Law School (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

About my violation
of the Public Official Election Act.
That cheeky brat
went to see Yang Jong-hoon.
He won't listen to me.
You'll have to make him listen.
He only associates with you
in the prosecution.
That's the least you can do for me.
And I called
that airhead over.
You need to take off your clothes
to work up a sweat.
You said you'd cooperate, so I came.
According to the accuser, Ms. Kang Dan--
Kang Dan? She's only doing this
to blackmail me for money.
You spread fake news
about your opponent to win--
Prosecutor Yang.
Aren't you busy?
You still have a long way to go.
I can't believe
you fell for that young girl's scheme.
Take your clothes off.
It is rather hot.
I need to see you.
I came to see Assemblyman Ko.
So you told people to spread fake info?
Let's sweat it out, then.
Now, give me an answer.
Is this Prosecutor Yang's phone?
This is Kang Dan.
Isn't this
Prosecutor Yang Jong-hoon's number?
You're Kang Dan?
Hello? Hello? Are you Kang Dan?
It's me, Kang Sol. Hello?
This is Yang Jong-hoon.
Hello? Hello…
The rice is rather firm today. Perfect.
I'm craving ramyeon now.
How did the trial go?
You should've come see it yourself.
I'll be a witness for the next trial,
and I've got no time to go twice.
Of course.
Our finals are around the corner.
So why is Professor Kang Ju-man…
He looks good on camera.
Go ask him. I'm curious too.
Is Sol A really Professor Kang's daughter?
Sol A looks much better in person.
Go ask her yourself.
What I want to say right now is…
may I have a bite?
After you throw in some firm rice.
Was that really the Dan I know?
How did she contact you?
Why is she calling you?
I asked around for her.
I thought I saw her last year
at the Criminal Law Conference
held at Harvard.
You can't complain later.
You said I can have it all.
You aren't the type who asks for a bite.
I do it for ramyeon.
Do you really believe that
she wrote her paper in middle school?
Wasn't she your rival in middle school?
Then you'd know what she can do.
It'd make much less sense to say
Professor Seo wrote that. How despicable.
"CEO Seo Gi-yeol of TOYGOODTOY,
a renowned Korean toy company,
took an extreme measure
during the prosecution investigation.
According to Seoul Jungang Police Station,
Seo was found around 5 p.m.
in his office
after setting himself on fire.
He was found by his son.
The police found nothing suspicious,
and they considered the fact that
he had been under extreme stress
due to the recent
prosecution investigation,
as likely factors to conclude
he committed suicide."
The son who found his father
burnt to death
after the prosecution investigation.
That's me.
The prosecutor who interrogated him
was Seo Byung-ju.
Your uncle didn't just kill a kid
with his car.
He disclosed my dad's accusation
and killed him too.
"A disclosure of one's accusation
is a serious violation of human rights.
This must be severely punished."
That's what he wrote in his paper.
But do you know what he did to my dad?
Isn't that funny?
Please tell me
if there's something I don't know
between you and Dan.
Can you handle it?
Did she leave home
because of what's in that letter?
Further discussion won't help you
get better grades in the finals.
Worry about that first.
You'll have to repeat the year
if you don't pass this test, correct?
Did you take your tonic?
Why are you staying there? Come home now.
I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.
I'll pick you up.
You'll have to repeat the year
if you don't pass this test, correct?
Yes, I need to pass my classes first.
Shut your mouth
and focus on studying for the finals.
Why did you do that?
Why do you let people
take this the wrong way?
If you don't like it,
you can make it right.
May I see…
those files?
You wanna hear something funny?
Your uncle died
on the same day my father died.
You can have that.
-Why should I?
-You're Prof. Kang Ju-man's daughter.
Sol and I had been
suspicious of each other.
It's all over.
If she didn't do it, it's all good.
She was only worried about herself
when I mentioned the possibility
of confessing the crime,
but a person died.
And she brazenly said
she didn't plagiarize his paper.
