Law School (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Bring me the laptop.
You think I can't find you, right?
I thought I made it clear.
You aren't allowed
to use a laptop in my class.
A student's right
to use a laptop in class is
a matter of self-determination
as guaranteed by the Constitution.
I don't want Article 10,
the right to pursue happiness, infringed
during the Constitution lecture.
Don't you think
what you just said infringes
my right to hold classes as the professor?
This is my court,
and I have a right to teach however I like
when I'm in my turf.
Don't you think you're abusing your right?
It's your dereliction of duty
as a student!
I'll have points deducted.
Do you believe others
didn't bring their laptops
just because of their grades?
I don't know what others are thinking.
I weighed the pros and cons
of using a laptop during this class,
and decided having it here
benefits me more.
Then was this on your list?
The fatal fact that you will be remembered
as the worst student
I ever had in my career.
Yes, Professor Kang.
Did you tell Kang Sol B to pick up
her laptop at my office?
She hasn't come for it yet?
I clearly remember telling her.
Are you sure this laptop
is Kang Sol B's laptop?
Yes, I almost had to take it from her
by force.
I found this while preparing a paper
on publicizing criminal charges.
The student in question is
Kang Sol B, a freshman at our school.
This is practically a translated copy
of a paper you wrote
for Law Review
while you were studying at Harvard.
I'll meet Kang Sol B first to check
-the facts of the matter--
I'll see her first.
Bring me the laptop.
You think I can't find you, right?
What brings you here at this hour?
Please take a seat.
If it's about the dismissal--
I can't resolve that by visiting you.
I'm visiting the president tomorrow.
Then what brings you here?
The biggest reason for my arrest
was destruction of evidence
because my laptop went missing.
I've heard.
At first, I thought I had lost it,
then remembered
keeping it in my office that day.
Why are you telling me this?
Someone could've stolen it.
I'm having a reasonable doubt.
Someone stole it?
Why would anyone steal your laptop?
What do you think?
It was a new laptop, so it only had
references for the plagiarism.
There were no leads or evidence
that'd point to the culprit.
There was no reason for me to hide that.
References for the plagiarism?
I bet you saw that too.
My view on the plagiarism
of Kang Sol B's research paper.
Why do you have 12?
If you had some until this morning,
you should have six left.
You haven't taken this for three days!
That's why you missed the comma.
Take it.
It wouldn't have happened
if you lived at home.
Hey, what are you doing?
Happy now?
I'm staying here.
We need some privacy.
She has the same name?
I never liked how you had to share a room
with that girl.
B? Why should my daughter be the B?
This is so annoying.
Are you saying Kang Sol B
took your laptop
because of your opinion on her plagiarism?
The content is also in my head,
so that can't be the only reason.
In that case,
do you think the reason she took it has
a connection to Professor Seo's death?
I'm staying here.
-You're going to stay here?
Your dad's the last one
who gets to defy me.
Spit it out.
I'll go with you, so spit it out.
She missed the comma
for not taking her medicine?
Whoa, hey. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Sol, I'm fine.
I think I had too much to drink.
I'll go to sleep.
Are you sure you're okay?
Have you met with Kang Sol B?
Not yet.
I waited for Professor Seo
to meet her first before I dealt with her.
The president is already deeply concerned
that a murder case broke out
at our law school.
If the controversy
over plagiarism breaks out…
Covering it up may be an option.
That's not what I meant.
Once we restore the school's reputation--
Please do your best
to restore our ruined reputation.
Professor Yang.
I'll manage the plagiarism case.
Professor Yang!
I knew I shouldn't have
let you join a study group.
Those good-for-nothing study mates
made your grades drop too.
How on earth can your grades
be that low for the Criminal Code?
And the Constitution too.
Did you have to get points deducted
over a laptop?
At least you still got an A plus.
It doesn't matter anyway
because of my paper.
No one will turn that into a problem.
Only victims can complain about copyright,
and Seo Byung-ju is dead.
Yang Jong-hoon.
Professor Yang knows.
No one would believe a murderer.
Don't get weird ideas and--
The sugar packet.
It was on the table as he stated.
So what?
It wasn't Professor Yang who…
Tell me.
If it wasn't him, who was it?
Why won't he pick up his phone?
Your daughter saw the sugar packet.
