Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e05 Episode Script

Turn Me On Take Me Private

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Aw, that's sweet, ShyGabe.
And I like this sweater too.
It's so warm and soft.
Um, no strip without a tip, Daddy13.
Thank you.
I'm glad you like what you see.
Oh, and for my one year cam-iversary, I've put all of the top requests on the wheel.
So wheel spins will start at 200.
So let's see it.
Let's see it.
- Oh, yeah.
Big spenders here.
A lot of tokens.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
600! Any challengers? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
No? All right.
Let's see your prize, TenlnchNail.
Tonight's show is gonna be sexy.
We are going to roleplay.
"Helpless victim begging for mercy.
" Your fav.
"So hot.
" Okay.
See you tonight.
Your wish is my command.
Turn me on at 10:00, baby.
I'm ready.
- Here he is.
- Hi, Papa.
It's Zoey.
It's your daughter.
Qué linda manita Que tengo yo Chiquita y bonita BOTH: Que Dios me dio Yeah.
Well, he's in a really good mood today.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, James.
Oh, I forgot.
Front office wants to see you.
Your father's bill.
I'm still waiting on Medicaid.
Longest six months ever, huh? Nice jeans by the way.
You look good.
Look what Manny made.
"I love you, Zoey.
Thank you for lunches.
" He couldn't even write his name, and now look at these sentences.
Oh, so you're a saint now? According to him.
- Where do these go? - La Salle Street please.
Gotta give the people what they want.
Get ready to tip up, gentlemen.
Just a few hours away.
Just to keep the peace I'm breaking on the inside Ravish me, baby.
Please don't hurt me.
I'll do anything you want.
Anything you say.
Hold me down.
Blame it on me [COMPUTER CHIMING.]
Hold me.
Take me.
Please don't.
Wow, you guys are really enjoying this.
This is what you wanted, Kendra.
- Get off me, get off! - Come on! You know you want it, Kendra.
You're mine.
- Stop! - You're mine, Kendra.
- Please [GRUNTS.]
Stay still.
Get off me! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Kendra had never done a scene with anyone else before, and the way she was crying at the end, I'd never seen her like that.
Why'd you record it? Well, I figured if it was an assault, it'd be good to have evidence.
- Kendra and I are really close.
- Mm.
So you know her real name, her address, her phone number? It's not like that.
She's a cam girl.
I do know she's in New York because during the pandemic one night, she applauded for the medical workers.
You ever try to find out where she lived, Larry? No! I'm not a creep.
Something bad happened to her.
I tried to reach out to her all last night.
She took her room down.
Something's wrong.
So what are we looking at here? Was she assaulted or was she roleplaying? Well, it's unclear.
Larry says that he's her biggest fan.
He swears that she always works alone.
Okay, but she didn't report this.
I checked SVUs in all five Boroughs.
But she could be reluctant to come forward.
She did promise to enact a rape fantasy for 600 tokens.
- Tokens? - It's a tipping system through the website run by SugarFap.
So this website can track her down.
It's anonymous.
Technically, the girls are just independent contractors who get paid through the site.
What like Uber drivers? So they redeem these tokens for money, right? - Should be a paper trail.
- We tried, and the owner of the site says that the girls' anonymity is sacrosanct.
Next time you need a warrant, just call me.
Ah, we miss you.
And he also said that he'll only talk to the guy who went to lawyer school.
Well, well, Counselor Carisi.
Who's your new partner? - Uh, we spoke on the phone.
I'm Captain Benson.
Captain coming all the way out to Queens.
I would have put out a spread.
Well, from porn streaming to camming, you're quite the entrepreneur.
Those that can't adapt are doomed.
First, the internet wiped out all the real filmmakers.
And now, an amateur can't compete with a real live girl alone in her room doing what she's told to do.
Besides, it's consensual, social distanced.
Not what we saw.
Well, since COVID, the camera room got flooded by sex workers and strippers who couldn't make a living.
It got competitive.
These girls push the envelope to get better tips, but nobody's forced to do anything.
How can you be sure? Well, the models control the room.
If a customer gets out of line, that IP address is forever blocked in the room.
