Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Boys Will Be Boys

[NARRATOR]: In Toronto's war on crime,
the worst offenders are
pursued by the detectives
of the specialized criminal
investigations unit.
These are their stories.
[ANNOUNCER]: Oh, Leblanc with
a big check into the boards!
[MAN OVER SPEAKERS]: 45 seconds to go
in the first overtime period.
[ANNOUNCER]: Powell hesitates.
Powell has the puck.
Findley taking the puck in deep.
- Findley scores!
- Rory Findley with the game winner!
The Scorpions are going to Game 7!
[REPORTER]: Hey, cap, congratulations
on your hat-trick and the 4-3 win.
How were you able to
close out the game, Rory?
Just, you know, just outworked
'em. Dug deep. And, uh
Kai over here put it on a platter,
- and I slammed the door.
- That's high praise
coming from your captain,
Kai, that's gotta feel good
- heading into Game 7.
- Yeah, yeah. Just, um
Gotta make him look good.
Do my part, you know?
Coach McAllister.
Your rookies are getting
pummelled this series, Coach.
Minus 12 over the last six games.
Any thoughts on how you'll win Game 7
if they don't show up?
They'll toughen up. They have to.
[RIZZO]: Hey, you think I
don't know you're avoiding me?
You wanna act like a big
man after yesterday's win,
don't do it over text!
[KAI]: Tonight? No. No, man. No chance.
Seriously, if I'm not
studying or skating,
I cannot go out past my curfew.
[GEMMA]: Kai, I'm coming down.
Hold on.
You need another ice pack?
Uh, no, I'm alright.
- It's not a girl.
- Well
make sure you finish all of
it. You need the electrolytes.
Uh You know what? If um
If it's good for the
team, screw it, I'm in.
Let's toughen these rookies up!
- Kai!
- Rory.
You made it, baby! [LAUGHING]
What up, Kai?!
Oh, phone.
Hey, come on, come on. Pass the bottle,
pass the bottle!
Keep it going, bro!
- Bring 'em out!
You're gonna love this.
Great! Great job, rook.
You took that like a man!
T? Give him a jersey.
What did I tell you, rooks? Okay?
You stop acting like bitches,
and we'll treat you like men.
- Kai, who's next?
- Oscar.
[OSCAR]: No, no, please, I can't do it!
- Alright, Oscar!
- Ah!
You know how this goes, right?
No screaming. No crying. Because ?
[TOGETHER]: Pussies don't win playoffs!
Alright, put him in the bag.
No, no, no, no, no,
no. No, guys, seriously.
Guys, I'm claustrophobic! Please!
- Come on!
- No, no, no, no!
Don't do this! Don't do this,
please! Please! [BAG ZIPPING]
I think we might have to
do this the hard way, boys.
What do you think, huh? Let's go!
[OSCAR]: Please, please, don't!
- Let's go, come on!
Let's go! [OSCAR]: Put me down!
No, no, no, no, no! No,
please! Rory, please stop!
Have a nice trip, bro!
Please! [GRUNTING]
No, no! Please! [CAMERA CLICKING]
Look, I hear you.
Loud and clear. I
[SIGHS] I need a little more time.
news for hockey fans today
- after brutal images of hazing
involving the Scarborough
City Scorpions
were released this morning.
Now players and fans alike
are asking themselves
about the future of the
team and Game 7 of the cup,
which has been put on hold.
The images released to the public
depict various minors engaging
in graphic acts of violence
and forced drinking.
Gemma, for hosting.
I, uh I wanted to discuss
this privately with you
before I make a public statement.
We've all seen the photos,
and they've been shared
to every news site in town.
So effective immediately,
our star senior players,
Kai, Mason, Jaxxon,
Peter, Cody, and Rory
- are all suspended indefinitely.
- What?!
- Until further notice.
- No, no, no. You can't do that.
- Hey, look.
- You can't do that! Alright?
It's not my call!
[RORY]: You can do something about it!
If it was me, you'd play, okay?
Not my call.
We need to talk, Coach, okay? Outside.
Continued shock and outrage
after images of hazing
involving the Scarborough City Scorpions
were released yesterday.
The team has just released
a public statement
deploring these acts of violence
and suspending all the veteran players,
including star captain Rory Findley.
Still no word on what this
means for Game 7 in the series.
