Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s03e10 Episode Script


In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
The OCU is shutting down.
This task force was started
because of what happened to my wife.
I have always done everything
for the good of this unit.
I'm doing this for my family.
We're also your family.
I'm not taking the job, William.
You're making a huge mistake.
My place is here with my team.
Always has been.
Hey, honey.
Hey, babe. I can't talk right now.
I'm busy.
Where are you? I got dinner for us.
I'll be home soon.
Tino, what are you doing?
I'm taking care of us.
I told you I don't want you to do that.
Tino, please, you're going
to get us both in trouble.
You got to turn around right now.
I can't believe this.
- Tino.
- Babe, I got to jump.
Pull to the side.
Let's go.
Tino, is that you?
You have an impressive
and interesting history.
I see you discharged your weapon
10 times in the line of duty.
Two weeks ago was the 11th.
My question is why.
The guy had a gun
pointed at my sergeant.
Why do you want to go back to work?
What do you want me to
do, go into retirement?
It's not about what I want.
I have to provide for my family.
Well, let's talk about your family.
Let's not.
I understand your wife
What is it you want to hear from me?
That's not how this works.
That is exactly how this works.
I just want to understand
your state of mind.
That's why I don't like this.
I don't like this.
This is required after
firing your weapon.
Detective, I'm here to help.
You want something deeper,
and there's nothing there.
I'm a cop. There was a situation.
I made a decision. I did my job.
Now I want to go back to it.
You know, Detective,
I see a lot of cops.
They come in here.
They don't want to talk.
They have this idea that
opening up is weak somehow.
I say to them, if that's true,
why are you so scared to do it?
- I'll approve your RTD.
- Thank you.
But just in case.
Thank you.
Detective Stabler.
Where are you?
Listen to me.
Don't talk to anyone.
I'll be right there.
Can we take these off
him? He's a friend.
I'll take full responsibility.
What's going on?
I screwed up.
What do you mean you screwed up?
What happened?
- These Cubans from Miami
- Uh-huh.
I went out there last week
to earn some extra money
doing races, you know?
I mean, Sherie planned
on starting a family.
All right.
So I start winning the races,
and this guy walks up to me.
He's like, yo, you wanna
earn some real money driving?
I'm like, what I got to do?
He says just to meet up
with a van in the Bronx.
And all I had to do was if I see a cop,
run interference.
What was in the van?
I heard them talking about some kilos,
but look, I didn't ask no questions.
Tino, look, I mean, that's serious.
I don't got the sway
to get you out of here.
It's not about that.
They took my wife.
What do you mean they took Sherie?
The same guy that got in
touch with me out there
got in touch with me here and said,
they're going to keep her
to make sure I keep my mouth shut.
- What guy?
- I don't know.
They gonna kill her.
- I need your help.
- OK.
I need you to help me.
OK, look, I'ma do everything
in my power to find her.
Sergeant Bell?
Deputy Inspector Thurman.
Come in. Nice to meet you.
It's just Ray, by the way.
We can dispense with
all that other formality.
May I call you Ayanna?
Sure, have a seat.
Sorry to just drop in.
I was just so excited to
meet and show my appreciation.
The vacancy that opened up
when you declined the position,
which I really respect, by the way,
paved the path for me to move out of IB.
So when they came to me and said
that I could be working
with Ayanna Bell,
I jumped at the chance.
I've been a big fan for a while.
How old are you?
I'll be 34 on Easter.
Oh, OK, sorry.
It's all right. That's all right.
I've heard it my whole life,
as I'm sure you have, too.
Well, Ray, congratulations.
It is great meeting you.
I really look forward
to working together.
Has anyone talked to you about
the new needs for the department?
What new needs?
Midtown just uncovered five
floors full of asbestos.
We're looking for some temp space.
You have, what, five
people working here?
Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
- There he is.
- Welcome back.
Well, thanks very much.
Let's not get too excited.
It was just a couple of weeks.
Everyone good?
So you get the info on
the Cuban mafia for me?
Yes, we started with the
database in Florida and
Elliot, everyone.
I want you to meet someone.
