Law & Order Special Victims Unit s21e16 Episode Script

Eternal Relief From Pain

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Hey, Captain.
Yeah, I'm gonna be a little late.
I've been putting off a doctor's appointment.
Yeah, no, everything's fine.
No worries.
Hey, Noah, let's go.
Jake's older brother was suspended yesterday for vaping.
You didn't tell me that.
Yeah, in the school bathroom with three other boys.
- What grade are they in? - Fifth.
Hey, Noah.
You know to never do anything like that, right? Mom, c'mon.
You been running on that knee? We're gonna have to drain it.
You need to take that? No, it's it's all good.
Yeah, let's do this.
Hey, Amanda, it's me.
I know.
Long time, no speak, right? Hey, look, I'm in trouble.
I failed a drug test today, and if they revoke my parole I-I have a kid now, a son.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but, uh, you uh, can you call me back, please? I could really use your advice on something.
Um, okay, thank you.
I love you! Bye! Here we go.
- Oh, excuse me! - Yeah? Hi, could you watch my son while I just run to the bathroom for a minute? - I guess.
- It'll just take a minute.
Thank you.
How are you with pain? I have two kids.
Okay, don't be a hero.
There's a lot of really good painkillers out there.
What's your pharmacy? There's some family history.
I'll stick with aspirin.
Vaping in fifth grade? Just tobacco? I didn't think to ask.
I mean, I'm not worried.
He he would never.
What? Just keep an eye out.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, Kim, sorry I, uh, I didn't pick up before.
I don't even know where you are.
Anyway, I'm free now, okay? Call me back.
What's your name? Are you still hungry? Do you want more pizza? Excuse me.
This lady had me watch her boy, but she's been in the bathroom awhile.
She just left her kid with you? That's not cool.
Oh, man.
Can we get some help down here, please? Thank you, Officer.
Amanda, how's Mason? Did you find out where he is? He's at Child Services right now.
Don't look at me like that.
- I feel bad enough as it is.
- Yeah, you should.
You left him with a stranger so that you could go do drugs.
Well, I ran the sink so somebody would come in if I OD'd.
That's your idea of a great plan? Uh-huh.
Yelling at you is not gonna do anything right now, is it? It's okay.
I deserve it.
It's just, I haven't seen you for two years.
It was three, actually.
I was trying not to bother you.
And I was worried sick about you.
One minute we're living together and you've got your bipolar under control.
You turned a corner, Kim.
- You turned a corner! - That's the thing.
That's the thing! It was under control.
But I was feeling so good, I just thought I didn't have to take all those meds.
Oh, Kim! I quit cold turkey.
You know, I started partying a little, but I knew you didn't want that around Jesse, so So you disappeared.
At least I didn't sell all your stuff this time.
Well, we have that, don't we? Yeah.
So where did you go? 'Cause Mama said she didn't hear from you either.
I wanted to show that I could make it on my own, so I moved back in with that lawyer you introduced me to.
- Lorenzo? - Uh-huh.
- So he's your son's father? - No.
When he found that out, it kind of blew that up.
But, uh, I wound up moving into a shelter, having the baby on my own.
And getting high on fentanyl and heroin? - It wasn't like that.
- Mm-hmm.
I had to take a drug test every two weeks.
I was clean my whole pregnancy.
Thank God for that.
But I had a Cesarean and it got infected.
They gave me something for the pain.
Two years ago.
Yeah, well, once you start those pills, they are so hard to stop.
I found another doctor who understood that, but even then, it was so expensive.
So you do cheaper street drugs, and who knows what's in those, and Kim, you are supposed to be drug-free.
I know.
They're gonna send me back to prison, but what about Mason? You have to help me.
I don't know what I can do.
What about other people? They get deals, don't they? Yeah, they flip on somebody, they give the DA something that they want, but I don't think giving up your dealer is gonna help right now.
- Not my dealer, my doctor.