Why did she lie to the police?
That's not all.
I looked at her phone too.
"Meth lethal dose, where to get meth,
how long does it take
for a person to die after meth intake?"
Why did she search for these?
Could it be her?
No, right?
It's not about her
stopping to go to the psychiatrist.
Kang Sol.
Your laptop is in the professor's office.
-It was his order.
You're to pick it up.
So why did you insist on having
the laptop--
Yang Jong-hoon's laptop
wasn't in Han Joon-hwi's locker or room.
He said the one who took
the laptop is the culprit?
Let's go study.
Dry my hair.
You can use that as an apology.
I had reasons to doubt.
You did feel sorry.
Then just say you're sorry.
-That's too hot!
-Gosh, I'm sorry.
It was cold wind.
That was easy, right?
Anyway, about the sugar packet
Prof. Yang mentioned.
You didn't see it on the scene?
No. Why?
If someone can testify
that the sugar packet was there,
it'd help him greatly.
I got my own problems,
but this case looks frustrating too.
-How did you know?
-My gosh.
Why couldn't you be here sooner?
Go join the police
if you can spot autopsy fabrication.
I took a completely wild guess,
so I just got lucky.
That Gollum with connections
did all the big work.
What about your aunt?
She should be punished for her crime.
What are you up to?
"Bad FaMa"?
Yes, a website that exposes parents
who refuse to give
child support after their divorce.
The website operator got sued for libel.
So what's with this familiar face?
You know my situation.
I have too many papers due
and too much to study.
Yet Kang Sol's passionate heart
refuses to turn down
this frustrating case?
Why didn't you just study
instead of joining the Legal Clinic?
I can see everything.
If I help, let's call it even
for you helping me.
Even, my foot.
You need to prove
Professor Yang's innocence.
What's this?
She's dropping our study group?
Dropping? Who's dropping what?
I thought you came back.
Welcome back.
I'm sorry to make you worried.
What time are we visiting them tomorrow?
-At four o'clock.
Did you look through the website?
I did.
Can you print that?
Just do as I say.
We stopped seeing the psychiatrist,
but we've done well.
If you really think so,
let me stay in the dorm.
Drop the study group, get a tutor.
You know the first-year grades
are very important to be a law clerk.
Stay focused on your study.
Do you understand?
Don't worry and just do as I say, then--
Speak for yourself.
Is this why
you didn't let us read your paper?
I've been meaning to come and see you,
and I happened to take your call.
Vice Dean Kang said
you met the dean
over your daughter's grades.
I went to see her as a parent
of a student at Hankuk Law School
over the nonsense of how they let someone
who got arrested for murder charges
write the midterm test questions.
On top of that, you're indicted
and removed from your office.
I was removed
as an administrative measure.
It's as good as a punishment.
If you'll be tried for murder charges,
doesn't it disqualify you
as a professor at a law school?
Before you say that,
let's discuss your daughter's paper.
It wasn't just plagiarism,
but copyright infringement.
Since her grand prize
played a part in her admission,
so it could be revoked too.
I was fluent in English by middle school,
getting full marks in TOEFL and TEPS.
As you can see, she also participated
in global mock trials, mock UN committee,
and was awarded
in various debate competitions.
Weren't you jealous
when I won the Best Reporter Award
at the Constitutional Court
over high school and university students?
But this paper, in middle school?
Sol helped him write that paper,
but he only listed
his name on the byline
when he turned it into Harvard Law.
Are you saying
Prof. Seo took advantage of her?
He said he can't finish that dissertation,
so we thought that was it.
We didn't know he published the paper
without her knowledge.
He completely disregarded
that middle school girl.
So your daughter had no idea
he published the paper?
I just wrote my paper
with the material I researched.
-And she submitted it in the contest.
-In conclusion,
this is a middle schooler's paper?
All of her father's side is in law.
Her home was filled with law books.
She played with those since kindergarten,
and knew the Constitution
better than the National Anthem.
She's capable of doing this
with her born legal mind.
That's for me to decide as a professor.
I don't care if you buy it.
You must be disappointed.
You wanted me gone like Joon-hwi.
No way.
He was so happy
that he even dried my hair.
I'm glad, then.
You wrote a paper in middle school?
With what you can do, I believe that.
I apologize for how my uncle
treated you with disdain.
