want? Okay, I'm in.
I'll testify.
We're gonna need all the exact details.
Dates, places, times.
O'Toole called me from a burner.
So that would be on your cell phone? Uh, they don't let me have that here.
What about Patrick? Does he have it? Do you have to go through him? I never told him about this.
He doesn't have to know why.
Not yet.
Can I help you? We're looking for Patrick Quigley.
Maggie Quigley's husband.
Honey, is that the take-out? Oh, sorry.
This, um it isn't what it looks like.
Never is.
I know O'Toole had been arrested, but now my husband he's asking me non-stop if I cheated on him.
Lina, you didn't do anything wrong.
You were assaulted.
Yeah, but I swore to him nothing happened.
If we tell him, that you weren't the only one, that you and the other women were forced, you had to But even if he does believe me he's always gonna be thinking about it.
I have to get everything ready for Sebastian and Mavis before their mother comes home.
Would it help if if I talked to him with you? No.
He's already going crazy with jealousy.
He's checking my text message, he's following me around You sound like you're afraid of him.
Lina Did he do this to you? Okay, listen to me.
There's another option okay? You don't have to stay married to Joe.
You were the victim of a crime and we can get you a U visa.
So if I leave him, - I can stay in this country? - Yes.
If you testify against O'Toole.
But my husband's a good man.
But he already doesn't believe me.
I can't live like this anymore.
I'll testify.
Rosamie Klein still won't testify? She doesn't want to hurt her husband.
And it turns out Maggie Quigley's marriage was a fake.
Her husband's gay and she is, too.
So they lied about their green card, which is itself a federal offense.
There's already a lot of blowback.
If this case implodes where's Hadid on this? She's not shying away from the fight.
O'Toole's attorney, Buchanan, already approached us with a slap-on-the-wrist deal for misdemeanor official misconduct.
Hadid said no way.
Well, what does she want to charge him with? At a minimum, rape three.
Plus felony charges of official misconduct and receiving a bribe.
I would argue that threatening to deport victims to countries where they face violence constitutes forcible compulsion.
That's rape one.
That makes the case much harder.
And Hadid wants O'Toole to go down for this.
And if he doesn't, you do? Probably, I mean, I can add on misdemeanor sexual misconduct, coercion, official misconduct.
He deserves no less than 15 years.
Throw the whole book at him.
I'm trying, but I don't have textbook witnesses.
I got Duane, the subway groper.
Rollins and Hasim.
Buchanan's already salivating about his cross.
And Lina, she's credible, she has no reason to lie, and everything to lose.
Just make sure she shows up.
And all the immigrant women Mr.
O'Toole requested that I send him were young, attractive, diverse, and desperate.
How? They fled gangs, war, poverty.
They were terrified of being sent back.
So terrified of being deported that they gave in to Mr.
O'Toole's sexual demands? Objection.
Calls for speculation.
Withdrawn, Mr.
Varick, is there a reason that your boss pulled these particular women's files? Yes, he called it his Baskin-Robbins file.
One in every flavor.
Nothing further.
Varick, you made a deal with the prosecution to testify today? Your Honor, the jury already heard this on Mr.
Varick's direct Yes, that's right.
You were charged with forcible touching and, unlawful sexual surveillance.
That's upskirting, isn't it? Good thing I wore pants today.
Move along, Mr.
After you were arrested, the detectives found your upskirting files - on your work computer? - Yes.
- Who gave them access? - My supervisor, Mr.
And that's when you decided to play "Let's Make A Deal"? - Objection.
- I'll rephrase.
According to your own testimony, you were aware of this egregious behavior for years, but, you never reported it, never said a word about it to anyone? I'm not proud of that.
You have a lot not to be proud of, Mr.
Enough to make up charges like this to save your own ass? - Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Nothing further.
Detective Rollins and I posed as a mixed-ethnicity, interreligious couple.
We were hoping to draw Mr.
O'Toole's attention, which we did.