The victim's Rory Findley.
Made captain of the Scorpions
a week before his 17th birthday.
Been their top NHL prospect ever since.
Yeah, he was slated to go
first round of the draft
before those photos leaked.
My kid thought he was a god.
Her god was into some
pretty dark things.
Well, I wonder if those
dark things led to his death.
Those rookies were beaten with
hockey sticks, weren't they?
Yeah, and this isn't the only damage.
We found Rory's car across town.
His tire was slashed.
Thanks, Toni.
Well, I'm guessing that
Rory was standing there
with his back to the
rink. Somebody pushed him,
he fell back and cracked
his skull on the ice.
The assailant hits him in the head
with a stick hard enough
to break the shaft.
Looks like the attack didn't stop there.
He's got defensive wounds on the hands.
He managed to protect himself,
at least for a little while.
Judging by the cast-off spatter,
the assailant was frenzied,
determined, right-handed,
using Rory's own stick.
It doesn't get any
more personal than that.
This is a weapon of opportunity,
so it may not have been premeditated.
Maybe a rookie he hazed
looking for payback?
Maybe. So, who got it the worst?
Rory was just trying to help.
He said we needed to
get our heads right,
toughen up, if we wanted to win Game 7.
Do you think anyone would've
wanted to get back at Rory
- for what he did to you?
- No.
Besides, everybody knew I loved Rory.
This whole thing's my fault, anyways.
If I had just kept
quiet like Rory said
Hey. You know what they
did was not okay, right?
Leaking the pictures was wrong.
Everything would've been
fine if that hadn't happened.
Do you know who took the photos?
Rory locked up our phones
as soon as we walked in the suite.
- [GEMMA]: Sorry.
I'm Gemma Dubicki, I'm
one of the team moms.
I'm Detective Bateman.
- Whose mom are you?
- Kai's.
We wanted to come by
and check in on Oscar.
I made some protein bars,
and brought you some magazines.
Just while you're stuck in here.
You think Oscar needs
some magazines, Gemma?
Lacerated liver, two broken ribs,
seizures from alcohol poisoning.
Tossed on our front lawn like trash.
You know what? Why
don't we step outside?
I just talked to your
parents, they just landed.
They'll be here very soon.
Elmore, from our conversation earlier,
I gleaned that you take your
job as a host dad very seriously.
While Oscar's under your roof,
he's your responsibility.
So I have to ask
where were you on Sunday night?
I was sitting right here with Oscar,
wishing I had the balls to kill
the son of a bitch who hurt him.
You should be arresting
every kid on that team,
starting with hers.
The only reason Kai was there that night
was because Rory talked him into it.
Well, I can understand if you're angry.
I mean, Rory ropes you
into doing something
- that ruins your career?
- His career is not ruined.
- It was Rory's fault.
- No, it wasn't.
It's not Rory's fault.
We all did this, together.
And I wasn't mad at Rory.
I I looked up to him.
He was a player that I wanted to be.
We all worshiped Rory.
Do you think any of the players
might've changed their feelings
about Rory after the hazing?
I don't know. [SCOFFS]
None of us have had our phones.
We've all been grounded
since the hazing.
[BATEMAN]: Kai was right.
We checked with all the billet families.
Each of the suspended star players
was grounded after the incident.
Yeah, at the time of the death,
which da Silva places
around 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.,
all the boys were accounted for.
Look, I don't know.
The idea that these kids
have to move in with a strange family
in a strange city just
to chase their dreams,
that seems like a recipe
for disaster to me.
Especially if the billet
families are profiting.
They make 500 bucks a month
to keep these kids clean,
safe, and out of trouble.
Ah, they're not all bad.
Elmore's very dedicated to Oscar.
Dedicated enough to kill his bully?
You know, Oscar's nurse
confirms that Elmore was
at the hospital the entire night.
Okay, so, if the whole team and Elmore,
they all have alibis, then
who killed Rory Findley?
Maybe these photos
will tell us something.
It's strange, though,
they're all so grainy, look.
Yeah. I mean, these days,
most cellphones have good
lowlight capabilities.
Maybe they weren't
taken with a cellphone.
They weren't.
The hazing photos were
taken with a smartwatch.
- Do you know whose?
- No.
But if you find me the watch,
I'll match it to the metadata.
