Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e03 Episode Script

Remember Me in Quarantine

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
- - How long has it been since anyone's seen her? One month.
Sí, sí.
Ciao, ciao.
Talking to the Italian police? What do they want? What, do you have my officed bugged? Well, you know I can see you from my desk, and when you speak Italian, you move your hands around a lot.
Exchange student from Milan, Maria Ferraro, 20.
Father hasn't been able to reach her.
Isn't that missing persons? Yes, and they've been deployed to protests.
Inspector Rossi, he's a friend of mine, and I owe him a few favors.
Okay, so did your Italian friend give us anything we can go on? He did, the father thinks that she was living with roommates near StuyTown.
Got it.
I'll text you the address.
Hey, mask up.
College is all virtual these days.
She probably left town.
Yeah, her father said she texted him three times in a row, "Va tutto bene, Papà, mi manchi.
" "Everything's okay, Papa.
I miss you.
" Doesn't mean something happened to her.
This might.
TARU traced her phone.
It's been dead for a month.
Maria? Yeah, she lived here over the summer.
When's the last time you saw her? Eh Three weeks ago.
Maybe four.
Between the protests and the pandemic, you kind of lose track of time.
- Why'd she move out? - Who knows? It's been roommate Jenga since March.
Got it.
So this your place? My grandmother's.
Don't tell my landlord; she's in Arizona.
Maria say where she was going? She packed up and left without saying goodbye.
She took our food kitty and Brad's hockey bag.
I know she owed him rent.
Mm, have you tried contacting her? We weren't really "friends" friends.
She stayed in her room mostly.
She was worried that we weren't taking the virus seriously.
I guess because of what happened in Italy.
I thought that she was super social distancing for Labor Day weekend until Tuesday when we opened her door.
She ghosted us.
She cleaned the place out.
Drawers are empty.
Not a lot of dust.
Check out this wall.
- Somebody scrubbed it down.
- Yeah.
Rug too.
Maybe they used bleach.
Okay, call CSU.
Tell them to luminol this whole place.
Maybe she was taken out the window.
Have them luminol the fire escape too.
Let's check out the courtyard.
The restaurant's been closed for a while.
Looks like somebody jimmied this lock.
Sneaker prints and drag marks.
When CSU gets here, bring them in.
Got it, Sarge.
Electricity still works.
And a whole lot of space in here.
I may have something! All yours.
- God damn it.
- What is it? We found her.
First it was COVID.
bodies piling up in the morgue, then the murders spike.
No one's slept since March.
I get it.
We're all running on fumes.
Okay, the girl, was it the head wound? Significant but that's not what killed her.
Cause of death: asphyxiation.
She was alive in that freezer? Ice crystals in her lungs.
She was breathing.
Broken fingernails she tried to claw her way out.
How long? Tough to pinpoint.
A few hours.
- Sexual assault? - Getting to that.
Some bruising, viable semen in the vagina and throat.
Nothing definitive.
They bashed her head in.
That's pretty definitive.
She hit her head, or she fell.
The wound was shallow, not caused by an object.
An accident? Then why put her in a hockey bag - and shove her into a freezer? - Yeah, got that, Sergeant.
That's why I'm ruling this a homicide.
Okay, it's a homicide.
It's theirs.
- I'll call.
- Don't.
Murders have doubled this month.
If I tell them that I want it, they're gonna let me keep it.
Go back to the roommates and get DNA.
Did she suffer? - Did they - No, no.
No, she, um She died instantly.
I should've called.
I am still sick with the virus.
I didn't want her to worry, but her texts Three times the same words.
I knew something was wrong.
Do you guys have any lead, a motive, or something? - Well - ADA Dominick Carisi, Inspector.
We're talking to Maria's roommates now.
'Cause the father tells me that Maria was not happy in the apartment with the roommates.
Too many parties, too many drugs.
Please help me find who did this.
This is like being in a movie.
Now, Lexi, when is the last time you saw Maria? Like I said, that Saturday night.
Okay, and did she have company? Maria? No.
She went to bed early.
She was always nagging at me to keep it down.
That's the last time I saw her alive.
And what were you doing? I was in my room.
- All night? - Yeah.
This is so We thought she left, I swear.
What happened to her? Uh Do you remember hearing anything? No.
I had some edibles that weekend.
Quarantine stress.
Well, let's start with who else was in the apartment that night.
