Law School (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

The victim will be hospitalized for weeks,
but you didn't apologize.
She should apologize to my sister first.
Kim Mi-ri bullied my twin sister.
She's the assailant.
The moment I saw her
setting my sister's hair on fire…
I lost it and punched her once.
-You punched her once?
There's no way she's that badly hurt.
-This is so unfair!
-Will you settle the case?
Are you kidding me?
Would you settle with a bully
who tortured your sister?
No, I'd just go to a juvie.
-What if I agree to settle the case?
Is she that kid?
The scumbag who has no remorse
for beating up someone?
Mister, who are you to call me a scumbag?
Kim Mi-ri is not showing any remorse
Chief Prosecutor is her father.
If she apologizes for what she did
to my sister, I'll do the same.
But you shouldn't use your position
to help your daughter.
Send her to jail,
not the detention center.
She needs to be convicted
to learn her lesson.
After beating up someone,
she won't settle the case,
let alone apologize.
Which is why, instead of probation,
she'll be sent to the detention center.
We cannot force her to apologize.
-It's against the freedom of conscience--
-Hey! Prosecutor Yang!
If you'd like a sincere apology,
-tell your daughter to--
Come to my office!
Prosecutor Yang.
I'm hungry. Let's order food.
You should go to his office now.
Order some food for her.
You are the assailant in this case
because you hit her.
Right, so I should reflect on my actions.
I was going to,
but can I have some food first?
-Is this the Great Wall?
-Extra pickles for me.
Extra pickles, please.
Don't push.
Step backward.
-Don't push.
-It's him.
-Did you admit to the charges?
-A comment, please!
-Did you kill him?
-Do you admit to it?
I thought he was asleep.
I was so shocked.
My heart still races
whenever I think about it.
When I went there,
Professor Seo was alone.
He had a headache, so I left.
-I can go now, right?
-Did you hear anything?
The door opening, for example.
Should I just say I did?
-Tell us!
-Did you kill him?
Do you admit to the charges?
Did you kill him?
Why did you do it?
Did you do it alone?
Because of a personal grudge?
Give us a comment!
Why did you go there?
My footprints mean nothing
if you've arrested Professor Yang.
Right, but--
You should focus on proving
that he is indeed guilty.
Just a comment, please!
Was it planned?
-Over here!
-Did you do it alone?
-Did you do it?
-Over grudges?
Just a comment, please!
And this too.
We lifted your prints off these,
which proves that you opened the lid,
put methamphetamine into the coffee,
and offered it to Seo Byung-ju.
If I killed him,
you wouldn't find my prints anywhere.
Prints are often left at the scene
if it occurred on the spur of the moment.
You two were very close
during your prosecutor days
but had a falling-out
due to the bribery case.
You quit being a prosecutor
because of him.
Clearly, you had a motive.
Then I would've killed him
a long time ago.
Pro-running AF, 270mm.
You wore the exact same running shoes
on the day of the incident.
But we couldn't find them anywhere
in your home or your office.
You threw them out to conceal the fact
that this impression is yours.
You destroyed evidence.
And your laptop?
Your TA said you use your laptop
to prepare for your classes.
It's not at school or at your home.
I lost it.
You lost it?
You just happened to lose your laptop
right after the incident?
If you think it can be used as evidence,
please find it.
You'll weasel out like this?
As for the running shoes,
ask Mr. Sung Dong-il in the copy room.
Detective Oh, ask him now.
I heard you used to work with him.
-Are you all right?
We had to arrest him.
We were afraid he'd flee.
You see, we'd never cuff
a Hankuk University law professor
in front of his students
without sufficient evidence.
You would've left the country
had we not arrested you.
The night of the incident,
you booked a flight to Boston for today.
A one-way flight, not a round trip.
A one-way flight? Why?
To never come back?
But why?
The copy room is closed.
I can't reach Sung Dong-il.
What? You mean, he's gone AWOL?
Don't tell me you killed him too.
Instead of your missing laptop,
we'll have to look through this.
Unlock it for us.
Using my fingerprint this way
is considered coercion.
What does your fingerprint
have to do with--
If you use my fingerprint this way
to coerce a confession,
it'll be considered unlawful.
What's in this thing?
As of this moment, I plead the Fifth.
Request a warrant
and send this to Digital Forensics.
Yes, sir.
You have to watch out for jerks
who know the law well.
I heard there were injection marks.
