Law & Order Special Victims Unit s22e09 Episode Script

Return of the Prodigal Son

1 In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
- Fin, I'm sorry.
- Where are you? Something's come up.
You're the guest of honor.
Everybody's waiting on you.
- What's going on? - I'm not quite sure yet.
I got a 10-13, a vic near Center Street, so I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? Thank you.
Captain Benson.
What happened here? Car bomb.
We're taking the vic to Mercy.
Doesn't look good.
Kathy? Kathy? We gotta go.
Oh, my God.
They tried to kill her.
They tried to kill Kathy.
Kathy, Kathy.
What's happening? - Her BP's crashing.
- Liv.
You okay? I followed Elliot here.
I barely talked to him.
Kathy just went into surgery.
How did this happen? - Why? - Rollins is at the scene.
A uni told her it was a rental car parked on the street.
Kathy went to get in, and the bomb went off.
Arson thinks it misfired and threw her clear.
A rental car where are they in from? They've been living in Italy.
Elliot had to come in for some type of a task force meeting, and he and Kathy decided to make it a trip.
He just called me out of nowhere and told me he was coming.
I may have spoken about your award.
I thought enough time had gone down between you two.
Okay, a task force, what who's he working for? NYPD.
He's the international liaison in Rome.
- Since when? - Look, this is all I know.
You're gonna have to ask him.
- Fin.
- Hey.
I'm here for whatever you need, man.
- Appreciate it.
- Okay, how's Kathy? They're still working on her burns, concussion, fractured pelvis.
What do we know? Local precincts are canvassing, and our explosion guys are tearing that car apart.
Captain, if you don't mind, can I get back to the scene? Go, go, go, go.
Shouldn't have even been driving.
I got a call.
I slipped away.
I gave her the keys.
She was worried we were gonna be late for your award.
- I meant to give you a call - It's okay.
- That we were coming.
- Elliot, please, no.
Tell me she's gonna be okay.
Kathy's a fighter.
You know that.
- Dad.
- Hey.
- What the hell happened? - Um, we're not sure right now.
Um, she's alive, and she's in surgery, and that's what we know, so let's go upstairs.
Come on.
- Olivia, you're here.
- Of course.
I'm just here to help.
Whatever you need.
Come on.
- Anything yet? - Nothing.
Car was parked under the bridge.
- No witnesses.
- Traffic cams? Still going through footage.
Also, this may be unrelated, but there was a curfew protest just south on Center Street.
Bunch of guys in pickup trucks and flags met by counter-protestors.
Someone started targeting police officers, and they lit two police vans on fire on Madison Street.
That's two blocks from where the car blew up.
- Any arrests? - Dozen or so.
- Talk to all of them.
- Okay.
- Captain.
- [SIGHS.]
I heard what happened.
How's the victim? Seriously injured but hanging on.
So you know, the victim is the wife of my former partner Detective Elliot Stabler.
So I was told.
I thought he left the force.
He did, but apparently he's NYPD's man in Rome now.
Any idea why he's in town? Department meetings, I don't know.
Local precinct on the scene? They are, and they're doing everything they can, but you know there was a riot tonight.
I'm aware.
Cops were targeted.
Were the Stablers driving an NYPD vehicle? It was a rental, and I'm close with the family.
I was hoping that we could take the lead on this.
- Family he's got kids? - Five.
I've known them all since they were in diapers.
- I'll put a call into One PP.
- Thank you.
To be clear, you're running the investigation, not him.
- Hey, how's Kathy? - Touch and go.
Arson said she's lucky to be alive.
The blast went up and back, throwing her out before the fireball.
- Any witnesses? - No, it's a quiet block.
All the action was on Center Street, but there was an NYPD placard in the windshield, so local detectives are asking if any of the protestors - [PHONE RINGS.]
- knew about the award ceremony.
Sergeant Tutuola.
Intelligence picked up a guy who threw a Molotov cocktail into an empty NYPD van three blocks south from here.
They're bringing him in.
The government's using the pandemic as an excuse to deprive us of our liberty.
If my brothers and I don't fight back now, - we'll lose all our rights.
- Fight back? By bombing police cars? You do this? - That's Antifa.
- That's you.
Proves my point.
Big Brother's everywhere.
Cell phone monitoring, facial recognition.
- So it is you? - This isn't real.