[BATEMAN]: Thank you, Mark.
What if we've been
looking at this all wrong?
What if Rory found out
who took the photos,
confronted them, got in a fight
And the shutterbug fought back.
Then y'all need to get out of my office
and go to talk to the coach,
because I have an appointment.
Hello, thank you for coming!
I have no idea who took those photos.
Do you think Rory knew?
Maybe found out somehow?
Rory didn't have much time
for investigation, Detective.
He was all about the game.
Outworked everyone.
You'd call a practice 7
a.m., he'd be here at 6.
Just an endless tank
of energy, that kid.
He worked the whole ice.
Took pride in making
everyone around him better.
Me included.
never wanted to disappoint anyone.
You know, his mom never got
to see him play at this level.
She died three years ago of cancer.
He never had a dad.
He loved this team.
This team loved him.
Even Oscar. Even now.
I can't help thinking I
could have stopped this.
If I'd just been here that night. I
Normally, I'm here, I'm here 9, 9:30,
doing the line-up,
but I didn't stay late that night.
I had to go meet with the GM
to discuss this whole mess.
If I'd just been here, maybe
I would've seen something.
I could've done something.
Do you have any idea who
might've wanted to hurt Rory?
- No.
- [MAN]: Coach, you got a call.
Just a minute.
One thing I do know after 30
years on the ice, Detective
Someone goes after a teenage boy,
99% of the time
it's another teenage boy.
I gotta go.
What's your read?
- He seems genuine.
- He seems something.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Yes?
I was wondering if you could
help me out with something?
I got a buddy who's a big fan.
And I'd like to get a
photo out on the ice.
Give me your phone.
Oh, no, I was hoping
we could use your watch.
Fedor Makerov. Former star forward,
now injured, and the team's towel boy.
What was your role in the hazing?
I brought the beer to the hotel,
and then I go home. That's all.
And if you want my
watch, you need a warrant.
Well, legally, we can seize
that from you right now,
but you also just admitted
to supplying alcohol to minors, Fedor.
And given that the
victims in those photos,
they're under 18, and with the lingerie,
and the sexually implicit posing,
a judge might find that you captured
and distributed child pornography.
No. You you cannot do that to me.
Oh, we can.
Yes, I took the photos
and I made them public,
but only because I'm sick of watching
them get away with everything.
I love playing hockey. I'd be playing
- I'd be playing right now if I had not blown my knee.
- I don't care.
[BATEMAN]: What are they
getting away with, Fedor?
Forcing with alcohol and
shaving eyebrows is one thing.
But they put players
in women's underwear,
they throw them over the
stairwell in a hockey bag?
I didn't leave Russia for this.
The night of Rory's
murder, where were you?
I was nowhere near the arena.
That's not what she asked you.
I was with another
player. Different team.
- I spent the night with him.
- We're gonna need his name.
Only if you swear not to
speak of it outside this room.
If you do, my career is over,
and so is his.
We'll be discreet.
Had you noticed any changes in, uh
Rory's behaviour
leading up to his death?
Was he fighting with the other
players? His coach? The staff?
When I first joined this
team, Rory was a good captain.
But not anymore?
Now he's stronger on the ice,
but he's weaker in his head.
Cheap shots into the boards,
yelling, fighting all the time.
Blood work confirms he had
amphetamines in his system.
Fedor said he was more
out of control than usual.
A player on speed explains a lot.
They couldn't be easier to get.
I bet half the kids at his high
school are taking ADHD medication,
either legitimately or recreationally.
But that is not the
worst of Rory's problems.
Healed fractures of the clavicle, ribs,
wrists, ankles, patella,
fingers, and skull.
In layman's terms, the boy was a mess.
Not to be harsh, but doesn't
that come with the territory?
Not to this extent.
The amount of injuries this kid had?
Playing through the pain is one thing,
but this is beyond the pale.
But anything he would
have been taking for pain
would have slowed him
down, affected his game,
so he used speed to power through.
Rory would've been in agony
every time he hit the ice.
Well, Coach said that he never
wanted to let anyone down.
Maybe that's what motivated
him to play through this.
Yeah, there are a lot of
adults who rely on these kids
to, uh make it to the big leagues.
I wonder who was banking on Rory.
[GEMMA]: Coach Mac
You have to speak to the
league commissioner about Kai.