From insulin injections.
The victim was diabetic.
The methamphetamine was administered
in powder form.
None of the suspects
has handled a syringe before.
If personal grudge was the motive,
ask Oh to be a character witness.
He must've witnessed them
having a falling-out.
Just unlock it.
If you don't,
the police will suspect you more.
Are the DNA results out?
The hair found in Seo Byung-ju's hand
is also yours.
You should hire an attorney.
What's going on? Why did they arrest you?
For murder?
Please uncuff him.
Do you have an attorney?
Have you hired one yet?
What is going on?
Oh, my TA has the flash drive
with all the exam questions.
Hey, Seo Ji-ho.
Professor Yang got arrested
in front of us.
Does finishing the mock trial
even matter in this situation?
I don't want to make time for this again,
with midterms coming up.
-Even so--
-Study like your life depends on it.
This time, it's do well or die.
-Don't even say that word.
-My gosh!
There's a video of Yangcrates' arrest
on the Internet.
-Many people have watched it.
Who posted this?
What? You can see his face in this video!
Who did this? This is defamation--
It's what a murderer deserves.
Who is a murderer?
He might be evil in class
but can't be a killer.
-Something's gone terribly wrong.
-What's your point?
Why did you ask us to stay?
What I'm trying to say is…
Why don't we submit a petition
to the police?
Let's tell them he'd never do
such a thing.
Can you be sure?
-Are we sure he'd never do that?
Yes. The Professor Yang I know
would never kill anyone.
On what grounds?
They may release him in 48 hours.
He's innocent until proven guilty.
The presumption of innocence.
He was deemed guilty
the moment they cuffed him.
If you're going to the police station,
ask Professor Yang
about our Criminal Code exam.
What? Ask him about the exam?
For real?
-Nothing's been confirmed yet.
-We know nothing.
-"Law school murderer"?
-We have no way
of knowing what the police…
-The police are on it.
-We want to know.
-It's not true.
-Someone else will do it?
It's not that.
Professor Yang already wrote
all the exam questions.
-We know nothing.
-They're useless.
He can't even mark the exams now.
The police may release him.
The police arrested
a Hankuk University law professor
in front of his students
without a warrant.
They wouldn't do it for no reason.
Look, the phone's ringing off the hook!
-Everyone is in panic mode now.
The dean's been meeting
with the president every day,
and the alumni have been complaining.
The president is worried
they'd halt funding.
Professor Yang has done so much harm
to the school.
What if they release him?
If the police fail to get
an arrest warrant within 48 hours--
The warrant has been issued.
We can't revise our academic calendar
because of Professor Yang.
I'm telling you.
These running shoes are mine.
That day,
I had to attend a funeral unexpectedly.
Clothes-wise, I was okay,
but I only had these runners,
so Professor Yang lent me his shoes.
And it's not like
I intentionally avoided your calls.
Gosh, this is so embarrassing.
My leg got trapped by a subway train,
so I was in the hospital.
Here, look at this.
You were hospitalized?
I dropped my phone and broke the screen.
And Professor Yang got arrested.
My goodness, talk about bad timing.
Anyway, I swear
I didn't purposely avoid your calls…
I swear. Please believe me.
You can look into it.
Check my hospital bill and track my phone.
Sure. You're done talking, right?
What about the shoes?
Right, where are the shoes?
The doctor ran all kinds of tests,
so they kept moving me around.
-From a two-person room--
-You lost them?
Yes, for real.
No worries. It's tainted evidence.
I can go?
I'd like to see him since I'm here anyway.
Go to the detention center.
We've handed him over.
No wonder he got arrested.
What was he thinking?
Why didn't he hire an attorney?
Didn't he have one for the warrant review?
He refused to hire one,
so the court got him a public defender.
He's a Hankuk Law graduate,
but a total nutcase.
Him being a public defender is comedy.
Don't blame him.
I heard Professor Yang shut him up
and said nothing
in front of the judge.
He should be vehemently protesting
his innocence.
This punk should keep his mouth shut
to help him.
But what if Professor Yang
had nothing to prove or explain?
Maybe he really killed him.
Got a death wish?
You'd better unlock it now.
Oh, boy.
My gosh.
The trial ran late.
The judge went on
about gender sensitivity.
Where were we?
You got a warrant
to get his phone unlocked?
Looks like you have no choice.
"Jurae-dong hit-and-run case"?
Wait, stop.