I told her to do that.
-And I did too.
That's how people live.
Who cares about some lies?
Everyone else does worse things
then move on and continue to live.
That's not normal!
Professor Kang Ju-man.
In the eyes of your family of judges
who passed the judicial exam at once,
you're the abnormal one.
Didn't you know that?
You should
let your daughter live a normal life.
Stop making a big deal out of this.
Don't say anything stupid to our daughter.
If you really want to,
we'll get some counseling.
To Prosecutor Yang Jong-hoon.
I'm not sure if I could
send this letter to you,
but I still wanted to apologize.
Prosecutor Yang, I promised
to never compromise with injustice,
but I'm sorry
I didn't hold on to my words.
I ended up kneeling down
before filthy money.
Professor Stone? This is Yang Jong-hoon.
Did you find out anything about her?
You aren't my nephew.
You're my son.
My son.
Do you know how much I love you?
This is Kang Dan.
Can Sol A pick out the questions
we might get for the finals?
Didn't she get 29 points
during the midterm?
Yes, and I got a D plus
in the first semester.
If you wish, I'll gladly do it.
Who is it?
-Come on in.
May I crash here?
I don't want to sleep alone.
You can sleep here.
I have to stay up all night anyway.
We can both lie down.
It's big enough for two.
-What I meant was…
-Okay, sure. Go to sleep.
I need to study some more.
Lie down.
Hey, you don't snore, right?
Why won't you pick up your phone?
I was worried about you, babe.
-My gosh, hey!
Darn it.
-Darn it.
-Whoa, hey!
Darn it. Let me go!
Who are you? How dare you come in.
Hey! Darn it.
What are you doing? Hey, stop.
Darn it. Let me go. Let go!
Ouch. Let me go, you jerk!
Darn it. Man.
Why was she in her room?
I was really shocked!
I'm the one who's shocked.
Why were you at the women's dorm?
How did you get into the room
without the student ID…
I gave it to him.
You've been secretly coming in?
She was scared to be alone
after her roommate took a leave.
I should be here for my girl
if she's scared.
Isn't that so, babe?
-I'll report him.
I told you not to be so friendly with him.
You want to report me? Go ahead.
Do it.
This idiot has no idea who I am.
Hey, wait.
Ye-seul gave him a student ID.
If anyone finds out she let him in
and stay the night,
she'll get kicked out.
What can she do? That's the rule.
Hey, just let it go this once
for Ye-seul's sake.
I can't let it go for her sake.
Why do you think she came to your room?
Man, this is so freaking annoying.
Why were you away?
Didn't you know I was coming?
I'm sorry.
I didn't think she'd sleep there.
-So you weren't at another guy's room?
Why are you avoiding me?
I wasn't. I got anxious and scared.
I thought you'd come by
only once in a while
when I gave you the ID.
If you come by every single night,
I'll get kicked out.
Let them, and move in with me.
Give me the ID.
This is the last time I let you slide.
Thanks so much, Sol.
Let's go.
You can't leave like this.
I'm sorry, Sol.
You couldn't even sleep.
I'm really sleepy.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but your boyfriend
seems a little dangerous.
To be honest, not a little, but very.
It's not like that.
I'm worried about you.
Obsession isn't love.
I said it's not like that.
Go back to sleep.
This is the last time I'll let this go.
I had a tough time
trying to convince Joon-hwi.
Write down that you'll take
civil and legal responsibility
if this happens again.
Aren't you a law student?
These notes have zero validity in court.
But it can be used as evidence
to prove you're a repeat offender.
I can't write it. And I won't.
If you knew who I am--
You should be scared. I'd know.
If I tell people whose son went
snooping around at a girls' dorm,
your dad's name will go viral first.
You jerk.
Say it.
Say what?
Look back on what you did as you write.
Going down.
Prosecutor Jin
didn't disclose your suspected crime.
Lee Man-ho was the source of his article.
