Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021) s04e11 Episode Script


In the nation's largest city,
the vicious and violent
members of the underworld
are hunted by the detectives
of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
These are their stories.
I gotta leave town for a bit.
Money's a little tied up right now.
El, it's me again.
Joey is still in the wind.
We should be out there looking for him.
We just got back initial
forensics from the warehouse.
They found blood at the scene.
It's Sam's blood.
His blood was found in the warehouse
where my brother works?
What does that mean?
I'm ATF.
That guy was mine.
I just don't know how they got
their hand on him.
It was Angus's business partner.
His name's Julian Emery.
He is my priority.
My partner, he likes
to keep a low profile.
I'm paying him off, getting out.
If things go sideways, don't hesitate.
Where is he?
He couldn't make it.
If he wants a war,
I guess I got one more in me.
Trish and Hank, stick with me.
As of now, we're on lockdown.
Man's a coward,
just a snake hiding in the shadows.
You know, I was warned.
I was, but I saw opportunity.
Others, they just saw
a snake tightening its grasp.
I should've never gone
into business with Emery.
After what's happened,
do you think you're still
in business with him?
That is the question, isn't it, Hank?
Tell you this.
If you hadn't reacted the way you did,
I wouldn't be here to do
business with anybody.
So thanks
- Amen!
- Amen.
Before the honey,
whiskey was the thing
that we Boones made.
Going back, oh, way back before
before the Revolutionary War,
for 250 years.
Our tradition, handed down
from generation to generation.
Hey, you boys, you have had a shock.
You need to just sit a spell
Take it all in
And then you figure out
how to cut the head off that damn snake.



Angus says we're going to war,
he's not kidding.
Angus doesn't want to take
down the government.
He wants the government
to leave him alone
so he can sell Emery's heroin.
Yeah, but you said this is
more than just about drugs.
So what is it that you're searching for?
It's Emery.
He caters to militant fringe
groups all over the world.
Intel says he's got something
big coming in,
something rare.
We believe it was stolen
from a stockpile in Belarus.
Any idea how he's bringing it in?
We think he's using the same
smuggling routes as the heroin,
but we just can't lock it down.
Emery's people are experts
at falsifying cargo manifests,
manipulating shipping
routes via satellite.
Angus is my only way in.
Angus wants to discuss strategy.
Not you. Hank.

There's Stabler.
They're still on lockdown.
We need to know why.
That's the million-dollar question.
How's Sarge?
Sergeant Bell is going through it.
1PP needs a full account of the events
that led to the murder
of Detective Bashir.
She'll be in the hot seat
for a few days.
They'll threaten to transfer,
grill her some more,
but she'll come out of it okay.
How you doing, Captain?
I, um,
never lost one in the line of
Where are we with the DNA samples
collected from Arinto Wine Imports?
We got back forensics
confirming everyone
who was in the building
staff, delivery personnel.
None had priors.
We also got hair and fiber
that were a familial match
for Detective Stabler.
One sample we couldn't ID.
Not on any databases we have access to.
What about databases
we don't have access to?
Tap other agencies.
Call in favors.
Beg, borrow, steal.
This operation has to be international.
Start digging.
Vargas, anything on the security camera
- found at Arinto?
- I was able to pull footage,
but it's encrypted.
So gonna take time.
Let me know when it's done.
What's the status on Stabler?
Bullet holes on the truck indicate
he was in some sort of shoot-out.
Track where it took place
and work the scene.
Might tell us what's really
going on at that honey farm.

Is that him?
[CHUCKLES] I know you're upset.
You tried to kill me.
We all make mistakes.
And you did kill one of mine.
But let's get past this.
I'm in town. Come by.
We'll talk it out.

Ask him to send a proxy to the farm,
someone to guarantee your safety.
I need you to send a proxy,
somebody with value.
Fine. I'll send Dahlia.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
What the hell?
Where you been? I've
been looking for you.
Don't. Don't, Randall.
I'm not here for another reunion.
I'm here to tell you
to stop looking for me.
What do you mean? What's going on?
Just stop.
You're gonna get yourself hurt.
What are you talking about?
- Who are you?
- I'm your brother.
I'm telling you, leave it alone.
Leave what alone?
You break into my hotel,
into my place of business.
A cop was killed there.
Did you know that?
Listen, Joey, what have
you gotten yourself into?
God, you always treat me like
I don't know what I'm doing.
I know what I'm doing.
You ever wonder why I stayed overseas?
Because every time I'm back here,
I'm just the idiot little brother.
No, you're an addict who needs help.
You don't know me.
You were never around.
Don't act like you were.
Drop the manhunt.
I got it under control.
You've never had anything under
control in your whole life.
That's rich coming from you.
Listen, I can still kick
your ass, you little punk.
For your safety,
for Elliot's,
for Ma's,
back off.