07P 4295
Is this the car?
We found this near the crime scene.
The hit-and-run happened
when you were headed home
after committing the act.
You passed by the scene on your way home,
so try to remember.
Did you see the driver
who hit the kid and fled?
He says he was too drunk
to even remember raping the girl.
Even if he saw the car,
he wouldn't remember.
-If you're playing dumb
to use feeble-mindedness as an excuse--
If that's what you're doing,
don't even try.
I never fall for that bullshit.
A life sentence, right?
He'll rot in jail
for the rest of his life.
He could get beaten to death in there,
if he's unlucky.
If you saw it, just say so.
Well, I'm just curious.
If I say that I saw the license plate,
what will you do for me?
-You saw it?
-You saw it?
07P 4295
Let me see.
07P 4295
07P 4295
Don't tell me Prosecutor Seo is…
He definitely saw the car.
He's insisting he doesn't remember
to be deemed feeble-minded.
Tell him he won't get his way.
Then I'll persuade him to give us a lead…
Feeble-mindedness due to alcoholism…
is right.
Prosecutor, how did it…
What's wrong?
How could Prosecutor Seo…
Prof. Jung's writing our exam questions
instead of Prof. Yang.
He hasn't been indicted yet.
He was taken into custody
and got arrested right away,
so I bet they think
he'll be indicted for sure.
Do you have his old exams?
He hates students talking about
his exam questions,
so he takes the question sheets.
I bet there's nothing.
Who took Professor Jung's class?
The batch right before us
couldn't take his class
because he was on sabbatical.
Can you get his old exams?
You got an A+ on all your finals.
What's your secret?
Professor Jung Dae-hyeon's old exams.
Join me in the study room.
-Hey, come on.
What is it?
Seung-jae, are you coming?
I have no idea why you pleaded the Fifth
and got a public defender.
Stop this.
Can my exam take place
before the Civil Code exam?
Why can't law professors
practice law on the side?
If the Legal Clinic professors
were allowed to do it,
-I'd be your attorney.
-The exam schedule--
Who cares about that?
You've been arrested!
What the heck are you thinking?
The questions that you wrote…
They'll be useless.
Professor Jung will rewrite them
instead of you.
That won't happen.
Don't you see what's going on?
If you get indicted, you'll lose your job.
Tell the vice dean
I must speak to him in person.
So what if he comes here?
Will it change anything?
Professor Yang!
Gosh, that stubborn man.
Please begin.
Student A, who is against
the faculty appointment of Lawyer B,
a former chief prosecutor,
put up this notice
on the school bulletin board.
You can access the petition below
by scanning the QR code on it.
MARCH 2020
What is this?
-This is weird.
What's this?
A petition?
What a way to trick people.
We have to sign it to join him?
Studying with the second-round passer.
It is very enticing.
You'll do this?
You have your own study group.
He passed the second-round judicial exam.
But should I sign this or not?
Do it and piss the school off?
Sign what?
"Compensation for unlawful acts."
If I were to choose the worst one,
I'd pick defamation.
This one is the biggest headache.
What did you learn
in your Criminal Code class?
What constitutes as defamation?
Publicly alleging detailed facts
that devalue
or harm someone's reputation.
Oh, okay.
But the thing is,
we also need to look at
whether it's likely to spread
and whether it's a true fact.
There's a fine line
between criticism and slander.
Who's seen this petition
on the bulletin board?
I heard the student who put it up
is also here.
Go take it down at once.
Then I wouldn't even have bothered
getting it approved.
You refuse to take it down?
What's your name?
I'm Han Joon-hwi.
The school will take legal action
against you based on
Article 307 of the Criminal Code
and Article 750 of the Civil Code.
You'll be held liable for all damages
caused by your statement.
Hire an attorney.
-My gosh.
-What is going on?
-What will happen now?
-No idea.
That was scary.
The school warned A
that they would take legal action
if he did not take down the notice
and stopped petitioning at once,
but A refused.
Can A be legally punished for his action?
What conditions must be met
for him to be punished?
It's a false defamatory statement.
It's just my opinion.
Studying law with the donation
that caused a bribery scandal…
It's humiliating.
Defamation is a false statement of fact,
not opinion.
But you wrote that the school hired Seo
as a professor
because of his donation as if it's a fact
and questioned their "real motive."
You wrote this without checking the facts.
You're spreading false information.
I just wanted them to clear the suspicion.
I guess it can be seen that way.
