Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e04 Episode Script

Spirit in the Sky

In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
We need to find Kenny Kyle.
He's a person of interest
in Henry Cole's murder.
Never seen him before in my life.
- How about you?
- Me neither.
We have a surveillance team
at Kenny's house.
- Nothing.
- He's a career criminal.
He knows how to disappear.
Dede Hayes, she's who he
calls when he gets in trouble.
You're gonna be all right, okay?
I had no choice.
Kenny just hijacked another car.
This guy's really on a tear.
Elliot, there's something else.
Can I hold her just for a minute?
You are under arrest.
Kenny wasn't the mastermind.
Somebody hired him.
Why is the electrical vault
not in the ground?
Because the foundation for it
hasn't been dug or pulled yet.
Why is that?
Because that is still there.
When the hell is that
building coming down?
Joshua had an easier time
with the walls of Jericho.
Oh, my God.
Okay, okay.
Call 911, we need an ambulance.
I'll make a tourniquet, all right?
All right, okay,
just keep looking at me,
all right?
Okay, just look at me.
Okay, you're gonna be okay.
All right.
Shut it down.
Stop the work now!
Look at me, I got you.
I got you, okay? I just
stopped the bleeding.
Kenny, you dead. Rat bitch.
Get down!
Who are you?
Detective Stabler.
Where's that bitch who
tricked me into giving up?
Well, she wanted us to meet.
Mm, should have thrown that
damn baby out the window.
Well, we both know you
wouldn't have done that.
Look, you don't know jack about me.
And I'm not gonna talk
to you or any other cop,
so just leave me alone, all right?
Got to take him down to X-ray,
see what else is broken, all right?
I like your style, Kenny
beating on that guard
to be thrown in isolation.
- It was a very smart one move.
- I got to go.
They're not gonna keep you
in the hole forever.
And you're not gonna
last very long out there.
Says you.
Says reality.
Yeah I'm your best chance
at seeing Emily again.
Now, just tell me who
hired you to kill Henry.
I'll help you see your sister again.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Nobody hired me to do anything.
Henry Cole was a loudmouthed
drunk and jackass,
and I killed him on my own.
It was a public service.
Look at me.
I'm the last best chance you got
at not having your throat slit
in the shower.
Think about it.
Well, to say that Kenny Kyle
gave us nothing is generous.
He's more afraid of talking to us
than he is of getting killed in a cell.
Yeah, he'll stay in isolation
until he's arraigned,
and then they'll move him to Rikers.
We're back at square one, people.
We need to send someone.
A UC into Rikers after he's transferred.
Look, I came from the
U.S. Bureau of Prisons.
I know that world.
I have the experience.
I can do this.
So you want me to throw
raw meat into a shark tank.
Story of my life.
Look, he has experience.
And who's gonna be
responsible for his safety?
My safety is my concern.
And my responsibility.
Look, all I need is some
deep background on Kenny
to gain his trust
known associates, past crimes,
where he grew up,
and the name of his PO.
It's cake.
I just need you guys to set
me up with a fake jacket
- just in case
- Stop, stop.
- Okay, if he checks off
- Stop.
Get out.
You too.
You know he's right.
What went wrong?
Joint pins weren't
torqued down properly?
I don't know.
The injured guy wasn't on my list.
You're the site foreman.
I'm the site foreman, but I
don't set the daily roster.
Who does?
And where is he?
He told me he's at a funeral in Yonkers.
We have a big problem, Teddy.
Workers on the payroll
who don't show up.
Instead Vincent sends us
unskilled stand-ins?
You don't know any of that for sure.
I wouldn't argue the point.
What's the matter with you two?
All right, all this idiotic speculation
is not helping anything.
We need the OSHA inspector here
to recertify the job site now.
Are you kidding me, Teddy?
We have to shut down.
We can't risk the lives
of any more of the workers.
Just get the OSHA re-cert visit, okay?
We need to get back up and running.
I'm on it, Mr. Silas.
Book cart.
You want anything thing to read?
Are you kidding me? Get out of here.
- Helps pass the time.
- What, are you deaf?
- Not interested, go.
- Just doing my here.
Move. Just move.
You're about as friendly
as syphilis, pal.
It must be related to my PO, Mooney.
You want to sit in the dark, hey,
- have it your way.
- Wait, wait, wait
You know Mooney?
- Yeah.
- Brian Mooney?
Yeah, he's my PO.
Yeah, same.
What's your name?
Jerry. Jerry Piarello.
You're Kenny Kyle, right?
