Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Man With No Identity

1 In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Three months ago, Mr.
Wheatley was apprehended and charged with multiple RICO counts, including money laundering, embezzlement, drug trafficking, and assault, crimes that could have led to a minimum of 25 years behind bars.
Today, a judge will rule whether Richard Wheatley will receive a reduced sentence for his substantial cooperation with federal authorities on several ongoing investigations.
Your Honor, the U.
Attorney's Office is profoundly indebted to Richard Wheatley for the information he's provided, the proffers he's participated in, and the doors he's opened, and the light he shined into some of the darkest corners of the criminal underworld.
Didn't I tell you, baby? Didn't I tell you? Congratulations, Mr.
All charges dismissed.
That's a beautiful thing.
Thank your boss for me.
Vince will be pleased.
It's well deserved.
It's a pleasure doing business with you and your team a life-changing, soul-cleansing, redemptive pleasure.
- We hope it doesn't end here.
- I'm determined that it won't.
Tell Vince I'm making plans.
I intend to do more good than anyone ever imagined that I could do.
I plan to make myself the worst enemy of every criminal organization on the face of this earth.
What happens now? They move you back to Rikers to await trial on the one outstanding murder charge.
Hey, where's your boyfriend Stabler? [INTENSE MUSIC.]
See any harbor cops around? - Nope.
- Yeah.
That's 'cause I made sure there wouldn't be any.
Let's move.
Oh, what the hell? All right, I got this.
Guys, what's the problem? All right, we're cleared here.
No problem, we just need to inspect the container.
What the ? [GUNSHOT.]
Go! Down! Down! Everybody down! [POLICE SHOUTING.]
- Show me your hands! - Get down on your knees! You! Down on your knees! - Don't move! - Come on out of there! - Come out, out of this truck! - Come on! All right, move it! [TENSE MUSIC.]
How the hell did this happen? We had everything prearranged with the CBP unit.
You're not here to ask questions, Ayanna.
You're here to answer them.
What exactly is your strategy here, Sergeant? Surely it wasn't to get your undercover arrested as a cocaine smuggler.
Nobody was supposed to be arrested, Chief Kilpatrick.
Were you expecting that the harbor unit would not notice that an entire container crate had gone missing? This operation had been underway for 2 1/2 months.
We knew the Kosta Organization would be receiving a large shipment of cocaine last night.
And we fully coordinated with Harbor Patrol.
Unfortunately, Sergeant Bell, a narcotics task force has been tracking dozens of shipments of cocaine across the supply chain from Colombia.
And nobody was coordinating with us.
Sergeant Brewster.
So you had my undercover arrested? - Sergeant Bell - No.
That was a patrol unit responding to a call for help.
We're on top of a much bigger load that's headed into New York/New Jersey.
But your drugs had to have come from the same cartel.
Weren't you two both on the same team in narco? We were supposed to be.
Sergeant Brewster was my commanding officer when I was a narco detective.
Congratulations on the promotion, by the way.
Save it, Brewster.
What we want to know, Sergeant, is whether this undercover operation of yours is getting anywhere.
What are we looking at? How many more months? How many more shootouts in broad daylight on the streets of New York? How many more dead bodies floating up in the East River before you're ready to move on these Albanian gangsters? My UC is definitely making headway.
He's cultivating a relationship with Reggie Bogdani, one of the Kosta Organization's mid-level lieutenants.
I'm telling you, I had harbor patrol in my pocket.
Those cops, they were suspect.
Hey, Eddie, don't you think those cops were funky? Show me a cop that ain't funky, Reggie.
They're working for someone.
Wagner, you're up.
Eddie Wagner.
What's his deal, Reggie? What's he gonna tell them? Nothing.
Eddie's good, all right? He's done a few jobs for me before.
He's infamous, trust me.
Back in the day, they would call him Eddie Ashes.
All right, cameras are off.
We got ten minutes.
What happened? Someone talked somewhere.
I don't think it was just some harbor cops who just were in the right place at the right time.
- What did you see? - Plenty of nothing.
But my man Reggie Bogdani, he think it's four rogue cops.
Because? Because the Harbor Patrol guys on duty were well-greased.