You must be here in anger
since the police found me innocent.
You must have lots of spare time,
but you didn't have to come.
You won't be able to lose your anger.
The evidence you turned in
was all rejected.
How could I lie to you?
Reporters asked for my take on the reason
why Seo was killed by Yang Jong-hoon.
I mean, they asked me.
So I just shared my opinion. That's all.
May I go now?
I checked with him again,
and he admitted to it.
But Jin said he disclosed
my suspected crime
on the ride to the spot inspection.
I turned in the prison guard's testimony.
Prosecutor Jin's side turned in
the testimony of the other guard
who was there.
He said he took it as a joke.
That you took his joke
a little too seriously.
Man, a joke, my foot.
He always manages to escape.
It was a stretch on your part.
In this situation,
unless some reporters come out and say
their source was Prosecutor Jin,
you can't get him indicted.
Hot Americano with an extra shot, please.
I'll take one with one shot less,
so put that one in his.
I'll pay for both.
Thanks for the coffee.
Well, I shared my blood with you,
so I guess I deserve some coffee.
What's the deal you made
with Prosecutor Jin?
What deal?
He's the first jerk
who locked me up behind bars.
Why would I make a deal with him?
It wasn't rape back then.
It was for organ trafficking.
I shudder whenever I hear his name.
Do you think I wanted to help him?
It's just because that prosecutor
asked me to tell the truth.
Man, I shouldn't have babbled
even if those reporters pestered me.
I enjoyed your trial.
You seemed to be
more into something else than the trial.
Don't lay a hand on my student.
Lay a hand on her?
I was just asking for a favor.
That girl has
an older sister.
And I really have to meet her sister.
You have to meet her sister?
Did you have to go that far?
You were almost spying on him,
filming and recording his voice.
I looked through everything all night,
and my impression is that…
…it wasn't my uncle.
That's what you want to believe.
I respect your reasonable doubt.
I would've done the same.
I'll look for evidence
to break your suspicion
and back up my argument.
By the way,
does Professor Yang know about this?
Ouch. Gosh. My butt hurts.
Darn it.
Aw, man.
No way!
You even wrote the complaint for me.
That just proved Article 126
of the Criminal Code is useless.
I knew it wouldn't be easy.
-You may go.
You knew it wouldn't be easy.
You can't learn that in class.
You have class, right?
Goodness, is this the Ji-ho
who can't lose a second?
What are you doing?
You're popular for a professor
without a class.
Goodness, I would've been at your trial
if it hadn't been for my baby.
Right, I heard Kang Sol
is the vice dean's daughter.
It's a surprise that
it wasn't Sol B, but Sol A.
I heard it's Sol A.
Everyone at school knows
because of this photo.
Take a look.
With the plagiarism and all,
it'd be way more problematic if it was B.
-It's B.
His daughter.
It's Sol B?
Wait, one second.
Goodness, then the plagiarism…
Was he involved with her plagiarism?
So that's why.
That's why he wanted to quit.
Your daughter was accepted here
and she got to take your lecture
after you talked to the school
and asked for understanding.
This is unnecessary.
Please reconsider.
I'm sorry.
It's me, Professor Yang.
The vice dean doesn't seem to have
enough strength to rip his resignation.
I should do that.
Ms. Oh.
Please help Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su
hold a successful special lecture.
We're practically forced to be here.
A special lecture, not class?
Is Assemblyman Ko that big?
Prof. Jung wants his connection
before he runs for presidency.
I'll be punished for offending him
if I skip this, right?
Offending someone isn't a crime.
-Where are you going?
He'll mark you down as absent
if you skip it!
I can't believe how confident he is.
Go on. I have to do something.
Wait, you too?
Did you see that? Only students
with good grades can cut like this.
I'm so jealous. Gosh.
Anyway, Seung-jae hasn't been
talking as much lately.
It seems he has changed.
Seung-jae has never talked much.
-To me, Ye-seul seems to have changed.
