Law & Order Special Victims Unit s23e18 Episode Script

Eighteen Wheels a Predator

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Never seen you here before and it's not like I'd forget you.
My boyfriend hates bars, but he broke up with me tonight.
So here I am.
Well, the guy must be blind.
Let me buy you a shot.
Tequila? Mm-hmm.
Hey! Easy over there.
- What's your problem? - That's my sister.
He's behaving himself, Dustin.
Yeah? He better be.
Sorry about that.
Out with the old, in with the new.
- One shot? - The rest are on the house.
Hey, you know what? I'm wrapping up too.
You want to head somewhere else? Uh, hold that thought.
I'll be right back.
There's the girl of my dreams.
Um, I should call it a night, but, thanks for making me feel better.
Good luck catching a cab.
I can get you a car, unless you want company.
Sorry, not yours.
Suit yourself, bitch.
She's been out here for a couple hours at least.
A woman walking her dog found her 40 minutes ago.
Okay, then this whole area should be taped off.
- Preserve any evidence we can.
- Go.
This could be our vic's.
No wallet, no ID, cell phone's locked.
Uni found them over by the emergency blue light phone.
Lot of good that did her.
- You okay? - Yeah, just the storm last night.
Every time I woke up, there was a scared kid or dog in my bed.
I guess your vacation's over.
Rollins, welcome back.
Was the vic able to tell us anything? She's unconscious, half-naked, soaking wet, with a nasty head wound.
She's hypothermic, probably concussed.
Okay, so, out here, hours in the rain, there goes our DNA.
Is there any security cams, witnesses? A dead zone.
Not a lot of eyes out here.
Our working theory is, she was attacked on that path, from behind, then dragged down the hill.
We found her purse and a cell phone.
Another weird detail, they found her jeans, neatly folded right beside her.
Captain, detectives, she's coming to.
Hey, you're okay.
You're safe now.
Where am I? Mom? We're the police.
Honey, can you tell me your name? Huh? Can you tell me your name? Incoming.
- Captain, we have to go.
- Yeah, of course.
Rollins, meet her at the hospital and, see if she can ID her cell phone or her purse.
She was raped, and left for dead in Central Park.
Please tell me that she's gonna make it.
We certainly hope so.
Well, press is here.
You got anything for them? Keeping the park safe is our top priority.
I mean, we're working as hard as we can.
Yeah, no disrespect, but nobody cares how hard we're working.
- They want results.
- And now's when you tell me that we can't afford anymore headlines, about how New York City is out of control.
- Yeah.
- Chief, what can you tell us? You want to deal with these jackals, huh? 1PP, the mayor? We're working the scene.
one question: what happened? Something wrong, Liv? I've been up since 5:00, and already it feels like this day is never gonna end.
I mean, this job, is hard enough, but the politics Let's just get this guy.
We're here in Central Park, at the scene of a brutal sexual assault, that has left a young woman, now fighting for her life.
Kayla? The nurses said you remembered your name.
Okay, well, I'm Detective Rollins.
I saw you earlier, today at the park.
How you feeling? I've never been breaking news before.
Yeah, well, why don't we turn this off for a little while.
What's that? Uh, is that yours? You found it.
Uh My purse? Yeah.
Let's see.
That's mine.
- Okay.
- Um, I also had, a wallet.
It was pink.
No wallet.
I'm sorry.
So whoever raped me, robbed me too? Did you find this guy? Yeah, we are working on that.
Um, can you think of anything, that would describe him? I never saw him.
I was walking home.
It was windy, like a storm was coming.
I must've got hit in the head from behind.
Then I woke up here.
Can you remember where you were earlier in the night? My boyfriend dumped me, by text from LA, - Hmh.
- so, I went for a drink.
I had a few shots.
Wait, I paid with my phone.
Oh, Embargo on Columbus.
And they only charged you for one shot.
The bartender said the rest were on the house.
I guess he thought I owed him.
Thanks, bro.
Good looking out.
A'ight, be safe, man.