Yeah, I was definitely not there, I'm positive.
- Why's that? - Um.
Well, I was at my parents' in the Hamptons for the weekend.
Came home Tuesday morning.
My hockey bag was gone.
- Your hockey bag? - Yeah.
It looked like someone had gone through my room.
Assumed it was Maria.
Geez, you know, she was a sweet girl, nice.
- How well did you know her? - Not very.
You know, Lexi knew her from some West Village acting classes, and once the dorms closed for quarantine, she couldn't go back to Italy, so, uh She ever invite any men over? No, she was social distancing.
So did she ever social distance with you or any of the other roommates? Not with me.
I'm not sure who was crashing then.
Wait, Perry Moncado.
He left a week after Maria.
He owes me money too.
Why'd you move out? Lexi.
She was partying too hard.
Never masking up.
My father has heart issues.
I couldn't risk it.
What can you tell us about Maria? She had enough of that place too.
What's this about? Maria's dead, Perry.
Oh, my God.
How? When? Around Labor Day.
You were still there, right? Yeah, Brad thinks I owe him two weeks rent.
When was the last time you saw Maria? Saturday night, Labor Day weekend.
Yeah, in the kitchen.
Then she kind of disappeared.
I left her a few messages.
I wondered why she never called back.
Maria have a boyfriend? Maybe in Italy? Okay, we're gonna have to ask you to come down to the station with us, to give us a statement and a DNA sample.
Why? Oh, I get it.
- Is that gonna be a problem? - No.
Look, I like Lexi, but the reason I left is because she kept bringing random guys home.
We're trying to stay six feet apart.
She's on a binge.
"My daughter's roommates were bad people.
"They took advantage of her.
" "I have lost the light of my life.
" Maria was last seen alive Saturday night.
Who had access to the apartment that weekend? Brad claims he was out east.
We're checking on that.
Perry and Lexi, both home.
And Lexi swears she was home alone, but both Brad and Perry say that she's been active.
- Forensics? - [CELL PHONE DINGS.]
Everyone's prints are all over Maria's room.
Brad's are on the hockey bag, but it is his bag.
Well, this may be harder to explain.
The DNA from Maria's autopsy.
"Two viable semen samples," "one random man not excluded.
" "The other, Brad.
" You been lying! This is not a game! Yeah, okay, I had sex with Maria.
- When? - That Saturday morning.
Come with us, please.
I know I should've just told you.
I thought it would look bad.
You heard of DNA? - I pulled out.
- Not entirely.
You two were in a relationship? No, I'm engaged.
Maria and I had sex a few times.
That morning she got all clingy.
That-that's why I left.
Wait, what? You think I killed her? - Have a seat.
- Recognize that? Yeah, it's my hockey bag.
Where'd you find it? You tell us.
Not looking good for you, Brad.
W-what? Are you crazy? I was in the Hamptons! Didn't my parents tell you? They did, but they also told us that they were in Maine that weekend.
Was anyone else with you in East Hampton? No, but This is crazy! I didn't kill Maria! Then who did? Maria and Brad? Wow.
He didn't tell me.
I mean, I guess he wouldn't.
We kind of hook up off and on.
You and Brad are involved? More of a sex pro quo kind of thing.
I'm way behind on rent.
Look, it was my idea, not Brad's.
Okay, so, Lexi, was Brad home that Saturday night? You think Brad did this? No, he comes off like a douche, but he's a good guy.
You told me you were home alone, that weekend eating edibles.
I think I was.
You think you were.
The past six months, it's all kind of a blur.
"Blur"? Focus, Lexi! I need you to focus now.
So we know that there was another man in the apartment that night.
Did you bring him home or did Maria? Look, it's been really hard.
No work, no school.
I couldn't even go home to Daytona because my mom was afraid that I would infect her.
I felt like I was dying inside.
What did it matter if I got the virus? So you did bring someone home.
It was a stress relief hookup.
We had sex, I was pretty wasted, I woke up, he was gone.
Maria's door was closed.
Oh, my God, did he kill her? Lexi, who is he? What is his name? Look, I I have no idea.
The eighth floor is getting hourly calls from the Italian Consulate, international media, TMZ.
We're working the case, Carisi.
Foreign exchange student, drugged, assaulted, left for dead in a freezer.
Not a great look for a city trying to recover tourism.
Who's your suspect? Oh, take your pick.
