Law & Order Special Victims Unit s23e16 Episode Script

Sorry If It Got Weird for You

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
We are grateful and humbled, that our dating app, is a small part, of bringing the possibility to love, to lessen the isolation of our modern world.
But, with success comes responsibility, reevaluation.
Too many women are still being sexually harassed, or worse, online, which is why "Mr.
Wright Now" is entering a new era.
And now, our CEO and founder, Jackson Wright.
Uh, thank you, Cress.
A big piece of my heart died, when I lost my wife, Sara, in a car accident.
We all have our somebody.
And she was mine.
When I created "Mr.
Wright Now", it was to help me reenter the dating world.
Well, the app took off.
50 million users worldwide.
But somewhere along the line, we lost our way, which is why, from this day forward, we are gonna be known as "Mr.
Wright Forever" The app where relationships are built on trust, and safety, where users will be able to "show the love" and find their somebody, maybe even find their Sara.
Thank you.
That went well.
Jackson was completely focused.
He stayed on script.
Yeah, the script you wrote.
Everyone knows this rebranding, keeping women safe, was your idea, not his.
Well, it was his call to go with it.
He greenlit and sold it.
Are you all right? What is it? You can tell me anything.
Even if it's about Jackson? Ah, Team Wright.
There you are.
Did I kill it or what? I think I killed it, yeah? Yeah, incredible speech.
I mean, listen, that's what I do, right? Whoa, holy crap, I think I really did kill it.
Share price is surging, 12% and climbing.
- That's great, Jackson.
- Are you kidding me? We're popping bottles.
My office.
Great job on the speech.
Nice job with the tie.
All right, I guess it's time to party.
What was it you wanted to tell me? Oh, no big deal.
It can wait.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Grab some champagne.
I'll meet you there.
Oh, you guys! Velasco, McGrath cut OT.
You gotta punch out on time.
What, you got a hot date? Uh, still waiting to hear.
Online dating.
Russian roulette.
Yeah, I'll take my chances.
Thank you.
Lisa? Hi.
- Joe.
- I know.
Hi, Joe.
You actually look like your picture.
You okay? I'm fine.
You just gotta catch up.
Two more.
You wanna come up for a nightcap, Detective? Maybe you could handcuff me.
How about I make you a cup of coffee? You're boring.
Here, let me help you.
What are you doing? - I was trying to help you.
- No! Don't touch me.
- Hey - Don't touch me! - Leave me alone! - It's okay.
- It's okay - It's not okay! - I trusted you.
- Okay, okay, Lisa.
Hey, take it easy! - No! - Lisa! This is Detective Joe Velasco.
I need a bus.
37th Street in between Fourth and Fifth.
In Brooklyn, now.
What the hell happened? Honestly, I don't even know.
She had too much to drink before I got there.
I didn't want to leave her at the bar, so I walked her home.
The girl from the dating app I warned you about? Yeah.
She must have PTSD, because, I swear to God, I just brushed her arm, and she freaked out, and she fell down the stairs.
But I've been here all night.
The doctors say she's good to go home.
She has no serious injury.
Okay, I will go talk to her.
In the meantime, you go over your entire night with Fin.
- Okay? - Okay.
Thank you.
Lisa? Hi, I'm Captain Benson from SVU.
Joe's boss? He didn't do anything wrong.
- This was all me.
- Oh, no, he was just worried about you.
Oh, I'm fine.
- Too much tequila.
- Yeah? But With what happened last night, do you have any idea why you reacted that way? Not really.
Well, you could have been seriously hurt.
Well, you know what they say.
God looks out for drunks.
Well, if you don't think that there's anything to talk about, that's okay, but if you do change your mind, I'm here.
There's a reason I can't say anything.
It was my boss.
Jackson Wright.
You know, it might be a good idea, for you to just tell me what happened.
Our company designed a dating app.
Jackson encourages single employees to use it.
He does too.
Last week, I happened to match with Jackson.
I figured we'd both just laugh about it.
But, he said that the app had spoken, and, that if we don't trust it, why should the public? So you decide to go on a date with him.
I met him at his penthouse.
It was awkward at first, but we talked, had champagne.
We started kissing.
And then what? He started to get a little pushy, grabbed me.
I was shocked.
I tried to get away, but The more I fought, the more he seemed to like it.
He threw me over the couch.
He pretty much raped me.
Lisa, I'm so sorry that that happened to you.
He didn't even realize.
