Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Unlikely Pairing

Let me get some light on Tony here.
Thank you.
The rest of the crew go ahead and come on out for me guys.
There you are, guys.
Tonight, we're going to be discussing a strange alliance, an alliance that I had a lot to do with, and that's between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology.
I want to disabuse you of the though of integration.
Because that is your sickness, and that is the sickness of the Civil Rights Movement that you love white people more than you love yourself and your own brothers and sisters.
You want respect, you must be self-respected.
You don't demand it.
If you command it by your own self-respect, then the world will show you respect, and you'll gradually change the mind of white supremacy.
German Jews financed Hitler.
International bankers financed Hitlers.
And poor Jews died, while big Jews were at the root of what you call the Holocaust.
Why don't you tell that? That's why he makes mischief with my words.
Farrakhan wants to get an army to kill white people.
Because you see white people deserve to die.
And they know, so they think it's us coming to do it.
No, no, no.
But the one thing I will say, brothers and sisters, we are nonviolent until somebody attacks us.
You and I are going to have to learn to distinguish between the righteous Jew and the satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with poison and deceit.
I found a tool that I know can help us.
And I thank God for Mr.
Ron Hubbard.
And I thank God for his research and teaching.
They are such strange bedfellows, because Scientology believes that all other faiths, all other religions are worthless.
The only valuable religion on earth is Scientology.
And since its inception, Scientology has been traditionally white.
If you look back at historical photos of the early Scientology organizations, they are exclusively white.
Isaac Hayes, who was perhaps the only prominent black Scientology celebrity went to David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, and said, why are there no organizations being created in black communities? David Miscavige became convinced that the way to get into the black community was through the Nation of Islam and that he would use celebrities of Scientology in order to reach out to the Nation of Islam.
That's where Leah Remini came in.
I was approached by Scientology to bridge the gap between Scientology and the black community.
And I wanted to do that.
I had no idea what the Nation of Islam was.
Again, I don't want to excuse myself, because I should have done my due diligence.
But I honestly was a Scientologist, and we were not questioning what our church was asking us to do.
We were not going online.
We were not investigating people.
We were not doing what we should have been doing, which was looking.
I want us all to belong to the human race.
I want us all to be one.
I want us all to heal.
I want us to take responsibility for our history and not have hate for each other and not teach that hate.
We're going to talk to Ishmael Bey.
He was a member of the Nation of Islam for 10 years and has separated himself from that, I guess, at least in part, or maybe in all, because of the infiltration of Scientology into the Nation of Islam.
Thank you so much for coming.
It's a real pleasure to meet you.
You're welcome, Mike.
Thank you so much for having me.
Thank you both.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Why don't you tell us Tell us just a brief history about your involvement with the Nation of Islam.
When I was fresh out of the military, I got into the Nation of Islam, because I thought that the structure was going to be great, because they are the very family-oriented as well as very disciplined.
I felt very comfortable in making that transition.
What are the basic teachings? The basic teachings are a lot of self-pride, a lot of doing for self, being self-sufficient, family.
They deal with the tenants of the Qur'an.
It's in a specified way, because the situation that we went through in America is different than anyone else.
So it's customized for black people going through the vestiges that we had to go through, which were slavery, and the effects of that slavery.
Now forgive me.
You got to school us.
And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
When you're talking about teaching people to be independent, independent from Independent from the dependency on the Caucasian.
You know, as black people, we have to make sure that we are able to build our own institutions, to have pride in ourselves, and not to be dependent on anyone else.
If I walked into a Nation of Islam mosque I assumed that they're called mosques.
And I said, hey, guys, I want to join up.
What would happen? Caucasian people are not allowed into the temple or into the mosque.
If we had a general meeting, like maybe we were doing something at a convention center, Caucasians are able to attend, but not at the actual spiritual meetings.
OK, you just blew my mind.
The idea that Scientology and the Nation of Islam are coming together And as a white person, you are not allowed to even enter a Nation of Islam mosque or temple? This is, like, I had no idea.
And now, they do have Caucasians that do come into the mosque in order to teach Scientology.
So that is an exception that they make, as well as they say that Scientology gives them the clearance in order to have access.
So that is being taught.
What was the first time you heard of Scientology infiltrating the Nation of Islam? We started to see that buildings were being made, that the Nation of Islam were having secret meetings with Scientology that the public had no idea about.