Well, even so, whoever did this broke in through her window.
A ravishment fantasy.
He was probably in on the act.
Or the acts.
Well, we're gonna need to hear that from KendraDream.
As I told you, these girls expect that I protect their privacy.
Well, we're trying to protect her.
This is a subpoena for the real name and contact information of KendraDream.
And her regular viewers in the tri-state area.
Hold on.
You really think one of our subscribers did that? Well, how else would somebody know when her act was gonna go live? Oh, dear.
If that's true, this is indeed a dark day here at SugarFap.
That's Zoey Carrera.
We just need to talk to her.
- Zoey.
- Yes, Peter? - You have guests.
- Thanks.
Zoey, I'm Captain Benson.
This is Officer Tamin.
Uh, what's this about? Do you go by Kendra as well? Uh [WHISPERS.]
How did you two find me? I go by KendraDream online, yes.
But I don't understand.
- Camming is legal.
- It is.
It is.
But one of your fans thinks that you were assaulted last night.
This is you, isn't it? Someone recorded that? They're not supposed to no one can see that.
Zoey, we're here to help you.
And if you didn't want that to happen No, I didn't.
I was raped.
But I'm a cam girl.
I thought if I went to the police that they would laugh at me.
We're not laughing, Zoey.
This past year, I've kind of been living a double life.
I worked retail pre-pandemic.
But my father's in a nursing home, - I have school tuition - Zoey, we completely understand.
So, Zoey, why don Why don't you tell us what happened last night? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I was acting out a ravishment fantasy, pretending a stranger had broken in.
That's when I saw the comments saying that someone was coming in the window.
So they thought that it was part of the act? It wasn't.
Before I could react, he was behind me.
Choking me.
I tried to get away.
I screamed, "No!" And he pulled my nightgown up and tried to rape me.
He couldn't though.
He used his fingers.
We saw that he was wearing a ski mask.
Did you hear his voice? He said, "You know you want it.
" Low, like he was disguising it.
Zoey, do any of your fans know where you live? Absolutely not.
I use wish lists for deliveries, never reveal my location.
I'm very safe.
And I'm sure that you are.
But whoever did this, called you Kendra and knew that you had a scheduled ravishment scenario, right? My fans are my friends.
Like, they're nice.
And I would never go private with someone that I didn't trust.
- The private sessions are you closer with these men? - Yeah, it can get very intimate.
- Okay.
So why don't we go through the list and see if we're missing anything.
So your top customer, MamasBoy? He watches with his wife.
They're trying to get pregnant.
TreySlays is a trader.
He's been extremely stressed with work.
He was caught masturbating during a work Zoom session.
He's so busy.
He can't even leave his apartment.
They've all been messaging me asking if I'm okay.
So that's why you shut the room down? [TENSE MUSIC.]
We were so worried about you last night.
Amy lit a candle.
So you two watched together? I turned it off.
You wanted to talk about last night? I mean, it was hot.
But it was so real.
I was scared for you.
I'm fine.
You sure this is okay with you? Um, I'm so glad that you wanted to see me tonight.
Why wouldn't I, my little ShyGabe? [LAUGHS.]
Um I-I thought maybe you'd be mad at me.
Why did you think that? Well, after last night.
What about last night? Well, you were crying.
But that was part of the show, right? We're still good? I mean, I gave you what you asked for? Uh, yeah.
So that was you? Oh, I thought you could tell.
Just making sure.
Uh, you had the mask? Your voice was different.
Yeah, no.
It was me.
It was me.
It was for the show.
It was hot, right? Yeah.
You want me to put on a nightgown? Like last night? Oh, yeah.
That would be great.
Please talk to me like you did last night.
And you know you want it, Kendra.
I do.
Just like that.
Get your hands up! Gabe Miller, you are under arrest for the attempted rape of Zoey Carrera.
Rape? It wasn't rape.
She wanted it.
Yeah, that's a new one.
Get him out of here.
- She - How could he not know? It doesn't matter.
Hey, Liv.
You're gonna wanna see this.
We got him.
We got him.
Those photos, Kendra posed for all of them.
She wanted me to have them.
- Yeah, right.