It was just like Hate sex.
I got out of there as fast as I could.
Did you confront him? I texted him the next day, telling him I wasn't gonna date him again.
He DMed me.
"Sorry if it got weird for you.
" Lisa, did you tell anyone? My godmother, Cress, she's partners with him in the company.
I tried to tell her, but I couldn't do it.
Jackson and I went to college together.
His wife was my best friend.
There has to be some misunderstanding.
Lisa said that she tried to tell you.
Did she mention anything? She did seem upset.
But this? No way.
Well, Jackson Wright has a reputation as a player.
It's part of his grieving process.
Acting out, after Sara died.
But his persona as a hot bachelor is a marketing strategy.
He uses his own app.
There's never been any accusations before? Has he been inappropriate? Raunchy, at times? Sure.
But he would never be violent.
We just relaunched the app to make it safer for women.
Well, I gotta tell you, my sense Is that Lisa was assaulted.
Could it have been by someone else? She's been dating on the app a lot.
Maybe something happened before our safeguards were in place.
Actually, Lisa and Jackson matched up on the app.
They went on a date to his penthouse.
Did she didn't mention this? No.
Neither of them did.
I need to talk to Jackson.
There has to be some explanation for this.
- We'll talk to him.
- And we would appreciate it if you didn't give him a heads-up.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course I know Lisa.
She's a great kid.
- Something happen to her? - Well That's what we want to talk to you about, Mr.
Oh, wow.
Everything all right? Yeah, Sienna, you can just go back into the sauna, baby.
I'll just, uh I'll be a sec.
It's okay.
Sorry about that.
Wasn't really expecting company.
So Lisa, is she in trouble? Well, what can you tell us, about your relationship? You know, she's one of my social media stars.
My CFO's goddaughter.
Have you gone on a date with her? Once.
We matched on the app.
Not a crime.
We're just minutes away now from the closing of We got a situation here.
Excuse me.
is quickly turning into a mass sell-off.
The share price of dating company Mr.
Wright If you're just joining us, rumors are swirling as to what could've led - God damn it.
- to the drop, which has investors retreating Cress, you seeing this? We're in a free fall.
I need you to call me back right away.
We'll have more as the story develops Sam, what the hell's going on? Jackson Wright's company if he cannot stop the bleeding.
I am shocked and saddened, to learn of the sexual assault allegations against Jackson Wright.
He paid lip service to being invested, in the safety of women who used our app.
But I now realize he himself is a predator.
I want to make it clear that this is not in keeping, with the ethos of our company the company as I know it.
And effective immediately, I am resigning my post as CFO.
What was her reaction, when you first told her - about Lisa's allegations? - She was shocked.
She didn't believe it.
Well, she certainly changed her mind.
Is it possible that these two women are playing us? I certainly hope not.
But that's the first thing that Jackson Wright's gonna say.
I am dedicating my life's work, to the protection, and empowerment of women.
I know what rape is.
Okay? When someone says stop, I stop.
It's not rocket science.
Um, some of this, I'm used to.
You know, you get a little success, people get jealous, they want to tear you down.
The worst betrayal to me, is that this baseless attack on my reputation, has come from my CFO, and business partner of the last 12 years.
These allegations have clearly been made to destroy my client's company Well, that was fast.
It's full damage control.
We crossed paths with his lawyer on the way out.
Okay, before he lawyered up, did he make an admission? He's not denying a date.
He says the sex was consensual.
He also says he has no idea why Lisa would think otherwise.
- Yeah, he's lying.
- Yeah, probably.
But Lisa coming forward, and Cress going public on the same day? I mean, the timing of this is suspicious.
Cress has agreed to come in.
You said that you have evidence.
I went to our I.
We have access to every member's profile.
I found four other women, who matched with Jackson, who stopped using the app after going on one date with him.
Please tell me that you didn't contact them.
I'm sorry.
I had to know.
I just, I told them I was doing market research, wanted to know why they stopped using the app.
We will need their names.
I can ask them to call you, but I can't give you their information.
It violates our confidentiality agreement.
I can just get a warrant.
I have already screwed this up enough.
The business is imploding.
Jackson is suing me.
It's like I just wasted the last 12 years of my life.
I realize that this has been difficult for you, but your goddaughter was just raped.
And if this does go to trial, then you will need to testify.
So It would be very wise of you to cooperate with us.
Three of the women got back to us.
They said they had bad sex with Jackson, but none of them allege they were raped.