I bought it back.

Hey, kid. What's shaking?
Hey, Uncle Randall.
I'm trying to get ahold of my dad.
Oh, well, Pop's on a, uh
on a case, so
Unreachable. Copy.
Everything okay?
Yeah. It's great, actually.
I just have some big news to tell him.
Oh. Wow.
That's interesting.
Why don't you tell me? Spill.
I can't.
What do you mean, you can't?
I'm your favorite uncle.
You can't tell your favorite uncle?
It's just really something
I need to tell Dad first,
so if you hear from him,
can you tell him to call me?
Okay, man of mystery.
Hey, I'll talk to you later.
All right, talk to you later.
I can't believe it.
Well, then you're really not
gonna believe this shot.
I've spent months bunking
with these whoopty man-boy Opies.
You get to roll in and score
a face-to-face with Emery?
Man, I'd kill to be in your shoes.
Size 11.
Just tell me what I should
be looking out for.
Dates, shipping lane numbers,
port schedules.
Something that tells us when
Emery's shipment's coming in.
And what the hell it might be.
We just got word.
They'll be here in ten.
All right.
C'mon, let's go.
The blood we collected is at the lab,
and ballistics is hoping to get
some prints off of the shell casings.
But the crime scene photos
paint a pretty vivid picture
- as to what went down.
- The truck Stabler was in
met another car at the crossroads,
a gunfight ensued, and
the gunman in the second car
used high-caliber rounds.
What I like to call "man-killers",
used by private armies or Mossad.
- So they were pros.
- Well, speaking of pros,
once I got access
to additional databases,
the unidentified DNA we found at Arinto,
got a hit on Europol.
Tobias Krychek, a Chechen mercenary
wanted in two countries
for war crimes and genocide.
What's a blood mercenary doing
at a wine import business?
Exactly, so we dug into his financials.
We found several payments
made to a holding company
in Cypress called Redcoat.
- And what's Redcoat?
- We got a bogie.

Uh, Stabler just left
the house with Angus Boone.
Zoom in on them.
- Overnight bag?
- I doubt it.
Looks like they're waiting
for something.
Or someone.
Vargas, get the Rolls's LP.
Yeah. Almost got it.
- What just happened?
- Uh, I don't know.
It's a a glitch.
Can you fix it?
I-I think so.
There it is.
Oh, whoa.
Bogie must have a rolling jammer.
That's some serious tradecraft.

You know her?
Lead attorney, very inner circle.
Hey, Angus.
I guess you drew the short straw.
Just another Tuesday.
Who is this?
My Dahlia.
talk to Julian.
Explain your side of things to him.
I'm sure you'll both find a way
to a peaceful and mutual resolution.
You better hope so.
You're Angus's mom.
Call me Mama.
You make those wonderful honey things.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
You harm my boy,
I'll gut you like a pig.
Are you hungry?
Well, make yourself at home, hon.
Come on.
Don't worry, son.
Trish and I will keep her fed
and comfortable.
Of course, if anything happens
to you, we'll kill her.
Mama okay?
She's scared.

Come on.
Got it.
Rolls is gone.
So is Stabler.


And who are you?
New guy.

Go easy there, chap.
Open it.

Follow me.
I know the yen is down,
but it's a fair price.
Lovely. Call my man in Gstaad.
Care for a drink?
Oh, you don't know what you're missing.
I'm a big fan of the day drinking.
This isn't a social call, Julian.
Oh, Angus, no need for the drama.
You reneged. I reacted,
and, uh, quite admirably,
I might add, apologized.
So let's move on.

And your name is?
Of course it is.
[CHUCKLES] Not Henry.
No, that would be too British, yes?
Hank. Very hearty name.
So American. I love it.
Look, this is my loan,
paid in full with interest.
I don't like where it came from.
And I don't like being left
in the lurch.
It's unprofessional
and bad for business.
Like killing a cop.
This is what I owe you.
You and I, we're quits.
I don't want it.
I honored the commitment I made to you,
to the deal made.
I profoundly disagree.

Thank you.
What happened to you, Angus?
One moment, you're content
selling my heroin,
and the next, this.
Things changed.
Nothing has changed.
I changed.
[SIGHS] Okay, I guess
we're clearly at a stalemate,
which makes for a problem.
So here's the solution.
No more heroin.
But one last shipment
already en route
that requires your expertise.
It's expensive, delicate,
and it must be delivered on time.
I do a last run,
and we are done.
You have my word.
I'll let you know when and where.
Oh, but, um, you might want
to take care of this first.
What is it?
Intel from a government contact.
It appears you have a mole.

