Law & Order Special Victims Unit s25e03 Episode Script

The Punch List

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses
are considered
especially heinous.
In New York City, the
dedicated detectives
who investigate
these vicious felonies
are members of an elite squad
known as the
Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
- Morning, hon.
- Mm, morning.
How'd you sleep?
Oh, I dreamt about
the renovation.
What do you think
about celadon?
For the tile
in the guest bathroom?
I mean, at first I was thinking,
you know, maybe that's too much.
But then I thought, you know,
it might be a nice match
for those neutral curtains
that Lydia helped me pick out.
Do you think that's too much?
Whatever you think is best, hon.
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe the celadon is wrong.
I need to see it in person.
Oh, you know, maybe you could
just swing by the
showroom in Soho
and pick up the
tile samples for me.
Oh, come on, hon.
Look, I know that this
renovation is dragging on,
but we're gonna have
to live with this
for the rest of our lives.
I'll try my best, but, uh,
I-I did tell you that Andy's
in town tonight, right?
- No.
- Well, I thought I did.
- I'm taking him out.
- Oh, yeah?
What, are you gonna celebrate
his divorce?
No, the guy's upset.
All right.
Well, you two
behave yourselves.
I just have two requests,
pick up the tile samples
and do not wake me up
when you get home.
- Mwah.
Good morning, Dr. Ray.
- Good morning, Dr. Ray.
- Good morning, Doctor.
Good morning, ladies.
Dr. Goldberg is the one
that did my lip filler.
You can hardly tell.
But $1,500 per syringe
is a little expensive.
We can work with you.
Isn't that right, Dr. Goldberg?
But at the end of the day,
you are the one
that has to look in the mirror.
It is your face.
- I'll be back with your receipt.
- OK.
My friend from med school
is coming into town tonight.
Is it that silver fox?
- What's his name?
- Andy.
Yeah, that's the one.
We met him at that
conference in Tempe.
Well, he just got divorced.
Are you trying to set me up?
He's my age.
I just need a cool
place to take him, and
Well, I was thinking that
- You'd ask me?
- Yeah.
You're cool, aren't you?
Let me see what I can do.
You're all set.
I got you on the
list at Galapagos.
- Galapagos?
- It's a club.
I'll text you the address.
What do you think
of this jacket?
It depends.
Are you trying to be ironic,
or not?
Hello, gorgeous.
Nice to see you again.
- Yeah, you too.
- You're early.
Yeah, about that, um,
I'm sorry about tonight.
I'm not gonna be able
to make it.
I just made a reservation.
Something came up.
What, within
the last few hours?
- Or did you get a better offer?
- No.
- Are you mad?
- No.
Hey, I got to go.
- But hey, Ray, next time.
- OK.
Hey, honey.
Did you get to the showroom
for those tile samples?
No, but I
I will.
- I was headed there now.
- Good.
Are you still going
out with Andy?
- Wow!
- Yeah.
- OK.
Well, hey, listen,
just leave the tiles
on the counter
when you get home.
I want to look at them
first thing in the morning.
- OK, I love you.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I'm on the list.
- What's your name?
- Raymond Goldberg.
- Dr. Ray?
- Yeah.
- Anna called.
- Oh.
Got you a big corner table.
VIP section is on the right, OK?
After you. ♪

Dope jacket!
Oh, hey.
Dr. Ray, you have
table service.
Right here?
- Uh, excuse me.
- What?
I think you guys
are at the wrong table.
- What?
- This is my table!
Sorry. Our bad.
We thought it was empty.
I'm sorry.
Actually, you know what?
I'm not expecting anyone.
- We can share.
- Yeah?
Yeah, by friend Andy
canceled on me, so
- Dope.
- Dope.
So what are you guys drinking?
- Vodka.
- All right.
How about we order
a bottle of vodka?
- Sick.
- Sick.