- Oh, come Once he knew I was hooked, he wouldn't prescribe me Oxy unless I had sex with him.
Your sister OD'd in a dollar-slice joint? She was stressed out because she failed a drug test, and she was worried that she was gonna lose custody.
Custody? What? - She has a kid? - Son.
It turns out I'm an aunt.
- So what's she want? - Hold on, Fin.
He's right.
She's looking to make a deal.
She claims that the doctor that she gets her Oxy from is extorting her for sex.
I have no idea whether or not to believe her.
She's a junkie.
- She's working you.
- Hold on, Fin.
Does she have any way to back up her story? Has she told anyone? I didn't get that far.
I wanted to talk to you first.
Is she still in the hospital? She's in the Tombs waiting to be processed, and she goes before a judge tomorrow.
Where's Amanda? She wouldn't come? It's just us, Kim.
It's simpler.
Well, I really appreciate you two talking to me.
So Amanda said you had something you wanted to tell us about your doctor.
If I do that, uh, you guys can get me out of here? So you can get high again? Look, I can pick it up and I can put it down.
I just need to get my son back.
Okay, let's hear it.
We're not making any promises.
I know.
Well, here it goes.
My doctor, Paul Capezio, is writing tons of illegal prescriptions all day long, $100 a pop.
Okay, so we can tell the DEA and have them look into it.
But Amanda said that you didn't pay? He said he'd accept barter, by which he meant sex.
When was this? First time, Mason was four months.
You know, my OB-GYN said no more pills.
Someone at the shelter vouched for me to Capezio.
I paid a few times till I couldn't afford it, and then, he gave me a few samples, and said next time, I'd have to give him something.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, well, next time I came in, he said take off your clothes, get warmed up.
Well, he took out a needle, gave himself a shot down there.
An ED drug.
So then what happened? Five minutes later, he climbed on top of me, right there on the exam table.
I was staring at the fluorescent lights on the ceiling.
It was over quick.
Afterward, he wrote me a prescription.
Said I could come in whenever.
And how many times did this happen, Kim? A dozen, maybe more? You know, I really did try to kick it.
I was but I was living in a shelter, and and Mason was crying all the time, and I was barely hanging on by a thread.
And I just couldn't stomach doing it with Capezio anymore.
Turned out it was cheaper to buy it on the street anyway.
How'd you pass the drug tests? Where there is a will, there is a way, till this last time.
If you want, I-I can go back to Capezio.
You all can catch him in the act.
We're not gonna ask you to do that.
Well, if you did arrest him, you know, it would really help me with my situation.
Uh, is Mr.
Barba still the DA? No, it's Carisi now.
Oh, that's really good news.
He was always really nice to me.
Once a junkie, always a junkie.
Amanda should just cut Kim off.
That's what I did to my brother, Fin.
If this guy is as bad as Kim says, we need to put him away.
Hey, update on Capezio? Orthopedist.
Lost his hospital affiliation when St.
Vincent's closed.
He lost his private practice a few years after that.
Now he sublets an exam room in a medical suite in the West 30s, keeps odd hours.
And what about his prescriptions? Still putting that together.
He was sanctioned a year ago.
Hard to tell how many patients he's got because he doesn't file electronically.
How does he pull that off? He's got an eyesight and age exemption.
And according to Kim, he extorts sex from women who need Oxy? No offense, but her story seem credible? Down to the ED injection that he gave himself while Kim was taking her clothes off.
Now, she's volunteered to go undercover.
That's not happening.
Well, I can go.
Have Kim vouch for me.
It's easier if I go.
I'm her sister, Capezio will trust me.
I got the knee the size of a grapefruit.
All I have to do is bring the X-rays with me.
- I don't like this.
- Then go with her.
We need to get this doctor off the street.
And if I get enough for an arrest, what does this mean for Kim and her son? Carisi, will a judge ROR Kim? Yeah, I can ask, but custody's a separate issue.
- Rollins, are you sure about all this? - Yeah, he's my nephew, I can't have him at social services.
