Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s02e11 Episode Script

As Nottingham was to Robin Hood

In the nation's largest city, the vicious and violent members of the underworld are hunted by the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
Nicknamed Constantine, Sebastian McClane hacked the Federal Reserve and locked a janitor inside a gold vault.
- He suffocated to death.
- He feels guilty.
He wanted me to get in touch with the guy's wife, try to make amends.
I'm recovering slowly.
It's almost like witnessing a miracle.
The feds are bringing in their own specialist.
He's making a fool of you, out of all of us.
Unlike Elliot here, I don't hold grudges.
You remember Richard Wheatley.
He's here to help you find the hackers.
Did I make good on my word or what? Your ex-husband said that he had planned to bust me out of prison.
Right now, you are the most wanted man in America.
I'm here to address what's on most New Yorker's minds: that is the escape and pursuit of Sebastian McClane, the last remaining fugitive still at-large and the presumed architect of the Remsen Prison break.
Now, I assure you that all of the state's resources have been deployed to ensure the capture of Mr.
McClane and to keep you and your families safe as the dedicated men and women of the New York State and New York City Police Departments hunt him down.
Now, I urge you all to take this situation very seriously.
While Mr.
McClane is only one man, he has ties to very dangerous criminal organizations.
His reach is far and wide, and he's a desperate man.
Don't make the same mistake I did, and underestimate the potential threat he presents.
That mistake cost me my wife, and it cost my children their mother.
McClane, if you're listening, we will find you, and we will hunt you down until you're back behind bars once again for good.
Breakfast is ready.
I used to love New York City.
It provided me with a life I only thought I could dream of.
New York was one of the two great loves of my life.
What was the other? - You've met Angela.
- Your ex-wife.
I plan to remarry her.
A certain pigheaded detective helped me realize how much she means to me.
Does this police detective have anything to do with what you want from me? In fact, he does.
He ruined New York for me.
I plan to burn this city to the ground.
And the pigheaded detective? Took away everything I worked my whole life to build.
I am sorry for all your losses, but revenge is an ugly motive, and not one that appeals to me.
I also intend to make back my fortune many times over.
You can share in the bounty.
I'm not interested in money.
Maybe not for its own sake, but think about the damage we could do to the institutions you most abhor.
What could be more satisfying than to cripple the NYPD, the banks, the justice system, all the institutions responsible for the wealth and power gap you've been fighting against your whole life.
- No thanks.
- No thanks? I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything you've done.
Hospitality, the security's top-notch too But I'm gonna pass on your generous offer.
Perhaps you'd prefer the security of your previous accommodations.
Is that a threat? I'm just pointing out the obvious.
Governor Teddy Garcia, that sanctimonious pseudo-leftist windbag, is talking about hunting you down like an animal.
I kind of like the new governor.
He's the first guy in a while that makes progressive values seem consistent with law and justice.
I think he's the real deal.
That's naive.
You owe me.
I didn't ask you to bust me out of prison, but since you did, there's only one person I owe, and I'm gonna take care of that debt.
So again, thanks, but no thanks.
Good luck with that revenge stuff.
Can I go now? Gareth! Mr.
McClane wants to go out for a stroll.
Take him and drop him off someplace grimy.
Yes, sir.
He'll be back.
I'm not gonna remarry you.
Yes, you will.
New York State Police confirmed the series of tips outside of the city are negative.
None of them are actually McClane.
Uh, nor are the three separate individuals at three separate dive bars in Annandale-on-Hudson.
Man, the fanboys are running rampant.
Seems like we should count you among them.
- Excuse me? - The fanboys.
You might even lead your own club chapter.
I don't have to be here.
Actually, you do.
Ask your parole officer.
You smell great, by the way.
Cartwright, you and Mr.
McClane weren't married.
That jerk never even took my daughter out on a proper date.
We weren't together for very long.
Was he there when you gave birth? He's never even met his daughter.
He probably don't even know she exists.
He only cares about people he's never met.