Brad Keegan, it's his apartment.
Neglected to tell us that he had sex with Maria hours before she was killed.
Her body was found in his hockey bag.
He's also trading sex for rent with the other female roommate.
Perry Moncado.
He saw Maria that night.
He says that he was mostly in his room, headphones on, never saw or heard anything.
Lexi York.
She left out the part of her story about bringing a stranger home.
She said she passed out, she woke up, and he was gone.
Are we sure she's not covering for one of the roommates? Well, there was a second semen sample on the rape kit, so Lexi says she has no idea who he is - or how to reach him.
- Great.
All the press on this case, we need to find him before they do.
Are you mad at me like your captain? I should've told you earlier.
Yeah, you should've.
You really don't remember his name? How about what he looked like? He was Black.
Great smile.
Maybe Sean or something like that? I'm sorry.
The last few months, I just I got used to telling people what they wanna hear.
- Leaving things out.
- Like what? Like I didn't always wear my mask, okay? Or stay six feet away.
I went to bars, I danced, I kissed guys, I took them home, or I did them on the stairs.
Everyone was dying, it made me feel Alive.
I get it.
I'm not judging you.
Yeah, you are.
Maybe I am 'cause I have kids, and we've been cooped up for months.
I'm ready for this to be over.
For them to have a life.
You said you picked up Sean at a bar.
Was it one of the outdoor ones on Second? [LAUGHS.]
God no, a real bar.
- I - A quarantine speakeasy.
Everyone inside.
No rules.
- You took off your mask and kissed the first cute boy you saw.
Sounds nice.
Where is it? I know the bartender.
- I don't wanna get him - Lexi, we're past that.
Okay, Lexi, I know you know how to look out for yourself.
Nah, we weren't open in September.
- Take out only.
- Try again.
We're not the COVID police.
What do you want? We know Lexi York was here Labor Day weekend.
She said you served her.
Well, what'd she do now? She meet a guy here that night? And why would that night be different from any other night? She left with him.
Sean, Black, good smile.
Oh, that guy.
Yeah, I remember.
Had to kick him out of the bathroom.
He a player? Never takes the same girl home twice.
Sean, he's a beast.
Yo, this [SIGHS.]
Yo, y'all ain't got no right to be here, all right? Social distance, please.
We have a warrant, Sean.
We can move in here with you.
Let's talk about Lexi.
Lexi? Man, what's she saying? Look, whatever it is, she's lying.
What do you think she's saying? Look, the sex was consensual, all right? And anything I took is 'cause she owed me money.
- All right, ask her for what? - We will.
- You know her? - Man, I don't know! What is that, the girl from the news? Look, I had nothing to do with that.
Hey, Sergeant.
You still don't know her? You wanna try again? Oh, that girl.
Yeah, she gave me that.
That's strike three, Sean.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back, please.
Yes, he says that's her mother's locket.
He has a photo.
You know who did this? Who killed her? We're still investigating, Mr.
Who is he? One of those boys she lives with? I know how difficult this is, and we are so very close to solving this.
Grazie, Olivia.
We talk tomorrow.
We know he's good for this? His DNA on her kit, prints all over the room, prints everywhere, - including the hockey bag.
- What about the freezer, - the backdoor of the restaurant? - We're still processing that.
- Has he asked for a lawyer? - Not in so many words.
I want a confession.
I didn't rape anybody or hurt anybody.
Then why'd you have that girl's passport and jewelry? It was payment, all right? For the edibles, coke.
Lexi said it was cool.
So did Lexi tell you to take them, or you just figured since Maria was dead, she wouldn't miss them? Look, I know you think I might've killed that girl, but all I did was have sex with her, all right? - That's it.
- Tell us about that.
She was into it, man.
I swear.
- Lexi didn't tell you? - Tell us what? We had a three-way.
And that Italian girl, Maria, she was alive when I left.
Wasted, but fine.
Lexi didn't mention any of that.
Lying Lexi.
You know, the whole thing was her idea? What whole thing? Maria was complaining we were too loud, so Lexi tried to loosen her up, starting dancing with her, had me give her drugs, turning her out like a pro.
You know how that goes.
Help us out here.
How do you think that girl got into the freezer? This city? All right, this year? People have lost their minds.
Maybe she and Lexi got into a fight when Maria realized Lexi gave away all her stuff.
Man, I should've known.