You didn't finish filling this out, sir.
So which one's your bad knee? Oh, we don't say bad anymore.
It's "involved.
" Ms.
Rollins? Yeah.
Ah! Kim's sister.
As pretty as she is.
Thank you.
Hmm, ah, yes.
There's a lot of bone on bone here.
I bet that smarts.
None of the over-the-counter stuff even makes a dent, but Kim said the Oxy works really well.
All right, and, uh, she told you how this works? You mean the sex? Yeah.
But how many pills can I get? Well, you're allowed a week's supply at a time, but if you have different ID, we get around that.
Just take them to small pharmacies.
My assistant has a list.
Now, uh, just lie back on the table, pull up your skirt, and, uh, I'll be right with you.
Let him go ahead with the injection? - I don't want to see that.
- Yeah.
Excuse me! Hey! So how much time do you need? Soon.
You'll be glad you waited.
Needle down, hands up.
I'm sorry, Dr.
They're cops.
What's this about? Like you don't know.
Zip up.
You're going downtown.
Hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Well, this is entrapment.
My client is a respected member of the medical community.
Don't even try.
He's a pusher.
These women were addicted.
That's rape.
Rape? It's barter.
Uh, dinners, a deal on dry cleaning.
These people are in pain, I help them.
These victims are addicts and liars.
You caught this loser in the act? - And videotaped him.
- His assistant flipped on him.
She showed us his appointment logs, his accounting ledgers.
There are at least 12 women, who Capezio doesn't take money from.
So, we tack on criminal drug diversion and healthcare fraud, we got a solid case, and we wouldn't have it if Kim Rollins hadn't come forward.
I'll call her parole officer.
We get the right judge, she can get an ankle-bracelet release, pending trial.
She also has a two-year-old child.
The one she abandoned while she got high? I can't lobby for custody.
So I'll call the DEA and bring them in on this.
If anything, this-this Kim is a prostitute.
And what about the other dozen women you did? Wait, hold off on calling the DEA.
Capezio's a small-time sextortionist.
Who belongs in prison.
No question.
But do we think he's the only doctor doing this? Isn't that up to the DEA and Narcotics to pursue? The DEA? Narcotics? They don't know how to run a sex crimes investigation.
We call them in, they'll go after the pills-for-pay, these victims won't get justice.
This is still our case.
We have leverage, here, now.
Let's see where this takes us.
Fin, Kat, give us the room? Whatever you need, Captain.
- What's going on? - Dr.
I'm Sex Crimes Bureau Chief Hadid.
In addition to grand larceny, fraud, and prescription drug diversion, you're looking at rape three.
You're going to prison.
And a jury will be happy to see you die there.
But this doesn't have to go that route.
It was just sex.
This whole business runs on that.
Then let's start there.
Hi, can I help you? Tiffany Reynolds, Harrington Pharma.
- I'm the sales rep.
- Kathy Montes.
I know, you're temping for Rhonda, right? I am.
Capezio was right.
It's a waste to put a body like yours behind a desk.
Oh, uh, Dr.
Capezio's with a patient right now.
Oh, I don't need him.
He said I should take you out for lunch.
There is a hot new bistro up the block.
You're right, I'm not really a desk person.
Do you get to travel? All the time.
All expenses paid.
How did you break into it? As a pharmacist? It's more of, um, a people business.
A lot of these doctors are busy.
Tons of stress.
You have to make a good first impression.
Let them know your main concern is their happiness.
I haven't finished community college.
Oh, neither have I.
When I interviewed, Mr.
Rudolph told me I was already a PhD.
Poor, hungry, and desperate.
Well, you've come a long way.
You can too.
There's a lot of lonely doctors in this world.
Just use what God gave you, and, God gave you plenty.
The happier you make the doctors, the more they prescribe.
So you just get paid to party? Bingo.
You wouldn't believe what I got for my Christmas bonus.
