Law & Order Special Victims Unit s25e11 Episode Script

Prima Nocta

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses
are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the
dedicated detectives
who investigate these vicious felonies
are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Mommy, Mommy, do another one.
- Put butter on it.
- And syrup.
That would make too big of a mess.
But listen, remember what
I said, not a word to Daddy.
Not a word, right?
- Okay.
- Not a word.
- Not a word.
- I promise.
Sounds like you guys are having
- way too much fun, huh?
- Oh.
Hi, buddy.
Mommy hid the extra pancake
in your briefcase.
She did, did she?
She did, huh?
Today, of all the days.
Probably still warm
if you want it.
Hey, Magda's gonna be here
in a minute.
- You got time for coffee?
- Listen,
I would love to, but the
Bouchard case is over.
I got a mountain of
casework I gotta tackle.
- It's just a busy day.
- Yeah, me too.
Oh, girls, Magda's here.
- Go get your bags.
- Here you go.
- Here, baby.
- Go to your mom.
- Come here, baby.
- There you go.
All right, come on, girls.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Hello.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Magda. How are you?
- Hi, Amanda.
Oh, here's your water bottle, honey.
- Jesse, you got your inhaler?
- Yeah.
You still gonna pick us up today,
- Daddy?
- Yeah, of course.
Mommy deserves
a real first day off.
- Right?
- I'll take care of him.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Bye, girls.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye. Thank you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
It's just that this
weekend was a vacation.
Because you didn't
have papers to grade?
No, with you and the kids.
Let me ask you something, and, uh,
I want you
to be honest with me.
Okay, Counselor.
How long,
after I walk out this door
is it gonna take for you
to start freaking out?
I've only been unemployed
- I mean, since Friday.
- Uh-huh.
And I was bored
being a professor.
How do you think you're
gonna feel being alone all day?
Oh, just in
the deafening silence,
surrounded by
my own life choices?
Pretty good.
Listen, worst comes to worst,
I could always get you a job
as an investigator
in the DA's office.
Oh, the DA's office,
working with you,
so we can be together
all day and all night?
Thanks for the pancakes.

In your eyes, I've found a home.
In your heart,
a furnace of love.
In your body, a willing partner,
ready to navigate all of
life's toughest roads with me.
Jenna, with you,
I've found so much more
than my other half.
I've found a partner,
that makes me twice the man that I am.
With this ring,
I give you everything that I am,
my unwavering support,
and my fidelity,
now and forever more.

Phillip, I
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.

I hear Fordham's
down a professor.
Are you calling to say
I told you so?
No, actually.
I know how hard you've been
working to find yourself.
Is that the answer you wanted?
So are you going crazy yet?
Took me an hour to tune my guitar.
How about lunch?
I think I can fit that
into my schedule.
You hired that IAB captain
who investigated you?
- Gotta be a little awkward.
- You know what?
Uh, it's not at all.
She's actually great.
And Bruno,
isn't he the
whistleblower that sued the force?
Yeah, but he used to
work SVU up in the Bronx.
At least you're not
short staffed anymore.
- Are you trying to say something?
- Hmh.
So the weekend was great.
You know, I gotta hang out
with Carisi and the kids.
But you turned down a tenure
offer at Fordham University
to do what, exactly?
- Captain.
Hey, come in.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- You're not interrupting.
Detective Bruno, this is
my friend Detective Rollins.
- Detective.
- It's nice to meet you.
Thanks for the desk.
Just got a call from a church uptown.
- Church?
- Yeah, seems to be
some kind of runaway bride situation.
Why is this an SVU thing?
Well, according to the unis,
she's locked herself in a room
and doesn't wanna speak
to anyone but us.
Okay. I'll take it, Bruno.
A traumatized bride
locks herself in a room?
You know, I could use
a little help with that.
You asking me to come?
Is that you offering?
Excuse me.
Where can I find the bride?
Bridal dressing room,
this way.
Jenna, I'm confused.
Come on, will you just
come out and talk to me?
- You must be the groom.
- You are?
Step aside, please.
this is Captain Benson from SVU.
I understand that
you wanna talk to someone.
- SVU, what is that?
- Special Victims.
We investigate
sex crimes mostly.
- Sex crimes?
- Jenna?
- Nobody reported a crime.
- Someone did.
- May we come in, please?
- Babe, is everything okay?
No, it's not.
can you tell us
what happened?
I was raped last night,
after the rehearsal dinner.
And where did this assault happen?
At my parents' house.
I was
I was sleeping there
out of tradition.
My bridesmaids and I were
planning to get ready there
in the morning, and then,
at 3:00 in the morning, I
I feel someone climb into bed with me.
He put his hand over my mouth.
Do you have any idea how he got in?
The window was opened.
It was a warm night,
and I left it cracked
to get air.
I don't wanna go out there.
I don't wanna see any family.
You know what?
We can take you out
through the back door, okay?