It started going a different direction than the core tenets of what the Nation of Islam had originally represented.
We started to really introduce something, which was called the self-improvement study guides.
Ishmael, you know that in Scientology, those things are called self-improvement courses, and they are the introductory courses that everybody takes in order to come into Scientology.
They consist of these innocuous sounding, sort of secular things, like improve your life in this area, do better with your finances, do better with raising your children, do better with your marriage.
And they don't have the flavor of Scientology.
They have the flavor of self-help, just like Dianetics does.
And it is the slippery slope that results in you ultimately realizing that all answers to everything come from L.
Ron Hubbard.
And that's what we're finding out on our side.
We're finding out from our community that this transitional doctrine was something easing us into something else, not even knowing that almost a mirror image was being done in the Church of Scientology.
So what was the breaking point for you? The breaking point for me was when it started going that direction with the self-improvement study guides.
Once I saw that It started feeling very cult-like to me.
It started to be the leader said this and the leader said that.
And when you can't critically think, and when you're actually being almost penalized for thinking for yourself, that's a cult to me.
And it's not even just by the Nation.
There are churches that are being brought into this.
There are churches that get the pitch, black churches getting the pitch of come in and try Dianetics for yourself.
So it was broader than just the Nation of Islam.
And then we supply the information proving that L.
Ron Hubbard said that there is no Christ.
When dealing with Christianity, he said that there is no Christ.
That's a fact.
That's a fact that that's what's taught in Scientology? You know when you learn that? When you're $300,000 in.
They're walking into your church, telling you to join up with Scientology and just try this Dianetics.
But the endgame is, they're going to tell you, once you go up the bridge that there is no Christ.
That's what they're going to tell you.
Yeah, and beyond even that, Ishmael, is there's no Allah.
There is no religious leader who has ever existed that was anything other than a thing designed to control people.
That is the actual teaching of L.
Ron Hubbard That they are things that were implanted in your mind They're called implants And that they are designed to control the population.
All religion is that, except Scientology.
They're newborns to the lingo, to what to expect, so just as clueless as you would be and you said, I don't know anything about the Nation of Islam, they're just as clueless as what to expect through Scientology.
So when we tell them, look, if you think that this is not going to lead you to being a Scientologist, you're fooling yourself.
You're going to give up whatever you profess as a religion, and you're going to be a cult member, worshipping L.
Ron Hubbard.
And sure enough, they now call him the honorable LRH.
They now meet in the Scientology buildings.
They now are being bestowed with the Scientology awards.
And within the Nation of Islam, it's now a celebrated thing that the first female has gone clear recently.
And then in 2015, the first male went clear.
So these are supposed to be pivotal points.
But the reality of that is that you really just bought into the illusion, and the other people are going to be following you into nothingness.
And it goes against everything the Nation of Islam is supposed to stand for.
You know, it's separating out from we're independent from, It's being independent.
We're responsible for our own lives, and we have the power to You're doing exactly the opposite of what the teachings are supposed to be.
We get why Scientology is interested in the Nation and infiltrating community churches.
But what's in it for the Nation? Now we get why Scientology is interested in the Nation, but what's in it for the Nation? There is a policy within Scientology that once you become staff, you get financial reward for bringing in people.
It's not just people who are on staff, anybody that brings someone into Scientology and gets them to pay money, gets 10% of everything they pay.
You get somebody to go up to O23, you've made a good What $20,000, $30,000? A lot of change.
Right, right.
And the dynamics of what takes place between this whole relationship Between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology one is definitely on the upper hand, and one is definitely on the lower hand.
Because we're dealing with the dynamics of income, and power, and what that money can do.
In 2011, there were people that were sponsoring Nation of Islam people.
We didn't know who they were.
But somebody was paying to make sure that they could enter these courses and to get deeper into this.
And we couldn't figure it out.
They were coming to people like me, and they were saying, hey, we want you guys to sponsor Nation of Islam members to come in and do these seminars.
And I was like, I have never heard of this.
Oh, nothing's for free in Scientology.
Scientology goes, I want you to give a loan to this person, so they can pay.
That happens often.
Or, Leah, take out a loan to pay for your bridge, your mother's bridge, your kids' bridge all in advance.
But never have I been asked in all my years in Scientology to sponsor someone I don't know to pay for Scientology.