Officer Gomez.
Captain, my sergeant told me
I was being assigned up here.
I assume you had something
to do with that.
- Uh, I asked for you.
- Why?
Because I think
you have the potential
to be a good officer.
- Just not yet.
- You're green, Gomez.
We all started there,
but things are much
more complicated
than just right and wrong.
Come on.
Let's find you a spot.

What are you doing
to find my daughter?
Where's Maddie?

Staring at that board
is not gonna bring Maddie back.
I got to be
missing something.
What do the Feds say?
They say that they have
no drifters on their radar,
and this George-from-Canada guy
just popped up from nowhere.
Well, at the very least,
Well, if you want, Captain,
I can take another
run at Amtrak,
- maybe even Greyhound.
- OK.
A walk-in wants
to talk to somebody.
Send her in.
- Right over here.
- Hi. I'm Captain Benson.
Can I help you?
- I want to report a rape.
- OK.
Can you tell me what happened?
It was last night.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was on a job.
A job?
As an escort.
No one's gonna judge you here.
Well, first things first.
How about we get
you to a hospital
and get a rape kit done?
I wasn't raped.
I'm the rapist.


she confessed to rape.
Should we put her
in interrogation?
Or the conference room?
Seems to be a
little perp confusion.
There's no confusion, guys.
Look at her.
She's 95 pounds soaking wet.
Let's talk to her
in the conference room.
I got an outcall, 2:00 a.m.
Showed up to the address,
and there were
these two guys there.
White, kind of goofy-looking,
but they were high.
But, they paid cash up front,
so I thought
everything was fine.
Then you had sex with them?
They were polite, used condoms.
Tess, you told us
that you raped somebody?
I was on my way out
when I passed this other room.
There was this
older guy in there,
looked like he didn't belong.
What do you mean?
Looked like my dad.
Then what happened?
These young guys,
they said they wanted to
treat him to the
night of his life.
He looked high, too.
And I saw those pills,
the kind you get at a bodega
for erectile dysfunction.
So he was, like,
ready to go.
I just didn't feel
right about it.
OK, so they wanted to give him,
the night of his life,
by having sex with you.
They took out more cash, but,
I told them I didn't
want their money.
I mean, he was incapacitated,
just lying there,
totally out of it.
And then what?
One of the guys
Put a gun to the
back of my head.
I did what they told me to.
OK, Tess?
Tess, you didn't rape anyone.
You were raped.
Oh, I'm so
I'm so sorry.
I have to take this.
Will you excuse me?
Mrs. Flynn.
I am so sorry.
I am on my way.
- What's going on, Liv?
- I have to go.
You're driving.
Eileen, I got here
as quick as I could.
I-it's Peter, my husband.
What happened?
I-I found him when I came home.
He was just hanging there,
by his belt around his neck
in Maddie's room, and I
I tried to hold him up
as long as I could so
- so he wouldn't
- I'm so sorry.
- He's in there.
- I'm so sorry.
They're working on him,
but he's still unconscious.
OK, what can I do for you?
- What if he doesn't make it?
- No, no.
You know?
And then I'll have no
no family and no nobody.
I mean, I'll be all alone!
Listen to me.
Listen to me, I'm right here.
And I'm not going anywhere
until we find out more, OK?
But I need you to do something
for me now.
- All right?
- Mm-hmm.
I need you to stay hopeful,