He does not deserve this suspension.
[RIZZO]: Is Oscar cleared for Game
7? Is there even gonna be a Game 7?
I got a lot of scouts on
the books for that game.
Gotta think about the kid's future.
Shame on you!
Rory's not even in the ground yet,
and here you are slithering
around for more clients?
You know what, Gemma?
Why don't you worry about your own son?
Enough! A boy is dead.
One of our own.
I don't care what mistakes
he made in his life, but he
he didn't deserve to die for them.
So, if your selfish needs
are more important than that,
Gemma got it half right.
On all of you.
Excuse me.
It's an unbelievable tragedy.
Rory was top of my
roster four years now.
- We were like family.
- Yeah, a very lucrative family.
I mean, right after Game 6,
Rory was all over social media
talking about his new Bauer sponsorship.
[GRAFF]: That's rarified
air for a player so young.
What was included in that deal?
Was it strictly merchandising,
or did you negotiate
an overall profit share?
I'm not at liberty to say.
You can't say because
you don't know, Mr. Rizzo.
Gee, the young go-getters
down at Westfield Management,
well, they seem to think that
they got Rory that Bauer deal
when he fired you, after his last game
and signed with them. Ring a bell?
You were with Rory from the
time he was 14 years old,
and then he dumps you
right before the big show?
That's the name of the game.
I went all-in on Rory, and
it didn't buy his loyalty.
Paid for private tutors,
dieticians, his car
And doctors to greenlight
him to get back out on the ice
even though he was falling apart?
Yeah, we spoke to the physician you paid
to give Rory a clean bill of health.
Stock his medicine cabinet
full of amphetamines.
- Keep him on the ice.
- Rory asked for those things.
I didn't force him to do anything.
But you paid for it. Must've
hurt when he fired you.
You wouldn't see a
return on your investment.
It did, yeah.
But I took it out on
the car, not the kid.
And even though he fired me over text,
I slashed Rory's tire, okay?
I'm not proud of it,
but I didn't kill him.
Well, you had the means, the
motive, and the opportunity.
Too bad I was watching the
Leafs game with my neighbour
at the pub around the
corner. We stayed 'til close.
Give him a call. He'll tell you.
[MARK]: I found some new intel.
[GRAFF]: Most Valuable
Billets. That's humble.
Marigold and Craig Duffy,
Rory Findley's billet parents.
Oh, 300,000 subscribers.
What were they subscribing to?
Well, this account was
suspended two days ago,
but I used an archive to retrieve this.
Thank you, Mav Muscle, for gifting Rory
this amazing home gym.
Yeah, with a 500-pound capacity
and a slam proof cable system,
it is the perfect way for Rory
to get in some much-needed reps,
before heading off to high school.
- Show 'em, Rory.
- Hey, if you've got a future
first-rounder at home like we do,
set them up for success
with the entire line of
Mav Muscle home systems.
Order now, and use the code MVB.
That's right, MVB, and don't forget
to click on that subscribe button.
- Hmm, you had to watch this
more than twice?
Nutritional supplements,
athletic gear, appliances
Rory was making these
two a lot of money.
As a future first-round
draft pick, sure.
But as a player at the
forefront of a hazing scandal?
Not so sure.
- You said the account was suspended two days ago?
- Yeah.
So, that was the day
the photos were leaked.
If I'd built an entire
brand, and lucrative lifestyle
around how talented that kid was,
and he threw it all away
I'd be pretty angry.
Craig and I were home
all night, strategizing,
trying to figure out what to do
after our account was suspended.
[GRAFF]: So let me get this straight.
On the night Rory was killed,
the day after his dream of
playing in the NHL was quashed,
you and your husband were at home
worrying about your bank account.
We didn't know he was
going to be murdered.
So, Mrs. Duffy, what do you
know about the day Rory died?
Did he say anything, did he go anywhere?
Anything at all.
S So, billet parents have to account
for the players in their care.
We installed an app on his phone,
to track him.
The avatars are for each
person in our family.
So, you and your husband
were home Sunday night.
At least your phones were.
Uh, Rory went straight
from the team meeting,
to your home, to the arena
with no stops in between.
Did Rory know he was being tracked?
- No.
- Can you bring up the schedule
for the past few days?
His schedule. Rory's.
[BATEMAN]: Just before
the Uptown Suites,
he was at Pirate Pete's.