Fabricating the cause of death?
I thought it happened only on TV.
I knew you didn't do it.
You even announced
how suspicious Joon-hwi was.
That's because…
my grades were already very awful,
so I couldn't risk
getting on Yangcrates' bad side.
How much do you want
to forget how I offended you?
I'll pay up over 24 months!
I wanted your side of the story.
Prof. Seo prepared his paper with you
while you were in middle school,
then published it as his own?
If I had known he published that paper,
I wouldn't have turned it in
for the contest.
I heard you'd met with Prof. Seo.
Come in.
Take a seat.
With my mom.
She was very angry
that my paper was mistaken as plagiarized.
According to your mother,
Prof. Seo apologized to you, right?
Is it me this time?
So what if he doesn't believe it?
We told him that's our case.
How is he going to cross-check this
with a dead man?
Enough is enough!
Your daughter and I are perfectly sane.
It's all your fault!
I had a question.
If only you passed the judicial exam
and became a judge.
You were with me at the time
when Prof. Seo was murdered?
Do you think the reason she took it has
a connection to Professor Seo's death?
No, it wasn't her. She was with me
when the case broke out.
She was with you?
She insisted on using her laptop in class,
so I called her and had a talk with her.
You weren't.
You didn't say that to the police.
Then why
didn't you say anything?
You said you saw this.
What about you?
Why didn't you say anything?
I have a sweet tooth.
You needed Prof. Yang
-to become the suspect--
We'll talk at home.
What if Prof. Yang sees this?
Don't bring this to school.
Make his suspicion solid.
Did you get rid of his laptop?
Are you okay?
How can I be okay?
I can't even give a lecture.
Should I nitpick over this
with the president?
This one is a criminal case.
Since I gave birth, it's too much
to be the chief of the Legal Clinic.
Hey, what's this? "Kang Sol B"?
My goodness.
I knew she was smart,
but she's this smart?
My gosh, in middle school?
Gosh, my son is nothing compared to her.
I'll take this case.
You should manage your own problem first.
What about the president?
She wrote that herself,
so compare those two.
Prof. Seo's paper.
What is this?
So you're leaving us?
-What will you do instead?
-Get a tutor.
When you search
for Hankuk University on the Internet,
all you get is "the Law School murderer."
Hankuk University
is now equal to a murderer!
In the National Assembly,
our alumni are hanging our heads in shame!
We already put him off duty,
so we'll punish him later--
Later, my ass. Dismiss him this instant!
A professor of a law school
is involved in a crime
none other than murder.
He murdered him!
He hasn't been tried,
so his charges aren't confirmed.
So you're going to sit here
and take the shame until then?
People are
only presumed innocent on paper.
Don't you know everyone
is presumed as guilty?
The fact that he's indicted
means he's guilty!
Before the alumni
stop donating to the school--
President, Prof. Yang Jong-hoon
of the Law School wishes to see you.
I'll call him.
Don't let him resign.
He should be fired
so that he can't show up here ever again.
The Law School murderer.
How arrogant.
You won't even greet me.
Did you want to be greeted by the murderer
of your closest friend?
You're right.
I never got to say one last goodbye
to my closest friend.
You may have avoided detention
even though you murdered somebody,
but you better not dream
of sticking around at the Law School.
I will
make sure I cut your throat.
If that's why you came,
you came here in vain.
I'll accept my removal
according to our rules,
but nothing more than that.
I'll do whatever it takes
within the scope of law
to fight and struggle.
I get how you've gone crazy.
You've been indicted.
Assemblyman Ko.
When your close friend
indicted you for bribery,
you asserted very confidently
indictment doesn't equal guilt,
that you won't be caught in this frame.
It made me almost gag.
How long will you continue to be so sassy?
We'll see about that.
On the day he died,
why do you think
I tried to get on a flight?
I've been looking for Kang Dan.
I'll leave you at that.
What? Professor Yang?
Yes, okay.
What did your kids do to deserve this?
Their real names, occupations,
and photos of their faces.
That's too much personal info.
Are you worried about these people?
I'm worried about you.
You got papers and studies to do.
Stop talking to me.
I have to be Prof. Yang's assistant.
Prof. Kim said
he's coming in for the consultation--
-I'm doing this.
Prof. Yang asked me for help.
Be a good assistant.