When a girl's that much of a freak, they always crazy.
- How much of this did Lexi tell you? - She's a mess, - but I don't think she's good for - Rollins.
- I know what you're thinking.
- How much? Not a word.
Put her in interrogation.
Look, I didn't mention this before, but, Sean robbed us.
There was cash missing; the medicine cabinet was cleaned out.
He told us you gave him that to pay for the drugs.
What? No, he robbed us.
He must've killed Maria! It's the only thing that makes sense! - Don't you believe me? - To be honest, Lexi, I'm just trying to reconcile Sean's story with yours because they are very different.
What's he saying? He saying this whole thing was your idea.
That you made him give Maria drugs.
- They were weed gummies.
- Yeah.
Well, there was more than weed in her system, Lexi.
How did it get there? Sean's edibles must've had opium in them! I don't even remember what happened! Do you remember suggesting a three-way? What? No! - That's what he's saying? - Yes.
He said that you initiated the three-way.
And you know what else he said? He said Maria was fine - when he left.
- This is your last chance to help yourself, Lexi, so if you saw him hurt Maria, if you saw him leave with the body, you need to tell us now! Look, Sean is a drug dealer.
I don't know what he's capable of! Well, you were fine bringing him into your home! I told you, I was making bad choices! Did that include murder? Wow.
Way to blame the victim.
Oh, Lexi I think Maria is the victim.
So they're throwing each other under the bus.
Look, Lexi lied to us, but I don't see her carrying a body down the stairs and putting it in the freezer.
Is there any chance that they did this together? Rough sex gone bad or, worse, rape gone bad? Sean gets rid of the body.
Lexi empties out Maria's room, sends the father texts.
If she is complicit, she's figuring that the Black drug dealer will take the fall.
It's not a bad play on her part.
Sean have a record? Fare-beating, a few summons for smoking a joint on the street, possession.
What about Lexi? Two DUIs, public intoxication, shoplifting.
It's the typical coastal Florida arrest record.
Any violence? Only to herself.
Drinking, drugs.
Was there anybody else in the apartment that night? Brad's alibi checks out.
The GPS puts him in East Hampton by sundown.
- Well, wasn't there another guy? - Perry Moncado, he says he was in his room all night with headphones on.
Didn't hear a thing.
Go back to him, and see if he's lying too.
Wait, I thought you said the DNA cleared me? Yeah, it did.
We just wanna go over anything else you might've heard from that night, even with your headphones on.
Maybe I did hear partying.
What time? - 2:00 A.
- Wow.
I was on a collaboration session with my writing partner in LA.
Did you hear anything else? They were playing Drake.
I had to go to my room and put these on just to write.
- Who's they? - Lexi, obviously.
She brought home some guy.
Wait a minute.
I remember Maria got upset they were making so much noise.
She came out of the room, told them to take it down.
And did they? I think she ended up joining the party.
I yelled at them.
They all went into Lexi's room.
Why didn't you tell us this before? Well, uh I didn't want to sound racist, saying Lexi brought home some Black guy.
Okay, so he puts Lexi, Sean, and Maria partying in Lexi's room.
Another thing Lexi didn't mention.
- Yeah.
- Have CSU go through her room.
Sheets, laundry.
Tear it down to the studs.
From Manhattan to Milan, the public has been riveted by lurid stories of wild sex trysts, all night partying.
Sources at NYPD tell us they believe "Lockdown Lexi" and her lover murdered Maria Ferraro in a drug-fueled sexual torture session.
"Sexy Lexi" and pot-dealer Sean Thomas have been questioned for over 24 hours, but so far no arrests have been made.
Who the hell is leaking all this? "Sexy Lexi," "Lockdown Lexi," this is a circus.
It has to be the old boy network at One-P-P They're on their heels.
They want a high profile win.
I don't know, I almost feel sorry for Lexi.
The lab put a rush on the DNA.
Maria's was found all over Lexi's bed, mattress, and bedframe, and Lexi's touch DNA was found on Maria's bra clasp.
Sean was telling the truth.
I told you, I don't remember what happened.
Okay, 'cause this is Maria's bra.
We found it under your mattress.
Sean must've put it there after he killed her.
Your DNA was on her bra clasp.
I don't know how that's possible.
There were drugs in Maria's system and alcohol, but you told us that she never partied.
Did you give her the drugs, Lexi? Be straight with us.