Someone photoshopped me into this.
I'm being set up.
Jacob Peters, unemployed, five arrests in the past year all for protests including D.
January 6 for arson, vandalism, brandishing a gun, and punching reporters.
Well, he wasn't wrong about Big Brother.
I was able to pull his Google search history, and he has been going down a rabbit hole of YouTube conspiracy videos for 10 to 12 hours a day - for the last five years.
- Yeah.
He believes that COVID is a hoax, the election was rigged.
I mean, he shows up at these rallies in paramilitia garb and just tears it up.
And he thinks he's a patriot.
He hasn't asked for a lawyer? - Not yet.
- Good.
Better anything put him near Kathy Stabler's blast? No, but he was ID'd by multiple UCs tonight as an instigator, and they found explosives, zip ties, and a Taser in his backpack.
Uni at the hospital says you picked up a suspect.
- Elliot.
- This him? Uh, we just started talking to him.
- [CLICK.]
- Doesn't matter what I say.
You're just gonna railroad me.
No, that's not that's not what we're doing.
Look, I know what you're talking about when you say we're losing our rights.
I know.
So you understand.
If we don't bring things to a head fast, - you'll lose your guns too.
- [CLICK.]
What's his deal? He's targeting cops to protect cops? Yeah, there's a lot of this lately.
These guys have been enabled for the last four years, so they're not backing down now.
Hi, I'm Elliot Stabler.
Who are you? - I'm Officer Katriona Tamin.
- ADA Dominick Carisi.
So the ADA is here.
You like him for this? Well, we know he's good for two other firebombs - on cop cars tonight.
- He has a record.
He's been escalating.
How would he make me or Kathy out as cops? You had a you had a placard in your windshield.
- [CLICK.]
- Maybe you saw something.
This car.
The woman may not survive.
That blast, yeah, I heard it.
- I was half a block away.
- So you were nearby? [CLICK.]
Let me talk to him.
- I can't.
He just put himself a half block away, close enough to see her get in the car.
And set off the bomb remotely? - Yes, it's possible.
- It's an opening.
Let's work it.
Detective, all due respect, but you shouldn't even be - in the squad room right now.
- Said the lawyer to the cop.
Look, guys like this, whatever their stripes, basically, they're terrorists.
I've worked plenty of these cases over the last few years.
I need to talk to him.
You need to be at the hospital.
Liv, I give you my word I'll behave.
Fin, Rollins, give me and Detective Stabler the room please? - No problem, Captain.
- Of course.
I'm Captain Benson.
This is Detective Stabler.
Terrorism Task Force.
You think I'm a terrorist now? Didn't say that.
- Tell me about yourself.
- Just fighting for our freedom like I told those two detectives.
Well, I heard you tell those two detectives that you were half a block away when this car went up.
Yeah, about that, yeah, I don't know.
- I guess.
- No.
No "about", "I don't know", "I guess".
Yes or no, Jacob? Can you tell us what you saw? Anyone running from the scene? When the police arrested me, I heard them saying the woman in the car was a cop's wife.
That's right.
I could hear her moaning.
Oh, you know the vic? She wasn't your wife, was she? Is.
She is my wife.
That's gotta be tough.
Uh, so what are you doing here? [CHUCKLES.]
Shouldn't you be with her? Hey, Jacob, we got two options here.
Either you saw who did this or you did it.
Detective, do you need a break? I don't think it'll help.
He's a black and white thinker.
Instead of asking who, you should be asking yourself why.
You think this is a game? No, I don't.
This is as real as it gets.
Well, you're goddamn right about that.
Did you do this, yes or no? Detective.
Look at you all bowed up.
What? You gonna take me out? There'll be a hundred more just like me tomorrow.
- Yes or no? - Okay, we are done! Sorry for your loss, but there's a war going on, and your wife bleeding out on the sidewalk, she's just another casualty.
Detective Stabler, get out now.
Get out.
I should have never let you in that room.
- I knew what I was doing.
- Yeah? So did he.
He was baiting you, Elliot.
Look, you're raw.
I get it.
Your wife is in a hospital bed, but you have been long gone, - and we don't do - Don't tell me that we don't do it that way anymore please.
I've been living in Europe, not under a rock.
Okay, hey, even if he is good for it, - a victim's spouse in interrogation? - Yep, yep, yep.