We're having a luncheon tomorrow, to roll out a new drug, for some of our biggest prescribers.
Why not come with? See if it's for you.
So Officer Tamin has made contact with a sales rep from Harrington Pharma? Tiffany Reynolds, former adult film actress.
Now she's making high six figures peddling Oxy.
How explicit was Tiffany? She told Tamin that the happier she makes the doctors, the more drugs they sell.
Okay, I went to college with Trey Harrington.
It's his family's business.
There's no way this is coming from the top down.
We're most likely, looking at a rogue sales division.
With all due respect, Counselor, let's find out what we're dealing with before we exonerate anyone.
I'm not exonerating, I'm vouching for the family, not the company.
What's our next step? There's a presales event tomorrow.
The reps give their biggest customers a special preview.
Tiffany's taking Kat.
Sort of a tryout.
Okay, so if their sales team is crossing the line, we need to prove it.
So, you're on board with this? I never said I wasn't.
Not that I don't appreciate you getting me out, Amanda, but that means I don't get custody of my own son? Benson is trying to talk family court, into giving me temporary custody of Mason, Kim.
- Well, when can I see him? - We're We're trying to work that out too.
Daddy! Angel Face, what a sight for sore eyes.
I've been driving 13 hours.
- Yeah.
- Amanda? Honey, they are working you to death.
Well, no one's gonna say the same of you.
What are you doing here? Your little sister needed help.
How'd you know that? When I couldn't reach you at the pizza place, I-I called Daddy, you know, I needed somebody to take care of Mason.
Now I got both my girls back.
I feel like a king with a royal flush.
I can't wait to meet my grandbabies.
Kim, you know a condition of your release is that you can't be around other addicts.
Addict? I might have a beer every once in a once, but Daddy's turned over a new leaf.
Gotta stay healthy for my new young fiancée.
Daddy, you're getting married again? Yeah, third time's a charm.
You two are gonna love her.
Like meeting a third sister you didn't know you had.
Oh, my God.
- Do you even hear yourself? - Amanda So you gonna take me up and show me your fancy New York apartment? No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Daddy just drove all the way from Georgia.
It's all right.
I get it.
I know I made mistakes, burned some bridges.
But I just hope it's not too late to make it up to both of you.
And my grandchildren.
You can come up, but you cannot stay.
Nothing sweeter than watching kids sleep, is there? I remember watching you two fall off.
Not that you were home that much.
- Amanda.
- It's all right.
Let her get it off her chest.
When can I see my grandson? I can't wait to get my hands on him.
He is at Child Services tonight, but We'll go to court tomorrow, and hopefully, they'll release him to my custody.
I can't wait to meet him.
- Yeah, you will.
- Yeah.
Amanda, Daddy can stay, right? I know you have trust issues, but I'll sleep in my damn car if I have to.
I want to see all of my grandchildren.
All right.
You can stay for one night, if you don't mind sharing the couch with Frannie.
Hey, but my house, my rules.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay, baby.
All right, let's see what you have to drink around here.
All I see is milk and orange juice? Yeah, it's a sober house, and for Kim, it's gonna stay that way.
I did some digging.
Hadid's sister's wedding in Ravello? The reception was in a villa owned by William Harrington the Second.
What's her connection to him? She went to college with William the Third.
I found the wedding photos on Facebook.
Trey and Hadid looked pretty chummy.
- So you think she tipped them off? - Who knows? I mean, figuring out where she stands, I'd rather do a Rubik's Cube blindfolded.
- I hear you.
- And if we make this case, Harrington Pharma is looking at criminal responsibility and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.
Well, that's not gonna go over well at the next college reunion, so we better be sure.
- Good to go, Captain.
- I can see that.
The thing is, Kat, Hadid has this little habit of second-guessing people, who she thinks are inexperienced.
I can vouch for that.
So I will go with, and you tell Capezio to introduce me as a doctor, former student of his.
You're a doctor? Mazel tov.