Why would he go there?
Screaming twins at table 4.
Birthday party for a nine-year-old
and six of his annoying
little friends at table 2.
And that dead hockey hottie
came through for like a minute.
His name was Rory Findley.
Yeah, him. It looked like
he was waiting for someone.
Okay? He ordered some pizza,
played some video
games, and then took off.
Did he talk to anyone before he left?
No, but I did follow him
out to ask for a selfie
'cause nobody famous ever comes in here.
Yeah, sure. He was a
Did you, uh end up
getting that selfie?
But I did see him hooking
up with some old guy.
Like your kind of old,
not nursing home old.
Oh, that's sweet of you. Um
What made you think he was hooking up?
The old guy gave him
some sort of key card.
Like, to a hotel room.
[GRAFF]: Well, you got a good memory.
Do you remember what it looked like?
It was sparkly and black.
Had gold writing on it.
- Like this?
- Yeah, that's it.
[GRAFF]: The Uptown Suites Hotel, then.
Just, uh, one more thing.
Stop me if you see the old guy.
[WOMAN]: Sarah! Yeah, you
gotta take your sister with you!
Oh, that's him.
Yeah, that's him.
- Coach McAllister?
- Yeah, I guess.
[MCALLISTER]: Commissioner, sir,
look, we have to play Game 7.
We earned this.
Look, the other players
deserve to see this through.
Come on, Adam, please.
Look, I'm begging you.
Standing by.
Time is up, Coach.
I'm tired of picking up towels.
Not now, Fedor.
We made deal.
I did my job with the photos.
Oh, I think you did a little
bit more than what I asked for.
Ah, so what?
You want to keep your name out of press?
I start my new job
with the team tomorrow.
Now is not the time.
[HOLNESS]: Are we sure
there was nothing sexual
going on between the
coach and the victim?
Mark checked the security footage.
Coach McAllister never made
it beyond the front desk.
Well, that's one piece of good news.
So then, why did he
book them a hotel room?
So, Rory told Oscar
they'd win if they crawled
through the mud together.
What if that message
didn't come from Rory?
What if it came through Rory?
From Coach McAllister.
He thought that the hazing
would put the fear of God
into his rookies and toughen them up,
but then Fedor took the
photos and leaked them.
- Yeah.
- [GRAFF]: So he threw his team, and Rory in particular,
under the bus to save his own ass.
Coach said he was often at
the arena late doing work.
Rory would know that.
Maybe Rory went to the arena
to confront Coach after the
meeting at Gemma Dubicki's.
- Did you talk to the GM?
- Yeah, the GM confirms
that he and the coach had
a meeting between 10:30 p.m.
and 1 in the morning. So,
where was he at 10 p.m.?
After Gemma's?
If you can prove that
he was at the arena,
we'll have something to show Forrester.
I have no idea if the coach
was at the arena or not.
The cameras are off
from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
What's security saying about it?
They have no idea what's going on.
We're looking into it.
So, I did a sweep for security cameras
within a two-block radius
and asked for their footage.
And, voilà.
That's the coach's truck on the left.
He said after the meeting
at Gemma Dubicki's house,
he went to meet his GM.
[GRAFF]: What do we got
here? [BATEMAN]: Pause it.
Is that Fedor?
- Fedor
- The towel boy
with the camera watch.
So, Coach McAllister and Fedor
were together the
night of Rory's murder.
Two minutes away from the crime scene.
I told you, I was with my boyfriend
the night that Rory was killed.
Yeah, we know, we spoke to him.
- What about before?
- Before,
I met Coach near the arena.
He took me to a meeting
with Mr. Taylor, the GM,
to introduce me as new
talent scout for East Canada.
- Hmm
- Well, that's a pretty big step up
from scrubbing jockstraps.
How'd you manage that?
I have eye for talent.
Well, then, it's a pretty
good thing Coach doesn't know
you took those photos.
Well, maybe he does. Maybe he asked you
to take those hazing photos,
in exchange for a promotion.
It was supposed to be
safe in this country.
But my own teammates calling
rookies bitches, pussies,
beating the players that they
say don't act like real men.
It was disgusting.
[GRAFF]: Yeah, you didn't
leave Russia for this.
So, why did Coach want
you to take the photos
in the first place?