Yeah, he used to complain
about you all the time.
Yeah. That jerk-off.
I swear to God he spiked
my drug test so I'd fail.
Yeah, that sounds like him.
He said my last union job was
consorting with known felons,
so he tried making me work
at a gas station.
Yeah, Local 424?
Yeah, I had one of those no-shows too.
What's your name again?
Jerry Piarello, Gravesend.
Yo, I said get outta here!
Go. Move.
Book cart.
It's a waste of a good woman.
You're the one who got her killed.
And I took a bullet the day she died,
too, Vince, so back it up.
It's not her fault she grew up
with guys like us.
Kenny's in custody.
Yeah, I know. This guy just won't die.
He's being transferred to Rikers today.
And that's right where I want him to be.
I got something waiting for him inside.
By cocktails, he won't be an issue.
Are you sure?
You worry about the brick and mortar.
I'll worry about the flesh and bone.
Reyes has confirmed that
Kenny has definitely been
on the no-show union dole for years,
courtesy of the
Iron and Steel Local 424.
So they're dirty.
How dirty? How much mob control?
Local 424 has been on
every job Norcart Construction
has bid on in the last ten years,
and Kenny has been on every
jobsite that reported an arson.
That's including an especially
bad one at Edenwald
in the Bronx three years ago.
What made that one special?
At all the other arsons,
the buildings were empty.
At Edenwald, there was
a ten-year-old boy
trapped inside.
He survived, but he had
to have facial reconstruction
disfigured for life.
Yeah, and Kenny
killed Henry with the rats.
I mean, the guy's got
a lot of skeletons.
Oh wait Vincent's head of 424.
Where is he?
He's out of town at a funeral.
He hasn't answered
his phone in two days.
If I was Vincent Bishop
and the OCCB was breathing down my neck,
I wouldn't be returning calls either.
Yeah, but I got to tell you,
I just think we're barking up
the wrong tree with Vincent.
He seems like an errand boy to me.
That's true.
- So that leads us back to Kenny.
- Mm-hmm.
He's got to know
who's calling the shots.
And that's for Reyes to find out.
Something ain't lining up
about you, man.
I don't know what that could be, man.
We gotta figure it out.
See, I asked around about you.
- My lawyer pulled your jacket.
- Yeah?
Said you were arrested for
arson at the Edenwald Projects
in the Bronx.
- I didn't set that fire.
- Mm-hmm.
I looted every apartment in
the building after that fire.
Shame about that kid that
almost died, remember that?
Yeah, no, I remember that.
Thing is, nobody
remembers you anywhere.
I tell you what, let's call
the guys who hired you
and have them call
the guys who hired me.
Did you just ask who I work for?
You got a knife or nail
in your pocket, huh?
You here to kill me? Huh?
If I wanted to kill you,
you'd already be dead.
Yeah, what are you, a cop, then?
You a cop? Is that what you are?
You a cop?
Call me a cop again
call me a cop again,
and I'll kill you right now.
Do it, man. Do it.
I will kill you right now.
Do it! Do it!
Break it up! Break it up!
Break it up!
Everyone sit down!
Come on!
Get back now! Against the wall!
Vincent Bishop.
Vincent, it's Pearl.
Where are you? And don't say Yonkers.
I I know you've been
An undocumented worker
was seriously injured today.
He never should have been
on our job site.
Oh, my God.
I'll look into it as soon as I get back.
I'm looking into it now,
and I'm holding you accountable.
But this is the first time
I'm hearing about this.
It's totally unacceptable.
This is the third work
stoppage in as many weeks.
If we miss one more
progress delivery date,
we'll lose our permits
and millions of dollars.
- You need to fix this today.
- I can't.
I told you, there's been a death
of a very close friend of the family.
I'll deal with it as soon as I can.
Don't bother.
Ike has my permission
to replace the crew.
- Pearl.
- Are are you kidding me?
You can't do that.
That's my job!
Not anymore.
I'm writing the checks, Vincent.
I can do whatever the hell I please.
We don't need you anymore.
You have no idea what you're doing.
Yes, I do.
I'm leading, and I could use your help.
Pick one.
All right.
Take a look at that.
Good? All right, light it.
What are you looking at me?
Get rid of it.
All right, there should be
three unlit matches in that book.
Open it.
This is what I do, guys.
Witches are broads, I'm a damn warlock.
Let's go, fool.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Thanks, man.
- Oh, man.
- What?
Oh, man.
Guards! Guards!
Don't say it.