How can the defendant
summon the prosecutor in charge?
After you're indicted, you'll be in court.
We didn't have to take this to court,
so you needed a chance
to drop the indictment.
First, release you, then drop this?
You're telling me to lose my face and job.
Go ahead.
There's nothing more dangerous
as wasting time as a prosecutor.
"A prosecutor who wastes time
brings shame to that scale."
You remembered that?
The dead victim used to say that often.
And also something
you should've remembered, Prosecutor Jin.
I see. I'm guessing that you remembered.
It turns out
that Prosecutor Seo wasted his time,
so I can see why you got mad
with a sense of betrayal.
I need to go put all of my efforts
into keeping this indictment going.
See you in court.
After you quit your job as a prosecutor,
Prosecutor Seo got completely wasted
and said this.
"If I end up dying,
I'll die in the hands
of Yang Jong-hoon, that jerk."
His children were
about to starve to death,
but he threw a feast
at a hotel restaurant on his birthday,
costing at least 100,000 won per person,
and got a luxury-brand bag
for his mistress.
Eight out of ten people
never receive child support.
I believe Child Support Agency exists
under the MOGEF.
Even with the request,
it takes a year and a half to two years
until a decision is made.
The livelihood is breaking down,
and the child…
Even when the court orders them
to pay the support,
many of them don't do it.
If they don't,
the worst punishment is detention.
But if they use a false address
or go off the grid
for six months, they get off.
And there are numbers of them
who'd rather be detained than pay up.
So did you want to punish them personally?
By putting them to shame?
That's not it.
The purpose of this website is
to shame them and make them pay.
Isn't that it?
Anyone with a child
would understand how I feel.
Even so, nothing will change.
All these people's information got out
because they had kids.
You came here as a defendant,
not a victim.
I shouldn't have come.
Wait. You can't leave like this.
I grew up with a single mother,
so I understand how you feel.
Thank you.
Don't you think you're too harsh?
She's a defendant?
She was a victim before she got accused!
She's in question for libel.
And she got sued over that,
so she is the defendant.
Professor, she was desperate--
You're giving legal,
not psychological advice.
Instead of getting emotional
and worked up,
you're to provide a solution calmly.
Present how you'll counter this.
You made him innocent
after he was sued for defamation.
Good luck.
This is ripped up,
but is this the same sugar packet
from the crime?
Do you understand this concept?
Let's take a look at this explanation.
For example, even if
the debtor owes 10 million won,
if the trustee is insolvent,
if they have zero funds,
the actual value can be zero won.
In that case…
What is this?
Just a mom looking at her girl's phone.
What? Are you hiding something?
-What is this?
-I can't stay home.
Go to your room.
-Your tutor will be here.
-I can't stay here.
Is it that jerk, Han Joon-hwi?
You have no time to fool around
with jerks like him.
Go back to your room.
I went through much trouble
trying to get this tutor
who never does one-on-one lessons--
I don't need a tutor.
I wrote a paper in middle school.
-I'm that good.
So why do I need help?
What's with you?
Is something wrong with you?
Go ahead and leave
if you can.
Don't spit it out.
Swallow it.
Gulp it down.
Swallow it.
You can't even swallow that.
Enough is enough.
Whoever dies,
I'm not scared of that.
I'm going back to my dorm.
The law is there, but it's useless.
If someone doesn't want
to pay child support,
there are loopholes everywhere.
Gosh, this darned rhinitis.
Hey, Joon-hwi.
Go back to your room and sleep.
I mean, think of how the children are
suffering from this.
Children are the victims
of unpaid child supports.
Darn it. We should give them
criminal punishment like other countries.
It was for the public's good
to protect children's survival.
I need to make this argument
and have it accepted.
This is justified
since it's in the public interest?
That's your specialty.
But this one won't be easy.
Unlike Lee Man-ho's time,
it was done on a website run by a mother
who got no child support,
not a governmental institution.
Exactly. She didn't just expose
her ex-husband's information.
She had a verifying process
through checking decisions
to upload other people--
That means creditors can make a website
and upload information of their debtors?
-That's not right.
-Why not?
Both cases want to shame people for money.
Fine. I get that you're a big shot.
This is my limit.
Hey, if we don't make her innocent,
those shameless parents
who refuse to pay child support will
get confident
and feel justified for their actions.