They were supposed to let that shipment through.
And you agree with Reggie? I yeah.
But I tell you what, we're not dealing with just four yahoos.
They were well organized.
This was choreographed.
Okay, so how does this shake out for you now? It's disruptive.
It makes the Albanians paranoid.
Which makes it more dangerous for you.
I'm fine.
I'll be fine.
I got Reggie's trust.
How about on your end? Any problems? Yeah, there's a narcotics task force that's been tracking the same product we're tracking, which is run by my old sergeant, William Brewster.
You told me about that guy.
Uh, the gunner.
And he's still gunning for me.
Oh, it's okay.
She's cool.
Hey, just want to let you know he's gonna be released.
Okay, what about the other five Albanian guys that are in the holding cell? Well, it seems that there were no drugs vouchered in connection with the arrests, so the only thing I can charge them for is a little scuffle that their lawyers are already characterizing it as self-defense.
So the DA's office is recommending - that we void all the arrests.
- [SIGHS.]
- Thank you, Anne.
- Yeah.
No drugs vouchered.
I'ma get a manifest to see which Harbor Patrol cops work that dock.
And you should be back on the street within a few hours.
This ain't gonna be pretty with Uncle Albi, let me tell you that.
That was my shot, Eddie.
I was supposed to be done running around town roughing people up, making collections.
He's your boss, but he's also your uncle, so That what makes it worse.
All right? I blew it.
Reggie, listen to me.
Listen to be.
This is business.
There was a hiccup.
You're smart.
I'm smart.
We'll figure it out.
You got no idea what you're talking about.
All right, that may be true, but I'll tell you what I do know.
You gave me a shot, so I got your back.
My loyalty is to you, my man.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
All right, before we go in, there's a couple things you need to know about Albi.
Never look him in the eye.
It's like a dog.
You look him in the eye, it's a sign of aggression.
Never contradict him.
And never make a promise you can't keep.
You hear me? - He's talking about Besa.
- What you know about Besa? Look, man, I ain't rolling with no Albanians without knowing your code of honor, all right? Adjust, Howie! [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
He's coming at you with the right hook! Make the adjustment! - Uncle Albi.
- Come on.
- That's it.
- Yes, that's it.
Take the opening.
You're golden, Howie.
You're golden.
Okay, take a break, boys.
But don't go anywhere.
What the hell happened? We had a little hiccup.
Hiccup? Tell him.
He's got a lazy jab.
Overhand right, Reg.
Overhand right.
Overhand right.
Reg, overhand.
Who the hell is he? Uh, I work for Reggie, sir.
He invited me along to help explain how we're gonna get your investment back for you.
Did you hear what he just said? Yeah, I did.
That's Eddie, Eddie Wagner.
He works for me.
If he works for you, why is he talking for you? Come here.
So you're gonna get my money back? No, sir.
We're gonna get your money back.
You got 48 hours.
That's a little taste of what's going to happen if you break your promise.
So you remember I was telling you about them bluebirds? Yeah, you're not gonna believe this, but, uh, they're back.
I don't know.
You know.
Well, yeah, of course they sound pretty, but I mean, they're so loud that, uh, I don't sleep no more.
Bluebirds? Really? It's an algorithm.
It aggregates data from all your texts to select a new security code every 24 hours.
I was hoping for something a little less flowery.
Like, "Go ahead, make my day?" You're profiling me again.
All right, what's this Albanian code of honor? Apparently, my honor depends on me keeping my promise.
Oh, you mean Eddie Wagner's honor? Well, I don't think Eddie Ashes ever worried about his honor.
So what about these Harbor Patrol cops? - This is the unit.
- Okay, I've seen that.
There are a couple of guys who transferred out last month.
Show me them.
Bingo! That's him.
That's our guy.
Nice to meet you, Harbor Patrol Officer Beau Campbell.
So where'd Campbell transfer to? Nowhere.
Looks like he left the force.
Of course he did he found a better paying job, boosting the Albanian's coke off the back of their truck.
Who do you think he works for? Any rival gang.
The Italians, MS-13, one of the triads, another Albanian clan.
I'll tell you what, you find him, I'll get it out of him.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, he got a jumpstart on us.
Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to fly under the radar when you're spending money like Beau is.
He had a $600 dinner last night at a swanky Hudson Valley restaurant.
Hope it was tasty.
That meal just cost him a bid upstate.
And this is outside the restaurant.
Who's the girl? That would be Sheri Thompson.
Beau's girlfriend of three years.
No ring, and pretty vocal about it on social media.
He tries to shut her up with expensive presents.
There we are.
So when she tells you where Beau is, you got to figure out a way to get that information to me and Reggie.
- If you know what I mean.
- Yeah.
Nice color.
I think they're calling it "Cardinal Red" this year.
Can I help you? We're looking for Beau Campbell.
You know him? He was my boyfriend, yeah, but we broke up.
I haven't seen him in a few months.
Except for last night at the Roundhouse, where you shared a $64 dry aged porterhouse and two bottles of the 2012 Barbaresco.
Look, you can either come with us, or you can let us know where to find the big spender.
- Ma! - Hmm? - You smell that? - Yeah, I do.
Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, oh, I know what that is.
- Yeah! Oh, my God.
She's making tave kosi.
It's like, um, Albanian quiche.
Best in New York.
Smells great, ma'am.
What's the matter? [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY.]
He's not a stranger.
Come here.
Mom, meet Eddie Wagner.
Eddie, meet my mother.
Nice to meet you, Mrs.
- She understand me? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, she can hear us.
She just can't talk so good.
- Stroke? - No, she got shot in the head.
You know, it messed with her brain synapses, screwed up her speech.
- Give me a sec.
Thank you.
Nice place you got here.
I'll wait for Reggie.
Or I'll drink it now.
Mmm, smells good.
Wow, it's really good.
I've never tasted anything like that.
What's she doing? Oh, she's, uh, she's reading your grounds.
She wants to know why you don't tell her how you feel.
Why I don't tell her how I feel? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
The person you love.
Hey, hey.
What do I know? It's in the grounds.
I got to go.
Guys, we don't really like to talk about stuff like that, okay? Ma.
Hey, don't be so superstitious.
She only likes to talk to me.
She gets embarrassed about how she sounds, you know? I love you, Ma.
That's him.
Don't move.
Now listen to me.
Now, four of your former co-workers recently went AWOL.
I want a name.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you not hear what the man said? Look, you got ten seconds to recall.
Okay, okay.
The guy you want is Beau Campbell.
He's got a he's got a cabin near Sloatsburg.
Up Reeves Brook, a mile past the waterfall.
It's off the grid.
Don't move.
Stay put.
Breathe nice and easy.
No one gets hurt.
There are your car keys.
Sergeant, it's Dawson.
They're on their way to Sloatsburg.
Couldn't even tell which one of them was your undercover.
Good to know, Detective.
Thank you.
Well done.
What's a five-letter word beginning with "A" for "danger warning?" Mm.
Alarm? Oh.
You're good at this.
How you feeling, Professor Wheatley? Better.
I, um, walked from here to the corner drugstore yesterday.
Three whole blocks.
That's good.
That's progress.
No, no.
Yeah, I, um, I used to run six miles every morning before I taught a seminar on statistical inference.
Who were you, um, talking on the phone with? Uh, it was one of my colleagues.
It wasn't Detective Stabler.
So has your doctor said whether she thinks you'll be well enough to testify at the trial next month? Testify? For your ex-husband's trial.
For the murder of Kathy Stabler.
- Who hired you? - What's going on? What's he looking for? Where are my bricks? [GROANS.]
It's not here! I'm just I'm just a middleman.
- For who? - I don't know.
For who?! It's just some guy.
Hired me and my boy for the run.
They paid cash, 150K.
- Who? Give me a name.
- I don't know.
- Give me a name.
- I don't know.
I swear.
Red Bull! - What? - Red Bull! I heard someone call him Red Bull.
He's a Black guy, 25, maybe 30.
He drove a Cadillac Escalade.
That could be, like, a thousand different guys.
No, no.
He he had a gold tooth.
All right.
I mean, there can't be that many guys named Red Bull with a gold tooth who could pull off a boost like this.
We'll be able to find him.
That's all I know.