- Well, that's subtle.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- NYPD, you two work here? Nope.
Then why is she unlocking the door? Did you work here last night? That's a simple yes or no question.
My brother and I both did.
Is this about the girl on the news? What the hell? Demmy, shut up.
Well, we did see your side hustle, - just now.
- Get your hands up.
Get them up.
You got anything sharp I should Look, I got no idea - how that got there, okay? - Hmm.
These are my roommate's pants.
Yeah, sure they are, man.
- Let's go.
- Where are you taking him? 16th precinct, SVU.
Dustin, I'll meet you there.
I bought her a few shots last night, that's it.
I don't hurt women.
Not what your record shows.
You got DV charges, going back seven years.
- My ex was crazy.
- Okay.
I didn't hurt the girl on the news.
But she was in your bar last night.
Yeah, and so were a lot of other guys.
Okay, did you see her leave with anyone? - No, man.
- But you did see her leave.
I offered her a lift, she blew me off.
Oh, so you followed her.
I made sure she got across the street without getting hit by a car, then I went home.
Yeah, we can ask your roommate about that, right? The one whose pants you borrowed.
Okay, I lied about that, but, I live with my sister.
Okay, it used to be our parents' place, but, our name's on the lease.
That's illegal too? Now I want my lawyer.
This guy's file reads like the ABCs of crime.
Assault, battery, citations.
Add D, for drug possession.
And initially he waived Miranda.
He's that dense? Well, he said, the only Miranda he needs, is the one that'll get on her knees.
Yeah, so to answer your question, Carisi, that's a yes.
Hey, I FaceTimed Kayla.
She ID'd Dustin from the bar, but no memory of him in the park.
But she did a rape kit though, right? Oh, he's in the system.
Wait for a match.
Well, his alibi sister is here.
She wants to know what's going on.
I can't imagine Dustin doing anything like this.
- He's always protected me.
- Dustin's your brother.
We're not asking you to betray him.
We're just asking you to be honest, okay? Why don't you have a seat? So The two of them were in the bar.
Yeah, but he talks to lots of girls.
But, you saw him with Kayla.
She was having fun.
Smiling, flirty, they may have even kissed.
May have? Just once, outside the bathroom.
Why'd they stop? I don't know.
She kind of pushed him away, like she was teasing him.
That's when Dustin told me he was leaving and that I had to close up.
And what time did you get home? 1:30, 1:45.
And was Dustin there, when you got home? Demmy.
Was Dustin there, when you got home? No.
I heard him come in later.
What time? I don't know, after 3:00.
Did you talk to him? I got up to talk to him, but, I could hear him in the shower.
In the shower.
Does he always shower, after his shift? No, but, he must've got caught in that rainstorm.
His muddy clothes were on the floor.
I put them in the laundry.
Where is Dustin? I need to talk to him.
Yeah, he's not coming home just yet.
Pick up all the clothes from the laundry, and any men's shoes.
You're wrong about Dustin.
- Girls throw themselves at him.
- Yeah.
This is his room? I'm not allowed to go in there.
Then don't.
Well, he wasn't lying about growing up in this apartment.
Nothing old-school about this.
Busy boy.
I think I got something.
I'm guessing that's not his.
That's what I'm talking about.
The vic's wallet was in his apartment.
Oh, along with his muddy boots.
And a Sig Sauer.
And the DNA from the rape kit? We have the DNA in her mouth, it was a match, but, the rest of her kit was clean.
He used a condom, the rain erased the rest, or both.
Either way, Carisi says that we have enough to indict.
I'm gonna want you there for a press conference after.
We have to reassure the city.
Chief, Captain, I have someone on hold, who says he needs to talk to you.
- Right now? - He says he has information, about the case.
The caller ID is blocked.
Okay, uh.
Somebody then record this.
I got it.
This is Captain Benson.
I seen the arrest on the news.
Y'all done congratulating yourselves? Can you tell me your name, sir? I can tell you, you arrested the wrong guy.
Okay, sir, and how do you know that? You found a pair of jeans, next to her body, didn't you? Neatly folded.
