Law School (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

When will your attorneys be here?
Call Jin Hyeong-u.
Why? He's a prosecutor, not an attorney.
Just call him.
Call him yourself.
With the burner phone.
But these are all circumstantial evidence.
There's no smoking gun.
The best thing would be catching Ko
inciting the manipulation of the comments.
But how?
There is a way.
Erica Shin.
Erica Shin.
Yeah, I spoke to Prosecutor Yang
on the phone.
He's a professor now.
Are you sure though?
-Yes, I must do this.
-If you can't do it…
I will do it.
You can just study.
A search and seizure warrant?
Do you think
the higher-ups will approve it?
The Criminal Procedure Act states that
any prosecutor can request warrants.
That is not the issue here.
We got Prosecutor Jin indicted,
which was unprecedented.
You sided with him
after putting me through all that trouble.
Brief the media on Ko's charges
when the warrant is issued.
He's planning to run for president,
so the public has the right to know
about his corruption allegations.
Have you completely lost your mind?
All eyes are on me right now
because I filed charges
against a prosecutor
for leaking info about a suspected crime.
And you want me to do just that?
The police will handle the briefing.
What are you thinking?
Assemblyman Ko will attack you
for publicizing the allegations.
No, he won't.
He's the one who has proposed the bill
to abolish that very law.
We should show the corrupt politicians
like Ko Hyeong-su
that Article 126 of the Criminal Code
does not exist to shield them.
So it all depends on the warrant.
People like Ko Hyeong-su may have allies,
but they also have many enemies.
That's true.
I heard Judge Kang Seong-man,
who handles all warrant requests,
is a man of integrity.
everyone in his family is a judge…
Kang Seong-man? Kang Ju-man…
-Prof. Kang Ju-man?
-I saw him in his family portrait.
Hey, are you on the plane?
Ko Hyeong-su doesn't trust anyone easily.
Calm Sol A down so she won't give it away.
Stop shaking my sister around.
Let her focus on her studies and graduate.
Let her focus on her studies.
Let her focus.
Yes, we're here too.
We should consider fake news…
…as a part of our free speech.
Kang Dan,
you became a success as Erica Shin
all thanks to me, right?
I hope Yang Jong-hoon remembers that.
I will remember that.
All right, now.
I'm Park Geun-tae, an attorney.
You know me. I'm Park Geun-tae.
-Detective Jang?
Kang Dan, you.
You'll have to pay for this!
Ms. Kang Dan's appendix burst,
so she never got on the plane.
You rats…
How dare you.
How dare you fool me!
Don't lose your temper just yet.
This is only the beginning.
Gosh, this was so uncomfortable.
What is this?
She missed her flight?
Then who's the Erica Shin we saw?
-Was that Sol?
You mean she disguised herself
as Erica Shin and…
No way. She fooled all of us?
I had no idea.
You too, right?
-What if Ko Hyeong-su didn't believe her?
-I'm sure he did.
She even fooled us.
You had no idea, right?
I was worried that weasel would catch on,
so I had to do a test run.
It was so nerve-racking.
There are no cabs here
because of the protest. Let's walk a bit.
I have to go.
I'm starving.
I did a good job, you know.
Can we grab a bite to eat?
I told you I never eat with my students…
I'm Kang Dan.
Search and seizure?
-What did you tell Prosecutor Lee--
-Not all prosecutors are like you.
Are you trying to get
Prosecutor Lee fired?
Can you afford to worry about him now?
I heard your number was found
on the burner phone they seized.
Please cooperate with the investigation.
I'm eating now. I have to go.
Can I just eat without this?
Want to hear about the best jjajangmyeon
I've ever had?
The jjajangmyeon I had in your office
when you were a prosecutor.
My gosh, it was so good.
I can't believe I was that hungry
after causing such trouble.
I have to say,
the portion here is quite small.
Maybe I should've ordered the jumbo size.
If you're done, let's get going.
You know, the law…
The law that I'm studying with you.
It'll punish Ko Hyeong-su
for what he did, right?
Are you telling me to destroy evidence?