I swear to God.
Nobody likes a dirty cop.
Hey, I I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- How you doing, buddy? Good.
Got a few hours off.
I thought I'd pick you up.
Maybe me, you, and Kathleen will grab dinner, bring it back home.
Oh, I'm having dinner at Brett's tonight.
His mom's making lasagna.
- Lasagna.
- Yeah.
Who's Brett? Do I know him? Brett Feeney.
You've met him.
Oh, right.
Yeah, Brett.
Dad, I made the soccer team.
I knew you would, man.
Good for you.
I wouldn't have even tried out if you hadn't pushed me.
I miss you.
I know that you're doing work.
You know, you're the only one that can do it, and I just don't want you to feel guilty.
- Thanks, man.
- Yo, Eli.
- Uh, they're waiting for me.
- Yeah, you do you.
Beau Campbell's in custody.
He's in ICU in Bronx Lebanon Hospital.
Well, Bogdani wanted to ice him.
So I made an executive decision.
Yeah, well, I hope he talked before you knocked his lights out.
I couldn't get anything out of him.
They got paid cash, 150K from a guy named Red Bull.
Lance "Red Bull" Flowers.
You know him? Yeah, he's with the Marcy Killers.
They started off as a street gang in Bed-Stuy, but now they're run like a multinational corporation.
Where do they operate out of? Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan.
Narrows it down.
I'm sure their corners have changed since I was a narco.
I'll reach out to Brewster, see if he can get me a map of their territory.
Hey, I'll be right back.
And don't get her pregnant while I'm in there.
Don't worry.
I'm using protection.
Why do we gotta wait for him? I'm working, baby.
If you wanna hang with me, this is where we have to be.
Everything with you is about money.
'Cause you like nice things.
They don't pay for themself.
Well, when we get home, I'll show you how much I appreciate you.
Sorry to interrupt, ladies.
I'm looking for some party.
Can't you see I'm busy right now? You can't tell me you're not working.
- How much you got? - What will 100 get me? Move along, Pops.
That better not be my coke you're selling.
I don't know where you got your info from, but if you don't put that gun down, I ain't responsible for what happens next.
Just give 'em the coke.
Yeah, you should listen to her.
All we want is a bag.
Yeah, or I can just blow her brains out.
See? That wasn't so bad, now, was it? [SOBBING.]
What's going on? You want to tell me where in the hell you got that coke from? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Insiders only.
As promised.
Where'd you get this? Marcy Killers.
They were selling it at some rich kid's party in the West Ville for, like, 200 a gram.
This is our coke.
So what do you want to do? Paint the streets red with the blood of the Marcy Killers.
It's been a minute.
Nice to set eyes on you, Nova.
It's good to see you too, boss.
So what's the good word? Lance got hold of some new stuff.
Been selling like fire.
So what's the problem? He jacked it from the KO.
They found out.
Does Mr.
Webb know? Not yet.
Real talk? Lance is my boy.
I don't want to see him get hurt.
But he about to catch some heat.
I'll handle it.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Mr.
Webb, it's Hugo.
I know that.
Listen, you'll never guess who I'm dining with.
Congressman Kilbride.
Well, please give the Congressman my best.
Listen, we got a problem.
- Then get ahead of it.
- Oh, we way past that.
Miss Riley.
BOTH: Yes, sir.
This is our first time meeting, and it's under less than salubrious circumstances.
Nova had nothing to do with it.
I went rogue.
I take full responsibility.
But Mr.
Webb That's a large plateful of responsibility.
He understands that, sir.
But I know he was planning on I suggest you hold your tongue, young lady Since right now, you're not on the hotseat.
I got an interesting phone call today.
From who? Congressman Leon Kilbride.
Congressman Leon Kilbride? What'd he want? To talk about Damon's lawsuit against the NYPD.
Oh, he's been following it? That's crazy.
He, uh, wants to meet us.
Us? Well, he knows I'm married to a police officer, and he thinks this might be a good opportunity to reframe the conversation around police misconduct.
Oh, Lord, I can see where this is going already.
He's one of the good ones, Ayanna.
He's been in the fight his whole life.