Did he do follow-up interviews? Not with me, but he asked for a private, nighttime meeting with Detective Rollins in his minivan.
Thank you, Sergeant Khaldun.
So you lied to a fellow officer about your religion, your marriage, your job, about every detail of your life? It was an undercover operation.
In other words, it was a fake marriage.
And my client figured it out.
I believe he thought our marriage was real, but the red flags it raised gave him leverage to sexually extort Detective Rollins.
You mean your fake wife.
So your testimony is that you're a good enough liar to fool a trained investigator with 20 years' experience? You could put it that way.
How about a jury? - Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Nothing further.
O'Toole told me I had to meet him in private in his minivan.
And as you heard on the tape, he said if I wanted the green card then I had to have sex with him.
And what were his exact words? That he deserved some loving, too.
Thank you, detective.
But you didn't have sex with my client, did you? No.
He never assaulted you in any way? No, but his intent was clear and graphic.
He said we needed to go to the back of the van where there was a mattress.
And did you go to the back of the van? No, my support team pulled open the doors - before that could happen.
- So isn't it possible he was testing you to see if you were really a faithful wife? Please.
That was not what was going on.
You were playing a role.
Isn't it possible that he was playing one, too? Please answer the question, Detective.
Was that possible? Yes.
Anything is possible.
Thank you, Detective.
I didn't help you in there, Counselor.
It's okay.
We're laying groundwork.
Once Lina testifies that he did follow through, his whole defense falls apart.
You talked to her, right? I did this morning.
She said that you prepped her really well, she knows what to do.
She tell her husband yet? There she is.
- Hey.
- Ms.
Benson, can I talk to you? Sure, Lina.
Is everything all right? I can't testify.
Why not? Lina, did your husband No, no, no, no.
He doesn't know anything yet.
We really need you to testify.
- I can't, I'm sorry.
- Why? I just found out I'm pregnant.
I'm praying this baby looks like Joe.
This is not about O'Toole or any these women anymore.
My baby needs a father, and if Joe thinks for a second that this might be O'Toole's baby? He could never know.
Our scheduled witness is not available at this time, Your Honor.
- We move for a continuance.
- Objection.
I have a defense prepared.
I'd like to move ahead with my case.
How long do you need, Mr.
Carisi? A few days, Your Honor.
I'll give you till 9:00 a.
At which time, if there is no further prosecution witnesses, we'll be moving ahead for a dismissal.
Don't get ahead of yourself, Mr.
Should've taken the deal, Detective Carisi.
Lina backed out? She's pregnant.
I get it.
That changes everything.
Yeah, it means O'Toole's gonna walk.
What about Rosamie Klein? You heard her; she doesn't want to hurt her husband.
Maybe I can talk to him.
Jew to Jew.
- You're Jewish? - On my mother's side.
Part Muslim on my father's.
It's a long story.
Sounds like everybody in New York has one of those.
You want to take a ride to Ocean Parkway, talk to the Kleins? As my Baptist grandmama would say, it's worth a Hail Mary.
Hey, Rosamie.
This'll just take a minute.
Please, this isn't a good time.
- It's - What's going on, Rosamie? This isn't about the robberies, is it? No.
Let them in, Rosamie.
How many other women? At least two others that we know of, but probably dozens more.
Your daughter's beautiful.
Thank God she looks like Rosamie.
I was a wedding pianist.
Rosamie was a catering waitress.
She liked my songs and laughed at all of my dopey stories.
Maybe she was not acceptable to some of my relatives at the Neil Sedaka end of Ocean Parkway, but She was the woman of my simple dreams.
She converted, so I married her and we had a beautiful baby.
And so And so Tell me why you're here, detective.
You, uh - You tell stories, Eddie.
- Mm.
So I'm here to tell you a story.
It's, um, it's a sad love story about a man who has a beautiful home, beautiful family A beautiful wife, who loved him so much that she had to do a terrible thing to save their love.