Where are you taking her?
We're taking her
to Mercy Hospital.
She needs to do a rape kit.
- A rape kit?
- You can ride with us.
I need to ask you
a few questions.
So grab your things,
and let's go.

Am I gonna get
my wedding dress back?
They still need
to check it for residual DNA.
And your nightgown
that you wore last night,
during your attack
- He took it.
- He took it?
Along with the bedding
and the pillow cases.
He threw them out the window
right before he left,
and, when I looked out,
they were gone.
How long does this usually take
to see if his DNA is still on my body?
A few hours.
It's not like I have
anywhere else to be.
Just so I have
the story straight,
you said your assailant
was Black?
But I could barely
see his face.
- He was behind me.
- Okay.
Does anything else come to mind?
Did he say anything?
After he was finished,
he said
"You're going to remember me."
What do you think he meant by that?
I think he was talking
about every day.
Like, for the rest of your life?
For the rest of my marriage.
I felt like he knew
I was getting married.
Are we ready?
All right,
go ahead and lay back.
And we'll start with
your hands, either one.
I'll need to take your rings.
- Is that necessary?
- Just need to be careful.
They'll swab every part of your finger
in case you scratched him
or he touched your hands.
Put my wrists behind my back.
His hands were rough, like
he worked with them for a living.
That's helpful.
You'll stay with me?
Every minute.
Good to see you,
Detective Rollins.