Ray, this is Detective Elliot Stabler.
Elliot, Deputy Inspector Thurman,
- or you can call him Ray.
- Hey, Ray.
Pleased to meet you, detective.
I've heard so many wonderful things.
Sure you got the right guy?
I'll get out of your hair.
Have a great day.
Let's make you official.
So Lillian gave up on us?
I will not pretend to know the politics
that goes down in 1PP.
Welcome back.
It's good to be back.
Are you sure?
I am.
I'd like to get started.
Let's do it.
Sherie Alvarez.
Last known was her apartment
around 8:15 last evening.
Yeah, Jamie and I hit her
gym, checked the cameras,
talked to some witnesses, nothing.
Put the BOLO out to Transit
Authority and DOT about an hour ago.
- Any luck with her phone?
- Still working on it.
Tino say anything about
this crew that was involved?
A bunch of young guns out of Miami,
they're moving product north.
What I do know is they're
into street racing.
You put the best drivers
in these chase cars,
you give them the best shot at escaping.
We have anybody like that on our radar?
Maybe there's a connection
to the corporation
in the South Bronx.
I mean, if you're Cuban,
that used to be home base,
- that or Hudson County.
- That's a good idea.
I got a connection up there.
You and me, let's go for a ride.
Is that
Who's that?
No, can't be.
Oh, Esteban, good to see you.
You look good.
Are you kidding?
I look great.
- Who's this one?
- Detective Reyes.
Listen, if he don't treat you
right, you let me know, OK?
I'll tune him up.
He's not as tough as he looks.
I need your help.
I need some information on
some young faces out of Miami.
They're probably recent.
They've got a connection
to street racing.
There's a woman missing who needs help.
That's Tino's wife.
Esteban. Talk to me.
Boys out of Miami got
people scared, I understand.
Just, who's the man in charge?
I hope you find her.
I do, but, uh,
I've got to protect my own family.
So how soon can I get paid?
Well, first, we got to count it.
Then we got to weigh
it, test the quality.
I already booked my flight.
Are you in some kind of hurry, Ines?
I'll let you know when we're ready.
Yo, what's going on with
that fool that got locked up?
My guy at Rikers said he's there
through the weekend at least.
Mm, the big shipment isn't coming till
the middle next week.
Let's move her.
Wouldn't it be easier if we
just took care of her now?
Listen, we dust her while her
husband's in jail, he'll talk.
If she stays with us,
he'll keep his mouth shut.
But I don't want to look
at her no more right now.
She got blood on my new shoes.
Get her out of here.
OK, Jamie just got something back
from the drug unit down in Miami.
What'd you find out?
Bernanda Menendez.
She did two years for possession,
supposedly got connected with
some major players out of Havana.
She used to race cars
down in South Beach.
She the shot caller?
I mean, she's savvy.
She got her degree while
she was still in prison.
But even with her resume,
something's telling me
she's not at the top of the food chain.
Oh, hold on.
Sherie's ear pods, brand
new and very traceable
through her husband's cloud account.
He sent the password
with written consent,
and I got a warrant signed by a judge.
They're moving to the
Cross Bronx right now.
Hey, where are you?
About to hit Harlem.
OK, turn around.
We might have her moving
down the Cross Bronx.
Sir, roll down the
window. Put out your hands.
Nice and slow.
Hands outside the window.
How you doing today?
Step outside the vehicle, please.
- Where you headed?
- I ain't got to tell you that.
OK, fair enough. Put
your hands on the hood.
Search the vehicle.
- Anything?
- Nope.
What is that?
Credit card.
What do you got?
I ain't seen one of these in a minute.
But there's always a combination.
Sir, it's my duty to inform
you you're not free to go.
Well, we found ear buds and
a relatively fresh bloodstain.
And I'm no detective,
but I think they're both
going to tie us back to Sherie.
Well, we're looking at two
days for DNA to confirm.
If she's alive and injured, we
don't have that kind of time.
What about the driver?
Well, he clammed up and
is asking for a lawyer.
Hold on a second, Sarge.
Worked in auto crime for
a bit before I got here.
That trap is one of the most
sophisticated I've ever seen.