He sat up in that attic room all day and night talking to people on his computer.
He lived here with you? He just stayed here a few weeks.
He'd come down and help himself to whatever was in the fridge, blabbering about helping the victims of big pharma or the S&Ls or whoever was his bogeyman that day.
He's got some kind of Robin Hood, save the world complex, but screw his own family.
Victoria, has he reached out to you or Callie - since he broke out of prison? - Not before either.
He never even wrote us a letter.
I tried to visit him once, and he wouldn't see me.
All you cops coming around gotta get it in your heads he's not coming here.
Go make the world a safer place for someone else's children.
Just leave us alone.
Jet, other than Rogin Moon, is there anyone else McClane had a personal relationship with? Not since his sister died, no.
He is a classic asocial hacker.
The only distinguishing characteristic is that he seems to have a genuine affection for humanity in concept.
But not humanity in person.
Hey, what's the last thing she said, the mom? "Go on and make the world safe for someone else's children".
The other day at that podcast interview, he kept saying over and over, he wanted to make the world "a safer place for our children", - like a theme - Elliot, don't.
Wheatley reinvents himself as a cybercrime expert just at the same time that the world's biggest cybercriminal escapes from prison? Come on.
I'll bet you anything that Wheatley and McClane are working together.
We need facts, hard evidence.
Right now, that is just a working theory, and it's one that needs to stay between you and me.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well, what we know about McClane is he's driven by an extremist social justice ideology.
In some twisted way, he thinks what he's doing is good.
Wheatley represents everything he rails against.
- Therein lies our hope.
- What? Wheatley represents everything McClane hates.
We just gotta get him to see that.
Why are you sweating? We're about to get hit with a tsunami.
What's happening, Jet? - It's a thread on Discord.
- It's gone viral.
Constantine's followers are urging one another to commit acts of resistance in their hero's name.
Hacktivism, doxing politicians.
We're talking mass chaos.
Yeah, copy that, Sarge.
We're on it.
Ten more ransomware hackers are threatening to release a list of credit card charges - unless they get 20k.
- Copy.
Also, in the last hour, there have been six more McClane sightings.
Ithaca School District is considering shutting down.
They haven't actually been hit yet, but they've received multiple threats.
What about hospitals? That'd be a worst nightmare scenario.
We're already in a worst nightmare scenario.
- This is just the beginning.
- Mr.
The FBI said you offered to sit in.
We're grateful for whatever insights you can offer.
I have a fair amount of insight into the Sebastian McClanes of the world.
What's happening right now is just a prelude.
None of this is McClane.
- Where is he? - Laying low.
McClane will stay offline for as long as possible.
He's well aware that his legions are working for him.
What else can we expect? Mostly they'll keep doing what they're doing, so over the next few days, you can expect a series of attacks, some small, others consequential.
Some will come with ransom demands.
Some will just be for theater or to foment chaos.
There'll be public and personal attacks.
Have you been hacked yet? You mean me personally? Like, my computer or ? Any and all of you.
Check your phones.
You're all likely targets, especially you, Governor.
In fact, check your phone.
Mary, mother of God.
What what do I do? This is a Faraday bag.
It blocks your phone from being hacked.
I know it's a bit late, but give this to the governor's security people for debugging.
It's all well and good to be prepared, Richard, but at the end of the day, I just want to get McClane back where he belongs.
As do I, Governor.
As do I.
Slootmaekers and her team have created a firewall.
Cybercrimes is recommending that you transfer all of your data.
They're gonna hand deliver a secured location to you.
What do you think? It's absolutely the right thing to do.
I've met Slootmaekers and their team.
- They're top-notch.
- You gotta be kidding me.
So what's your strategy, Sergeant? McClane is still at large, and the hits keep on coming.
Look, every division and every bureau is engaged.
We need to compare notes.
McClane is slick.
He's gonna try to get inside our heads and sow distrust and confusion.
How do you know that? Have you met him? No, I did my homework.
Well, interestingly enough, according to Slootmaekers and her, uh, top-notch team, you and McClane were on the same prison transfer bus from MCC back to Rikers.