- Sergeant Tutuola.
- Hey, Fin.
Hey, what's up, Liv?
Look, uh,
I'm gonna need some time,
a personal day.
Yeah, OK.
I would ask you about it, but
Well, it's Eileen Flynn,
Maddie's mom.
Her husband tried
to kill himself.
He's going to be OK,
I'm gonna take her home
so she can get some rest.
OK, wow.
All right, take all
the time you need.
I'll hold down the fort.
OK, thanks.
Captain OK?
Yeah, she's got something
she got to take care of.
She won't be back today.
Velasco, Tess give you anything
on these guys?
Name, credit card?
No, but she did have an address.
Who owns this place?
Some retired couple in Sarasota.
They've been trying to sell,
- Interest rates.
- It's been empty for months.
Were you on the
premises last night?
No, why?
What's this about?
This building may
be a crime scene.
It wouldn't be
the first time.
It's Brooklyn.
- Anyone else have that code?
- Just me.
It wouldn't exactly
take a safecracker.
You said this was a crime scene?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Means I don't have to clean it.
Somebody had a hell
of a party in here.
We'll call CSU up here.
Who knows?
Maybe we'll get lucky.
What's this?
Celadon tile samples.
What's that,
some kind of punch list?
Either that or a haiku by
the world's most boring poet.
Hold on.
Velasco, what you got?
No taxi pickups at the address,
but QuikRide did have
a drop-off at 2:00 a.m.
You got a name
on that account?
What do we know about
Dr. Ray Goldberg?
Some kind of dermatologist.
He got a record?
Clean as a dollop
of hand sanitizer.
- Can I help you?
- Are you Dr. Ray Goldberg?
Do I know you?
Sergeant Tutuola,
Manhattan SVU.
This is
Detective Terrence Bruno.
Manhattan SVU?
What's this about?
Burns on your fingers,
right about where that glass
pipe might have touched.
Well, you know, I work
with lasers for a living,
and the ablative ones
get really hot.
Where were you last night?
Picking up her tile samples?
Celadon is nice.
I'm a robin's egg guy myself.
Hey, honey,
is everything all right?
Were you two fighting?
Denise, everything is fine.
W-why are the police here?
We're just canvassing
the neighborhood.
Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
Garbage day tomorrow.
I suggest you let us
help you take out your pails.
I was out with my friend, Andy.
So he can confirm.
Well, I meant to say I was
supposed to go out with Andy.
- And?
- He never showed.
So what happened?
I-I-I went out by myself.
- Where'd you go?
- A few places.
I had more to drink
than I probably should have.
So you blacked out?
Not really.
So you do remember something.
I, uh,
met some guys, and
- It was a hook-up thing?
- What? No.
Two, like, idiot guys.
Like, nerdy, hipster types.
- We ended up drinking together.
- Catch their names?
Like I said,
I didn't know them.
What about this woman?
Do you know her?
She reported a guy
that matches your description
may have been
sexually assaulted last night.
At an address
you took a QuikRide to.
Well, somebody
must have hacked my app.
- Sure as hell wasn't me.
- OK.
Hey, Ray!
Is everything OK?
Look, you know, I appreciate
you guys coming by and all.
And in a way,
I should thank you.
How's that?
You reminded me I should
go cancel my credit cards.
That guy's a bad liar.
Maybe he genuinely
doesn't remember.
Don't worry.
If he was a victim,
we're gonna have
to prove it to him.
So Tess says
she was forced at gunpoint
by two strangers
to rape Dr. Goldberg.
He denies any
recollection of that.
Or the whole night,
for that matter.
At least in front of his wife.
So who do we believe here?
The one victim
we're sure about. Tess.
With Tess's testimony,
I have enough to indict
if I know who I'm indicting.
Well, what about
these two strangers?
Do we have anything on them?
We pulled
Dr. Goldberg's credit cards.
Racked up 12 grand
at the bodega under
the crime scene.
And another couple Gs
in ATM withdrawals.
Bank gave us this.
Yeah, well, there's no signs
of force, all right?
And without actual perps,
we're looking at
the legal equivalent
of a cul-de-sac.
I need Dr. Ray
to ID these two guys.
But he claims
he doesn't remember
anything from last night.
In order to save his marriage.
So how do we get
him to cooperate?