Bobby, you took a knife to the gut.
It's nothing.
I got poked a little bit
and sprung a leak.
I faked the pain and passing out.
I wanted Kenny to feel bad for me
for taking a blade in his name.
I own him now.
Look, Detective, I already told you.
I just lost a UC last year.
With all due respect,
he was UC with the Brotherhood
for a few months.
You shed your share of blood.
I had a gun to my head
a couple of times,
and it gave us ten indictments.
Risk calculations.
You got 48 hours.
- Look, I'm not looking to
- Shh.
You look and listen.
That woman carries
Gina Cappelletti's ghost
with her every day of her life now.
You're gonna do this my way.
You're gonna be smart
about this, you understand?
Got it.
So when you get back in there,
you're gonna let Kenny come to you.
You're gonna let Kenny come to you.
Trust me on this one.
I know guys like him
and he will.
And when he does, you just
you give them the hard reality
of what his limited time
on Earth is gonna be like.
- All right.
- Good?
Apply the pressure,
but let him initiate.
- We good?
- Mm-hmm.
All right. Do me one favor.
- Sure.
- Stop being a pincushion.
All right.
All right.
You think you can make
seismic decisions like that
without consulting me?
Vincent cuts corners,
and that man almost died.
It doesn't matter to you?
Of course it matters,
but Vincent is head of the whole local.
Half the crew now will probably walk.
- So let them walk.
- Come on, Pearl.
That's not how this works.
I am for real about how this will run.
So am I.
Then Vincent Bishop
and this no-show crap
needs to be a thing of the past.
Or I will walk.
We all make mistakes, Pearl,
have our faults.
But the one fault that
you have never had
is ingratitude.
You weren't so high and mighty
about my family in Macao, were you?
We saved your ass then.
Meaning you could bury me.
I'm saying don't make me.
Why you been ghosting me?
I need an update.
He missed him. My guy
at Rikers missed Kenny.
Missed him again?
So what are we supposed to do now?
I'm throwing money at it.
I got another guy
getting processed today.
At the courthouse?
He still has to get to Rikers.
And then I got to get him
in the right cell block,
which means I got
to grease some more palms.
It's gonna take a minute, Vincent.
What if he doesn't get there in time?
What if Kenny talks?
Then there's no place for us to hide.
You relax.
I'm working on it.
Yeah? What do you got?
No, that's not good enough.
How you feeling?
How do you think I feel?
I got stabbed, Kenny.
Hey, thanks for saving my life.
Was it a life worth saving?
I don't know about that.
What the hell is going on with you?
Can't talk about it.
I took a blade for you.
You know what? Keep
walking, we're done here.
I got this outfit of mooks
who want me dead.
You don't know them.
They're the ones that
should be taking a dump.
So, uh, what would what should I do?
What would you do?
I'm trying to read here.
Come on, man. I'm asking you.
I'd friggin sing.
They still want you dead,
they'll find a way.
I'm you, I call the DA,
give up all these guys.
Have them send you
into protective custody
in Delaware, Ohio,
anywhere but in New York.
I got a kid sister in Florida.
There you go.
Have them send you
to federal prison in Florida.
Be closer to your family.
Man, I wish I had your options.
That would make me a rat.
No, that would make you smart.
You want to die protecting these guys?
Knock yourself out.
Try explaining that one
to your kid sister.
Kenny, hi.
I'm glad you squared it with your lawyer
so I could get a little
face time with you.
How's it going?
What's going on?
Parking's free here, man. I got all day.
What's up?
My whole life, man, I've
just been a damn doormat,
doing dirty jobs for wise guys
on the cheap.
- Made me feel good.
- Mm-hmm.
I just wanted the attaboy,
just wanted to fit in.
I still see him,
running out of that building on fire,
screaming, face melting, just
We're talking about Edenwald?
They told me the building was empty.
Kid's a freak now, man,
just got no life.
You know, I did hard time for that.
I do know.
- They didn't care.
- Nope.
Not that it matters to them.
I don't matter.
No one matters.
I don't matter to anyone, really.
You mattered to Dede.
I didn't, I didn't
- I wasn't myself. I didn't
- I know.
I wasn't in my right mind.
I didn't want to kill her. I would've
We can't bring Dede back,
but you can make those
animals pay for it.
Talk to me.
You get me out of here,
transfer me somewhere else
Florida, near my sister?
You got it.
Tell me who hired you
to kill Henry Cole.
Dominic Russo was the guy who
hired me to kill Henry Cole.
Okay, all right.