You believe him?
I mean, I don't I don't get it.
He says you've got a mole,
but he gives you one last job.
You think he's setting you up?
Here they come.
Damn it.
Signal's jammed again.
You want to dance?
Let's dance.

Rolls-Royce is back.
And there's Stabler.
- Hey, you need me?
- Mm-mm.
Mama feed you good?
And then some.
One more and we're out.
This meeting couldn't have gone better.
But we got a bigger problem.

Take a look at this, Ma.
Guess we start digging another hole.
Redcoat wouldn't have any reason
to make something like this up.
I got to be sure, Ma.
I'm not gonna bury another
Marine without proof.
- How'd it go?
- Not good.
One of us is blown.
What? Wait, how do you know?
Emery gave Angus an envelope
from a government contact
saying that he might have
a mole on the inside.
Did you actually see what was inside?
But if there's a chance
we're compromised,
we got to get out of here.
What if Emery's lying?
What if he's just messing with Angus?
I'm not gonna wait around to find out,
and neither are you.
Let's go.


You're coming with us.
Take her.
Get your hands off me, Tyler.

Take the gag off.
Let's keep this simple.
I ask questions.
You give me an honest answer.
Are you ATF?
- Hell no.
- This says
that you are Special Agent Trisha Beck.
My name is Trisha Moore.
Angus, what are we doing?
Why are we trusting Emery?
This could be fake intel.
It's coming from a guy
who just tried to kill you.
It's also from the guy
who gives you one last job
but doesn't give you
any details about it,
and then tells you you've got a mole?
It's like Emery's version of a psyop.
He's just disrupting and confusing
your command and control here.
But what about all these phone calls?
Here's a list of calls.
The traitor had a phone someplace.
Find the phone and you got your proof.
All right. Hank, you gather everybody
- and fill 'em in, yeah?
- Yes, sir.
Nobody's on their own.
Tonight I want every soul
answerable to somebody else.
- Buddy system.
- Yeah.
At first light, we search
this farm top to bottom.
If there's a phone,
we're gonna find it.
And I hope to God that we don't.
Take her downstairs.

Where's your buddy?
In my pants.
At least it took four of them.
You have to find my phone.
It's 10 yards from
the gate in that tree.
I can't. Too many guns.
Maybe at a shift change,
we can make a run for it.
Hey, look at me.
We're gonna do this.
I'm in a cage.
When they find my phone,
they're gonna kill me.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You can't blow your cover.
Emery's too important.
No case is worth your life.
What are you doing?
Sending out a message.
One-Eyed Skull.
Looks like Leno relieved himself.
4:10 a.m.
Got a PhD
I found it
in a tree by the gate.
Well, you've got your proof.
Who's digging the hole?
Wait, hold on. What
are you talking about?
We're gonna kill one of our own?
Loyalty is everything.
Mama, you don't know
where her loyalty lies.
She's one of us. Trisha is one of us.
She believes in you, Angus.
I've seen it.
Would that be with your eyes or
That's enough.
You think this is easy?
I treated her like she was a daughter.
She's a traitor.
She dies a traitor's death.

ATF just chewed me a new one,
said their undercover missed
a scheduled check-in.
Vargas, you were on
the cameras last night.
- Anything out of the ordinary?
- No.
- And I logged everything.
- He's right.
Just the same rotation of
One-Eyed Skulls on guard duty.
Pull up last night's feed.
What is that?
I don't see anything.
Top right camera.
- Zoom in.
- Yeah.
It's Morse code.
I-I collect ham radios.
Dot dash. That's A.
Dash. T.
Dot dash. That's A another A.
And then, uh, dot dot dot dash V.
Anyone? ATAV?
No, not a clue.
Maybe it's abbreviated numbers.
So it's that's 1-0-1-3.
Oh, my God, 10-13.
Officer needs assistance.
I'll get ATF and the Feds.
Jet, get ESU rolling.
Reyes, call the local precinct.
If these guys are armed to the teeth,
we'll need all the help we can get.
Angus, this doesn't serve you.
It doesn't serve your cause.
It serves Emery.
What does that mean?
He gets you to do one last job.
He gets you to do his dirty work.
He gets the Feds off his back.
We're with you, Angus.
You do this, you face the consequences.
Not him.
You do this, Emery wins.
We're ready.
Angus. Angus.
You're killing a federal agent.
We're executing a traitor.

ATF and ESU are 10 minutes out.
Guys, Stabler and Angus just
went into some outbuilding.
Everybody else is waiting outside.
Waiting for what?
I don't know, but they're all armed.
I think something bad
is about to go down.
You need to hurry.
A traitor don't deserve a flag.
But a Marine does.