Yeah, that was me.
I just did it again, and well, I'd put her on the phone, but, she's not really in the mood to talk right now.
Are you, sweetheart? Okay, hang on, sir.
I want to hear more.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
Hold on.
Folded jeans? That's the one detail we didn't give to the public.
From a blocked number, he could be anywhere.
Call TARU.
Find out where that call came from.
So, a John Doe called, and knew a detail of the crime, that's not public information.
So, option one, it's a copycat and somehow the MO leaked.
Uh, okay, that can't happen.
Option two is that Dustin is guilty, and, he had a buddy - call from the outside.
- Dustin's at Rikers.
Unless he used a burner, that call is recorded.
- Right.
- Well, he's not the sharpest knife.
And, he had the wallet in his apartment? Did we get anything else from the search? None of Kayla's DNA was on his boots or clothes.
Which leaves us option three, is that John Doe is the rapist.
He wanted credit - and Dustin is innocent.
- Hey, TARU dumped our phone, got the cell number that the call came from.
The phone pinged near a truck stop, near Bear Creek, Kentucky.
No answer now, but, I'm on hold for the local police chief.
Chief Berry, I'm Captain Benson, from Manhattan SVU.
We got a call, from a person of interest, in a rape up here.
Now, the call was made from a cell phone, near a truck stop, just off Dixie Road.
I'm gonna stop you right there, ma'am.
I'm at Dixie Road right now.
We just discovered a young victim in the woods.
She's on her way to the hospital in Ashland.
Sexually assaulted? Is she alive? She's unconscious.
She's got a wound to the back of her head.
- We're praying for her.
- Okay, uh Those clothes, those clothes that were in the foreground, um, - do those belong to the victim? - Yes, ma'am.
He took her pants off, and left them folded neat as a pin beside her.
I take it you sense that my rape, and yours, are connected.
I do, I do and, if it would be all right with you, I would like to send two of my detectives out to you.
Well, normally state police would take charge, but they got their hands full with a school shooting two towns over.
We'll take all the help we can get.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
A lot less turfy than East Harlem.
Fin, Rollins, you're on the next flight out to Kentucky.
No idea how that wallet got in my bedroom - unless your cops planted it.
- Planted it? Like they planted the gun, the coke, and the cash.
My client just wants to clear his name.
Well, he's got a couple options here.
Now maybe you had a party in your apartment that night and one of your buddies, he's good for this.
He planted the wallet.
Is it possible? I don't bring guys home because of my sister.
I swear last time I saw Kayla, she was headed to the park.
I did not follow her.
Well, you went somewhere, so where did you go? - I told you, straight home.
- Then stop lying.
We know that you didn't come home, until after 3:00.
- Wait, what? - Not that confusing.
Yeah, there's cameras all over your neighborhood.
- Bodega cams, traffic cams.
- Okay, okay.
Maybe I was a little late.
I might've had a business deal.
You want my client to cooperate, any unrelated crimes he admits to We're only interested in finding out what happened to Kayla.
That's it.
- I sort of had a coke deal.
- Great.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Where, and with who? Hell's Kitchen.
Some guys, bangers.
You know, I don't know their real names.
Is it possible, that, maybe you told one of them that there was a drunk girl, alone in the park? No, of course not.
There's no way that any of those guys are involved.
Let us decide that.
Coffee? Just made a fresh pot.
No, thanks, Chief, we're good.
So how is your victim doing? She has a concussion, but, no permanent damage.
Shay Landry, 19.
Known her since she was a baby.
- Hmm.
- She lives with her boyfriend, who just left for bootcamp, two weeks ago.
We checked his whereabouts last night? Yes, ma'am.
Knee deep in Georgia mud all day, lights out by 9:00 p.
Okay, did the hospital do a rape kit? They knew what to do there.
I asked them to rush the results.
Any similar assaults in the area? Not since I took over.
It's been six years.
Is it all right if we talk to Shay? Absolutely.
I was walking home, and I heard footsteps.