The vic got raped last night
and didn't report it till today?
She had 200 people
coming to her wedding.
She was probably
on automatic pilot
trying to go through with it.
I mean, all that planning?
Maybe it was a revenge type thing,
- you know, jealous ex?
- She said that it was a stranger.
The guy came in
through the guest room window
- at the parents' townhouse.
- What about the groom?
He have any involvement?
He seemed
genuinely shocked to me.
He could have enemies.
Well, if he did,
he hasn't mentioned them yet.
I'll see
what I can get out of him.
What about our professor?
- How's she doing?
- She's. uh
She's with the vic.
It's like she never missed a beat.
Oh, but if she does wanna help
out with this case,
we probably need to
check the paperwork
that she filed on the way out.
You think it's possible she could
actually still be a cop?
It's NYPD, Finn.
I get it.
- I'll have Curry make some calls.
- Okay.
Relatives keep calling
and texting me.
I don't know what to tell them.
I said my vows.
I put on a ring.
Are we even married yet?
Let's figure that out later.
Why wouldn't Jenna
tell me what happened?
My guess is,
she was trying to protect you.
What, like I would blame her?
Any reason she would think that?
I-I don't blame her,
but I'm allowed to be,
like, angry, right?
a sexual assault like this
is bound to bring up emotions
you didn't even know
- you had in you.
- I'm not worried about me.
I'm worried about my wife.
What if this guy
is still out there,
some kind of stalker?
You have any idea of someone
who would wanna hurt her?
What, like a
Like an ex-boyfriend?
I can make a list
if that's helpful.
I just need
to check her computer.
- We share all of our passwords.
- Okay. You two live together?
Yeah, why?
Well, Jenna spent last night
at her parents' house.
Yeah, we were trying
to be traditional
for one night, at least.
Anyone knew she was staying there?
Our families,
the wedding party.
Okay, I'll need that list too.
What'd you do last night?
Uh, we had
the rehearsal dinner.
People got a little drunk,
made funny speeches.
Were any of your groomsmen
a little touchy with Jenna?
No, we were so happy.
Jenna was so happy.
We kept looking
at each other like,
how could we get so lucky?
Who would wanna ruin that?
We were all having fun.
No fights or drama.
Nobody threw a drink,
like at my rehearsal dinner.
Sounds like a good time.
Did you notice
any of the male guests
paying special attention to Jenna?
Brides are supposed
to be the center of attention.
What about the waitstaff,
Didn't get a creep vibe from anybody.
And I'm pretty on point with that.
What about this morning?
Looking back on it,
Jenna was a little removed.
Removed how?
When we were getting ready
to go to the church,
collecting the flowers
and all the last-minute stuff
from her parents' place
to bring with us,
I asked her why the bed was stripped,
and she had almost no expression.
I just chalked it up to her mom,
being anal about laundry
and a case of last-minute
pre-wedding jitters.
Jenna walked up the aisle.
She was smiling,
like nothing was wrong.
Were you at the
rehearsal dinner last night?
Yeah, it was fun.
Did you notice
if any of the male guests
were a little jealous
that she was getting married?
I was pretty wasted.
Anyone seem angry or upset?
Look, every guy there
has known Phillip since high school.
The only thing
any of us are jealous of?
They both found
the love of their lives.
Some of us aren't so lucky.
Do you know how Jenna
got to her parents' house?
Phil drove her.
I bet he's kicking himself now
for not staying the night.
So the only people that knew
that Jenna was staying
at her parents'
were her family
and the wedding party?
No signs of forced entry.
Jenna said she opened
the window to let in fresh air.
It's a quiet street.
We canvassed the neighbors.
Nobody saw or heard anything.
We're still checking traffic cams,
but, so far, no matches
to the man Jenna described.
- Forensics?
- No fingerprints anywhere,
but that doesn't mean anything.
The guy could have worn gloves.
Yeah, still waiting
on DNA from the rape kit.
And there was nothing missing
from her house?
No, this wasn't a burglary.
So no other obvious motives?
Well, other than
the fact that it was
the night before her wedding.
Which could be
totally random.
This doesn't seem
like a crime of opportunity.
So talk to me, Rollins.
So what he said was so specific.
"You're gonna remember me."
It's like he wanted to mark her
for the rest of her marriage.
You think this guy knew
she was getting married?
Jenna seemed to think so.
Whoever he was,
he was certainly paranoid
- about leaving DNA behind.
So are we sure that nobody
had a grudge against her?
We talked to everyone.
No angry exes,
no jealous girlfriends.
So let's start by checking
with wedding vendors.
DNA came back
from Jenna's rape kit.
It's a match to the DNA
to an unsolved assault
in Brooklyn six months ago.
The rape happened the night
before the vic's wedding,
no suspects.
It's not random.
So we are looking
for a serial rapist
who targets brides.
Prima nocta,
droit de seigneur.
English, professor?
It's a medieval rite.
The lord of the castle
can sleep with any
woman under his rule
on the night of her wedding.
Except the guy we're looking for
doesn't exactly sound like a prince.
I'm an ER nurse, I have
experience with rape victims.
I never fully understood
why they didn't fight back,
or scream, until now.
You protected yourself.
So your assault happened
the night before your wedding.
I was staying at my
sister's place in Park Slope.
Who else knew
that you were staying there?
Family, friends,
wedding party,
a few vendors who delivered
last-minute supplies.
Our wedding was pretty DIY.
You said in your initial police report
that he was Black
and of average height.
He was on the heavier side.
Is there anything else
that you remember?
As soon as he was done,
and about to leave,
he doubled back,
stripped the bedding,
took my nightgown,
even the pillowcases.
You did a good job p reserving
what little evidence
you had on yourself.
And your rape kit may be
the only way of solving this.
So he's still out there,
doing this to other women?
Yeah, and we actually believe
that he's targeting
There's one other detail
I didn't tell the police
or my husband.
And what is that?
On his way out, he said,
"You're going to remember me."
Please don't tell Dean.
He was wonderful,
so supportive,
but, it's taken us a long time
to get past this as a couple.
Darcy Hamlin,
her husband, Dean.
Darcy's assault matches
the general pattern of Jenna's.
Yeah, that and a DNA match.
And he said the same phrase
to both women.
We know we're looking
at the same perp.
Somebody who wants
to leave his mark.
All right,
so how do we catch this guy?
What do these couples have
in common beside a wedding?
So far, nothing
where they work live, grew up,
went to school,
no mutual friends.
Still checking vendors,
but so far, no overlap.
See if any of them
were on the sex registry.
I can do that.
Well, actually, you and I have
someplace to be right now.
Doing what?
Think of it as a date.
So is this the department
making me requalify
or you, Finn?
You want your gun back
to work this case or not?
I guess you do.
And after this case?
Listen, I've been unemployed
for one day.
I wouldn't read
too much into it.
Forgive me for asking.
The thing is,
brides are being raped.
I know what it's like to be one.
I know what it's like to be in love.
Speaking of which,
have you litigated all this
with the counselor yet?
I'll tell him tonight.
Marriage is all about
little white lies of
omission, isn't it?
Enough about me.
How's unmarried life?
Phoebe and I have
never been happier.
- I highly recommend it.
So I ran open rape cases
in the last five years
with no DNA on file.
None of the attacks happened
on the night before a wedding.
This guy obviously knows these vics
are less likely to report.
Well, I mean,
weddings are a big deal.
If I ever made it that far,
I'd think twice
before calling it off.
Captain Curry,
some detective from
uptown is here to see you.
How can we help you?
You know, they say gossip
travels at the speed of sound.
My girlfriend
works at a DNA lab.
Must be convenient for rush jobs.
Well, we're getting married
next month,
and she's freaked out.
DNA match between cases,
a pattern rapist of brides.
And you came to us because
your girlfriend's freaked out?
About a year ago,
I go on a call
A woman that was
getting married that night
at the Park Milano Hotel.
What'd this woman say?
She asked what would it entail
if she was to report a rape.
- And?
- And I walked her through it.
And I guess
she changed her mind.
She said nothing happened,
and she was sorry for wasting my time.
Please tell me
you kept the logbook.