A system that complex,
there's only one guy I
know who could build them.
Sarge, we may have a
lead. Let me call you back.
It's impressive work.
Circuits are clean.
Relief valve is top of the line.
There's a heat exchanger.
You don't see those too often.
Believe me.
I'd love to take credit for this,
but I've been out of the
business almost two years now.
But in your day, though, right?
Oh, brother, in my day, I was
the Michael Jordan of traps.
So who's coming off the
bench to build like that?
Maybe someone you worked with?
It should be just that easy, right?
I should just give you a name?
I'm no snitch.
Hey, we're tracking a
gang of Cubans out of Miami
who have kidnapped a young woman.
The only thing we know
about the trap in that car,
it was designed to hold a person,
and there was blood in it.
You want to be responsible
if we can't find her?
Let me go!
Let me go! No!
What happened?
She was screaming in the trap.
Pulled her out. Had to switch cars.
I'm claustrophobic!
Chaz got pulled over.
He's in custody.
- Does jefe know?
- No, no, no.
And I want to keep it that way.
We're going to keep it
quiet until the drop,
and then we'll deal with all this.
Chaz was our driver.
We can't do this without him.
I'm going to take care of her.
And you find us another driver.
So what's our play?
You ever play flag football?
Are you kidding me? I
crushed it in my day.
Throw up your arm and
make sure they go deep.
Here we go.
Good coverage. Good coverage.
Keep your eye on the ball, number two.
Josh, you hug him. That's right.
Hug that ball.
Hey, Nestor, how are you doing?
Oh, hey, no parents on the
field at pre-game, all right?
Excuse me, uh, who are you?
I got it, I got it!
He's us.
Got your name from Georgio Sanz.
Let's you and I have a chat.
- Joey, cover for me here.
- Yeah.
Look, I've got a legit business now.
- It's a body shop.
- Mm-hmm.
I busted my butt to open
it during the pandemic.
I wouldn't do anything illegal.
OK, so street racers come
to me from time to time,
- but I don't ask any questions.
- Ah.
Building a trap is
illegal in New York State.
Just because you don't ask
questions doesn't make you innocent.
Come on, man.
Don't do me like this, all right?
I only got my kid two weekends a month.
And I'm sure they don't want to see you
walked off the field in cuffs.
What do you need?
I got here as quick as I could.
What's up?
You know, I never looked
at your entire file
when you first joined the team.
Even though I told him he had to.
Probably why I didn't.
You ready to say sorry now?
You have quite a backstory.
That means he's impressed.
No, I never said that.
Is this you?
That was me, yeah.
You raced stock cars in Jersey.
A long time ago, way
before I joined the Academy.
You any good?
I was great.
Didn't I tell you he was
going to say that? He's cocky.
Well, it works for the part.
What's going on here?
Elliot made contact
with a guy named Nestor.
He owns a shop where he
services street racers.
He's going to walk us into the
street racing scene tonight.
And we need an undercover
to play the part.
Yeah, we know the crew who took Sherie.
They go to these races to
scout for their drivers.
So if we can find out who they are,
maybe they'll lead us to Sherie.
You up for this?
First undercover op? Hell yeah.
I feel ready.
Sarge, I think we're off to the races.
All right, Jet and Reyes are
going to be backup for you.
Jet is going to create
a whole online profile,
social media handles, family stuff.
I need you to study up.
Be on top of your game.
We don't have a lot of time.
You got it?
All right.
Let's go, what's good, what's good?
Well done.
All right, you're going
to need to check in and pay
the entry fee if you're going to race.
You could always scratch later.
Just looks like you're serious.
- Yo, Nestor.
- Hey!
Let me see what you're working with.
All right, we're in.
This is bringing back memories.
So how many of those
therapy sessions have
you had to do over the years?
Let's just say the next one,
I get a free set of steak knives.
How'd it go?
Oh, so you clammed up as usual.
- Did he call you?
- He didn't have to.
I'm a woman.
What the hell does that mean?
Oh, come on, Elliot.
We both know you do not open up.
It just irritates me
that you've been given
an opportunity to talk,
and you won't take it.