When Rachel and Cristina complained to him by DM, Jackson replied to them with some version of "I'm sorry it got weird for you.
" Which is the same basic message that he left Lisa.
It's not an admission of assault, though.
Well, Blair told us when she DMed him, she got this response.
"Equity in the company.
" Oh, a trip to Maui.
So he's offering her a bribe.
That's a Class D felony, but on Blair's case though, not Lisa's.
None of these women want to press charges? So far, no.
Okay, Lisa, her story? Is it solid? It is.
I know my next step.
Wright, on the charge of rape in the first degree, - how do you plead? - Not guilty.
This is a baseless charge designed to extort money from my client, who should be released, with the state's most sincere apologies.
People on bail? We request remand, your Honor.
Wright is a man of considerable means, and he's shown he's willing to use that Has the trial begun? Because I didn't hear a starting pistol - I let you speak - Boys, boys, boys.
Have we gotten this out of our systems? Your Honor, this is a he said/she said.
And a lot people hope to make a profit off of what she said.
Now, my client only wants a chance to clear his name and restore confidence in his company.
He is not gonna go anywhere.
I agree.
Defendant is RORed.
They just let him out? Lisa, if he even dares to contact you, you call me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, there you are.
No luck getting Jackson remanded.
I did get an order of protection, though.
That's something.
- How's Rollins? - She's hanging in there.
Her mom's gonna be in a cast for two more weeks.
Isn't that always the way it is? The caretaker ends up being the one that goes down first.
That's exactly what my mother said.
Hey, look.
I told Rollins, to take all the time she needs, but, most importantly, - to take care of herself first.
- Yeah, I did too.
You need to see this.
I'm sure by now you've all heard about my legal situation.
One hot assistant, who, by the way, had just gone on a date, with an SVU cop.
Anyway, she suddenly decides that the hookup we had, was no longer a hookup excuse me, ladies But an assault.
I didn't tell her to say it was an assault.
We know, Velasco.
We know.
Doesn't matter.
He's just trying to stir things up.
And this alleged victim Uh, no, listen, don't get me wrong.
She's a sweetheart, right? I'm not looking to drag her name through the mud.
Who I am looking to drag, is her godmother, Cressida Gordon.
She's got an ace up her sleeve.
You see, Cress, had really planned to submarine Mr.
Wright Now.
She poached our design team.
She poached our marketing, our IP, our dating algorithms, our subscriber list.
She put a completely illegal scheme in place to start her own dating app, violating her duties as CFO, as well as the non-compete terms of her contract, so she could just go ahead and launch her own company, all while demolishing mine.
That's the real story.
We didn't know about any of this? She wasn't the one under investigation.
- Well, now she is.
- Well, if any of this is true, there goes our case.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Did anyone go home? - I did.
We're in trouble here.
Maxwell had martinis with Jack McCoy last night.
He wants us to drop the case? Not yet, but he'd prefer, that we didn't get exculpatory evidence, from a defendant's video rant.
We're working on confirmation, Carisi.
Well, how about this, Counselor? One of the business blogs uncovered a registration, for a new dating app, that traces back to Cress.
Get her in here, now.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Well, it looks pretty bad.
My client didn't have to come in.
Any potential wrongdoing on her part, should be mitigated by her cooperation with the rape investigation.
Any consideration on corporate espionage is beyond my purview.
We will let the appropriate agencies know, that you did cooperate, but right now, why don't you tell us how we got here? After I talked to Lisa, I knew that I had to resign.
I also knew, that it was likely these allegations were going to be made public.
So you decided, to make them public yourself, while you secretly raided your company's IP and personnel, to fast-track the creation of your own competing dating app? Look, I understand the timing was a mistake.
But, I gotta tell you, I didn't twist anybody's arm.
Jackson is known, for stealing everybody's ideas.
Doesn't matter.
The last thing, I wanted to do, is hurt Lisa's case.
And I am still willing to testify.
Well, if you do, the defense will tear you, and Lisa apart.
How much of this did Lisa know? Nothing.
- Not a thing.
- That's gonna be impossible to prove.
The son of a bitch, took a torch to the business I sacrificed everything for, and now I'm the one in legal jeopardy? Look, I wish I could tell you that things were gonna get better, but This is gonna be a rough road.
Lisa, hi.
Thanks for coming in.
How're you doing? Not great.
Is SVU gonna drop my case, because of what Cress did? That doesn't change the fact that you were assaulted, as long as you didn't have anything to do with it.