There's no need to spell it out.
It's just that no one can drag us into it
without the burner phone.
Do whatever it takes to get rid of it.
We're in the same boat, you know?
Then you shouldn't have kept anything
from me--
I told you. I never meant to lie to you.
I just didn't tell you
because you didn't need to know.
At times like this,
you need to hang tight and help me out.
According to Jin,
he met Ko when he was stationed
in the National Assembly.
He admitted speaking to Ko on the phone
a few times recently.
But apparently, it was regarding
the constitutional review.
What do I say to that?
-They only talked? No text messages?
-No, just phone calls.
We had an analysis done
to see if anything was deleted,
but no text messages.
But according to the phone records,
he only used the burner phone to talk
to Choi Jae-cheol and Jin Hyeong-u.
He's hiding something.
That's enough
to make Prosecutor Jin feel cornered.
The fact that we caught Assemblyman Ko
talking to Choi Jae-cheol on the phone
can prove the interference with business
but not the incitement
to commit the murder,
which means we need Ki Du-seong
or Choi Jae-cheol's confession.
Ki will spill the truth soon.
You should tell the police
what you heard from Ki Du-seong
before he spills the truth.
Why take a risk? You know the police
searched and seized Ko's office.
The court won't support
Ki's self-defense argument.
And if that happens,
Ki certainly won't keep his mouth shut
for Ko. You know that.
It's time you let go of the rotten rope.
You really had no idea.
You would've been found dead in that room
had you known about it.
While investigating the suspicion
that Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su
had ordered Ki Du-seong to murder Yang,
a law professor,
we raided a site
where comments were being manipulated
systematically under his command,
so we got a warrant issued
and searched his office.
I have huge respect
for Prof. Yang and Prof. Kim.
Seriously, talk about perfect teamwork.
Prof. Kim, by publicly alleging facts.
Prof. Yang, by publicizing
the allegations. They got him good.
Wow, who knew this was their plan?
Yangcrates did this to make sure
they'd properly investigate Ko Hyeong-su.
Yes, people need to know
why the future presidential candidate
is being investigated.
Ko Hyeong-su proposed the bill
and toyed with us.
I bet he didn't see this coming.
He dug his own grave.
Don't be too excited.
We don't know who will be buried
in the grave that Ko has dug.
Despite the trouble that my son caused,
my approval rating
has been steadily going up,
and some people
are determined to bring me down.
It is truly unfortunate that the police
and Professor Yang Jong-hoon
are letting those people use them
to get what they want.
Launching a counterattack
right after the briefing.
He wouldn't just sit back and do nothing.
But the fact that
the court issued the warrant
must mean there's substantial evidence.
Evidence, my foot.
The judge who issued the warrant.
Guess who his niece is.
She is…
one of Yang Jong-hoon's students.
So, after reading this letter,
you feel torn about whether to ask them
not to punish him?
He wrote this with his blood
and promised me that he won't do it again.
"I should've been patient
even when you were getting on my nerves.
I'm really sorry
I lost my temper and hit you."
This is not what I'd expect
from someone who's genuinely sorry.
He should not have hit you,
no matter what.
But if I never got on his nerves…
You said what got on his nerves
was the fact that
you kept the job
which he had told you to quit.
He didn't like that
the cafe was owned by a guy,
so he told me to quit.
But I needed the job.
That's not your fault, Seong-hui.
"I'll never hit you again,
no matter what you do."
This is like him saying,
"You're at fault, but I do apologize
for not being understanding enough."
"We should've both been careful."
I have no idea why you think
he actually feels bad.
I think he's practically saying
he'll keep hitting you
if you don't change your ways.
he wrote this with his blood.
I interpret that as…
"Blood will be shed
if you don't listen to me.
I'll teach you a lesson."
This looks like a threat to me.
Then what do I do?
Seong-hui, you're not alone.
Let's find a way.
What if we didn't pass
because of the draft I wrote?
I told you to revise the whole thing!
No! Don't show me.
-What? 351824! 351824, right?
Yours is 297632, right?
Yeah, do you see it?
Of course.