- Can I help you?
- Mrs. Richards?
- Yes?
- Hi, I'm Captain Benson.
And this is Sergeant Tutuola,
from Manhattan NYPD.
- What is this about?
- Bree? What's going on?
They're police from Manhattan.
- Manhattan?
- Yeah.
So you were married on the
Upper East Side last March?
Yeah, what about it?
Well, there was a robbery
at the Park Milano.
Same night of your wedding.
So we're just
talking to everyone
who had an event there.
I didn't hear anything about
a robbery when we stayed there.
It was really chill.
Well, uh, sorry
for the interruption,
but, if anything
does come to mind,
um, do give us a call.
Thank you, good night.

Is there anything at all,
anything that connects
Jenna and Darcy's cases?
They both used
totally different vendors.
No registered
sex offenders worked
for either of the companies.
The only common denominator
is, the attack
happened the night
before the wedding.
And the perp knew
that the bride-to-be
- would be sleeping alone.
- And where.
Yeah, like
Breena Richards' case.
Somehow he knew
what hotel she'd be at.
TUTUOLA: But it doesn't matter.
No police report filed,
no case.
So we've gotta be
missing something.
Jenna said that her attacker
had rough hands.
So we know we're not looking
for a wedding planner.
Or a photographer.
Mrs. Richards.
Can I talk to you,
- um, in private?
- Yes, of course.
My husband doesn't know.
That Joseph
is not his biologically?
I did a DNA test when
he was about a month old.
Frank didn't even question.
He was so happy
when Joseph was born.
He said the baby
looked like my father.
You never told him
about the rape?
I thought he wouldn't
love me anymore
that he'd think I was
- Broken, damaged.
- You're not damaged.
You survived.
Believe me,
it wasn't easy to.
you showed up at my door
because he's done this again.
Two other women,
that we know of.
So if there's anything
that you remember
that you can share with us,
we'd be so grateful.
He was Black, a big guy.
How did he get into your hotel room?
Frank and I stayed in separate rooms,
you know, tradition.
I heard a knock.
I thought it was Frank, that he
couldn't spend the night apart.
I opened the door,
and this guy just
pushed his way in, and
And then
Did he say anything?
He said,
"You're gonna remember me."
Then he put the bedding
in a bag he brought with him,
not that I could sleep
that night anyway.
So you called the police
the next morning?
I thought it was
the responsible thing to do.
And then the officer explained to me
that I would have
to go to the hospital,
that I'd have to give a statement,
and that it could take hours.
You never filed a police report?
The thought of disappointing
all those people
who had flown in
my parents, my grandparents
So you went through
with the wedding.
And I don't regret it.
I don't regret a thing,
especially Joseph.