I haven't even seen her around lately.
Don't worry.
You'll see me more often starting now.
You can go first.
I see. She was busy
getting lovey-dovey with him.
I told you to just forget about her.
Don't be shot down.
You should ask her out.
Come on, she's seeing someone.
Go do anything if it isn't illegal.
-What? What if someone steals your guy?
-She'll die.
Gosh, speak for yourself.
Just take her from that kid.
That kid? He's someone's precious son.
Yes, a precious kid to someone.
I see, that's what you meant.
-Just as how you're Prof. Kang's kid?
Why is he here? He doesn't even go here.
-He's getting ready to study here.
So he's a kid who's in preparation.
Let's make it quick
since we have a lecture.
I gave it a thought.
On that day, the teaching assistant
left my laptop in front of the cart
to leave it at Prof. Kang's office.
Where's Professor Kang Ju-man's class?
Then you took the laptop
that was at the very front.
I got those confused.
It was the same model as mine.
Your laptop is the same model as mine?
It isn't.
Well, that day,
my laptop was acting funny,
so I brought my wife's.
Her laptop is the same model as yours.
In that case, the laptop which the TA left
at Prof. Kang's office thinking it's mine,
should've been your wife's laptop.
Give me an answer.
Why wasn't it your wife's laptop,
but Prof. Yang Jong-hoon's laptop?
-Did you turn the power on?
Mr. Choi Jung-hyeok?
Han Joon-hwi, I called you.
Right. Yes.
So you're Mr. Seo Byung-ju's nephew?
Yes, I've seen you before.
Really? Have we met?
When did we meet?
In front of my uncle's place.
Don't you remember
asking him to help you
leak this information out?
Nice to meet you.
I got the privilege to stand before you
here at Hankuk Law School,
the brightest future law officials
of our nation.
It's a great honor,
yet my heart breaks as I stand here.
Yangcrates is here.
Because my close friend, Seo Byung-ju,
was brutally murdered
at the mock court he helped build
through his donation.
How could
"Hankuk University Law School Murderer"
become the most searched word?
I'm sure all of you were appalled as well.
Since the case is still in trial,
I'll refrain from mentioning it.
However, he was once a role model
to many junior prosecutors.
So I still can't believe
he was involved
in a drunken hit-and-run incident,
then went on to make a deal
with a sex offender
to let him off with feeble-mindedness.
What's ironic is
I proposed the Lee Man-ho Act
and passed it
to revise the article
on feeble-mindedness.
I'd like to give you a big hand
for bringing a revision on that article.
You don't have to give me a hand.
I only did my work
-as one of legislators.
-Did you come up with the idea
for the Lee Man-ho Act?
Of course.
From what I know, a student
at Hankuk University made the suggestion,
then you only picked it up.
That did not happen.
So do you not know her?
She was in your campaign,
then reported your violation
of the Public Official Election Act.
Prof. Yang.
Sit down. Just sit.
There must be a big misunderstanding.
I understand how shocked you are
for standing in court as a murderer.
I'm used to standing in court,
but I'm appalled by the fact
students who'd be studying
the Criminal Code are forced to be here.
Forced to be here?
I decided that
his lecture
is as valuable as my lecture, so--
It's a shame that
your lectures are only worth that much.
This was my class.
So the class should be irreplaceable
like mine.
Has he gone insane?
-That jerk!
-Yeong-chang, calm down.
Let me go.
-Yeong-chang, calm down.
-Calm down?
How can you tell me to calm down?
Did you hear what he said
to your future father-in-law?
He's a professor!
He's your professor.
-I haven't been accepted.
-You'll get in next year.
I know you'll make it.
What if I don't?
Why? You want to leave me?
That's not what I meant.
Even I got accepted.
But you're smarter, so--
If you got accepted, why can't I get in?
That's why
my father treats me like an idiot.
I love you so much.
You aren't allowed to treat me
like a nobody.
Darn it!