- Sure.
We're trying to figure out why she thinks you attacked her.
I didn't.
That's not what happened.
- It was roleplay.
- Roleplay.
Like we've been doing.
Lately, me and Kendra have been getting very intense.
Okay, so you two have roleplayed in person before? No, but it was time.
- It was time? - We were both ready.
When she said that she wanted to be ravished, she looked right at me, and I know her, her voice.
She wanted it.
- So it was the first time.
- Yes.
That's why you couldn't get it up? Wait.
Did Kendra tell you that? She was just answering our questions.
So she gave you her address? Well, not in so many words.
Then how'd you know where she lived? - You stalking her? - Is that what she's saying? She's saying you tried to rape her.
- That's what she's saying.
- Oh, man.
I have to talk to her.
You wanna take her private? That's not gonna happen.
Sergeant, take it easy.
There's clearly some kind of misunderstanding here.
So why don't you walk us through how we got here, and we can clear this all up? Uh I don't think so.
You do know that I'm a certified paralegal? So at this juncture, I'm going to formally request representation.
I don't care how deluded he is.
That's not a defense.
- I almost feel sorry for this guy.
- I don't.
Yeah, well, his side of it, he's telling the truth.
About what? - That he didn't rape her? - Nobody said that.
No? So what are you saying, Carisi? What I'm saying is they were in some kind of relationship.
That's how camming works, right? That's why the guys keep coming back to the same girl? That's how it all works.
Strippers, escorts men start believing 'em.
I mean, guys are fools or worse.
And she got on camera and told her fans that she wanted somebody to sneak in, hold her down, and assault her.
Now we know she didn't mean that literally, that she didn't consent to it.
But it could get complicated for a jury.
Well, lucky that they have you to explain the difference between fantasy and reality, Counselor.
And the reality is that he's a stalker.
Yeah, and she cams, mostly undressed - for hundreds of fans for hours - Carisi, - how quickly we switch.
- I'm just showing you how the defense is going to play this.
So make sure Zoey is prepared for that.
Gabe was one of my early subscribers.
He was shy at first.
But we ended up camming every night when he was working from home.
He says you're in a relationship.
Well, I mean, kind of, but it's not real.
I mean, we talk all the time, but it's all virtual.
So you never told him where you live, right? No.
Well, somehow he found you.
Maybe you slipped during a session? I don't see how.
Zoey, he was stalking you.
He has pictures of you here.
With my dad? Just you out front on the phone.
I do cam from my cell sometimes, but I'm always extremely careful not to have any details in the frame.
What? About six months ago, I was in a private with Gabe, and I was really upset.
My dad was sundowning, and he didn't remember my name.
And you told Gabe that? I said that I probably have to put my father in a memory care ward.
Gabe said his law firm did a lot of elder care cases.
And he recommended this place.
Oh, my God.
I did this.
I let a crazy man into my life, into my father's life.
I have to go.
He's guilty.
Why do I even have to take this to trial? I can't testify in public.
I get it.
No vic wants to testify, but what are her issues? Well, her father is in a nursing home.
She's in grad school for social work, and She volunteers at a Catholic food bank.
She doesn't want the real people in her life finding out she cams.
Look she's afraid of Gabe for herself, for her father.
Well, there's a restraining order in place, and we could put a squad car around the block? Her story seems solid? Yes.
This was an unwanted assault.
Any consent was in Gabe's mind.
But if she won't take the stand, I can't take this to trial.
So play hardball on a deal.
I don't know why Zoey's saying these things.
- We are in love.
- Gabe, please.
Attempted rape? It was consensual, and there was no penetration.
Why does everyone keep saying that? Maybe I can go down.
Aggravated sexual abuse in the first degree.
A felony.
No chance.
We might consider forcible touching.
A class A misdemeanor? No chance.
This girl cammed that she wanted to be overpowered, told her fans when it was going to happen, charged them to watch.
That's a lot for a jury to absorb.
Well, Zoey's a very sympathetic witness.
And these days, victim blaming? Good luck.
No, no.
We have no intention of doing that.
Lowest I can go.
Aggravated sexual abuse in the third.