Okay She came out of her room.
She was mad.
I offered her some wine that Sean had lifted from the bar.
So she drank that? What else? Sean gave her some some gummies.
I think she thought they were candy.
Lexi, look at me.
Look at me.
What happened? [SIGHS.]
She, she started talking about how lonely she was How she was worried about her dad.
He was sick.
She started crying.
I gave her a kiss on the cheek.
And I guess The edibles hit her hard.
One thing led to another.
Sean started kissing her.
She didn't say no.
She was like a Maria I had I had never seen before.
Perry started yelling.
We went into my room.
The bedframe broke.
Which is why you went into Maria's room.
I g I guess so.
I was in and out of body.
I remember The three of us in Maria's bed.
Maria was super high.
I remember asking Sean if we should call 911, and And he said he would take care of her, that I should relax.
How did she get hurt? I don't remember.
She hit her head, Lexi.
How did that happen? [HEAVY BREATHING.]
I don't know.
Did I do it? Please tell me.
Did I do it? I've been so afraid.
Oh, my God.
What did I do? NYPD has made an arrest in the case that has captivated the world: the rape and murder of Italian foreign exchange student Maria Ferraro.
23-year-old Lexi York is accused of luring the victim into a drug-fueled three-way.
Her roommate speaks out.
She was always out of control, you know? We're in the middle of a pandemic.
She's bringing strange men home every night.
She never cared about anyone but herself.
All right, leaks to the press, Brad turning on her after he slept with her.
It's officially a witch hunt.
I just hate the double standard.
- She lied to us, Kat.
- So did all the guys Brad, Sean and yet Lexi is the one getting slut-shamed.
Kat, not now.
We still need to get this to a grand jury.
You've got Lexi and Sean dead to rights.
Intuitively, sure, but legally, it's circumstantial.
They both put themselves in the room with Maria but deny hurting her.
Sean admits to stealing her passport and jewelry, but denies taking a suitcase and clothes.
And they both deny sending those texts to the father from Maria's phone.
Not to mention, who carried out the body? Emptied the room? Who cleaned up the blood? Sean still had her passport, her jewelry a month later.
I'm sorry, but I don't see him strategizing and executing a coverup.
And I don't see Lexi doing that either.
Come on.
She is the definition of reckless.
She is, but girls like this are good at getting other people to clean up their messes.
Lexi slept with Brad in exchange for rent? What else did she get him to do? You guys already arrested Lexi and Sean.
Why are you still talking to me? The ADA wants you to testify.
- I wasn't there.
- To verify the timeline.
You say you came back into the city Tuesday morning? Yeah, that's when we opened Maria's door.
Then why does your mother's E-ZPass have you in the tunnel Monday afternoon? You guys checked that? Well, okay.
So where were you? I was with a friend.
Her cat died.
She was going through a bad time.
We'll need a name.
My fiancée's sister.
You can't tell my fiancée, please.
She's already pissed off that we had to postpone the wedding.
Look What happened to Maria is a tragedy, but that guy, Sean, did it.
- How do you know that? - 'Cause Lexi's not this demon that everyone's making her out to be.
Aren't you one of those people? What I said on TV was really stupid.
Lexi didn't have the easiest childhood, okay? Her father died when she was young, and her life has just been one catastrophe after another.
You know with the pandemic, just everything got worse, so Yeah, I tried to help her.
By sleeping with her? Again, it was her idea.
- She just missed being touched.
- I get it.
So that's why you helped her clean up Maria's room.
I didn't.
I swear, okay? Ask Perry.
The three of us opened Maria's door.
It was already cleaned out.
That's right, we did open Maria's door together, but I can't swear Lexi or Brad hadn't cleaned out the room before.
You know they were involved.
We're aware.
Sunday, Monday, you hear anybody going through Maria's stuff? Coming and going from that apartment? No, but I wasn't home most of the time.
Where were you? Doing outreach.
Labor Day weekend.
So many homeless on the street.
They need food, water, clothes.
Can anyone confirm where you were? Perry, such a sweet soul.
Always says "Yes.
" He'd get leftover food from restaurants.
He even got his friends to donate clothes.
What kind of clothes? [SIGHS.]
Sports stuff, hockey shirts.
Did you ever see this man come in with Perry? No.
What about her? Oh, that's Sexy Lexi, right? His roommate? Perry came in one day with a bunch of women's clothes.