I honestly don't know what he's getting at.
How is this relevant, Detective? Is this gonna help us catch McClane? That is our sole priority, Governor.
Listen, I realize they're under an enormous amount of pressure.
Maybe they're in over their heads.
Just find him.
Am I clear? Crystal clear, but you know something, sir, - we're more than halfway there.
- What do you mean by that? You're sitting right next to the criminal mastermind.
I asked for Asian style noodles.
That was the only kind they had.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
Gareth, my man, just checking on the delivery of my package.
I'd like to make a deposit.
Sure thing, just need your ID.
Reteti's an amazing place.
I worked there during my college gap year.
I'm going there this summer.
I've always wanted to work with elephants.
Make sure that you meet Adana Kombu.
She is one of the keepers.
Mention my name, and she'll invite you to dinner, and you can meet all the amazing people of her village.
- Seb, is that your name? - Yeah.
Thank you, Seb, that's so kind.
Claudia, I need a favor.
There's $200,000 of cash in here.
I need to open an account, but not in my own name, but it's not counterfeit, and it's not stolen.
I swear.
I'm opening the account for a ten-year-old girl named Kesha Jones.
You're him, the hacker.
Your face is everywhere.
Why can't you just send cryptocurrency or whatever it is cybercriminals do? No, it's too risky.
Please, Claudia.
I am not ready to go back to prison until this is all taken care of.
- Wait, don't.
- I'm sorry.
Meet me at First Central Savings Bank.
Keep an eye out for McClane.
I'll be there in 20.
You had a five-minute conversation with him before you pressed the security button? I didn't realize at first he was a fugitive.
- When did you realize it? - I thought I recognized him.
Then he said he wanted to open an account.
What kind of account? He didn't want the account in his own name.
It was for another person.
He said this had to be taken care of - before he goes back to prison.
- He said that? "Before he goes back to prison"? Kesha Jones.
The janitor that suffocated in the vault when McClane hacked the Federal Reserve? - Luther Jones.
- Kesha Jones.
Yeah, what do you think? Wife, daughter? Well, whoever it is, McClane wants to make amends.
Hey, Jet, what are the chances of us getting a message to McClane? Hang on.
Do you think McClane is following any of the threads on Discord? I don't know.
- Why? - Stop it.
I need you to try to get a message to him.
What do you want the message to say? Tell him we know about Kesha Jones.
Tell him we're prepared to help him if he's willing to help us.
You'll meet him in Central Park.
He can pick the spot.
Let him pick the spot, but he needs to give you the exact coordinates.
Holy crap.
He responded.
Are you sure it's him? Exceptionally complex encryption from an anonymous user.
The digital signature, it has three authentication keys, which is a classic Constantine technique.
He's actually telling you how to decrypt.
I know.
It says, "If you do as you say you will, I'm willing to turn myself in".
Constantine says when we make the exchange, he'll be ready to discuss the terms of his surrender.
We're in the exact spot, but I don't see him.
Crap, I bet he got one of his fanboys to come - Is that a - Pay phone.
Hello? Where are you? I have the money.
I'm gonna leave it for you.
But I want to tell Sherry Jones, Kesha's mother myself in-person.
Hang on.
Okay, I'm talking to McClane right now.
He says he wants to meet with Kesha Jones and her mother in person.
Tell him we're working with him.
Tell him Aw, hell, tell him not to panic when he sees me.
I'm coming to you.
Okay, McClane.
We're gonna work with you.
If you're watching, don't panic.
A man is coming to talk to you.
I can't tell you his name, but he's my boss, and he's good for his word.
- Sebastian McClane.
- I'm listening.
I know how important this is to you.
I just need to know what it is you want.
I'll do everything I can to make sure it gets done.
I want $200,000 put into a crypto account in Kesha's name.
I just sent your hacker a TOR mailbox.
I need her to send me the account number - so I can verify it.
- Sent you a TOR mailbox.
- Got it.