Tell me, Detective is this story also about a man named Rory O'Toole? Your Honor, two more witnesses have come forward.
The prosution intends to call Maggie Quigley And Rosamie Klein.
Your Honor, this is the first we're hearing of these witnesses.
I need time to prepare.
I request an adjournment for the day.
So granted.
Where the hell'd you pull these two out of? The back of your client's van.
My guess, he's not gonna want to hear their testimony in open court.
You see O'Toole's face? He's gonna fold.
Make it hurt.
My client had a long, dark night of the soul to think about this.
Well, there's not a whole lot to think about.
It's all over but the hard time, O'Toole.
Back up.
Hold on a second.
I'm done waiting.
Tomorrow Rosamie and Maggie are gonna take the stand, but before they do, we're gonna bump the charges from rape three to rape one.
And when they're done testifying, the jury and your client will be in tears.
Let's show a little compassion for a fellow officer, Counselor.
Oh, the same compassion that he showed his victims? I was doing my job.
I've been serving my country on the front lines of a foreign invasion for 20 years.
Serving your country? By dipping your wick? It was a test.
It's the only way to know if they really love their husbands.
Okay, okay.
Now, you told me before that if they really loved their husbands they really loved their husbands - they wouldn't sleep with you.
- That's right.
But when they refused you, you threw 'em in jail.
And if they did sleep with you, you gave 'em their green card.
Now, you can lie to yourself all you want, - but you raped these women.
- No, absolutely not.
I was just doing what I had to do to protect our borders.
- Rory, he understands - He doesn't understand it.
I'm holding the line between more mouths to feed, more people on Medicaid, in our public schools and our hospitals, okay? Taking our jobs.
These people are bleeding the system dry - and I stop that from happening.
- All right, stop.
Not one more word from you.
What you did to these women how many of them have had to live with your violation in secret, in fear? You took advantage of them when they were at their most helpless, their most vulnerable, and you used the power of your government position to force them to demean themselves.
They came here hoping for the American dream, and you made their lives a nightmare.
I'm sick of your client, counselor.
You want to talk deal? He needs to shut his mouth and nod yes.
I'll be back in five minutes.
Well, it took a while but reality finally caught up to Rory O'Toole.
- He took the deal.
- Ah.
Did you make it hurt? He's gonna be in a world of pain till he's eligible for Medicare.
Good work, Carisi.
Nah, it wasn't me, it was Rollins.
I don't know how she did it, but getting Rosamie to testify? That's what broke this whole thing.
It wasn't just Rosamie.
It was about getting the husband to understand, and Rollins said that that wasn't her; it was Sergeant Khaldun.
Nah, I'm sure she's just being generous with the credit.
I don't think so.
She said that Khaldun spoke with Eddie in Hebrew mensch-to-mensch.
- In Hebrew? - Yeah.
And apparently it's better than his Arabic.
- What? - He's a pretty interesting guy.
Eh, for a cave cop.
I'm sorry, Transit Unit.
Look, I'm just saying don't sell Rollins short.
- She did good.
- Can I at least say nice job all around? Yeah, sure.
Uh, where is Rollins anyway? I spent two days pretending to be married to you.
I don't know the first thing about you.
I guess I consider myself Middle Eastern American.
Middle Eastern American.
- So not Muslim? - Mm-mm.
After 9/11 I was really ashamed to admit that I was part Muslim.
- Mm.
- So Actually I passed for black in Brooklyn.
It was easier.
Well, my story is pretty much the exact same.
Oh, yeah? But your sister's really not crazy, right? No, that part is true.
Rosamie, how are you? Better, when I heard O'Toole go to prison.
Rape three, three counts.
He'll do 15 years.
You and Eddie things okay? Yeah.
After you talked to Eddie, before I agreed to testify, he and I talked a long time.
He said he was so sad what I had to go through, and how much he loved me.
We cried together.
It's better now.
Even better than before.
I don't have to keep secrets from him anymore, so Thank you.
Thank you, Rosamie.

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