So you admit it's false info?
He'll be subject to a criminal punishment
even if it's a fact.
Wordings such as "bribery scandal"
and "real motive"
-defame the school and Seo Byung-ju--
If it was in the public interest,
he won't be.
It's not like he did it
for his own selfish gain.
As Hankuk Law students,
we have the right to know.
Let's be honest.
The timing is very suspicious.
Getting hired
right after making the donation.
Just because it seems suspicious
doesn't mean it's a fact.
Prosecutor Yang, what are you doing here?
At first,
the detectives suspected me.
When I proved my alibi,
they didn't even hide
their disappointment.
Gosh, I'm his attorney.
Why do I have to wait outside?
Do you guys have a microwave here?
Hey, seriously.
I thought this would shackle me down.
Who knew it'd help me?
Thanks to this, I could prove
that I wasn't at the murder scene.
Now, do you remember?
Damn it.
Hey! Wait!
Stop for a second.
Wait! Stop!
07P 4295
This is what I saw.
07P 4295
Lawyer Seo Byung-ju…
Oh, right.
He was a prosecutor at the time.
Prosecutor Seo told me
that I must take it to my grave,
so I had no choice.
Is that why you went to Seo Byung-ju
and got a job as his driver?
I had nothing else going on,
so I asked him just in case.
And he hired me.
Just to cover up his hit-and-run accident,
he accepted my argument that
I was feeble-minded and let me out.
I guess he wanted to keep me close
for his peace of mind.
That bastard…
Time's up.
Put your pens down. Hands in your laps.
Time's up. She can't keep writing.
Hey, you!
Put your pen down.
I'll tell your professor.
-Hand it in.
-Just a second.
-Hand it in now.
-Come on.
-Just a second!
His attempt to cover up the hit-and-run…
…cost him his life.
When you found out
that he was the culprit
behind your only cold case,
you must've been awfully shocked.
I, too, would've felt so betrayed
and wanted to kill him.
Okay, we have a motive.
We sure do.
-Hand him over to the prosecution.
Wait, but…
A is Han Joon-hwi, and B is Seo Byung-ju.
Gosh, how could Yangcrates give us
a question like this?
Especially given the situation.
He's a sociopath. Would Joon-hwi
want to solve this question?
Yeah, he seemed fine.
I grieved as I solved this.
I couldn't stop thinking of Professor Seo.
If Yangcrates killed him…
I'm getting shivers.
What's going to happen to Sol now?
She should get a zero.
She only handed it in 30 seconds late.
That's a lot.
We all could've used extra time.
Won't you benefit the most
if she gets a zero?
-You two are at the bottom.
-Hey, watch what you say!
I did well this time.
Isn't the answer,
"False information, defamation"?
Yeah, obviously.
Ms. Oh proved it.
Everything about the alleged deal
is not true.
See it for yourself.
-For real?
-Is that true?
-Look at that.
-My gosh.
This proves
that there was nothing unlawful
about his appointment.
Do not expect any leniency.
We'll hold a disciplinary hearing
and decide
whether to expel you
or cancel your admission altogether.
I didn't know it was a false allegation.
Article 307-2 of the Criminal Code
states that
the alleged fact must be false
and the one making the allegation
must be aware of it
in order for it to qualify as defamation.
If the person believed that it was true,
it can't be considered an illegal act.
You believed such a deal
actually took place?
That means
you don't trust the school at all.
It means he doesn't trust me at all.
I always said any freebies
are considered bribes,
yet I accepted free land as a gift.
I understand why he doesn't trust me.
You quit the judicial exam
and even got yourself in trouble here.
What are you doing?
Whose fault is it that I gave up?
Make a donation and leave.
I don't want you to come here.
Must you do this?
I came here
so I wouldn't turn out like you.
I refuse to learn from you.
Don't you know that you're not qualified
to teach at a law school?
As for the bribe, I was found not guilty--
You got away with it
because they couldn't prove it.
Stop toying with the law
and deceiving people.
I'm sick of asking you
how you ended up in this mess.
I don't care what you do, Uncle.
Just stay out of my sight.
Must you make such a fuss? Oh, dear.
Think about how much money
he's given them.
What's the big deal
about getting hired as a professor?
What's going on?
What's with you and Professor Seo?
I know there's something.
Hey, what's going on?
-You need ointment.
Tell me, or I'll drag you.
He's my uncle.