Before I could turn around, I was out like a light.
When I woke up, I was here with my My pants, on the ground beside me.
Shay, I know it's hard, but, if you need for us to back off.
I just can't believe this happened to me.
Please don't go telling Jim.
No, no, we're not gonna tell anybody, okay, honey? We're just We want to track this guy down.
I'm okay.
I'm gonna try to help you.
You already are.
Do you remember anything? Did he say anything? Did he smell any way? They was coming fast and soft like he was wearing tennis shoes.
I might've smelled cigarettes.
Not menthols.
Okay, that's good.
Just cast your mind around like a net.
If anything comes up.
Next thing, I'm waking up.
I heard Braydon and Buster, joking around, smoking weed.
Braydon and Buster? Local boys.
That's how I knew the guy wasn't from here.
This place he dragged me to, I know it looks deserted, but, it's the hidey hole.
All the kids come here to mess around.
Everyone who lives here knows that.
I told you everything I know.
Yeah, you did, but, there's, there's just some gaps that we'd like your help with.
- Take a seat.
- Okay.
So, Demmy, you told us that your brother came home, around 3:00, right? Yeah, I was kind of asleep.
Is there any chance, that he brought somebody home with him? I don't think so.
- Why? - Well, because, Dustin is insisting, that he has no idea, how that wallet got into his room.
What do you guys think? You got him locked up still.
Is it possible that you, brought somebody home? What? No, I can never do that.
I already told you.
He left early, I had to close myself.
It was late, I took a cab, straight down 9th Avenue.
- I have the Curb receipt.
- That's okay.
Wait, are you saying now you think he didn't do it? This is Rollins.
Demmy, excuse us for a moment.
So we got the DNA from Shay's rape hit.
- We got a hit.
- He's in the system? No, but we entered it into CODIS.
His DNA is on multiple rape kits in over a dozen states.
- How many? - So far 15, going back to 2001.
From when Dustin was, what, seven? He's not our guy.
Our guy is a serial rapist, who's been getting away with it, for the past 20 years.
Oh, it's like the Justice League of America in here.
Good, good, good.
Well, SVU from every borough, plus troopers and detectives, from Missouri to Jersey, and most states in between.
And we're in it until we figure out who this guy is.
No leaves, no weekends.
1PP has signed off, - on all the overtime you need.
- Ah-ha.
So the next time I want their attention, all I need to tell them, is that we're looking for a nationwide serial rapist.
And the perp we had arrested, just got released.
What was his name again? Dustin Tinsley.
The charges were dropped, but he's out.
He's been ROR'd.
Oh, well, let's keep that out of the press.
- Yeah.
- And you're right.
The next headline we want to see is, "NYPD arrests, predatorial serial rapist.
" I know.
- 20 women? - Yeah.
How on earth has he been getting away with this for so long? He hits these small towns, then he moves from state to state with these irregular gaps between assaults.
And he doesn't leave DNA at every scene.
Not everything lands in the national database.
Not everyone enters the MO into ViCAP.
So his mistake was striking here.
And calling us to brag about the rape.
And our Kentucky vic, Shay Landry, she described the same MO, as we've heard from other women, that we've spoken to.
They went out drinking, they were struck from behind, their clothes were folded neatly at the scene.
And as you can see, he follows the interstates.
So we are looking for a mobile offender, a trucker, a traveling salesman.
Did any of these women get a look at the guy? None that we've spoken to so far, but, from the DNA profile, our suspect's Caucasian, Northern European.
And we has his voice from the phone call.
It's a flat, Midland accent.
- We should play it for Kayla.
- Yeah.
Wow I don't understand.
It wasn't Dustin? Well, we're not sure, but, another suspect called, and he knew certain details.
Have you caught him? We actually need your help.
Take a seat.
Now, if you're up to it, we-we'd like to play his call for you.
I seen that arrest on the news.
Y'all done congratulating yourselves? Now, that night, did you talk to anybody that sounded like that? You mean, not from New York.
That's right.
There was a guy, hogging the jukebox, playing country-western.