Look, I respect the man, but I do not want to be used as a pawn for someone's political ambition.
I want to meet him.
We'll talk about this later.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Stabler, what you got for me? Yeah.
The Marcy Killers are on the streets dealing the Kosta Organization's stolen cocaine.
So what are the Albanians gonna do about it? Well, they got short tempers, military grade weapons, so they're going to war.
We need to take a more realistic approach.
We need to avert a street war at all costs.
I see it differently.
Let them kill one another and save us the time and trouble.
Regardless of civilian casualties? The come into our harbor, and they stole from our family.
So you're proposing that we blow up both of our operations? No, I'm proposing that it's our job to protect the lives of innocent civilians that could get gunned down in the crossfire.
They will learn about our culture.
- ALL: Yeah.
- About Besa! ALL: Yeah! And I will point out that the mayor and the police commissioner made a pledge to the public that we do just that.
Sergeant Bell, Sergeant Brewster, that's enough.
Sergeant Bell is right.
We don't want an all-out war on the streets.
And the two of you are gonna work together to make sure that doesn't happen.
Work together, how? A joint task force.
- What? - Who's in charge? Both of you.
If you are with us You are with us.
PSU is in position.
Albanians have left the building.
KO is on their way.
Everybody, take your places.
We are en route.
- What's happening? - [PHONE BUZZES.]
Albi's calling it off.
Eat a little something.
Thank you, honey.
So why did you call off the hit? Sit tight.
Here's to my oldest daughter getting married.
You guys see that bling on her finger? $40,000.
How many Italians her fiancé gonna have to kill - to pay me back for that, huh? - [LAUGHS.]
Next I gotta get Ro hitched.
You know, she's pushing for a Lamborghini for her birthday.
I mean, these girls, they want it all.
- What about Jozi? - What? What about Jozi? Well, what does she want? Well, nothing except for me to be healthy and happy.
Boys, if you have daughters, may you all have a daughter like Jozi.
Who is that? That's Eddie.
Reggie's friend.
That's my boy.
Eddie Ashes.
He's good.
He's an ex-con.
- Well, good for him.
- Yeah.
Why don't you get me a drink? [GRUNTING.]
Uncle Albi! Hey, Joz.
Hi, Reggie.
How's it going, Eddie? I thought I left my bartending days back in Chicago when I left there.
Well, you're lucky to be here.
You know, they don't have a lot of outsiders at Kosta's house.
Surprised Albi asked you.
- So that's Jon Kosta, huh? - Yeah.
He wants you to make him a drink.
- Yeah? What's he drink? - I don't know.
You're the bartender.
Who's your friend over there with the sexy buns? Really? Sexy buns? [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY.]
Ah, uh-huh.
She says his coffee grounds are full of misfortune, so stay away.
And I think that you're full of crap, - but I love you.
Our guests have arrived.
Guests? I believe this belongs to you.
Where's the missing brick? If things go well between us, I'll make you whole.
What does that mean, if things go well? The theft of your product was not orchestrated by the Marcy Corporation.
Ah, is that right? Well, then how come it gets dropped off on my couch by you? That little heist on the docks, that was an insurrectionist act by a rogue member of my organization.
But hell, he'd like to apologize and ask your forgiveness.
Kosta, if there's anything I can do to earn your forgiveness, you just let me know and I got [GUN COCKS.]
Usually, I shoot people that get caught stealing from me.
Come on, man.
You don't have to do that.
Maybe I'll shoot you too! Now there's an option.
But we both know that every business decision comes with consequences.
You know what, since you brought me back my product, I'd love to hear what you have to say.
All right.
The Marcy Corporation is not looking to be at war with the Kosta Organization.
We recognize your strength, and we would rather work with you than against you.
I'll tell you something, a partnership between Webb and the Kosta Organization, nobody can touch us.
Hey, Reggie.
Where's my drink? Got it right here, Mr.
I had it chilling for you.
Hang on.
Whoa, that's nice.
What is that? Yeah, bourbon and amaretto.
Used to make it all the time at Chicago.
Called the Godfather.
Hey, am I supposed to trust him? Reggie likes him.
Yeah, well, I'm not sure I do.
- You hear that? - Yeah.

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