And my thing, why I am interested in it, because I was helping this marriage, in a way, of the Nation, not knowing anything about the Nation of Islam, just really literally going, yes, why do we not have black people here? Where's all the Latinos? Where's all the Asians? Where was anybody other than white people? Yes.
And as I got up and up and up in Scientology, you know, I started looking around, going, where are we in the communities? Well, at the time, I was like, OK, you know, whatever I got to do.
They asked me to sponsor Tony Muhammad.
Tony Muhammad.
He's definitely one of the key members of the Nation of Islam, basically the west coast regional minister of the Nation of Islam.
And he was one of the key people that brought in this influx of Nation of Islam members.
If we go on the Scientology website, we see Tony Muhammad right there prominently.
I have become a better Muslim as a result of my relationship to the Church of Scientology.
The world should be grateful that, in our lifetime, along came a being known as Mr.
Ron Hubbard.
We say that when a man comes along like that, his name should be mentioned right along with the names of the saints.
And we are thankful to Almighty God that a human being like Mr.
Hubbard came this way.
What did he win recently? The IAS Freedom Medal, the highest award that Scientology dishes out.
Tom Cruise has one of those things.
Absolute, our IAS Freedom Medal winner for Tony Muhammad.
A man that I would run into any battle with, that man is the chairman of the board, Mr.
David Miscavige.
Tony Muhammad and just like everybody else who is going to be indoctrinated into Scientology is being kind of What's a word that they use for this in cults? Like love Love bombed.
Love bombed with awards and giving him Oh, they flew him first class over to England to receive this award, and stayed in the finest hotels, and wined and dined, and all of that sort of stuff.
When I first met Tony Muhammad, we were talking about my passions about solving the gangs, and trying to get these inner cities built up, and trying to get education to get in there, and get these kids out of the cycle of from neighborhood to prison.
That's what I was interested in doing.
And Scientology creates a person that says, don't worry.
We got that.
You don't need to do any of that.
We're doing it.
Give us all your time.
Give us all your money.
Give up your family.
Give up your religious beliefs.
Look at these amazing things we're doing in the communities.
So you don't need to do anything, Tony Muhammad, Leah Remini.
We got it.
And now, Tony Muhammad works for Scientology.
That's it.
What I said to you, it will take away the core of you.
It'll take away the person that you are.
Because Tony Muhammad used to be the guy that was out in the neighborhoods trying to help.
It's bigger than just the Nation of Islam.
We already are on the lowest of the economic scales.
We already are be afflicted by things that we can't control, like injustice and poverty.
We're already facing these type of things every single day.
The last thing we need is a false savior being pushed down our throats.
Ron Hubbard is not an angelic figure.
He's not a saint.
And we cannot waste time chasing something that's fiction.
At the end of the day, our community has to realize who they're turning over their minds to.
This is mind control that's being fed to them, and it's all we're trying to prevent The breakup and the harming of families.
Now, we're joined by Hector Falu-Muhammad, member of the Nation of Islam for 26 years and has experience from the inside the infiltration of Scientology into the Nation of Islam.
Thank you so much for joining us, Hector.
Thank you for having me.
Its a great pleasure to meet you.
It's a great pleasure, great pleasure.
So why don't you tell us what you saw? Well, back in 2011, I was approached by some national officials from Chicago in regards to help in bringing in Latino members into the Nation of Islam.
In the midst of the conversation, they asked me what I thought about Dianetics.
And at the time, I didn't know anything about Dianetics.
I had pretty much answered, I really don't know.
So at that point, I did express my dissent as to what I saw, what I found was contradictory.
But it was pretty much played off that I need to study more.
I don't understand.
You need to pray more.
You need to study more to understand the direction that our leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, is taking us to.
And who was telling you that? That's coming from national officials.
What happens then? Because in Scientology, once you start speaking out, you're then vilified.
Did that start to happen within your group? Yes, I was singled out for that specific purpose.
2014, there's a group in the mosque.
They call themselves the Lions Out The Cage.
They had a radio blog.
And in one of the shows, they spent 15 minutes on myself.
In the show, they said that I stole from Minister Farrakhan.
They said that I still eat pork, and that I commit indecent sex acts on my wife.
And I thought it was strange, because for one, I didn't know who these brothers were personally.
And I don't know why they were targeting me specifically on this radio blog, which was being heard throughout the whole Nation of Islam at that.