People were yelling, "Turn it off, cowboy.
" He yelled back, "This is real music.
" If I let you look at this again, you won't tell him? He doesn't need to know.
Thank you.
What's going on with that guy getting handsy? - You see him near Kayla? - No.
My brother thought he was flirting with me.
Set him straight.
He walked out right after that.
And there, that man.
What kind of music was he listening to? Country-western.
Drove Dustin crazy.
You happen to see him near Kayla? All I know, he got run off the jukebox, left a 20 on the bar, walked out.
I didn't see him after that.
Walker Trucking.
Could be our guy.
Okay, so, he's playing country-western music at the jukebox, and nobody, nobody saw Kayla leave with him? No, he left before her.
Can you take the footage back to Dustin and Kayla crossing the street? Look at that.
Same guy.
Waiting outside for her.
- Stalking her? - Can Walker Trucking ID him? Well, we sent them the still, but they've got 6,000 drivers across the U.
Hundreds of them on the interstates near New York that night.
None of these other victims can ID him? Not even a description? No, and we talked to all of them.
And I think we've been talking to the wrong ones.
We've been focusing on completed rapes, assaults with the same MO.
This is survivorship bias.
We need to look outside the pattern.
Rapes that he botched.
Women who got away.
Cases overlooked.
You mean we need to find attempted rapes, near truck stops off interstates over the last 20 years.
Start calling local precincts.
Somewhere, there's a needle in the haystack.
You are certainly not easy to find, Raelynn.
Thank you so much for meeting us.
When I reported six years ago, the cop looked me in the eyes, and told me he had actual rapes, to deal with, before mine.
Because mine was incomplete, they didn't even send me for a rape kit.
I'm sorry about that.
I hear that more often than I should.
Incomplete rape doesn't mean that there was no assault.
Well, since you're here, - I guess you're taking it serious now.
- We are, very.
He did it to someone else, didn't he? Maybe.
Could you walk us through what happened to you? I was unlocking my car in the parking lot of Chellie's Tavern.
I'm hit, on my head, from behind.
Lights out.
When I come to, I'm, behind a dumpster.
My pants are off.
He's unzipping his fly.
I'm sure he didn't expect you to come to, so, what did you do? I start screaming and kicking.
And then his phone rings, and, he covers my mouth with one hand, and answers with the other, and.
I was just waiting, until he wasn't paying attention, I Got away, I just ran.
Wow, that takes an incredible amount of bravery.
So, um, none of this, is in your police report.
Did you, by any chance, see his face? It was dark, um, but, yeah.
Would you be okay to look at some photos? Listen, even if you can't ID him right now, that doesn't mean that we stop looking for the man who did this to you.
You found him, uh.
That's the guy.
That's That's the guy who tried to rape me.
Wes? Wes was his name? I just remembered it.
Um, I could hear his wife, yelling at him over the phone.
Pissed he wasn't home, um, said his daughters were planning a birthday party for him that night.
Are you gonna catch him? Oh, you just made this a whole lot easier for us.
There we go.
Hey, Rollins, what do you got? Five drivers with Wesley in their name, but only one with that birthdate.
Aaron Wesley Parker.
He's been at the company since 2001.
Tell me that his driving route syncs up.
Yeah, the dates and locations of his routes match up with the dates and locations of the most recent assaults.
Where is he now? The company said he took the week off.
I'll text you his home address.
It's outside of Reading, Pennsylvania.
Okay, alert local PD, state troopers, and have Carisi call Reading, - and get a warrant.
- Got you.
I guess we're turning back.
How far? Just put the lights on.
NYPD? I don't understand.
- What did Wesley do? - Where is your husband, - Mrs.
Parker? - He's not home.
You know where he is? The house is clear.
Garage and shed.
Yeah, I told you that, is he in trouble? How long have the two of you been married? 22 years.
I don't understand this.
When he's been on the road for weeks, he likes to blow off a little steam.
Drink, gamble, nothing illegal.
I mean, except for speeding tickets.