Said one of his roommates had left them behind.
They must've been hers.
And I guess those are all gone? Well, I know I shouldn't have done this, but there was a sweater I kept for myself.
You know where it is? I'm wearing it.
Isn't it beautiful Cashmere.
Italian? We're sure that it was Perry, who brought Maria's clothes to the shelter? The sister told us he wheeled them in.
She's not positive when.
This year, nobody knows what day today is, - let alone month to month.
- [SIGHS.]
Perry wouldn't say it, but it sounds like Lexi conned him into helping.
So go back to her and see if she suddenly remembers that.
We can't, Lexi's lawyer won't let us talk to her.
Who, legal aid? Okay, so - Maybe we can hint at a deal.
- Don't count on it.
Brad's father got her someone from his firm.
Okay, so pick Perry up.
If he'll testify that he helped Lexi clean out Maria's room, that should be enough for Carisi.
You see anything interesting here? Sister Vita kept Maria's sweater? That's not cool.
Those were for the homeless.
So you did bring Maria's stuff in.
When? She give them to you? No.
After she moved out or, after we thought she moved out, I found some of her stuff in a hall closet.
You didn't think to mention this to us earlier? I figured Maria wasn't coming back.
I called her, like, six times.
You can check my phone.
- We already did.
- Did you text her father? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I had no idea Maria was dead.
I thought she left.
It made sense.
Her and I were alike.
Like that.
We both hated how Brad and Lexi were so selfish.
They were going to get someone killed, and they did.
You thought Lexi killed Maria, - why'd you help her out? - I didn't.
- Or did she blame it on Sean? - Maybe you're a nice guy.
You didn't wanna see her implicated.
I didn't help Lexi.
I would never Why don't you make it easy on yourself, Perry? Just tell us what went on Saturday.
I had my headphones Yeah, okay, you had your headphones on.
We're not buying that anymore, Perry.
- You heard something.
- I told you! I heard Maria and Sean in Lexi's room.
What else? Drake, Cardi B, that "WAP" song.
You hear anybody in Maria's room? Someone tried to bleach Maria's blood off of her wall and floor.
That had to make a loud sound when her head smashed into that wall.
You heard that, didn't you? The music was so loud.
I couldn't stand it.
I don't know what's going on, Perry.
Maybe you're trying to cover for Lexi, but I-I do know you cared for Maria.
- I did.
- Yeah.
I did.
Should we tell him? Maria was alive when they put her in that freezer.
What? They sure? She was breathing.
Her fingernails were broken.
She was trying to claw her way out.
She tried for hours.
Sean and Lexi did that.
I didn't know.
No, sure.
If you had've known, you wouldn't have agreed to help Lexi.
I don't care about Lexi! I thought Maria was dead! I swear! There was no pulse! [SIGHS.]
Perry, what happened? I was mad about the noise.
Maria I could hear they were having sex.
After Sean left, I-I went into her room, kind of confront her about violating quarantine.
- And then? - I was upset! She and I, we'd talked about having feelings for each other.
She kept telling me she didn't wanna risk getting corona, and then she does that! What else she say? That it was none of my business! I said if she was going to do that with other guys, what was wrong with me? I asked if I could kiss her.
She-she pulled away.
I kind of leaned in to hug her, and she pushed me away.
I thought she was dead.
I swear, I thought she was dead.
I swear to God! I just pushed her back.
- She was so high, she hit her head, - Go on.
- on the pipe.
- Okay.
So you put her in a hockey bag, carried her downstairs, put her rosary in her hand, and texted her father to make him think that she was still alive? No.
That's not why.
I didn't want him to suffer.
He never got better from COVID.
Maria thought he was gonna die.
I figured it was better he died not knowing about his daughter.
- The hits just keep coming.
- Yeah, they do.
I'll get Lexi released.
What about Sean? He's still at Rikers.
He told us the truth, mostly.
Mostly, that's our gold standard now? He stole her jewelry, her passport.
And we arrested him for rape and murder.
- [SIGHS.]
- Carisi, just drop the charges.
It's not my call, but I doubt anyone on the eighth floor's gonna have the stomach to pursue.
I want you to know that Maria's father is very grateful.
He was afraid nobody would care about finding his daughter with all the deaths, you know? Well, please tell him I wish that we could've found her when she was still alive.
Life is precious.
That's why we are here.
- Stay well.
- You too.
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