He'll be back to his cam sessions in a year.
I didn't abuse her.
Gabe, please.
It's a fair offer.
Give me a few minutes with my client.
Are you kidding me? Aggravated sexual abuse in the third degree.
How do you plead? - Guilty.
- People on bail? Hold up.
I'm not - I'm not guilty of abuse.
- Gabe.
Well, which is it, Counselor? The only thing I'm guilty of is loving Zoey Carrera.
- We had a deal in place.
- Maybe you two do.
- This is the first I'm hearing of this.
- And the last.
I'm firing you, and I'm representing myself.
I'm a trained paralegal, Your Honor.
Even so, I would advise against it, Mr.
However, that is your right.
And I am ordering Ms.
Myerson to stay on as co-counsel.
- People on bail.
- Remand.
The defendant has been stalking his victim.
I'll stay away.
Last thing I wanna do is upset her.
Miller, I'll release you R.
But if you violate your restraining order, - I will remand you.
- As you should, sir.
This matter is adjourned.
Case is set over for trial.
He's gonna be his own lawyer? Can he even do that? I'm sorry, Zoey.
I gave him a better deal than he deserves.
His lawyer knew it.
I don't know what this guy wants.
I do.
He wants her.
Carisi, you're really just gonna let this happen? Good morning to you too, Kat.
- How are you doing? - Not great.
It's bad enough Gabe is allowed to represent himself in court, but now he gets to go to her apartment? Well, it is the crime scene, and as of last January, the defense and the defendant are allowed to examine it.
Just so you know, Zoey is completely freaked out.
- I understand that.
I don't blame her.
She's insisting on being there.
That's not a good idea but that's really up to her.
Well, is anything up to us? I mean, is there anything that you can do? Do you mean I am able to change a state law in the next hour? - No.
- It's not fair.
Aren't you supposed to protect the victim? Actually, my job is to uphold the law.
Is there a reason that you don't like me? I just can't believe that you were ever a cop.
- Well, I'm due at Zoey's.
- Well, I'm coming with you.
This day just keeps getting better.
Mask up.
We're taking the subway.
I came in through this window.
I'd like to point out that she left it open.
Then I walked past this table with the toys.
Explain to me how is he allowed in my apartment.
New discovery laws.
The defendant can examine the crime scene.
You don't have to be here, Zoey.
- We'll stay.
- I'm not leaving.
You kept this.
Do you remember when I bought this for you for our private session on your birthday? Beyond the scope.
Counselor, control your client.
Sorry, Zoey.
I overstepped, sorry.
Gabe, I think we have everything we need.
I reserve the right to come back.
Bye, Zoey.
See you in court.
Gabe, let's go.
"Discovery"? That's bull.
He's getting off on this.
He can't wait to cross-examine me, make me say whatever he wants.
I can't do this.
Zoey, his defense is that it was consensual.
If you don't testify, then he gets away with rape.
Yeah, the judge will make sure that he doesn't get out of line.
If he tries anything, he'll be held in immediate contempt.
I hate this new law.
I hate it.
How is Zoey holding up? She's furious at Gabe.
She's worried that the jury's gonna judge her for being a cam girl.
She's right, and they will.
The whole point of camming is that the woman controls the narrative.
No physical contact, no STDs, no violence.
It's supposed to be empowering.
But it doesn't make it safe.
When you say that, it sounds like you're victim blaming.
Kat, it's not victim blaming.
Listen, from what Captain and I have seen, sex work is far more dangerous than people wanna believe.
Carisi says the jury has been selected, and Gabe chose mostly older women.
Who are gonna judge her for being a cam girl.
I could just tell this guy in a mask wasn't part of her cam show, she was Screaming, crying.
This was a rape.
Did you call the cops? I videoed it on my phone.
And the next day, I brought it in to Manhattan SVU.
Thank you.
Larry, right? But your username on the cam site is? - TenlnchNail.
- Right.
So we already know that you exaggerate.
Is there a question here? Mr.
Larry, was that night the first time that you watched Kendra Oh, sorry Zoey, - give a webcam performance? - No.
How about the first time that day? I'd seen her several times that day.