Nice! We're moving on to the semifinals!
See? I'm not a nuisance, right?
Let's check the question.
Right, for the semifinals.
Let's see.
The charge is
"child abuse resulting in death."
Article 275? Then it's…
Death caused by abandonment.
"Neglected a 4-year-old
with a fever after the flu shot
which led to the kid's death."
We must submit the prosecutor's statement
and the summary of argument like before.
And our roles will be announced soon.
Okay. The leniency toward child abusers
always made me so angry.
All right, I'll be the prosecutor.
By the way, where did my roomie go?
It just ended.
All right.
Your closing statement
asking for a strict punishment
was quite memorable.
It was more effective
than asking for leniency.
That's not what I was after.
If you get jail time,
you can't witness your kid's birth.
So I get it.
I'd be moved if I were the judge.
What if he gets jail time?
I can't believe
he asked for a strict punishment.
-He deserves jail time.
He did a bad thing. I know it's bad,
but he doesn't have any priors.
Plus, we issued a permanent exclusion
so he couldn't reenter law school.
Why not use it as a mitigating factor
and ask for probation?
Do you have to think out loud?
Gosh, why can't I reach James?
It's been a while.
Since when?
Yes, I'm leaving now.
I'm headed to the airport now,
so keep an eye on him.
-What's going on?
-I'll get out and check.
What do you want?
Ko Hyeong-su,
you're under arrest for inciting murder
and online manipulation.
Under arrest?
You have the right to remain silent
-and the right to an attorney--
-Stop this now!
Why don't you sit back
and enjoy the smooth ride to the precinct?
Let's go.
How do you feel
to have passed the preliminaries?
That video got so many mean comments.
Do you still want to post a vlog?
You can't be a prosecutor
if you're that weak mentally.
Did you see the videos of the finals?
-I told you to watch all the videos.
Okay, I will.
We'll go watch all of them now. Let's go.
Come on.
-Stop it.
Why are you so determined to win?
I want to get
on the president's good side.
Sorry to disappoint you,
but they've never picked both winners
from the same school
in the previous years.
We'll be the first ones to do that.
Let's set a record.
I think it'll be hard because of Sol.
Right, it won't be easy.
It certainly won't be easy.
-What are you talking about?
I'm not done yet, but can you
go through what I've found so far?
On all the precedents and cases.
I watched the videos of the finals too.
Some were very impressive.
They were really good.
It won't be an easy fight,
but I don't want to hear you say we lost
because of me, so I'll do my very best.
It's surely not easy to set a record.
Ko Hyeong-su…
He just got arrested.
I asked you
to destroy evidence?
Can you stop recording for a second?
The burner phone isn't the only evidence
that needs to be destroyed.
I didn't think you'd stoop so low.
Jin Hyeong-u…
Solicitation of murder?
This is way out of line.
"Out of line"?
You're one to talk.
All I did was find a loophole that was
visible to anyone who knows the law well.
My specialty is turning a crisis
into an opportunity.
Do you think
I'll crumble down like this?
I've taken my hands off this.
I'll see whether or not you'll be indicted
as an outsider.
This is Lee Man-ho's son.
Why do you have this photo?
I don't know who left it in my office.
You should call your attorney.
The prosecution, not the defense team!
-Be quiet, will you?
A, B
-Defense counsel.
-You need to defend the accused.
I really wanted to be the prosecutor.
You're the one who picked this.
I should've picked better.
Why am I so unlucky?
You worked hard to draft up
the prosecutor's statement.
It's not about that.
I'd just feel more confident on that side.
You should feel confident on either side.
Did I beg to be on the defense team
just because I drafted up
the summary of argument?
Well, you're--
If you're going to be this annoying
and pathetic, just give up.
Give up what?
I was hoping to be on the other side
because I'd feel more confident.
Because you guys will do well either way.
What your roomie means is
we should do a good job no matter what.
-We got it!
-Hey, we got it!
I should do a good job no matter what.
Yes, I must.
I really need to do a good job this time.
Please give me a brilliant legal mind.
"Legal mind"?
There's no such thing.