- You let your father stay with you? - One night.
- He drove all the way up.
- He can drive all the way back.
He wants to meet his grandkids, Fin.
When was the last time you saw him? I don't know.
I lost count, but a lot of that's on me.
That's your father, so I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but you gotta be careful.
You've got enough problems right now.
Not to mention, while you're dealing with this, we're spread pretty thin.
My stomach is in knots.
Fin! He's here for moral support.
Oh, I miss Mason so much.
What if they don't give me custody? - It's not you getting custody.
- She knows that.
Yeah, I hope she also knows you're very lucky your sister is NYPD.
That carries a lot of weight.
But one more mistake, Kim, you and your son, you're out of chances.
I'm William Harrington the Third, president of Harrington Pharmaceuticals, and I'd like to welcome you all.
- We're very excited today - Oh, this is great.
Okay, so I can just go straight in? Thank you.
Of our exciting new drug, Ephaxion.
Ephaxion will revolutionize the industry with its extended-release, high-dose formula.
In clinical trials, it's proven to be effective even against breakthrough pain.
One step forward in our quest for a non-addictive, abuse-resistant painkiller.
- We've invited you all - They always make you suffer through the speeches, don't they? We both know that there's no such thing as a free lunch.
out to your patients.
If we can't guarantee eternal relief from pain Dr.
Pain management.
Gold, so nice to see you again.
This is my new associate, Kathy.
Gold, I've heard so much about you.
- How are you doing? - Great, thanks.
- Dr.
- Kathy Montes.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- How are you? Enjoy your lunch.
Our pharmaceutical reps have joined each of your tables and are happy, to answer your questions.
Our hospitality suites are open upstairs, which we invite you to enjoy while you learn about this exciting new product.
Now, that's really an exciting new product.
Can I get you a real drink? We'll take two tequilas, straight up.
You got it.
He wants to go upstairs.
Oh, okay.
Let's go.
- Great event.
- Oh, thank you.
So, the prescribed dosage is one pill every 24 hours? Easier for the patients.
They don't have to keep track of taking a pill - four or five times a day.
- Right.
There will be a lot more information at our conference next month.
Let me send you an invitation.
I'm pretty busy.
If you could just send me the clinical trial reports It's in St.
All expenses paid.
I'm not sure I know enough about Ephaxion to answer any questions.
Oh, we're not going upstairs to talk.
So what happens in the hospitality suite stays in the hospitality suite? I knew I liked you.
- Ladies.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
- Shall we? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
That's right, Your Honor, at this time, I'm seeking temporary emergency custody of my nephew.
I believe it's better for Mason to be with family.
I understand you're a single parent of two young daughters? They're eager to meet their cousin.
My concern, you have a lot on your plate.
I do, which is why I have a good support system.
My girls are in daycare at my church.
Their godparents My captain, Manhattan ADA Are very involved.
Their nanny is a grad student at Bank Street.
If I release the child into your custody, it will be predicated on the condition that your apartment remain drug and alcohol-free, and that your sister not be allowed unsupervised visitation.
I understand, Your Honor.
He's my nephew, and I promise to take good care of him.
Won't you give me some more? Well You two seem very comfortable with each other.
- We are.
- Mm.
What about you, Dr.
Gold? - You ready to get happy? - Oh, I'm so ready.
Give me a minute.
So what now? You've had a three-way before, haven't you? Don't answer that.
I know you have.
So how do we know that he'll order from us? - Cameras.
- Oh.
Gold's a good customer, but in case he wavers, we have insurance.
- We ready to party? - Sure, Doc.
But first, we double your pleasure, you'll double our order? Tell you what, I'll text my office staff right now, and while I do that, why don't you take each other's blouses off? - NYPD! - What the hell? Hey, this is a mistake.
We didn't do anything.
I'm a doctor.
We'll take your statement downtown.
You can get dressed first, Doc.
If you keep it quiet, nobody needs to know.