Uh, there is one thing.
My husband and I
were trying to save money.
I could have sworn I saw this guy
at the flower wholesaler.
We're gonna need
the name of that wholesaler.
Yeah, that's from here.
There's a couple got married
at the Park Milano last March.
Mixed race, 30s,
Breena and Frank Richards.
I'd have to check the records.
Anyone else
have access to your records?
Maybe a delivery guy?
We're wholesalers.
We don't do deliveries.
Half the flower shops in the city
buy from us at a discount,
but they bring their own vans.
How about something more DIY?
Well, there's a maintenance
guy that will help out
from time to time for
a big enough order.
You mean for a big enough tip.
You think you can
introduce us to this guy?
Leon Wallace is his name.
He was just here.
Leon, cops wanna talk to you.
Mr. Wallace,
you got a minute?

Mr. Wallace?
I'm a little hard of hearing.
Well, we'll try
and talk loudly.
My manager doesn't like
me taking personal time.
We're pretty busy today.
Well, we appreciate
you talking to us.
So you gonna tell me
what this is about?
We're investigating
a series of robberies.
All the victims bought an
unusually large amount of flowers
from this wholesaler.
I don't interact
with the customers.
I just keep the place clean.
This was a couple staying
at the Park Milano Hotel
the night before their wedding.
They had two rooms,
March 6, 2023.
You expect me to remember
what I was doing last year?
Okay, how about last Monday?
Another wedding.
Yeah, not too many people
get hitched on a weekday.
Why we thought
you might have remembered it.
What I do remember,
Monday is my one day off.
- Market's closed.
- Okay.
And the night before,
where did you go?
I was home with Mrs. Pritchard.
Mrs. Pritchard?
Lady I rent a room from.
She's like a grandmother to me.
So, she can confirm
where you were Sunday night?
We were on the couch,
watching her stories together.

Leon has been
a godsend to me.
He says he thinks of you
as a grandmother.
He's a lot more thoughtful
than my own grandkids,
that's for damn sure.
Can you tell us
where Leon was on Sunday?
At home with me.
I made bucket of popcorn,
and we watched my stories.
You know, I feel sorry for him.
Sorry enough to lie for him?
I don't lie for nobody.
If we could check
your phone, Mrs. Pritchard.
Sure, check away.
Whatever you think he did,
you're wrong.
Leon is the gentlest soul
I've ever met.
That's all right.
We trust you.
Okay, just so I can make
it good with my captain,
is it okay
if we check his room?
you're not gonna find anything.
He cleans up after himself.
But if you must, you must.
Come on, it's downstairs.

Well, you're right.
Leon respects your house enough
to take care of it.
If you're thinking about
taking that brush, I wouldn't.
I'm just looking around.
Well, there's no love
lost for my grandkids,
but the eldest girl,
the only smart one in
the bunch, is a lawyer.
One call.
We're gonna get out
of your way, Miss Pritchard.
Thank you so much for your time.

So did you make this
flower wholesaler employee?
Our main suspect for the bridal rapes.
Guy's got motive, opportunity,
and a manufactured alibi.
Well, no offense to
your investigative instincts,
Detective, but did you get
anything solid,
that places him in
any of these scenes
GPS, traffic cams,
security cams, anything?
Unfortunately, no.
So, we don't have
any actual evidence.
But we do have two rape kits
with matching DNA.
We did make a play
for abandoned DNA.
- And?
- We got outplayed
by a retired burlesque dancer.
So we could use a court order
for Leon's DNA.
I wouldn't count on it.
Well, it turns out,
that Jenna and Darcy's florists
got their flowers from
the exact same wholesaler.
- Okay.
- But neither of them
could pick Leon Wallace
out of a photo array.
Well, Breena probably could.
But she's made it
abundantly clear
that she will not
be cooperating with us
because she doesn't
wanna break up her marriage.
In that case,
my wife is right.
I mean, if you don't have
probable cause for an arrest,
then getting a court order
for DNA is a non-starter.
- So how do we get this guy?
- Well
His first assault
As far as we know.
Okay, Counselor,
you're right, as far as we know.
Breena, she shopped for flowers
at the same wholesaler
where Leon works.
It's how she recognized him.
The manager says
Leon sometimes helps out
with the big orders for extra cash.
So what, he overhears
the hotel room number and
My guess is he got it off
the carbon paper of the order forms.
He gets a taste.
So what's he after here?
Power? Control?
He wants to ruin someone's happiness.