So I called them, and I just asked them, what's going on? Why are you singling me out? Yeah, I said it.
So what? We don't care.
That was pretty much the answer.
This was unusual for you, this type of This was totally blindsided.
Then shortly thereafter, a sister in the nation reached out to me and asked me, did you call for the assassination of Minister Farrakhan? I was like, what? So she showed me the posts, where her brother put on his Facebook page that I specifically called for the assassination of Minister Farrakhan.
And I thought that was just crazy.
It was like, why? What did I do? I've done nothing to anybody.
This, to me, makes sense.
As soon as Scientology comes in on the scene, they're attacking their most loyal and dedicated members.
For questioning Scientology.
In Scientology, the minute you question Scientology, you become labeled an enemy.
You are considered to be something to be destroyed.
You're going to get smeared.
So fascinating to hear how quickly this technology permeated the Nation of Islam.
Is there something in the Nation of Islam that tells you to do this? Yes.
There's been a command that came from a member of Minister Farrakhan's personal staff.
He said that if anyone is critical of Minister Farrakhan to attack them like a hornet's nest.
And this attack like a hornet, this is a new concept that didn't exist before the engagement with Scientology? This is very, very, very new.
It was very recent, yeah.
Even in the mosque beforehand, we always implored what they call the atonement process.
Even if I offended you, we sat down as brothers and sisters, and we talked about why I offended you.
Hey, brother, what you said to me offended me.
Can you explain why you said that? Not trash you on a podcast.
No, not at all.
We always sat down.
That's why I went ahead and called them, because that's what we do.
We reach out, and we talk to each other.
Whereas after the Scientology infiltration, if you disagreed, you got blocked.
You got deleted.
They stopped talking to you Very similar to as they would in the Church of Scientology.
You know, you start to be labeled an enemy.
You're told, hey, you better stop talking about Scientology.
You're going to get put out the mosque, almost as if Dianetics is the law now of Nation of Islam.
In Nation of Islam, we have what's called a restrictive law.
Restrictive law no fornicating, no lying, no stealing, pretty much like the 10 commandments, to better explain it.
And if you violate those, there's a certain time period, if you're found guilty in front of the leadership of the mosque, that you're given time out of the mosque for violating those restrictive laws.
So there is a due process, if you would.
But now, once you start talking about Scientology negatively, you automatically are cast out.
All that is very odd.
Not to us.
Especially in our culture, the Nation's culture.
Yes, see, for us, this is every day for us.
Scientology is the antithesis of bonding, and having loyalty, and having true faith in God, in an god, other than Scientology.
There is no faith.
There is no brotherhood in Scientology or sisterhood.
There is none of that.
So we can all agree with that.
And that is going to be attacked.
That will go away, as you have seen so quickly, even within your question your own brothers and sisters, how quickly they turned on you.
That is a great example of the technology of Scientology.
The one thing that infuriates me the most is you find pictures of children in the Nation holding Dianetics books.
We have children that are in the Nation.
I don't want my children studying Dianetics.
I don't want them studying Scientology.
I don't want them to go through any kind of disconnect or any of that.
That's something that I didn't come up in.
The way I came up was totally different how things are now, and that's the future that I want for my children and all the children in the Nation of Islam.
I don't want them growing up learning about L.
Ron Hubbard and how he's an angel.
I don't want my children exposed to those falsehoods.
And we see Nation of Islam people on John Travolta's jet going to Haiti to make sure that they're teaching the Haitian children these things and other communities these things.
And that's what we're trying to combat also.
We see Scientology being taught in Ghana, this falsehood.
We see it being taught in Haiti.
Or they'll see the first calamity that comes up, and they use it as an opportunity to exploit.
So it's many different levels of what we're trying to combat.
That's why we say that we understand from the Scientology side of this what they see to gain.
It's this legitimizing their ability to reach into these communities using the Nation of Islam.
And the Nation of Islam, apparently, the leadership is fully in, and the membership appears to not understand what's really going on.
How many members of the Nation of Islam are there? I would say, approximately maybe 20,000.
20,000 on the roster.
Is that primarily in the United States? It's primarily in the United States.
So the organization and the membership of this organization is actually bigger than Scientology in the United States.
As far as bodies, yes.
As far as bodies, yes.
And this is another reason why Miscavige and Scientology love this.