And you two, you're under arrest.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- For what? Solicitation, conspiracy to commit grand larceny, for starters.
Cover up.
Okay and we're in.
Thank you for sticking up for me today, Amanda.
- That wasn't easy, so - Yeah.
Well, at least it's all working out for now.
Hey, you guys ready for some ice cream? - Yeah! - Let's go! - Come on.
- Come on, Fannie! Come on! - Mommy! - What? Daddy? What's going on? Kim, get the kids.
Get them out of here.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on! Daddy.
Hey, hey, hey! Daddy? Daddy? Stop.
Oh! Hey.
Uh, 355 West 117.
Detective Rollins.
I've got a 60-year-old man, a possible OD of drugs and alcohol.
Daddy! - Hey, how's he doing? - Not good.
They gave him Narcan, he's coming out of it, but But they said we can't see him yet.
The kids? I had my nanny come over, but I don't know - how long this is gonna be.
- Okay.
I'm off shift.
I can go pick them up, they can stay with me.
Are we gonna get jammed up over this? Are you kidding me, Kim? Yeah, Daddy had a scrip for the drugs, but as soon as family court hears about this, they will take Mason back.
Oh, no! What about my parole? Is that gonna mess that up too? Kim, let's just take it one day at a time now, okay? Okay.
This is District Attorney Carisi.
He's gonna be arraigning you soon.
- Arraignment? - Yeah.
Prostitution and grand larceny.
- What? - You want to get out from under? Tell us who at Harrington gives the orders.
Do I need a lawyer? That's your right, but they're just gonna tell you to cooperate with us.
You're asking me to give up my bosses.
- Mm-hmm.
- They pay me really well.
That's fine, but the other girl we arrested? She's talking to us right now.
Kathy? She just started.
She doesn't know anything about how this works.
But you do.
We kept the arrest low-key? We're sitting on the doctor.
And what did the sales rep give you? Well, she claims that this policy of sex-for-drugs came from the higher-ups at Harrington.
- Did she say from whom? - Not explicitly.
But she also said the higher up you got, the less explicit it was.
The big boys insulate themselves.
Big boys I doubt she's privy to the boardroom's inner workings.
Well, I agree, but she did give us tickets to a benefit that Harrington is hosting tomorrow night.
Trey? It's for bilingual education in public schools.
They're a very charitable family.
Good for them, but Harrington's entire team will be there.
And Tiffany said that she will introduce me to complicit sales execs, including, her supervisor, who has already offered me a trip to St.
That's an opening.
This is a culture of corruption.
Now, either Trey Harrington has no idea how his business is being run or he's in on this.
That's not the man I know.
But you need to pursue this wherever this goes.
Keep me in the loop.
Of course.
Good thing she's got our backs on this.
Thank you.
I owe you.
My nanny's cousin came over.
She'll take the next shift.
Takes a village, doesn't it? Hey, Kim, I gotta ask you, what happens next? I mean, how is all this gonna work, because I gotta tell you, I have no idea.
Well, it's like Olivia said.
"One day at a time.
" Daddy's gonna wake up.
We're gonna hug him.
We're gonna be so thankful he didn't die.
This time.
He did drive all the way from Georgia when I called.
You're his daughter.
That's what parents are supposed to do.
I know it's hard to forgive him, but can I tell you something that I learned in group, when I was in prison? You know, most inmates come from toxic parents.
But if you're gonna heal, you gotta love something about where you came from.
Your father can see you now.
Oh my girls.
My beautiful girls.
How are you feeling? I'm fine.
I knew I shouldn't have had that meatball sub.
- I'm sure.
- Rick.
You remember Dr.
Of course.
- You look fantastic.
- So do you.
That is too sweet.
I was a runway model for a while.
Uh, where do you fellas hail from? So, have you thought anymore about that retreat in St.
John? You know, Doctor, I gotta tell you, I'm not really interested in retreats or in having my doctors get laid.
Excuse me? I have financing, to open ten pain management clinics, in the tri-state.