Whatever confession we elicit Gets thrown out, I know! Do you also know that the cameras are always on - in interrogation? - Brave new world, I got it.
So what do we do now? You write me up a rip there, Captain? - You know what, Elliot - Dad.
- Dad, do you answer your phone? - What is it? - What's the matter? - She's awake, Dad.
Mom's awake.
Let's go.
How'd that go? Well, the good news is that Kathy Stabler - is conscious.
- Can she make a statement? Stabler's on the way to the hospital.
If she can tell us anything, another detective needs to be in that room.
Carisi, he's not gonna blow the case.
End of the day, he's a good cop.
Look, I know you guys have history, but he can't be anywhere near this, and Jacob here, now he's claiming that he was just following some Antifa thug who threw a Molotov cocktail into Kathy's car.
- It wasn't a Molotov cocktail.
- And he doesn't know that.
If I had to guess, he's good for the first two, but not Kathy Stabler.
- He's saying all three were Antifa.
We know he's good for two of 'em.
Right, Molotov cocktails.
Look, he's not going anywhere, Elliot, okay? We're searching his apartment, his truck.
The size of that blast.
Where's Arson with all this? Well, they're working on it, but they have three different explosions to look into.
Is Kathy lucid enough to tell us what she remembers? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I'm sorry I ruined your big award ceremony.
Oh, did me a favor.
I hate making speeches.
Kathy can we go back to last night? I don't even remember starting the car.
Did you see anything or hear anything? It could could be the smallest detail.
Elliot was on the phone.
It was dark.
I didn't see anything.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
You're fine.
It's fine.
It's like the old days.
The two of you together.
Always so in sync.
You really didn't talk for ten years? I didn't even know that he was back on the job.
That's what Elliot told me.
I didn't believe him.
It's true, Kathy.
Kathy, hey, Kathy? - [MURMURS.]
- I'm okay.
- I'm just so tired.
- Okay.
Why don't we let you get some sleep then? - She's asleep.
- Okay.
- You want some water? - No, I'm good.
Back at the station, I put you in a bad situation.
I know it's not the way it was back in the day when I had free run of the place.
Know it's your house now.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Liv, I'm sorry.
Elliot, we don't have to do this.
I guess you wanna do this now.
You're sorry for leaving? Or are you sorry for walking For not giving me the courtesy of telling me? Both.
I think I thought if I talked to you about how You walked away.
'Cause that's what you did, Elliot.
I had to find out from Cragen.
- Olivia.
- Elliot.
You were the most single most important person - in my life - Olivia.
And you just disappeared.
I know.
I was afraid If I heard your voice, I wouldn't have been able to leave.
I gotta go.
That's my chief.
He needs me back at the station.
Where's the exit? Your former partner always this aggressive? He shouldn't have even been in the precinct.
- This is on me.
- It is.
My sense from his affect and his record, this is a cop who's used to taking things over the line - and getting away with it.
- You went through his record? Multiple firearm discharges, six fatal shootings, and I'm still going through the IAB logs.
Disposition on multiple charges, oh, and referred for counseling.
We were both referred.
Why did he resign from the force? - There's no official reason.
- [SIGHS.]
His last shooting was a 16-year-old girl who brought a gun into the stationhouse, and, you know, my guess my guess is that he just didn't want to go through the hoops IAB interviews, counseling.
- He was done.
- Guess? Come on, he didn't tell you? We never spoke after he left.
Look, he got too rough back in the day But it wasn't just testosterone.
It was because he cared so much.
And he was your first partner, the one who had your back.
You were his junior when there weren't that many female detectives.
I get it.
Chief, I'm not making excuses for him, and I'm not apologizing for him, - but I believe that he changed.
- I hope so.
Forgive me if I have my doubts.
A grunt former marine, a night college degree, and a CPI like this? He goes off the grid for six years, and somehow the old boy network - got him back on the force.
- Because he's a good detective.
And lucky.
It wouldn't happen today.
Look, we can agree to disagree about his evolution, but to be clear again, I will not have this behavior in one of my captain's squad rooms.
- That is understood.
- Okay.
- Arson get anything? - Maybe.
They found a cell near a piece of the gas tank.
- Must have been the trigger.
- DNA, prints? He was pretty thorough.
He used a burner phone.
Nothing on the outside, but maybe they'll get lucky and find prints on the inside of the cell phone case.