It's a delusional belief
formed by privileged jurists.
Go read the law books
instead of wasting your time like this.
-If you're going to whine,
do it elsewhere.
Wait, what you just said…
That means I can do it, right?
That face.
You want to tell me, "Sol, you can do it."
Thank you for your encouragement.
I'll do my very best, professor!
Yeah, I'm coming now.
You just wait.
For it to constitute as abandonment
resulting in death,
they must prove that
the kid was intentionally abandoned.
If we can disprove--
Your roomie will be here shortly.
Let's wait for her.
Ready or not, rock-paper-scissors!
I got the closing argument.
We should decide too.
The summary, the main argument,
the reargument, the closing argument.
Let's decide who will do what.
You guys pick first.
I'll take what's left over.
You can do anything?
I got the summary
and the closing argument.
The two of us will write the main one.
The reargument…
You can work on it by yourself.
As for the answers,
the two of us can work on them together.
Sounds good.
I'll struggle with the main argument
If you win the Excellence Award too--
That's my plan.
I should at least get that
if our team doesn't win.
I can't reach James.
I hope it has nothing to do with you, sir.
What are you talking about?
And he'd better be okay.
I'm the one who sent James to the US.
You seem very worried.
Should I ask around?
Then first, do me a favor…
I'll represent you, as you wanted.
What? You will?
Of course.
I knew I could count on you.
Why would you do that?
He needs me to represent him
to keep my lips sealed.
Now, I know even more about him
than I thought I did.
The duty of confidentiality.
Come on. You're hurting my feelings here.
I'm asking you because
you're the only person I can trust.
But you can't
because you're a law professor now.
Will you be his special defense counsel?
Then you'd have to be indicted first.
This young man here will do his best
to make sure you won't be indicted.
Professor Seo
didn't want his name on it.
I insisted that we do it.
But things turned out this way.
Then what did
my uncle want?
"The law is not just."
I wanted to see that engraved on this.
That I certainly can't allow.
The law…
must be just.
After all,
that's why we built this mock court.
"The law…
is not just."
There's no such thing as the legal mind.
Kang Sol.
You worked so hard to come this far.
Here is the summary of the argument.
First, the defendant
never abandoned the child.
Abandonment is…
Want one?
Is it about Ko Hyeong-su's trial?
Our mock trial happens to fall
on the same day.
Knowing you, there's no way
you're nervous about the mock trial.
Are you thinking about your uncle?
I'll be rooting for you
in your uncle's place.
I'll do the same.
No, thanks.
Someone's already rooting for me,
so I just need to do a good job.
Then let's see how good you are.
The victim is now deceased and can't talk.
The child would be alive
if she received treatment soon.
However, she was neglected all night
despite having a high fever
and eventually died.
You're a defense attorney.
Neglecting a 4-year-old child
who was clearly exhibiting
side effects of the flu shot…
It is a clear case of child abandonment.
Maintain emotional distance.
You're about to nod and say
you empathize with everything.
No, cut it out.
Do you want to sit over here?
No, I wasn't empathizing
with what you were saying.
The temperature wasn't too high
when she checked before going to work.
The flu shot can cause mild symptoms,
such as a slight fever.
I'm going to do a great job
in this mock trial.
Okay, go on then.
I will. Just go back to your seat.
The prosecutor insists
that the defendant's abandonment
of the victim resulted in her death.
But do you think that a mother,
who willingly abandoned her child,
would choose the type 4 vaccine
over type 3, which is free,
when she was struggling financially?
Good point.
Go back to your seat.
It's rare to die
after getting the flu shot,
so even though the defendant
was worried about her child…
What? That was good, wasn't it?
Yeah, I don't need to play the prosecutor.
Let's go over the main argument.
Contrary to the prosecutor's argument,
the defendant chose…
Here is the summary of the argument.
First, the defendant
never abandoned the child…
For this case to constitute
as abandonment resulting in death,
the prosecutor must prove that the victim…
I know they rejected your request
for special defense counsel,
but don't worry.
I'm working hard.
Geun-tae, that twerp.