Then what about the kids?
Their lives will be tormented.
I can't let that happen.
Should the big shot help?
You said it's my specialty.
That day,
I wanted Professor Seo
to disappear from before my eyes.
Hye-gyeong, your daughter…
I left you for that man,
yet he failed the judicial exam
and gave up,
and he became the ugly duckling
in his family of judges.
So I decided
to lay my life down
to turn her into a judge.
I told her to copy your paper.
-Don't make an issue.
If you do, her life
and my life will both end.
You don't
want me to die and disappear, do you?
Does your husband know?
How did you end up like this?
It's all my fault.
If I turned out
the way she wanted me to be,
she wouldn't have been
this obsessed with you.
The milk is split.
We can't put it back,
but we can wipe it away.
Nothing happened to us.
Did you lose the laptop?
What will you do with your made-up alibi?
Prof. Yang will see the police record.
Let's not do this.
-Let's turn--
-No, not that.
-I don't want my life to end here.
You said it was your fault.
Then just do as I say.
Nothing happened to us.
I'll get a taxi.
Do you think I left Byung-ju
just to put up a photo like this
in my living room?
Will one of us have to die
before you stop saying that?
The public interest.
How am I going to prove
she did it in the public interest?
Hey, are you back?
I'm glad you're back.
It was too empty without you.
Are you coming back
to the study group too?
It's the same kind.
Where did you find it?
I found a single-serve sugar packet here,
not an ordinary packaging.
At first, the sugar packet
was found on the floor.
After he used it,
the packaging was left on the table.
That sugar packet.
Who dropped it and why?
Gollum will kill us if he catches us.
He won't do it if we ask.
And why are you such a coward?
We can just copy, pay up, and leave.
-My gosh.
-What was that?
Future prosecutors and judges.
You're in an empty store all alone
making copies
of someone's copyrighted work to study?
I won't let that happen.
-Get lost!
-Everyone else does this anyway.
Why are you the only one who won't?
I can't do it. Do you see this?
It's illegal to copy books.
But our textbooks are too expensive.
Please save the poor law students
and let us copy these.
No matter how expensive it is,
you violated the Copyright Act
of a Copyright Law textbook.
Must I let go of this irony?
It's not our main textbook,
and we just need an excerpt.
Paying 50,000 won for that is
like tyranny.
Am I the tyrant here?
If you want a portion,
just copy that part.
They don't tell us what that portion is
to make us buy the book.
That's just completely unfair.
Go complain to your professor.
-Go complain to them!
-My gosh!
-Okay? Go complain to them!
-Move, move!
-Go! Go away! Go!
-What's going on--
Do you have a death wish?
Jung Dae-hyeon, that jerk.
Wasn't taking Yangcrates' class enough?
He pulled a cheap trick
to make them buy his wife's book.
He shouldn't take advantage of them.
He could just make copies
to use in his class.
Hand it back.
I heard you'll be studying
the Copyright Act in Criminal Code.
Compensation is an important aspect
of copyright suits,
so we'll take a look at it too.
And Prof. Jung will do his class
only on that portion,
so you won't have to buy a book.
-All right!
-I knew it, Prof. Kim.
She took one for the team.
She truly loves her students.
Professor Kim! I love you deeply.
-I love you!
-I love you!
-I love you!
-I love you!
Why don't you show some true love
for the Civil Code too?
Why are your grades the lowest
for the Civil Code
despite my awesome lectures?
It kills my pride.
-It's hard.
-It's tough.
It's not fun if it's too easy.
The best law firms
will look at your Civil Code grades
before they hire you, so what now?
Now, let's make sure we do this right! Go!
-Yes, ma'am.
What do you think of
when you hear copyright infringement?
Paper plagiarism.
Paper plagiarism. That's a hot potato.
Let's say I plagiarized the paper
of Kang Sol B, who's sitting here.
Is that an infringement?
If it's plagiarized, it is, right?
Plagiarism doesn't equal infringement.
A valid copyright infringement
must include grounds
that are both subjective and objective.
Plagiarism is usually an ethical issue,
but it's not a copyright violation
that involves punishment and compensation.
Yes, the line between plagiarism
and copyright infringement is very vague.
You have perfect examples
of copyright infringement before you.