Do they know the vic's spouse was NYPD? They do.
For what it's worth, arson says this doesn't look like Antifa or some improvised Boogaloo device.
It was more sophisticated, so it might be terrorist-related.
I'll text Liv.
Arson was asking me about Stabler.
They wanna know what he's involved with.
- I have no idea.
- But you're close with him.
- You worked with him, right? - Ten years.
Unis in the squad room were saying that the way he treated Jacob wasn't a one-off.
They've seen him go off on suspects before.
He did, but that was then.
He knows things have changed now.
Have they? [PHONE CHIMES.]
Hold on.
Captain's with Garland.
None of the old boys at One PP will even tell them why Stabler's in New York.
- After SVU, I did a walkabout for a few years.
Then I was doing private security overseas.
And that thing in Rome? That came out of a terrorism task force I was working on.
The liaison job, that opened up four years ago.
When you called me, you told me you were coming here for a conference anything else? A few training sessions next week, I'm supposed to testify at a trial.
What's that about? These two guys involved in extortion, money laundering.
They were hiding out in Puglia.
I picked 'em up six months ago.
They're you know, they're minor players.
Okay, let's go back to your terrorism task force.
Arson said that the bomb signature was more international than domestic.
I was worried about that.
I ought to give my supervisor at Intel a heads up.
Half these cases, I can't even talk about.
How's Kathy doing? Hanging in there.
You know, Kathy was the one who insisted we go to Liv's ceremony.
And Liv did not even know you were coming, didn't know you were in New York.
Thought you told me you were gonna call her.
I know I told you that I would, and then I meant to I just felt that so much time had passed that I couldn't reach out to you both.
I get it.
Look, let me bring you up to speed.
Liv moved on.
It took her a minute, but she moved on.
She has a son now.
She's had a couple of relationships.
One was pretty solid.
Good for her.
- Who's the guy? - [CHUCKLES.]
You have to ask her that.
- Hey.
- There you are.
- Lab found DNA on the cell.
- Any matches? There's nothing in the system, so they're checking for close kin DNA.
Do you have enough of a sample for long-range familiar? Not to match the perp once we find him.
SVU does genealogical now? It has to be backdoor for the ancestry sites and these new DNA banks.
- Hey, what's going on? That's my wife.
- Step back, sir.
- Yeah, but I just spoke with her.
- Sir, you have to move back.
- Elliot, let them get through.
You can't be in here.
I'm sorry.
- We're losing her! - Paddles.
She's coding.
- Okay, we're ready, clear.
- Clear.
- Go.
- Checking vitals.
Okay, thanks.
You too.
You too? Phoebe just said "I love you", - and you couldn't say it back? - Her ex-husband was a cop.
She knows the drill.
- How is she? - Cardiac arrest.
- But her heart rate's stable now.
- Thank God.
Just trying to figure out what caused it.
Elliot, I hate to ask you in the middle of all this You need my case files.
I'll ask Intel to get 'em to you.
Right, anything you can send will be great.
And we'll keep each other in the loop.
Great, thanks.
Turns out Stabler has been working anti-terrorism, international sex trafficking, and organized crime.
- That doesn't really narrow it down.
- Nope.
Well, this particular cell trigger, it's common in the Middle east, the Mediterranean region, North Africa.
Kat, put in a call to Threat Assessment and see if there are any groups or individuals who were targeted by NYPD overseas.
See if they might have a presence here.
On it.
Hey do you think Stabler was the target? I don't know, but it certainly looks like it.
- You doing okay? - You know, I've been better.
Were you and Kathy Stabler friends? You know, not at first, and it's such a long story, but over time, we got really close.
Kind of like us.
Hm, yeah.
You never talked, uh, much about Stabler.
All I know is when I got here, his desk was empty a shrine.
Yeah, Stabler had a pretty big presence in the squad room.
I know Nick always felt the brunt of trying to fill his shoes.
From what he told me, you and Stabler had a Complicated relationship.
We did.
You know, back then Nobody looked out for me the way he did.
I get that.
Hey, I think we caught a break.
The lab found a familial match to the DNA on the cell phone trigger.
- - You're the district attorney? I would have taken you both for cops.
Yeah, he gets that a lot.
A DA drives all the way to Green Haven to talk to Yuri Lenski.
I must have something you want.