Are you crazy?
Ouch. Darn it.
Ye-seul, why do you let him
trample all over you?
Hey, who do you think you are
to meddle in our relationship?
You go keep your butt out of pain.
Where's Prof. Yang?
How does he know my butt hurts?
I never told anyone about it.
What are you saying?
I mean, I guess it's very stressful
for you to stay away from lecturing.
You wouldn't usually do that
in front of students.
What about you applauding like crazy?
I thought of getting into politics
just to revise
the article on feeble-mindedness.
But thanks to him,
I didn't have to do that.
What's this about a student
who suggested the Lee Man-ho Act?
And a whistle-blower
of the Public Official Election Act?
Everything you said was very dangerous.
I'm sure
it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing.
It's unlike you to give someone an excuse.
-An excuse?
An excuse for Assemblyman Ko
to sue you for slander.
Do you think he will?
You sound like you want him to.
Is that it? Was that bait?
Goodness, it was bait.
But why?
Hey. I'll see you at the Copy Room.
Why should Assemblyman Ko take that bait?
Gosh, he never tells me anything.
Come to your room right now.
Didn't I tell you
to dismiss Yang Jong-hoon immediately?
Who do you think
helped you become president?
Yet you fail to control him
and bring me shame?
I'm sorry.
Are you all right, sir?
Hey, wait.
Are you a student here?
Yes, I am.
-What's your name?
I'm sorry, but why?
Where are you?
I'm Kang Sol.
Hurry up and come. It's really weird.
Yes, to your room.
I brought witness questions
for your next trial.
You have an office.
Why do we always meet here?
Tapping devices hear you by day,
and spy cams see you by night.
He's the "Law School Murderer".
He's the biggest troublemaker,
so who knows what he has in his office?
When it comes to trouble,
you're the biggest troublemaker.
Look, you have tapping devices
and spy cams.
And speakers.
It's starting to feel like
you're slandering me.
Who knows what's planted here?
Don't worry.
Yes, you're dirty.
-Goodness. Unbelievable.
What is it?
I need to check something.
Check what?
Hey, goodness.
I got you, you jerk.
You're finished now.
You're dead.
Did you know he had been recording you?
Darn it.
I don't feel very safe
about letting Kang Sol A take the stand.
What about her?
She's definitely on his side.
That's why I feel more anxious.
She might get emotional
and be led by the prosecutor's questions.
I'm more anxious about you.
Why do you have no confidence
and keep asking your client?
I never asked him too many questions.
And it's not that I don't know. I do know.
I wanted to make sure of everything,
so I'm just checking.
You'd ruin his trial
if you decided to check twice.
Anyway, we didn't approve of Kang Sol B
as our witness.
So why didn't the prosecutor
request to have her as a witness?
Try to put your head to use
before you check with him.
Vice Dean and Kang Sol B
saw the sugar packet at the crime scene.
The prosecution wants the judges
to drop the sugar packet.
Why would they call Kang Sol B
and make her bear witness?
But I have to ask her
if she saw the sugar packet.
That's why they didn't want her.
Then we should have her as a witness.
You're very quick, aren't you?
-I'll make the request, okay?
Why not?
I don't think
they'll trust the vice dean's testimony.
So we should get her.
I won't have her in the court.
I thought you'd have me as a witness.
Did you find out
why my laptop
was at the vice dean's office
instead of yours?
Even if you found out the reason,
you wouldn't tell me.
If I were to have you as a witness,
I'd also ask you about the laptop
as well as the sugar packet.
But you won't tell the truth.
You won't have me at the witness stand
because I may be charged with perjury?
Because you may not be charged
with perjury.
You'll tell a lie as if it's the truth
even after the oath
yet leave enough room
to avoid getting charged.
I swore none of my students
will turn out to be
someone who takes advantage of the law.
So I can't let you taint my career.
Let's meet over there
once you're ready to tell the truth.