Hey, Joon-hwi!
So you have it out for your own uncle?
You want to ruin your own future
because he betrayed your trust?
If you get expelled,
what about my studies?
Darn it! I signed the petition, you know.
Look, this dot here.
This is my signature.
It's tiny, but…
Gosh, fine.
I wanted to study with you
but didn't want the school to hate me.
So I used this trick.
Do you think you can win against Ms. Oh?
Enough, okay?
Yes, enough.
Ms. Oh was a Supreme Court justice.
-Don't regret this.
-My point exactly.
Don't regret it later. Just take it down.
Ms. Oh is clearly out to get you.
-Am I?
You think I'm out to get Joon-hwi?
Oh, you heard that?
Just before that, I said
he should listen to you and take it down.
I said that.
I hear the police interviewed you?
Ms. Oh, please give me a chance.
-I promise you I'll persuade him--
I'll never take it down of my own accord.
Then I'll do it.
If you give me a chance,
I'll show you that
you're indeed out to get me.
-Did you finish photocopying it?
-Yes, here.
What? You'll show her?
What's going on?
Read this and refer to it
while writing my defense argument.
No, I don't want to.
Stop talking nonsense.
I can't defend you.
I agree. It makes no sense.
How will you trust that girl
with such an unfit legal mind?
These are all recent. Do more research.
No, I can't do this.
I can't. Your future depends on this.
Why me?
There are so many smart people here.
Hey, there are many people
who'd happily defend you.
You really think so?
Who will side with me,
knowing I'm fighting against the school?
Come on. You can still do better than her.
She said "self-comfort"
instead of "self-help."
Why glare at me?
I just deeply empathize with you.
What if I do it?
I know you can't do it.
I can! What will you do if I pull it off?
You can't.
Hire me if I pull it off.
So just study this first, right?
I studied the defamation law so much.
Gosh, I should've just handed it in
on time.
Didn't it say you must allocate
enough time for each question?
Gosh, why did I change my answer?
I won't actually get a zero, right?
Go beg him if you're that worried.
I can't do that.
-You'll visit him.
That's because I'm worried
about Professor Yang.
You're not desperate enough yet.
Worry about yourself.
If you don't want another warning,
act before they finish marking…
How are they going to mark the exams?
I did you a favor,
so tell me the truth.
The autopsy results
and all the evidence are pointing to you.
Just admit to it
and ask for a lighter sentence.
Ask them to reduce…
Lawyer Park speaking.
Lawyer, my ass.
You nutjob!
You're defending Professor Yang?
I'm busy at the moment.
-Did you take the answer sheets?
What did you tell him?
Oh, right! See this one that's taped up?
-The student kept writing even after--
Don't tell him.
Why not?
His TA asked me to relay the message.
Keep your mouth shut. You forgot.
I did, but I remembered it thanks to you.
I'm going to tell your wife
that you only take on dirty cases
that pay a lot!
Can I talk to him?
You can't talk to a suspect.
You sneaked your phone in there
so you can make money
off things like this!
I'll just close out your tab.
A call for you.
Hold on.
Here, he wants to talk to you.
I'm sure you have time to talk to me
if you can mark the exams.
Hey, what is going on?
Why haven't they released you yet?
The cops said
the runners are tainted evidence.
Hey, Professor Yang.
Yangcrates, are you there?
Marking the exams isn't important now.
I need to know more to help you!
-You want to be a prosecutor?
Yes, sir.
A prosecutor who lives by the rules.
I wish to show
what a true prosecutor ought to be
to those who abuse the law
for their own selfish gain.
Prosecutors who abuse the law?
Those who know the law well
are more dangerous than those
who know nothing about it.
What are the rules
you wish to strictly abide by?
The principle of legality
and the presumption of innocence.
I know you're wondering why I came
all the way here
when I didn't even let you
attend his funeral.
It's not like I wanted to come here.
I have no idea why your name
is in your uncle's will,
which he had written before he died.
This is for you
to disclaim your inheritance.
So, it's about money.
We don't even know who killed him yet.
The police will catch
and punish the killer.
Even if Professor Yang
actually killed him,
I hate you more than him.
I want to stop hating you,
so sign it before I leave Korea.
Can you go pick up an iced Americano?
Pardon me?
I really didn't want to see him again
like this.
We had no choice but to arrest him but…
Hand over the keys.
We should treat him politely,
-with respect.
-Yes, sir.