You have any cousins or nephews who went into your line of work? Gambling? [CHUCKLES.]
You didn't come here for slot machines.
The guard tells me that you are SVU.
That cop's wife who got blown up, that was your unit, wasn't it? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Whatever you tell us, no one will ever know it came from you.
People still fall for that? Okay, Mr.
Lenski, you're a smart man, but you're also up for parole in a couple months.
- 79 days.
- You help us, DA helps you.
I've already done four years.
I can do three more with my eyes closed.
I don't turn on family.
Lenski wasn't very forthcoming.
We checked his visitor log.
No cousins, no nephews.
But he has a wife and two mistresses that visit him one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and one on Saturday.
Well, he can't be making much money while he's in Green Haven.
I'll have Kat and Rollins follow up.
One of those women wants him home.
- Liv was right.
Lenski's second mistress gave up his nephew Sacha Lenski.
26, no record.
Doesn't look like an international terrorist.
Yeah, well, apparently he's been playing with matches since he was five.
Supposed to blow up the neighbor's boat for the insurance, ended up burning both houses down.
- Hey, NYPD.
- What's this about? We need to speak with one of your workers.
Let me call the local precinct.
We're tight with them.
Yeah, your buddies can't help you.
We have a warrant.
We could shut you down for the day.
Just make it easy on yourself.
Tell us which one of these guys is Sacha Lenski.
- We got a runner! - Go, go, go.
Hey, NYPD! Hey, hey, hey, stay down! Stay down! Hey, stay down! - You got him? - It wasn't me! - I didn't do it! - Yeah, didn't do what? - Let's go! - Come on.
- Sacha Lenski, 26.
- Means nothing to me.
- Who is he? - No record.
No known connection to any radical groups.
As far as we can tell, he is a low-level earner for random crews.
He used to do odd jobs in electrical, and now he's working at an auto body repair shop - in Willets Point.
- This guy's DNA is on the phone? Well, we're waiting for the lab to confirm, but it is likely.
He's got no alibi.
He says he had nothing to do with it, - but he hasn't lawyered up.
- He's no mastermind.
- Yeah.
- Well, let's check his financials in the Iron Triangle that's Russian mob, Italian mob, Albanian.
He did live in Malta for three years as a teenager.
You know, maybe the question isn't who paid him, but why.
So aside from the defendants that you're testifying against, who else knows that you're here? Joint Task Force, my boss at Intel, my kids.
Any way they posted on the internet, social media? Accounts are locked, and I told them not to.
Give me five minutes with Lenski.
Do you hear yourself, Elliot? - Not a chance.
- Then we go in together.
I already told the deputy chief that I wasn't letting you back in that room.
Garland? When was the last time he put cuffs on anybody? How's Kathy? That was a good left turn.
She's fighting like you said.
What do the doctors say? Well, what do they always say? They got a new machine, and they can't wait to use it, and they're gonna do a CT scan on her spleen now.
And the kids? How are they taking it? Scared.
It's their mom.
Visiting is hard with COVID.
You know, you're only allowed one family member in the room at a time.
That's why you need to be here with Kathy.
I gotta get back.
For the hundredth time, I don't know anything about this car.
We found the phone that was used as a trigger.
There was DNA on it, and it's gonna be yours.
Did you? You know, now that I think about it, I lost a phone in Coney Island.
You have my new phone.
Yeah, we do, and did you know that if you turn off tracking, we can still trace it to under the Manhattan Bridge on Friday night when the bomb went off? I don't think so.
I was at the shop all day.
- Ask my boss! - Why? Because he'll lie for you? - I don't know anything about bombs.
- Really? So how did you blow up your neighbor's house? When you were 17? Whoever told you that, they're lying.
- Yeah.
- You can ask my old neighbor.
I had nothing to do with that either.
How long has this kid been shadowboxing with them? All night.
Keep him talking.
He thinks he's brighter than he is.
Captain, I made some calls.
Turns out young Sacha isn't connected.
He's more of a wannabe.
That Iron Triangle garage has been linked to VIN switches on stolen cars and insurance fraud.
That's all penny ante.
That's a big step up from that to a hit on a cop's wife.
Or a cop.
It's more likely that Elliot was the target.
There's another possibility here.
What if Sacha was set up? Carisi, Sacha is still our guy.
Yeah, even if he is, maybe he didn't realize it was a hit on a cop.