The volume that I'm talking about is significant.
You and I both know that these drugs are interchangeable.
So if you want my business, I'm gonna need a little more than mai tais and, pharma-whores.
That can be arranged.
What are we talking? Stock options, bonuses? Ah, you're a good listener.
When I like what I'm hearing.
Of course, I'll have to run it up the ladder How high? You think you could introduce me to Mr.
Harrington? Truth is, I barely know the guy.
Isn't that him? Yes, it is.
Really appreciate it.
Good to see you.
Thank you for coming.
- I'm sorry.
- So good to see you.
I'm so glad you came! So am I.
Uh, there's something you need to know.
That woman, she's undercover NYPD.
And, uh, so is she.
We need to talk.
Come on.
Did Hadid tell you she was coming? She did not.
She's probably giving us up right now.
I'm calling Carisi.
What's happening here? SVU caught a doctor with his pants down, with a UC and one of your sales reps in the suite.
And what do they think, that's our policy? That's ridiculous.
Not according to the sales rep.
You arrested her, she was looking to deal.
You should have called me.
I assured them, there's no way this was coming from your office, but she's a former adult film actress with very little experience in pharmaceuticals.
- The optics of - It's a business, Vanessa.
If a sales rep wants to trade favors, how can we police that? How bad is it? I've kept them from taking it to the DEA.
They're already up in our grill.
All this outrage and scapegoating.
But the drugs are addictive.
Of course they're addictive, to the addict.
Trey I'm talking to you as a friend now.
What if you were talking to me as a friend and a consigliere? I'm with the DA's office.
Mm, for now but, bluntly, I'll be looking for a new house counsel.
Look, until I can lure you over here, maybe you could, uh, keep tabs on this case.
What's your worst fear here? How much exposure do you have? Look Did we downplay the addictive qualities of these drugs? Did we push them harder than we should have? It's a corporation.
We were trying to get as large a market share as we could.
But if someone's looking to take us down So, what can I do for you now? It would mean a lot to my family, and to me, if you could report back on where this investigation is going.
I can see a bright future for us.
Professionally, politically, and personally.
I always felt we ended things prematurely.
Your father wasn't gonna let a Hadid marry a Harrington.
There's enough there for now.
You make a good undercover, Ms.
I leveraged a personal relationship.
I'm not proud of that.
Why wouldn't you give us a heads-up? I had to hear for myself.
If this didn't pan out, you never would've known.
I wish I was happier about this.
I'm prepped and ready.
So you're good with me handling the arraignment? I have to be.
I'm a witness in this case.
I can't prosecute.
You just blew up your future, you know that? If you did this to set up a run for higher office, forget it.
There's a price for betrayal.
I'd focus on your arraignment, Trey.
And one more thing, Nessa? You broke my heart.
Hey, he say anything useful? Nothing anyone else needs to hear.
I think that was a wake-up call to Dad.
- He really heard it.
- Do you? You're not gonna kick him out, right? He can't stay at my house with my kids.
Oh, my God, what happened to Daddy? - Is he dead? - No, honey.
He pulled the IV out of his arm and just walked out.
Did he say anything? I found this by his bed.
"Sorry I didn't say good-bye.
" "They tried to talk me into some tests," "taking better care of myself.
" "I love you both," "but you know how the song goes.
" "Papa was a rolling stone.
" Hey.
How'd it go? Kim was maybe the most clearheaded I've ever seen her.
She wants them to send her upstate, as soon as they can.
I don't get it.
Hadid could've kept her out of prison, at least through Harrington's trial.
My dad's OD scared the hell out of her.
She told me the only way she's ever gonna get clean is to go back to prison.
That's a lot.
What about her son? My mom is moving here.
She'll rent a place in Rockland.
She'll take Mason.
So now she's back in your life too? I came all the way to New York, partially to Get away from them, and I'm fast, but it turns out, no matter how fast you run, you can't outrun your family.

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