He just wrapped up Prof. Yang's case.
I heard
Prof. Yang told him to take this on.
Please be seated.
I would like to sit here
since I am the victim.
The prosecutor should take neither side
and must represent the common good,
so we should sit separately.
I will sit here
and observe the defendant
to see if he truly regrets his actions.
Everyone looks so confident.
They'll think the same about us.
Don't be intimidated.
Don't be nervous.
We're in our 1L year.
I don't dream of moving on to the finals.
-This will be a good experience for us.
I wouldn't even be here
if I was going to be satisfied with this.
I'm Cho Ye-bum, on the same team.
I'm Min Bok-gi from Hankuk Law.
I'm Kang Sol B from Hankuk Law.
Have you ever met Mr. Ko?
-I met Choi Jae--
-Yes or no?
So you've never met him?
Correct, but--
Then why did you say
that Mr. Ko put you up to it?
Because Choi Jae-cheol--
Mr. Choi said he never mentioned
anything about Mr. Ko to you.
That bastard…
He said he'd get me out on parole
if I managed to quietly get rid of Yang.
But you…
You were my attorney.
How could you do this?
How much cash did that scumbag offer you?
No further questions.
You came to see me because you knew
he had ordered me to do it.
Be quiet.
-My gosh.
-You bastard.
Your Honor.
This jerk is keeping his lips sealed
because he now represents him.
Witness, you must not speak
in this manner in the courtroom.
Stop using foul language.
Please speak in a calm manner.
Mr. Ki Du-seong said
the defendant had ordered him
to murder Professor Yang Jong-hoon
and Lee Man-ho through you.
Is that true?
No, that is not true.
I asked him to kill Lee Man-ho,
that piece of human trash.
As for that man,
Ki said he wanted to teach him a lesson
for putting him behind bars.
He did it of his own accord?
That's right.
And the comments?
When the bill
for the Lee Man-ho Act passed,
I became a huge fan of Assemblyman Ko.
So I started a secret fan club
and did it voluntarily.
Mr. Ko never incited you
to manipulate the comments?
Assemblyman Ko knew nothing about the job.
"The job"?
No further questions.
please cross-examine the witness.
The "job" you mentioned.
Mr. Ko knew nothing about it?
No further questions.
Your Honor.
I'd like to bring Erica Shin in
as a witness
to verify his claim.
-Erica Shin?
-What's going on?
-What's going on?
-My gosh.
She's really here.
It's time you let go of the rotten rope.
So you're Erica Shin?
Let's meet as soon as you arrive in Korea.
I don't want to be associated with you
ever again.
Your sister and Yang Jong-hoon
keep getting on my nerves.
You know what happens
to those who try to mess with me.
I sure know all about the jobs.
Manipulating public opinion,
the witch hunts.
I ran away because I couldn't stand it.
That's nothing.
I can do worse things
if your sister keeps up her antics.
Has the job already begun?
If you want to put a stop to it,
meet me as soon as you arrive.
When did this phone conversation
take place?
I think it was after my sister
revealed my letter to Mr. Yang
on the Internet.
Your Honor.
First, please check
whether she really is Erica Shin.
What do you mean?
Everyone in this courtroom
is being fooled!
She is not Erica Shin.
She's Kang Sol, Erica Shin's twin sister!
I'm Kang Sol.
Your Honor.
Mr. Ko said
he could do "worse things" to me.
Could you ask him what he meant?
See that team over there?
They got a criminal case.
Last year, they nearly won.
They're very good.
This is an announcement.
Dear participants of the mock trial
competition, please find your courtrooms.
Criminal teams to courtroom 11,
civil teams to courtroom 12.
Let me repeat the announcement.
Dear participants of the mock trial
competition, please find your courtrooms.
Criminal teams to courtroom 11,
civil teams to courtroom 12.
Hold on.
What the…
-Wait, hold on.
-What the heck are you doing?
Please, let go…
What are you doing? Please stop.
I clearly warned you. No funny business.
That was a threat.
In any case,
I no longer have a reason to be afraid.
I found James.