I don't know, he didn't say.
He just told me who to take photos of.
[GRAFF]: Hang on.
Coach wanted you to take photos
of certain players specifically?
So, Coach wanted incriminating
photos of only six players.
- Yeah, Scorpions' starting line-up.
- Mm-hmm.
Suspending your best players
is a sure-fire way to lose.
And there's only one reason
why a coach would want
to lose on purpose.
So, you were setting them up to lose.
Look, I didn't bet against my own team.
Okay, well, just know that we're
scanning your personal accounts,
and I'd be willing to
wager that we'll find
a significant cash withdrawal
maybe, I don't know,
a day or two before
someone placed a hefty bet
against the Scorpions.
Someone we'll connect back to you.
You know, for the life of me,
I can't figure out why you did it.
I mean, I've seen your interviews.
I've seen how you are
with those boys. You care.
I know I do.
Why on earth would you
teach them how to climb,
then kick them off the cliff?
Because I'm in deep.
I have been for months.
These people I owe money to,
if I don't get square with them, then
I'm dead.
They said they'd go after my sister.
My niece.
It's just [SIGHS]
I don't have anything left to leverage.
Except your team.
I didn't think Rory would
take the hazing that far.
You're a grown-up. These are kids.
I didn't want the photos
to go public, okay?
I was just going to show
them to those six boys,
then promise to keep
it quiet from the league
as long as they all agreed to
get the flu for Game 7.
But Fedor, your inside
man, he leaked the photos.
He totally screwed me. I
- I just don't know why.
- Well, turns out he had
his own axe to grind.
Coach, where were you the
night of Rory's murder?
The truth this time.
What I told you was true.
After I suspended the players,
I left Gemma's, picked up Fedor,
took him to the GM to get
him a job talent scouting
he doesn't deserve. What
I didn't say was, uh
as I was leaving Gemma's,
that Rory got in my face outside.
I told him I couldn't talk,
that I'd meet him at the arena at 10:30.
I thought he was gonna
take a swing at me.
- Did he?
- No.
I would've deserved it, but
Kai was right there.
Grabbed him, stopped him.
I didn't show. Couldn't face him.
So, did Kai overhear you
say you were gonna meet Rory
at the arena at 10:30?
Yeah. He was right there.
If Kai's career was torpedoed
by Rory, that's motive.
So, Rory gets here, Coach
doesn't show, but Kai does.
He confronts him, and
then a fight turns fatal?
I mean, if he could sneak
out the night of the hazing,
then he certainly could sneak
out the night of the murder.
So, Gemma is either blissfully unaware,
or she's covering for him.
And from what I've seen,
she would do just about
anything to protect that kid.
[KAI]: Hey.
- Do you want me to take that?
- Oh, no, I can take it.
I'm just going out.
I'm meeting the lawyer.
She's willing to take on the
appeal of your suspension.
- I just have to go meet her.
- Okay, but
shouldn't we just accept what
Coach and the league decided?
Kai In this family,
we never give up on our dreams.
Right. Yeah.
It's time for your roadwork.
Okay. Thanks, Mom.
[FORRESTER]: You don't know
for sure that Kai and Rory
were together that night.
If this is all based
on what Coach told you,
then it's hearsay wrapped in conjecture,
and you know that. What else you got?
Well, what about motive, right?
Kai was only at that hazing
party because of Rory.
Yeah, and now, no professional
team is gonna go near him,
even if the league does
somehow reinstate him.
So what are you doing here?
Go get a confession from Kai.
Well, I'd love to. But
he's 17, has an alibi,
and we can't talk to him without
his legal guardian present.
Yeah, and it's possible
that same guardian
is covering for him.
Theo, how do we proceed?
I don't think we can get around her.
If you want Kai's
statement, as you both know,
you need to comply with
all the requirements set out
in the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
Section 146-2C.
Before you speak to Kai,
he has the right to consult counsel,
an appropriate adult
Or a parent. In this case, it's Gemma.
And from what I saw, the way
she was acting at the hospital,
there's no way she's gonna
let anyone else step in.
And Kai doesn't want
anyone else by his side.
Then you've got no choice.
If you want to talk to Kai
about his whereabouts that night,
Gemma goes along for the ride.
Okay, look, If Kai did do this,
let him and Gemma know
that a confession might go a long way.