My gosh! I'm sorry.
Gosh, the traffic was so bad.
My apologies.
Oh, right. I'm Park Geun-tae,
his attorney.
Catch your breath.
No, just sit over there.
-Shall I?
-There's no time to waste.
Oh, right.
Do you want to be cordial
to your ex-colleague?
Right, yes.
Then let me work on this.
Do it at once.
Fire Yang Jong-hoon.
But we don't have
the court's decision yet.
Don't you know
people don't care about that?
They're enraged by the suspicion.
We can't let the court of public opinion
sway us.
According to our rules,
he needs to be indicted for us to--
Then change the rules and get him fired!
Calm down. He's been handed over
to the prosecution, so let's wait--
Who do you have to thank
for your mock courtroom?
If you don't do as I say,
you'll regret it later on.
The people who can make large donations
to the school
care a great deal about public opinion.
I'll go.
I get he's in the Committee,
but he's overstepping the bounds.
You're frustrating me here.
If we piss him off,
we'll see a massive drop in donations.
You shouldn't say that,
knowing your law school spends the most.
Just confess to the crime.
I'm letting you mark your exams
and even bought you coffee.
He wishes to take the Fifth all the way.
Since there's plenty of evidence,
we can indict you
right away even without your confession.
That means marking these
is pointless, right?
If you get indicted,
you'll lose your job right away.
Isn't this a complete waste of time?
If you say you'll confess to the crime,
I'll let you finish…
I'll be done soon. Just talk to him.
He doesn't want to explain himself here.
He'll do it in the courtroom.
I let the kids use this room so they could
study, but they made such a mess.
Why do you seem so down?
Because of Professor Yang.
This will lift your spirits.
MARCH 2020
Mr. Sung turned all the cases we found
into a book for us.
For free.
It was so much work
to find all those cases.
It's rewarding though.
We found every single precedent
on defamation.
Counsel, you may make your argument.
Han Joon-hwi did not know
that what he wrote in the petition
was based on false information.
Since Mr. Seo Byung-ju was appointed
as a professor
right after making the donation,
the suspicion was reasonable.
He approached Mr. Seo directly
to verify the suspicion,
and Mr. Seo told him to think
however he wanted
instead of denying it.
That was because his question
wasn't worth answering.
He's smart enough to have understood
what Mr. Seo meant.
And also because Mr. Seo
is his uncle.
He was not able to submit any evidence
to prove that his allegation
was founded on facts.
You think that smart guy actually
believed such an unfounded suspicion?
If he knew it wasn't true,
why did he put up--
He laid down a smoke screen
because he was afraid
that his admission might seem to be
related to the donation.
I could've used such help,
but he didn't need to go that route
as he passed the second round
of the judicial exam.
If I were the dean,
I'd want to pay him to join the school.
Had he known that it wasn't true,
he wouldn't have put up a petition
attacking his dear uncle.
Even urging people to sign it.
He did it even though it pained him
because he believed it was true.
For the sake of justice
and for his uncle--
Thank you.
-I still--
-Now, from the prosecutor's perspective.
-Pardon? Professor, I--
-Ji-ho, you be the defense attorney.
He's putting his specialty to use.
Why on earth did Joon-hwi
put up such a petition
that attacks his dear uncle?
Seeing his uncle trying to
evade responsibility made him believe
-his suspicion was true.
-He was attacking him.
He's dissing himself now.
Even though it pained him,
for the sake of justice and for his uncle,
he made that decision.
He's reversing his own argument.
He can't be trusted.
I think…
Even though he knew it was not true,
because of his personal grudge
against Mr. Seo…
I'm sorry.
You can do it.
No, I can't.
The prosecution gave up,
so Joon-hwi won.
The school will drop the case then.
For real?
What the…
What's going on?
Was her name Kang Sol?
When I saw her sitting there
looking dazed and confused…
She's like you in your younger days?
You cried, saying you couldn't do it.
When I was told to attack my own argument…
Gosh, I hated it so much.
So, I became a judge instead of a lawyer.
Anyway, I'm sure the kids in their 1L year
now fully understand defamation
thanks to your little show.
Without it, the president
wouldn't have let him go unpunished.
Our plan totally worked.
"Our plan"?
At the entrance ceremony,
you said you'd do anything
for the students.
Yes, I did.
Did you see the petition on the board?
How about we put on
a little show together for the students?
Let's visit him together.
Can you be sure?