Look, that's a name.
I need a little more.
Give me some proof. Give me something.
The money behind
that contract, it's big.
Find Dominic, he'll tell you.
Henry's death was more
than just a murder.
What does that mean?
That casino ain't run by who you think.
Sweet lord, if you wrote
a "Mafia for Idiots"
Revised Edition", Dominic Russo
would be in the first chapter.
FBI informants have him
becoming a made guy
on April 30, 2005,
suspected of loan sharking
and the commensurate knee breaking.
He did three years in
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania,
for those crimes.
Upon release, his stock-in-trade
was strong-arming legitimate
construction companies
to hire mob-controlled union workers.
It was exclusively from
our friends at the Local 424.
Kenny and Dominic must go back a ways.
There's no chance
this is their first dance.
What you were there. You heard him.
You know, he started with
a crew when he was young.
Yeah, but we don't have enough.
Kenny could have named
Dominic for any reason
for revenge, to cover up
for someone else.
We need something that explicitly
- connects Kenny to Dominic.
- Okay.
Jet, go to the nightclub
surveillance footage
from the other night.
What are you thinking?
I'm fishing.
Fishing with dynamite, maybe.
Now that I have a specific
face to look for
How do you say Yahtzee in Italian?
- Yahtzee.
- Mm.
What is Kenny throwing at us?
Is Dominic a player or a lackey?
Let me ask the Feds, find out.
We've been building
a case on Dominic Russo
since he made parole three years ago.
- We're close.
- I'm closer.
Yeah, but you bringing
him in before I'm done
with my investigation
could screw our case.
Look, I have an associate
of Russo's at Rikers
right now who can pin
him down for conspiracy
and capital murder.
Are you willing to share him with us?
That's why I'm here.
Look, all he wants is to be transferred
to a federal facility down in Florida
to be closer to his sister.
He'll tell you anything you want.
All right.
We have a wire in a social club.
- Mm-hmm.
- The Orion in Brooklyn.
He's getting a root canal at his dentist
on Park and 50th at 3:30.
It's a Saturday.
- He keeps Mafia hours.
- Of course he does. Okay.
We have to be in on the arrest.
Well, I'll track him from
Brooklyn, and we'll meet up
50th and Park, 3:30.
- All right?
- Sounds good.
You all right?
Yeah, just amped.
Well, fear and courage,
they go hand in hand.
All bravery is is doing
what you got to do
despite being scared to death.
I'll keep that in mind.
- There he is.
- Yep. All right.
Tell the feds we're heading
into Manhattan.
Wait, what
They're not heading to Manhattan.
Headed south on the Van Wyck
Call Port Authority.
Boss, look.
Let's go. Get me out of here. Move.
We got a runner.
Dominic Russo, get out of the car.
Get out of the car now!
Get out of the car.
Show me your hands.
- Show us your hands hands!
- Show us your hands!
Hands! Show us your hands!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Show us your hands!
Show your
- Shots fired!
- Let's go, let's go!
Driver, Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
On the ground now.
Now, on the ground!
- NYPD, hands up!
- NYPD, hands up!
Put your hands up on the bar!
Everybody on the bar now!
Now! On the bar!
Get over here.
Come on, let's see it.
That's it. Nice and easy.
Come here.
It's Dede Hayes and Dominic
Russo on the 4th of July.
How the hell is Dede tied to Dominic?
Let's let my fingers do the walking
through her social media.
4th of July, 2022.
Holy hell.
Vincent Bishop, head of the Local 424,
posing with Mafia enforcer
Dominic Russo, Kenny Kyle,
the man who murdered
Henry Cole and Dede Hayes.
It's a neighborhood thing.
They all knew each other.
Jet, I'm gonna need a copy of that.
Yeah. Okay.
I got a call from my partners
that one of our associates
was shot and killed at JFK today.
I know.
And that subsequently, the NYPD
raided this associate's office
at the Orion Social Club.
So I have to assume that
Detective Stabler can now
tie Kenny to Dominic,
and Dominic to Vincent Bishop,
and eventually to us.
Dad, I'm not gonna let that happen.
I'm the boss now.
There are certain other things
that I need to step up and do,
and I am prepared to do them.
Once you cross that line, Teddy,
you don't come back.
It's time to feed the wolves, right?
- Someone close?
- Yes.
It'll cost us in the short run, but
But will it protect the casino?
Then I don't give a single
damn who gets eaten.
I don't know if you drink anything
- No, I'm fine.
- Sure.
See you guys are just
barely scraping by.