They spend $20 million building an organization, like the Ideal Organization in Inglewood, and it has, like, 10 people in it.
The Nation of Islam, if they are on the ball and with the program, and Tony Mohamed is telling them what to do, can bring in 10 people like this.
What we're noticing with Scientology is that they're investing millions and millions of dollars into real estate into our communities that are traditionally black communities.
They're investing in Ideal Org in Atlanta.
They have one in Harlem, New York.
They're going to be moving into Detroit.
And they have one that's in Inglewood, California.
So these are not small investments.
They're investing big money into something that we have to be abreast of.
But recognize also, Ismail, that money is being invested in real estate because of the tax-exempt status.
Money that is invested in purchasing real estate, they get to keep.
That stays on the books as an asset.
They could make inroads into Inglewood, or Harlem, or Detroit, or anywhere else without spending $10 million on a building.
In fact, I imagine that in the minds of some people in those communities, they go, what are these people doing here? Why are they doing this? As a matter of fact, when we were spread out to start to infiltrate, but in my mind, I was there to help, and we met with Chip Murray He's a leader of the community at the First AME Church I went and asked him, what can we do? Thinking about opening up a mission at the time.
It was my baby.
I wanted to open up a mission in Inglewood.
And he said, if y'all want to give us your drug programs, we'd like that help.
So if they're such a damn church, why don't they just go to the community? Community answered what we needed.
They were like, no, thanks.
But it's no different in Harlem and Inglewood than it is in Phoenix, Seattle, Oslo, or anywhere else.
It's the same shtick.
It's the same stuff that is being done, the pretense of we're here to help the community.
But really, what we're doing is we're just puffing up our real estate portfolio and pretending to our Scientologists that look how we're expanding.
Because Scientologists are convinced that with the opening of each one of these new church organizations, L.
Ron Hubbard's technology is spreading further and helping more people in the world.
Literally, that is what they believe.
Well, we're going to meet somebody who worked in the Inglewood organization of Scientology.
And let's hear from her what kind of help Scientology was giving to that community.
Tiponi Grey worked at the Inglewood Organization of Scientology.
Thank you for joining us.
I wanted so badly for this Inglewood organization to be there.
I was commended for it.
I have commendations from Tony Muhammad and David Miscavige for putting that there.
And now, I'm somebody who is saying, I wish I hadn't put it there.
My little mission and community center that I was going to open in Inglewood through Scientology became now a big organization called the Inglewood Organization.
In true Scientology fashion, they turned what was coming from my heart because I had to pay for the original package of this mission to open to this big fancy organization That turned into something else, which was for Scientology to appear as though it was serving the community and then use me to promote it as such and I did.
Inglewood Org is the first of its kind in that it is truly for the community.
It's what LRH would want.
And to be able to see his dream lived out in such a big way just touches my heart, because it really is the first of its kind This org.
But how did you get involved? How did you become an employee of the Inglewood Organization? Well, I was dating a guy, and we had broke up.
And he told me to come down to this place he didn't tell me where it was And to take a personality test.
And I took the test.
The missionary that tested me, he was like, you know, you're really good at this.
And he goes and he talks to the other missionaries.
And he comes back and he said, I want to offer you a job.
And I said, OK, you know, because I wasn't working.
So I was like, OK.
I had heard about Scientology.
I had heard about it for years on TV.
And I was interested in it.
I wanted to know everything I could know about it.
And he told me, anything that you want to learn in here, you can learn it.
But you don't have to pay for it.
That's basically how I got started working there.
You said, prior to this, you were interested.
I wouldn't know any reason why you would be.
Yeah, well, it was basically because of my spirituality.
I was trying to grow spiritually.
And then they were telling me all these levels, and these O levels and everything, and they were saying how I can grow spiritually.
So that was the main reason why I did join them.
Now were you raised in any type of religion? Yes, Christianity.
And why were you seeking to get away from that? I had a lot of problems with Christianity.
I used to get in trouble with pastors and everything because I always asked questions.
And it was something more I had to learn, and I couldn't learn it in a church.
So what did you learn in Scientology that gave you those answers that you were seeking? I didn't really learn anything in Scientology.
They tell it to you like you're going to reach this higher level of consciousness.
It was a whole lie.
What were the things that you saw that started to open your eyes? They were doing an event for their anniversary.
And I was like, oh, well, it's around Thanksgiving, we can get turkeys.