It could keep him in youth court
instead of being tried as an adult.
Use that if it helps you
get anywhere with them.
Kai, could you tell me if
either you or your teammates
knew that Rory was
going to be at the rink?
[KAI]: Yeah, yeah. I heard Rory say
he was meeting Coach at the arena.
But I didn't go with
him. He wouldn't let me.
[GEMMA]: Well, neither
would I. He was grounded.
We already told you.
We were here together
the night that Rory was killed.
It's a great photo of you and Oscar.
He looks a lot different than
when I saw him at the hospital.
Look, I know I should've stopped things
before they got that bad,
but Rory seemed so sure
that it was the only way
we were gonna toughen up the rookies,
and the only way to win.
Yeah, but you didn't
win. You lost everything.
No, Rory lost everything.
I just got suspended.
I still have all the
things that matter to me.
I still have Mom.
I know your mom just told us,
and you've spoken to my colleagues,
but I'd like to hear from you.
On the night in question,
you were here? At home?
He spent the whole night in his
I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm
sorry, I need Kai to
answer in his own words.
I was in my room.
Okay, thank you.
Kai, your recovery
shake is in the kitchen,
you should go drink it. It's
not gonna taste great warm.
I see a lot of team swag here.
- Yeah.
- You're quite the superfan, huh?
I've had a lot of
billets over the years.
I see. You even got a
jersey with your name on it.
That was a thank-you
gift from the team.
Bet it feels good to be included
after all you've done for them.
It does.
[KAI]: Mom?
Why does he call you, "Mom"?
Oh, his, uh
biological mother is incarcerated.
He's never had much of a home.
Not until now.
[KAI]: Mom, can you come here?
Just a sec.
Looks like a blood stain.
I think it is.
If Kai knew where Rory
was, he could've told Gemma.
Then Gemma would also know
exactly where Rory would be.
She puts a lot into these
kids. Into their futures.
Well, maybe she killed
Rory for messing with Kai's.
You want to bring her
in for questioning?
No, not until we have something.
Something solid enough to
force her to tell us the truth.
Kai may have had a motive
for payback on Rory,
but the guilt on that kid's face
at the mention of the hazing
he's no murderer.
Kai also didn't seem to care
much about the suspension,
but his billet mom,
Gemma, she sure does.
So you think Gemma
rage-killed Rory out of what?
Revenge for wrecking Kai's life?
She's not even his real mom.
Well, she certainly
seems to think she is.
If Kai was in his room the whole night,
would he actually know if
Gemma had slipped out at all
- during that time?
- And if Gemma knew exactly
where Rory was going to
be, would she really let
the opportunity to
confront him pass her by?
So, are you gonna bring
Gemma in for questioning?
- What's your angle?
- Well, first
we're gonna see a man
about a hockey jersey.
So, what is this about
Gemma being in trouble?
You call your mother Gemma?
I try not to call her anything at all.
We're not really in touch.
Well, I'm guessing that means
you don't know where
she was Sunday night.
Yeah, I haven't known
where my mother was
since 2001. [CHUCKLES]
I'd say it's safe to say
she's just where you left her.
Cheering on those Scorpions.
You used to play for
the team, didn't you?
Look, detectives,
I have left all of that behind me.
I'm not sure your mother has.
See, she's got a Scarborough
Scorpions hockey jersey
hanging right there in her living room.
Pride of place, #9,
Dubicki written on the back.
Now, Gemma told us it was
a personalized gift from the team,
but I took a closer
look. It's game-worn.
Stains, rips
It's your old jersey, isn't it? #9.
What is it that you want from me?
[BATEMAN]: We're hoping
for an answer, Nathaniel.
What made you leave the game?
Mrs. Dubicki.
What are you doing here? I thought
we answered all your questions.
Well, that's the thing
about questions, you know,
they always lead to more questions.
How did you get in here so late?
Oh, the
the night custodian, before he retired,
he showed Kai how to
get in after-hours,
put in some extra practice.
Did he show him how to
turn the cameras off too?
You make him come here
and train at night,
even though he's suspended?
He wants to do it.
Besides, I put in another appeal.
If the league won't listen, I'll
I'll go to the court.
I won't give up without a fight.
I get it. My daughter, she's nine.
I've gone Mama Bear more
times than I can count.
Well, savour these years.