Bring her in.
Sir, request permission to do it.
I'd like to see this through.
Permission granted.
Thank you, sir.
Close the cage.
Put down the tarp.

Jesus. Is this really happening?
Not if I can help it.

You've been found guilty of treason.
You're gonna die a traitor's death.
I want to look you in the eyes.
Fair enough.
Bind her hands, put
her against the wall.
- Oh!
- What the hell?
Get your hands up. Get your hands up!
Whoa, whoa. What, you
[LAUGHS] No, you're not
you're doing this for her?
Are you insane?
Let's walk.
You'll never make it out the front door.
Let's test that theory.
Who are you?

Open the door. Open the door.
Open the door.
Tell them to stand down.
You tell them or you're
gonna get us all killed.
Where's the honor in that?
- Tell them.
- Stand down.
Tell them.
I said, stand down!


Be cool. Be cool.

Keep your hands where I can see them!
Back away!
Get down on the ground!
Back away from the weapon!
- You!
- Hands up.
Move back.
Hands on your head. Get down.
Hands behind your back.
Bring them back.

Watch your head.

- Move!

Get those off him, please.
Yeah, that's good. Thank you.
Let's talk.
They taking care of Mama?
They are.
I tried to visit with her,
but she wouldn't have it.
Yeah, well, she's never been
real partial to traitors.
Tell me, did I get the wrong one?
The wrong one? That's
that's a difficult question
to answer because I don't
consider myself a traitor,
if that's what you mean.
You sure are a liar, though, aren't you?
I try not to be.
I'm a police officer who did his job.
And your stories, your war stories,
any of them true?
I'm a Marine.
I was in Desert Storm with the 30th.
I saw action.
But I never did bury a Marine
until you told me to dig that hole.
He was also one of mine.
I knew him personally.
He left behind
a two-year-old girl and a
wife who was pregnant.
She'll be giving birth any day now.
There's your war story.
I never thought it would come to this.
I'm sorry for your loss.
So am I.
Look, Hank
is that your name?
I was born searching
for a cause to fight for.
That's the spirit that I inherited.
And I found that cause in the military,
like so many of us did.
And then when they didn't
need us anymore,
I looked around, and
you know what I saw?
A bunch of broken people,
lost men and women
with no purpose, with no no support.
So that's how this whole
thing got started?
I wanted to help my people,
and I just was damn sick of excuses
and of the whining
and the bitching about,
"Oh, the system's broke,
and there's nothing
we can do about it",
so I did what I could do
the only way I knew how to do it.
By dealing heroin?
No! No!
Not at first.
Look, it started out,
we just handled security.
But the money, man.
The money.
I saw what the money could do,
what it could build,
what it could provide.
A sanctuary,
a place to heal,
place to be accepted,
for us to be amongst our own.
So I just kept digging deeper and deeper
'cause, you know, more money,
more support for my brethren.

And this is where it ends up.

I'm afraid I'm just a stupid
old man who lost his way.
You know
it's really bad when you lose
someone on the battlefield.
But, um
for me to lose one
of my own to heroin

I might as well have shot him myself.

Angus, we have a common enemy.
You and I have a common cause.
Help me
before I lose one of my own to this.

I'll tell you everything I know.
- Hey.
- Hey, man.
You are not gonna believe
the last couple days I had.
Well, you and me both.
Oh, yeah, yeah, Mr. Undercover, huh?
I heard you got arrested.
- Oh, You heard that, yeah?
- Yeah.
Of course you did.
You sent your man Kyle
- to take care of it.
- Who's Kyle?
Kyle, uh, the guy
with the funny little car.
It doesn't matter.
So listen to me, man. I'm at this bar
Where's Mama? How's Mama?
Wha she's fine now.
She's at she's at my place.
Okay? Which reminds me, Eli called,
and he has something big
he wants to tell you.
- What do you mean, "big"?
- Yeah, yeah, you can hold that.
So Kyle springs me, right?
- Right.
- And, uh, Ayanna calls.
Wait, why is my boss calling you?
Because I broke into the warehouse
where Joe Junior works.
Wait a minute. What is this?
- Who are you?
- Yeah.
And they found the blood of
your dead detective in there.
But get this. So I'm at this bar,
and out of nowhere,
Joey walks in.

Looks like ATF got tipped off.
Angus is not going
to be a problem anymore.
Make sure. People
in prison like to talk.
And some just need
a pillow over their face.
- Who's going to handle distro?
- I've got some ideas.
We'll get into it when I'm back.
Thanks, Toby.
We good to go?
They're ready to push us back, sir.

You'd better buckle up, Jojo.


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