They got
at least one illegal textbook copy.
You're giving a lecture before criminals
who have infringed copyright.
And of course, I've never done that.
She always does that.
Right, what about the Bad FaMa case?
The opinion is under way.
Make sure you do a good job and win.
I'm not doing it.
Then who? Sol A?
It's going to be tough for her.
Only someone like you has a chance.
I'm very sorry.
It's important, so I need to do better,
but I can't seem to do it.
This won't work.
I'm sorry. You trusted me with this.
You don't have my trust, so try again.
What? Goodness.
I have no idea how to argue she did this
in the public interest,
not for personal revenge.
It's on her personal website.
The problem is that
she was already sued for libel before
by other parents
who failed to pay child support
and were exposed on her website,
then she was fined.
Is that a problem?
That means
there's a high chance
she'll be fined again…
This client was
already sued by many people
who refused to pay child support,
not just by her husband!
It proves she didn't upload their info
just for personal gain
to make him pay the money.
She also got together with informants
to go to the MOGEF
to publicize this problem,
then protested
before the National Assembly.
Go eat something first.
Have you eaten already?
If you buy me jjajangmyeon, I'll--
My rule is never to eat with any students.
I shouldn't have asked.
That was so embarrassing.
Hey, Ye-seul. Where are you?
Why? She still won't pick up?
She's on the phone.
Is something going on with Ye-seul?
What? This is awesome.
That's odd. I thought
Prof. Kang never cancels his classes.
All right!
Excuse me.
Why was it canceled?
Prof. Kang didn't come today.
I think he's sick.
Right, did you get your laptop
from the professor?
Yes, the security guard gave it to me.
I was told to give this to you.
Okay, thank you.
The security guard?
Well, I'm glad you got it back.
He kept asking me over and over again
if I'm sure it was yours.
One second.
I have something to ask you.
I already paid everything I got on credit.
Stop asking me to buy food for you.
You had to see Prof. Yang
to prepare for the trial anyway.
I have to eat, so start copying.
Why should I?
Can I tell your wife about that girl
you practically stalked?
Do it.
-Should I?
-Do it. I'll do it. I will.
I'll do this.
You never did this saying it's illegal.
You should take down that motto.
It's not illegal.
The copyright holder asked
to give it to students for free.
The copyright holder?
You're off duty, so the books are no use.
Yes, you can't have classes. So why?
I'll use those as soon as I win the trial.
You'll use those as soon as you win?
He's telling you to do a great job
on his trial.
-Did you meet him?
Yes, I did. But even if he had someone
behind him, he won't speak up.
He'll talk only after his case
ends as bodily harm.
The crazy man who stabbed Prof. Yang?
He's very skeptical,
and he's as sly as a fox.
I pleaded in his favor. Show him,
-then tell him I'll come see him.
He paid my fee in cash right away.
I wonder if he'll do well
on Prof. Yang's pro bono case.
I came to do that.
Let's get ready for the trial.
I have the arraignment
and a list of prosecution evidence,
then I went to the Prosecutors' Office
and copied the investigation record.
Hand it out.
What are you thinking?
List of evidence from the prosecution.
These are real documents. So cool.
There is lots of evidence.
Is that so?
Then I'll be done for good
thanks to this evidence.
Article 318.1, Criminal Procedure Act.
"Documents or articles the prosecutor
and the defendant agree on are
admissible as evidence if genuine."
The prosecutor
can't use everything as evidence.
The defendant must agree.
Then Prof. Yang can disagree
with everything against…
If he disagrees with everything,
are we left with zero evidence?
Why would there be no…
Well, I have no time to explain that, so…
We do. A minute and 30 seconds.
Come on.
Disapproving evidence
usually denies its validity,
but what can the defendant do
by denying the weapon?
Will someone say,
"This knife isn't a knife!
This mace is lying"?
Then why do we do this?
Evidence admissibility
is useful with papers.
Our testimonies to the prosecutor,
the medical examiner's report,
and my uncle's notes.
With those, we have a chance
of making an argument saying,
"That person is lying."
Right. And now--
If we dismiss documents?
We summon the testifier
or the writer to court to have them
take the stand.
And we judge the authenticity
of the said document.
Why are you getting mad at me?
Then let's decide which evidence
I should approve or disapprove.
Wait, they're your key evidence.