I didn't.
I swear.
I had no idea.
That's all, that Counselor Carisi needs to hear.
I never said how sorry, I was about, freaking out on you.
Will you have to testify about that? Yeah.
Carisi thinks that it speaks to how traumatized you were.
Going on the stand How nerve-racking is that? To be honest, I haven't done it as an SVU detective.
but You just tell the truth.
Aside from all this, how do you like online dating? Think I'm gonna, take a little time off.
Cress is here? Cress.
How could you do this to me? Lisa.
I never meant to hurt you.
Was this your plan the whole time? It wasn't my plan.
I promise you, I'm gonna Nobody believes me! - They think I did it for the money.
- Lisa Or that you promised me a stake in the company, if I accused him.
My parents are furious at you.
Listen, I tried to call your mom.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
Lisa, Lisa.
Listen, we're gonna figure this out, okay? Come with me.
I'm so sorry, Captain Benson.
I really am.
All right, everybody, I want y'all to take a look at what's going on in here.
That is your tax dollars hard at work.
What you are seeing is Cress Gordon's former office.
It is now a federal crime scene.
Look at that.
Now, look, I just want to let everybody know that if anyone out there has any lingering doubt, I would like to think that this federal investigation, further proves my innocence.
This entire charade has been nothing but a scheme to take over my company.
This guy really knows how to play offense.
Yeah, which is why the Eighth Floor wants to plead this out.
Plead to what? Attempted rape one.
He'll do 3 1/2 years.
He'll go on the registry.
A C-felony? Lisa is credible.
Not to mention, the fact that she was raped, has nothing to do with Cress' crime.
Also not to mention Swope probably won't even consider this, so, it's a waste of our time, and it also makes me look weak.
I don't know why I didn't see this coming.
Cress? It's been one mistake after another.
Cress? Cress, what's the matter? Where are you? Mm I'm sorry.
I just wanna lie down.
I wanna lie down.
Hold on a second.
Velasco, let's go.
Cress? Stay with me.
- Mm - Cr Cress.
Call a bus.
SVU portable to Central.
I need that bus right now.
218 West 82nd Street, - possible overdose.
- I don't feel a pulse.
And we're looking at Oxy.
Give me the Narcan.
Cress Hey, Cress? Hey, I need you to stay with me, Cress, okay? Stay with me.
Come on.
How's Cress doing? Thank God for Narcan.
Hospital released her a couple hours ago.
Okay, good.
Is she okay to testify? I don't want to put her on the stand if she's too fragile.
I'm gonna check in with her in a couple of hours.
- But how's Lisa? - She's gonna be fine.
- It's Velasco I'm worried about.
- He's good.
I prepped him for three hours.
Yeah, so did I, that's why I'm worried about him.
He could be over-prepped.
When victim of sexual assault becomes triggered, a psychological projection can, be deployed as a defense mechanism.
And how did that manifest in Lisa's behavior, the night that you met her? She had been drinking, I touched her arm, and, in my experience, that triggered her.
She later disclosed to my captain that she had been assaulted, earlier in the week, by Jackson Wright.
Thank you, Detective.
Detective Velasco, you met Lisa Rose on the dating app Mr.
Wright Now.
I'm curious.
Do you use that app often? Not often, but sometimes, yeah.
I'm surprised.
A good-looking guy like you needs an app to meet women? - Objection, relevance? - I'll allow it.
I work long hours.
So things have to move quickly for you.
Is that why you went back to Lisa's apartment? I just wanted to make sure that she got home safe.
And yet she ended up in the hospital, after an interaction with you, that resulted in her falling down steps? She was in a disassociated state, and she projected her sexual assault on me.
So you said, in your experience.
Exactly how long have you been an SVU detective? About six months.
So, in the supposed, disassociated state, she mentioned you by name, didn't she? Told you to take your hands off of her? She did, but Yell at you to stay away from her? Not to touch her? According to her neighbors, she seemed pretty afraid of you.
Because she was projecting onto me.
As a man who was assaulting her? - Objection.
- Sustained.
Careful, Mr.
I'm sorry.
But, you can see how the jury might be confused.
Jackson Wright and I were alone, in his penthouse.
We started making out.
Then he suddenly grabbed me, pushed me down, put his hand over my mouth.
I tried to get away, but he raped me.
How did you end up at his penthouse? We matched on the app, Mr.
Wright Now.