Thank goodness you called me right away,
Prof. Kim. It would've been bad otherwise.
He's in the hospital at the moment.
You even solicited kidnapping
and confinement.
All kinds of solicitation charges.
It's time you paid for what you did.
-Let go of me!
Let go! Let go of me!
Let go! Let go of me, you jerks!
Let go, you bastards! Let go!
I can't believe this day is finally here.
Thank you for allowing me
to work with you on this.
Ko Hyeong-su will contact you soon.
Did you come straight here?
You should go home.
Prof. Yang.
Please say a few words.
Just a few words about the trial.
The court's decision
will tell you everything.
Is it true you brought Ko to trial
because of the mastermind
behind the whole thing?
No, that is not true.
The Yang Jong-hoon I know
would never let anyone use him
for political purposes.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to sincerely apologize to him
for the false accusation
caused by the prosecution's mistake.
There's a mastermind
behind this whole thing.
-Who is it?
-Tell us!
-Who is it?
-Tell us who it is!
-Who is it?
-Prof. Yang!
Prosecution, thank you for your statement.
What do we do?
Just stick to the plan.
Defense counsel.
What do you think the key issues are?
But still…
State your main argument.
You have eight minutes.
I will state our main argument.
First, the defendant
did not abandon the victim.
This cannot constitute
abandonment resulting in death
unless the defendant is guilty
of abandoning the victim,
whom the defendant had
a legal or contractual duty to protect.
Had she said no
when she got called into work
because she was worried about her child,
she probably would've been let go.
The company was trying to downsize.
Knowing that, she had to say yes
to support herself and her kid.
She had no choice.
-To emphasize that, Zumutbarkeit--
-The non-existence of Zumutbarkeit
can be used as a ground for excuse.
Why bring this up now?
Gosh, why didn't I think of this?
We should've included this
in what we submitted.
Shouldn't we include it
in our oral argument?
Don't you know the rules?
We'll get penalty points
if we raise a new argument.
But we must defend the client.
Just because of the penalty points--
This is a competition.
Penalty points mean we won't win.
You suggested we do this
because of the award.
But we can't leave it out when we know--
But it's clearly against the rules,
which will put us at a disadvantage.
But we may not get a good score
if we're not putting the client first.
I think we should include it
in our argument--
This is a mock trial, not a real one.
The purpose of mock trials
is to help us in real ones.
If we're competent attorneys…
You're the team leader, so you decide.
Thank you for sharing your main argument.
We still have some time left.
Is there something you'd like to add?
The Criminal Code
accepts extra-statutory excuses
based on the principle of Zumutbarkeit.
It means we can't hold someone
legally responsible
when there are reasonable grounds.
The defendant in this case
is the sole breadwinner for her family.
She couldn't say no
when she was forced to come into work
outside of her regular work hours
because she needed to keep the job.
Just a moment.
This argument was not included
in your preparatory documents.
That is correct.
But we wanted to bring it up
because it will help the defendant.
Knowing you'll get penalty points
for this?
If our client must suffer the consequences
of our careless mistake,
we, as her defense attorneys,
should take responsibility
and accept the penalty.
What are they doing?
The plaintiff experienced
high levels of stress
due to the defendants'
intentional, unlawful acts to cause noise.
We request that
the plaintiff receive a compensation
of 5 million won based on Article 750.
This should serve as a deterrent
to other child abuse cases.
We ask that the defendant be found guilty
for violating the Act on Special Cases
Concerning Punishment of Child Abuse
and that she be sentenced to three years.
Thank you for your closing argument.
He's very good.
Too bad they got the penalty points.
please share your closing argument.
Why not stay until the end?
The prosecutors argue that
the defendant's abandonment of the victim
resulted in her death.
But it is not convincing enough.
Despite the prejudice
against single mothers,
-she did her best to raise her child.
-She did her best.
Because it's rare to die
after getting a vaccine--
That's my section.
I know, but it won't hurt
to have it all memorized.
The defendant was worried about her child,
but she had to go to work
to support herself and her child…
We're moving on to the finals.
Let's become the final winner.
Let's do it!