Dr. Goldberg's a victim,
but so is Tess.
Maybe we remind him of that.
Make me the bad guy
if you have to.
Come on.
Dr. Ray.
You again?
Humor us and take a look.
These the guys
you hung out with?
Yeah, I guess so.
Look, I canceled
all my credit cards, all right?
I'm not upset or
hurt in any way.
Well, there's someone who is.
You work with all women.
I love women.
Oh, excuse me, Dr. Ray.
It's myself I have
a problem with.
How would you feel
if one of them
got forced to do something
she didn't want to do?
At gunpoint.
I'd feel devastated, horrible.
Well, feel horrified for her.
That's the woman
you showed me earlier.
She's the one that
says she was forced
to have sex with
you at gunpoint.
She said that these guys
were trying to show you
the time of your life.
Nah, I'd never cheat
on my wife.
We're not saying you did.
See, the thing is, you know,
these overzealous DAs?
This girl, Tess,
she confessed to assaulting you,
in front of a room full of cops.
You know what that is, right?
Rape 1.
I wasn't raped.
It's OK if you're not ready
to admit that to yourself yet.
The problem is,
the DA has a
confession from Tess.
And it's infuriating, but,
- he's out for blood.
- He wants to prosecute.
What can I do?
Help us find the guys
with the gun.
It'll prove her story and get
her off the hook with our DA.
What do you suggest?
We take a stroll through your
credit card history
from last night.
Starting with the bodega.
- Hey, you're back, baby!
- Excuse me?
- You know this guy?
Him and his pals came in
and bought every
scratch-off we had.
Cleaned out
my hard seltzer too.
Not that I'm complaining.
Yeah, we saw
all the empty cans.
Is there a problem, officers?
These guys that came in
with Dr. Ray, you know them?
You ever seen them before?
No, no, I'm sorry.
They weren't
from this neighborhood.
I didn't get a good look
at their faces.
Maybe that did.
You got playback?
You blew through 12 grand
like that.
Can see a watch or a trip
to Vegas, but in this dump?
Your sauerkraut expired
a month ago.
You recognize
these guys, Ray?
Uh, can you pause it?
The shorter one,
had pseudofolliculitis barbae.
- You remember that?
- I'm a dermatologist.
What about the other guy?
Uh, glabellar lines,
yeah, that little vertical
crease between the eyebrows.
These kids have it from staring
at their phones so much.
So where'd you come
in contact with them?
A VIP booth.
What club?
Did you see that guy here
the other night?
he was in the VIP booth.
His age made him stand out, but,
he's a big tipper.
- Seemed pretty chill.
- What about these guys?
Pretty chill?
Don't know them,
but I do know my rights.
What rights are those?
The ones that say I don't
have to talk to oppressors.
OK, uh, Detective Bruno,
I wonder if we looked around
this place for five minutes
how much cocaine we'd find?
Probably enough
to expand our search.
Is that your bag?
- What do you want?
- Their names.
I don't know their names, but
They did buy a round of drinks
before your friend showed up.
Where do you keep your receipts?
Easy, girl.
That's it.
Reese Bailey, have you seen
a dermatologist lately?
- What's this about?
Does the name Dr. Ray Goldberg
mean anything to you?
All righty, folks,
here we are
at St. John the Divine.
I'd like you to pay
special attention
to the west Rose Window
above the entrance,
built to capture the light
of the afternoon
Sorry, everyone.
This tour is cut short.
Uh, I have to finish my spiel.
You have to come with us.
What for?
A little tour you
gave last night.
OK, thank thank you, Doctor.
All right, they're gonna
keep him for 48 hours,
- but he's going to be all right.
- That's great news.
- That's great news, Eileen.
Do you think this is my fault?
Because I blamed
him for losing Maddie?
Eileen, Eileen,
you've had a horrific day.
- You must be exhausted.
- I know.
I can't even sleep
in my own bed.
And I don't want to,
not without him.
Listen to me, the
most important thing
that you do right now is
to take care of yourself.
That's really important.
And I think
I think you need some sleep.
Why don't you lie down?
Come on.
Come on.
You need to rest,
because when your
husband comes home,
he's gonna need your support.
And he is coming home.


Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.

We were all partying.
We were just letting loose.
That's it?
Not for nothing,
I don't think the guy
has the best marriage.
So it sounds like you and Reese
were just being
supportive friends.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we did what he wanted to do.
- And what was that?
He kept saying he wanted
to have the night of his life.
It was his idea
to go to the bodega.
What about Tess?
The escort you guys hired.
Whose idea was that?
You know about her?
We pretty much know
everything, Duvall.
Do I need to call
my stepfather about a lawyer?
It's up to you,
but right now, we're just
having a friendly conversation.
Tess is saying one thing,
but we don't believe
everything that's coming at us.
Hold up, hold up.
That escort said we had a gun?
- Did you?
- No.
- I'm a Democrat.
- Well, maybe it was your pal.
Just so you know,
I wasn't in the room
when that doctor was
getting what he so
obviously needed.
Which was what?
The guy told us
he's been married for 30 years.
Do I need to spell it out?
How did you get
into that apartment,
the one above the bodega?
I don't know.
There's a lot
you don't know, Reese.
Duvall saw the lockbox first.
It was so old, the numbers
had the paint rubbed off.
Only took a few
tries to open it.
I just went with it.
I don't know why
you're after us.
We did that guy a favor.
Ask him.
Trust me, we have.
That doctor approached us.
The guy was on a mission.
We were just along for the ride.
Well, they're idiots,
but at least
they're consistent.
Yeah, at blaming each other.
The way they tell it,
they were just trying
to show Dr. Goldberg
a good time.
You believe that?
I believe
that they believe it.
Which means a jury may, too.
Is there any evidence that
either of these guys owns a gun?
Nope, no priors.
In fact, no connection
at all to Dr. Goldberg.
Just wound up
sitting next to a guy
looking for the
night of his life.
Willing to pay
through the nose for it.
It's looking more and more
like two opportunists
grabbing for the nearest donut.
Dr. Goldberg is
at least somewhat complicit
in this self-immolating
disaster of a night.
Which leaves Tess.
Is it possible
that she's involved?
I mean, how do we know
that she's not
in cahoots with these guys?
Why would she report it?
All right, let's start
with seeing if she
can ID Duvall and Reese.
That's him, the shorter one.
How about the other guy?

That's him.
They looked harmless.
That's OK, Tess.
We understand.
Did that older guy, the doctor,
remember what happened?
He doesn't recall being
sexually assaulted or a gun.
I told you he was high.
We're not doubting you, Tess.
- What kind of trouble am I in?
- None.
You're not in any trouble.
So you'll go
after these guys?
We're trying to.
But, if that doctor
can't back me up
Let us worry about that.
So, Carisi,
do you have a case?
Not a solid one.
Well, something happened
to Tess.
I don't disagree.
And Tess may be a grad student,
but guess what?
She's also a part-time escort.
And that makes it
complicated with the jury.
Which leads us
back to Dr. Goldberg.
How am I gonna prove
this guy's case?
He won't even cooperate
with us, let alone testify.
So what do you need, Counselor?
I need Dr. Goldberg to
remember what happened to him,
and be willing to do
something about it.
What can I get you?
We're on the clock, Ray.
- Where's your wife?
- Denise?
She went to her sister's.
You two talk?
After two detectives
showed up at our door?
Yeah, she blew a gasket.
She says she doesn't know
who I am anymore.
You know, I don't even know
who I am anymore.
What happened to you is not
an easy thing to deal with.
I'm trying to deal with it.
By burying it?
It won't just go away by
pretending it never happened.
Look, I did
what you asked, right?
I pointed out those two guys
in your photo, right?
- Didn't I?
- We need more, Ray.
How much more?
Unless you're willing to testify
against Duvall and Reese,
we don't have
enough to go to trial.
Well, I don't want
those guys to get away with
what they did to Tess,
or me.
Then help us.
I can't shake up
Denise's life any more
than I already have,
I should have just
picked up the tile samples.
Your punch list?
Yeah. Tile samples,
dry cleaners, iron supplements.
It would have been so easy
to just follow the list
that my wife gave me,
instead of screwing
up my entire life.
You were victimized, Ray.
I know it's hard
to come to terms with that.
I didn't want to see
the bright lights of the city.
I wanted to be one of them,
at least for a second.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But look around, man.
You got a nice house.
You got a successful business.
You got a loving wife.
A lot of guys would envy you.
Denise is the love of my life.
She's my everything.
But everyone depends on me.
I take care of the people
I love every day.
Last night, I just wanted
to do something for myself.
You want to do something
for yourself?
Take control of it.
Do what's right.
Help us get justice for Tess.