Are we sure he'd never do that?
-Are you okay?
-The verdict?
Pardon me?
Guilty of the murder?
What do you mean?
I've been acquitted.
They couldn't prove it
beyond a reasonable doubt.
Oh, the mock trial.
I wanted to pronounce him guilty,
but because of the reasonable doubt…
So, he was found not guilty.
So, you didn't kill her.
I did.
The lack of evidence saved me.
What? So my hunch was right?
You said you didn't kill the victim.
I was the judge. I let a murderer go?
I can't believe this.
Darn it.
What about you?
Did you kill him?
My gosh, please have a look.
Thank you.
Please have a look. Hello!
We just opened.
Please take this.
Next news.
It looks like Professor Yang Jong-hoon
of Hankuk Law School,
who was arrested for the murder of
Seo Byung-ju, will soon be indicted.
Reporter Choi.
Yes, it seems like his motive
was linked to
the Jurae-dong hit-and-run case,
which has left many people shocked.
In order to cover up his hit-and-run case,
Lawyer Seo Byung-ju
struck a deal
with the child rapist Lee Man-ho,
the only witness of the accident.
Yang, who was the prosecutor
in charge of the Jurae-dong case,
had a falling-out with Seo
upon finding out the truth….
Thank you…
Yang, who was the prosecutor
in charge of the Jurae-dong case,
had a falling out with Seo…
Are you all right?
upon finding out the truth.
Based on that, the police identified
Yang Jong-hoon as the prime suspect.
The on-site inspection Yang requested
will be conducted today.
You're taking the Fifth.
Will you cooperate
with the on-site inspection?
Seo struck a deal with Lee Man-ho
to cover up the hit-and-run.
Was that your motive?
Make a comment!
Hey. How come they're considered
witnesses and we aren't?
Seung-jae wasn't here
at the time of the murder,
and I was nowhere near that room.
You want to be there?
-You could be seen as a suspect.
Isn't Joon-hwi there
as the victim's family?
Oh, maybe.
You can't do that!
-Just a moment.
-Get out.
Get out. You cannot come in here.
Let's start in the media room.
This way, please.
Mr. Seo wanted to take an early break
on the day of the incident
because of a headache?
2P.M., OCTOBER 5, 2020,
Let's take a 30-minute break.
Are you all right?
If you're tired, we can just wrap up here.
I took headache pills, so I'll be fine.
Professor Kim.
I know you're holding back
many things you want to say to me.
You do? What a shame.
I kept quiet assuming you didn't know.
When you were a prosecutor,
you made Jong-hoon
leave the Prosecution Service
and made me quit being a judge as well.
Seo walked out of the room,
sat on the stairs,
and put methamphetamine into his coffee.
Right at that moment,
Yang walked down the stairs…
and said this to Seo.
What are you doing?
A former chief prosecutor doing drugs?
Right, you must've been high
when you sent the video.
I was confessing to you.
Turn yourself in…
to the police.
I'm confessing to you.
Don't you get it?
If you forgive me…
Forgive you?
You want to be forgiven?
I've suffered enough.
I should forgive you.
Feeling the urge to kill Seo
in that moment,
Yang poured the entire sachet
of meth into the coffee.
It was sugar, not meth.
Stop writing a novel.
After I dumped his methamphetamine
-in the sink,
he went into hypoglycemic shock.
He passed out from hypoglycemia,
so I gave him coffee with sugar.
It fell out of the glasses?
He rolled down the stairs?
Detective Oh.
Check the glasses Seo was wearing.
Yes, sir.
Did you kill him?
You didn't do it, right?
I knew it.
Then who…
Who did it?
It was you?
Han Joon-hwi.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
You killed my husband for the inheritance?
I need to know clearly who killed him.
Do the autopsy.
Glasses without it.
It's Joon-hwi who destroyed the evidence.
The culprit took it?
To frame Professor Yang?
Did you kill him?
You're the one who pushed him
on the stairs?
I killed him?
Think however you want.
No way.
Lee Man-ho lives that close to our house?
Mom told me not to say this, but…
Hello? This is Byeol's sister.
What? What did you say?
If he's suspected,
do they think Joon-hwi took
Prof. Yang's laptop too?
Bring me the laptop.
You think I can't find you, right?
If Prof. Yang dies just like that…
Whatever it is, I don't care.
I'll do it. Let's spilt the inheritance.
Professor Yang? How… How bad is it?
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