Who knows what they told him.
Yeah, they might have told him it was an arson job for insurance.
Either way, I think it's time we arraign him.
You do that, he's gonna lawyer up.
Exactly what I'm hoping for.
Listen, if he's a patsy, and he's looking at 25 years Then a lawyer will get him to cooperate.
- Counselor, are you with us? Oh, sorry, Your Honor.
Your Honor, my client is pleading not guilty, and we've requested that he be released on his own recognizance pending dismissal - of the shoplifting charge.
- Wrong case, Counselor.
This is Sacha Lenski charged with attempted murder of a police officer.
Sorry again.
Just got this.
Uh, Your Honor, can I request a ten-minute recess to bring my colleague Mr.
Cryer up to speed on this? Make it five.
Hi, let's talk.
Your client needs to know that in addition to attempted murder, he's also looking at use of a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and use of a destructive device in connection to a crime of violence.
- That's another 30 years.
- I get it.
- You had me at mass destruction.
- Nah, I'm gonna keep going.
Because he also needs to know that the victim was a cop's wife, and every corrections officer is gonna know that from the moment he starts - his life sentence.
- I take it you're looking for something.
I didn't know it was a cop car.
- I swear to God.
- Okay, that's enough, Sacha.
No, that's actually a good start, but if this was a job for hire, then we have to know who hired your client.
He cooperates, he gets full immunity? Nah, not on attempted murder he doesn't, but if his information plays out and he's willing to testify in front of a grand jury, that would that would mitigate.
When your client's ready to make a proffer, I'm all ears.
- Excuse me.
Sacha Lenski, don't say another word.
Excuse me, he's my client.
Yeah, we're in the middle of a deal here.
Not anymore.
I've been retained by his family.
My client is innocent of all charges, and we look forward to our day in court to prove that.
All right, Mr.
Lenski, you don't have to go along with this.
You already have a fine lawyer.
Yeah, and now he's got a better one.
Perry Mason over here didn't even know what my client was charged with.
Spencer Cochran? Guy's a major player.
There's no way that Sacha's family - could afford him.
- No.
Whoever he was working for brought Cochrane in.
- Where is Sacha now? - He's on his way to Rikers.
He pled not guilty.
I did manage to get the bail set at 10 million.
You better get him in protective custody.
It's already been arranged.
That's Stabler.
I'll let him know.
Hey, how's it going? [DARK MUSIC.]
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Her spleen ruptured.
They took her into surgery, but it was too late.
I didn't get to say good-bye.
I'm so sorry, Elliot.
I just don't get it.
We were happy.
Elliot, where are the kids? Uh, yeah, I gotta call them.
I gotta I gotta If there's anything that I can do.
I don't know what to tell 'em.
Oh, my God, Eli is in Rome.
I gotta get him back.
- How about I call Dickie and - No, no, I'll do that.
You just make sure this son of a bitch goes down for murder.
- Carisi.
What happened? Kathy Stabler didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
- How's he doing? - Not good.
I'll arraign Sacha Lenski for murder.
- Up the pressure.
- Don't get your hopes up.
Whoever's paying for his lawyer is not gonna let him take a deal.
Well, maybe Sacha needs to figure that out.
How about we just pull him out of Rikers? Yeah, that's a good idea.
His lawyer's on the way? He say anything since he's been in here? Not a word.
Quiet type.
Lenski, visitors.
Wake up, scumbag.
- Oh! - Call a medic! Don't bother.
He's gone.
- Who's been in this cell? - Nobody, I swear.
Cause of death? They made it look like an overdose.
Is there any way that he could have done this to himself? We all know what this is.
We do.
Find out who got to him.
So what is this all about? Your nephew Sacha.
They gave him a hot shot this morning in Rikers.
He's dead.
They know that a DA's been up here to see you twice now.
You're on borrowed time.
What the hell's going on? Why don't you tell us? Sacha Lenski was killed.
That's a damn shame.
Who paid him to blow up that car? Wish I knew.
He was a good kid.
Check every VIN number on every part in this place! I appreciate how close you are to this.
And I can be objective, and Stabler knows not to go anywhere near this.
I'm sorry.
SVU has been called off.
Chief, we've come this far.
We know all the players.
Intelligence is taking over.
Get them up to speed.
- This is our case.
- Not as of now.
You need to stand down, Captain.

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