I want to start
from the moment you went to see Prof. Seo
on the day of the incident.
It won't be easy to disclose the truth.
I understand.
You probably think everything will be over
the moment you admit it.
But no.
The moment
you choose to gloss over your fault,
the door to damnation opens up.
Like I told your father,
before I make an issue of this,
you should--
What could I possibly…
What are you doing here?
Getting some air.
I see.
I should be keeping my mouth shut
and studying.
That's how I can save myself.
But I see a million things to meddle in.
What drives me crazy the most is
I shouldn't ask though I'm curious.
Why can't you do that?
If I found out now,
I'd probably break down,
then I'll ruin all my tests.
I'll be finished
once I do badly on the finals.
Right, flunking out.
-That's not good.
I worked so hard to get in here.
There's something I'm curious about, too.
You're the A-plus guy
who doesn't have to study.
-If you're curious--
-May I ask?
Why did Prof. Kang bear false witness?
Does this have something to do with Sol B?
One second.
Yes, professor.
Right now?
Yes, sir. I'm on my way.
I greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you very much.
We were just doing our job.
I'm glad we were able to help.
That's also the reason why
this Legal Clinic is here.
She's here.
-Goodness, hello.
Thank you.
It's all thanks to your interpretation.
Her indictment might be suspended.
I was fined last time.
It's all thanks to you.
Don't say that.
I only did as my professor told me.
-That professor is here.
-I see.
Hello, thank you.
Thanks to you, she won't be fined.
Her indictment might be suspended.
Didn't they tell you
to stop running the website?
How did you know?
Wait, they had a condition?
Gosh, I knew it.
That's the reason why
I came to see you again.
You don't want to stop running it, right?
I don't run it for my benefit anyway.
But it'd be much better
if your indictment were to be suspended.
Just let them indict you,
then be found innocent in court.
-"Just let them indict you"?
Have you been indicted?
She can be found innocent in court?
-Who's going to make it happen? You?
-Can you be responsible?
-No, I meant…
You spoke words
you can't be responsible for.
There's a need to bring up this issue
since unpaid child support
is a major problem.
So you're using a trial
to manipulate opinions?
Who taught you to do that?
-Was it you?
-Prof. Yang.
I'm sorry.
Please disregard what she said.
I'm sorry.
I spoke up without thinking it through.
No, it's all because of me.
Just repeat the year instead.
You didn't learn anything from me.
You better retake it.
What's wrong?
He wants me to repeat the year? Nonsense.
Someone told you to flunk out?
Just go on your way.
Let's get ready for Prof. Yang's trial.
-Make some time--
-Go do it alone.
I don't have to do this.
You suggested we do this.
I'm not going to do it.
Prof. Yang is even eviler than Lee Man-ho.
He's the devil.
-And the trial?
-I'm not going.
If you fail to appear, there's a fine--
I'll just pay the fine.
You won't see me, Kang Sol,
at that witness stand.
I solemnly affirm
that I will tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
I understand that
I would be committing perjury
if I said anything untruthful."
Your footprint wasn't found on the scene,
but you volunteered to be a testifier.
Because I was sure
Prof. Yang was innocent, but…
To be honest, I'm not so sure anymore.
I really wish I could say that.
But I'm still 100 percent sure
he didn't kill him.
I really didn't want to be sitting here,
but I had no other choice
because I'm that sure.
Why is she so pouty?
She has all the reasons to pout.
But she still showed up.
I don't quite understand.
He died of methamphetamine overdose.
The defendant's fingerprints
were found on the meth sachet,
the coffee cup, and lid.
How can you be sure he's innocent?
Even if his fingerprints were found
on the meth sachet and the coffee cup,
it's not like anybody saw Prof. Yang
put the meth in his coffee, right?
It's not like there's an eyewitness.
Only I ask questions.
You'll just answer.
You were sent
to a juvenile detention center
for assault back in high school, correct?
And the defendant was the prosecutor.
-The witness cannot make an objection.