What were those earlier sessions about? She was telling her fans that she wanted them to watch her that night and tip up.
Watch her do what? Enact a fantasy of a masked stranger breaking in and forcing himself on her.
- Yeah, didn't wanna miss that, did you? - Your Honor.
Did you watch the whole show? It was an assault.
What were you doing while you were watching the alleged assault? Um - Were you masturbating? - Objection.
I'll allow.
- Maybe? [LAUGHS.]
- Until I realized, it wasn't what she wanted.
Did you come first and then realize that - Your Honor! - Withdrawn.
Nothing further.
Would I say that Gabe Miller is a frequent customer? - Yes, I would.
- And by that, do you mean that he follows a lot of different cam performers? No.
Just one.
- And who is that? - Zoey Carrera.
We refer to him as a monogamous user.
- You mean obsessive? - Objection.
- Leading.
- Sustained.
How would you characterize his usage as compared to others? If there's a bell curve, he's on the high usage far end of it.
- And how do you know that? - Cookies.
We track usage.
When a viewer tips or takes a girl private, we monetize that via his credit card.
Is there anything else that would distinguish Mr.
Miller from the other customers? Actually, yes.
He contacted our site for Zoey's address.
Wanted to send her chocolates and flowers.
So we forwarded him her Amazon Wish List.
These interactions are virtual.
There's no physical contact.
Our viewers know this.
Thank you.
So, Mr.
Cougat, you characterized Gabe Miller as monogamous.
- Yes.
- How about loyal? I guess you could say that.
And generous, sending flowers, chocolate? Things Ms.
Carrera told him she enjoys.
I suppose so.
You suppose? [TENSE MUSIC.]
But you don't know her.
I mean, have you ever met her, watched her cam? I can't say that I have.
So if she were in a special relationship with someone, you would have no way of knowing that.
She's just an independent contractor for you.
I suppose so, but this shouldn't have happened to her.
Really? How many girls are reenacting rape fantasies on your site right now, and how much money are you making off of them? - Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Nothing further.
What did Zoey say happened? Gabe just showed up and talked his way in.
He told the staff he's a visitor.
He's with my father.
Do something.
We have a restraining order.
He shouldn't be here.
Officer, Captain, is something wrong? Get away from my father.
Zoey, your boyfriend's such a nice man.
He brought me ice cream.
He's not my boyfriend.
Okay, Gabe.
Let's go.
Go where? You're in violation of your restraining order.
Am I? Ask around.
She's the one that followed me.
I don't understand.
We were having a nice time.
Papa, please.
I'm taking you back to your room.
Gabe Miller, turn around.
- What? - You're under arrest.
Zoey, I didn't mean to hurt you, okay? I forgive you.
Hey, hey.
You know what I bet? I bet that someday, we're gonna look back on all of this, - and we're gonna laugh.
- Yeah, maybe not.
Zoey's a wreck; I don't think she slept at all last night.
Neither did Gabe.
Court officer said he had a rough 24 hours in the tomb.
Oh, yeah? Good.
This is all an act.
Claiming him and Zoey are in love, pretending he doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not.
He's not faking, Carisi.
You stay on those screens long enough, you'll convince yourself that that's reality, and this this right here is a simulation.
Oh, come on.
I don't buy it.
The longer you've been a DA, the less you remember being a cop.
You gotta get out of your head and into his.
I consider myself to be an introvert, a private person.
And how difficult is it for you to be here today, Zoey? Very.
I'm only here because what he did was wrong.
It's not part of camming.
Can you tell us about camming? I know most people think it's just girls taking their clothes off for money, and that is part of it, but it's not the only part.
What else is camming about? It's a community.
Most of my fans just like hanging out and talking.
We've all been so isolated lately.
Sometimes, I feel like a therapist.
But some of the requests are sexual? - Objection.
- On what grounds, Mr.
Miller? He shouldn't ask her that.
Witness may answer the question.
Yes, I do respond to sexual requests, but only the ones that I want to.
And to be clear, even if somebody requested it, you would never cam with somebody else in the room? No.
And not until your assault, had you ever had any non-cam contact with any fan? That's the most important boundary.
I was acting out a fantasy.