So Dr. Goldberg
won't testify,
but he agreed
to a controlled meet?
A confession's our cleanest shot
of getting these guys, isn't it?
If Goldberg won't testify,
I'll take what I can get.
Bruno and I had Goldberg call these guys
and say he wanted to apologize
for getting them
picked up by the cops.
They're meeting at
the same club in a few hours.
OK, well,
this guy Goldberg,
he's not exactly
a professional liar.
So walk me through this please.
Bruno and I
will be in the van.
Velasco will cover
from inside the club.
We'll have camera angles
on everything.
If anything goes south,
we're there.
And you think this
doctor can deliver?
From what we heard
on the call,
I think he'll get us there.
- If he doesn't lose his nerve.
- Let's hope not.
This is our best chance
at getting these guys
for holding a gun on Tess.
- My heart is racing.
- I can hear it from here.
Yeah, it's better
than the alternative.
- It means you're alive.
- Yeah, well,
if Denise knew I was here,
she'd kill me.
What'd you tell your
wife about tonight?
That I was going out
with Andy.
Because it worked
so good the first time?
Well, she's pissed at me.
Refuses to come home
from her sister's.
Hey, is there latex
on this tape?
- Why?
- I'm allergic.
How long does anaphylactic
shock usually take?
To kill?
Like, 10, 15 minutes.
- You better hurry up.
- Relax.
There's no latex on the tape.
Either way, you're on.
It's time, Ray.
You survived medical school.
You'll survive this.
I just hope my
marriage survives.

You guys made it.
Yeah, nice way to repay us
for the night of your life.
- Calling the cops?
- Let me clear the air.
Have a seat.
Vodka, right?
That's your drink?
So how about
I order us a bottle?
You got one drink to explain.
I almost got fired, dude.
Why'd you call the cops?
They knocked on my door too.
Well, what did you tell them?
That I had a pretty good time
last night.
Then why the hell are
they asking about a gun?
- The escort?
- Yeah, apparently
that escort, Tess,
she made the complaint.
- That bitch!
- We paid her.
- Like, a lot.
- Yeah, I know. It was my money.
You pissed about
the money, Ray?
No. Look, man.
Like I said, I was just
trying to have some fun.
You got a weird
way of having fun.
Those cops were total dicks.
Yeah, well,
you're one to talk.
What the escort said about
the gun, was that true?
Jeez, dude.
You're making it sound like
we're some kind of
Hold on,
we may have a problem.
Is that Denise?
I thought she was
at her sister's.
What's the move here?
We go in?
No, Velasco's inside.
Give the doctor a minute.
Let's see how this plays out.
- He's been married 30 years.
- So?
So he probably knows how to talk
his way out of trouble by now.