Yeah, well.
Detective Stabler, I'm glad you came.
Please, let's sit.
No, let's stand.
It's not gonna take very long.
So what'd you want to say?
Well, we're just
as devastated as you are
at the chaos at our work sites,
but we've done some digging,
and we found out who is responsible.
You did?
Vincent Bishop is deeply
connected to organized crime.
His union is rife with corruption.
All the no-show members,
they're all under his thumb,
all the subpar work, the accidents,
it's all a result
of his criminal alliances.
We fired him. It's done now.
So if this is a matter for the police,
we want to help in any way we can.
None of that is news, but this is
now, there's Vincent, your union boss,
with Kenny Kyle, who
murdered Henry Cole.
Do you know him?
- No.
- Take a good look.
That's Dominic Russo.
He was your garden variety mobster.
Now, we all know that Henry's death
paved the way for your casino
to move forward.
Look, Detective, I
You're gonna stand here
and look me in the eye
and tell me you didn't
know anything about this?
Nothing at all?
We knew nothing about any of that.
All we want is a clean build,
an honestly run business
for the good of the city.
Look, we have nothing to do with that.
Well, I'm gonna speak with Vincent.
I'll ask him some questions.
And if his answers don't jive
with what you just told me,
I'll come back here
and we can talk again.
- Sound good?
- Sure.
- Have a good night.
- You too.
We begin this morning
with breaking news near JFK Airport
a deadly shootout
between NYPD detectives
And a fallen homicide suspect
- who has now been identified
- Honey, can you get that?
- Yeah.
- As Dominic Russo.
Russo was suspected of being involved
in the attempted murder
of a suspect in connection
to the death of Henry Cole.
Sources say that detectives
were surveilling
Russo's vehicle when
an all-out chase ensued
southbound down Van Wyck.
That's great.
- Beautiful.
- Thanks.
- No, no, no kids
- Sorry, honey. I'll deal.
Kids, go watch TV.
Hey, honey, I love you.
I love you too, honey.
Good, that's good.
Detective Stabler, what brings you
all the way up to Tarrytown?
You got to answer
for Henry Cole, Vincent.
I know. I know.
I'm gonna tell you everything.
You know, I just need a minute
to talk to my family.
Give me a minute.
- Excuse me.
- Vincent.
- Excuse me, who are you?
- Vincent.
What are you doing in my house?
- What are you doing
- Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. Police.
- Vincent?
- Relax. He just wants to talk.
All right, let's go downstairs.
Vincent, we just want to talk.
You're not under arrest.
Let's talk.
I can't.
Vincent, I'll make sure you're safe.
I promise you.
I can't.
I just I got greedy.
I can't do this to my family,
you understand?
I can't I can't do it. I have to
No, no, no, Vincent. Vincent.
Oh, God, forgive me.
No, Vincent Vincent.
- Daddy?
- Don't let the kids up here.
Don't let the kids up here!
Okay. All right.
Union president Vincent Bishop
took his own life today
in the bathroom
- Fresh cup?
- Thanks, man.
Police officials say that it occurred
after detectives arrived
at Bishop's home
for questions about the death
of Majestic Casino holdout Henry Cole.
Poor guy, right?
It's such bull.
He may have pulled the trigger,
but he didn't kill himself.
What, you knew him?
Mob owned him, and he screwed up.
He would have talked,
so they gave him a choice
kill yourself and your family lives,
or we kill you and your family.
Either way, you're dead.
Wait, these the same guys
who tried to kill you in here?
Kyle, let's move.
All right.
You were right about me talking.
It worked.
I'm getting transferred to
Florida, closer to my sister.
I owe you twice, brother
once for the advice, and
once for saving my life.
Keep in touch, all right?
Be safe, bro.
Can't believe it.
This day has finally come.
At a very high price.
Henry Cole will not have
died in vain, Detective.
I can promise you that.
Can you?
And how are you gonna
make that promise come?
I was not born into this
business or into this world,
but I'm not naive.
I know how this works.
So you know how your
husband and his family
run their business?
What are you trying
to get at, Detective?
You're the one who said that
you want to run a clean business.
And I'm just suggesting maybe you
maybe you want to be a little
more honest with yourself,
about your life, the people in it.
Are you asking me to spy on my family?
No, I'm asking you to take care
of the young woman from Queens.
At the church every Sunday,
at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs.
So you've been studying me.
To take me down?
To help you see things.
You know what I'm talking about.
All right, here we go.
The day we all waited for.
Well done, son.
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