It was roleplay.
I didn't actually wanna be assaulted.
I was crying.
I was saying, "No.
" He had to have known I didn't want that.
Thank you, Ms.
Carrera, or Zoey which would you prefer? I prefer not to talk to you at all.
But we used to talk a lot.
Every day.
It's okay.
You need to answer.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry for what I have to ask next about sexual fantasies, but Mr.
Carisi, he opened the door.
Just ask your question, Mr.
I'd like to ask you about the sexual role-play that we've consensually engaged in.
That's happened between us, right? Okay.
Did I ever ask you to Smile at me? Yes.
What about play with your hair, unbutton your blouse? Yes.
Touch yourself? Your breasts? Did you do all of those requests? Objection.
She's answered the question.
I'll allow, but move on, Mr.
Did you tell me that you were turned on? That you loved it? Yes, but I was pretending.
Did you tell me that you wanted me, that you loved me? Um [CLEARS THROAT.]
- I don't remember.
- Okay.
Let me refresh your memory.
You know I want you so bad.
I love you.
- Is that you? - Yes.
How about this? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I want you to take me.
Be rough.
And this? [MOANING.]
You're not supposed to record that.
But that was you having an orgasm? Faking it.
Looked real to me.
Have you ever done that with any other relationships? It's part of camming.
It's not real.
I want you to break in In a mask And take me.
Make me come.
What about when you said on camera, that you wanted to be overpowered? I was roleplaying.
It's pretending.
When you were bent over the chair asking for it, didn't I do exactly what you wanted? I said no.
Wasn't that part of the roleplay? You pretend to be excited when you're not, but I'm supposed to believe it.
Then you say you wanna be ravished against your will, but I'm not supposed to believe that.
I didn't wanna be raped.
So when you told everyone you did wanna be raped, - that was a lie? - No - Yes.
- Are you lying now? - Objection.
- Sustained.
So you lie, you fake orgasms, and you tell people you love them because you're good at it.
So how am I or anyone in this jury supposed to know when you're telling the truth? Stop.
Please leave me alone.
- Your Honor, we need a recess.
- Mr.
I'm sorry, Zoey.
I didn't mean to do that.
- I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Get away from her! - Step back now! - Your Honor.
This was a mistake.
I can't do this.
I can't be here.
- [SIGHS.]
Zoey's calmed down.
A little.
She was having a full-on panic attack.
Yeah, I got that.
Thanks for talking to her.
I figured she didn't wanna talk to me.
- How are you doing? - Well, you don't have to beat me up any more than I'm already beating myself up.
Carisi, I don't blame you.
Neither does Zoey, okay? She blames Gabe.
What I'm telling myself is moves like the one Gabe just pulled usually don't score points with the jury.
- But - Yeah.
Zoey thinks they were looking at her like a crazy slut who tricked him.
Are we in trouble? We knew this was a risk.
She's a good person who's just trying to pay her bills.
- He's the crazy one.
- Yeah, I know that.
And my job is to make sure the jury sees that.
How are you gonna do that? I don't know.
Can I help? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
I'll go be with Zoey.
That's a good idea.
Sorry to bring you back, Mr.
I just had a few more questions I had to ask you.
How would you characterize your relationship with Kendra? Uh, well, part of it is sexual, sure, but.
It's also maybe more emotional? - How so? - Kendra understands me.
I've told her a lot of personal things.
My dreams.
And does she share with you? Not as much as I do, but I know she really cares about me.
Would you say that she loves you? Objection.
Putting words in his mouth.
I'll rephrase.
Can you describe your emotional relationship with Kendra? I'd say we love each other.
Has she said that? More like she uses heart emojis.
Isn't that part of the roleplay though? Maybe, but I'll tell you what.
It's as good as any other relationship I've had.
So it's real to you? Have you ever tried to contact her in person? What? No.
Absolutely not.
You can't do that.
I mean, you just can't.
Your witness, Mr.
I'm not talking to him.
My wife and I have been camming with Kendra si um, Zoey Since last August.
It's kind of like a safe three-way.
And how would you describe the relationship with Kendra? Close.
She says she loves us at the end of a session.