Unburden yourself.
I'm done.
Well, if you've got so much to say,
- why don't you go talk him?
- We're not talking about me.
We talking about you. Go back.
- Anything?
- Nothing.
Hey, so you see the guy
over my left shoulder?
The leather jacket?
He picked up the trap
car from the garage.
All right.
You're going to introduce us.
OK, we're going over there.
Say I'm a friend from out of town.
You good?
Hey, yo.
What's up, Nestor?
- Hey.
- Good to see you, man.
Yeah, yo, this is my boy from LA, Kevin.
'Sup, man?
From the Mecca?
You do any racing up there?
Cerritos, Long Beach, Compton,
wherever the action is.
Are we going to see any of that
West Coast flavor tonight?
The field looks pretty weak.
Yeah, it's not worth it
if one of these amateurs
kicks off and sideswipes me.
What's the payout tonight?
That's not enough for you?
No, you race like me,
you got bills to pay, no.
Nestor don't let anyone touch his ride.
So you must be decent?
I'll lay 20k down to find out.
All you got to do is win.
Oh, I can win.
You do, and there'll be
more where that came from.
Go get your ride, Nestor.
All you got to do is win.
Hey, I told you I can win.
Are you ready?
On the count of 3,
- 1
- Whoo!
2, 3.
What do you want to do?
The cops are here now.
Hey, hey!
You got him?
- Don't move. Come on.
- Man, come on.
How's the hand?
It'll be all right.
It's not the first time, you know?
Hitting a cop?
Jumped a guy that was
supposed to pay me 20k.
What else was I supposed to do?
You must be really broke.
I just like money and driving fast, man.
I can respect that.
Cristobal Ruiz,
Guillermo Pasqual, Santiago Elias.
Let's go. You made bail.
Lucky, hombre.
Do you have any idea
of the amount of strings
I had to pull to get you out?
That detective you hit?
Reyes had to talk him off the ledge.
- I got us a number.
- What number?
The guy who can get us
closer to finding Sherie.
Go get cleaned up.
We did get a number.
I got something you should hear.
5-2 just sent this over
from their phone logs.
Baby, tell me you're OK.
I'm OK.
But they want me to tell you something.
Tell them I'll do whatever
if they just let you go.
Tino, listen, they
said you're doing good,
but you got to sit tight.
A couple more days, then
they're going to let me go.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
- You understand?
- Sherie, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
And they're saying I got to go.
- Sherie, wait.
- I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- Wait!
OK, well, the good news
is Sherie's still alive.
And they don't know Tino's talked to us.
But they need him quiet
for a few days more.
That tells me they're
planning something.
What are the odds they let
Sherie go once it's over?
Well, that's not a bet
I'm willing to make.
Let me call the number
Cristobal gave me.
It's our best option.
CSU found prints in the trap car.
They're Cristobal's.
Make the call.
So how do you feel?
Like we are running
out of time and options.
I got some doubts, too.
He's just like you.
Leaps before he looks sometimes.
I've learned to trust it in you, so
Plus, we'll have his
back the entire time.
Anything else you want to tell me?
Yeah, thanks.
For what?
I made another appointment
with that shrink.
Well, look at you.
You're welcome.
There is hope for you yet.
I say that to myself every
morning in the mirror.
I'm in.
Going to meet Cristobal this afternoon.
OK, great.
Stick around because I want
to go over next steps with you.
You made it.
Give me your wallet.
What is this, a robbery now?
I just ain't never seen
a California license.
You're from California, right?
Come on, Fast and Furious.
Let me see your license.
When did you take this
picture, yesterday?
Last month, I had it
suspended for a year.
I just got it back.
Walk with me.
You have family?
Brothers? Sister?
Parents are dead.
You know, you can just look
this up on Facebook, dude.
I did.
I was making sure it syncs up.
I want you to call your sister.
Lydia, right?
Or don't, and be on your merry way.
All right, all right.
We'll text her first.
When was the last time
you answered a number
you didn't recognize?
You know, I've been
thinking about something.
How did you get out of jail
if you had no money and you hit a cop?
Ask her.