Wife is here.
Don't worry about the gun, Ray.
I have to.
The cops are asking about it.
They showed up
at my medical practice.
Does Ray know yet?
He does now.
- What are you doing?
- Denise, hon
Who are these guys?
I thought you
were out with Andy.
These are friends
of Andy's and mine.
Yeah, hi, I'm Duvall.
This is Reese.
Pleased to meet you,
Mrs. Goldberg.
Wow, you are even more lovely
than Raymond described.
Where's Andy?
In the men's room.
Denise, can I talk to you
for a second?
what's going on in there?
I've got eyes on the doctor,
but it looks like his wife
is about to blow his cover.
You want me to do something?
No, give the doctor
a chance to handle it.
Andy isn't in that
restroom, is he?
Hey, I thought you were
at your sister's.
- How'd you even find me?
- I called your office
and asked Anna where
you and Andy were.
All of our credit cards
have been canceled
because of fraud,
and you neglected
to tell me that?
Honey shh!
You're right, those guys
aren't Andy's friends.
I knew it. I knew it.
Who are they?
I'm undercover.
I'm asking you
to trust me, Denise.
Trust you?
I can't tell you
anything more
for your own protection.
Go home.
Let me finish my work.
we're sleeping in
the same bed tonight.
Dr. Ray just found his swagger.
Let's see if it gets us
an admission on that gun.
Everything OK with the wife?
She has attachment issues,
but, you know, she loves me.
She does whatever I say.
Man, just go home to your wife.
You don't have
to worry about the gun.
Well, the cops seem to be
taking it pretty seriously.
There was no gun!
Then why is the
escort saying that?
It was a starter pistol, man!
- A fake gun.
Just a prank.
That's an admission.
Velasco, we're moving in.

- Cheers, huh?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Duvall Mathis, Reese Bailey!
You're under arrest.
Stand up.
What the hell is this?
Stand up!
Let's go!
Come on.
Denise, I thought
I told you to go home.
I'm waiting for a QuikRide.
Hey, you guys messed with
the wrong dermatologist!
Good job, Ray.
How you feel?
Best night of my life.
But it's over now, huh?
Well, first, we got to get
these guys to take a deal.

I don't even know
why I'm here.
- That gun was fake.
- We've gone over this, Reese.
- It's still a crime.
- A starter pistol?
It's basically
a glorified cap gun.
Do you have any proof
this fake gun even exists?
Yeah, we found it
in Duvall's apartment.
Your accomplice screwed you.
I wasn't holding the gun.
Well, you were in the room.
You were egging your buddy on.
Either way, it's Rape 1.
You get convicted,
that's five years minimum.
- I can't go to prison.
- Well
I can offer you a deal.
You testify against Duvall,
I can offer you attempted rape.
Three years.

- Duvall is my friend.
- Reese.
Right now, I'm your only friend.
Give us a minute.
Rape 1?
Yeah, your client
held the gun.
You know what
we're looking at here.
OK, Dr. Ray doesn't even
remember what happened.
Doesn't matter.
Your other victim, yes,
she's ready to testify.
Her word against his.
Except, Reese just cut a deal.
Well, he can't do that.
Hey, he's willing to testify
that the whole
thing was your idea
The gun, the forcible rape.
We were just trying to show
that doctor a good time.
No, you terrorized
a young woman.
She thought she had
a gun to her head.
We paid her!
Your client might want
to help himself out here
before it's too late.
So both Duvall
and Reese took a plea?
Save taxpayers'
money on a trial.
They'll do real time.
- Thanks to Dr. Goldberg.
- I heard.
I'm almost sorry I missed that.
Gonna run these deals
by the DA.
It's good to have you back, Liv.
It's good to be back.
So you OK?
That vicarious
trauma will get to you.
Anything you need from me?
Uh, not unless you have
a psychology degree.

It was a fake gun?
Yes, Tess.
But that doesn't matter.
It's still rape.
They're both still
gonna do time.
- I could have just walked out of there.
- You didn't know.
You survived.
You did what you had to do.
How's that guy,
the doctor, doing?
I think he's gonna take it easy
on the wild nights from now on.
Tell him thanks for me, OK?


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