Oh, did you guys lose?
How did the trial go?
He should've been arrested
in the courtroom,
but he'll end up in jail soon.
Let's go.
Hey, Byeol.
Where's Dan?
You're at the airport?
Yeah, I saw Mom and Byeol.
I had to make time to fly here
for the trial.
I barely got to see you.
You'll be a good lawyer.
I should thank you.
Thanks to you, I can go back worry-free.
All right.
Have a safe flight.
You did a good job.
Good job, my foot.
You won't settle with Attorney Song
because of the constitutional appeal.
He said he'd make me a partner
at Hyeongseol if I helped him with it.
I'll give you the professor position
at the Legal Clinic.
No, thanks. It'll pay peanuts.
I really didn't want to do it.
How would you have felt?
I really hated myself
for handing over the bill
to abolish the law to Ko Hyeong-su.
But thanks to it,
you could help the Bad FaMa client
get acquitted.
Well, no more.
Why should I help Ko Hyeong-su
who uses the law for his own gain?
Let's tackle this together.
If we manage to get it declared
we'll leave our mark
on the history of criminal law.
Let's get started now.
What? Start what?
Are you the mastermind behind Prof. Yang?
The mastermind behind Jong-hoon?
We do have similar figures.
Good job.
-Well done.
-Way to go!
Winning is important,
but kudos to you for not betraying
your conscience in court.
-She has such a refreshing outlook.
But you guys made it to the semifinals.
You should've won.
You couldn't even participate in it.
I would've won had I participated in it.
Even Bok-gi won.
Why are you dragging me into this?
You learned everything from me.
The winners, tell us how you feel.
Yes, tell us.
-My gosh.
-Way to go!
What's up?
Look at you.
You got eliminated in the semifinals.
Because of your roommate--
I really didn't want to do it
because of you,
but my roommate convinced me to do it.
And it's not her fault that we lost.
Sol did a good job.
So stop this, okay?
Bottoms up.
You said "Sol" did a good job. Is that me?
It is me?
My gosh, I'm so happy right now.
Can you say it again?
Call me "Sol."
-Cut it out.
-Call me "sis."
What are you doing here?
I thought you'd be all sad.
I was sad that we didn't win.
But my roomie said I did well.
"Sol did a good job."
I wouldn't be this happy even if we won.
-You need to give me credit for it.
You went overboard.
What are you talking about?
I think I did a pretty good job.
I must say, I'm jealous that they won.
We'll win next time.
All right! Let's do it!
Okay? Let's win!
Go, team!
"Every new time will give its law."
Maxim Gorky.
"Law is an ethical minimum."
Georg Jellinek.
"The law destroys
those who do not fear it."
George Gordon Byron.
"We are not machines.
Abide by the Labor Standards Act."
Jeon Tae-il.
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
Doesn't count! You're out, Ji-ho.
Hammurabi, seriously? That's too easy.
What? This is not fair.
"Judge fairly…
and make sure no one suffers unjustly."
The results of the constitutional review
requested by Head Prosecutor Jin Hyeong-u
will be announced shortly.
Prosecutor Jin Hyeong-u
requested the constitutional review,
arguing that
Article 126 of the Criminal Code
infringes the freedom of speech
and the public's right to know.
For the common good…
We'll finally find out the decision.
Even if it's declared constitutional
and the trial has to resume,
I won't lose the trial--
But you lost the civil suit.
I went easy on you
to express my deepest condolences
on the passing of your father.
This will be different.
It won't be any different.
Because I won't go easy on you.
Shouldn't you resent Cho Tae-yeong
more than me?
Unlike you,
he does not represent the common good.
Represent the common good…
Then I shall do my duty
and catch Cho Tae-yeong for you.
In return, you'll file a petition
if the trial resumes. What do you say?
I'm giving you a chance
to grab the golden rope.
"Golden rope"?
A bale of straw at the most.
A bale of straw?
That was cute.
Could you please make sure
my face doesn't look too big?
Ready, go.
Our students go through the inquiries
that we receive here
at the Legal Clinic Center
and assist the professor
who is here as an advisor.