This Lydia?
Whose phone is this?
What kind of trouble have
you gotten yourself into now?
And I am not sending you any more money.
Tell her you'll call her back.
No, no, no, no, that's a false alarm.
I know. All right, bye.
Anything else?
All right, how much money
are we talking about?
Because I've had enough of this, man.
First one is free.
- Just to make sure you're in.
- Free? Free?
No, I need to get paid.
First one's free.
Or we hold your sister as collateral.
We've done it before.
Meet me at Melrose at 5:30.
Don't be late.
I'll be honest.
I wasn't expecting your call.
Yeah, me neither.
I'm glad you did.
So anything in particular
you want to talk about?
Well, in answer to your question,
I don't like endings.
- My question?
- From last week,
when you asked me why I
wanted to go back to work.
I don't like endings.
Can you tell me more?
Mm, yeah.
you know, when I lost my wife, um
You know, that was the very
clear definition of of
Of an ending.
So this is about the
death of a loved one?
It's a little more general.
For example, my kids, they're grown.
You know, they've moved on.
They have lives of their own.
And I just feel loss.
I, uh
it's like the ending of my family.
I've just had that
that lens about
everything since my wife.
I recently lost a friend,
a very close friend, partner.
Care to tell me how that happened?
Through neglect on my part.
Sounds like you're a man
in need of a new beginning.
Excuse me.
Uh, Doc, I'm sorry. I got to go.
Shall we make another appointment?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Before you leave?
Yeah, I'll I'll get
back to you on that.
Thank you.
Oh, what are the odds?
Not you.
Sorry about the other night.
Sorry about the eye.
You could have given us a heads up.
Yeah, we just we didn't
have time to coordinate,
but we appreciate your help now.
So I prepped this car for you?
All right.
Well, before I hand over the keys,
there's just one thing we need to cover.
Now we're good.
- You good?
- Yeah, good.
All right.
All right, mic check, one, two.
I hope you guys can hear
me because here I go.
He'll be fine.
Hey, what's good?
Hold it.
I already went through
this with your boss man.
You still don't trust me, I'm out.
Go ask him.
Go ask him.
Wait here.
She's here. Sherie's here.
I had eyes on her.
Back room, straight ahead.
But she seems OK.
Listen, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm ditching the wire.
Yo, what you doing in there?
What do you think I'm doing?
I told you to stay out here.
Open the door.
Open the door!
I guess you're one of
those guys who doesn't
wash his hands after he
Is that good for you, too?
Let's go.
Do we go in?
Yeah, but we're not
going in guns blazing.
- There he is.
- What's up, man?
You're a long way from
Cali, aren't you, pretty boy?
You grow up there?
That's funny.
I've never met no one
from LA without tan lines.
I could show you tan lines,
but I should buy you
dinner first, right?
I like him.
Told you.
Cristobal tell you we're down
a couple of drivers right now?
He did.
And you want to help out?
If the money's right.
Well, no, that's for the boss to decide.
I thought he was the boss.
No, no.
The boss man is a real OG.
And lucky for you, we're
going to go meet him right now.
Come on, Kevin. Trying
to be a funny man, huh?
They're heading out.
Follow that car.
Let's get Sherie.
Police. Don't move.
Don't move. Don't move.
Don't move. Show me your hands.
Get up.
Police. Drop your weapon.
Hand behind your back.
On your knees. On your knees.
All right, I got these two. You go.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Sherie, it's me.
Police, police.
- We're police.
- Tino, where is Tino?
My husband, where's Tino?
We have him. We have him. He's safe.
He's safe. He's safe.
Who the hell is that?
Is there a car behind us?
Yeah, it feels like cops to me.
Why would there be cops?
How long have they been following us?
Since we left.
Lose them.
You want to work for us,
you need to prove you can follow orders.
Just pull over. See if they stop.
We can deal with this
the real, real way.
- What is he doing?
- He knows we're following.
Keep up.
All right, they're chasing us.
- Get us out of here.
- I'ma blast these fools.
No, hold on.
All right.
All right.
All right, Cali.
We're going to have fun with you.
Just tell me where to go.
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