This is not about speeding tickets.
And when is the last time you saw your husband? After supper.
He was wearing his lucky shirt.
He told me not to wait up.
When he gambles, where does he go? Captain, Sergeant, that was quick.
You located Wesley Parker? My guys are with casino security.
They have eyes on him.
- Okay.
- He's playing the slots.
- Ready to move in on your go ahead.
- Hold off, we want to get him talking first.
Once he's arrested, he'll lawyer up right away.
Thank you.
I got him.
Is this free? Knock yourself out.
Maybe, uh, you'll bring me luck.
That's why I like the slots, because, it's all about being lucky.
No strategy.
Oh, sure there is, sweetheart.
Strategy is patience.
Uh, I will have, what he's having.
All right, that's a Kentucky bourbon.
- Nothing better.
- You're from Kentucky.
I lived there for a while.
Now I drive out of Reading.
Yes, ma'am.
How about you? Oh, I'm here visiting family, but, I live in New York now.
Oh, that's a big city girl.
It's not as bad as everyone says.
Have you ever been? Uh, as a matter of fact I was just up there last week.
And you didn't call? You know, I gotta say that I hate driving there, between uh, the bikes, and the cabs.
Oh, please, not to mention the weather.
Rain, rain, rain, rain.
No kidding I-I, I got caught in a storm.
Last Tuesday, the nor'easter.
Yup, yeah.
I got soaked.
No umbrella.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, something about you is familiar.
What did you say that you do up in New York? I didn't, I didn't.
How would you feel about going back? - No, no time soon.
- No? No.
See, that's where you're wrong, Aaron Wesley Parker.
- Are you kidding me? - Stand up.
Put your hands behind your back.
- Huh? - And turn around now.
Son of a bitch, you know what? I knew, - I knew.
- Did you? You're under arrest for 26 rapes and counting.
And like you said, sweetheart Patience Is a good strategy.
Get him out of here.
Counselor, detective.
- Chief.
- You seen this? Yeah, we just heard.
"NYPD arrests suspect in 26 rapes across the US.
" - Finally.
- Yeah.
Finally the NYPD is trending for something good, right? Yeah, and Captain called, they're on their way back.
Oh, that's great.
Great, great work.
Lot of eyes on you.
Don't drop the ball.
You don't look happy.
You don't think you can make the case? You mean after we already arrested a suspect, who had the victim's wallet in his bedroom? - But we know he's not good for it.
- Yeah, I know that, and you know that, but here's the problem, our serial rapist's DNA is not in her rape kit, and Dustin's is.
He admitted to kissing Kayla.
Well, unless we can explain, how her wallet got in his room, the jury would have to be blind, not to see reasonable doubt.
If Dustin had an explanation for that wallet, he would've given it to us by now.
Maybe Demmy knows more than she's telling us.
Detective Rollins.
Thank you.
I'm on my way.
Hey, what happened here? A 911 call from the neighbors, hearing screams.
We found the girl naked on the bathroom floor.
She got beaten up pretty bad.
Hey, Demmy, who, who did this to you? Nothing happened.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
No, honey.
- Hey.
- Long drive, how you doing? How is she doing? She's pretty banged up, - sexually assaulted.
- Jesus, by who? She's not saying, but, she agreed to a rape kit.
- So she knows who did this.
- Yeah.
Jesus, Demmy.
Can you tell us what happened? Doesn't matter.
The neighbors said they heard a fight.
Why should I talk to you? You're the one who let him go.
Him? Dustin did this to you, huh? He found out that you framed him? 'Cause we're pretty sure that, you're the one that planted that wallet in his room.
What we can't figure out is why.
What difference does it make? Because now, Demmy, Dustin's not going to prison for raping Kayla.
So, if that was your plan, it's not gonna work.
And whatever is going on between the two of you, is not gonna stop, honey.
Unless you talk to us.
You can start with the wallet.
How'd you find it? I Had seen Dustin, on the street with Kayla.
I had a bad feeling.
After I closed up, I walked into the park.