Your Honor,
I have no idea why
the prosecutor brought up something
that has nothing to do with this trial.
Her conviction
of the defendant's innocence
is contrary to the evidence
proving his guilt.
This question is necessary
to break the credibility of her testimony.
Back then,
the defendant ignored the victim's request
to have you punished severely
and punished you lightly
to the juvenile detention center
instead of criminal punishment.
Well, the victims were--
Please answer yes or no.
-And you are taking his side today
because he showed you mercy, correct?
-I am not taking his side.
-Answer yes or no.
or no is not necessary
when the witness answers.
Would you still be sure of his innocence
if you were sentenced criminally,
in other words, more severely?
No, right?
-I'm not sure if--
-That's all.
About four years ago,
do you remember how
the CEO of TOYGOODTOY killed himself?
A few days ago,
Seo Byung-ju's nephew
came and asked me about it.
The witness right there?
Why are you smiling?
I remember how I almost ended up
sitting there as a defendant, too.
You tried to indict me
as an accomplice to him--
You said you did not see
the sugar packet at the crime scene.
But I was busy checking on my uncle--
-Answer yes or no--
-It's not necessary.
I'm the one
who told the witness before me.
But if you still want me to…
Your Honor, the witness was there
after Professor Kang Ju-man came by.
If he still did not see
the sugar packet there,
it lowers the reliability
of Professor Kang Ju-man's testimony
on how he brought sugar
to the crime scene.
I understand how you tried very hard
to destroy the credibility of the sugar.
Just because I didn't see it
-doesn't mean nobody else did.
-I rest my case.
Oddly enough,
you didn't request the one who saw
the sugar packet as your witness.
I was finished questioning him.
Please delete his final remark
from the record.
I'll say it during the cross-examination.
It's unnecessary.
You let the prosecutor toy you around,
but look at how he's playing with him.
Defense counsel, cross-examine.
Keep a good eye on him.
This is how you'll learn.
You won't even ask questions.
No broadcasting scheduled for today?
Not in the mood.
It's on the subrogation right.
Ms. Kang Sol?
Why didn't she call us a bit later?
What brings you here?
Let's go inside.
I'm finished.
Defense counsel, cross-examine.
Let me do it.
I'd be grateful.
Your Honor.
Yes, I just got here, Father.
I'll call you after the trial.
I'll begin questioning.
You once came to me with this.
Your Honor, the evidence wasn't
a part of the main examination.
I request to question him
on an issue that wasn't a part
of the main examination.
Are we going to see something new
with every single witness?
Many aspects weren't disclosed
during the investigation.
What is he…
Permission granted.
Strictly speaking,
we're allowed to only cross-examine
on things mentioned
during the main examination.
Article 76.1,
Regulation on Criminal Procedure.
The judge just granted me permission
to question him
on something not mentioned
in the main examination.
Therefore, this will be considered
as a main examination,
which forbids me
from asking leading questions.
Defendant. This is not a lecture hall.
Yes, it's a courtroom.
Look at how he couldn't help
but give a lecture.
Listen up.
Then let me question you on the aspects
the prosecution overlooked.
Why did you come to me with this?
You want to make an accusation
against Prof. Seo Byung-ju?
Article 126, the Criminal Code.
I want to accuse him
for publicizing suspected crime.
Prof. Seo publicized
your dad's accusation as a prosecutor
then caused him to take his own life?
Yes. If you saw the files,
I'm sure you'd know--
Prosecutors are never indicted
for publicizing suspected crimes,
not even once.
Are you aware of that?
-And it'll never be easy.
I'm aware of that.
That's why I came to you--
Why me?
Tell me a reason why you need me
to get your revenge.
I needed your help for my revenge.
A revenge against who?
Professor Seo Byung-ju.
He killed my father.
What on earth is this now?
-He killed him?
-Did you know about this?
Witness, continue.
My father…
He was the CEO of a toy company.