- Confirmed, we've received it.
Once I verify that the money is in the account, I will peacefully surrender tonight at 10:00 p.
in front of Kesha Jones's house.
Okay, but how will we get the money? McClane? He's not here.
He set us up.
Oh, my God! - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Now I know how we're gonna get our money.
Hello? Hello? Who's there? What do you want? Okay, I'm calling my son.
He's a very important police officer.
- Yeah, Mama, what's up? - Elliot, where are you? I'm home, just parking the car.
What's the matter? Uh, someone's here in the garden.
What do you mean some who? I don't know.
I just I heard a funny sound, like a whistle.
A whistle.
Look, Mom, it's probably the Get inside.
I'll be right there.
What are you doing? Just grabbing a slice.
Is that illegal now? I saw you following me earlier.
You want to talk about something? This's your first, last, and only warning.
If you ever come anywhere near anyone in my family ever again, I'll kill you.
This is between you and me, and you better remember that, or you're gonna end up in a shallow grave out in the woods with a bullet in your head.
- Was him, wasn't it? - It was nothing.
Look me in the eye and say that.
He's gone.
You never were a very good liar.
I'm putting an end to it, Mama.
I'm putting an end to it.
Yes, of course you will, but in the meantime, what happens to you? That's what I'm concerned about.
I look at you, Elliot, and I don't see any light.
There's just this I don't know what to call it.
I mean, you don't sleep anymore.
You're hardly ever home, and when you're home, you're just so unreachable.
Don't let him do that to you, honey.
Don't let him live inside you.
He took something from me, Mama.
I know he did but destroying yourself won't bring her back.
What do you mean, we're not making the arrest? - We're not making the arrest.
- Why? The governor told us to stand down.
He's turning it over to the feds.
That wasn't the deal.
I know that wasn't the deal, but I got my orders.
Now you have yours.
And Kesha Jones, what about that, huh? Does she get the money? Does she get the money? - How about that promise? - I don't know.
It's up to the feds now.
Jones? So you know why I'm here.
They said you wanted to talk to me about my daughter.
Is that Kesha? You stay away from my daughter.
Oh, I would never hurt her.
You already hurt her plenty.
You killed my husband.
What happened to Luther was never supposed to happen.
Oh, I know it wasn't the Lord's plan.
The only peace I got was knowing that you were in prison - yet here you are.
- Mrs.
Jones Luther loved his little girl.
He coached her basketball team.
He was saving up so she could go to basketball camp that summer.
That's all gone now.
You you caused all this pain.
I know this is a small, tiny gesture in light of your enormous loss, but, um, I opened an account for Kesha, - a crypto account.
- What do you mean? A nest egg for college or whatever she chooses.
It's $200,000.
I don't want either of you to have to struggle anymore.
I know that this is not gonna bring back your husband Her father.
But I hope it eases some of your burden.
What happens to you now? Go back to prison, probably.
That's where you deserve to be.
Bye, Kesha.
Show me your hands.
Where's the fugitive? There was a bad transfer! Put him in the wrong vehicle.
Wait, what's going on? Nothing good.
The vehicle was not clear! Well, this was fun.
You taking me directly back to Remsen? Remsen? I'm taking you where the boss told me to take you.
Don't do that.
My kids are asleep upstairs.
I don't usually take meetings at home.
I appreciate it.
Have you read them all? Some three or four times.
Make this one your next.
It may shed some light on what I'm about to say.
Go on.
I'm hopeful we're closing in on McClane.
I understand OCTF is handing him over to the feds.
They know you were instrumental in getting us to this point.
I'm not looking for any credit.
The police are the ones that put their lives on the line.
You're familiar with Detective Elliot Stabler.
We met the night my wife was murdered.
He tried to warn me.
His sergeant did, actually.
So you also know that he lost his wife tragically.
I know it now, but we've never spoken of it.
Wheatley, I'm aware of your history with Stabler and the fact that the charges were dropped.
Right now, I'm grateful that both of you are focused on Sebastian McClane.