He was my boss.
I wasn't comfortable, but he said if, we didn't show we believed in the app, we couldn't expect potential users to.
And, why didn't you report the assault? I was afraid of getting fired, that no one would believe me.
He's rich, powerful, CEO of the company.
Rose, it's been suggested, by the defense, that you conspired with the CFO, Cress Gordon, your godmother, to sabotage Mr.
Wright's company, in order to launch a new dating app.
Did you profit at all, from coming forward? No, I did not.
And I'm angry about what Cress did.
This was never about money.
I have no job.
I'm going on unemployment.
I just want to make sure, that a man that uses his own dating app, to prey on women, can never do it again.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
I'm sorry to ask you this, Ms.
But the night that you went on a date with Detective Velasco, were you drinking? Yes.
And, according to witnesses, you thought he was assaulting you that night.
I was projecting.
I was wrong.
Projecting, huh.
Everyone keeps using that word.
Moving on.
The night that you went on a date, with Jackson Wright, how much were you drinking then? - Objection.
- Overruled, Mr.
I'm not sure.
We had some champagne.
Two bottles, between the two of you, sound about right? And, multiple shots of tequila? It's possible.
So isn't it also possible, that you were drunk, - and you were - No.
Wrong about my client assaulting you, - the same way that you - That's not, leave me alone.
- About Detective Velasco? - That's not what happened.
So you claim, but Ms.
Rose, as I told Detective Velasco, can't you see how that might confuse the jury? Nothing further.
Hey, Cress.
How are you doing? I'm feeling like I just got hit by a train.
I bet.
What happened to me? You don't remember anything? I Just wanted out.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I know this has been hard.
Harder for Lisa.
Is Jackson gonna get away with it again? Again? I just mean He's Mr.
Wright, can talk his way out of anything.
I wish I could say that the trial was going better, but, we're in trouble.
What does that mean? I still have to testify? The problem is, if you don't testify for the prosecution, the defense will call you.
Do you feel up to that? On the day of the app relaunch, Lisa was tense, anxious, specifically in her interactions with Jackson.
SVU told me, that Lisa had accused Jackson of sexual assault.
I immediately went to her.
She was crying, upset.
She told me Jackson had raped her, a week before.
And what happened after you heard that? I wrote a letter of resignation.
I knew when these allegations were made public A dating app's CEO accused of rape Our subscribers, would desert the company.
I put plans in place to, launch an alternative app.
Gordon, you're facing federal charges on corporate espionage.
Were you offered leniency, for your testimony? No, I was not.
And did Lisa Rose know anything about you starting a new company? Absolutely not.
This was completely on me.
I panicked.
I wanted to salvage something, of the decade-plus, I had poured into Mr.
Wright Now.
My biggest regret, is that what I did Has caused people to doubt Lisa's story.
Lisa's story.
- Your words, not mine.
- Your Honor.
Move it along, Mr.
Lisa's your goddaughter, isn't she? Would you describe yourselves as close? Before this, yes.
And she didn't tell you, about matching with Jackson on the app? No.
About going to his penthouse? - No.
- She didn't mention any problem, with him, after the date? No.
Okay, so, let me backtrack.
You're close to Lisa, but, aren't you also close to Jackson? We used to be.
You both went to college together.
He married your best friend.
You built a company together, mourned the death of his wife together.
- Yes.
- So my question is, is when Lisa came to you, and told you, what allegedly happened, between her and Jackson.
Did you go to him? - No.
- So You decided, to go public, with an unproven accusation that you knew would destroy the company, that you poured your life into, without even bothering to go to Jackson, and hear his side? And you're telling the jury, that this had nothing to do, with your own financial gain? - No.
It wasn't that.
- Well, it sure seems like it.
I didn't go to him Because I knew what his side of the story would be.
How can you possibly know that? Because he did the same thing to me.
Your Honor, move to strike.
What, your own cross-examination? These are unsubstantiated allegations that I'm hearing for the first time, and I Order.
The jury will disregard.
Bailiffs, clear the gallery.
Counselors, my chambers.
Introducing an uncharged, unproven allegation of rape, during the middle of a trial? This is highly prejudicial, - and I am - No one is disagreeing.
Carisi? I am just as surprised as anybody else.
What? This came out during your cross.
You opened the door.
It was three months after Sara died.
Jackson was still a mess.
He was depressed.
He said our shared grief, was too powerful to ignore.