So I think the play here
is to give him an opportunity
to find that feeling again.
Not me.
Phoebe's not gonna be
too thrilled about me
getting pretend married.
Well, there are
two other people in the room
that wouldn't have to pretend.

So this is all very last minute.
Last second, honey.
We're actually getting married tomorrow.
Oh, well, we're used to rush
jobs, so whatever you need.
we don't have a florist.
We're just kind of
doing it ourselves.
- What are you thinking?
- Hey, whatever the boss wants.
Oh, hydrangeas.
Or maybe
Oh, roses,
dozens and dozens of roses
maybe Cherokee roses.
That's the Georgia State flower
for my mother.
Well, we might have
to order those special.
- What is my budget, honey?
- For you?
- Sky's the limit.
Ah, okay.
Then I'll go take a look around.
Take your time.
Hey, you got anybody
that does deliveries?
No, we're wholesalers.
We usually sell
directly to the florist,
and they have their own trucks.
Let's cut out the middleman.
Come on, I'll pay you extra.
- Come on. Come on.
- Hey, Leon.
I got a job for you.
So, listen, we're gonna
sleep apart tonight.
Ah, you're a gentlemen.
And I want you to surprise
my bride-to-be
with all the hydrangeas
and the flowers she wants.
Let me know,
whatever you need.
What time you need them delivered?
Any time before 10:00.
let me give you my address.
- Great.
- Not a problem.
- What are y'all talking about?
- Nothing
Just a little surprise for you.
- Ah. For me?
- Mm-hmm.
Mm. He's a keeper, huh?

You ready for this?
Are you?
I'll be wearing a wire,
and you'll be right outside
in the van.
Okay, just a word of caution.
This guy's onto us, okay?
Well, after being questioned
by two cops, I would think so.
You got this spark in your eye.
I haven't seen it
since you left SVU.
Yeah, it's been a long time.
I am kind of excited about this.
I'll be right outside.

I bet he makes his delivery,
then tries to circle back at 3:00 a.m.
Like all his other rapes,
his MO.
The only problem is,
this guy knows we're on to him.
Well, I got a uni
stationed up the block.
If he runs,
we pull his ass over.
- She's all set.
- Check her wire.
Rollins, can you hear us?
Pouring myself a drink.
Carisi could use one out here.

This guy is cagey.
Yeah, wouldn't you be?
He doesn't wanna get
his DNA on the boxes.
That's why he took all the bedding
after he raped Jenna,
Darcy, and Breena.
Yeah, well, let's hope
he pricks his finger
on one of these roses,
bleeds all over the floor.
Ought to be enough DNA from that.
My guess,
we'll be here all night
waiting on him to come back
and climb through a window.
Rollins, coming to you.
Are you really gonna
make me carry those inside?
I don't normally do deliveries.
I just got my nails done
for the big day tomorrow.
I'd hate to ruin them.
Just right there.
Thank you.
There you go.
Hey, can I get you a drink?
I really shouldn't.
Just one drink.
To my last night of freedom.
What the hell is she doing?
- Her job, Counselor.
- Yeah, well, I'm doing mine,
and this is starting to feel
uncomfortably close to entrapment.
As long as he takes
that drink, we got him.
You can have a sip.
Tomorrow, I am gonna be married
for the rest of my life.
That's a pretty long time.
But tonight,
I guess I'm still single.
I'm good.
- That's it. I'm going in.
Hey, give her a chance.
Carisi, what the hell are you doing?
Come on, Amanda, pick up.
Hold on.
Wait, wait, he's coming out.

We got enough
to arrest this guy?
All right, I want unmarkeds
following this guy
for the next 24 hours.
Copy that.
Rollins, you okay?
Amanda, answer me.
Guys, we got him.
He just left.
Get CSU down here
with the swab kit.