I guess I was trying to find Dustin, but, I found the wallet.
I looked around.
I saw Kayla.
I thought she was dead.
I panicked, ran out, took a cab home.
And what did you think had happened? I thought Dustin had done something to her.
- I know how he gets.
- And you didn't call the cops? No, because then he'd know it was me.
I put the wallet in his room, and went to sleep.
Okay, so You wanted to make sure, that Dustin got implicated in Kayla's rape.
I thought he did it.
I thought he did it, because he, always gets what he wants.
He always has.
Tell us more about that.
He's always treated me like, I'm his beck and call girl.
Thing to use and toss.
I just wanted him out of my life.
I wanted to be free.
Hey, Demmy, when did this first start happening? I was 12, maybe.
When he first started coming into my room.
Did you tell anyone? Your parents? No.
They couldn't help me.
They had their own problems.
So Dustin's been raping his sister for over a decade.
That's why she planted the wallet.
You're not gonna charge her.
No, of course not.
Fin pick Dustin up? Oh, outside his bar, dealing drugs.
He's in holding, waiting for his lawyer.
And our serial rapist, Wesley, hasn't lawyered up yet? Well, apparently, he's cooperating.
You all did a lot of work here.
You did a lot of the work for us, Wes.
We probably would've never caught you, if you hadn't called us, bragging about raping Kayla from Shay's cell phone, after raping her.
Um, that call could've been anyone.
Oh, we recorded it, Wesley, voice recognition, that's just as good as fingerprints or your DNA.
Which is all over Shay's body.
Don't go looking for no deep waters, - Sarge.
- Deep waters? You want to talk about some deep waters? Let's go there.
Guess what all these women, all of them, have in common.
- Your DNA on every rape kit.
- No.
Even so, it takes strategy, to fly under the radar for so long.
I know you didn't like it when we arrested that other guy.
You wanted the credit, right? Now's your time to shine, and tell people who you really are.
Otherwise, you're just gonna be another little gray man, in a prison jumpsuit.
I took what I wanted, because I could.
It was there.
It was easy.
I moved up and down those highways, and I left not a ripple, in my wake.
Yeah, can you, - tell me more about that? - Okay.
Okay, you all said, that this was being videotaped, right? It is.
Maybe someday, maybe, "Dateline", or Netflix, wants to do a special on me.
Another drug possession charge? - This is getting a little old hat.
- Oh, is it? Well, it's just the start.
We're adding rape and assault to the list.
We're back here again? - I was cleared.
- We're not talking about Kayla Dustin.
Demmy's accusing me? No, she's a liar.
You can't believe a word - that bitch says.
- Hey, that's your sister.
Show some respect.
He doesn't know the meaning of the word, Counselor.
Can we clarify a minute? Are you suggesting my client, raped, and assaulted his own sister? Would you like to answer that question, Dustin? And before you do, know that we have your DNA on the rape kit.
Maybe she planted that, - like the wallet.
- Did she beat herself up too? What's going on here? What is going on? Your client, has been raping his sister, since she was 12 years old.
First of all, it's not rape.
She and I, we Raised each other, on our own.
We needed each other.
- She wanted it.
- Dustin, stop talking now.
- She started it.
- She wanted it? - She wanted it.
- I can't listen to this.
Walk your client through his options.
There aren't many.
I'm Chief Thomas McGrath, and I am pleased to announce, NYPD has apprehended Aaron Wesley Parker, a suspect, in the Central Park sex assault.
SVU's Captain Benson made the arrest, so I'll let her fill in the details.
Thank you, Chief.
In the course of our investigation, Manhattan SVU discovered evidence, that implicated Aaron Wesley Parker, in over two dozen rapes, across our nation, in the past 20 years.
I guess McGrath got his win.
We all did.
Large part to the hard work and cooperation of law enforcement officers nationwide.
So, we all share in this victory.
Thank you.
You know, actually, one more thing.
None of this would've been possible, without the dedication, and experience, of SVU Sergeant Odafin Tutuola, and Detective Amanda Rollins.

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