That's my concern.
Detective Stabler is prone to lose that focus.
He appears to be a dedicated cop.
Beyond dedicated.
The man is like the Energizer bunny, he's unstoppable.
I am going to assume that you were sincere during your campaign when you pledged to transform the culture and practices of the police department.
Are you telling me Stabler is an overzealous cop? It's not mine to judge, but he was on a mission to take down organized crime.
Sadly, he lost his wife in the process.
I know you of all people understand how devastating that can be.
The wounds are slow to heal, but we move forward 'cause we have to.
Ahab didn't.
I see.
You're a wise and reasonable man, Governor.
You processed your grief and redirected it towards change for the good.
My Captain Ahab, on the other hand, has become dark and twisted.
His grief clouded by rage towards me, of all people.
I'm his white whale.
Ugh, where am I? You're not in prison.
That's the good news.
Where is he? I don't work for him.
You tell him to let me go.
He doesn't want you to work for him, Sebastian.
He wants you to work with him.
What are you, his hostage whisperer? Fighting Richard is pointless.
Believe me, I have tried, and it almost cost me my life, so I came to the conclusion that it's better to be with him than against him.
Well, I'm not interested.
Don't want to spend the rest of my life running and hiding.
And what if he can protect you? At what cost? Listen, it it doesn't sit well with me, trying to convince you to trust Richard Wheatley.
He is the very heart of darkness, and I know that's not who you are.
But will you consider one thing? Okay.
What you did for Kesha Jones was beautiful, but why do that for just one little girl? There are so many people impoverished, disenfranchised, oppressed that need the kind of help that only you can provide.
However long it lasts, you could do so much good.
Will you help me? I will.
This is the first time in a long time I haven't felt hopeless and helpless, so yes, I will help you.
Yes, we just got a hit on the car McClane was last seen in.
It was abandoned in a grocery store parking lot in Queens.
McClane was passed out.
He was dragged on foot.
All right, alert every unit in every borough.
We're not gonna let Wheatley slip through our fingers again.
Wheatley? McClane we're not gonna let McClane slip through our fingers.
Wherever they are, they got there on foot, - so they can't be far.
- Hey, answer me something.
You, answer me something.
Did he or did he not wink at you? - What? - Wheatley.
Sitting next to the governor, he looked right at you.
- Did he or did he not? - Maybe.
Maybe he didn't.
I can't help if somebody just looks at me.
Okay, you should go.
Is your ex-husband expecting me? Well, I told him I didn't know what you'd decide.
He'll be there, though, should you choose to show up.
I put a few things in there in case you got cold or hungry.
Asian style.
Thank you.
- No, thank you.
- For what? For giving me something to believe in again.
- The love of my life.
- Oh, shut up, Richard.
It's tedious.
McClane left here 20 minutes ago.
I did my best.
Now it's up to you.
What about the police? I'm guessing they're looking for him.
Me too.
Put your hands down, Professor Wheatley.
We're not here for you.
We're here for Sebastian McClane.
Maybe you've heard of him.
Well, you're welcome to come in and look for him, - but he's not here anymore.
- Oh, so he was here.
Yeah, he collapsed on my front doorstep.
He was a mess.
He asked for shelter.
I told him "Whatever it is he and Richard are into, - I don't want any part of".
- Sounds dramatic.
- When did this happen? - Not too long ago.
You can probably catch him.
He stole my car.
- A 2018 blue Kia.
- I'll have Jet run the plates.
Keep working on that limp.
Our APB just paid off.
We got a report of a suspicious vehicle in an industrial park in north Jersey.
It's a blue Kia.
There it is.
The plates match.
Seventh floor.
Looks like I'm 2 and 0.
I got my girl, Ange, and my boy, Sebastian.
What do you got, Elliot? Blue balls? McClane.
Good to see you again.
I think I got eyes on 'em.
- It's McClane and Wheatley.
- Need a location.
The east side east side windows, both of 'em.
I got eyes on 'em.
I can't see anything.

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