They go by pretty quickly.
And then they grow up,
and they seem so tough and strong.
You almost forget how
vulnerable they are.
Like Kai, right?
You have done so much to
nurture him, his talent.
You keep him safe, you
keep him out of trouble.
He deserves it.
Yeah, he never had that.
He never had a family.
And it's probably how Rory
got his hooks into him, right?
I mean, Rory, his captain,
his surrogate brother, he
he probably peer-pressured
Kai into hazing those rookies.
- That's exactly what happened.
- Yeah.
And that's exactly why you
were here on Sunday night.
Look, Gemma, we know you were here.
You came here to talk to the coach,
see if he would fight for Kai.
Coach wasn't here.
But Rory was, so you talked to him.
Now, a real captain would've
taken responsibility.
Rory should've should've owned up,
so that Coach and the league
could've revoked Kai's suspension.
But Rory wouldn't do it.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, Ro Rory was here.
He was skating around,
slapping pucks into the net.
He was waiting for Coach.
He was worked up, he was
He was angry?
He was
he was hopped up on God knows what.
I, uh, I called him over to the bench
so I could talk to him.
I I begged him to protect Kai.
But he just started shouting at me
saying he wasn't going to take orders
from any more assholes in this building.
He, uh, he started
slapping pucks at me!
He was getting madder and madder.
He skated right up to
the bench where I was,
he started slamming his
stick against the boards.
God, you must've been so scared.
He stepped onto the bench
and he lifted his stick at me.
So I
So you?
I pushed him.
He tripped, he fell
backwards, he hit his head.
It was self-defence!
Yeah, it was self-defence,
right up until that point.
But what happened after
that, Gemma, was murder.
What? No, no.
I-I was protecting myself, I was
I was protecting my family.
[GRAFF]: Rory had lost it.
His body was breaking down,
his mind was addled with amphetamines.
He was pulling everyone down with him,
and ripping up your dreams,
and you couldn't bear it,
so you pushed him.
But when you looked down
and you saw that blood
coming out of his head
you didn't reach for your
phone to call an ambulance.
You picked up his stick.
Well, I had to grab the stick
before he could grab it!
You hit so hard
that you smashed it in half!
You okay?
But that wasn't enough, was it?
You kept at him, even when
he couldn't raise his arms.
Even when he couldn't defend himself.
You kept wailing on him
until you beat him to death.
He came after me!
You're gonna blame me for this?
After what he did to my son?
[BATEMAN]: Which son were
you thinking about, Gemma?
Was it Kai, or was it Nathaniel?
Nathaniel, who had
such a promising career
in front of him until his teammates
forced vodka down his
throat until he passed out,
and then stuffed him in a deep freezer,
where he almost died from hypothermia.
That Nathaniel?
Gemma, your son.
Your real son, he came to
you, didn't he? For help.
He just wanted you to defend him,
he wanted you to demand justice.
Yeah, but you told him to suck it up
and get back out there on the ice.
What? "An athlete forged
in fire will never break."
Is that it?
I mean, you must've known.
I mean, deep down, you knew, right?
Your maternal instinct knew
that there was something wrong.
But you ignored it.
And now here you are
with another chance,
another son to mould into your own.
To protect, to nurture.
Rory destroyed that.
Well, here's the thing, Gemma.
Rory didn't plan the hazing.
Coach McAllister set him up.
That doesn't make any sense.
Making sure Kai was in
that hotel that night
was part of the coach's plan.
He admitted it. Gambling debts.
- No, no.
It was Rory who did it.
It was all Ror [GASPS]
- Rory
- [GRAFF]: No, Gemma.
You killed Rory for a crime
that Coach McAllister committed.
Hey, are you okay?
You okay?
What is this?
I'm so sorry, Kai.
[BATEMAN]: The social worker
should be here soon, Kai.
She'll talk you through your options.
We might be able to find
you another host family
to take care of you for the time being.
Maybe they can even find you a
a group home somewhere
close to your mother.
The only reason I'm still playing hockey
is because of Gemma.
'Cause with her,
I live somewhere safe.
Nice house.
I never had that.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, Kai.
I'm Kristy from Family Services.
Come with me, let's talk.
Good luck, kid.
This way.
Go home, Bateman.
Hang out with your daughter.
Remind us all that some
kids are in good hands.
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