And then they stopped me.
And I was like, well, if you're going to help the community, why not? This is the perfect time.
And they were like, no, we can't do that.
We don't have money for that.
I was like, you're supposed to be helping.
And if we're going to do this event, let's help.
And they were just like, no, you don't understand.
You'll get it later.
You'll understand this.
So what were they doing as far as community services? Were they going out to the public and saying, we'd like to offer you free lectures? We'd like to offer you some counseling.
We'd like to offer you They weren't doing that? No.
The only thing that they did was they had people go out and hand out flyers and invite people to come and take a free personality test.
Once somebody comes in for a personality test, the whole purpose of that is to get people in, to get them just by Scientology courses.
Right, right, to be calling yourself a church and then demanding that the public pay for all this help Pay for this book, pay for that course, pay for this Is ridiculous.
I was like, you're not going to get anybody in here like this.
Let's give them something.
And they just didn't want to give anything.
Tiponi, you had the job at some point of getting people to come back who had strayed or left the church or whatever? Yes, yes.
Tell us about that.
Why had they gone? The majority of the people that left were saying that it was not what they expected.
I mean, that's what everybody said.
I would call them, and I would try to get them to come in.
But they were like, no, because they told me they were going to do this, and they didn't do that.
And they say they'd help with this, and you don't help with that.
And I was like, well, I'm not the one, but we will come in, we'll help you.
This was before I knew exactly that they weren't going to get the help.
And I'm telling them, yes, you can.
And they were like, no, you don't.
You don't know this.
They were schooling you, like, you're obviously new there.
They're telling me, no, you're not.
And I'm like, yes, you are.
People often ask us, you knew you were lying, right? Mike and I would go and promote and get people in Scientology.
So why were you perpetuating this, knowing that you yourself went for spiritual enlightenment, and you weren't receiving it? I guess I kept hoping that I'm going to get there.
But I'm telling these people that yeah, you'll get there, but I haven't got there.
I started telling people on the low, I was like, OK, I'm not agreeing with everything that Scientology says.
But if you come in you know, I started giving them that, because I was really seeing that it wasn't what they wanted.
It wasn't what I wanted.
Were people in the Ideal Org of Inglewood? It's a beautiful building.
It's beautiful inside, but there's no people there.
In the daytime, there was mostly about 10 people there.
But was that the staff? Yeah.
And like three or four in the classroom in the public class.
They have that site and then they have another one.
- The community center.
- Yeah.
They had the community center.
And I went over there, and it's abandoned.
It's nobody there.
And they have this big, beautiful building, so I'm like Doing nothing.
Open it to the homeless people.
Why not open it to the community? Yes.
And I was like, this is a shame that they spend all this money for these buildings.
And they're calling them these ideal places and this org and this thing.
And there's nobody coming because you guys are lying to people.
Right, so continue to protect yours, your families, your friends, your kids.
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity.
Yeah, thank you.
And just before we go, Mr.
Farrakhan, you've mentioned me in one of your speeches.
And I would like to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that you have asked.
I know that this is the time that they're making an all-out move to destroy Scientology.
But what I ask Ms.
Remy or whatever her name is, she's going in hard.
She's hurt by something.
I know a lot of Muslims that's hurt, hurt because they came in looking for something, but didn't necessarily find what they were looking for and walk away.
And when you walked away, where did you go? What did you do? How did you gain? What did you lose? No one's trying to take Scientology down for reasons that are unwarranted.
And once you are in Scientology, for a good 35, 45 years, maybe then ask these kinds of questions.
And you should ask these types of questions to the families who have been destroyed, who don't see their sons and daughters, because Scientology has brainwashed them into believing that they should not talk to their own mother and father, or that a mother or father should disown their own children because of their beliefs in Scientology.
And so when you go to sleep at night crying, because you don't have your daughter, or your son, or your mom, or your children have never met your grandparents, because they believe in Scientology more than family, that's when you can start questioning people and why and how they have been hurt.
Because they have been hurt deeply.
And also, Mr.
Farrakhan, the name is Leah "Re-mi-ni" Remini.
Thank you so much for doing this.
Really, I so appreciate that.
Thank you.
HEThank you so much.
: Lyou, sweetheart.
k Thank you so much for being brave.
I hear that.
I know, I should have pushed more.
Thank you so much for doing this, really, I so appreciate it.