I mean, we're paying her, but I think that part's real.
Thank you.
Did Zoey really say that she loves you? Yes, yes.
She did.
I don't believe you.
Can you prove it? We don't tape the sessions.
So you could just be making that up? - Why would I do that? - Because maybe you're jealous.
- Your Honor.
- Nothing further.
I'm a trader, 16 hours a day.
I don't have time to date.
The markets close, I pop a beer, and I party with Kendra.
She's like my best friend with benefits.
Have you ever tried to contact her in person? - Not in a million years.
- Your best friend? What are you gonna say that she loves you too now? Mr.
Miller, you'll have your turn to question the witness.
Can I answer? If I pay her to say she loves me, she'll say it.
It's the deal, man.
Carisi, are you done questioning this witness? People rest, Your Honor.
- Mr.
- No questions, Your Honor.
But at this time, I recall Zoey Carrera.
- Objection.
- Approach.
Miller has already had his chance to cross.
This is just harassment.
- I have a new line of questioning.
He's within his rights, Your Honor.
I'll need to see a proffer, exactly what you plan on asking this witness.
And if I do agree, you will have very narrow parameters, Mr.
Violate them, I will hold you in contempt.
What the hell, Carisi? I told Zoey she wouldn't have to testify again.
Yeah, well, you shouldn't have done that.
What do I tell her now? You tell her that this is the opposite of a camming session.
Whatever he wants, she doesn't give it to him.
I'm sorry, Ms.
I know that you don't wanna come back up here.
You subpoenaed me.
I'm sorry about that too, but - it's the law.
- Is there a question here? You've been warned, Mr.
Copy that, Your Honor.
Carrera, did you tell Larry Hughes that you loved him? I did.
Defense exhibit ten.
Would you please read that out loud for the court? "I heart you, TenlnchNail.
" And by "heart," you mean "love"? - Your Honor.
- Move on, Mr.
In the interest of moving on, let's skip to defense exhibit 22.
Would you please read that out loud to the court, Ms.
Carrera? I'm not reading that.
Let me help you out.
It says, "Out of all my cam friends," "you're the only one I really love, Gabe.
" Doesn't it? Yes.
Again, I would just ask you to read that out loud.
I don't want to.
You have to.
I can ask you any question that I want.
- Isn't that right, Your Honor? - No.
I'm not going to do that.
Judge, tell her.
She's my witness.
- Mr.
- Just say it.
Say, "I love you.
I love you the most, Gabe.
" - No! - Judge, tell her to answer my question - or hold her in contempt.
- Mr.
Miller! You have to, Kendra.
You have to.
When I ask you to do something, you do it.
- [GASPS.]
- That's how it always works.
Why aren't you doing the things I'm asking you? - Bailiffs! - Seriously? - Your Honor! - I'm right here.
Why aren't you doing what I ask, Kendra? Take him out of here.
- What happened? Why, Kendra? - I'm not Kendra! Tell them you love me please.
- Order, order! - There is no Kendra! I'm Zoey, and you raped me! That's the last thing that I wanted.
No, don't don't say that, Kendra, don't say that.
I love you.
I love you, Kendra.
Please! Kendra, I love you! Please! Kendra, I love you.
Please tell them you love me.
Kendra, please! Tell them you love me! Kendra.
Kendra! Please! Please! Get your hands off me! Let me go back in there! Please! Kendra, please! I love you! Tell them, Kendra! Kendra, please! [UNEASY MUSIC.]
Gabe changed his plea.
His lawyer intervened.
Attempted rape.
He'll do seven years.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- Does Zoey know? - I called her, left a message.
Her voicemail said she was going off the grid.
Well, first Gabe, and then this trial.
Her whole life has been derailed.
She can't even make a living anymore.
You didn't protect her.
- Kat - I got a conviction.
- It's been a long week.
- None of us protected her.
I hear you.
Why don't you punch out, okay? Take a few days off.
Please don't patronize me.
This never should have happened to her.
You're right.
It never should've.
Kat, let me walk you out.
She's upset with us now? - What does she expect? - She just wants Zoey to be able to do whatever she wants to do.

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