You're asking your evidence
for their opinion?
I got some investigation records.
Wait, we're showing all these to them?
He's as crazy as you.
He's off duty, so he's using his case
to hold a hands-on class.
But I'm saying
they are a part of this case.
I've never seen the real record before.
This is huge.
We'll need at least 100 thimbles.
Bad students always complain
about their gear.
Pass your bar exam first.
The autopsy report is dismissed.
The examiner went AWOL,
so he can't be summoned either.
It'll be easy to dismiss.
Then isn't it good for Prof. Yang?
We have no way of summoning the examiner?
I asked the embassy
and the Korean association
to look for him everywhere,
but he can't be located.
Since the examiner lives abroad
and can't be located,
-so Article 314, Exception…
-Article 314, Criminal Procedure Act.
"If a person who's to make a statement
is unable to do so due to death, illness,
residence abroad,
or any other similar cause,
the relevant report
and other documents
shall be admissible as evidence."
You're right. I was happy for nothing.
Approve his handwritten memo
to claim suicide.
What about testifier statements?
All of them are your testifiers!
You're right. All the suspects are here.
-You should disapprove.
-If it wasn't him,
that means one of you is lying.
-You should disapprove everything.
-Disapprove everything?
Then how many witnesses should I summon?
Him. And him.
Him, her, her, and him.
-They all testified.
-I did too.
Exactly. There are dozens of people.
You know how it is.
The trial will be too long.
-The judge won't summon all of them.
-I want to be a witness.
Prof. Yang may never eat with a student,
but he would never kill a man.
Please approve mine.
I don't want to take the stand.
And mine. I need that time to study.
Seung-jae and I weren't even at the scene.
If you look at my statement,
I barely said anything.
All right, now.
Take a good look at their statements,
talk to the prosecutor,
and summon the least amount of people.
Let's disapprove his first.
Whose statement?
There's no reason to disapprove
Prof. Kang Ju-man's statement.
He didn't say much,
and he seems to hate you a lot.
There's no reason
to have him as a witness.
Please have him as my first witness.
Why is the vice dean the first?
He changed his alibi.
Let's call it a day.
I need to find my laptop first.
The phone is turned off.
-Dad's phone is turned off.
Put him on the phone.
Come home if you want to talk.
Mom. Mom!
Darn it.
Vice Dean.
Aren't you leaving?
This is different from exposing debtors.
Unpaid child support isn't private debt,
but a dereliction of a parent's duty.
The state must take responsibility
for the child's survival,
thus making this a public issue.
That day,
I brought the sugar packet.
12:25 P.M., OCTOBER 5, 2020,
Vice Dean.
It's your first class in the mock court.
How do you feel?
Right. Yes.
-Would you like some coffee?
-You stay. I'll make mine.
I have a sweet tooth.
If this is about her paper,
I don't think I'll let this slide.
You should've stopped the wrong decision
your wife and daughter made.
Your daughter copied my paper,
won an award in a contest,
then used it to get into the Law School.
Just as Prof. Yang said, I do not think
we should condone any illegal acts
in the admission process
of the Law School.
Just as Prof. Yang said,
you bribed the school,
called it a donation, then got to teach.
I don't think
that's something for you to say.
My daughter just did as her mother said.
I can see why
Hye-gyeong regretted marrying you.
Even if she made her do it,
your daughter could've stopped.
Vice Dean, as a renowned legal scholar,
you know this much better than I do.
Your daughter doesn't qualify
to become a judicial officer.
Professor Yang.
I meant to call you, but I forgot.
Yes, give me a second.
I killed him.
Professor Seo Byung-ju.
You finally…
found me.
Subtitle translation by Eun Sook Youn
It was all me.
Can you prove it?
Do you also think I'm a joke?
Why did you two meet up?
Tell him you couldn't tell
to hide our relationship.
You can do that, right?
You can't do this to me.
It's all your fault!
Everyone has a thing
that triggers their trauma.
I want to speak with you.
Ye-seul's boyfriend.
-Get in!
-I really don't like him.
I'm the one who's shocked.
I had to come as my girl got scared.
Your boyfriend looks somewhat dangerous.
I'm worried.
So Professor Kang is your father?
Attend my trial tomorrow.
Your dad's not at school.
Your dad will do something crazy.
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