In addition to offering
legal consultations…
I'm so glad to hear that
your surgery went well, ma'am.
It was all because of money.
I really wanted that jerk
to pay for what he did, but I couldn't.
Gosh, it's tiring
to be the chief of the Legal Clinic.
Oh, dear. That interview was exhausting.
Don't cry.
My professor will make your husband
fear the law.
What? Me? If she's submitted a request
not to punish him, it's game over.
We can still get him punished.
For child abuse, not assault.
But he didn't hit the kid.
-Right, he didn't.
-So how?
But the kid saw his dad hit his mom.
He's seen it many times, in fact.
It left a deep emotional scar on the kid.
And here's a precedent
where the perpetrator
of such emotional abuse
was convicted of child abuse.
Now, I just want you to pass the bar exam
on the first try.
I should go study now.
My, she's good.
You know carbs make you sleepy.
You're in your 3L year.
Cut down on sleep before the bar exam.
Goodness. She's already sleep-deprived.
What if she fails?
-That will be so embarrassing--
-I won't fail the bar.
I suffer from insomnia.
Please prescribe some sleeping pills.
I think it'd be better to help you
beat insomnia without sleeping pills.
I noticed something important
while observing your conversation
and the way you interact with each other.
Ma'am, you still want to decide
what your daughter should eat.
And, Sol, instead of just saying
you want to eat bread,
you said, "I won't fail the bar exam,
so I can eat the bread."
It tells me you can't directly express
your needs and wants.
It reminds me of the way
little kids interact with their parents.
I think all three of you
should try to become more mature
in your parent-child relationship
so you can be happier and freer.
-Where are you going?
-I need to wind down.
You wanted to wind down.
Yeah, while watching the trial.
I've been too busy studying
that I didn't have time to come here.
Well, I should wind down a little too.
Your Honor, please have mercy on me.
If my house goes to auction,
my grandson and I
will become homeless.
Are you willing to settle the case?
The defendant seems to be in a bind.
No, Your Honor.
Please announce the decision.
Please have mercy on me.
I'll die soon anyway,
but my poor grandson…
We can't help you
if you just keep asking for mercy.
Instead of struggling alone,
I suggest you ask an attorney
to go through the documents.
Your Honor.
I think he needs some time
to regain his composure.
Can we take a recess?
Seun Savings, the plaintiff,
loaned 20 million won to your son,
and you stood surety for him.
Seun Savings loaned him the money
six years ago.
He died in a car accident
five years and four months ago
while just paying the interest.
And the interest grew larger
than the principal,
so the total amount
is now over 50 million won.
The plaintiff is asking for the money back
after keeping quiet all these years.
Begging the judge in tears
won't solve the problem.
When the trial resumes,
just say this one thing to the judge.
Pardon me?
Please repeat after me.
The statute of limitations…
The statute of limitations…
on the loan has already expired.
on the loan has already expired.
I have the draft ready.
This loan is considered commercial debt.
So, as of November 26th, 2021, the date
the plaintiff filed the complaint,
the statute of limitations of five years
on this loan
has already expired.
Ergo, the plaintiff's request
should be denied.
Why are you here?
Was that a gift?
Are you still going on
about the lot I gave to Byung-ju?
You want to hear me say
that it was a bribe?
What will change if I admit to it now?
Prohibition against double jeopardy,
you know?
It'll only make you beat yourself up more
for failing to solve it.
It was a bribe, wasn't it?
I showed everyone that…
the law is not just.
That I was wrong.
What will change if I admit to it now?
It'll only make you beat yourself up more
for failing to solve it.
Because I have students
who learn from it…
I'm Yang Jong-hoon,
your criminal law professor.
Just bring these documents next time,
and I'll go over them for you.
I'm sorry. Something's come up.
As Mr. Park helped you originally,
he'll do the rest for you.
Mr. Park, can you take care of the rest?
How can I help you…
The law is imperfect justice.
But when you teach law,
the law must be perfect.
And when you study law,
it must be synonymous with justice.
Because unjust law
is the most cruel violence.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
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