- I want a lawyer.
- We'll get you one.
Not that it's gonna help you much.
So the DNA was a match?
All three of our cases.
But Mr. Wallace wants to wait
for his lawyer.
Well, escort him to the holding cell.
- Rollins okay?
- She's fine.
Carisi drove her home.
Well, it sounds like
she hasn't lost the touch.
Yeah, she got the guy's DNA
under her fingertips
and on the rim of a glass
Enough for CSU to
process and make a case.
I'll call the victims,
and as soon as his lawyer gets here,
I want Wallace in a lineup.
I told you already, I didn't
get a good look at his face.
Memory is elusive,
but it can come back,
especially when
there's a visual cue.
So all I'm asking,
if you could just
do your best.
Are we ready?
Now, there's gonna be six guys
standing behind the glass.
Now, just remember, they can't
hear you, they can't see you.
We have nothing to worry about.
Yeah, you'll be fine.
Just look at them all carefully,
see if you recognize
the man who attacked you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ready?
You can take your time.
As much as you need.

N-number four, I think.
- She thinks?
- I saw his silhouette
as he was leaving.
You're gonna need a lot more
than that, Counselor.
Rollins said
that you heard his voice.
You mean your wife,
the detective who arrested my client?
Just because my involvement in
the investigatory stage of this case
precludes me from
being able to prosecute,
that doesn't mean I'm
not gonna see it through.
do you remember
what he said to you?

You're gonna remember me.
- That wasn't him.
You're going to remember me.
Mm, no.
Not him.
You're going to remember me.
T-th-that was him.
That was his voice.
Are you sure?
I'll never forget.
I'm gonna need some time
with my client.
Great job, Jenna.
I'll walk you out.

Do you think this will go to trial?
With all the evidence
we have and your voice ID,
I seriously doubt it.
By the way, I like your haircut.
- I needed a fresh start.
- Yeah.
Well, it suits you.
So how are you doing?
- It's been a lot.
- Yeah.
Calling all the wedding
guests and my family
- Mm.
- I didn't go into detail,
but, they needed to hear
I still love Phillip.
Captain Benson?
- Breena.
- Thank you for everything.
- Bye.
- Take care.
I heard you arrested someone.
Is she another one of his victims?
You know, she made a
A voice ID, but
Unfortunately, she didn't
get a good look at his face.
I did.
That's why I'm here.
So you're willing to file a
police report, and make a
Make a visual ID?
I wanna help with this case,
any way I can.
Well, that is great news.
Come on.

We have your client's DNA
on three separate rapes.
One in Brooklyn,
two in Manhattan.
Plus the voice ID,
and now we got
Breena's corporeal ID.
All right,
so what are you offering?
I just talked to the
Kings County prosecutor
and he wants 40 years
for the Brooklyn rape alone.
How old are you, Leon?
- 36, ma'am.
- 40 years?
We might as well
roll the dice at trial.
He gets convicted, though
In front of
the right kind of judge
He'd be looking at 100 years.
I'd die in prison?
So, Leon,
how much of a gambler are you?
given what you did.
I'm not a bad person.
You set out,
in a premeditated fashion,
to ruin the best day
of these people's lives.
- Leon!
I don't know, ma'am!
I guess I just got tired
from waiting for my own
best day.

Leon's lawyer
agreed to the deal.
Now I just gotta get the
Kings County DA to sign off.
Great work, Carisi.
Nah, it was Rollins.
Yeah, gotta be honest,
it was good to have her back.
I may have been a little worried.
Well, what can I tell you,
You married a wildcard.
That's kind of what I love about her.
And I guess if she wanted
to come back to SVU, I'd
I'd figure out a way
to be okay with it.
You know, I think
That she's looking for something new.
I have something
that belonged to you.
I think Bruno was getting
a little creeped out by it.
Unless, of course, you left it
on your old desk for a reason.
Like the earring I left
on Carisi's nightstand
after our first date?
Maybe an excuse to come back?
So are you saying you
don't want me back?
Amanda, even if I did,
I don't have a desk for you.
Yeah, I noticed that.
It's just my luck.
I'm finally available,
and, you're not understaffed anymore.
This is not about you
fitting into the squad room.
This is about where
you belong in your life.
You were unemployed for one day.
- I couldn't handle the boredom.
- Exactly.
And I don't want SVU
to be your safety net.
How about you take some time,
and figure out what
What makes you happy?
You of all people know,
how hard that is for me.
Yeah, I also know
how hard you've been working
on confronting your demons,
for healing.
Well, the truth of the matter is, Liv,
I have a little more work to do.
You and me both.


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