I made it very clear, I did not want to have sex with him, but that's not what he wanted to hear.
I'm so sorry.
When it was over, he left the room.
And then he came back in and apologized, said he had never done that before.
He would never do it again.
Did he say anything else? He said he needed me, that Mr.
Wright Now needed me And he asked if I would come on board as CFO.
I know it sounds like, he bought my silence, but I genuinely believed him when he said he was sorry.
I'm sure that you did.
And I'm sure that he meant it - at the time - He didn't.
There's something else, I never told anyone.
The fairness of this trail has been fatally undermined.
The jury cannot unhear what they have heard.
It overwhelms all evidentiary facts.
- I ask for a mistrial.
- Your Honor, you have already stricken the testimony from the record.
You've ordered the jury to disregard.
Now, we cannot just presume that they're not gonna follow your instructions.
A mistrial is unnecessary.
I will speak with the jury again, but the curative instruction should more than suffice.
In that case, the prosecution rests.
Then you're up, Mr.
Cress and I met at USC.
She introduced me to my wife, Sara.
The love of your life.
She was.
Cress and I mourned her tragic death together.
I consider Cress one of my closest friends, but, everything she has said since that press conference, has been a complete and total lie.
Wright, did you assault Lisa Rose? No, I did not.
I would never.
You designed a dating app, that millions of people use, including yourself.
50 million users.
And yes, I've had the good luck of matching with some amazing women.
And as the designer of that app, would you consider yourself to be an expert on - what women want? - Yeah.
You could say it's my calling.
So when you told Lisa, uh, what was the phrase you used? That the app had spoken.
What did you mean by that? That we should trust the algorithm, when it said we'd be a good match.
That you would enjoy her company, and she would enjoy yours.
So let me ask you something.
When Lisa was on the stand, and she described what you did to her, did she sound like she had enjoyed your company? Well, she didn't say no at the time.
It's hard to say anything, with somebody's hand over your mouth.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
Move it along, Mr.
Wright, you've dated a lot of women.
Has anyone else ever complained? - Not in the moment.
- What about afterwards? I'm not proud of this, but uh, I may have ghosted a few of them, and when they found out that I wasn't into them, did they rewrite history, bitch about something they were totally into? Yeah.
It happens.
Dating's a minefield.
So most women, do like it weird? Maybe not the women you date, but, uh, most of them like a little kink.
As an example, they like to have their wrists pinned down, - slap on the ass? - Sure.
Is this something that you learned from using your algorithm, or has this always been part of your repertoire? Your Honor, is this a cross-examination or just kink-shaming? Get to the point, Mr.
I'm getting there, Your Honor.
Earlier, you mentioned your wife.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You say you know, what women want.
Did you know what your wife wanted? Of course I did.
So you knew she wanted a divorce? That in the months, leading up to her death, she was planning on leaving you, correct? - Stop talking about my wife.
- Why did she want to leave you? - Objection.
- Sustained.
Is it because you accused her of being uptight too? Where is this coming from? Never mind that.
Yes or no? From that lying bitch? You just couldn't help yourself, Cress, could you? Are you jealous because I had you once, and threw you back, or it 'cause I banged your precious goddaughter? So Cress is lying, Lisa's lying - Your Honor.
- They're all lying! Objection is sustained.
Your Honor, just give me a minute.
That's what women do.
- They lie, okay? Sit down, - They push, they pull.
- Mr.
Wright! They're mad.
They're hot.
And when they don't get what they want, they cry rape.
They turn your wife against you.
They try to destroy your company.
You're not gonna get away with this, Cress.
You're the one going to jail, not me.
Wright, that is enough.
- Now you stay in your seat.
- Your Honor, - I request a break.
- No, no need.
I'm through with him.
You okay? I know it got rough in there.
That's what you wanted, didn't you? I'm sorry.
I just wanted the jury to see who he really was.
I hope they did.
His anger? I always knew it was there.
And I brought Lisa into his world.
I never thought he would do it to her.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, your Honor.
On the sole count, of rape in the first degree, we find the defendant, Jackson Wright Guilty.
Members of the jury, you are dismissed.
The State of New York thanks you for your service.
Wright, you are to be remanded to Rikers until sentencing.
We are adjourned.
Bailiff Congratulations, Counselor.
- You heading home? - Uh, no.
I'm gonna go up to Rollins' mother's.
Still pretty chaotic up there.
It really does take a village, doesn't it? You are a good man, Dominick Carisi.

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