I wonder if you remember TOYGOODTOY.
Mr. Seo, this is bad.
Then someone said
carcinogens were detected in his products.
Apologize to the children!
-Stop using carcinogens!
News articles poured out,
and his name trended online.
Protests and demands of compensation…
But that's probably all you remember.
After the investigation,
none of his toys included
a toxic level of cancer-causing agents.
My father lost his reputation
and was framed unfairly.
He took his own life
after he lost everything.
-Of course you'd object.
The Korean law guarantees
the presumption of innocence.
So how was the witness's father framed
because of a false accusation?
Before the investigation was completed,
the media heard of his accusation
then reported on it.
After my father passed away,
I swore to avenge his death
on Prof. Seo Byung-ju,
who killed him
by leaking out his accusation.
Are you saying Seo Byung-ju is an enemy
who killed your father?
Your Honor, he's leading the witness.
What exactly am I trying to get to?
He's trying to point out
the witness's resentment
to prove the witness has
a stronger motive than him…
Come to think about it,
the witness does have
a much stronger motive
to murder the victim.
Did you tell any investigators
about your relationship with Seo Byung-ju?
I never had a chance to.
No one asked.
No one asked?
The basic step in murder investigation
is finding hateful relationships
of the victim.
I guess they were set
on having you as the culprit.
-And I agree.
Your Honor.
The witness is sharing an opinion
and a very personal opinion he has of me,
not facts.
Witness, only provide factual testimonies.
Do not share your personal opinions
such as how you could've been
sitting here in my place
if they asked you one question
before they began to design a whole story
on my motive of murder.
Come to my office
to tell me such personal opinions.
Then I have no choice but to ask.
Seo Byung-ju.
Did you kill him?
Is this real?
is Yang's student? I got chills.
He thinks Seo Byung-ju disclosed
his dad's accusation.
So that's why his nephew came to see me.
I hope he didn't do this
to get revenge for his father.
If he did,
he totally killed the wrong man.
Be quiet.
Man, I can't believe this mess.
It didn't look like
Prosecutor Jin felt guilty at all.
So what if he feels guilty at this point?
But still, he leaked it out,
not Seo Byung-ju.
I told you to be quiet!
Then I have no choice but to ask.
Seo Byung-ju.
Did you kill him?
I didn't need to.
You didn't need to?
It was the day my father died,
so I went to tell him
I'll get my revenge by the law.
My nephew, you're here.
You aren't my nephew.
You're my son.
My son.
Do you know how much…
I love you?
I do.
Please don't forget that…
my son.
Seeing him high on drugs
seemed worse than his death.
You left him there
knowing that he was on drugs?
Because he was on drugs.
I couldn't call 911,
so I called a friend of mine at school
who used to be a doctor.
But he didn't pick up.
The witness held a grudge on the victim
and witnessed him intoxicated.
Don't you find
the record of statement on Seo Ji-ho
to be a bit too insufficient?
Yes, well…
Since the defendant fed coffee with drug
to the victim,
I thought it's natural for the witness
to see the victim intoxicated.
It wasn't drugs, it's sugar!
Defense counsel.
I knew we needed to have Kang Sol B here.
Defense counsel.
You stated you were in your office
at the presumed time of his death,
between 14:25 and 14:55, correct?
2:25 P.M., OCTOBER 5, 2020
You're right.
I was in my office.
Subtitle translation by Eun Sook Youn
You weren't there
at the time of the incident?
Your Honor. I found an eyewitness
who saw the defendant kill Seo Byung-ju.
People are beginning to doubt it,
and reasonably so.
I never suspected Prof. Yang.
It feels awful to see myself
beginning to suspect him.
Who do you think the witness is?
Hold on.
Does it mean there's a possibility
that Prof. Yang actually killed him?
Seung-jae, what happened to you that day?
He said this new witness
saw you murder the victim.
He's sitting in this court.
It's game over.
When you actually saw that,
you got out of control?
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